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Contacting Home Depot Customer Service Center

Home Depot is a home improvement store that looks more like a warehouse than a retail store. Offline stores offer hands on services, but most of the items found in the store is also available online. Customers have the option of purchasing items online and picking up the purchase at a local Home Depot, in some cases. Contact information for Home Depot customer service is listed at the bottom of the main page.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Home Depot is a retail store, so contact information for customers is openly listed on the official website. If customers are unable to contact the service department they will not make a purchase, so Home Depot understands just how important customer service is for the sale.

  • Customer service: 1-800-466-3337

Customer service is available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday and 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday.

  • 1-800-430-3376

Hours for the online customer service department are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day of the week.

  • HomeDepot major appliance questions: 1-800-455-3869

The major appliance customer service department can be reached between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. 7 days a week.

  • Consumer credit card accounts: 1-866-875-5488

Representatives are available from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday to Saturday and 7 a.m. to midnight on Sunday.

  • Customer service in Canada: 1-800-747-3787

Canadian customer service will answer calls From Monday to Saturday 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. to midnight.

Mailing Address

Customer service does not have a dedicated mailing address, but there is a mailing address for the corporate office of Home Depot.

Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters
2455 Paces Ferry Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30339

You can also call corporate office at 1-770-433-8211.

Official Website

Simply visit for the main page of the Home Depot website. Customers have the option to learn about home improvement projects, order merchandise and contact customer service via traditional means like phone and email or with social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

No email address is listed for Home Depot email customer support, but we used the contact form to ask if a dedicated email address is available. The contact form

Our Experience

We called Home Depot customer service by phone and an automated response picked up the call immediately. As soon as the call was answered, we pressed 0 two times to bypass the automated response. We were transferred to a customer service agent, or so we were told. After the transfer the line was silent – no background music or automated sales pitch like some retailers. Every once in a while a recorded response told us to keep holding that our call would be answered shortly. After four minutes on hold the call was picked up. We asked for the address for our local Home Depot and the representative took a few minutes to find our home store. The total call lasted about six minutes.

The email inquiry to The Home Depot regarding customer service resulted in a response from a customer care agent within 1 day. The representative answered our question as well as provided an alternative contact in the event they were not available. The communication is provided below:

From: THD Customer Care Date: Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 9:49 AM
Subject: The Home Depot: Company Feedback/ Transaction 51214808 (KMM20240748V81726L0KM)
To: Richard B

Hello Richard,

Thank you for contacting The Home Depot Customer Care.

You have actually reached The Home Depot’s Customer Care department and
we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

If you wish to email your concerns/inquiry just respond to this email.

Your Customer Care record number is 51214808.


Aprile Belle
Resolution Expediter ? Store Support Center – Email Team
The Home Depot | 2455 Paces Ferry Road | Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (800) 654-0688 EXT 76227 | Fax: (678) 556-7614
M, Tu, Th, F 10:30am-7:30pm and Su 9:00am-5:30pm EST
Contact Mitra Baker @ ext 76066 in my absence.

Original Message Follows:
Contact Us Form Message From: Richard B
Submitted: 03-24-2012 02:01:08 PM EDT
Subject: Company Feedback
Area of Interest: interestOther
Topic: feedback_other
Comments: Is there an email address available for direct communications
with customer service?

Do you have experience with Home Depot customer service?

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187 Comments on “Contact Home Depot Customer Service
  1. August 7, 2012

    Dear Store Manager, (store #2019)

    My name is Scott Bradley and was in your store on August 7, 2012 and needed customer service help on a warranty replacement for batteries to a set of Ridgid tools I own. I just wanted to drop you a line and say THANK YOU. A nice woman named Tricia was very helpful and took care of everything I needed. I should see my new replacement batteries in 6-10 days. Normally I do not take the time to write a thank you letter to a company/employee for doing their job but this time I felt like I needed to. To give you just a little back story, I got a set of tools back in 2003 that had a life time warranty on the batteries. The batteries are no longer working so I got online ( to see what I needed to do to get them replaced. It was my understanding that I had to go to a Ridgid Service Center and the nearest one was a Home Depot Store #2011 on Post Road (eastside of town). So I drove over there and received zero customer service! I was told that I no longer had warranty on my batteries. I ask them to pick up the phone and call Ridgid to double check and they wouldn’t even do that. That to me is zero service…
    Although I’m not a 100% happy with Home Depot right now, I am over a 100% happy with your store and the employee that helped me.

    Thanks again!

    Scott Bradley
    6432 N 25W
    Whiteland, IN 46184

  2. I was shopping a while day ago for tools and this Guyy to get crack.I call to report it and everyone hang up on.his name is Craig jerman

  3. I purchased a homelight elec string trimmer got home open the box to find out was a used trimmer not new i had to go back and exchange it how is it a item that was returned by a customer was used grass on the trimmer was nver checked by the return desk taped back up and put back on the store floor to be sold as new aren’t the supposed to inspect these items first before they return them back to stock so customers are not inconvenience of having to drive back to the store to exchange it

  4. I found a wonderful person to help me and his name is Delshondra Walker of Hialeah, FL33012 Store #0202. As a matter of fact everyone who served me was absolutely helpful and cheerfulj. I want to contact this person now because I need some information on some of the products that I purchased for shipping. I am from Trinidad and I am back home. Please help.

  5. I visited the Home Depot store in Morrow, Georgia on September 29, 2012. I am in the middle of remodeling my kitchen and had been looking for a particular color of mosaic tile to use as my back-splash.

    I just happened upon the exact color and style while browsing the tile section. Well, as it turned out, it was on clearance at a great price but only 2 pieces were left. I went over to flooring department help desk
    and ended up speaking to the Department Supervisor, Karen Foster. You talk about being helpful!! She spent over 30 minutes on the phone calling from store to store, until she located the number of tiles that I needed ( 35 square ft), secured them and requested that they be transferred to the store. I spoke to her again on October 4th, just to confirm the status, only to discover that only 18 pieces had been sent. She agreed to personally pick up the other pieces and have them in the store ready for pick up on Saturday, October 6th. How is that for customer service!!!

    In a day and time when receiving bad attitudes and bad service appear to be the norm, it is quite refreshing to encounter someone that was so professional and took such pride in her job.

  6. Good day , i would like this message to be forwarded to the south bay , boston home depot. I have been a customer there for a long time . I have been buying my home materials and lumber there. On monday 8 , 2012, i had a young gentle men by the name of yariel velez who had greta customer service and treated me with patience and care. This is the fourth time i have been in the lumber department and he has taken care of me and my husband. I was helped all the way to my car . He was very friendly knew how to assist me with any item in the store and very polite.i will gladly love to have this forward to the home depot in boston, south bay. We need customer service like this gemtlemen mr yariel velez.

  7. I am writing to your in regards to your corporate procedures regarding “military discounts”. I have been embrassed by your directive on numberous occasions at various HomeDepot locations. There appears to be a misunderstanding at each location. I read your directive and it is wrong. You offer this discount based on the following: 1. Proper military i.d., with photo and for those on active duty, 2. The veteran is retired and 3. The veteran is disabled. I know it is your company, but believe me, you are losing business with veterans who have serviced and have a Veterans Administration i.d., who are not disabled, retired or still on active duty. We are under the care of the V.A., but are in Priority Catergories 5 through 8. We are subject to a “means test”. This means we must pay a co-payment for medical services(both service and non-service related). I am in a Priority Group 6. I am a Vietnam Veteran with 4 years of active service (7/67 through 3/71). By the grace of God, I was not wounded, but did as much if not more than those who were. However, veterans like me a being denied this discount by HomeDepot (except on Memorial Day and Veterans Day), and my i.d. card is accepted and the discount is applied. What is going to happen when states like Rhode Island issues “Military Drivers License) to all veterans in order that they get the discount for veterans from companies doing business in Rhode Island? Will you just brake the law or end the discont all together? I wish you spoke to veterans to get their insight before implementing such a discount. I now and have over the years advoided shopping at HomeDepot to advoid having to fight for a 10% discount. Lowes is my store of choice. I never get a hard time and I am thanked for my service. I would like to shop your store. You carry certain brand name products Lowes doesn’t. But its not worth the trouble or hassle. So I settle and goes to Lowes. I hope you will read my coments in a constructive way and change your procedures to treat all veterans the same and not selectively choose who is in and who is out. Thanking you in advance for your consideration and time.

    John J. D’Angelo, Jr.
    87 Westonia Lane
    Warwick, R.I. 02889
    (401) 439-3075

  8. I am very disgusted with your Keene, N.H. store and the
    excessive charges that this store incurred by not having the knowledge to answer some questions on a sliding door
    installation. This cost me over three hundred dollars in x-tra costs that I could not afford. This is the SECOND TIME I have contacted you and said to remove me from your e mail. I have cliosed my Home Depot Acct. and want no more ads!! If this continues I WILL contact
    someone regarding harrassment!!!

  9. I have big belief in home depot, but lately I have questioned that,I purchased a 12 home standby generator generac, for my home in about 2009, at north haven ct.,professionally installed, it worked fine,the first time to use it for a storm,appox 2010,it ran for 2 hours and fell apart.called for assestance,they said the warrentee was up,found out whan i purchased it it was already
    1 yr. old,payed
    for new starter, 400.00 installed,then cercuit
    board went 2 weeks later ,wanted 1200.00 to fix,so i had to bypass , put push button in to make start,worked fine,now for sandys storm, went out to test 2 days before,it started, ran great,no out put of electric, service said the generator part shot,
    2000.00 to fix,no way, going to put that in this unit,
    I am very upset to spend 3000.00 for your unit, use it 3 times and it is shot.please help before I make bad waves about home depot
    mark pavlinko,96 coe rd. durham ct.

  10. I was in your store last night in Alton, Illinois with an electrical problem and was helped by Chris Klunk. He was very very helpful and the problem is now solved.. Love shopping at Home Depot–more than Dillards–ha..Thank you…..

  11. Hello, up to now I haven’t found a way to buy a gift card online from outside USA (I am german and would like to buy one for a relative in US).
    Please advise how to make that happen.
    There is even no way to contact customer services from outside USA…

    Thank you
    Wolfgang Santl

    • Did you know that she was fired because she spent too much time off with her 6 year old daughter who has cancer. A 5 year employee let go 4/17/14.

  12. Just thought u should know what a wonderful associate you have in the Galveston Tx store! Her name is Jodi, NOT sure what department she really works in because she has helped me from garden to lumber and all between, she knows the store and if she doesn’t know she will get me the answer NOT just handing my problem off. She spent a long time helping me when 2 other guys said we don’t have that.well you didn’t but Jodi found a way to do what I wanted. Just wanted to say thank you and keep her around.

  13. I am disappointed that Home Depot does not provide an end-of-year online statement. I made major purchases in 2012 and it would have helped me to be able to download an end-of-year statement showing all the major purchases I made during the year. Other companies such as Amex does this as a “friendly” service to its customers. I suggest you make this available to help make happy customer service. I don’t feel downloading 12 statements considers my time, and therefore I don’t feel in this case that I am getting good service. I rate Home Depot a 2 in this category.

  14. Congratulations Home Depot.
    You win.
    You get the prize for consistently worst customer service in the entire Southeastern CT area.

    Every time I go to your store, I tell myself I should not go back. This time I have vowed never to go back. I visited the store for a simple, inexpensive service I couldn’t perform myself. I walked to the customer service desk to ask directions and for help. I was pointed in the right direction. I went to the area and waited about 5 minutes looking around, thinking someone would be sent over by customer service.

    I found an employee and asked again for someone to help out. She said someone would be right over.

    More time goes by. Eventually I went back to the service desk and asked one more time. This time I was told the store was closing and no one could help me until the next day.

    When I bought my replacement dryer, it wasn’t at Home Depot.
    When I buy my new refrigerator, it won’t be from Home Depot.
    When I rebuild my deck, I won’t be using Home Depot.
    When I buy my home generator, it won’t be from Home Depot.
    When I have my garage rebuilt, I won’t be using Home Depot.

    And just to make sure you get this message, I’ll be emailing your store directly, as well as your corporate offices. In the meantime, I’ll be posting this online so my friends know how consistently poor your service really is.

  15. 2/16/2013

    Today my daughter and myself visited the Home Depot store located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Our intentions were to purchase area rugs. We were back and forth within the selections but having some difficulty deciding on the most suitable choice for a home that has 2 large dogs and 2 cats. We were just about to leave when your sales associate Terry Welch approached us. He was awesome, he was able to direct us to what would be the most feasible i.e.. durability, etc. We did purchase 3 floor stock items with his help. Cannot say enough, the area rugs are awesome. I would never have chosen the 8ft x 10ft without his knowledge of product. We also purchased one for the foyer that was 7ft x 5ft and a smaller one of same for color/pattern to help tie in the large open areas. We love them!! Thank you Terry and Home Depot!

    Best Regards,
    Kathaleen Kuiper
    Jacksonville Beach, Florida

  16. Terrible post purchase service.
    In the past 3 weeks I have gone through a trial with Home Depot that I hope I will never have to experience again. Unfortunately, the best way to ensure that is never to purchase a large item from Home Depot again. I recently purchased a new Maytag stainless steel cooktop. A beautiful unit to upgrade the 30 year unit at my house to the 21st century. Even the initial sale was a struggle. The lack of experience or knowledge of the general staff was amazing. It was only when I ran into David Spier of the Woodland Hills store that I was able formalize my need and thereby identify the best cooktop unit. At the time of purchase I arranged for installation. The price was good, receipt of the product was quick and most importantly Dave’s follow-up phone calls were comforting and confidence building. Now when it came to the actual day of the install I was informed by Kepco Appliance Install that the unit would not be able to be installed. It appeared I needed more expertise then they provided. I was disappointed but accepting. At this time I had 2 options: 1) return the unit and purchase another which would fit better or 2) hire my own carpenter and have them redo my cabinent and applicable set up to make the unit fit. I went with option 2. During this period I had a few calls from David which were impressive and informed him though the installing company enlisted by Home Depot could not make it happen I had found another way to make the cooktop happen. Dave was happy for me and cancelled any action to pick up the unit. I had the unit installed. It looks beautiful and is fully functional.
    Now comes the problem. Time to get my reimbursement for the installation charge. I began calling Home Depot to initiate the refund. Coordinating this action over the phone proved to impossible. After calls on 3 different occasions and having no luck even talking to the department I finally gave up and decided I would have to return to store and have my refund processed at the store. Seems easy, but no. Once I arrived at the store I was set back an forth like a yo-yo between the returns department and the appliance department. No one wanted to or knew how to take care of the matter. Unfortunately, Dave was not working on this day. After being in the store for 2 hours the matter was resolved and I got my refund processed by to my Home Depot card. The time and frustration that went through that day was totally unacceptable. The attitude of store help made me feel like I was burden and to be ignored. When I requested a manager one on the employees told me confidentially that that would not help since he had tried to get help on another issue in the past and he was told they were busy, when in reality they just didn’t care. I hope I have been clear in explaining my situation. In these troubling economic times I cannot believe that this is the attitude that your company wants to project.

  17. What a contrast between your lighting/fan department and your paint department in La Quinta, CA. Monday, 2:30PM. Looking for fan receiver. Gentleman helped locate and found different brand(Lowes) but with his great service convinced me to buy home depots brand. Went to the paint department. 2 employees, one lady stocking and she told me this was not her department and another lady who was helping a customer in the ailes and also running over to ring up customers. I was trying to get a couple of cans of spray paint, which is locked up. Waited far too long and left. Been going to that store for over 10 years. The paint department was a real disappointment. Going to Lowes next time.

  18. I ordered storm doors from HD in Baltimore, and I was very specific about wanting doors that could switch from screen to glass quickly. Their associate showed me a door that was exactly what I wanted, and quoted me a price. I signed paperwork and paid. After the doors were installed, I realized they were not what I wanted – they had a weather stripping that made it really hard to switch screen to glass and back. When I alerted the store to this, they told me the doors I wanted were more expensive, and are now charging me $480 for the doors that I originally wanted. This is all because their employee made a mistake.

    The best part is they all keep telling me that I am getting a really good deal, although had I known from the start that the doors were that much more expensive, I wouldn’t have bought them.

    I won’t ever be shopping at HD again. We just got a True Value in our area, there is a Lowe’s close by, and there are even a few local shops. Incredibly poor.

  19. Lets start from the beginning. On the 4th I set up an account at the Home Depot in Amarillo to take advantage of your 24 month interest free financing, all went well at this point they gave me a temporary charge pass until my card came in, the items I wanted were not in the store so I went online to purchase, this on the 5th it would not take my tax exemption so I called the 800 # and spent about an 1 1/2 on the phone with the .com guys and credit services only to be told that I need a security code abd had to go in to the store 35 miles away to have them verify that was really me so I could get a security code to place the order. On the 6th I went in to the store and a supervisor and myself spent another 2 1/2 hours on the phone placing this order. Monday the 8th I receive an email informing me that there is a problem with order, so I call the .com guys and they are not sure what’s wrong so they transfer me to credit services people and we find that they approved one item but not the other because the security code was for only one purchase even though we placed the order for both items at the same time (huh???) anyway after another 2 1/2 hours on the phone I am told that all is good to go. Tuesday the 9th same email saying something is wrong, so same as last time .com to credit services, this time they ordered something twice so that put me over the limit I set for myself and this time Sandy from credit service was nice enough to stay on the line with for 30 min wait to get back with .com people, and again everybody was happy, another 2 1/2 hours wasted. Wednesday the 10th the same email again I emailed customer service and ask them to call me when they figured it out, I gave them a time that I would be available and a number. Thursday the 11th same email, I called the store in Amarillo and talked to Brad the assistant manager there and he is trying to get some help for me but since it is an online order there isn’t much he can do. The .com people are extremely under staffed but very helpful, I spoke to a supervisor on one occasion and it still had no effect on the out come I still had to call back the next day.

  20. I always believed that Home Depot was a good company with reliable quality and great service. Unfortunately my views on the company have changed drastically in the past few months. My family and I live in Union Beach NJ, one of the many towns hit by Super storm Sandy. Our houses first floor was completely damaged and now we are in the process of trying to rebuild and start over again. We decided to go to the Home Depot in Hazlett, NJ to do most of our rebuilding including remodeling our kitchen. We were assigned to Maria Lippi, a kitchen specialist there, and spent a hour or so coming up with a kitchen with the measurements my installer had given me. We had our kitchen ordered on January 26, 2013 and were told three weeks until everything should be in. We were relieved to have at least that part of our house being worked on and continue to work on the rest. When the cabinets came in on February 15, 2013 we started to see problems occur. The first major problem we noticed was that one whole cabinet (kitchen corner) was the color gray and was ordered all wrong. The rest of our cabinets are a cranberry, so we called Home Depot and they told us they would reorder the cabinet but it would take ANOTHER 3 WEEKS. So not only was that going to put a hold on our granite we were planning to have install, it also slows down the whole kitchen remodeling entirely. We also noticed while installing our appliances in the kitchen that the some of the cabinets surrounding the kitchen window weren’t solid wood like we asked Maria for all the cabinet fronts and sides showing should be. Again we called Home Depot on March 3, 2013 and spoke to Maria about this certain situation and she said she would order “shims” for us to use on those cabinets. We also noticed that when our oven was installed that one of the drawers wouldn’t open and make it useless so yet again we called Home Depot. This time we spoke to both Maria and her manager Bobby. Let me just say that both of them did not seem to want to help at all, nor did they even sound like they wanted to bother. Both were extremely rude and pushy on the phone when I was trying to explain yet another problem to them about my cabinets. They never apologized for the inconvenience this order was consisting of, nor did they ever call back when they said they would. Another problem occurred when we went were checking all the cabinets that were installed. The nine inch cabinets near the fridge were completely useless. They served no point and this made me furious. I asked another specialist and that person told me that Maria should of asked if we wanted any extras for that cabinet/drawer since the space was so small. She did not, she created our whole kitchen upon what she thought would just “fit right”. I felt that Maria, being a specialist and all, should of gone over every detail with us about all the drawers and spaces she just filled up with useless and pointless drawers. While we kept calling trying to get all these problems resolved, we had to cancel our granite install because not everything was in yet from Home Depot and we didn’t know exactly when everything was going to actually be in. We also had no access to our sink in our kitchen so for these SEVEN WEEKS we have been waiting on this kitchen we have used the half bathroom downstairs to wash dishes and such. A total inconvenience. On March 18, 2013 Bobby and Denice from Home Depot came over to take a look at the problems we were having with our kitchen, and told us to move the sink over three inches off center so we can use the drawer that the stove was hitting. They also told us they would not replace the nine inch cabinet. On March 19, 2013 Bobby cane back over and told us he would reorder the cabinet and put it through as a rush order. We were told that we would receive our replacement cabinets on the 5Th or 6Th but they never arrived (the cabinets arrived 04-06-2013-not much of a rush since that’s what it took to originally get our cabinets) We called yet again to talk to someone in higher authority, corporate if you must, and the manager told us very rudely that it “wouldn’t matter because it all comes back to him anyways” and to not “waste our time”. On April 9, 2013 we called Home Depot again and asked to talk to Bobby. We spoke to Jennifer who informed us that if we never called and explained to her what we needed our cabinet wouldn’t of been delivered because there was no information of install. Bobby didn’t not pick up the phone while we were talking to Jennifer, so the manager on duty whose name is Demitri told us he would look into it and call us back. They did indeed call back this time a few minutes later and told us that they would deliver but not install the cabinets. Jennifer told us when we called back to make sure of everything that they would deliver the cabinets and take the other one back. We also called the Care center at 1-800-654-0688 and spoke to Sherta at ext 76236, to talk about the problems we were having with Home Depot and our kitchen from beginning and throughout all the problems. She not only hung up on us one time we called but she was in no way any help. She told me that she would call up and take care of everything and she didn’t. I don’t know what kind of company to consider Home Depot anymore. I am discouraged into going back and working with the company anymore. I have invested a lot of my money in your company and this is the treatment I deserve?-I think not. The managers and employees are rude and careless, my kitchen should of been done by now and I should be worrying about the rest of my house. Nothing was offered for us, even knowing the town we live in and what we are dealing with on top of the problems this company has caused. Please contact me back if you have any questions, but if I do not receive anything I will be sure to print this out and make sure my town bulletin has on as well as all the FEMA locations that my town as well as others visit to seek help in where to go for items such as those Home Depot sells.

    Al Castanheira

  21. We purchased a granite kitchen counter top in 2008for $1800. Immediately it started chipping on the edges. We didn’t do anything because we figured we were just stuck with it and were busy with jobs. However we later saw an advertisement about Home Depot’s guarantee and so we looked at our original papers. Home Depot in Terrell, Texas was contacted. James and and another man came out and looked at it and agreed something should be done because granite shouldn’t chip. He called back a week later and said the company would not repair the counter top, but we could spend $500 and have it fixed. We are not spending $500 on something that has already proved faulty. We contacted the Terrell store manager, Kourtney Torres. She called back the next day and said she was told that granite would not chip and the chipping problem must be from abuse. We were outraged. We are in our late 60’S and have no children. We have done nothing to cause the chipoping. We obviously got a poor slab of granite. Now that we realize Home Depot will not back its product, we are instructing our contractor for major bathroom remodels not to buy any materials from Home Depot. We are no worse off now than we were before we contacted Home Depot. We still have a badly chipped counter top. Now, however, we know not to spend any more money with a company that will not back its product. We also will make sure that our friends know trhat Home Depot refuses to back its product.
    Don Ferguson

  22. Saw the video on how to build a flower tower.All excited went to our local Grand Haven Mi,Home buy the materials needed.Come to find out you had to buy the whole role of fencing.And you need only 4ft.Needless to say I did not buy it.May I suggest that 4 ft. pieces will be made available.As I still think it is a beautiful idea.thanks for your time.

  23. last year was scary ugly situation that occurred in the north Hollywood store. I was w my 2 kids age 1 and 5 I place my infant in her carrier to the cart they prvide for customers. I later do the whole shopping experience which takes more than hour I go to self check out exhausted w 2 children too having the self serve csr get a price check I walked in fron of the cart and within a second my child flips over thankfully the infant seat she was in was safely strapped to my chld… as we know child goes int shock screaming and hollering I am panicked an concerned hoping my child is ok I grab her instantly checking her head and any visual bruising anything to se if I needed to rush her to the ER … through that intense moment not one employee blinked or rushed to see if I needed assistance till after 10 minutes the manger walks to me and ask If I needed assistance with purchases to my car.. I agree and not one was there a report or assistance of any type I was shocked too see the ugly attitudes.. I call HQ next day they do the chain of command at the end of story hey offered a 25.00 gift card.. I was frustrated And was clear that I was hoping for a better outcome since I have a credit line of 2000.00 that was paying on time and they concluded tat it was my fault for not keeping an eye on child !!!! WOW quick to point fingers and not come to a better solution I stated that I was only holding them responsible for the disgusting CUSTOMER SERVICE I WAS provided with the time of incident and that the faulty cart was technically their reaonsibitly not mine to assure that they were ready to provide for customers such as WALMART in WA][they actually have a person in charge to check that all carts are in safe condition and cleaned daily to be provided to their customers… now that’s SERVICE and as a prior employee from SAMS CLUB we are aware that thee big companies have a SAFETY COMMITTEE that is to ensure all safety precautions and are awarded even 30 days for having ZERO incidents…I ask them for the MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF THE CART they refused to offer it and hung up after all the chaos I personally had to deal with.

  24. I was told by a few people to go to Home Depot and have them measure the doors for replacing 2 sliding to french doors with the mini blinds between them. I spent the $30 and had a contractor come out 2 days later and measure the doors to be changed, as well as a front door to be done in a few months. It is 3 weeks later and I never got a phone call or anything. I go to a Home Depot near my home and they said I need to go to the store I did the order at. I asked them if they could just help me and explained the associate who took my money said it is all Home Depot’s account and they can ALL help me, he just laughed and said nope… Next in line. I go back across town to the place I put the order in and they say there is no manager at the store that can give a refund or help with this…. If anyone is interested the store #6567 Silverlake on broadway is the top notch store. Sorry I don’t have a warm fuzzy story like others. Nothing positive to say about any of the Home Depot stores in general. I just know where my money will not be going from here on out.

  25. I purchased a Hotpoint refrigerator at Home Depot a few years ago. The frig is currently malfunctioning, which, because it is so new, is not normal wear and tear. I will NEVER buy another Hotpoint or GE product again.


    I ordered a 1000$ patio set and it came damaged with 2 of the wrong arms for one of the chairs. I explained I had an open house that Saturday and they promised me it would be there sometime Saturday but could not promise a time and I was ok with that. Saturday came and NO chair. Monday rolls around and I am told the chair wont be to me until WEDNESDAY now! SO Wednesday rolls around and finally I get my chair but the story is not over here. I open the box and one again the product was damaged so bad there was a rip in the metal at the top of the chair. I attempted to get ahold of someone and its been 2 days and I have yet to speak to a person(that’s why I am on here, because Debra Grier never answers her phone)now to top it off, I come home on Thursday and there is another package on my porch. I open it up and its another set of the wrong Arms for the chair!!! I don’t know who is running the operations around there but I am so upset. I don’t spend 1000$ to get treated this way. Im begging for a call back. I have been documenting all damaged items, emails with no response, voicemails with no response, and all other terrible exp I had.

  27. This is a complaint regarding a single window installation that was completed today. Its a series of poor communication and lack of customer service over a 6 week timeline.

    I work in a different type or retail/service so Im always hesitate to complain but I do want this complaint heard because this has caused such frustration on my husband and me.

    Im just going to start this from the beginning.

    June 3rd I went into the HOME DEPOT of EL CAJON,CA. I requested a window installation. They told me it would be a consultation. Ok great lets set it up. They put me in front of a calendar on the computer and we discussed dates. Scheduling is very important to me because again I work retail and don’t have a set schedule or open availability so I have to plan and strategize. We chose Friday June 7 at 9am. PERFECT!

    June 6 Get a call from an impatient and rude woman to “schedule my consultation” I was confused so I asked her I already did that. She impatiently told me “No that’s what Im do and nobody is available tomorrow.” I was frustrated but had no choice, we rescheduled for June 10.

    June 10 A guy shows up. His service was great and he was pleasant. He gave us a quote. Since this is for our BABY ROOM, we wanted to get a good idea on installation date so we can start other projects. He told us TWICE that would be 2-3 weeks. Again he was pleasant but he promised 2-3 weeks! We give him all the information he needed, my husband paid with his debit and it was done!

    June 18 I get a call around 7pm from a guy named Steve requesting to set up a time for a window measurement. I was very confused because I thought that was done and taken care of from the consultation. I told him my concern because here we are a week and half in and nobody has measured? I told him that the guy told us 2-3 weeks and here it is halfway thru. He rudely corrected me saying well this is how its done and we’re only 10 days in so this order is still new. As if I had nothing to be confused by. I said okay well lets get you out asap then because Im looking forward to the 2-3 week installation I was promised. We both went back and forth on schedules and agreed on June 21st at 8:30 before my husband and I go to work.

    June 21st its 9am and nobody shows. My husband calls the number of Steve and asks if he’ll be there soon. Steve says I don’t know what your talking about IM no where near el cajon, your wife has made a mistake. My husband hangs up with him so then I call 10 minutes later. I said are you the same Steve I talked to on Tues evening, he then rudely says “I don’t know who you are, I talk to a lot of people and I don’t have an appointment with you” I hung up with him and called the custumer service line from our packet. The lady gives my info to Jake who calls me immediately apologizing and offering to come measure himself. At this point it was too late and we had to go to work. He promised to have someone call me and come out the next day which would be Sat June 22. I said okay thank you!

    June 22 nobody called or came. That evening I called Jake and left a message telling him I was available on Monday June 24th for someone to come out.

    June 24th Nobody calls me or comes. I call Jake again and leave message. I finally get a call around 4pm from a guy to schedule measurement. We plan for June 25th at 11am. Almost immediately following that call I get a call from Jake. He wanted to ensure I got scheduled for a measurement time, I told him yes. He then proceeds to unprofessionally apologize calling me dude and saying sorry he didn’t call me back on Saturday “I was out of town and in no condition to talk to clients if you know what I mean,haha” He also told me he was a new supervisor and hes tired of all this crap their pulling on him and that he keeps dealing with. I thought it was interesting he was telling this to a client hes never met before but okay, moving on.

    June 25 A guy comes out measures window. He tells me expect a call in a week to set up window installation.

    July 5 I get email from Home Depot that I should be getting a call for window installation. I call July 8 and the guy tells me no that they don’t have it yet.

    July 10 I get a call saying that window will be in warehouse on July 17. So we set installation for July 18 at 8am

    July 17 I get a voicemail from Jake the “supervisor” unapologetically saying. “Uh we don’t have your window, its not at the warehouse like its supposed to be. We wont be installing it tomorrow. Give me a call” He called my husband after this and of course my husband was very upset since this is 6 weeks in now. He also told my husband that part of the delay was a credit hold on my husbands end. Even though we paid DEBIT and the payment was completed.Hmmmm! My husband then asked for his supervisor. He said he didn’t have his name or number but that he’ll have his supervisor call my husband. (Btw we never got this call like we asked) We went back and forth with Jake all day. I finally told him that the next time he calls he needs to have a solution for us, that it cant be just simply we don’t have your window and we don’t know where it is. I told him we planned to speak to store mngr at Home Depot El Cajon and he asked that we don’t do that because all it will do is go back to him to take care of. By 5 pm he called us and said they located window and installation is back on.

    July 18 TODAY. The installers showed up at 8:15 instead of 8am. They came in a measured window immediately and then went back outside. The 2 men just stood by their van on the phone as if there was an issue. They came back in 15 minutes later and were in the room of the window installation measuring some more and speaking low and in another language. My husband asked if there was a problem they said no. They go back outside and on the phone again. When they came back in I asked again sensing there might be a problem, he said no theres no problem. I ensured him that if for some reason there is a problem with window measurements we can put this off, I told him we waited this long its not going to hurt us to wait longer that Id rather the job be done right. He ensured there was no problem. They didn’t start actually doing any window work until right before 9am. At this point I had to leave for work and my husband had to stick around and be late for work because of their 1 hour delay.

    Overall the window looks great. My husband did mention that he did see them cutting the window frame to adjust it to fit they said it was too wide. Not sure if that is correct on their part but it did come out fine.

    We paid full price for poor service and labor. Im so disappointed I would NEVER refer Home Depot Window installation to anyone that I know! In service and retail I was always taught to under promise and over deliver. We got nothing but over promised and under delivered over and over and over. I understand mistakes and all I am asking is for a follow up from someone. Corporate, Store Manager, someone and anyone acknowledging the poor communication and delay my husband and I received with this simple window installation. We’re also remodeling 2 bathrooms and planning to spend a lot of money on supplies and pieces at Home Depot or Lowes. Our choice weighs heavily on how this is handled and followed up on.

    Thank you,


  28. recently we went to lowes,only because my said they were cheaper?wrong?we got cheap,the carpet we had installed by them has wrinkled terribly,they didn’t stretch it enough,next she buys a stove and refrigerator from them,the meat-drawer broke only after 30-days and theres only the 2 of us,not a lot of meat in it,then she sys the stove burns up everything on number 5-setting,number 10 would certainly burn the house down?she has to turn it off to get things low.we use to shop at home depot in Sarasota florida and we are coming back,lowes sells JUNK.I told her so.keep up the good work,glad to be back.

  29. I just received my home depot bill and it said my balance is a credit of 721.05 and that I had paid 2000 dollars tho my balance owed was 1155.58. My records and check stub say I paid 200dollars my bank can’t access copy of check because home depot deposited it electronically and home depot insists it was my error and that check was for 2000dollars but refuse to send me a copy of the check. I said even if I made the error it was OBVIOUSLY an ERROR and asked them to refund the payment and allow me to pay the 200i meant to pay. They adamantly refused to do this and said it would take at least 10days to get that overage of 721.05 Everyone I spoke to was adamant that they couldn’t do what I asked. I was told citi bank is the credit bank and phoned them to be told that home depot most certainly could do what I asked as it was obviously a mistake whether mine or theirs. And I have no proof it was my error as they refuse to show me copy of my check and in end it doesn’t matter who’s error. They need to refund 2000dol and take payment of 200 which it was meant to be

  30. I called the GE phone number on my service contract almost two weeks ago about getting my GE dryer, purchased through Home Depot, serviced since the dryer wasn’t drying our clothes any more. They gave me an appointment for today, October 2,2013; between the hours of 12 noon and 5pm. Last Thursday or Friday, I received a phone call from La Mesa Applicance confirming the appointment. Yesterday, while I was at work, my 20 year old son heard the doorbell rang while he was finishing his shower. He saw a white truck leave from in front of our home. My wife called La Mesa Appliance a little while ago, and was told the appointment was for yesterday. Our new appointment is for Thursday, October 10,2013; so I stand again losing approximately $250.00-$300.00 for taking that day off from my work in order to meet the appointment. Bottom line, next time shop at Lowes, even if their product is more expensive, never had a problem with Lowes. Do you think I will ever get a check cut by Home Depot for my lost wages? Dream on……..

  31. Hi, on 10/30 we purchased toilet and bathroom sink from a good sales person at home depot, and delivery was on time, very nice, but installation had a big problem. The plumber called us so we made an appointment 5 days ago for today. He said he would come 8-12a.m. morning today, so we waited, he did not come and someone from the plumber’s, called us about noon and said he will come 1-4 p.m. so we waited, no one came. So we called them the woman over the phone sad about 6 p.m. he will come so we waited, nothing happened, so we called again, and she said the plumber will come 9-10:30 p.m., and this time at 8:20 p.m., the plumber called us he cannot come tonight, instead he suggested he could come on Saturday. I do not think so. Can you believe him that he would come on Saturday, when he broke his promise several times within a day?

  32. I went to Home Depot in Marlboro NJ and made a huge purchase which included tiles for my flooring. I told the gentleman at the counter I needed 1100 sq which he told me was approximately 50 boxes of tiles. I paid for everything and had my contractor pick up the tiles since they were very heavy. Tiles were picked up and the tiles where being laid out. Towards the end of the installation, the contractor noticed that the some tiles were bigger than what was already placed. He checked the dye# and the last few boxes were a different number. He took 3 of those boxes back to the HD in Marlboro NJ. They did not have anymore, so they checked the Old Bridge store which supposedly had them and sent him there. NO TILES, they sent him the a Home Depot in Staten Island who again supposedly had them, NO TILES… sent him back to Colonia NJ.. NO TILES. You would think that ONE of the stores could get it right? Could anyone have gone the extra mile and make sure that those tiles were there by actually speaking to someone at the store instead of sending him to the stores….
    I called the manager at Home Depot in Marlboro (Christine) on Tuesday and explained. She said they would call around to see who had the tiles. I exclaimed… they already did that.. and sent my contractor on a wild goose chase. She assured that when the tiles if found, they would be delivered next day sometime (which was yesterday). I thought the matter had been resolved when I rec’d a call around 3:30 yesterday from Christine telling me that they found 3 boxes in Edison. She went on to tell me that a manager would go get them and drive them to me somewhere around 5-5:30. I said “great” and was thrilled; however, No one showed or even called. I called again this morning to see what happened; supposedly all 3 boxes of tiles were damaged. Sounds like too much of a coincidence that ALL 3 BOXES were damaged. A call would have been appropriate. I even reached out to customer care and all she did was connect me to the store manager at Marlboro HD.
    SO here I am on day 3 with my contractor waiting for tiles… I have lost 2 ½ days which I have to pay my contractor for. I have to reimburse him for gas and tolls since they sent him out to SI. My floor can’t be finished and everything is on a stand still. I spoke to “Henry” this morning who is the flooring manager. I explained my situation… He too is calling to see if he can find tiles. I doubt this will help since Christine had already done so.
    My frustration with Home Depot is:
    1. The person pulling the tiles SHOULD have known there were different tiles!
    2. One of the stores SHOULD have helped out and not sent my contractor from NJ, SI and back to NJ
    3. No one is taking responsibility
    4. No one has offered any solutions.

    So who will now pay for my tiles to be ripped up and redone? Why should I pay for tiles that are now garbage since I cannot finish my floor?? I paid close to $900 dollars for these tiles and it was the fault of Home Depot for not making sure the tiles were all the same, from the same dye#. I am completely aggravated, can’t sleep over this and my home is upside down for much longer than it should be… and in the end I STILL have no resolution!!!

  33. This is to make you aware that your customer service could not honor a warranty on a Snow Blower and despite my sending the invoice and other papers to them, every time I call I get a stock response, “We are working on it”. The first time I dent the papers was on the 23rd of this month and as of this day no one got back to me with who will service it (starting problem). This winter season and we are getting snow in a few days.
    I complained several time but every time it is the same answer.
    I will have to go to Better Business Bureau to redress my grievance.

    To Whom it may concern.
    My Name is Terry Watson, I work for Federal Mogul, Chicago, Illinois
    I am an Electrical Engineer, Working as a Maintenance Technician.
    I needed to buy a sump pump When I needed a tools or anything for home or work. I got it from home Depot. I will never give home depot any more of my money. , because my mother basement was flooded, so the first place I thought about was home depot, because that was the only place I shoped for all I needed wires, conduit, all my tools I have purchased from home Depot, to make a long story short, I purchased a sump pump, gotten to my truck, I tighten down the rack on my truck with a tool I also purchased, I then open the sump pump box, to make sure I had everything I needed.
    to my surprise, it wasn’t the sump pump on the box, it wasn’t even a sump pump. so I walked back in the store, “home depot” , to get the sump pump I supposed to have just purchased , I was then told by the manager, Milton , he was not going to do anything until I put the right sump pump in the box. I told him if he didn’t believed I just purchased the pump, to check his security camera. I also told him, I had just walked out on the store… 4555 S Western Chicago Illinois store #19 the guy I was speaking to is named Milton, he would not give me his last name. When I needed tools or anything for home or work. I got it from home Depot

    The date was 01/12/2014
    Time of purchase was 12:33 PM
    I ended up buying the sump pump at lowe’s. In which it was much cheaper, $74.
    They was friendly, and very helpful, when I told them this story they couldn’t believe it
    This is where I will be doing my shopping for now on.
    The video you have about my surprise in your parking lot would get a lot of hits on the Internet. This will be on Twitter and my Facebook..

  35. We purchased laminate flooring and have had nothing but problems with your store. The initial employee was helpful and knowledgeable about ordering the floors and said after installation measured we just had to go in the store and pay for it. We went in to do that and we waited 30 min for a person to help us in the flooring area (he was helping another Home Depot employee from a different store cut blinds for a customer that was not there) and then it took an hour for him to fill out more forms that he had no idea what to do and was helped by the other HD employee. We waited 3 weeks and had to call the store to find out where our floor was. We had to go in to pick up the adhesive and then they asked us how long the shoe molding should be so they could cut it. We did not do the measurement your company did so she would not give him the molding. They were 12 foot lengths and luckily I have an opening in the back seat of my sedan and could fit them in so another trip to your store where I had to demand they give me the moldings because after another call to the installers they said they would cut the molding and install as per the agreement we signed. Now today, which is installation day, the installer calls and said we have to remove our pedestal sink which is no where on the instructions. We had to arrange to have a person come out yesterday and disconnect the gas line and water in the laundry room and he could have removed the sink IF WE HAD KNOWN ABOUT IT! I am waiting to hear from my husband if we will have a floor today or not. I put in a rush call to the handyman to see if he could come back and remove the sink. All of this costs us more money.
    This has been a royal screw up on Home Depots part from day one. We will NEVER do any major purchases from you again and we will make sure everyone we talk to knows not to also.

  36. today is 2/16/14 for the past week or longer no wood pellet fuel as the snow mounts up in Western PA. Home Depot has missed the opportunity to sell more of the product or does the home depot feel this is a seasonal product and will no longer be stocked this winter season?

  37. We are currently installing a new kitchen and thanks to Vinesh Ramhit at the bedstuy store in Brooklyn, this process is so much easier. Each time we were there we walked away with more ideas for our homes. He is fines time to not only answer our question but others as well. He is truly a gem and should be valued as one of home depo’s BEST!!!
    Thanks Tesha Rose

  38. I recently purchased a Samsung washing machine from the Culver City store. It will not start. The model number is missing from the door and the receipt. Samsung will not honor the warranty. Home Depot sales persons will not help. I have placed numerous calls to Samsung and they redirect me to Home Depot. I should have a one year warranty on this product. Since Home Depot sold a product without the model number and have offered no help in resolving the problem I will report both corporations to the Consumer Affairs Department in the morning.
    Please have responsible customer service agent contact me.

  39. I went to Home depot in Mt. Pleasant, Texas to purchase several items that my contractor had asked me to pick up for a remodel job. The items were really to heavy for me to handle by myself but hating to admit that I needed help I did not ask for any. I was pulling the loaded cart across the parking lot when I was approached by an employee named Mike (from the lumber department). He politely took the cart from me and unloaded it into my truck. Mike went out of his way to help me and make sure I was a satisfied customer. In today’s world it is hard to find such a loyal and caring employee. Thanks Home Depot and your wonderful employee Mike. I look forward to doing more business with your company. Your lucky to have such a good employee.

  40. Just want you to know that two employees at store # 6332, in Crystal River, Florida, gave me excellent service. Rebecca McCabe and Joe Hill went to the extremes to make sure my purchase of a gas grill went well. Both of them are a credit to their store and Home Depot.

  41. Took my Echo leaf blower back to local store here in Summerville, SC one week ago (4/8/14). Shipped to Atlanta repair facility the next day. Was told by repair facility today (4-16-14) that the item was repaired and shipped back to local store today. Great! However, was told that average time to get my blower from Atlanta, GA to Summerville, SC is 10-15 days???? 10-15 days!! I could ride a moped from here to Atlanta and back in 2-3 days at the most. 10-15 days from GA to SC is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Totally unacceptable service!!

  42. Going back to LOWES! This was my first purchase on an appliance from Home Depot and it was very disappointing! I recieved my dishwasher damaged (not Home Depot’s) fault. However, after finally recieving my new dishwasher nearly 2 weeks after paying for it,no one wants to take responsibility for the slow time frame. Home Depot reps tell me one thing, the delivery company another. I follwed the directions from the Home Depot rep to contact customer service regarding compensation, only to be told from Home Depot customer service that I had been misinformed from two different Home Depot reps. Got the run around. Lesson learned.

  43. I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer approximately 18 months ago. About the time the manufactures warranty expired, it started having issues. The dryer would stop mid cycle and our clothes were not getting dry and laundry time was doubled. Fortunately I purchased an extended warranty. I contacted the warranty services and a tech from Mr. Appliance came out to fix it. The tech was here for about 15 minutes and ge couldn’t find the problem. He said it was a lint issue. After he left we continued to use the dryer until recently. I contacted the warranty service again and a new service company, Centroplex Appliance, he was here about ten minutes and checked a few things and asked questions. He determined that the motor was overheating. He ordered a new motor and said it would be here by Wednesday of the next week. For the past six months I have spent approximately $ 200 for dryer ventilation supplies and laundromat fees. I hope this issue is resolved with new motor. I am a little irritated by the whole ordeal. I am a HD customer and I’m a former employee.

  44. To Whom It May Concern,
    My name is Luann Johnson, I was in your Copiague, New York store today and got excellent customer service from Nancy from the garden center. I was looking for something that I can use for my dog training and was clueless on how to do it. Nancy came out of her department and asked if I needed help and I did. I was walking around the store confused for a while and others asked if I needed help also but Nancy was very friendly and really thought about and looked into how to help me. She is very creative and knowledgeable and I walked out of Home Depot a very satisfied customer. Thank you Nancy and Home Depot for excellent customer service. I will go back for my gardening supplies and highly recommend Home Depot,
    Luann Johnson


  46. I have had your A & E Warranty people cancel on me TWICE after taking off personnel vacation days for my washer repair! This has been very frustrating to say the least and I am VERY UNHAPPY with HOME DEPOT for hiring such an unreliable company to cover the extended warranty I purchased. It appears that buying an extended warranty is a waste of money! Due to your alliance with this dubious company, I will be thinking twice about buying any more appliances from Home Depot!
    We are on our 3rd appt. which is scheduled for MAY 15th. Since this has been going on for several weeks they had better not call in sick AGAIN at the last hour of the appt. time !

  47. RE: Home Depot, Old Bridge NJ

    I’m disappointed that there are no courtesy scooters for the handicapped in Old Bridge NJ. I have arthritis in both knees and it was difficult enough to walk from handicap parking only to find out that there was only 1 courtesy scooter and it was broken. I turned around and painfully walked back to my vehicle–If I can’t walk I can’t shop–I drove to Lowe’s got into their courtesy scooter and purchased $100. of merchandise.
    I’m going back to Lowe’s again today to pick up more items for my garden.

    Very Disappointed-Waste of time and energy

  48. I bought 3 Chamberlain garage door openers through the deal of the day. They was suppose to come with the remote entry. This was the only reason that I bought them. When I went to install them they were not with them. When I called costumer support they said that I would have them in three weeks still no keyless remotes. Now I’m told that Homedepot on line is not part of homedepot. I was told that the vendor was not going to send them. I expected more out of homedepot. I was a victim of the old bait and switch. I think this practice is still illegal. I know that they can send me these 3 remotes if they wanted to. Never buy online through homedepot online, and they have terrible costumer support. On hold still waiting to talk to a supervisor. My time is not being saved!!!!

  49. POOOOOOOR! I called customer service regarding an appliance delivery that (1) came early without a phone call, (2) left my appliance across the street with a neighbor without my permission, and (3) failed to pick up the old appliance that is now sitting in my garage waiting for someone to pick up. I do not have any information on the service used to deliver, nor did they leave any kind of documentation and when I called Home Depot customer service after an hour they told me to call the police to retrieve my appliance! This is not acceptable on any level and I have ensued with a complaint to the Better Business Bureau to get this problem corrected!!!!! I am tired of this runaround! I could have and should have just gone elsewhere to get the appliance! I am a long time Home Depot customer and each year service is getting worse and worse and no help to get this problem solved.

  50. I have been doing construction in my home and spent over $7,000 in Home Depot. while reviewing transactions I realized that I was billed for an online order that was cancelled at store pick-up because they were missing items and doors were not the ones needed. The correct purchase was made the same day but my debit card was charged for the returned order.

  51. I wanted to let you know that you have finally lost a long time customer.

    Recently, I was in the Farmingdale (NY) store, where I made a purchase. However, as was the case on previous visits, I was unable to get 10% off through my veterans card. In the not so distant past, you had honored my veterans card. But, it appears that is no longer the case.

    I now enjoy going to Lowe’s where my veterans card is honored and I am well treated.

    Keep up the good work. Your approach is certain to draw in more customers!

  52. on august 10th 2014, i purchased some plastic couplings for my sink.I went through the self checkout and paid cash. The register would not print my receipt. The service clerk printed one from her terminal.I went back on august 11th 2014 to exchange one i did not need for one that i did, same price.The return desk asked for my receipt, i gave it to them.Ryan, told me it was a duplicate and he needed my drivers license,why???I told him that was the receipt the store gave me the day before.After a brief argument about why they needed my drivers license,i was then told he made a mistake and didn’t need it after all. I was infuriated.Not only did the store not want to honor their own receipt but clearly Ryan doesn’t know how to do his job.I was then told that the information gather is sent to a third party, to investigate me. Insulting to say the least. I am not a criminal, why i was treated like one is beyond me.In todays world it is very easy to steal someones identity, i should know, it has happened to me so i know what i’m talking about.I will never return to home depot again as they clearly need better policies and should train their employees better before turning them loose with customers personal information. I am now a lowes customer.I will be sending a copy of this to the bbb for sure as well as sending a copy to the store manager.

  53. I am a wounded veteran of the Vietnam War and have been a loyal customer of Home Depot. I have always appreciated the 10% discount that you gave veterans. I now understand that you only give the discount to service connected military. Apparently you honor those currently serve in the military but those who have already served during war time are no longer honored or respected. The bottom line for Home Depot must be pretty bad. I no longer will honor Home Depot with my presence and many other veterans will soon be aware of your new policy. Thank you very much for your appreciation to all veterans.

  54. Dear Mr Depot,

    Thank you sooooo much for not having sufficient security on your credit card readers. Last night at Wall Mart my debit card was denied while in line with a cart full or grocery’s already bagged up.(and about 4 people behind me thinking I was the dirt bag!) I am at your stores at least once a week. I have never been late ,missed, bounced a check, or been denied for anything. Thank you for letting me know how it feels to use a real credit card to purchase food! Where I live there is a Home depot and a Lowes across the street from each other. I have never been in the LOWES until this point. It will now be my store of choice! Again thank you Mr. Home Depot!

  55. Dear Mr Depot,

    Thank you sooooo much for not having sufficient security on your credit card readers. Last night at Wall Mart my debit card was denied while in line with a cart full or grocery’s already bagged up.(and about 4 people behind me thinking I was the dirt bag!) I am at your stores at least once a week. I have never been late ,missed, bounced a check, or been denied for anything. Thank you for letting me know how it feels to use a credit card to purchase food! Where I live there is a Home depot and a Lowes across the street from each other. I have never been in the LOWES until this point. It will now be my store of choice! Again thank you Mr. Home Depot!

  56. you really do not want me to write a review but I find it necessary to do this. I contracted home depot to put a roof on
    my house april of 2012 and it still is not complete. they used
    suncoast roofing as their sub and have put two roofs on my house but the damage inside my house has not been resolved. I have
    contacted tampa, Atlanta and suncoast roofing and am being forced
    to contract a lawyer just to get repairs done from damage by suncoast roofing and a sub suncoast used of k and d contracting. I am very disappointed with home depot in not standing behind me
    as I have paid them. jim Bledsoe was a big help but he is out sick and I cannot get anyone from tampa or atlant to call me back.i have tried to talk to tom redsecker and rick tausher who
    owns suncoast roofing.

  57. THe experience was very satisfactory and the personnel was very helpful Carlos is one kind of a guided the cashiers are very courteous Rosa Tatiana I was very lucky to found what I luquin.

  58. Today at your Wilmington N.C. store ……..Tina of in the shade department went above and beyond to assist in our selection and purchase. You have a valued worker.

  59. Hi I would to thank the home depot in my town for being so kind to us, when my wife went into the store to find a wood box so we could bury our cat (which we had for 17 years).She was part of our family.The people there said they would make a coffin for her from scrap wood at no charge to us.It was great they even painted it with a lock.It meant a lot to us,they were GREAT!!!!.
    Home Depot Cares more about its customers then sales.Thank You again.

  60. I would like to thank Michael at the Durham, NC / North Pointe store for helping me with what started out as an overwhelming task to remodel our kitchen. He was patient, knowledgeable and so creative. He always made time for me as I made changes and helped me see what would work and what might not work as well. We have finalized everything and now I am excited for it all to begin in January.. I could not have done it without Michael. Home Depot is lucky to have him.

  61. Hilda in the Flooring Department at the North Point Home Depot in Durham, NC is a rare find. She helped me pick out flooring and countertop colors for our soon to be remodeled Kitchen. She is very talented in what she does and I have grown to really appreciate her and the job she does. Anyone who has ever worked with the public knows the challenges that await you daily! It takes a special person to meet that challenge with a smile.

  62. We visited the 82nd store in Portland OR on 12/29.
    We were looking for RV Antifreeze which is something we did not have high hopes in finding. We were directed to the automotive department with no luck. On our way out the door Chelsey from the service desk chased us down with the Antifreeze we were looking for. It was outside in the garden department.
    We were thankful she took the time to go outdoors just before closing to find what we were looking for in the below 32 temperatures that we were experiencing in our area.
    Thanks Chelsey! For the great customer service and for saving the pipes in our RV.

  63. Why do some things qualify for Vet discount a other don’t so why have a Vet discount if what you want cant get a discount I was told that it was on the total spent not on some article correct me if is wrong so I could shop some place else were we could get a good discount.

  64. i would like to let home depot know about a problem i had with a purchase at store #733 employees Deloris took my problem and Jennifer contacted the company and my self the same day the problem was solved in a timely manner

    Deloris and jennifer are truly professions

  65. i had a dryer installed by home depot i recently noticed that my clothers were not drying properly i purchased an extended warrany and set up an appointment to have it checked when the repairman came he did not even turn on the dryer he said the vent pipe was crushed i told him that home depot installers put in the dryer he said it was not his problem and to take it up with home depot i called customer care and all i got was the runaround they constantly said the hose was not covered i said continually that home depot installed the dryer and hose this company is a joke never again to purchase anything from home depot

  66. Today, February 15, 2015 I drove to Home Depot in Layton, Utah.
    Two of the window screens for my home had worn out and I needed
    to replace the screening part. A very nice employee by the name of HARP directed me to the part of the store where I could purchase the screening material in a roll. Recognizing that I was old and probably incapable of doing the job myself he took the time to replace my screen frames with the new screening. He saved my day and I am very grateful for his compassion and help.
    Please REWARD him for me. THANK YOU.

  67. I had a problem with a product at the home depot store in Riverdale, Ga.and it was solved by one of the most understanding , caring and considerate young person. ( cashier, Travaris who should be in the position of handling the customer service problems at his location.

  68. We went to order the Newport double bath vanity from and was informed that it was out of stock. Expected in-stock date was estimated to be between 2/12-2/17. We put in our email address for an alert when it arrived in stock. The sale price was $879. We were told by our local store manager that if it wasn’t still on sale when it came in, Home Depot was “pretty good” about honoring sale prices when items were out of stock. We waited and finally received an email on Feb 25 that it was in stock. However, the price is now $1299.00. We are told by their Customer “Care” center that it is too late, too bad . . . they will not honor the sale price. That there are no rainchecks, and when the sale is off, it is off. Of course, there is no mention of no rainchecks on the website. We have talked to several Customer Care reps and received no satisfaction. Conveniently no one in a higher position is available to discuss or offer a resolution. We have designed a bathroom remodel around this vanity, bought tile etc and to discover that we will not be able to get it at the price offered is disappointing to say the least. We feel like we have been a victim of the old “bait-n-switch” tactic and am disappointed that Home Depot would do business this way. Unfortunately, we could have ordered this off of another site for the same price and didn’t because of a small shipping fee. And that sale price has expired as well. I understand if this is how they do business why Home Depot boasts of a 1.9 out of 5 score on Customer Service. We’ll never rely on them for future home remodels.

  69. Home Depot keeps changing their status on whether I’m a veteran or not for the discount. This is the second time I’ve been turned down over the course of the store opening. Why is my time in the servive again not worthy? I live near louisville, ky and whas television has a segment called the rant to let people air their rants to the public. Watch for it on tv. This decision may backfire when all the vets in this area hear the news. They’ll just go to lowe’s who sees the bigger picture. You can probably look back over the years and see what I’ve spent at your store, no more. In comparison your talking about a handful of people, is that why you made your decision? Even some of your clerks say thank you for your service it makes no difference and give the discount anyway. Those people understand corporate does not.

  70. Went to your store in Mt. Prospect and when checking out I showed my Veteren’s I.D. and because the credit card I was using had my name and a company name they would not give me my veterans discount. I left the merchandise which was for personal use (i.e. softner salt) and will not use Home Depot again. I will now open Menards and Lowes Business cards for my employees. BTW your price was much higher than your competetors’ which even with the 10% discount was higher. Leads me to believe you are a rip off.

  71. Hey my name is Josh. I just had the worst experience at Home Depot located in college park. I was having trouble finding an idem so I walked up to a sales associate to ask for help. His reply to me was to get away from him. I was in shock. I will never shop there again.

  72. i have been trying for 4 months now to get a refund on my home depot CC, where I overpaid. Its my 5th call, each time is supposed to be the final one, but i still dont have my money. they re a mess. BTW, they could find me fine when they send me the bill to pay, but they sure dont find me when i need my refund.

  73. I wanted to thank one of your associates at the West Woodlands store in Magnolia, Texas. Matt (lumber section) was very helpful in finding just the right piece of plywood to replace a chair seat. I love shopping at Home Depot, but I confess that I’m pretty clueless when it comes to things like lumber and plywood. Matt was extremely helpful and somehow succeeded in not making me feel like a total dummy. He is an exceptional Home Depot employee!

    Please share my comments with the West Woodlands store management.

  74. En español para que los mi area, lo puedan leer.La incapacidad de servicio de la tienda de Hialeah Garden(138st y okeechobee) es grande,ayer fui victiima de ese mal,su manager noctuno no permitio que utilizara lapropia tarjeta de la tienda para pagar,por no saber su poliza de servicio,muy mal customer service,inmeditamente llame a el cs de tarjeta me explicaron que fue error de la tienda,pero ya me malgastaron mi tiempo y me senti muy abochornada me hicieron sentir como alguien que tramaba algo incorrecto,saque su conclusion.

  75. As of today I am no longer a customer of Home Depot. I went to your Nassau Park Blvd West Windsor NJ store looking for a product to control ‘scale’ on one of my trees. Three employees were in the covered garden shop portion shooting the breeze and I asked for help. After describing my problem, they suggested I go (by myself) into the open section and I could easily find what I needed.

    What ever happened to the “Let’s me take you to where I can show you what I think will take care of your issue”. Lowe’s does it, what happened to HD. A neighbor confirmed my experience. So sad to see service is down the tubes.

  76. I received excellent customer service from HD employee Shirley Mitchell in seeking a resolution of an item I wished to return that was no longer carried by HD. Shirley was pro-active and courteous. I appreciated how she handled my comlaint.

  77. I couldn’t get through your phone service so I will try this method. Started a bathroom remodel project, We ran out of of 1 x 9 daltile tapestry deco tile trim pieces. Need about 8 more. Went to local store found out it was discontinued. Asked if I could buy the display and was laughed at. Could you please tell me who you sell your discontinued tile products to? Some one has to have a few pieces I could buy. I believe the display pieces would work to finish the project. Please Help!

  78. Dear Mr. Menear,

    I frequent the Zachary, Louisiana, Home Depot, or at least I used to. The customer service here has never been good, but it has really gone down hill. It has reached the point of non-existance.

    Yesterday, mid afternoon, I was second in line at the returns counter to check out. The two cashiers were chatting with the woman in line in front of me, whom they knew, and I stood in line waiting a very long time while one of the women left from behind the counter to go check something for the woman. When your cashier returned, they all discussed the issue, whatever it was, further, laughed and chatted some more.

    Another employee, an older white man,who greets customers, was watching this. He could see that I was being ignored so he directed me to the customer service counter to check out, so I walked over there. There were two women behind the counter. I was the only customer in line to check out. The two women were at the other end of the counter, talking with a young man who was seated on the opposite side of the counter. Both women saw me, they glanced my way, but neither woman acknowledged me. I waited for several minutes, as I watched them laugh and carry on with the young man. I finally spoke up and asked if one of them would check me out. They glanced at me, but did not acknowledge me, and they continued to laugh and carry on with the young man. The older, white man stood by helplessly watching their intentional lack of customer service.

    I am able to whistle extremely loud, and exasperated that I was unable to check out and in order to be certain of their attention, I whistled very loudly and loudly asked them to check me out. They looked at each other and both continued to ignore me. I was dumbfounded. I told them that they could keep the merchandise and I walked out.

    Sir, I will pay more money at any of your competitors for better service. I will never set foot in Home Depot again and I am discouraging as many people as possible to boycott the Zachary location. Others here are as fed up with the years of poor customer service here, and others are willing to go elsewhere as well. Many have told me that they avoid Home Depot and will drive thirty minutes to buy what they need rather than set foot in Home Depot, as will I.

    I am a registered nurse, who serves the public, and prior to becoming a nurse I was in retail customer service. I have spent my entire life being customer service oriented. I am perplexed by your customer service model. Whatever training you have in place for your managers and employees in Zachary, Louisiana is pathetic. My plan is to blog about my experience and to use the web to rate Home Depot on as many sites as possible.

    Your former customer,

  79. Your new color app has won me over. Just bought a new house and we have to paint a 3500 sq ft home. I will not buy paint anywhere else regardless of price!!! Thank you Home Depot

  80. I had a person here at my house yesterday (Thurs 9/24) to measure my den & hallway for carpet. He said someone would call me today (Fri 9/25). I finally called the McKinney Tx store about 6 p.m. Was speaking to a guy who was looking for my order where they measured it. I gave him the carpet I wanted & the padding I wanted. He was going to call me back with the price of everything. It is now 8 P.M. Fri 9/25. I had no idea it was going to be this big a deal to get carpet from Home Depot.

  81. At about 7:30 tonight, I visited the Home Depot on Dallas Hwy. Marietta GA. Let me say, I buy at this store because of the convenience factor and I like Behr paint. I am disappointed in my experience with a young woman in the paint department. She was lacking in paint mixing experience as well as dealing
    with people. I had previously purchased a sample paint, liked the color and asked for the same color only instead of flat, I knew that samples were available in satin
    enamel, and asked for that instead. She made the color in flat and when I questioned why, she responded that samples only could be mixed in flat. As I am deciding or not to get a quart in addition, I was abruptly dismissed, as she greeted a return customer.
    I will go back to my Home Depot, but only during the day hours when the
    experienced people with people skills are working and not the rude
    “Newbies”. Sorry, but, this has happened more than one time, and I needed to speak up this time.

  82. I have been a loyal customer for dozens of years, have spent thousands on my current home and was just disappointed by a visit to the Rehoboth Beach store. I purchased last summer a pressure washer (electric) that remained unopened in my shed. I recently had to begin spray washing my home and realized the unit was not powerful enough. I just purchased and received a more powerful one from your web site and took my receipt and unopened washed to the store. I was told that after a year, I could not return the item. I frankly have returned purchases without receipts for items that were as old as 10 years that were never used and find this response quite disturbing.

  83. Bought a Nexgrill on 5/24/15. Grill doesn’t work any more and it’s 11/29/15. Went to the Plymouth MA store & spoke to Bonnie the manager. She said there is nothing she can do the warranty is 90 days & did I buy the extended warranty. It wasn’t offered to me when I purchased the grill. POOR customer service & I told her that. She said well she would call Nexgrill if they were open but it’s Sunday. I will call Nexgrill tomorrow & if I don’t get anywhere with them I will be calling a news station. She could’ve done something if she wanted to. .The grill is only 6 months old I shouldn’t have to be replacing parts already. Totally disgusted

  84. For the last time I visited a Home Depot. Recently at your Neshaminy store I wanted to purchase bags of dirt. Top soil for my yard. I walked from the gate to the rear mulitiple times & saw some up in the racks above. Went to the registar and ask and pointed to the racks. Two girls there told me theres some near the back gate so I went back a 4th time. It was rock salt, not top soil. They just want to get ride of me and keep their conversation going. I was so damn mad when I went back up front I told them don’t bother calling for help. I went over to Lowe’s and had top soil in my hands in less than 2 minutes. I’m done with Home Depot and your uncaring clerks that have not a shread of interest in sales & profit. I spent 34 yrs in retail in grocery & drug markets. Customer service I think I know about. If you people have a clue, an unsatisfied customer tells 10 people while a satisfited customer doesn’t say a thing to anyone most often.

  85. I c ontacted home depot on 12-22-15 about a concern about my kitchen window which I had 6 windows in 2012 the kitchen window was improperly installed,I am in the process of having siding done and they had to remove the window and reinstall it properly, Timothy Martin looked at it and told me I would be reimbursed $250. dollars it is now January 8 and still have not received the check still waiting to see the check in the mail asap, I have done a lot of business with home depot and would like see this done. thank you.

  86. Hello,
    I ordered (2) replacement window back in Aug. of 2014. The project was finally completed in Dec. 2015. I had nothing but problems including the wrong product being installed, at least 3 missed appointments for which I missed work or paid someone to be at my home to meet the installation person. I feel that I have been take advantage by Home Depot in terms of the product I was sold and the level of service I received. And now that the project is finally completed, I am receiving phone calls to authorize the billing. However, I am still in negotiations with the Installation Manager (who changed during the length of the project) and his Manager (Chad) who has yet to call me back.
    I have now decided to call in everyday to customer service to make sure that I am not being reported as simply not paying my bill. And to further aggravate the situation, the reason I chose to work with Home Depot is because I took out the home depot Citibank Credit card with 0% APR to pay for this project and because of how long the project took to complete I am now in danger of having to pay the balance subject to interest rate fees.

  87. On Sunday January 24,2016 I went to my local store which is in Denham Springs La. I was looking to purchase some laminated flooring (900 square ft) the woman we spoke to first was so annoyed that she get up from the chair she was sitting in I told her never mind I would go to another store. Awhile later I was able to find a helpful young man who was able to help me. Then it got bad. I went into the appliance department looking for a washer and dryer, also an upright freezer. I found a suitable washer and dryer for $533.00 each, but they weren’t in stock. I started the process to order them when I was informed that I couldn’t use my existing cord for the dryer or it would void the manufacturers warranty. I was not happy, but I could understand the reasoning behind it. I was informed that if I didn’t purchase new hoses for my washer it would also void the warranty. We didn’t get to the freezer. I told the associate that he could shove the washer and dryer and the warranty up………… I told the young man that was so helpful with the flooring that I wouldn’t be needing the flooring. I took my $3000.00 purchase to Lowe’s. The reason I am contacting you about this now is this: I spoke to a friend of mine whose son works at another of your locations. He told me it was not normal protocol at his store. At this point I will probably will not do business with Home Depot and I am contemplating filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

  88. We want to let you know what great service we got from one of your employee’s Marni Simon she was such a big help in getting a new dishwasher for us. A great employee. They are hard to find these days. We will be back. Sincerely Delos & Sylvia Dickerson

  89. On 7/13/2015 I ordered a BLACK 2.0.Microwave. The appliance was delivered and installed while I was hospitalized. The microwave delivered was not BLACK but steel. Cannot see inside glass is black. Today 2/28/2016 the microwave is not heating at all. This item cooks very slowly and not quite hot normally anyway. We have to keep adding more time for it to cook. NEVER AGAIN. I will go to Sears.
    ZC Stevenson

  90. I have been a customer for 20+years? I have always found HD to show “Quality” in both product and personnel. Recently a problem occurred at my daughter’s house with the roof (house is 5 yo). I went to my HD in Schenectady, NY and talked to the sales person in the”building dept”, who gave me excellent and very sound advice. Because my daughter lives in another county, I went to the Clifton Park, NY HD to complete my task. The person I spoke to , like the person in Schenectady, was very understanding and knowledgeable about my problem, the area, the situation with my daughter. He had me fill out paperwork, made an appointment to have the roof evaluated, and gave me a confirmation # 9126211. Later that night I got a call from a young lady who wanted to confirm the information. We did so, but somehow it came up that the house belonged to my daughter and not myself. I was then told that my daughter would have to make herself available to the HD roof inspector. I tried to explain that my daughter was a quadriplegic with a 24/7 nurse AND that I took care of repairs. I was told in no uncertain terms that the HD inspector would only talk to the home owner and NO ONE ELSE, and if she were not there the roof would not be inspected. It was not inspected because she could not AND would not be available. The other HD sales professionals were completely helpful, understanding, and willing to give me all their accumulated knowledge. A corporation that prides itself on helping the home owners has to recognize that… “a 2×4 is not a fact but thought.”

  91. Wow we were in your Vero Beach Florida store and was helped by Christa in Appliances She is the reason we returned and purchased our appliances from her later that same day. She was truly amazing answering all our questions and made spending what we considered a small fortune a pleasant experience, Thank you

  92. At the end of March I contacted our local Home Depot plumbing department, told them that I planned to purchase a new water heater for my home and asked Home Depot if Home Depot would also be installing it. They said no. Home Depot said they have a contract with a company called “WILL FIX IT” who installs plumbing items per the contract price with Home Depot. I asked Home Depot about how much “WILL FIX IT” would charge me to install it. Home Depot told me around $700.00 which I thought was high, but I agreed.
    I purchased the water heater from Home Depot for $584.00 + tax. Adding the Home Depot contract price of a $700.00 install fee I figured my total bill would be around $1,300.00. But “WILL FIX IT” did not charge me the contract price of a $700 install fee. “WILL FIX IT” charged me $2,113.00 ! Why isn’t one of Home Depot’s Suppliers giving consumers like me the agreed upon contract price that’s in effect with Home Depot ? I should have only been charged $700.00 to install that water heater. But “WILL FIX IT” charged me $1500.00 just to install it.

    If I have sent this to the incorrect Home Depot Manager concerning this incident will you please forward this to the correct Home Depot Manager / Office please ? Supplier’s that Home Depot choose, should adhere to the agreed upon contract pricing for Home Depot shoppers.

    Charles D. Stewart
    1568 Eastridge Pkwy.
    Seguin, Texas 78155
    phone: 830 372 2018


  93. We have purchased several items from Home Depot and this last time has been a disaster. We order appliances valued at $2500 on a Stove, Washer and Dryer on 4/2/16. We were told it would be delivered 4/9/16 which was a better solution then buying from Sears. Price wise you were the same. Well the sales guy said the delivery date changed after he told us 4/9/16 to 4/16/16. Well to say we were happy with the customer service. The worse customer service I have ever received. The Mentor, Ohio Home Depot should close teh doors the way they treat customers.

  94. Staten Island Forest Ave Store. I am offended by her hat Krystal is not wearing a hat that was bought in a store. Krystal went to the store and had that hat made. How can Krystal say America was never great? She has no respect for America by wearing that hat. Why does she continue to live here? She has Offended many Americans by parading around in a hat that states; America was never great. It is an insult to Americas and all the American citizens who live here. She has no respect for the Military who gave their lives and fight for her freedom The fire and police Officers who protect her. She has no respect for teachers who taught her and her children and family. She has no respect for the store who gives her a salary. Everyday Krystal gets up as has freedom of speech, drives a car, votes, has a job, comes and goes as she pleases. It that is her true feeling maybe she should go to another country where she wont enjoy such freedoms. Krystal should not be threatened or harmed. I feel sad for her. We are a nation of wonderful people and America is great and always will be. It is people in this country who spew this poisonous hatred like her. She will want to defend herself and will get away with hateful words about our country. But think about it; if we all wore what we thought about everyone and everything there would be mayhem. People need to choose their words wisely. Maybe she should not parade around with her thoughts on her head I am no the biggest fan of our president but I do not state my true feeling on my clothing for the world to see.Like the many other citizens who do not. We have become a nation that is uncensored and unsensitized to others feelings. We have no remorse or regrets. America may have lost its way but with the help of Trump he will make our country powerful and great once again. There are many actors I will not be watching any more because of their stupid remarks. I guess as long as Home-depot supports this mentality about our country. I will no longer be shopping there. Someone did not single her out because of her color they singled her out because she was disrespectful to all Americans of every color and Race.

  95. OHTHEYCAME! HomeDepot SUCKS! they contract out their jobs to private contractors. Long story short: they send an advance person who comes and measures and takes pictures for installation. They evaluate and establish the charges. Everything has a charge! Don’t be fooled by “specials” like discounted installations etc, There is the charge for the carpeting, charge for the padding. Reasonable, right? There are charges for removing old carpeting, for taking old carpeting away, for prepping the subfloor, for moving furniture, for moving HERAVY furniture. For rescheduling because they are unprepared for installation. OHYEAH and there are taxes on all of these charges. So Day 1 they claim the carpeting is not on the truck and they will be late (scheduled installation 8AM). Installers will be here between 1 and 3. YEP/NOT. At @:30 I call to verify arrival. 3:30 call they will not be able to come today, sometime this week. (YEAAAAAAAA RIIIIIIIIIIIIght!) Day 2 arrival at 7:30 AM 2 individuals with a set of 4 plastic sliders in hand.. Walk through rooms and determine they WON’T (no not can’t) move the remaining furniture, all prepped and empty. 2 hours of arguing with supervisors, and Home Depot reps/installers leave. No carpeting installed. Possible rescheduling of installation pending, me hiring independent movers to move furniture. Requested refund on moving heavy furniture fee already charged(we’ll see). Have to hire movers to come move furniture out of rooms so carpeting can be installed. ~~ Now let me see, that charge for the person who came and measured, evaluated and took pictures of the rooms and furniture was “SUPPOSED” to anticipate all this and have installers ready and able to accomplish their job. WHAT A RIP OFF! HOME DEPOT YOU SUCH AND ALL YOUR EXTRA AND HIDDEN CHARGES ARE A SCAM ON THE PUBLIC!! People beware!!!

  96. I am currently overseas in Afghanistan and I often get on the internet find certain thing’s that my wife can pick up at the local Home Depot. That being said here is my issue. I cannot access your site I assume it is because my IP address is from another country, I have had this issue before with other site such as Craigslist, and certain department stores around the area, but all I had to do was email them and they would do what ever they do to unblock the site. So I’m asking you to unblock your site so I can shop online. I live in Blaine Tennessee 37709 , Please feel free to email me for any details you might need to get this issue resolved, I shop at Home Depot on a regular basis when I am home and your giving me no option but to shop at your competitor’s website. Thank You and I look forward to your email.

  97. I was shopping in Tampa Florida at the Home Depot at Dale Mabry. I was having a difficult time finding some items and someone on the phone telling me things to pick up. Confused about what to get, one of your employees was there and offered to help. I asked his name, it was Paul Ghezzi…..He talked to my husband over the phone and he was very knowledgeable, diligent and focused to make sure we had every thing we needed. You need more employees like him. I was at another Home Depot yesterday, on Florida Ave. and waited 20 minutes for someone to help me (they were paged several times) and when no one came I left the store.

  98. I purchased a John Deere rider mower on Wednesday 7/13/16 from the Clifton park ny store it was delivered today it will not start the battery is dead, I have called the store 4 times and spoke to a manager named Rich so far all he has told me is what he cannot do. I spent over $2,000.00 and I am extremely upset and disappointed.i think probably the best

  99. Hey ! I Appreciate the analysis – Does anyone know if my company could find a template Office Depot Sales Tax Exemption Application form to type on ?

  100. i recently bought two appliances at the home depot store in topsam maine and had to wait for three weeks to get it to my camp three hours away and in a small town in the western mountains, when we took the electric stove out of the box we found out that it didn’t come with an electrical cord. it was
    in my good
    that i hadn’t
    thrown the old stove out and my son replaced it for me. i am very disappointed that i was not informed that it doesn’t come with a cord or that it was not attached to the stove. very disappointed!

  101. I am a cashier at The Home Depot located in Tampa, FL, and the store is being ripped off daily. Many of the cashiers are giving friends the military discount when checking out and I witnessed one cashier CM, ring up her grandfather and not charge him for a tool. The manager James is aware of the problem and does nothing to those ripping off the store.

  102. I just wanted to relay an experience with your Springfield, Missouri store today. I live 2 hours away and went to this store because my husband had checked online, and the store said they had some specific tiles he needed. He gave me the name, description, size, and company name. I went to a young man who I assumed was in customer service. He was seated at a computer, and spent about 15 minutes trying to find the tiles. Finally, he told me the store only had 26, and they were on aisle 2 on the left hand side. I went to where he told me, and there were no tiles there at all. I walked around until I found the tile aisle, looked for someone I might ask about them, but no one to be found. There was a man showing something to another customer on a computer, but he never even looked my way or said anything. I then went to the aisle where the tile were, and there were two boxes of tiles, but not the exact size I needed. Needless to say, I was so frustrated, I left the store, and will not be back. Bu the way, I found the tiles I needed at Lowes, and they were very willing to help me.

  103. today I went shopping for my garden. Home Depot had wonderful displays and selections. I wandered a bit. Occasionally a store employee would ask if I needed help. My request for directions was accurate and I found your employees to be around and willing if asked to help. And then I went to the back of your store to look at cement stones and such, when I was approached by a lovely middle aged woman who did NOT ask if I needed help…..she asked: “How my I help you?” How may I help you…. was so lovely to hear instead of “Do you need Help?” Her name was Diane and she worked in the Garden Area at the Home Depot on Beechmont Avenue in Anderson (Cincinnati, OH)
    She was divine…and helped me select exactly what I needed for my garden. She did not push product at me, but was oh so knowledgeable out her department. I purchased many garden items including heavy concrete stones. She immediately helped me by lining my car with plastic sheets and loading everything in the car so it wouldn’t rattle around. I so appreciated her personal touch and her desire to serve the customer. Please tell her how lovely it was to work with her. She is indeed a lady.

  104. On April 14 2014 I had a Rheem (16seer) HVAC install for $7,371.00 , in June 2016 my unit could not cool my home I had my unit service with 3LBS of refrigerant it work fine for the rest of the summer. This year June 2017 one hour heating and cooling came out to service my unit again with the same problems not cooling my home, his note read (diagnosed system found system is low on refrigerant . Quoted customer $642.00 to replace refrigerant and dye test customer denied service) I denied service because I should not have to pay your company to find out the problem with a system your company installed this unit is still under YOUR PEACE OF MIND GUARANTEE. Mike Brown the tech said I have a leak in the system and he need to test the system with dye to see were the leak is located. If the leak is in the unit or from in proper installation this should be cover under the guarantee. This is an unnecessary inconvenience for me and my family for a unit that is less than five year old. Hope you can help. I am sending this note to Home Depot Corporate Headquarters and BBB. org. Thanks

  105. Frank who works in the electrical department at the Laguna Niguel store was once again was extremely helpful. He is the best!

  106. I shop at Home Depot in Simi Valley, CA regularly. Most of the time I need no assistance and seldom speak with anyone. I often find as I did today, that the item I am looking for is not available. While I realize that a single store can’t offer everything, I am puzzled why there is no attempt to assist your customers by having staff trained to refer to your own website before simply sending customers out the door empty handed? I also think that when you sell a product that requires replacement filters, batteries, etc., as long as the manufacturer still sells them you should stock them to support your customers that purchased the item from you to begin with. Your staff was totally in the dark about the GE reverse osmosis filters yet made no attempt to find the answer. I try to support local retail but find it often a waste of time. Within 5 minutes of returning home, a quick online search produced the 3 filters I needed. By the way, your website offers them although the price is considerably higher than other sellers. Had you had them in stock at your store, price was of little issue and I would already have them installed. Traditional retailers are forcing people to buy online. The growing number of stores that are closing is a direct result. Weak service staff, out of stock or non carried items, expanding self check outs, etc. I think it’s a shame and won’t end well for most companies. Thank you for reading this.

  107. Long before I became a HOME Depot employee, I was a H.D customer; I love H.D, and I enjoy being and employee, but as of late I am not happy with an customer experience I had recently. On 7/1/17 I ordered an Maytag Washing machine. I was thrilled, like a kid waiting for xmas ; since it had been 3 yrs that I had owned a washing machine. The washer was delivered on the 8th of July, and much to my surprise it was damaged on all 4 sides. I was told I would be contacted within 24 t0 48 hrs, I believe I got a call Tuesday 11th , there was an apology after I expressed my anger and disappointment, but that was it, and to top it off , I couldn’t get the replacement until the 20th, so what should have been a wonderful experience was ruined, and not even a offer of some small consideration.

  108. I truly thought this was a comment you would privately , but it wasn’t sorry about that , but my comments I am not, it doesn’t take away my feelings for h.d, but it was a bad experience.

  109. Had fence installed… was very disappointed with the whole project. Have contacted Home Depot and Backyard Solutions and neither have responded back to me.. will be taking my business to Lowes!!

  110. I will spend the rest of my life warning everyone not to EVER shop with your company! The treatment my family received from you was criminal. The fact that my son, a military vet with PTSD AND my handicap granddaughter have to suffer and live in a house that is now unsafe because of you, again is criminal. You had no problem taking our money while we still, after two months have nothing except a torn up basement, to show for the $2000.00 we gave you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  111. I think that the customer svc at homedepot sucks because I know I have’nt changed my email nor my password yet I can’t use them for online shopping!!!

  112. I waited for 5 mins at the appliance center, used the restroom, was greeted by a service rep when I returned to the washer/dryer section.
    No one around to help for the next 15 minutes and then left the store. You lost out on a purchase of a GE dryer tonight. Oh Well. Customer NO SERVICE.

  113. Very poor service twice in one day at two Home Depot stores. First visit at 8 am 4 guys standing near my special order were too busy to help me, the customer, bring the product up to the loading area. They were talking about how to unload a truck. (if there were no customers, they would not have a job).

    Second experience a few minutes ago. After paying last week for a door to be measured (and that cost to be credited towards the purchase so said the person in the store, and as advertised by HD), it was not going to be credited back to me. And the charges were heavily padded and not the same costs as was quoted when I came in last week, and as is advertised in the store. The assistant manager had no clue as to how it works and could not explain the pricing, the policy or procedure. I took my paperwork and said I would purchase the new door at another store (Lowe’s or somewhere else). I cannot rip off my customers and provide poor customer service the way Home Depot does.

    My door purchase last week was so messed up that the $318 purchase turned into a 1 cent purchase when it was all over because they admitted their mistakes after the fact and credited me the cost of the product. But many hours were wasted.

  114. Order Number W603534080. I returned the 1/2 HP Submersible Pre-Plumbed Sewage Basin system Model# 206475885, (still in the box)….
    $389.00 with 3 Year Protection Plan $60.00. on 12 August 2017.

    I was refunded the $64.20 Protection plan Fee.

    I still haven’t received the refund for the pump. $416.23.

  115. Hello, My name is Donna. I’m doing a remodel in my mstr bdrm and bath. I shop at the home depot on shaw and willow in clovis ca. I had the pleasure of meeting a young man by the name of michael. he works in the flooring dept. He was busy helping another customer and was getting an order together when he saw me and asked me if he could help me with anything. I replyed that when he got finished helping the other guest that was also shopping in the tile s ection that he could help me. Not only was Michael a awsome forklift driver but helped me get all the flooring shower tile everything that I would need to get my bathroom finished. Michael was very knowledgeable and walked me up to the front of the store where he introduced me to adell and asked her to finish up with my order so that it could be delivered to my home. What a very nice youngman and Adell was sweet also. I would like to have these 2 people known as 2 very important people in their jobs. What a wonderful experience.
    Thank you for having all kinds of choices and great customer service. Always ask for Michael. He knows his way around the store and knows about everything. Thank you home depot

  116. I had a great customer service experience yesterday and today at your store on 19101 Magnolia St Huntington Beach, Ca 92646. Yesterday (Mon 8/28/17) I was helped by Jordon in returns and Patricia in the Garden dept. Today I was helped by a lady on the customer service desk. I didn’t catch her name but she had dark hair and wore glasses and she actually apologized for the quality of a waterworks hose I had returned. I was very impressed with her knowledge and kindness. I was also helped by Tamara when I checked out at 1:13pm. All of these employees were outstanding and had great customer service skills.

  117. I find that the commercial where the man is singing show me a mountane is ridiculous. What is a mountane?
    Also where the girl & guy are talking to their cars racing around in circles is also the stupidous thing. What do you think our mentality is??

  118. Hello
    I am very upset to say the least about my dealings at your Cornwall Home Depot store.
    I went to you store on Sept 2 to order a 4×8 sheet of Formica for a counter top,for one of my customers.
    I was told that it would take 2-3 days to get it if it was in stock,so I paid for it and placed the order.
    After a week still no call saying it was in,I called to see if it was in.
    I was informed by the lady I spoke to that the product was not in stock and that would not be available.
    She told me that I would have to come into store and pick another color and it would be a considerable higher price,or get my money back. So I went back down to store to pick another color that would be suitable for my customer,I found something very close to original(same finish,style) but was told by sales person it would cost over double price price of original. I went back to my customer to see if color was suitable,and I would have to absorb the extra cost (as I had already given them a price). In the mean time I had contacted Formica to inquire about the original color I had ordered,i was told that it was indeed in stock and a current available product.
    Totally confused and upset I returned to Home Depot and again inquired about previous product. The sales person gave me again a totally different price again! Totally confused and upset I asked sales person to find out what was going on with this,which he said he would and get back to me next day,it is two days now and have not heard anything. My costumers have been two weeks without counter tops in their kitchen,my credibility with them is gone,and they are looking elsewhere to get there countertops done.
    In the mean time I have no Formica no answers and Home Depot has my money.
    I have spent thousands of dollars a years at Home Depot in materials for my business,and have spent thousands personally (building materials,appliances,wood pellets) and have also directed many people to Home Depot to purchase materials for their home renovations.
    I will be taking my business elsewhere from this point on,as well as directing people to purchases materials from Home Depot.
    Totally confused and upset.

    Lee Schoenfeldt

  119. Hello, I went to your website to order a new range. I thought it was strange that I couldn’t have it shipped to my local store. So I went to the store only to be told I couldn’t ship it to the store. So I had to have it delivered. Was supposed to come today between 3 and 7 pm. Just had a call at 10:14 pm to let me know there’s still two people ahead of me. Really? Guess you install dishwashers at midnight. So I had to reschedule for Monday. No range all weekend. Great!! So whoever decided not to allow ship to store is a complete moron. You know what store is right across the street? Lowes. Guess where I’ll be buying my next major purchase?

  120. Was told if I signed up 4 ur credit card from a keene nh employee I would receive 10% off my first purchase. This did not happen so I returned items & repurchased with my own card

  121. Was told if I signed up 4 ur credit card from a keene nh employee I would receive 10% off my first purchase. This did not happen so I returned items & repurchased with my own card. Very disappointed

  122. As a Veteran living in Puerto Rico I can tell that HD is the worst place to buy. Military discounts are not the same as in the US. After going trough hurricane Maria I thought that you were custommer and veteran oriented company. I will never buy from UR company again, I ratter pay more at another place than buying from UR company.

  123. My husband just returned from your store on University Pky. in Sarasota Fl. He bought 40 units of sod. When he asked some one if he could have help loading it, he was told no one was available. He tried to catch the eye of several employees in the lot and was ignored. He is 70 years old with high blood pressure, but he loaded all himself. I’m furious with this terrible customer service. We will never shop at this store again. Lowes is farther from where we live, but we will go there from now on.

  124. I am extremely upset!!! Last week, my husband took the lid of a paint can from a few years ago to get another gallon of that SAME color paint. The woman who mixed the paint said nothing about the color/tiny of the old or new paint. He brought it home and I started to finish painting the room. I noticed it was not the same shade on the walls and ceiling. I looked at the old and new lids and noticed the numbers did not match only the name of the color. My husband called TWICE last week to the Dover NJ store and spoke to Donna who had mixed the paint. She assured us that the colors would match. She said we have not given it any time to dry and that even though they didn’t have that particular tint any longer it would match. Well after letting it dry for a few days, from just this 1 picture you can see that the colors are not even close… IT IS VERY NOTICEABLE. I spent money on that gallon of paint only to have to go back and get another gallon to repaint tHe room. I don’t have that kind of money that I can just waste a gallon of paint let alone the time to redo the room. I still have a number of rooms left to paint and new doors to put up throughout the house. If you can’t hire knowledgeable employees, we should take our business elsewhere. I would like to know what you are going to do to fix this problem. Thank you, A very angry customer.

  125. I visited the home depot on washington ave ,albany new york on 11/10/17 at approx 3pm which i have shopped at since it opened .I’m 68 years old and this is the first time a felt a need to report my treatment .I have a return the favor vet card that shows the DD214 on it and was told by a woman with a head scarf at the self checkout that home depot doesn’t accept it ,i’ve used this many times at this store . I also showed my VFW,AMERICAN LEGION cards . I’m very upset because i served 6 years in the U.S ARMY and served 21 overseas fighting for this country so we could be free .What she said put me over the top when i said LOWES are treating the vets better,she told me go to LOWES and shop than . I called the store asst mgr MIKE and he told me pretty much same .They also removed the poles in the parking lot for the vets .It’s like home depot is taking a KNEE .Home depot lost a great customer and i will past this info to my local vfw and american legion posts in northeast new york .HOME DEPOT SHOULD BE ASHAMED !!!!!!!

  126. I am very disappointed in the service I “didn’t receive” after multiple attempts.
    I first reached out to Home Depot, asking for an in-home consultation about the purchase of windows. I was assigned a contractor and date on which he would come to my home. On the day before the scheduled appointment, the contractor called me. He indicated that he had an opening in his schedule and wanted to come a day earlier. I agreed. Rushed home to meet him. He did not show. When I contacted him, we agreed to keep our originally scheduled appointment. On the day of the appointment, he called me. Again he said he had an opening and wanted to come an hour earlier. I agreed and rushed home from work. He did not show an hour earlier, nor did he show for the scheduled appointment, nor did he call with an excuse. I made a third appointment – which was scheduled for today – Monday, Nov 27th – at 6:00 pm. On yesterday, Sunday, a message was left on my home answering system at 9:22 am. The caller called to confirm my scheduled appointment. He confirmed the time as 6:00pm and confirmed the name of the person coming – “The Same Guy!” I came home from work and waited. No one called or came during the 6:00pm hour. At 7:00pm, I called Customer Service. The guy had cancelled our scheduled appointment without having contacting me!!! I’m livid! No more in-home services from Home Depot for me!

  127. Stephanie in Coral Springs helped us on the kids workshop today because we did not sign up by e-mail for the project. However, she mentioned that besides having a Christmas project only, you could have a Chanukah project at the same time, perhaps a dreidel. We do not celebrate Christmas so a Christmas ornament, the alternative to the Gingerbread house was not appropriate for my children.

  128. Ordered a Ryobi 6 Gal Pancake Compressor 2 Tool Combo Kit. Merchandise was delivered 12/4/17. The merchandise came in a huge, heavy box which the driver left at the end of a very, very long drive way. We live on a “flag lot” and have no visual means to see the end of our drive way. The driver should have brought the heavy box to our porch … just saying the delivery of the box and where the driver left it is totally unacceptable! LUCKILY, our grandson, found the box and brought it too the house … This situation could have went extremely “wrong” as someone else could have picked up the box without us knowing the box was even there.

  129. I ordered a new storm door sometime back, one associate was very helpful, but when I had questions, another associate knows nothing, I tried avoid him, and today who did I get but this fat toad and he still can’t help me. Is there a video somewhere that will show me how to remove the dual glass on an Anderson 3000 series door. I want to remove them to clean the glass and remove a couple of dead flies. I am afraid I will break something, Wish now I had of gotten the one with the disappearing screen, but my wife is short and couldn’t reach to pull down from the top, so I got the one that you can lift from the bottom. The other would have been a lot easier to clean. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  130. I bought appliances for my new home during the black Friday sale and arranged delivery to my rental home because I did not think my new house would be ready for them. I found out the house would be ready and tried to change the delivery location (5 miles down the road), and add the set up fee, but was told I would have to cancel the order and reorder at today’s prices $1,028.00 more. I don’t understand what changing the delivery location has to do with anything??? And, the delivery date isn’t until Jan 11, 2017. So now Home Depot has missed out on adding the set up fee and future business from me.
    Very disappointed 🙁 Order # W805392589

  131. while waiting fifteen minutes to have lumber cut the manager in Hadley Ma. store was told by another employee that I could use the hand saw and cut it myself and then relayed the message to me. I spent over $250.00 on the lumber and no one would even cut it for me I am a local contractor and will find it very difficult to go back after being treated this way. Your customer service needs a lot of attention.

  132. I had the worst experience ordering a JeldWen Entry Door at the Pico Rivera Store.
    JeldWen warranty department was very unprofessional with me. They never were able to provide me with a quality door that didn’t have a defect. However I did get a full refund for the door and I was given the defective door. My problem is with the store manager who according to Paul ( he ordered the door for me) she was busy in a meeting. Yet he was able to talk to her on the phone and see her in the back for about 20 minutes while I waited at his desk. I wanted compensation from Home Depot and an opportunity to share my experience with the Store manager, Letty. She told Paul we will give her $200 dollar but thats it and she didn’t have time to see me. I even asked when would she be done. I was willing to wait. I was there on Saturday 27th at 12:00 and didn’t leave until 1:30. Not once did your store manager appear. If she had time to talk to Paul why couldn’t she have either talked on the phone or just come out.
    At the end I glad to be done with your company between JeldWen’s poor customer service and your staff I am exhausted. I will never make a major purchase at your store. I’m in contact with a Pella representative and I will buy directly from the company.

  133. Please tell Mr. Marcus that I will use my “stupid brain” (regarding tax reform and more) and purchase items I need from another store. I am 70 years old and have shopped at Home Depot for decades. No longer.

  134. about a month ago i was trying to talk to one of your employees name dave elderly man about 2 16kw genorators but he refused to talk to me about it. i want to talk to him about droping possible dropping the price or try and get them to donate a generators. see im a vet 100% disabled and my nebor is 87 yrs old and he flat refuse to talk to me reason both of us can”t affprd that kind of price of $4,435.00 dollars that why i want to talk to him about it.

  135. Andrew in the Garden Dept of the Simi Valley Store provided a exceptional service. He had to locate the item I wanted in the rafters and then get someone to drive the machine to reach it at the top to the store. This took over a half hour and he was courteous and explained why it was taking so long. I tried to tell them in the store that I wanted to tell the manager how great he was but they said no you have to do it on line. This site is not user friendly. You probably get less good things because of this.

  136. My husband and I would like to thank Home Depot for their friendly and helpful customer. We went to your location at Bandera & 1604 in San Antonio, on 3/12 looking for a microwave. We found the one that we wanted with the help of Darrius, but unfortunately this location was out of stock. Darrius made a phone to the store at I-10 & DeZavla, they had the microwave we wanted, so we went over there to pick it up. While this may seem like ordinary customer service, we appreciated the help we got and in the timely manner in which Darrius helped us. This is why we will always be loyal to Home Depot

  137. its been 5 months sent i order a window and they still dont have it yet they told me that it would take 3 months and it is going on 5 months

  138. Will no longer be doing business with home depot. You want to punish Laura Ingraham the consumer will punish Home Depot

  139. Recently, after purchasing a new RIGID sump pump for my home, I returned the old, broken one to the place of purchase, the HOME DEPOT store in Chesterfield Michigan.
    The reason that I returned it was for a credit on my Home Depot charge account.
    You see, the sump pump that i was returning was a RIGID model #SSP-1000.
    also, the manufacture date on the top of the unit was 2014.
    First, i would like to say that i have never done this before, to where i have complained to customer service about the service that I had received at a store.
    With that said, the women at the customer service desk was very short with me and called the assistant store manager, Ron Linington. I was neither rude nor irate. Mr. Linington was adamant about not taking the pump back as a return.
    Even with me bringing and showing him the lifetime warranty clearly stated for that model printed on the owners manual.
    I was treated like he had something against me. it was in plain writing that this unit had a life time warranty and Mr. Linington adimitly insisted that it didn’t.
    well, I then returned home with my pump and called RIGID customer service.
    I spoke with a gentleman by the name of “Nate”. Nate informed me that the pump company that makes these pumps exclusively for RIGID to then be sold exclusively by Home Depot is called Wayne Water Systems. Which is whom “Nate” works for.
    I explained to Nate basically what is listed above, and after giving him the pump model number and manufacture date, he then informed me that this particular pump does indeed have a lifetime warranty and to return it to the Home Depot store again.
    Well, instead of facing the humiliating experience again, i am contacting you for guidance and assistance in this matter.
    It is also my understanding that the store general manager’s name is Bob Dennison.
    Please contact him and myself on how to resolve this issue. Also, please inform Mr. Dennison that his assistant managers should maybe want to investigate these types of customer issues and not just reject a claim that is in black and white print.
    Thank You

  140. On 04/02/’18, I purchased a 6 ft. fiberglass ladder, NXT1A06, at store #2582. I had researched online on 03/31/’18, and the ladder was priced at $ 69.96, a reduced price from $79.96. As a new resident , I received a 10% of offer and used it to purchase the ladder. I did not receive the online reduced price but got the 10% offer and paid $ 71.96. Why didn’t I receive the reduced price of $ 69.96 and the 10% discount and pay $ 62.96 ? I previously purchased items from the OC/Berlin store #2578 and had a credit card account but did not use it at the Pasadena #2578 store. Why didn’t I receive both discounts? Please Advise .

  141. Karin who works at the Brice Rd. Reynolsdburg store in the cabinet department is outstanding. She found me the hinges I needed for my kitchen cabinets. Made phone calls to distributor and had them delivered for me to pick up! She was friendly and very efficient. Called me when she said she would. I know I am not the only customer she had but I was very impressed! Thank you Karin!

  142. I’ve been trying to locate a product you dropped to finish a job. It’s your product number HD13005C and I need 5 more boxes is there any left anywhere that I could purchase? Thanks Patrick

  143. We would like to acknowledge the outstanding service we received from Ciara Enlow at Home Depot Peters, Missouri
    From beginning to end she was informative,knowledgeable and courteous.
    We were impressed by how young she was but how professional. We were purchasing in one state and delivery and setup in another. She made this such a very easy transaction for us. If Home Depot does some kind of recognition of such outstanding customer service she certainly deserves it. Thank you and keep hiring those kind of people. By doing so you are making an asset to your company in a highly competitive market.

    Thank you.

  144. I used to shop at Home Depot for all my home fix up and upgrade needs. Home Depot advertises that they always have the lowest price! Recently I was looking for Black & Decker grass clippers. The HD price was $44.00 and change and the Walmart price was $34.00 and change. Today I purchased a Garden Valve at Lowe’s for $8.10. The HD price was $9.60 for the same item of lesser quality.
    The clippers were about 30% more at HD and the valve was almost 20%. In the future I will check prices before I buy anything from HD.

  145. So far I spent 45 minutes just trying to get to talk to a human being about the receipt of a damaged 3. cu ft Magic Chef freezer. As you can see I have not yet succeeded.
    I have decided to keep the freezer as is, but think that I should be compensated for the damage. I have a picture available of the damage.
    This is the order #WA20184331.
    I would appreciate receiving a phone call
    One more comment—- Who ever delivered the freezer does not know how to handle these packages, because it was delivered to my front door up-side-down.

  146. I wish to compliment your Lima Road Fort Wayne store. You have at least 2 employees that deserve kudos for their great customer service. First off Celina who helps at check out assisted me with the purchase of a gas grill. She was having trouble getting pricing. Since she was very busy, I offered to retreive the sku from the dispay model. Once I did this she finihed th sale and gave me an additional $20 discount for my trouble. I appreciate this unsolicited perk. The second step goes out to Justin who heped with loading. He went out of his way to assist me in securing the grill in my undersized vehicle, including tieing it in.Bless you Home Depot for empowering these employees to help the customer.

  147. As a long long time home depot customer I always make home depot my first choice of shopping places for all my projects. However, today Memorial Day 2018,
    I went to home depot expecting to find some sales or discounts. I had been putting off buying a weedeater until Memorial Day. My purchase was close to $300.00. I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, but the clerk did not know what was on sale or if there were any discounts. She didn’t even have a flyer at her station to check. I told her not to worry about it. Being a veteran I told here to give me the military discount. When she did she said it only came to $7.25. I was shocked, but being a gentleman that I am, I didn’t make a big deal about. I just want to let you know that some need a little more training than others. I was expecting a 10% and the military discount.

  148. Very disappointed in your store in Winter Haven Fl and I assume all your other stores that MILITARY DISCOUNTS ONLY APPLY TO CERTAIN MILITARY PERSONNEL AND ON SPECIFIC DATES. I also shop at LOWES quite frequently and not only do I get a 10% DISCOUNT BUT MY FAMILY DOES AS WELL ON ALL PURCHASES. I will NO LONGER SHOP AT THE H D in the future because of your TIGHT WAD UPPER MANAGEMENT and a company who doesn’t respect US VETERENS YEAR ROUND or in any case at all.. There are many business out there that that RECOGNIZE ALL MILITARY, VETERENS, DISABLED VETERENS, RETIRED VETERENS AND ACTIVE DUTY VETERENS THAT GIVE ANYWHERE between 5 to 20% DISCOUNTS REGARDLESS OF YOUR MILITARY STATUS. I am DISAPPOINTED AND ASHAMED that YOU are not one of them that recognizes HAS AND DOES FOR THIS COUNTRY and WE can,t be recognized YEAR ROUND BY YOU. It was nice doing business with you in the past what few times I did and now I know why I USE LOWES AS MUCH AS I DO. Thanks but NO THANKS

  149. why doesn’t Home Depot allow veteran’s discounts on sale items, I can go over to Lowes Home Center and not have the embarrassment of not being allowed. Your staff at all stores have always been wonderful to work with, but when at check out the won’t accept my Veterans Discount.

  150. Please fix your website! I tried to register to place a order on Friday 6-29-18. All I saw was a orange ring going around and around and around. Finally had to call my order in. Never was able to set up my account with my password (even though I got a email from your company to do so) without seeing the same orange ring go around and around. Very aggravating to say the least.

    Thank you

  151. I ordered a range & refrigerator at your Memorial Day sale , May 23,2018. Delivery set for May 29th. I got 4 reschedule call & couldn’t guarantee a delivery date. The last delivery date I received was for June 23 almost a month after I had ordered the appliances. Each time I asked for a permit date could never be given and the weather help was available. I finally had to buy from a local appliance store. Upon my return to Home Depot to get my refund, there was not enough cash in the vault that caused an issue. I was offered no compensation for all the trouble that I went through and waiting for almost a month for the appliances. I do not believe that I will be able to buy from Home Depot no more I have never received an apology or an updated reason except that the appliances were out of stock and there was no date for a delivery of them.

  152. Just had a wonderful experience with Gil at your Belleview Avenue store in Littleton, CO. He went above and beyond looking for a replacement part for an old Kohler toilet. None of the replacement stock pieces would work but he wouldn’t give up, saying he would keep going until I got what I came for. Sure enough, he found a piece that would work. There are a lot of similar stores in the area, but you can bet I’ll be back to Home Depot because Gil made me feel like I mattered.

    • Me and my wife brought doors from, Home depot in Bethel Park, Pa. They sent the wrong door for my back door. The gentleman who came to pull the doors in. Called the store and said to the sales associate, it’s was the wrong door. Then the sales associate talked to me and was disagree with me. I said to him, we would never order a 9 panal door. We order a 6 panal door. We also wanted all of locks ,keyed the same and it took months for that to happen. We are disappointed in the service .

  153. We bought glass sliding doors from the home depot in Pooler, Ga last July and they still have not got the installation of them done. I am very very angry about all of this . We paid almost 4000. dollars for these doors and it has taken over a year to get them finished. this is very poor customer service, and we almost have it paid off. They did give us a 200. dollar credit because of the problems we were having but I feel that was not enough because all of this is there problem.If I had my old doors I would make them give us a refund. They were supposed to be here today between noon and 2 and called at 1 pm to say that were not coming because they did not have the door, but when they called to set the appointment they said they had it. All of this has really gotten ridiculous

  154. we bought 2 glass sliding doors from the home depot in Pooler, Ga last july and the installation is still incomplete. For a year we have gotten nothing but a run around. They did give us a 2oo. credit but I feel it was not enough with all the bs we have had to go through. We paid almost 4000. dollars for these doors. They were supposed to be here today between 12 and 2 and they called at 1 saying they were not coming cause they did not have our door, yet when they set up the appointment they said they had it. If I had my old doors I would make them changed it back and demand a refund

  155. You and your 3rd party have failed to honor your portion of the contract. You have refused to repair my 4 month old refrigerator. On a scale of 1-10 I rate you a 0. I will not recommend anyone purchasing from home depot. You do not stand behind your service. Oh, I forgot it is not your responsible. Your service ends when merchandise is out the door and you have been paid.

  156. I will never shop at Home Depot again, I tried to exchange a gas weed wacker that was not working properly. I had a receipt and they told me that I was past 30 days and was basically beat. I had a receipt that said my policy expires on 9/3/2018, but because it was gas I had only had the 30 days. I wasn’t informed about that and wasn’t told at checkout. I only used the wacker twice and it would not stay on. I’m extremely upset and like I said will never shop at home depot again. Lowes here we come.

  157. I object to your policy of allowing people to bring dogs into your stores. I discussed it with the manager of your store in Hyannis, MA., and did not get a satisfactory answer. He allows people to walk around with large dogs ( pit bulls for example ) and dogs in shopping carts. I do not dislike dogs, or other animals, but feel they should not be allowed in stores, unless they are bona-fide service animals, and to date, I have not seen one in your stores.

    I previously asked Home depot to provide me with the name and mailing address of your Vice President of Customer relations, but that info was not provided.

  158. It would be nice if you required your employees to have, at least, a basic knowledge of the English language. Courtesy is also a plus!
    At the Home Depot on Bird Road/114 Ave in Miami, I asked an employee where I could find the a/c filters. She never even looked up to acknowledge my presence. Just answered “no English” and kept on walking.
    The irony of it all, is that I could have spoken to her in Spanish…at least to remind her that her paycheck comes in Dollars and not Pesos!!

  159. I am writing to express my concerns about my recent incident I experience 8/28/18.
    I purchased a refrigerator at home deport in Baltimore Md. I picked up the refrigerator myself. when I got it home, it did not get cold, and the light was off. I soon find out that the door switch is jammed. I called over and left several comment with customer service. I’m very upset that it took 17 days to get my refrigerator fixed. I had food spoil two times. an new refrigerator should not cost me this stress. An nice man name Dwaun fix it for me today 8/15/18.

  160. Awesum help by plumbing dept very big thankyou plumbing problem has been fixed but cant get on the survey site to say thanks or enter contest user id h 30894 26887 password 18469 26885 please enter me if you can darryl salisbury

  161. I had a great experience at the Dublin Georgia Home Depot up until check out not sure if cashier Catiyln that was at service desk was having a bad day she was not customer service friendly to the young guy that checked out before me nor was she friendly with me either. Catiyln could use a lesson or 2 on customer service she come off as aggressive and rude.

  162. I was so disappointed in the way I was treated by your company. I went in for carpet for my business, found some I liked, and arranged a date for measuring. The sales clerk told me she wasn’t sure she could proceed as it was for a business, but would find out and let me know if there was a problem. Since she didn’t call we gave up a day’s income for the measuring, assuming everything was set. Then, after we thought everything was set, the people she had already asked about my order told her we couldn’t use the carpet we chose, we could only use commercial carpet. The few choices we’re unattractive, too rough to walk on barefoot, and no one could tel! me if it was even stain resistant. I am out my time and money, and so disappointed. We were so excited about our New carpet, and now I have to put it off until I can make time to start over from the beginning. This has set my remodel back at least 2 months, probably more.

  163. Absolute worst customer service. I am trying to buy a pallet of tile. Online the pallet is 36 cases and is discounted. When I go to store I can not buy the pallet even though they have 153 cases in stock. They will sell me a pallet but only at the per case price. I would like to know why I would have to order a product online and wait 2 weeks when it is sitting there at the store. The is store is Denham Spring, La. Please explain this to me before I go buy what I need from Lowes.

  164. I am trying to talk to some one about an order that was schedualed for delivery on tuesday and today is Saturday. The ups tracking number does not exist in there system. I am unable to find where this item is or talk to anyone reguarding this matter. I feel your customer support should be able to provide someone to talk to instead of a robot that sends you nowhere. This is reguarding order no. WD30698974.

  165. Dear Sir/Madam,
    With great consternation, I write this message. I have, for years sent Corporate Customer Service e mails covering the employees at HD#417,resulting in accolades past on to the manager , which she/he in turn notified the employee (s) of exemplary performance. Several weeks , maybe months, I emailed HD Corporate a lengthily report calling out several employees at HD # 417. A return e-mail was received explaining appreciation and explaining the usual process of forwarding the info to the store manager. This did NOT happen . I called and issued a disappointment on this unusual circumstance. I mentioned to several of the employees I had sent an e-mail of appreciation and discovered nothing–absolutely nothing had been mentioned to the GM. I specifically paid special consideration to the outstanding performance displayed , consistently, by Larry in the hardware department . Larry , on multiple occasions has resolved many–and I mean many-issues for me. He is attentive, knowledgeable and consistently resolves problems > My appreciation for Larry’s ability to resolve issues is so great as to be inestimable. Please contact the new manager and offer this valued employee credit for a job well done.

  166. Terrible experience with on line service. Don’t ever order on line. I have been trying to cancel a delivery for 2 days and home depot makes it impossible to do so. We ordered a refrigerator it is to be delivered on the 11th of Oct. I have made at least 5 phone calls to different 800 numbers but I am told that they cannot access the delivery company so we need to just refuse the order when it arrives. Which means that we now have to wait all day for a appliance that we do not want at this time and have to cancel a doctor appointment because of this scenario. I’ve been told on the automated system our phone number is wrong and therefore my order cannot be accessed. I gave them the correct phone number so some one didn’t transpose it correctly. Or they purposely make it difficult for people to cancel orders. I will never order from home depot again.

  167. I am really angry! Iwas at the Home Depot in Boerne, Texas around 330 this afternoon. At checkout there was NOT a single cashier open – not one? So,I went to the customer self service and asked the lady there if IHome Depot offered a Veterans discount. She answered “Yes, but I need to see your ID.” I told her I was not retired military but I was absolutely a Vet of the US Army. She said I couldn’t be a Veteran if I didn’t have a Veteran ID. She continued to insult my service at which point I walked out without making a purchase. I was disrespected and all but called a lia rby this woman who does not understand that all veterans are NOT retired and those that are not do not have ID cards.

  168. I am a fraud investigator for Citibank//I’ve tried to no avail to reach the Loss Prevention manager at the THD store # 1256 in Brooklyn NY several times//I am trying to contact the LP manager because we have a client that is claiming fraud on her card and we have every reason to believe the client did the transaction/ I would greatly appreciate some information regarding how i can effectively communicate with the LP manager at the above store? My name is Andre Rivera, my direct line is 904-954-0608 and my email address is assistance would be greatly appreciated

  169. Dear Employee Manager
    I purchased some items at store #123 located at 3885 Jonesboro Rd in Atlanta GA on 11-3-2018. I put them in my car and placed the buggy in the buggy trolley. I then went to another store about 25 minutes away. When I reached the other store, I discovered that I did not have my purse. In a panic, I rushed back to Home Depot and inquired if my purse had been left at the self check out counter. The Home Depot associates were all very nice and directed me to the customer service desk. My purse had been turned in by a young employee named Javontae who had retrieved the buggies from the parking lot. You can not know how relieved I was and what a great impression that the friendly and helpful customer service desk employees left gave me. I want to commend Store #123 for having such stellar employees.

  170. I was in the Waukegan Home Depot this evening after a long day at work. I was promptly greeted by Pedro who went above and beyond in assisting me in finding precisely what I was looking for. He was a pleasure to deal with, and my shopping experience efficient and productive as a direct result of his help, and worthy of comment and commendation.
    If you need the information from my purchase receipt, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    With sincere thanks.

  171. How are you? Tonite around 6;49PM someone supposedly from Home Depot made a phone call. My father picks up the phone. He asked the caller:”Who’s This”? The caller replies Home Depot? My father gives me the phone. I answered the phone. I heared in the background some human voices. The caller didn’t mentioned his name. How did he know my first name? Tried finding the number? It said Private Caller. What is the proper procedure contacting someone from a retail store? I couldn’t understand his intent of his conversation. My question if the caller was from Home Depot;why did mentioned his full name;and position at a store? What store was he calling from? It was an unusual experience?

  172. I would like to share my recent eperience with the Home Depot in Apple Valley (Store located at 12218 Apple Valley rd ).

    I was in line with my mother and was buying some supplies for painting.

    When i went to pay i asked to use my military ID. I showed them two different ID’s proving military service, (a copy of my DD214 and a government issued Veterans ID card). Note that this was the exact same ID i had used literally 2 hours earlier in that store when i had ran up there to buy lumber.

    Long story short since it wasn’t a disabled veterans ID card i was told they couldn’t / wouldn’t accept it.

    This makes no sense to me as i have been using this discount for years at this very location.

    I do not think i am “entitled” to a discount but it was something i did take pride in and utilized as part of being a loyal customer….. but this felt disrespectful and intended to embarrass….. to the point that another customer in line took offense as well and left their cart in line and walked out.

    I don’t know if this is a new policy of this specific Home Depot or the company as a whole but i do not have a desire to patronize this buisness any further.

    Due to proximity to my work i also frequently shop at the Home Depot in Huntington Beach, CA…. not only do i get a smile and a “thank you” for your service at that store whenever i show my ID, that store also has dedicated parking spots for active duty and veterans. Why is the Apple Valley Home Depot so different?

    The store in Apple Valley is across the street from a Lowe’s that not only provides the discount but actually registers your phone number in the system so you don’t even have to carry the ID.

    They will receive my buisness from now on, but as a previously loyal customer of Home Depot i thought as a corporation you would appreciate feedback on why myself and my family of carpenters and tradesman (many with military service), will now support your competitor.

    Thank you for your time.

    J. Livengood

  173. The Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters
    Customer Service May 14, 2018
    2455 Paces Ferry Road
    Atlanta, Georgia 30339

    RE: Store – 8000 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento, Ca 95826
    Employees – Augustine and Damasa

    Dear Home Depot – Customer Service,

    First of all, I may not be spelling the employees names correctly. Augustine is one of the store managers. Damasa is a Lot Assistant Employee. On May 10, 2018, late afternoon around 4:00-4:30pm I purchased some bricks in the Garden Department. Damasa assisted me in putting some bricks into the back of my SUV. He accidentally scraped the back of my bumper with the bricks in several places. Damasa did apologies for the damaged. I believed he was truly sorry. Damase seemed is very kind, soft spoken and one can tell he has a heart of gold.

    I then drove over to the Lumber Department entrance to purchase some bags of cement. The cashier stated she was going to call Damasa to help me the cement in my SUV. I told her, no thanks, he just damaged the back of my SUV. She asked if I wanted to speak with the manager about the damaged. I said no. She said, it wouldn’t be no problem and her manager would be with me shortly. I didn’t believe her, but said ok.

    Augustine approached me in a very calm manner. He was very composed, polite and yes understanding. He gave me eye contact through-out our conversation. I thought and expected him to say, I’m very sorry this happened and then dismiss me so he could go back to his job. But, to my surprise he asked to see my SUV. Assess the damage and took pictures. I was told that Home Depot Insurance company would be contacting me soon. I was very impressed with the way Augustine handled my situation. While speaking with me he received several calls and two employees approached him with questions. I stated to Augustine that he could take care of what was needed of him in the store and I would wait. He put both hands out with palms up and said – right now you – as the customer – is my priority. He was so confident in his management role. I couldn’t believe that little old me had his undivided attention.

    I’m sixty years old and own three homes. I’m at Home Depot at least once or twice a week. It just makes since for me to go and purchase the items I need for my properties instead of paying one of my contractors to go get it. I do travel to four of your other locations. But, hands down Augustine has made all the difference in the world for me to continue to only shop at this location.

    By the way, Augustine didn’t hesitate or skip a beat in helping to put the bags of cement in my SUV. I thought him being a manager he would have called or asked another employee to help me.

    How did you find such an employee that is so dedicated to Home Depot and its customers? I felt he rolled out the red carpet just for me.

    Before leaving Augustine said, Ms. Holland, thank you for shopping at Home Depot and if you ever need any assistant while shopping here again, please don’t hesitate to ask for me.

    I’m sure he treats every customer the way he assisted me, because his approach came so natural to him. Like it was second nature. I felt very special and honored to have crossed path with this manager.

    Thank you, Home Depot, for hiring Augustine and Damasa.

    Arvelia Holland

  174. I was in the Aberdeen WA Home Depot to buy a few things I needed to take care of a few safety issues at home. When I was there I had issues finding some of the items. I knew where some of them were. I needed Pergo flooring and I got the package I needed then I needed a stapler but couldn’t find anyone to help me find (but I found it going up each isle). Then I went to a package of composite roofing and when I got the register and was talking an employee that I know that works there and I told him what I was using for. He suggested I get the starter roll because it was a little less money. His name is Mark Bailey and he went and got me the roll and then took the shingles back. I just wanted to let you know how nice it was for him to go out of his way to help me.

  175. I need help with an entrance door installation that has not been corrected. I want the installation of the right sized door instead of the one they put in. They have not corrected the problem and it has been over a year. Please help.

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