Contact Health Net Customer Service

Contact Health Net Customer Service

Contacting Health Net Customer Service Center

Health Net is a health insurance provider offering health plans to residents of Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington. Plan details vary from state to state, as does contact information. If you want the most up to date contact information for Health Net customer service check the back of your insurance card. You should find a contact phone number and address on your card.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone numbers for Health Net customer service are available for California, Arizona and Oregon/Washington. Most customer service departments are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time.

  • Arizona Customer Service: 1-800-289-2818
  • California Customer Service: 1-800-522-0088
  • Oregon/Washington Customer Service: 1-888-802-7001
  • Corporate Inquiries: 1-800-291-6911
  • Website Technical Support: 1-866-458-1047

Mailing Address

If you are looking for the claims mailing address, check the back of your Health Net insurance card. The best address to contact the claims department should be listed. If you want to write to Health Net about coverage, service you’ve been provided or other general topic, you can address the letter to the Health Net corporate office.

Health Net21650 Oxnard St. Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Official Website

The official website for Health Net is located at Customers can log in to access health benefits and claim status using the Log In link at the top of the page. If you have insurance with Health Net and you want to register for online access, click the Register link. Health Net allows customers to shop for health insurance plans, learn more about plans for individuals, families and group plans typically available through an employer. Information is also available about how to choose the best doctor for you.

Customer Service Email

After entering your zip code into the Health Net website you can email customer service for your state using the online contact form. You can enter your zip code by clicking the state name at the top right of the page. A box will appear with a place to enter your zip code.

Customer Service Email Form:

Our Experience

We tried the Health Net Arizona customer service phone number – you must listen to the introduction message before choosing 1 for current members, 2 for providers or 3 if you want more information about Health Net. You can also enter an extension if you know the extension you need. The beginning message and list of options lasts about one minute. We pressed 3 for more information and we were prompted to enter a subscriber ID number. If we are calling for more information before purchasing Health Net we would not have an ID number. After the automated system requested the ID number several times we were given the option to press 0 to speak with a representative. We pressed 0 but the system asked for the ID number again.

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6 Comments on “Contact Health Net Customer Service
  1. I am really upset with health net, I am hard of hearing and it
    is a hardship for me to try and call on phone, and had a big
    problem trying to go to my doctor, said he wasn’t my doctor,
    funny I have been going to him over 20 years………..
    On my application last November, I entered my doctor’s name, if there was a problem, why didn’t they notify me at that time,My, ins rep told me I was all set with my doctor & location. My ins
    rep, is out of office until the 23 rd, as we have used Email
    instead of phone, now I need to see doctor, and now have to wait until May 1st, and I don’t know what plan they are going to stick me with.Tried to call, impossible, just a series of beeps, and message unable to understand, can some one please help me.

  2. I have faithfully paid 74.67 as obligated for the past 5 months. Suddenly, with no past due indications, you want 806.67 from me for this month. You are out of your minds.

    Either adjust this, or stop usurping customers to line your greedy pockets. You are immoral.

    Jeffrey Cole

    Plan: AZ Ambetter Frm HN HMO IEX Exc Subscriber Number: R07553885

  3. Awful people. Take off the Spectrum ad. No one wants to waste their time listening to a moronic advertisement. Just get me help.

  4. This is a complaint about one of your providers of durable equipment.
    APRIA Health Care.
    An oversize bed was authorized for rental and sent to Rancho Mesa Care Center in Alta Loma on or about 6-20-18. The unit was undeliverable to me apparently due to its size. The center called Apria numerous times according to the administrator to pick up the bed. Apria denies receiving any calls and the rental is continuing to this day 7-27-18.
    I suppose Health Net will continue to pay the bill and I am told that my 20% will not be waived even though I never saw the bed.
    Be cautious when dealing with this company.

    Jack Reynolds


  5. I never signed anything with health net. i only spoke with an agent gave her my Info but did not go through the application. Health net still withdraw money from my account even without contract with me. I did not receive any email nor calls from health net to confirm y transaction, I don’t even have any Health Net membership number no confirmation number that I did sign up with them. No one from health net called me. The agent decide to continue without my permission.

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