Contact Harley Davidson Financial Services Customer Service

Contacting Harley Davidson Financial Services Customer Service Center

Harley Davidson is one of the most recognizable motorcycle brands on the planet. Aside from recognition, the brand is an icon in the motorcycle industry. When making a purchase, customers can use their own financial institution, but typically customers use Harley Davidson Financial Services. This division of the company offers low rates and reasonable pricing structures.

At times, customers will have questions and concerns regarding their account or simply general questions regarding the available services. When customers have concerns, the first line of communication is customer service. Customer can call, mail, visit the official website of email concerns in order to seek necessary answers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department answers new and existing customer questions and concerns, Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm. In the event customers do not receive the answers necessary to answer their respective questions; an option is to find answers on the Harley Davidson FAQ’s.

Customer service: 1-414-343-4056

Mailing Address

Customers can send mailed correspondence to:

Harley Davidson Financial Services
3700 W. Juneau Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Official Website

The Harley Davidson Financial Services website provides information on financing vehicles, making payments, protection plans as well as private party financing. The website also provides links to the customer service department as well as ways to customize your Harley Davidson.

Customer Service Email

We searched the website thoroughly and did not find a customer care email address. What we did find was an idea submission form We sent an email in hopes that the message would be delivered to the appropriate customer care agent.

We sent a message asking if Harley Davidson Financial Services could be used in conjunction with other methods of financing. We received an automated response stating a customer agent would respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Our Experience

We called the customer care line and waited through the automated responses. We could not press 0 in order to speak with a customer care agent. We had to press one of the options and then request to speak to a representative. Our total wait time was more than 5 minutes. When we asked questions regarding financing, we were transferred to another representative. After an additional 5 wait, we finally spoke to a knowledgeable representative.

Our questions were answered, but we felt as if there was no attention placed on the total customer experience. We were not pleased with our experience dealing with Harley Davidson customer care. Was your experience similar to our experience? Share your concerns below.

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20 Comments on “Contact Harley Davidson Financial Services Customer Service
  1. I cant find my bill, I normally mail a check in w/it. I need a
    Number I can call to pay my payment so isnt late.

  2. Its been a longtime dream of mine to own a Harley,i have applied several times for credit to finance a bike and been denied every time,i have a great paying job that ive been at for a few years and making the payments would never be an issue,but yet i cant get financed, due to a divorce messing with my credit, is there some other way to purchase a Harley ( other than paying cash) that a guy like me could do? My girlfriend even owns one, but yet i have to sit on the sidelines while she goes riding, ive been approved for plenty of Jap bikes,bu thats not my style,i want to own a Harley Davidson, someone please help point me in the right direction…

  3. Hi. I’ve had a finance with you from 2008. I’ve made a 3000$ payment early this year and have 520$ pre otherized payments every month. I have not seen a statement sins feb of this year. Can I see my payment history from the begining pls. Thx for your time. I only owe 6000$ or so left on the finance pay out?

  4. Warning on using them for financing!!!These people are unbelievable. Warning do not let them draft automatic payments from your checking account. First of all they were failing to send us paper statements in the mail. This of course caused some confusion and late payments. So, secondly, we tried automatic withdrawal from our checking. They could not get that right. We wounded up with late payments. Some one explain that to me!! They could not figure out how much to withdraw each month. They did pretty good for six months. Then they decided to hold six dollars less than they the amount we authorized. Lastly , six months later called us at the most inconvenience times to harass us about late charges, damaging our credit, and requesting we pay for there mistakes. I would like other consumers to beware in using them for financing. Probably will refinance to a lower interest with my credit union. Just use caution when financing with HD!! Love there motorcycles. Just don’t finance with them!!!

  5. My husband passed away in Dec. He owned a 2013 Trike, I did not know anything about it or have never driven a bike. I was finally able to sell it taking a loss so i did not have to worry every month about the payment. I called got a payoff, got the cashiers check, called the morning i sent the check off and now i am being told the check did not arrive in time and i owe more money, and i have to get another cashiers check which is almost as much as what the payoff is. Also i am told that unless i send my husband’s death certificate i cannot get the title released to me. My name was on as a co payer so if i did not make the payment you would come after me. Right? I have sold the bike and am waiting to be able to send the new owners the title. The DMV has already given them a temporary title so there was no problem with that and i did not have to show them anything. Also since i sent the cashiers check with the note saying this was for the payoff why was i not contacted and told i still had more money to pay???? Now i am being told i cant change my address for the title. Everything was notarized for the trike sale at the Yuma Harley Dealer. I have never had such a hassle, i have sold my mustang and my house and this is the only place that is not being cooperative. IT seems to me that if you are getting the money for your bike it shouldnt matter who is paying it off. I will definitely tell my friends to go throught someone different than the Harley Financial if this is the way widows are treated when there loved one passes.

  6. I have been having trouble recieving my bill for the past 3 months. I moved in October 2013 and my mail was forwarded to my new address for 6 months. I filled in the new address on every payment I made. Somehow the apartment # wasn’t included. For the past 3 months the US Postal service has returned the bills to you as ” Undeliverable”. Why didn’t anyone at Harley Davidson Credit Corp ever call me to let me know my bills were being returned? I recieved a call from HDCC 2 weeks ago and spoke with a woman. She explained to me 2 weeks ago that my bills were being returned.She said it was because my apartment # wasn’t on it. Except I recieved a Late Payment Notice in the mail, and that didn’t have my apt. # on it.I sent a check immediatly for the payment I gave her my Apt # and asked her to immediatly send me my bills and I would pay them in full. I recieved another call today from a man. He kept putting me on hold. He couldn’t explain why my bill STILL hasn’t been mailed to me. He couldn’t explain to me why no one every notified me that my bills were being returned. He refused to call me on my work phone( a land line) so I could make a payment with a credit card.I do not feel this is very good customer service. In fact , I feel this is LOUSY SERVICE. At this point I feel I certainly don’t owe any late fees. The information is in your own computers anbd your employees are/ were too lazy and /or stupid to do anything about it. Simcerely. Susanne Bolin

  7. Very annoying collecting practices. Calling at least four times in a row within 5 minutes. Even after asked not to contact more than once. Will also contact people having nothing to do with your account. I am still getting call 7 Days after I have made my payment. I am considering reporting them to the FTC for unfair debt collection practices.

  8. This is a comment on the overall brand identity. Harley Davidson is one of, if not the leading desired motorcycle manufacturer in the USA. With that comes some responsibility to be competitive, make money but keep your R&D edge to keep your products in the top spot. Making money with Harley comes from many revenue streams. Your ability to get your clientele to advertise for you by paying premium prices for your logo is amazing. Your little technique of selling a premium machine at a premium price then giving them the first shirt free and a cheap Helmut starts the addiction. Your brand development team is remarkable or your clientele easy targets. This all being said is just to tell you where you need help. Your PR on service basically sucks. I know 10 people that have a good experience tell no one, but each person who has a bad one tells 20 people. You might consider the following…what do the top tier quality car brands do with service. Buy a less expensive toyota and you pay every time you go in for check up, tune ups etc or buy a policy and actually you still pay for some things. Now Lexus says our product quality stands on it own…we’re so confident in our quality basic tune ups check ups etc are free. We stand behind our product and for a specified time we want to do the things “FREE” to keep your high end purchase in top shape and meeting our standards and safety requirements. Repeat customers even get more perks. You bought a high end auto and we stand behind our product. I consider HD especially your top end price points to say HD IS THE BEST…if you really are. You need to do all routine maintenance services on your top tier free. Do you believe in your quality and product enough to say you don’t need a policy because we know it is a superior machine. Make this a selling point. Cover your cost only in the initial sell. Don’t expect to make money every transaction. But establish a long time customer who believes, you beleive our top tier is the best. With upgrades in product over time the perks are coming. My husband and I own two top end but often question your commitment to your product. I have close to $100k invested in HD merchandise and we feel taken every time we walk in the doors. And we’re not alone…read your blogs on you business strategy. It needs some work guys.

  9. Your is not allowing me to access any content. Is there a problem on your end? Can you tell your tech guys that its not allowing access to accounts to pay my bill.

  10. The website is a joke – rarely processes payments correctly. And getting someone on the phone is impossible – they have more excuses than a parole violator.

  11. dont pay on your HARLEY my sister has not madr a payment in like 8 months the repo man stoped showing up she rides high on meth.. god bless AMERICA IN YOU SEE HER ON THE ROAD IN THOUSAND OAKS CALIFORNIA GET OUT OFF THE WAY SHE WILL END UP KILLING SOMEBODY HER NAME IS PIPER SPERRY GOOD NAME PIPPER FOR SHE LOVES HER METH PIP..



  12. We purchased a Harley fatboy in 2009. We paid 18 months on it and then my husband became very ill and couldnt ride and we couldnt sell it. We turned it back in to Harley and they sold it for 12,500. Between the payments and the sales price we have paid over 20,000. We are trying to buy a home and cant because they have a balance due on us for 7800. I dont know where they are getting that figure but you cant find anyone that will talk to you and try to help you. Be careful dealing with them!

  13. I have had HD Financing in the past on a prior dresser that I had..and I plan on using them again for my next HD. I have never had a problem with HD Finance,and will use them again on my next ride!

  14. I have always loved Harleys but the way you treat a customer when in an accident is horrible, I am out of work for a year my so called full coverage ins only paid 14000, so I still owe a little over 3000, I was hoping harley would work with me on payments till I get back to work and was told no still have to make full payments. What a way to take care of your customers

  15. I find it completely unprofessional that Harley is unwilling to refinance my Harley. Dispite directly being told I’d be able to refinance to a better rate after a year by the Harley sales person! So at this point I may just let you repo it. Your sales staff shouldn’t be guaranteeing an option that legally doesn’t exist. The treatment I’ve recieved for repairs/maintenance (lost my order and I had to wait over a week!) due to being female versus male has been obviously blatant! Harley Corinth has proven to be full of lies and no actions have been made to correct this issue!
    T Catt Corrales

    • I am a HDFS customer in good standing. Recent knee surgery has restricted use of my motorcycle. I’d like to sell it for the amount of the payoff. Do you have a program that can help?

  16. for the past 3 years, I’ve experienced during multiple scheduled servicing on my cvo street glide, very bad service: I am on the 3rd month waiting on parts-no update or phone call from the service dept.: yet when an issue came up regarding warranty of speakers, their response was “in order for them to cover the warranty, I had to pay $471 for the 10k service” due to inconsistency of me having them conduct the services – they did not complete the service and have yet to make contact me. ALL other previous cases, I make the follow-up as they make no effort to call me for updates. THERE IS NO PROFESSIONAL ATTENTIVENESS TO CUSTOMERS, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO PAY $45K ON THE CVO. I can go on-and-on with complaints, but there is not enough pages to file it in… Guam HD needs HELP….

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