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Contacting Haier Customer Service Center

Haier is a small appliance company selling home appliances, electronics, cooling and heating equipment. Some products are backed with an Energy Star seal of approval and others are not – Energy Star products are noted. The customer service department requests all contact include the product model number to ensure the agent can answer questions properly.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one phone number listed multiples time for the Haier customer service line. If you have issues and need product support, repairs, parts or accessories help, use the general customer service number.

  • Customer Support: 1-877-337-3639
  • Corporate Office: 1-212-594-1404

Mailing Address

We looked for a corporate or customer service mailing address on the Haier website, but none was listed. There was information on the corporate office on the About Us page, but nothing concrete like an address. We checked Facebook, Twitter and the main company website at http://www.haier.comand still no address. After contacting the customer service department we learned the corporate office was in New York and the customer service warehouse was in New Jersey.

Haier America Customer Service100 Riverside DrKeasbey, NJ 08832


Haier America Corporate1356 BroadwayNew York, NY 10018

Official Website

The Haier America website is located at, but there is also a company website at The address allows you to choose a country. When you choose the USA, you are taken to the website. It doesn’t appear that you can order Haier equipment from the official website, but you can connect with the sales department via email at

Customer Service Email

The Haier customer service team is available by email at This email address is designed to be used for product inquiries, but we’ve chosen to request information about the company using the address. When we hear back from Haier customer service we’ll tell you whether the team is able to answer questions other than those about Haier products.

Our Experience

Press 1 when the call is answered for English and then wait for a representative. We asked the representative for a customer service address, which he had to look for but was willing to provide. We have included the address in the Mailing Address section. The customer service representative was amazingly patient, though we asked for both the corporate and customer service addresses and he did not offer the corporate address before disconnecting the call.

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26 Comments on “Contact Haier Customer Service
  1. I have never had such difficulty dealing with a corporation. they certailnly do not care at all about the consumer. I bought a 46″ TV and with a month it had a line through it. I called they told me to send pictures via email I did the same day. I called and they confirmed they had received everything and I needed to wait for a decision. It has been months and every time I call the same thing we have to wait for a decision. I tried calling the corporate office but it just rings and rings. Terrible customer service.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    My double door Haier Fridge was not working properly and
    hance complained to toll free number on 18/7/2013. One
    Mr.Saju has come and replaced the fan motor and we have
    paid Rs.1,300/-. Still it was not working and one Mr.Jayesh
    came and filled gas. Still not working and he told that
    the fan motor is not suitable one and hence replace with
    correct one. Today again Mr.Saju came with fan motor but it was also not suiting and he took the original old one and informed that he will get proper fan motor. For gas filling also we paid the charges. Even after one and half months, the problem remains same. Will you kindly arrange
    to do the needful immediately in this matter. Regards,

  3. My husband and I bought a refrigerator from HG Gregg in Philadelphia, PA June 2, 2013. The appliance no longer works properly for the last 3 weeks. We went through the channels to get the repairs, however, we have been waiting for parts. I want to know who can I contact, and how can I get my situation resolved. Please contact me and let me know what can be done.

  4. HAIER One of the worse companies I ever have tried to get customer service response. My daughter purchased from this company through Amazon a scratched, dented refridge smells like fire just out of the box was sold as new. Corporate sounds like a home phone with no response. Supervisor was very rude saying take it back to where you bought it. This was purchased direct from Haier. They will esculate the issue. They have not offered a replacement. This was purchased as a new item. I feel cheated by this company as a deliberate practice to make customers go away. I want this refridge replaced with a working new item, amazon to return my purchase money (will be requested)or my bank will be contacted of the cheating done through the process of sale through amazon for any difference of money cost from my account. GET THE ITEM REPLACED OR PICK THIS ITEM UP AND REFUND THE PURCHASE AND SHIPPING COSTS.

  5. Also, by the serial number they could not determine where the product went… hmmmm so they just send out items to stores or representatives without tracking…

  6. My husband and I purchased a washing machine back in October 2011, 8 months later had to be repaired due to a belt and the motor. The motor they sent us didn’t work either and had to order another one. After one month of use the same thing happened. After MULTIPLE phone calls and requesting our money back they finally decided the best they could do was issue us a new washer. Well ONE YEAR LATER the same thing has happened. My husband called we were told they will not repair it, because WE didn’t purchase a service agreement. Are You Kidding????? I can’t believe this company will not back their product…So now We have to purchase a new washer (And you can bet your ASS, it will not be a Haier..I think the right thing to do is REFUND our money for the purchase price and monies spent in laundromats washing clothes that I could have been washing in my own home.. I will personally make EVERYONE knows to BEWARE of Haier..They are Scam artists that take your money and politely say Sorry for your inconvenience, but ther’s NOTHING we can do for you…Thanks (for nothing)

  7. I have a Haier 39″ television. It is a little more than a year old. I was watching tv and without warning screen just goes black. My daughter has a 32 inch model a little oder than mine and her television just went black no volume no nothing. my volume is in tact but no screen. I have turned it off and turned it back on and have unplugged it nothing works. i called customer service and because it is beyond warranty I have to take t\it to hillside NJ for a television technician to look at it.I asked how much would this cost and they had no idea. this is not the only problem I have had. Ordinarily if the television has been off for a couple of days when I turn it on I get a high pitched noise. It stays like this for a couple of hours before it tunes down. Will not purchase another Haier product.

  8. Haier company is a joke.however,the consumer is not laughing.the consumer is the butt of the joke.there product,costomer service,and corporate office is outrages.America,don’t trouble yourself.there is not enough space to tell u my woe, I can only
    advise u, . DO NOT purchase a haier product.if u don’t heed this
    commit,customer service,will make u a beliver.

  9. I am having a problem with my 32″flatscreen by Haier… By the looks of many and I mean many remarks and comments your company sucks since you do not, I repeat do not try and help the customers.. maybe I can get some public opinions on how to get results, facebook is my first choice to start and word gets around fast on results of any kind.. Tks for nothing as of yet???

  10. I bought a dehumidifier had to return it. New one has same problem, Will not shutoff when bucket is full. Called they were to send me new one,Never heard anything from them.I live on a fixed income,must be nice to get rich on poor people.I will never buy anything from them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. purchased a Haier room air conditioner, now it is rusting up on the side. what do i do now,? it is still HOT.

    8 31 2015

  13. This is to inform you that I have purchase spilt AC on August 28,2015 and the same day I was reported the complaint regarding non-working of the same

    I had multiple times called your following numbers from 28th August 2015 but nobody resolve my problem.

    Pathetic service and product

    • contact # 476848
      Microwave aooliance under warranty. Per your customer service phone # 877-337-3639, I have spoken with your rep several times. Each time i fullfilled all of the requests made by your rep. I never get any action but just another request for the same data. Does yyour Company intend to stand behind your product or is this some wild goose chase that I am on in hopes of wearing me down to the point of my giving up? The next time. This has turned into a game. Espond if you will, but not with a request for the same information again.

  14. I purchased a TV from a store that has now gone out of business. I want to get my money back so that I can buy a QUALITY TV. This one has been NOTHING but on and off problems for the last three months and now it has stopped working for good.

  15. haier phiippines has the worst service support i have ever encounter, i purchase a window type aircondtion april, 30 2016. in 5 months time the unit began to accumulating ice on the evaporator and low cooling. i called the service support to have it check, it took a week before they came for service cleaning. but the problem of the a/c is still the same, it took another week just to pull out my unit and bring it to their shop. 1 week later i called them and all they have to say are excuses. my unit is still not yet being repaired. as of now my a/c is already repaired but i have to wait for another week for delivery. its been 3 weeks now. all i get from them are excuses and lip service.

  16. My haier tv in my camper now only has a red light under the logo? I’ve triedcwverythi gvto reset it with no luck. Help 0leade

  17. in December 2016 i did buy a Haier Smart TV :

    MODELO :LE55B8500A.
    i have the following problem .

    when i turn on the tv and select MENU , and select SMART TV , on the scrren appears : no Signal .

    let me tell you that the other functions works ok , the problem is only with the SMART TV .

    I will be grateful for your support to restore it .

    Best regards.

    Jorge Antonio Soriano

  18. I bought this 32 inch lcd screen Haier tv for my daughters room and it just stopped working all it does is say no signal I tried different hdmi cords the power on and off and unplugging the tv and it still doesn’t work? some help would appericated.

  19. good day! we would like to discuss cooperation and further partnership with you! please write us your contacts and mail for further cooperation. sincerely, Denis!

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