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Contacting Guess Customer Service Center

Guess is a hip clothing and accessories company with standalone stores and a strong presence in established high-end retail environments. The Guess family includes Marciano and Guess Kids.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

Guess customer service agents man the service center lines from 6 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday PT and 7 AM to 4 PM Saturday PT.

  • Guess Phone Number: 1-877-444-8377

Mailing Address

The Guess website lists the corporate office as the mailing address for customer issues. This is NOT the address you should send merchandise to for returns. We’ve listed the returns address below the corporate address for your convenience.

Guess Inc1444 South Alameda StLos Angeles, CA 90021


Guess.comE-Commerce Returns (Door 6)10610 Freeport DrLouisville, KY 40258

Official Website

When we visited, we were redirected to It appears there is no official website other than the shop website where customers can view the latest styles and connect with online customer service. With such a strong online shopping site, there is dedicated customer service information available for online orders. We’ve listed every piece of information we could find. Other Guess sites include:

Social Media

Guess is a hot, trendy brand and that means being connected to customers from all angles, including social media. You can sign in to your social account and visit the link below to find the Guess customer service page. Send a message or write on their wall and an agent will contact you back.

Customer Service Email

Sending an email to Guess customer service is simple. Just visit the Contact Us page and send along your message to the team. We contacted Guess customer service to find out if customers could return online purchases to local stores for a full refund. When an agent contacts us back, we will tell you just how long you can expect to wait for a response. According to Guess, you should wait no longer than 48 hours.

Our Experience

Connecting with the Guess customer service team is easier than what we expected. Customers wanting to speak with a customer support agent will need to remain on hold until the next available agent. There are several options available for other departments, except the customer service department. After waiting less than 1 minute, a live agent answered the call. The total time of the call was approximately 4 minutes between the wait time and when the agent addressed our concerns. We were impressed with the professionalism displayed by the Guess agents. Were you impressed with your customer service experience? Take a moment to comment below.

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44 Comments on “Contact Guess Customer Service
  1. Quality has dropped can someone get back to me very dissappointed need to send items purchased for you to see the qualty. Very dissappointed paid a fortune

  2. I am very disappointed in the quality of handbags by Guess as I had bought a handbag which I had only use for a couple of months and it had started peeling which make it an embarrassment to carry an original GUESS which people think I am carrying a fake. I am a general manager of a company who went out to meet a lot of high ranking people. I am not expecting a very high quality handbag but I am not prepared to get something which behaves like a street condition as GUESS claimed that your bags are good designer bags. I had taken a picture of the bag so if GUESS still cares about their designer image please do something. I happen to like the bag very much !!!!

  3. To whome it may concern
    I bought a pair of guess jeans in June 2012 which cost 700 rand. Yesterday when it came out of the wash the waist belt of the jean tore of the right leg of the jeans pocket.i am very disappointed as i spent a lot of money and feel this is unacceptable.
    I would appreciate it if someone could get back to me regarding this matter.
    I will send a photo of the jeans if it’s necessary

  4. I am writing to complain about the poor service at had at your hillsdale mall location. I attempted to return a shirt that I had just recently purchased and noticed a small hole in the seam. I just wanted to exchange it for the same exact shirt and had my receipt. The girl at the cash register was very rude when I asked to exchange it and informed me that they didn’t have that shirt in a small, which is the size I needed. I asked if she could call another store and have it shipped to hillsdale. She said no, so basically I had no choice but to keep the original shirt that I had accidentally bought with a hole already in it. I left very upset and went to nordstrom to do some shopping. I told the salesgirl there about my bad experience at guess-she proceeded to bring the guess shirt to the nordstrom alterations and had it sewn. That is good customer service! I will not be shopping at guess anymore because of rude, unhelpful service and poor quality clothing.

  5. My daughter purchased a Guess jacket a little over a year ago for INR 11,000. She barely used it during one winter season and in the follwoing winter season (winter of 2013)the jacket was completely spoiled and beyond usage. We contacted the Guess store from where we had purchased the defective, poor quality merchandise and were finally told that in refund for the jacket we can get the Guess vouchers for an alternate purchase but only for an amount of INR 3000 or so (which according to Guess is the current price of the jacket). This is ridiculous considering that the jacket is barely a year old. First the Guess store sells me a shoddy inferior product and now instead of replacing the product or compensating me for the full amount paid for the jacket they are offering me a paltry sum . This is absolutely unaccepted.

    I think Guess merchandise is not only inferior in quality but also that their attitude towards customer service and satisfaction ( or rather the lack of it) is appalling.


  6. I bought a leather jacket beginning 2013 after i had bought another at YDE at a way cheaper price than yours. Now the jacket that i bought from Guess store at Hemingways East London in the Eastern Cape is peeling off and staining my clothes. I dont know what to do with it. Please this needs to be sorted out i paid a lot of money to have a chipping jacket. Sort this out

  7. Hi.
    More or less, one month ago I got a new shoes from Guess, but they don´t have the complete accesories.
    Could you help me, please? Can I get this little part with you?? Could you send me one of this by pack mail?
    I have my receipt and a picture of my new shoes.
    I hope you can help me.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Best regards.
    Mexico city
    Please contact me for get the picture and the complete information about .

  8. I need to know the email ID of guess in order to contact them about the defective product one of their retail store has sold to me on 14th October 2014.

  9. Espero que me puedan atender apropiadamente la semana pasada fuimos mi esposo y yo a comprar mas de 500 dlls nosotros somos de El Paso,Texas desafortunadamente mi esposo encargo yo un chaleco q obviamente no tenían en existencia nos ofrecieron que ellos mismos lo encargarían por online pero ahora con toda la pena del mundo sus empleados y gerentes no han sido capaces de ofrecer una ayuda cordial primeramente el chaleco lo cobraron dos veces y por segundo no me han llegado supuestastamente llego uno q nunca recibí ido dos veces a q nos ayuden

  10. Créame que realmente necesito mis productos o q se me reembolse El chalecosimplemente las condiciones que uno de Mercedes

    Deja ja ta jet
    Te estas burlando créeme no tengo ninguna necesidad de hacer esto pero espero q tu,si. Me puedas ayudar bríndales la mejor brinda les

  11. This is regarding a guess clutch that I purchased from the guess store located at promenade mall, vasant kunj, New Delhi. Within a few months of usage the leather from the clutch has started peeling off. That too when I have not been using the clutch regularly. I must say that I have been a huge fan and loyal customer of guess for long and have high expectations from the brand. But after this experience I am highly disappointed. This is just not what I expected out of a brand of guess’s stature. I did not spend 3 grands for this quality. I am highly unsatisfied and look forward to a prompt redressal of my complaint.
    I am guessing their is some manufacturing defect in your wallets since I am not the only one facing this problem.

  12. Hi, I was ordering a wallet from online and I noticed that it said free 2day. I wasn’t able to put my order through using that promo code because I assume it didn’t qualify. This was confusing because nowhere does it say “see details” for qualifications. I contacted online chat and told them my issue and they couldn’t do much to help me so I was given the number to the Providence Place Mall store where as associate named Will helped me. I have been in retail for many years and I was amazed at how cheery and helpful he was. He located my wallet, called a NY store and took my information to get it shipped. He was so courteous and still put me as #1 even though he probably doesn’t get the volume for his store. It’s hard to find such wonderful customer service during this time of year when it’s crunch time. Please please reach out to him and let him know he was fabulous!

  13. This is very upsetting… The worst customer service ever, even the managers there are ignorant… I attempted to place an order online and the website was having issues, almost 2 weeks now, many of the items I wanted sold out and the customer service department refused to assist in getting the items to me on time. They stated to pay for express shipping, even though I was receiving free standard shipping, why would I pay for express shipping now when the website was the issue.

  14. Hii there last Dec’14 my mom purchase a set of luggage + handbag + wallet and the store forgot to take out the store lock from the wallet and the the luggage’s handle is not working what must i do im trying to get in contact with customer service via mail but unsuccessfully i need help to return these items.
    hope to hear from u guys A.S.A.P.
    kind regards

  15. Hi… I buyed one red color bag $108 .. Now I want return that bag … Can plz help me out how to reture … no stores r available near my place…

  16. I am very disappointed with the quality of handbags by Guess. I have 3 of them, bought in Duty Free stores at the international airports, and it is important to emphasize even then they are very expensive. Two of them are completely unusable because they are peeling off. It really causes an embarrassment to carry an original GUESS that seems to be a fake one. I have photos from both of them and can send you if it is necessary.
    Hope to have a reply as soon as possible.

    Maria Aparecida B. Savoia

  17. I had a very disturbing and disappointment with the service and quality of brand I was sold. I purchased a dress for my sisters wedding on 09/09/2015 at the north star location in san Antonio- When you first walk in the girls are all friendly with you and tell you what you want to hear to encourage the purchase. Well I ended up purchasing my dress for my sisters wedding, and a pair of luxury long gold earrings to match and dress up the dress which needed to be very formal.
    I purchased the margarette dress, and the Melanie earrings.. The dress ended up been a total embarrassment at my sisters reception since the zipper opened up completely while zipper was still zipped( ill send pics) .. I had to leave the very important event, and been that it was out of town I was not prepared with a back up dress to go back.. I was so disappointed .. my earrings also kept twisting in the middle which came out on most of the pictures and so uncomfortable…(have pictures)
    I use to shop at Bebe, and Arden B , but this time I choose Guess because of the beautiful merchandise they had, to only be disappointed but not only the embarrassment of telling the sales(mgr) about how it happened exactly and the awful experience with the service provided, and garment/merchandise..
    The sales associate clearly said there is nothing she could do since manager was not present at the store and her authority was minimal.. WHAT? that’s not what they said, or treated me when I came in and purchased $200.00..
    I called your 1-800 complaint and was provided with a case #151498..
    I do not want this damaged dress or earrings. Please respond and let me know what Guess or in this case the brand Marciano can do for me in getting my time I’ve wasted or money back for the useless Garments that only wore for one Hour on a very important event!
    I have pictures of the earrings twisting, and the damaged dress–

    Thank you
    Juanita Gonzalez

  18. I bought a Guess handbag at Gatwick Airport in March 2015 in the Duty Free for £85. It is now completely unusable as the handle is totally peeling off. I have never had that problem with cheaper handbags and am extremely disappointed. I really love my handbag and can no longer use it. If necessary I can send photos of the handbag and a photo of the original receipt.

    Please advise.

    Jayne Blissett

  19. On 10/24/2015, at Sawgrass store in Miami, I bought a sunglasses for the price of $ 35, plus the rate of 7%. however, after a few days, the screw that secures the lende broke free. I wonder what measure we can take to solucuonar the problem. Thank you very much in advance.

  20. Hi,

    I have purchased a leather jacket from GUESS store in Newbury Street in Boston MA. At the time I paid around $150 and I was expecting way better quality then what I got.
    The leather has started to rip and fall off/disintegrate. It’s happening around the stitch of the sleeves, underarms and around the pockets, on both sides! The jacket is now useless and I am ashamed of wearing it.
    I am extremely disappointed with what I bought and if this is the quality of the products you sell, I will be avoiding purchasing anything else and I will make sure I share my negative experience with your products.
    You should feel ashamed your products reflect very poor quality, especially when you claim, “as a leader in global jeanswear design, GUESS has always offered the finest quality in fabric, finish and construction.” (Directly off of the label of my un-wearable jacket)

    Extremely disappointed!

    • Hi I have had the same issue but I purchased 2 Leather Jackets as gifts. I am so embarrassed and I tried calling Corporate Office and was on hold for over an hour. I finally hung up and called back and there was an option to leave my number and have someone call me back and 3 Days later and no call from Guess Corporate Office. So sorry for your loss as I feel your pain. Unbelievable for price paid for Jackets.

  21. Hello ,
    I am writing a formal complaint on store 5514 . Great customer service is a team effort and there can not be a good team if the leader is anything but . I visited your Mall of Georgia store in search of a watch for my significant other . I entered the store and went to the watches counter . I waited and waited but no one came . Eventually an associate by the name of Wilma was eager to help me . Wilma had been busy helping other customers . Before Wilma could get the keys to the watch counter , her manager ( I was later informed ) told her ” oh no , don’t get the keys , what if some come up missing ?” . I was taken back . I didn’t get to look at the watches . The managers name was Richard . Discrimination based on my ethnicity . I am very disappointed in this company . Wilma apologized to me .


  22. Hi, I bought a wallet form Guess-Dubai and wanted to change it with the same item but a different color from guess Jordan. Unfortunately, I did not keep the receipt as I was traveling, and the guys at your Jordan’s shop refused to change it unless I present the receipt. I would highly appreciate your kind assistance in convincing them to change it, noting that the item is still unused, and packed in it’s original packaging.

  23. I got a bag for my wife around 1and a half year…not that cheap…the material is laussy and is already peeling out on the handdlers…inside still almost new but the imitation leather is collapsing to the point that she is just not using it any more…I feel cheated…she love this brand and I got her many items…big shoppers but re-thinking about the loyalty to this brand do to quality issues. I would like to make sure that your quality control manager and sales directors get the acknowledge in this fact…the quality of the products is not getting better, for the contrary, is decreasing and eventually it will impact in your customers…I’m already not getti g any other bags for my wife from your store…same thing happens in 2 other pieces purchased in the last 2-3 years.

  24. We went to the mall in Lebanon,Tn walked in the Guess outlet and felt like we walked onto a high pressure car lot. We didn’t even have time to breathe before sales clerks were all over us. I’ve never experienced that a a clothing store. Absolutely hated the experience there. And I’m not even going to tell you about the manager who pressures there workers to do this it was awful yall.

  25. Would like to return a dress I bought in Venice to a guess store in uk but was told to email customer care but have had no response can you help please

  26. I would like to return a dress I bought my daughter in Venice to Manchester guess store uk but was told to email customer care first I have had no reply can you help please as I have now had it over 2 weeks thankyou

  27. Today I walked into the guess store at sq1 there was 3 employees….1 male…1 female behind the cashiers desk…n another female lingering at the front of the store…mind u I was there to buy 3 of the new guess jeans with the zipper on the ankles. No one said hi to us I nose around the store trying to find it went to the back of the store same lingering rep made eye contact with a very lazy face…didn’t say a thing to us…I walked back to the front of the store all 3 reps were now at the cash…another girl walked in…she managed to get a very loud bright “hey how are you? Long time no see you” from the lingering lazy face rep…I stood at the front table and made a deliberate mess trying to find my size of the jeans I went to buy….the conversation continued Wat by now I figured is a friend of hers…she went to the back brought her phone out…showed her friend she daughter… (coco) and how she have beautiful hair and she tans easily because lazy face is now married to a Jamaican….yes I still stood there making a mess while no of them came over…horrible service…horrible representation for a guess store in such a high end mall…I left without buying the jeans…as I was disgusted…we were told bye ladies have a good day by the male employee once we were leaving…unbelievable so he knew we were there but didn’t offer help? WOW!…I loved the jeans so I will be buying them tomorrow at York dale. ..cs is impeccable there.

  28. Hi
    I would like to report what happened wirh two bags i bought at Privalia site. I thought i was paying for a quality item, made of leather and fabric and after few times of use i just have to throw them way. Please send me an email where i could send you the pictures. Thanks for your attention. Regards.

  29. Disgusting attitude from staff at Cheshire oaks when returning a faulty handbag – it had only been used half a dozen times / not a single apology instead a terrible awful argument telling me I had no rights and I could only have a credit note I can’t find where to email guess directly as this experience has put me of ever buying their products again. I think guess need to know how their staff are abusing their customers. They almost said expect it to break within 3 months??? What?? It was a birthday gift and it just proves they simply do not care. The staff were rude and need training in customer service I will never shop there again.

  30. Very terrible customer service. Never received my package, contacted them and they opened a case with USPS, i did answer a call from USPS and were waiting for a solution. Then Guess told me USPS made many attempts to contact me unsucessfully so the case was closed then opened another case with USPS and kept telling me to wait. What in the world is there a business like this? So once the items are shipped, Guess does not care if the customers receive them? And somebody definitely lied here just to try to make me desperate and give up contacting them. How many cases are they going to open with USPS if i keep contacting Guess? I wonder

  31. I have ordered one item arotund 2 weeks ago and I received it after fight with UPS delivery, this is the 2nd time that’s it’s happening! I oredered one item from USA and that week the shipping charges was 5$ cad. UPS in Reachmond received it and I got my email notification that the parcel is going to be shipped to me via Monday (1ZY73A462000038930) then there were no news as I did go to nearest UPS store they notify me as per sight they were unable to reach me and the parcel is in Richmond and I should pay another 5 $ to bring it to me!!!!! I have one question why they didn’t deliver it to UPS store in near my home they do most of the time!!!!! The truth is even the first time that I had delivery from USA and the shipment charges were again 5$ cad, they didn’t give my parcel to nearest UPS store and again asked me for extra delivery charges!!!!!!! Why this is happening? If I buy ur dress from online with special promotion for shipment why the UPS is not delivery it to nearest UPS ?!!!! like always!!!! Infact when I pay the complete shipment for one order ( from guess) they bring it to me or the nearest UPS store but when the shipment is 5$ they never deliver it to nearest UPS and as I am at work I can’t take it that moment and they again ask me for exra delivery charges???? If that is happening I am not comfortable to work with UPS and I wonder if u could put the option for delivery with other companies????? I would appreciate ur support and as a loyal customer I really appreciate if u look into this situation

  32. North Charleston S.C Guess Outlet Tanger Outlets keeps there fragrance behind the counter. When you ask to see it they have attitude. I realize that theft may be the reason, but it should be where you can see it.

  33. Dear Guess, would you please unsubscribe me from your email messages. Thank you for your great products 🙂 Mira Grant, Australia

  34. I ordered some items November 12. I needed the items for November the 22nd. My items arrived to a UPS facility that is 2 hours away from me instead of the address I provided. Your company told me the reason was because I had provided a PO BOX. I paid through pay pal which it didn’t say anything about not mailing to PO BOXES. I asked them if they could change it to another address. The solution was that they couldn’t and all they could do was refund the money back. I waited on the phone for hours and every time I asked for a manager they would put me on hold for a long time then disconnect. This is the customer service Guess provides. What is sad about all this is that I wasn’t even notified that my package was in another city waiting for pick up. I had to go and ask my postal office for it a week later. That’s where they provided me with the information that my package was in another city. Now I’m out of time and with nothing to wear to the event I had to go to. I’m sorry but I’m so upset that I’m going to take this all the way to the top. It’s unacceptable. To keep me all morning on phone calls and disconnecting me every time I asked to speak to a manager.

  35. I purchased 2 Men’s Leather Jackets in December of 2016 for my husband and son as Christmas gifts. Paid over $450 and both of the Jackets peeled and smell. I tried calling corporate office and was on hold for over 1 hour . No response. I then called back and they gave an option of leaving my phone number and someone would call me back. Well 3 Days have passed and no one called me. I am so upset. I am out of $450 dollars and spent my time trying to speak to someone to help me figure out what they can do to help me . I will NEVER do business with Guess Corporation again. I am so embarrassed of how the Leather Jackets peeled. I have Never seen anything like this in my life.

  36. got a lovely bag for my birthday in april from my husband the zip was sticking and is not broke I sure it was faulty he got it at the air port where he works I so sad as I really like it but cant use it now as it sticks where can I go for help

  37. got lovely guess bag for my birthday zip was sticking I sure it was faulty my husband bought at his work the airport now it broke where can I go for help as I love this bag

  38. I ordered a coat and have decided not to get one at this time. I would like to know how I can cancel my order. Carol Michelson 11 Grace Street Falconer NY 14733

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