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Contacting Google Wallet Customer Service Center

Whether you are on the go or in the comfort of your home, Google Wallet allows you to make purchases in a secure manner. The mobile payment solution stores credit and debit card information in the cloud.

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Contact Info:

Contact information for Google Wallet is limited and some is linked to answers you provide on the contact page. We’ve listed the general contact information available from Google, but the best way to utilize the Help system setup for Google Wallet is to answer the questions on the Contact Us page listed in the Customer Service Email section.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Google Wallet Phone Number: 1-855-492-5538

Mailing Address

Google CorporateAttn: Google Wallet Customer Service1600 Amphitheatre PkwyMountain View, CA 94043

Official Website

When you visit the official Google Wallet website you have the ability to sign into your account or request an invite for the updated service. When you sign into your account, you can immediately start using the service from your Android device or your personal computer.

Social Media

Google Wallet is a Google product so there are no competitor social media pages to list. You won’t find a page on Facebook or Twitter, but you can contact Google Wallet customer service on Google Plus. When we looked through Facebook, we only noticed informational pages with no way to interact.

Customer Service Email

There is a question and answer system setup to route your email to Google Wallet customer service to the correct department. Start the system at find your email form. We sent a message asking for information relating to connecting with a customer service agent during business hours. In particular, we wanted to know when Google Wallet was open, no pun intended. We hope to receive a message shortly so we can inform customers such as yourself.

Our Experience

Reaching a customer care agent was rather easy. We first thought we would encounter a lengthy wait and an unresponsive automated system. On the contrary, we reached a live agent in less than 45 seconds. Prior to reaching the customer care agent, you will need to select 4 in order to reach the customer service department. After the agent answered the call, our questions related to billing questions. By the end of the call, the customer service agent addressed all of our concerns. What was the outcome of your customer service experience? We would love if you could take a moment to comment below.

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32 Comments on “Contact Google Wallet Customer Service
  1. I need help from customer support on fraudulent transaction # 4667838 1960 Alfa-Romeo, this seller never produced the car and Larry m. was working my case, having asked for time to review? I want my money back from this transaction that never happened after I had wired the 16,500.00 into TD Bank acct 8249728334, what is going on?? can I expect any assistance from Google-Wallet or not??
    buzz wright

  2. I was recently purchasing a vehicle from this site the agent told me to send the money by money gram to a agent of money gram by the name of logan harper address 5288 hobbie road Montgomery Alabama zip 36105 united states. the vehicle was never delivered I want to know if I have been scammed? do you guys do transactions like this with selling vehicles for people?

  3. Tried to check order your customer service number does not work. Emailed company supplying the product they have not replied. Spent hours trying to contact someone. Product in stock still waiting for delivery ten days later. We need a working customer service number to contact and speak to someone.

  4. Is this an out and out scam…..I have tried for days to get through to you and no luck….How do I get my money back?????

  5. Google Wallett should publicly go on national television and warn everybody not to do transactions like those described above.
    If Google Wallet care about their brand name, then they will take action to protect it. Unless their very organisation is full of scammers working for them and people are turning a blind eye to all this.

    If they dont, then all who have been scammed should write to the BBC for a special documentary interviewing all who have been scammed through the use of google wallet brand name.
    Act quick to stop others being victims.

  6. I am very disappointed that your system does not give you a choice on delivery address other than the mailing address. I purchased an item that I wanted to be sent to my brother directly, but there was no option like Amazon, and that is where I’ve gone (Amazon)for my purchases, but I admit it was my fault for choosing Google wallet. Please let me know if you incorporate that option; It will be awesome and greatly appreciated! Thank You.

  7. I have been trying to contact on chat and by phone a customer representative from google wallet because I can’t credit my outgoing calls, since yesterday I have been charging recently in my debit card from Google wallet I want to know what are those charges for?

  8. I am in the process of purchasing a car from Spain going off the comments read I am bother ed the transaction won’t go ahead to my liking securely using Google wallet.
    Please advise

  9. Someone has hacked my account and made several transactions for calling credit (about £80 worth). Do you think I can find a number to contact them…….noooooo. If anyone can help let me know!

  10. Google Wallet is the worst thing to use ever. I cant get any help from anyone at Google and apparently they are just going to keep my money. They are horrible-!

  11. I recently bought a truck wired the money to the place and the seller told me my truck will be here by Thursday morning and it hasn’t made it yet

  12. yes hi my name is Rochelle walker I recently bought truck from a seller and it was threw you guys I wanna know were is my truck and wen cAN I GET IT

  13. I was hoping to contact you regarding a possible attempt at a fraudulent transaction/sale but I cannot locate the proper department with which to discuss the matter. Do you have a section that handles fraud or investigates such suspected activities?

  14. I recently responded to a Craigslist listing in the Chicago area for a pontoon boat. I e-mailed the ad and received a response from a SSG Olivia Medina wanting to sell her deceased husbands boat via a Google Wallet transaction. Amazingly when asked where I could see the boat, it was now inconveniently located in Logan, Utah. All responses provided to my inquiries mimicked similar responses I’ve read on line regarding similar transaction arrangements. When I suggested other means for payment and viewing the boat, all correspondence ended. Beware. This is a scam.

  15. i’m looking at buying a pontoon on line and the seller wants to use google wallet and she is telling me that they line up the shiping coponey and will hold on to the money till i get the boat and will have 5 days to confirm that i have it then i can release the money does google wallet do this kind of stuff

  16. We were scammed on a motorcycle 10/30/14 until Nov 5 when we discovered delivery would not be made. Bill of sale had the real google wallet address and seal on it. When we pressed Benson Gabriel for into he hung up. Next day phone was disconnected.
    filed a complaint with local authorities and the FBI.

  17. Question:: Does google have a prefered Bank that people can create an account and recieve a Bank Card.. And how much does it cost to create an account.? Im interested in creating and account just to use at online stores but dont know which Bank to trust.. I know that google is a large company and that if they are involved with the Bank.. Chances are the Bank is not going to go under.. Thanks..

  18. I was scammed on a car purchase for £3000. I payed through what was supposedly a google wallet account. How do I get my money back

  19. How do i report a repeated hacker to your selves ? It is not my money taken but this person is spending £1000’s a day fraudulently . please email me privately to my mail so i can give you the relivent info.

  20. hello, I have a problem with prepaid card. that I did work on google wallet and I try to do with two different kind of card and still not work. I don’t apply for google wallet. how it work because two of my friend did send to me google wallet and I try click to my prepaid not work how how

  21. I placed an order with my debit card on 11/16 for $450 using your service for a pair of shoes, Balenciaga for Men, size 11 and the goods delivered was not authentic. In fact the merchandise was counterfeit. I would like to request a refund and/or a contact to resolve this issue.

  22. Hi my name is Tony Sohl and both my wife and I are completely blind and the google wallit website is not very accessible with a screen reader. There are several buttons which are unabled and the buying process is not very easy to wo9rk with. She’/s tryign to buy an app and even on the phone it’s not accessible and when we try to enter credit card info into the phone it’s completely denied and none of the buttons are laboled as I stated.

    I know ither blind people who have the same issue and it’s not accssiblebasically the web development team and the app team have broke accessability. This needs to be fixed. This is not acceptible.

  23. The lady sell the 2009 Mazda and she said the car is readi shipping to the Google wallet program this is true ,she said she no get the money after the program confirm have the car this no true .
    Thanks I’m thing this is the big scam

    • The lady sell the 2009 Mazda and she said the car is readi shipping to the Google wallet program this is true ,she said she no get the money after the program confirm have the car this no true .
      Thanks I’m thing this is the big scam

  24. I made a transaction that I canceled within minutes that was going to take up to 5 days for the recipient to receive. The rep advised me to add my debit to have the transaction go through immediately. I processed two separate transactions of which the second one was declined because of my bankcard security. After speaking to my bank, I was able to reprocess the second transaction successfully. The next day my Google Wallet account was a negative balance. I called in and spoke to a rep along with my bank telling them that both of the transactions were pending on my account. On that Tuesday, I checked my Google wallet account balance to see if that transaction had cleared up and to no avail it had not. My personal account had two posted transactions in the amount of $500 and $700 deducted from my account balance. I called in to dispute the error and sent screen shots of the posted transactions. I waited for the a resolution that was supposed to take 24 hours, however I did not here back from them. I called in on 4/19 and spoke to a rep named Trina who tried to assist me the best way that she could. I asked to speak to a manager. I was transferred to the floor Supervisor named Anne. Anne’s tone on the phone was very unprofessional and rude. They owe me $500 and still have not cleared up the negative Google Wallet account balance. I am livid! Never again will I use Google Wallet!!!!

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