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Contacting GNC Customer Service Center

GNC or General Nutrition Centers, is a vitamin and supplement store with both online and offline presence. Customers can order products online at special prices, learn more about Gold Card memberships and leave comments/reviews of products they’ve used.

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Contact Info:

The fastest means of contacting the customer service department for GNC is by phone. Agents are available to answer product questions, check on an order or even place an order for your product by phone.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department, including the GNC phone number, appears to be open 24 hours a day. There is no mention of shortened hours, but we expect reduced hours or no customer service support during holidays.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-462-4700

Mailing Address

This mailing address is for the customer service department of the GNC company. We found the address in the privacy policy, not on the customer service page. Many companies offer the mailing address for privacy concerns, which is why all customers should check the privacy policy when a customer service site does not list the mailing address. Sending your communication to GNC by mail is a slow process. There is no guarantee your letter will be answered either, so if your issue is related to an order or financial problem, use another means of contact.

GNCCustomer Service Department300 6th Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Official Website

Purchase vitamins, order a Gold Card membership or review some of the products available in the multitude of supplement categories on the official GNC website at The site works as a storefront and a company website.

Customer Service Email

There is a customer service form on the GNC website located at The form is there for customers who’ve exhausted the FAQs section and still have questions about a product or service provided by GNC. We asked a question about one of the products using the form to see if the agents on the other side know anything about the products they’re selling. According to the message we received after sending the customer service form, an agent should send a response within two business days.

Our Experience

When you call the GNC phone number you can press 1 to locate a nearby GNC, 2 to place an online order, 3 to check on your order, 4 to check on a delivery order placed in store. There are no options for customer service and you cannot press 0 to bypass the system. We found no way around the four options, so we chose 2 to place an order. The other options requested information about our address or the order we’d placed. We waited on hold for 3:36 before an agent picked up. The agent said he was unable to offer customer service or product information. He could only take orders.

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12 Comments on “Contact GNC Customer Service
  1. Very upset with recent visits to Lakewood nj store
    I was told to come back another day to return my purchase
    Because only a manager could do the transaction And recently I haven’t been offered any samples and when I ask I’m told they don’t have any blah blah blah
    If you look up my customer number you will see gnc is losing a valued customer.
    When I shop at the vitamin. Shop I never seem to have any issues. The product I tried to return gave my skin a bad reaction therefore I can’t use it

  2. Someone was saying to me that some companies cut their own business profits by mistake. Some people say that for instance, an inexpensive, but very useful herb like Gymnema Sylvestra, cheaply harvested in Brazil, is very helpful, but if it is watered down to ineffectiveness, the buyer, realizing that it is now useless to him/her, could go back abandon the use, to deal with the doctors instead. The herb works, but not if it is made useless

  3. We waited outside the North Houston GNC store (next to David’s Bridal and Smoothie
    Store) until 10:20 on a Saturday AM in need of some help for my daughters digestive system
    before we went on a cruise. No one ever showed up!!!! It was appalling. Thanks GNC! Three customers left irritated after seeing your store wasn’t open. Bad business

  4. I love GNC medicines—-
    I try them and then i tell all my friends to start taking them too
    Could you send me your catalog with diseases and GNC CURES?

  5. I visited the port Jefferson store in NY. I tried to return unopened items. Not only was the salesman rude to us but he never gave me the money back for my return. He admitted he didn’t know what he was doing. When I called gnc’s main number they said there’s nothing they can do unless I go back to the same store. I am very disappointed

  6. Just bought some supplements from the Kingsport store and was helped by a girl name Logan. Great customer service and would love to see her again!


  7. i was surprised & disgusted for two(2) charges made on my bank account for the products I did not order…please settle this discrepancies to avoid embarrassment on your customers & your reputations as well

  8. Our Company, INEOS, is having a Health Fair for our employees June 15th. We would like to invite you to spread information about your products to our employees that would help lead them to healthier habits. We are located in La Porte, TX and were wondering if someone from your local stores could attend. The booth is free. Please contact me with availability or whom I could speak with about attendance at the health fair.

  9. I continue to be disappointed with my visits to the GNC store at Valdosta mall. I’m not sure if the manager cares about the store or more importantly the customers. The cardboard displays are mostly empty and one is leaning over onto another. It’s been that way for weeks. Also, if you are supposed to open at 10, it looks bad to walk up to the gate at 10:04 with a Sosa and bag of Chik-Fil-A in your hand as three customers are waiting to spend their money. Leave your cell phone off the floor. Didn’t even get greeted as the young kid was sitting on a stool behind the counter playing with his phone. I’m not sure whatever happened to the lady who used to manage the store but she seemed to care quite a bit more than what’s going on now. I now go to the other location on Bemiss Rd. Awesome team. Love the new manager there and Dave always helps me on the weekends. Maybe, the DM might try to notice what’s going on.

  10. Just left GNC store on 33rd 3rd. The man in the store kicked me out very aggressively when I asked him how much longer he would be with customer. He told me it was HIS store & I need to get our. He wouldn’t tell me his name but grabbed the protein bars from me VERY aggressively. I felt very threatened. I am a woman & that was totally uncalled for & bullying in its nature. I need something to be done or else I will contact police.

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