Contact Gmail Customer Service

Contacting Gmail Customer Service Center

One of the most used email services in the world is the Google property Gmail. The free service began in the early 21st century and has since upgraded into an all-inclusive email service. The lure of the service is the storage. Gmail has the capabilities to store up to 25GB of data. As of today, 10GB are free to users. Typically, users use this storage between Google Docs, Gmail, Web Albums and Picasa. With an expected reach estimated at 425 million, customer service is important. Google provides several methods to contact customer service in the event a problem arises.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers needing to contact customer service have to go through the same channels as if they are contacting the parent company Google.

Phone Contact Numbers

The available numbers from across the globe include:

  • Google Headquarters: 1-650-253-0000
  • Ann Arbor: 1-734-332-6500
  • Atlanta: 1-404-487-9000
  • Austin: 1-512-343-5283
  • Boulder: 1-303-245-0086
  • Cambridge: 1 617-575-1300
  • Detroit: 1-248-593-4000
  • Chicago: 1-312-840-4100
  • Irvine: 1-949-794-1600
  • Kirkland: 1-425-739-5600
  • Los Angeles: 1-310-310-6000
  • Madison: 1-608-669-9600
  • New York: 1-212-565-0000
  • Pittsburgh: 1-412-345-6700
  • Reston: 1-202-370-5600
  • San Franciso: 1-415-736-0000
  • Seattle: 1-206-876-1800
  • Washington D.C.: 1-202-346-1100
  • Sydney: 61-2-9374-4000
  • Beijing: 86-10-62503000
  • Shanghai: 86-21-6133-7666
  • Hong Kong: 852-3923-5400
  • Gurgaon: 91-124-4512900
  • Mumbai: 91-22-6611-7200
  • Japan: 81-3-6384-9000
  • Seoul: 82-2-531-9000
  • Singapore: 65 6521-8000
  • Taipei: 886 2 8729 6000
  • Kenya: 254 20 360 1000
  • London: 44 (0)20-7031-3000
  • Zurich: 41 44-668-1800
  • Madrid: 34 91-748-6400
  • St. Petersburg: 7 (812) 313-4800
  • Moscow: 7-495-644-1400
  • Wroclaw: 48 (71) 73 41 000
  • Warsaw: 48 22 207 19 00
  • Krakow: 48 (12) 68 15 300
  • Oslow: 47 22996288
  • UAE: 971 4 4509500
  • Amsterdam: 31 (0)20-5045-100
  • Italy: 39 02-36618 300
  • Tel Aviv: 972-74-746-6453
  • Dublin: 39 02-36618 300
  • Haifa: 972-74-746-6245
  • Mexico: 52 55-5342-8400
  • Hamburg: 49 40-80-81-79-000
  • Paris: 33 (0)1 42 68 53 00
  • Sao Paulo: 55-11-3797-1000
  • Belo Horizonte: 55-31-2128-6800
  • Buenos Aires: 54-11-5530-3000
  • Waterloo: 1 519-880-2300
  • Toronto: 1 416-915-8200
  • Montreal: 1 514-670-8700

Mailing Address

When customers want to send communication by mail to the Gmail customer service department, letters should be sent to:

1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy
Mountain View, CA 94043

Official Website

Gmail doesn’t have an official website, but users without an existing account can sign up here When signing up for an account, users will need to input minimal personal information. Users also have the ability to have an account linked to their business.

As a requirement of signing up for an account, new users must also create a Google + account. Both services are free.

Customer Service Email

When customers have a concern with their account, they can contact customer service at This is an open forum where like minded users answer questions. Users can also contact customer service using the following verticals:

We sent an email requesting the updated terms and conditions. We are awaiting a response.

Our Experience

We called customer service and waited less than 3 minutes before a live representative answered our call. We asked if the company had a readable copy of the updated terms and conditions. The representative politely responded and provided us with the information we requested.

We feel as if the Gmail team is on top of things regarding customer service. Do you feel the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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315 Comments on “Contact Gmail Customer Service
  1. I have and account however it was created when I got my HTC phone and I can not log in becasue I do not remember log in info casue I only use my phone I was wondering if someone could look it up.
    Thanks Rick

    • i forgot my password for my account ,as am using it from my phone i still can send and recieve massages from the phone ,yet am unable to open from the computer please help i need my password

  2. I would like to send you my 3 books, via email attachment, since you deserve to know the TRUTH about September 11, 2001, as a means of properly protecting yourself. I am currently travelling the world, as an ESCAPE from the MADMAN, a/k/a Michael Cook. Please assist me in OUR FIGHT.

  3. i have 3 gmail accounts
    i in error typed an address polaris808 WHICH DOES NOT EXIST
    YET INSTEAD OF THE ADDRESS palarris808 coming up when i type p the polaris comes up .
    i cannot findout how to delete it ?
    and the actual palarris808 has to be reentered on every visit !

  4. My gmail account was attacked lately and hundreds of mails were and are sent from my email.
    I can’t send any

    Will you please find out who is behind this and free my account for my use


  5. Sr,i have big problem my account is loked.but i don’t know why.why sir what is the problem.i think it is sicurity problem.please sir i beg u.i can’t log in my account.please do it.i beg u sir.please check my problem.i beg u sir.i trust u can do it.

  6. I tried to reach gmail customer service and after three calls to the tech support area, I couldn’t find customer service, I was given three numbers that were supposedly customer service. They weren’t. After listening to lengthy options and prompts the recording said they have no customer service number. How screwed up are you guys….this is a pretty simple issue all other good companies have worked through . Think I’m going to cancel and go to another provider that cares.

  7. hi
    iwve got a huge problem
    my gmail accoun not working even though iwve paid already mfor more storge
    can yoy help me anderstand how to fix it????

  8. I just received a email from gmail saying if i dont verify my information that my account will be shut down in 48 hrs.
    Did this come from u or is it a possible hacker?

    Lisa dehaven

  9. I am receiving “no sender” e-mail and I would lıke to learn how can I stop it.

    Meanwhile I can not delete or open this kind of e mail.

    Please let me know by using this e-mail or alternatively

    Thanks ın advence

  10. I tried logging into my gmail account but then I got a message that I am disabled because of my age. Believe me I am older than 13 years old I am a 40 year old woman how can I re-activate my account. I have tried already but the system is not very user friendly. Please help it urgent as all my documentation and work is on there

  11. I can’t believe that there is no way to contact a customer service rep for gmail by phone. Talk about the run-around!
    I can’t access my Gmail due to security error and can’t get any help. I used to LOVE Google, but now it’s getting stressful. Do I need to go back to BING and forget all of my Google Apps?

  12. I had purchased extra space for my I’d and now I have received an email that the credit card info needs some change pls advise how to go about it

  13. I teach IT and have been using Gmail for my students; I called the customer helpline to ask for assistance with verifying new accounts as using a phone is not always possible, in fact I can no longer use my own phone for this due to the many times I have had to do this the past. I called twice only to be hung up on, the first time when I explained my problem! The second time after the support staff said NO! She hung up also.
    Can anyone suggest anything please?
    I am very Disappointed!!!

  14. Hello and I ditto Dorothy’s comment of 3/11/13. I would really like to talk to someone and don’t want to go back to Yahoo. Please email me when someone can chat (mammal to mammal. )It could be something really simple and and not much of your time. TXS

  15. I get all my mail on my itouch. And I was using yahoo but I was locked out when they didnt keep up with apples last up grade, so I opened a gmail account( also I didn’t shut down my yahoo that I can’t use) but my mail coming to my gmail all goes into my all mail box instead of my in box. How do I get it to go into my in box instead , I woul appreciate any help you can offer me , thanks Steve

  16. I used gmail’s tech support as I was hacked in February. Took 3 hours, technician was indian. Could barely speak english. They charged me 99 $ and said I was covered for 3 months. Had another issue and tried to call them back on same number. Answering machine answers and says no one is there to take my call anr hangs up every time. Please contact me

  17. Greetings,

    It is kind of you to provide the service we know as gmail.

    It is clear that you generally are not interested in customer feedback since you make it so hard to find any way to communicate with you. Are you there?

    I would like to say that I do not like any of the new innovations in Gmail.

    I do not like the new compose.

    I do not like being told that you are doing away with the look and convenience that attracted so many of us to you in the first place.

    I am generally interested in changes that improve. You have only made Gmail harder to use.

    My sense is that nobody at Gmail will ever read this comment, but if so, please listen.

  18. I am having problem with my email a cannot access my email I have tried so many times it keep telling me Verify your account
    We’ve detected unusual activity on your account. To immediately restore access to your account, choose how to verify your account.
    i have tried with many number is still not going i need help to recover my email
    thanks for you help
    william duck

    How should we send you codes?
    Text message (SMS) Voice Call

  19. When ever i am sending gmail to my friends , they are not getting my mails
    but i am getting on my ansplacements@gmail account

    i am not able to understand what type of problem is this

    please resolve so that we can contact other gmail accounts as well

  20. hello this is aaron I recieved an email from Dorcas Kofi, stating that I have been choosen by FREE GOOGLE DONATIONS to recieve $200,000 usd. I wanted to figure out if this is real or scam trying to get my info. please email me back, thank you.

  21. I have been scamed by a webmasterid,they have all my imformaion pesonal,shouldi delete my account,and star new 1

  22. I really do not like the new version of the way to reply gmail letters.
    How can I get back to the old version?
    The new one is so unfriendly for users and so confusing.
    Many friends of mine have the same problems too.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  23. My cell broke so got a replacement now I can’t get apps from google due to fact I forgot my gmail password cause I used it once to get into app store now can’t get it again from gmail. Please help.

  24. i am using gmail account . but past 2 days mail is showing upto 450 inbox, but previous mail is not showing. help me. all the mail is important for me.

  25. Acabo de crear una cuenta nueva con gmail y al actualizar mi correo me enviaron uno de regreso,sin embargo no lo he recibido y me piden comunicarme con ustedes porque necesito dicha informacion,por favor respondanme en español,gracias y tengan buenas noches.

  26. I need to get in contact with someone at gmail to restore emails from Jan 2012. This is very important as they have some evidence I need.

  27. Hello .
    this male is related to my enemy (
    He try to send fake report about my gmail address and he want disable my account with this reports .
    You can check my Gmail , You can see that I don’t send any spam till now , and his reports is fake .
    Thank you .

  28. sir i want to activate my gmail account it was deactivated by some one . i need same account again plz help me how to reconer

  29. Hi,

    My account mentioned above has been facing a lot issues in the past year.. Looks like some one is hacking or if there s error in the web i dont know. the mail account will work for few days and suddenly it would say the password is changed but i wouldnt have done it. more than 10 times i have changed my password till now due to this issue. each time i have to recover my passwod which is irritating. whatcan be done for this?

  30. When I switched from MSN tomGMAiL, I lost myfacebook friends also my contact list and my profile photo.

    Please help!

  31. Hey i am anjali and i lost my old email id when i login it shows ur account was deleted but i never delete my account also i am not able to creat new id with this name plz anybody help me

  32. I have purchased a new IPhone and trying to set my gmail email up on new phone. I have no idea what the password is. Tried to recover password online but didn’t know enough of the answers to get the password. Do I just need to close this acct? Can you help.

  33. HI i have a new i pad but i have a problem in gmail i can.t sign in in google play he tellme about a problem in the device or in conic

  34. My mother recently changed her smart phone. I was customizing it… when I got to her email account, she couldn’t remember her password… Since she’s actively logged in from her phone, she’s never memorized it.

    I tried filling out the form posted on the internet, but my mother isn’t computer savy, she doesn’t remember the exact answers to the questions… has she ever written an email to someone (answer: “no I just receive them, I reply through What’s Up”) when did you create your account [add exact date] (answer: “I know that I used it a couple of years ago, at french culinary school”). Of course I was denied access, are there any questions she can answer that are of a more personal nature, for example, children’s names, exact day she graduated high school, first pets name, favorite husband? (joke)

    I hope this has a solution that doesn’t conclude in creating a new email account, she’s been going crazy thinking about it. Help!

  35. Hello,
    This comment is regarding the new appearance of emails in my phone. The colors and letters are great BUT what is not so great is that before the change I could delete messages without opening them and do it for few at a time. Now I have to go into the email and only then open options and delete.
    This is disapionting and really not friendly action. Return the old option of deletion with the trash bin Icon. Please.
    Thank you

  36. I have an Gmail.can anyone find my IP adresser throug the email I send to them? Can they see activities in my acount?

  37. Dear sir my G-mail account stated last 18 of June. now i have a problem with sending mails(not going)but receiving mails are ok.. So pls help to me solve this problem.


  38. Last may months and this june months I have deleted some items in inbox so deleted items please to copy in my inbox very urgent sir.

  39. I have email said that i won lotto from gmail and get prize 500,000 USD. Do you have the program as i was mention? They ask me the security question that about individual information. Please help to clarified..

    • Recibí un mensaje ganándome 500,000 USD y u Apple la pros en un lottery promotion. Esto es cierto o no? Por favor déjenme saber. Gracias

  40. I went to Cotonou and was using it, they ask of my Cotonou number I enter it and that is it. I am back in Ghana but I can’t use it still.

  41. I have a new cell phone. I was trying to Sink my email so that my email from Earth link would show up on the Gmail account with my new cell phone provider which is straight talk. I called the phone number for Gmail customer support. I wound up with the support team which is in India. After 15 minutes I was told that they would need to go into my computer to solve my problem. Miraculously however as soon as he got into my computer he told me I had Trojan horses and I had malware and then 50% of all my connections have been suspended because of this drastic degradation of my computer. However he told me to begin with That he could miraculously solve my problem for $200. I balked and then he said well for $30 to give me a one time fix. Then he told me well it would take a minimum of $100 to fix it. I wasn’t born yesterday but believe me I know a scam when I see it. I’m shocked that Google but anything to do with that type of bait and switch.

  42. I do not like the changes to my gmail in box, nor does my family who also have gmail accounts. It is so tedious and unwelcome to have software changed without doing a survey or some such and find out what customers want. I am perfectly capable of managing my own email. Now I have to look in three places for my incoming and saved mail. Thanks for the extra work.

  43. I have the app CalenMob on my Iphone. I can see my husbands calendar entries on my iPhone. However he cannot see mine on his Google Chrome calendar. It says Ihe has added me and has my name but it does not show up on his calendar when I make an entry. It used to. Please help

  44. I am absolutely disgusted with the “customer support” that I have received from Gmail. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous when I call for help to have my contacts recovered (that I DID NOT DELETE) and I am asked to pay $150, $175, and $225. The amount depends on what customer service number that you dial (ie what 3rd party contractor in India that you have the misfortune to call. I have been an absolute google/android person due to the open market. However, this will force me to get rid of everything that has to do with google if they do not fix my problem. Mac is looking better and better every day.

  45. I am absolutely disgusted with the “customer support” that I have received from Gmail. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous when I call for help to have my contacts recovered (that I DID NOT DELETE) and I am asked to pay $150, $175, and $225. The amount depends on what customer service number that you dial (ie what 3rd party contractor in India that you have the misfortune to call. I have been an absolute google/android person due to the open market. However, this will force me to get rid of everything that has to do with google if they do not fix my problem. Mac is looking better and better every day.

  46. I want to sign up for a Facebook account but I cant because according to them my e mail address is been used by someone with the name of Damon and I also get his Facebook mail. How is it possible

  47. Why changing the pattern all the time, would like to use the current pattern of composing mails. pls do not change, and atleast customers should be given an option if we do not like the new version. pls do the needful.

  48. I received an e-mail from Maria Theresa that my ID g-mail is awarded 1 million British pounds is this message is OK or fake

  49. I have received a scam email through an advert in auto trader uk, and was advised by auto trader to let you know as it was a gmail address.

  50. We are not receiving our virtual faxes in our gmail box. Had no prob with hotmail. It apppears gmail has blacklisted the noreply addresses, and the virtual fax uses one of those. Been to several google and gmail sites, found nothing related to our problem and npo way to write in a blank, as everything is a pre-chosen catagory. Called Google. They directed me to the very site that I had visited, with no option to send a composed email. How does one send an email to gmail!

  51. Hi im trying to get through to Gmail customer service about a blogger using the name,(,who advertiise on your server to sell things,and once they get your money they just ignore any e,mail or contact you try send. I sent $300 to them,by western union on monday,and havnt heard from them since. The guy calls himself nikolai bogdanov,from Donekst ukraine,zip code 83000. When you google the name Boruck,they are the first to appear on your server page. I just think something should be done about them as they are just scam artists,using your e,mail service. I will be taking this further&seek legal advice,that you let people like this advertise on your page.

  52. Be thank you all, that your gmail is not linked to OBAMACARE. If it were, you would not see the listings of posting above, you would only see six. For those who trusted anything they read on the web and actually sent off money to that end, your intelligence is lacking.

  53. I believe this has been my worse experience with customer service. I do remember my password and your on line support ask what is the last password I remember. I don’t remember and that is my reason for wanting to change it. When I found a phone number for customer service, I was informed that there would be a service charge to change my password. Unbelievable!

  54. My daughter passed away. We are unable to unlock her phone to obtain contacts. I think she had them backed up on google and have her user name but not pin. I have tried so many phone numbers and have yet talked to a person. I called the Chicago number and it rang forever and then I received a busy signal.
    This is very bad.

  55. On 20th Nov, 2013 at 07.21pm Someone has HACKED my mail id and forwarded irrelevant mails to many peoples, including my company employees.

    So, please go through the details and let me know from which place this was done , and now is it safe or not thoe i had changed my password.


  56. Please help me i can’t sign in with correct details, it says “aunthentication required” please help help please!!!

  57. I’m having problems I accidently deleted my gmail account I thought I didn’t need it so I tryed calling gmail account tech supports and they couldn’t help so I’m writing an email to see if they will reply or try to contact. me in my account

  58. I really need help and I just got my account for gmail and Google + also I already went though this and now I have to do it all over again so I was wonder how do I keep it once I got it because I get recovered and exit out knowing I have that account and then it doesn’t work

  59. Hello..I have an account with gmail but i need to know my previous password..Because an app on my phone still requires it.. Thanks..

  60. Hello i tried to reset my password, but i have to comfirm my phone number, i cant because i have a new number, and google didnt allow me to confirm with my new number so what do ido

  61. Ok I am not happy with google. I recently was on my email and went back a couple hours later to check my emails and EVERYTHING was gone! Two years of very important emails just gone and the first email that popped up when I opened my mail was from google pluse team WTH happened to all my emails! There is no customer service to help and the number that does provide help for Gmail wants me to pay $99 for googles mess up. Help does anyone know if I can recover my emails?

  62. Last fall I couldn’t access my gmail on my IPad in central Europe without changing and recharging my password. Soon I will be in FIgi and NewZealand. Is The same thing going to happen? can it be avoided?
    so far I have been very unhappy with the way customer service is handled, rather not handled by Google!

  63. If someone was writing nonsense about a particular person on gmail would it be possible for GMAIL to tell me where the gmails were coming from.

  64. I forgot my password to one of my email’s and no matter how many times I click “forgot password” it will never send to my other email account

  65. I lost my login password access into my gmail account, could some one of your help me with this issue it will be greatly appreciated

  66. i am frustrated with Amazon Prime. They have taken money from my credit card without my permission. i cant find a simple email adress to contact, and get my money refunded.
    What is the ACTUAL address, for me to contact?
    Every time, i think i find an email, it passes me back to Amazon Shopping.

  67. I find my gmail account is hacked by an unknown people in VA. There are some really important information in my email. Could you please help me get history login record for my account? Thanks very much.

  68. Promotions: After two weeks, please delete the promotions. Better yet, put the promotions back in with the regular emails. This way, there’s no forgetting, no deleting back through three million promotions. I’ve worked with this for months now and it really is a pain — Thank you, Catherine Coulter

  69. Your search – I have the Vegreville gmail account coming up to sign in to, as if it’s mine, I can’t get on to my own account and I can’t get rid of it.

  70. I have been trying to log onto my gmail account and I cannot remember my password!!! I am suppose to answer questions like the last password I can remember, when I setup may account with gmail I do not know!!! list people that I have contacted … I did… I am so frustrated… I just need someone to verify that I am who I say that I am. I have a Galaxy Note II and I can get my e-mails from it. Mind you.. I do not have to remember my password. Please help… I would like to use my laptop every now and then. If you reply I would have to use my phone to get the message. Please help!!!

  71. my email has been hacked and violated numerous tiles by a maan —ive changed my password a hundred timess–ive tried to get your security to interfere—-now he changed my password and i cannot access my own account—-where is security if youre there close m account NOW

  72. Oh, thats right, google doesn’t help, it just gives a bunch of meaningless links that will talk about something relevant to your issue but not addressing it whatsoever, and appearantly all of your representatives are busy with other people 24/7 ive been on hold for hours,

  73. –I unable to login my Gmail account
    –I had gone Password recovery information , email sent to alternate
    email address
    but I also forgot password for above account .
    –I had also gone thorugh verify identity steps — As per reply from Google –information provided is not matched with account .
    –finally , I am unable to login my email account anyway

    Please advice.

  74. sir I was using chating. after using this I got some problem in my inbox. when ever I open my inbox I get problemeven the computer says ithas some problem. I can not able to send message. when I send it shows error. so can you help me to get a good service

  75. I find that after using my HTC One for two months I cannot view any email attachments in the preview mode via my gmail account. Please can someone help rectify this problem as so far HTC hasn’t helped at all?


  76. i wonder if you can help. i have for numerous weeks tried to retrieve my password or change my password as i have forgotton it.. i can recieve emails threw my ipad just now as my password is logged into it, however when i am logging on to a different device it doesnt let me logg on as it claims my password is in correct. i have went threw the online process of resetting my password with no sucsess.. can you please help me out.?

  77. I am unable to acces my account some one my password has changed and my mobile no has been closed.

  78. I called tech support 20 times and every time i got hung up on and they didnt try to call back either. Customer service tech support needs to be the effective when helping people. I was very very unhappy with tech support who i still have not got help with my issue

  79. I called not one, not two, but three of the phone numbers listed for Google on their website. All I could get was an endless loop of recorded options with no real people involved. I really need to speak with someone about my name being used to create a gmail account to conduct fraud. I have already contacted the police and will be contacting the FBI. Maybe they will be able to talk with someone from Google. All I want at this point is for the email address connected to me by these thieves to be cancelled and an official report be made available to law enforcement. If I cannot get help from Google, I guess I will have to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter that Google has not helped me. These people are stealing money from victims’ bank accounts and I am trying to help get them shut down. It seems like Google would want to help stop cyber crime. I will be sure to tell my friends that this is not the case.

  80. Im unable to use my mail services from gmail. I NEEd help to rectify any problems please help me.

  81. I need you to help me solve my current problem with my Gmail account. Please get it working again.

  82. Hi just want to know what was the reason for ending the after shave ranges.I could only use axe after shave with my skin problem and it is a problem ever sin to get nafter shave to work with my skin

  83. I called a gmail tech ref a problem with my email. He wanted a fee of $99 and when I said I did not want to spend $99 he hung up on me. I then called customer service and spoke with a male and explained the previous problem with the tech. He said he would have a tech call me within a half hour and there would be no charge. I waited two hours and then called gmail tech again. After explaining what had taken place, he hung up on me. I have again called customer service and left another message to please call me as soon as possible. Needless to say, I am not happy with the service I have received.

  84. I have a problem with my Gmail password I had forgotten it and my phone was lost so when I try to get access to my Gmail I can’t and when I ask for the password they send it on my old sim card which is lost with the phone so what must I do to give them my new number so that they can send it my new number’s

  85. Customer service from India stinks. If they don’t know how or want to deal with a problem they just place you on hold. I was speaking with someone about not receiving a reset for my password and he just put me on hold and never came back.

  86. Dear sir,
    i have forgotten password, pls send verification code for my moblie number
    account details:



  88. I keep getting calles from an unknown number… i decided to answer and they say they are from Microsoft and warning me my gmail account is being used by someone in other states and countries. i have not seen any problem….they never leave a message or a call back number..???????????

  89. I am not able to access my gmail account since I do not remember my password & even I do not remeber my recovery email id & password, I wanted to know the process through I can access my account.

  90. please this your security option is too much. i change my country and now i cant open my gmail they say i should fix my number for verification all is not working and now i lost it . please help.

  91. Forgot my password how do I get helped keep calling the number and it says refer to website. But I need to speak to someone ??

  92. Hi,

    I am from Mainland China. Maybe you have already known that I can not have access to my gmail account now. But I just got an email from my gmail account to my outlook account with the subject line: ERTYUIO;DFGHJKL; Obviously, someone stole my account and knew my outlook account. It is creepy. Is there anything I can do or you can do? Thanks.


  93. Dear Sir kindly delete all of my friend request and please stop the service of sending me friend request from friends. Sir i am facing a lots of trouble kindly do it ASAP. Thanking you smruti Ranjan Behera

  94. My gmail account was attacked lately and hundreds of mails were and are still being sent from my email.
    It is still pointless phoning you can’t speak to any one.
    And when like me, not totally computer literate, your left high and dry.

  95. For the past several weeks I have come home from work and turned on my computer and gone to only to be told REPEATEDLY OVER WEEKS AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY AND NIGHT.. is not responding. I HAVE HAD IT.

  96. Gmail is already a inferior email system to Outlook, and you have just made it worse by adding this “Shortcuts that are always turned on – These navigational and formatting shortcuts all work whether or not you’ve enabled the keyboard shortcuts setting.” Now despite turning off these frivolous shortcuts, many of them still appear and there is not a way to turn them off. Not only do they not work properly, but these shortcuts force ymake more work as you have to now do other shortcuts as work-around from your short cuts.
    Fire the person who came up with this genius idea. And please fix:

    1. Make a option to turn off all shortcuts.
    2. Add headings so you can view when a email was sent, to whom it was sent etc. Take notes for Outlook on this one.
    3. Make a option that you can drag a email you previously sent into a new email you’d like to send.
    4. Add the Text style in the body of the email so you can easily edit a email.
    5. Your search algorithm is a joke, no matter what I search for, 100 emails pop up. Useless.. fix it.
    The only good thing about gmail, is your storage level on emails. Which is the only reason why my company uses gmail.

  97. I forgot my password an I need to help to access my old Gmail account. It’s very necessary for me plz help me

  98. A friend of mine had been hacked and and he had my pictures saved on his email. Now the hacker is sending messages asking more pictures and threatning me to upload my pictures to my work email and facebook. My name and my reputation are in danger. I need help!!!!

  99. Why isn’t there a call center with customer service support. This is ridiculous. Google is impossible to contact and offers no customer service

  100. I waited over two hours to get help with my gmail account. Finally, had to hang up.
    M. Ballard

  101. Hello Sir/Madam !!

    Myself Tirthesh Shah is using your gmail services since a long time. But, from around 5th to 8th August’14 I was not been able to use it. As it shows the error of your password has been changed this-this days ago.

    Previously also lies the same problem with them at that time, it can be easily been resolved as my step 2verefication is active. But as usual now also step 2verefication is been active, but now its not working for me.

    As, per recovery method as guides by gmail recovery options..i has fitted all possible details as much as I know


  103. I just waited one hour to speak to a google email rep to try to retrieve my password or reset it to enter a new password…i called 16502530000 and waited n waited nwaited……REALLY????…your service is a Disservice 2 all of your truely dedicated customers….should i go back 2 my hotmail account…or do u really care??? ….please advise as i must post this on my face book account…many thanks….i think…or not!!…joepet1

  104. I lost my wallet with lot of money incide. After an hour I receved a gmail client email written as follows “Mr Steven come and collect your wallet at Macdonald resturant My name is Mashila MG” I did not know wich rasturant I should go because he did not specifiy. If GMail can help me to find this person, he sent an Email on the 26th of September 2014 time 17:56 to my other Yahoo email.

    Thank you.

  105. I have had my Gmail account for years and never had any problems until now, but it’s a doozy of a problem for me. I recently got a new phone and the only way they will allow me to login to my account is to enter a phone number I had from 6 years ago. Wow. I tried to contact customer service, and there employee (who’s name is supposedly Jack Jones, although I think he was lieing) refused to help me because I’m not able to get to a desktop, I’m currently on an iPad. He hung up on me while I was talking! Didn’t take any of my info at all to see if it could be resolved without a desktop. My problem doesn’t need troubleshooting, and had he listened to my issue. I’m sure it could have been resolved quickly. Hands down worst customer service I’ve had to date. I need my email for work. Seriously disappointing. And my cell device won’t me access the apps I need to work efficiently until I’m logged into my Gmail. What a pain in the bum!

  106. i am unable to open/read my inbox mails and i feel some one is misusing my mail id. can u pls suggest how to stop this issue.

  107. Your London phone number is incorrect. You only offer a support service Monday to Friday. You have stopped me being able to send emails (despite having followed all your instructions). The hackers have won, I am not impressed with your service.

  108. can one have a gmail customer service email address to Request a service “Can we please have a “Delete all spam messages” link ALSO at the end of Long 1-2-3 pages spam “

  109. So what if you answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge and it says it does not match how am i able to get in my account ?

  110. i baught a set off locking wheel bolts for peugeot 206 codeb 002ytg1vm you have sent the krong ones i want the the alloys

  111. i baught a set off loking wheel bolts for peugeot 206 codeb oo2ytg1vm you have sent the krong ones i want the alloys

  112. dont bother gmail ok until you get a problem then there is no support no way of speaking to a human no telephone contact no gmail chat contact and their verification process is ridiculous asking for specific dates that gmail was set up when you last used it – i defy anyone reasing this to know these details down to the specific date

  113. I have a basic inbox settings only. I cant able to set the new inbox settings (Promotions, social, etc.,). Plz check & solve it

  114. I need your help: since I changed to gmail( frm Yahoo), Dec 16, I still got problems:
    …I can not see the new mails( among others:PCH, even I already sign in for the change.
    …I need to enter the on line PCH everyday..
    …I cannot transfer my old contacts/eaddresses from Yahoo to Gmail…
    Please help me, a bit details, I’m senior and having so many limitations but I need.this social media for my life,,thank!

  115. i have epilepcy so i only have passwords i will use so i dont forget for anything and everything but it still says im wrong y? i need to get on my gmail is importaint

  116. Gmail Customer Service stinks, stinks, stinks. Will that comment actually get a phone call from your imaginary customer service department? Because I’ve NEVER received a phone call from your company while I’ve sent requests and called Gmail myself and been on hold for at least 45 minutes or an hour. That’s enough of that.

    Another annoying gmail password problem that is incredibly annoying do something about it. Call my cell phone you must have my number on an old email somewhere. So call me.

    Tim Smyth

  117. I agree with Tim Smyth above # 178. Imaginary CS. How disrespectful to your customers.

    I will just delete Gmail and find a creditable provider if there is one.

  118. haii….how can i contact gmail customer service???? I need to take my urgent document insede my gmail…. i forget my password…TQ

  119. Hello I got this email in my spam that said this ATTENTION: DEAR CUSTOMER!

    There is a little congestion in Gmail accounts and aol account and
    yahoo account so verify your account now for upgrade to avoid

    Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his/her account after
    three days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account

    If you are still interested in using your Gmail Account and aol
    account kindly re-confirm your account by filling the space below.
    There is congestion due to the anonymous registration of Gmail
    accounts and aol account.

    Email address: ……………
    Alternative email address:……………
    Date of Birth: …………….
    Security questions;……..
    Security answer:…………
    Country Or Territory: …………….

    Customer Teams.
    Can you yell me what is this about? I just copy and past what was sent to me.

  120. I am unable to access gmail. My user name is not recognized. The prompts are ignored and I have been unable to use the account for months.

  121. I can’t get into my old gmail account that’s linked with my Instagram account I need to change my Instagram password to retrieve some old pictures of friends and family this new gmail account is not linked with my Instagram and I have to go into my old email to change the password I don’t remember my password for instagram or my old gmail account please help me

  122. I am from education sector and would like to create Email id for our organization.
    Please tell me how many email ids can I create for free and after the free email ids exceeds then what would the cost of email id be per year. I would also like to know about the different facilities I can avail.

  123. Sir,
    I want to reset my password but they ask for recovery mail or phone number and now am not using any of them. Also I try the other way of reseting password by answering multiple of questions and I do so but not yet reset, Pls help me to reset my gmail password

  124. answer the phone I need to speak with someone on a unique issue. You dont offer this kind of support on the web. need an actual person.

  125. I can no longer delete emails, they come back. I use apple Mail and an update somewhere along the line must have changed my settings. I have used gmail for a decade and can’t seem to fix this problem.

  126. My account was compromised two nights ago. I have tried to contact Google Customer Service. It does NOT help at all! They wanted me to fill out Recovery form and wait for 3-5 days. 3-5 days!!!!THe hacker has been trying my other bank/financial accounts!!!! And google still told me to wait and wait and wait. Their verification system has huge problem. I have read through all the discussion online, most of ppl couldn’t get the account back. Google only gives the account to the hackers not the real owners!!!

  127. Hi,
    I am unable to login my gmail account. Every time I try to login gmail asks to verify sending a verification code to my Old mobile number. Now I am stuck as I no longer use
    my old mobile number. Please help me to login into my account.
    With best regards.

  128. my account is blocked and I don’t have access to the recovery phone number too.. I forgot my password. Please assist. Jacob.

  129. Our google customer service representative was wonderful. She helped us remotely reset our password, and was very pleasant and easy to work with. Thanks!

  130. I recibio an email said come from goggle he said I who 750,000
    I want to know if is true or somebody looks for my personal information

  131. ihave an email said come from goggle he said I who 750,000
    I want to know if is true or somebody looks for my personal information

  132. i have problems with my gmail account three days now. the problem is every time if i want to check my mails i get msg cant sign in and either password or user name incorrect…every time wants me to change my password i dont know why and iam very tired with this situation

  133. Look up BAVEL.
    You have created so much confusion that it is now impossible to communicate with others.
    Your icons are unexplained and can mean anything and everything.
    I am totally upset with Google.

  134. Your password resetting is terrible. I am highly considering not using gmail and switching to another email service provider. I have a new account and do not remember my password, and the questions required to change my password are not helpful. I wish you had required users to set security questions instead of the weird user questions. If there is anyway to help I would appreciate it.

  135. I’m trying to retrieve my music on my email. But its coppywritten and my computer was stole. So i cant make coppies. How do i retrieve the files. I have a notebook pro mDe by apple notbook plo

  136. My e-mail suddenly stopped working,ask for help 3 times, got as far as “we will tex you a number” even displayed correct number, but I,ve never got a number. customer service says if this don,t work, try to retrieve password another way, I believe their method might work, if they completed their end, so now what? aol use to be good might check them out again.

  137. We are having serious problem some one else is using our account and we learnt that the pass word has been changed and we are now blocked from accessing our account.
    Please help us recover our account.

  138. I have an elderly mother that lives about 1500 miles away and she has had an Android phone for the longest time and I just recently found out that she does not have Gmail address I told her how nice the people are at Google customer support reassured her that they would walk her through it step by step because she needs that as often elderly mothers do not a problem I even wanted to go as far as to text her the Support phone number I tried looking it up on the web went through Google Plus I’ve searched high and low they even have this wonderful advertisement about their customer support telephone number and why you should google and it goes on and on beautiful pictures one after another and how it’s toll free yada yada phone number this phone number that got to the end of it all there’s no phone number anywhere on advertisement I’ve searched high and low it’s just not available but I know there’s one out there somewhere cuz I’ve used it before but none on this particular sites bragging about their 1-800 number service that makes sense

  139. I was made to set up a gmail account when I first purchased an android phone. I have no idea of the date that was done as it was when android phones first became available. I have never actually used this account for email purposes and cannot remember my password to access my contacts, etc. I understand that security is important, but the questions/dates they are wanting for me to reset the password are ridiculous and I should be able to speak to someone to receive some help with this.

  140. Just curious,

    Has google been sending out prizes For 500,000.
    Recieved an e-mail from a Jasmyne Clark for a promotion
    is this legitimate or someone looking for my info

  141. I received a suspicious phone call from an unidentified number, telling me that someone in CHINA was using my gmail in China sending SPAM and I needed to go to my computer immediately to help him stop it. I told him I was on my computer and could not stop. He kept pushing, but because of his persistence in trying to get me to log on… I finally got him to give me a return phone number so I could call him back. I called Google Support, a very nice representative confirmed that the call was a scam. Thank you for being there Google … so nice to have a LIVE person to talk to and unlike so many other companies that throw you into an unlimited auto loop of unrelated information! I will Never use any other Email other than Googles GMAIL!

  142. Dissapointment in google staff. I forgot my password I tried several & google locked my account. Said it was hacked, yes by my trying to regain access.I spoke to a men that told me my gmail was hacked he said he could fix my problem for $399.00. Why when I simply want to reset a password. HE TOLD ME TO GO F K MYSELF. I ASKED TO SPECK TO HIS BOSS HE SAID HES FCKING YOU. THIS IS A MAJOR CONCERN TO ME. HOW DARE HOM. AND TODAY I STILL CANT ACCESS MY DAMN CCOUNT. THANKS GOOGLE BUT NO THANKS IM GOING YAHOO

  143. always say gmail the best email provider why is it so hard get touch with someone or changge something u dont use anymore , customer service told me if u dont use the same phone number access your password u need to call the person who has your number to get the pin number from them i dont have that number anymore … just help me change my password

  144. Bellow my name is flavio homes I have an gmail email and Iv did change my password like as asked but now I don’t remember any more and I have important documents I need to can I have my first password in order to guest in?!

  145. Customer service ? Your joking aren’t you. Spoiler allert. You have no customer service period. I get better service at the BMV. and they are all illiterate. Sorry to interupt your latte. Go straight to hell.

  146. My cousin recently returned from singapore and asked me to open his gmail account. As a security gmail asked his phone number but my cousin didn’t using that number when he first created his accound, also he didn’t linked another recovery mail address. Is there any way he can login to his account. Please help me.
    All he knows is email id and password

  147. My question was, How do I delete this email account. I am no longer employed with Texas Education Centers. I’ve been researching for the some two hours, to no avail. Please help me retire this email account?

    A.K. Milton

  148. I need to speak to a customer service person. I have & have had a gmail account for our Neighborhood association for years & today all of a sudden my neighborhood email I sent is being blocked & rejected as spam.
    We are a small association but the people in our neighborhood like to receive updates & news etc. via email mail. please advise what I need to do to remove this rejection from this address so we can continue to update are membership of our association. Thank you !

  149. I am highly disappointed and uncertified with Gmail and Google, Ive been using the email for 6 years and I use it for so many important thing such as employment, business and socialising. they just blocked my account for no reason and still have the nerve to aske me the most ridiculous recovery questions ever. This is really f#&@d up. on top of that I cant even deactivate all my other accounts so that I just use someone else’s services.

  150. I cannot gain access to my account. I have gone through all of your channels and tried everything under the Sun to get it to come through I think I may have been hacked by somebody with my password. So, I don’t remember my former password. And they want that for me to change it to a new password and I just wanted to change it to a new password so if somebody did hack my account that is out of their hands. I don’t want anybody into my account especially because we run a cat rescue and sanctuary and we don’t need people like that involved and sending messages to a cat rescue in St Mary. Can you please help us especially because its my account get this cleared up and so I can get my emails picked up again. However, I need this really truly done ASAP. Because there’s a bunch of stuff on there that I need right away thank you for all of your help and assistance please call me with any questions whatsoever I will have my phone by me thank you so much and have a great evening.

    Andy Bell

  151. I think my account has been hacked unfortunately. Suddenly my password which I’ve had for a long time does not work and I know it by heart and IA can’t get into my account we are on a cat rescue and sanctuary and thus we need to get into our mail immediately pretty much I think within scams and hacked by somebody because my pass codes always worked and now they don’t can you please call me at the number above and let’s get this straightened out immediately or ASAP pls thank you for your time and I truly truly hope to hear from you especially by phone if you can thank you very much have a wonderful evening

  152. I received an email from GMLTH@outlook. Com claiming I was picked for some kind of prize thru my gmail account. Can anyone tell me if this is real? I don’t give out any info without knowing it’s legit

  153. Hi.i have a big problem. I had an other gmail account ( someone took that account from me. They changed my password and all my details about i know my last password before than they change was Nrrykuqt4. And my name is gökhan imir. I coundt give answer for security questions thats why i writing here.please help me about this because its very importmant for me…

  154. I’ve emailed some sort of google support services and none have responded. On the android Gmail app I have rarely ever been able to find the most recent reply from whoever I messaged. It only showed my last reply to them and previous messages. If gmail does not fix this I’m going to switch carriers. It is very irritating.

  155. HI I am Himansu deori …I need your help for recover my gmail login password for the mail id:
    …actually I lost my phone yesterday and from 2012 I was not signin my gmail account after phone setting that’s why I am not able to access my account..lost security questions.. now I want one favor from your side that could you please provide me my password at id: hWithout these i will gona mad.. Please sir thankyou

  156. Have tried twice to delete my account as I will not be needing this as a spare email address after all. Very frustrated by the great length I have to wait, watching a little coloured half circle whiz round, before I can even tick the two boxes and then click the ‘delete account’ box. What is happening and why can’t I just get on and delete this account?

  157. I am selva kumar from INDIA. For the past 3 days I am getting verification code to my mobile no. Also I am getting call from GOOGLE automated service from 4322.Some body is trying to hack my mail ID.

    Please help to sort out the issue.

    Selva kumar

  158. Nothing works. You reject the correct password, make it impossible to recover and the codes for phone are rejected for no reason. You just don t want people to get back into their Skype accounts without having a nervous breakdown. And your phone message is a lie You really don t want to talk to human beings. You are a mindless entity without feeling, regard or respect for the people who pay your bills

  159. I have a gmail account,, but I forgot the password,, after following the instructions, the recovery email address is not mine,,,, please provide information on this subject

  160. I contacted Google about my Gmail account. I was not able to get incoming emails. I called on number and the man with an Indian accent told me to shut and listen he is going to fix the problem. I hung up on him. I called back and the next Indian man was “demanding” my credit card number before he would try and help me. Google directs us to the online forum, how am I going to get the replies to help me when I AM NOT ABLE TO GET ANY EMAIL!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  161. I put my gmail account 2 steps verification and put my mobile phone on Philippines as to receive verification code. I no longer live in Philippines

  162. I put 2 step verification on gmail account and I put my mob. phone in Philippines as to receive code. I no longer live in Philippines. How can I receive the code on my current phone?

  163. I have tried to access my Gmail and it has not been possible due to the fact I have got my password incorrect
    I have followed all the instructions and have still been unsuccessful.
    Please can someone from gmail give me a call as requested on 01562 884641

  164. the worst customer services I have ever encountered stonewalled at every turn and phone lines not manned at weekend very dissapointed

  165. You have advertised the wrong author on the Internet for my book CINDER ROAD. CINDER ROAD was written by me Kay Joan Mays, Not Kelly Jean Mays. Please correct the error. Thank you.




    i vote class action…

  167. gmail won’t allow me to get into my account because i’m using a different access point but both my yahoo and hotmail accounts work perfectly even though i using a different access point… so i’d like to know why gmail won’t do the same thing…instead of blocking me from my gmail account !

  168. Google effectively offers no customer service or tech support. Therefore, I will no longer use any of Google’s programs or services. Caveat emptor.

  169. GESPERRTE E-MAIL alacarte.patu



  170. they suspended my email because someone tried to change my password it was not me now I can not get into my email and no way to retrieve it theyw ere no help just sent me to a link which was a dead end their customer service SUCKS………

  171. To whom it may concern
    I having problem to sign in to my email. The error message is my account is disabled. I filled in the form and did follow instruction but I still cant access me email. However, I got automatic reply email that My request is already pending appeal. So when can I get back my email? I have a lot of important email to reply.
    Please inform what can I do the next?
    Thank you

  172. I need help with switching my account to a new phone. Impossible to get a real person on the phone. The system hung up on me, and when I finally got to a selection that would take to a real person I was told I had and hour and a half wait. You need a call back system!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. hi.. how to reset my password of my brothers Gmail account. i dont know the exact date of last sign in but i know the location that he last sign in. please help me .. i need help beacase after he reset his phone his google account is forget his the password.. please help me .

  174. my ex has changed my password and recovery options,he now has the ability to delete ALL my photos. I need help

  175. It is horrible! No one is helpful, cant speak English or difficult to understand. Contacting customer service at the right dept is a nightmare to say the least.

  176. question: I have an I phone 4 & it has an e mail icon that was on there when I got the phone. How do I set it up so my emails come to that e mail icon & I’ll I’ll have to do is click the email I con to read my e mails?

  177. you said i received an email from the irs, the irs NEVER uses email, only the post office. please remove this email from the server, as it is a scam

  178. Have been trying to log on. Constantly says my password is incorrect. Tried to reset it but would not recognise reset code. Says my name is Crawford when it is Crawforth and says my phone number ends in 33 when it actually ends in 54. Please sort out this matter

  179. Your food is the best the service is amazing and friendly I have ordered twice online now and I will continue to order I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family your prices are affordable especially for me because I have low income you guys are the best.

  180. customer support is of no help whatever; no one answers the phone at google customer service. can’t access my g-mail account (because of incorrect password) don’t
    like resorting to 3rd party assistance- but might have to.

  181. I have received Mail Delivery Subsystem. I tried to send messages to people, but it was rejected. I wanted to know how long would it take to solve the problem?

  182. Tried to log into my account from my home computer as I do every morning and today it went to a new page asking for a phone number associated with the account THAT I NEVER GAVE YOU!!! So you give an alternate way to sign in and go through a bunch of question to answer that hardly nobody could remember anyway like the date that you set up your account after you’ve had it for several years but don’t remember how many years, then they ask for an email to change your password and tells you that is incorrect!!! Customer Service over the phone is a huge joke! If you press the number for your email the recording is a joke! What a waste of my time!!! ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT!!!
    GOOGLE is so bent on security but gives the Gov access to it all!!!

  183. My gmail account password has been changed by someone. I did not authorize this change. My recovery email has been changed as well. I mite who did it, but not sure. I’ve given every password I can remember having and I still can’t get into my account. I really like gmail/google and I don’t want to take my account elsewhere. Please, can I get some help for this. I have another google account that’s been changed too. It has a recovery email I don’t recognize.

    Thank you

    • i think gmail is the worst possible thing ever made and should be banne fffffffing rubbish no help ever waste of time owes me many hours and im very very fff of with it i have job interveiws and applications and gmail decide to lock my acount so any other email address is th best aproach

  184. Look I do not have a damn cell phone need an actual phone call for my Damn code for my Gmail account so sick and tired of the f run around get your question fixed some people like in the country that cell phones do not work.

  185. Is there anyone besides a smug algorithm that reads this board?
    I have some serious issues with gmail customer support and I have no plans to talk to a server about them.

    Any thoughts all?

  186. I tried calling your support number 3 times for a friends son and was hung up on every time. I was calling because he cant get access to his files stored using the automated processes for recovery. He no longer has the phone number to get the access code, cant remember his password or all the challenging questions. So he has about 30G of files he needs access to but cant. I called to see if their is a manual process that can be done as in sending in passport picture or drivers license etc to get his password reset and get access, there has to be a manual way, someone has to have had a similar issue and that was why I called and I got no help.


  188. he Google Accounts
    Aug 29 at 9:12 AM

    Hello jfalke41,

    This is to inform you that your request on: 8/25/2017 2:37:40 p.m. to remove your account from server has been approved and will initiate in one hour from the exact time you open this message.

    ignore this message to continue with email removal or

    If this deactivation was not requested by you

    Please reply us.


    NOTE: If You Receive This Message In Your Junk or Spam Its Due to Your Internet Provider

  189. Money was deducted from my account without me having the ride cause the guy never pitched up,he then called me later saying I must cancel the ride because he has been having GPS problems, saying that I must send this email to get my money back. How do I get my money back?

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    I saw your awesome site, and I was wondering if I can be part of, too!

    I want to publish a guest post on I want to submit an article for your site.

    You will get my article for free. All I need is one or two Dofollow link back to my site.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Kind regards

  191. I received this message. I did not request an account cancellation. Is this from you?

    Hello denisetangney,

    This is to inform you that your request on: 06/03/2018 2:37:40 p.m. to remove your account from server has been approved and will initiate in one hour from the exact time you open this message.

    ignore this message to continue with email removal or

    Please confirm if this is genuine as i have not made any such request.


  192. The guy goes by Jared freeman or zook Donald. All his accounts are hacked and is stealing peoples identities.

    Please remove these 2 accounts

  193. My email was deleted by Google. Can I get it back? My contacts over 20 years have this address. Please advise.
    727 946-3893 is my telephone number for texts. Hope you can help. Steve sutton.

  194. You keep changing things with my email and I’m ready to change from you to another one! Will you please STOP HACKING and CHANGING THINGS SO I CANNOT EVEN GET INTO MY EMAIL. I do not want to upgrade to any other way to get into my account. I want to be able to click on “mail” and have it come up. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I’m beginning to despise Google Chrome!!!!!!!!

  195. I have been at a home where there whole wifi and system and everything is being monitored and now I can’t get into any gmails that I have at all!! Please help!

  196. Hi…I have been at the home where there complete wifi and security has been hacked and monitored from a worldwide identity theft ring. I got home Mon. I can’t get into any of my 6 gmail accounts. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. My GMail account is not opening. Internet connection is ok. I m utilising other browsers. Pl tell me about the problem and rectify it.


  199. I have gotten calls wanting info, then when I say the year I graduated from high school(1958), they hang up the phone. Not good business practice!!!!!

  200. You keep calling me, and I enter, do not call. And, you keep calling here. I will sue you if you keep calling, since I have asked several times not to call me !

  201. How do I get into my address book in my gmail account to see if I have an email address for someone I’m not sure is in there and to put new addresses in or remove those who have changed their email addresses?

  202. L like the new format,however ,there is no way of deleting spam,I am getting spam and pop-ups from porn,and dating sites I did not subscribe to,how do I stop this?

  203. I have been trying to log in to my gmail, on Wednesday sept. 5, 2018, I talked to someone with code 247286, he told me I had a hacker in Germany and Poland, MCAFEE WAS NOT SECURE FOR HACKERS, he tried to sell me insurance, which I cannot afford. I ask him to just me signed up and I would take my chances, HE HUNG UP ON ME, THIS IS NOT ANY WAY TO TREAT CUSTOMERS, YOU HAVE A BLOCK ON ME, DELL HAS TRIED TO HELP ME AND SO HAS MCAFEE, PLEASE RESPOND TO ME AT 903 679 3428, ASAP


  205. Why am I being threatened to have my g mail account discontinued, saying I haven’t used it in two years? I use it all the time. I am very angry about this and I am not going to join something and pay for something I don’t want !! Someone please help me with this. This is the threatening e mail I got tonight:

    I want an answer NOW. Why are you trying to force me to join something so I can ask you a question. I do not want to join something. Someone tell me WHY you sent me an e mail threatening to discontinue my g mail acct. saying I hadn’t used it in two years. WHAT a lie !!!! I live on g mail. Clear this up for me now please. I won’t stop complaining about this threat and lie until I get a decent reply. EL
    Your OneDrive account will be deleted on October 21, 2018

    Microsoft OneDrive
    10:37 PM (1 minute ago)
    to me

    Having trouble viewing this message? Click here.

    Your account will be deleted on October 21, 2018
    Your account has been unused for the past two years, and will be deleted on October 21, 2018.
    If you would like to keep your account, please visit OneDrive to reactivate it.
    Go to OneDrive
    The OneDrive Team
    Facebook Twitter
    This email was sent from an unmonitored mailbox.

    You are receiving this message because you have a Microsoft OneDrive account.

    Privacy Statement

    Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052 USA


  206. Hi, I have Gmail is I have lost my icon in my cell which is life wireless due to a problem and nobody had been able to reinstall now I have to type Gmail go to my email and there is no phone for Gmail. Please help if can

  207. hello lease help my phone broke and I need to ass a number to my account I don’t kw my number by heart .lease give me a call by 3146654753 please and an recovery email is thank you so much please get back with me as soon a possible . please my email I am trying to get in is

  208. I was writing a reply to an email for a couple of hours this afternoon, and not only did the draft disappear on its own, but the original email I had received early this morning (the one I was replying to) has also disappeared from my in box altogether. Not only that, but as soon as I had received the email this morning, I forwarded it to a colleague – however, that forwarded email had also disappeared from my sent box / file. I just called my colleage who said that she did receive the forwarded email from me, yet it is not in my sent box / file. how could this happen and where could all the emails be now – ie, the orignal I had received, the draft I had been working on, and the sent copy of the same email I had sent to a colleague?

  209. I am trying to set up a new gmail account. My old one I had about 5 years ago and don’t use it. I don’t know the password. I am trying to delete it, but I am not having success since I have not used the old one for a long time. I was wanting to call and talk to someone about this. When I called this number 800-489- 4813 I get hung on. Please I need some help.

  210. I had reset the password of my email ,after which I was unable to login again.
    My alternate mail was hacked and my US phone number was discontinued since I
    left the States for over 3 months .
    Since google claims it is unable to verify that I am the owner what choices do I have?? I know most of the folder names in my mail and willing to fax or scan and mail copy of my passport

    I wrote all this to customer care but no response.I am considering litigating

  211. I as well as my guys were actually digesting the good ideas from your web site then at once I had a terrible feeling I never expressed respect to you for those secrets. The men ended up for that reason warmed to read them and have really been enjoying them. Appreciation for actually being quite kind as well as for making a decision on certain amazing subject matter most people are really wanting to be informed on. My sincere regret for not expressing gratitude to you earlier.

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