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Contacting GameStop Customer Service Center

GameStop is the world’s leader in video game sales, purchases and trades. The company specializes in new and used hardware and software as well as offering discounted accessories. The company has a reaches 17 countries within a network of more than 6,600 stores. GameStop also features an online game portal, designed specifically for online game play. At times, customers have concerns and are not able to visit one of the locations. This is where the customer relations team lends a hand.

The company features several verticals so customers can contact a representative.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The company provides several methods to contact customer service. Customers can check the GameStop FAQ’s for recently asked questions or concerns. Customers can also call the customer service line, as well as send traditional correspondence through the mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer care line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-883-8895

Mailing Address

Traditional correspondence to a customer service representative can be sent to the following location:

GameStop Corporate Headquarters
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX 76051

Official Website

The GameStop official website provides an extensive amount of information to the customer. The website features a link to the other properties, including the monthly magazine Game Informer and the PC download site Customers can find information regarding downloadable content, pre-owned games, hardware and accessories, as well as current trade-in values.

Customers can create an account in order to receive up-to-date information regarding new releases and upcoming information on products and services. When an account is created, customers can order online and check the status of their orders.

Customer Service Email

In the event customers cannot reach a live customer service representative, they can send an email to the customer care center. The email to the customer service department is Customers do not need to have an account or enter personal information in order to send a message. We sent an email asking the policy on pre-ordering video games and are awaiting a response. The company states customers should receive a response within 24 hours.

Customer can also contact the company by:



Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we encountered the automated system which provided an option to speak to a live customer service representative. We waited and waited and waited. For approximately 10 minutes, we waited and never spoke to an agent. We called again and after waiting again for 10 minutes, spoke to an agent. We asked questions regarding the trade-in program. The representative was knowledgeable and even apologetic for our wait time.

Overall the experience was not in our top ten. When a company wants your hard earned money, especially for a discretionary purchase, one would think customer service would be on the ball. What did you think when you contacted the customer service department? Share your comments below.

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77 Comments on “Contact GameStop Customer Service
  1. Have tried to call the customer service number many times in the last 24 hours….waited on hold with the automated system for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and no person ever answered. That is not acceptable.

  2. I bought the gta 4 for Xbox 360 and I want to install the police pursuit mod but I don’t know how I been searching on the Internet to see how and I still don’t know please help me out I want to know how to install it so I could be playing as a police officer the whole time

  3. I would give them a zero if possible. I have tried calling 4 times in the past week and waited for over 30 minutes each time. Nobody picks up at their online customer service department. What a joke! It’s bad enough they have prices higher than other retailers, but customer service that doesn’t pick up the phone is very likely to drive people away. Great business model!

  4. Horrible phone support. Called 3 times within 3 days and waited over an hour and a half each call and no one ever picked up! Was a pressing issue too. Gamestop needs to hire more people or outsource so at least someone picks up the phone when customers call in less than an hour and a half!!! that is just unacceptable!

  5. Waited on hold for an hour and 45 minutes today. When someone finally answered they immediately hung up. Apparently Gamestop doesn’t want to do business with me. No big deal. There are plenty of places that are more than willing to speak with their customers.

  6. what i think is game stop needs to have all games like the frist xbox games and ps2 games some pepole still have those thing and want to get more games for there old consols if u get this ples cang it THINK YOU

  7. My Xbox 360 console I give game stop he no give my console back she say trash your console latter she say police took your console I complete costermer service 10 days ago no response plese help me

  8. Hi,i am using your service for long time.
    EBGames , Gamestop .
    But after years i still find the same problems. I am going to explain mine.Now,i took a new GameStop Power UP Reward Pro card.
    I have had my purchase in NYC,every thing ok,but i am a professional traveller so now i am in Italy and can not use my card,tomorrow i am in London andi will ask but for sure i can use only in USA again next month,why i can not do it?
    I have a coupon i should use to get 6 month of playstation* and a free copy of The Last Of Us. It was expiring Yesterday and i could not redeem it.
    After long time i joined you again,but i finded the same old things,just ask why if i join you in USA or anywhere in the world i should take card all over the world to buy games or take promotions??
    Because, before i was buying at your store but without buy the card. Just an example , i buy Apple services all over the world and i can use it all over the world,why can not use your services all over the world?
    In the shops in Italy told me ,that i am not the only one did that.
    Tomorrow will try in London.
    Expecting your answer ,have a nice day.

  9. I have called customer support 3 times been on hold more than 25 minutes, the online chat is just a worse , all I want is to confirm shipping of a package , on the website the shipping tracking # is wrong and will not pull through UPS !!!!!!!!!!!
    worsed customer services ever… good luck finding an email address too

  10. I would like to compliment the associates at the Howell, NJ store located at 4803 Rt9 North.

    My 9 year old son and I went into the store to replace an xbox360 game that was damaged. An associate on the floor was very helpful.

    When we were at the counter to make our purchase, SAMANTHA (367582) was very helpful. She suggested renewing our PowerUp membership and pointed out all the benefits. (Basically the membership “pays for itself” with the added benefits and coupons.) She also suggested the $3 GPG insurance policy and explained exactly how it worked.

    She shared two small gifts with my son that were tie-in gifts from previous new game releases. He was so excited! She suggested taking a photo of my receipt with my phone in case it was lost.

    I worked for many years in retail management, and I was very impressed with Samantha’s customer service! I wanted to take the time to compliment the service that I received at this location.

    Thank you so very much!

  11. GameStop has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! Can’t get through to them on the phone! Can’t get anyone on-line. There is reason to believe that the customer service department doesn’t even exist! Being no one has ever been known to communicate with one. Well, how can you communicate when you won’t answer phone calls, or live chats!! At least have an e-mail address listed so customers who don’t have all day to wait can get in touch with you! I didn’t renew my PowerUp membership. I do not intend to ever shop with GameStop again!! If you think you are the only place we shoppers can buy games and accessories you are very much mistaken!!! GOOD-BYE GAMESTOP! I’ll drive down the street to Walmart from now on!!

  12. I do not typically complain about things like this, but I feel that the way I was treated today was completely disrespectful.Last week upon purchasing an xbox1 (not through gamestop) I purchased two games to go with if for my boyfriend at the GILFORD NH GAMESTOP. I purchased watchdogs, and a UFC fight game. My boyfriend decided that he did not care for the particular games that I had purchased (in excess of $60) so I told him I would see what I could do. I called the gilford NH gamestop and talked to a really nice guy on the phone. I explained that my bf was hoping that he could pick out different games then the ones I had picked out, but I didn’t want to lose what I had put into purchasing them. I also explained that I no longer had the receipt where as it was christmas a lot of the receipts and bags had been discarded. He said that I was in luck because for this week they were running a special where I could return the games (with out a receipt)and exchange them for new games and I would not lose the money I had used to purchase them. Well, today I went to that gamestop and was greeted by a very unfriendly employee. I explained to him what the guy on the phone said and he replied ” I have no idea what you are talking about. This goes against all company policy, do you uncerstand that!” He then rang my games up and told me ” Your trade in value is $16.40.” I told him very politely again that they guy on the phone said i could return the games and trade them for new ones. The look on his face was as if I had called him a nasty name. he replied with ” are you serious? you expect to come in here with no receipt, no gamestop card and absolutely NO PROOF that you got these games here, and think that I’m going to give you your money back in trade? do you realize that this against EVERY game stop policy??!!”The way he was looking at me was like I was the biggest scumbag in the world. at this point am completely mortified. My boyfriend had to walk away because they guy was being so rude. I stammered that the guy in the phone told me I could do this.. he replied with ” yeah, whats his name?!” I told him I didn’t remember. He again laughed and said ” Oh so you don’t remember his name huh?” I apologized and said that I didn’t. again he asked me if I knew how insane my story sounded. I was about to just take my games and walk out, because at this point other customers were staring at me when his manage walked in. He pulled the lady and said ” This lady is telling me that we are talking back games with NO receipt and giving FULL credit for new games. is this true?” she nodded and said ” Yes, we are doing that” I looked at him and said ” THANK YOU. you really were making me feel like as ass!” he then went off on a rant on how this was insane and people were going to be showing up in march expecting to get this same deal when trading in games. He then told me that SHE was the manager, so he had to so what he was told. I literally didn’t know what to say at that point. Not once did he apologize for making me feel like a moron and basically accuse me of trying to steal from the company. I have never had a bad experience at gamestop, and spend quite a bit of money there. Things like this make me want to take my business elsewhere. I am a manager in retail and talking to that way and making them feel like that is not what good customer service is about.

  13. It is not possible to reach customer service via phone. You are left on hold forever. You will not receive help. The customer service email link does not work, the online live chat does not work, and your local store can’t handle online orders either.

  14. Its frustrating gamestop sends 20 percent of coupon. We purchased Playstation controller game and card and not able to use because the items were not used.

  15. Good morning! First I have to say that your Customer Service phone number is horrible. Not only did I spend hours trying to talk with someone, but I had to listen to the annoying propaganda and sales pitches. I tried to call 12 times and waited on hold for more than 30 minutes each time. I understand during the holidays it’s busy, but that is ridiculous. I ordered online a NEW Kinect for the Xbox 1 for my grandson for Christmas on 12/12/14. I was getting nervous because I couldn’t get any information about the shipping information or expected delivery date. It was getting closer to Christmas and I was getting more concerned. After all the phone calls I decided to call the store in my area. I talked to a young woman who said she would make some calls to help me. She called me back and told me that she learned that the package was still in the warehouse and had not shipped and that nobody knew why. Luckily she had one in the store. What she did not tell me though it was refurbished. So, I went to the store, waited in line for 20 minutes, and finally got to speak with her in person. She was incredible. She was able to somehow get my money refunded onto a gift card, purchase the one in the store along with an additional game and money left on the gift card for my grandson to make a future purchase. I was not happy that the unit was refurbished and not new like my original order, however she put a warranty on it. Deborah knows customer service. The store was extremely busy, yet she made sure every customer she helped was completely satisfied before they finished their transaction and left the store. She saved Christmas for my grandson. Needless to say he was extremely happy and we played Dance Party most of the afternoon. Deborah needs to be recognized for her knowledge of your operations and her customer service!

  16. on 01/17/15 my son and I went to Game stop and bought a copy of call of duty black ops. We paid $21. The game didn’t work. on 01/18/15 we took the game back, and realized that the receipt wasn’t in the bag. Our fault, they wouldn’t exchange it because we didn’t have the receipt. The employee, Emmett,of the store on SH 351 in Abilene, Texas told us he couldn’t exchange it, but he could give us a $4.15 trade in for it.

    I am at a loss, I just told him it didn’t work, he didn’t try to see if it worked, he didn’t try to clean it, he just wanted to buy it back, slap another $20 price tag on it and sell it to some other unsuspecting sucker. Lost the receipt, our fault. Buy it and resell it to someone else, dishonest and unethical and I won’t be a part of that even for money.
    They should have at least checked it, cleaned it or something, even without the receipt.
    I have 4 children who play games and Game stop lost a customer, but more importantly, Game stop has lost it’s integrity.

  17. I purchased a game online and i really can say that this has been the worst experience I have had buying online, my card wasn’t accepted idk why I even called my bank and everything was ok there, but not for Gamestop then the payment went through but, I never got the game and when calling costumer ser if I had to wait over an hour on hold… This seriously has been terrible, don’t do this to yourself.

  18. I’ve been waiting for almost an hour now and the customer service hasn’t helped me one time or even answered and I just need power up rewards help

  19. A GameStop associate promise me a spot for a collectors edition for fallout 4 if I put 25$ down for preorder he said they will give me a call when its available I was number 6 on the list I never received the call when I called back they sold out and there nothing they can do. I’ve been buying games from game stop for years this is the second time they mess up my collectors edition preorder my friend told me in the future use amazon so I’m switching to amazon sad to say me and my wife take gaming seriously I’ve been let down for the last time

  20. I would like to talk to a person, this is ridiculous, I called 3 times and stayed on whole between 12 to 18 minutes. I don’t think there are that many people calling,
    get a better call in system!!!!!!!

  21. worst CS experience ever. no help, no information. you can barely understand the person. phone system is garbage. theyre left absolutely helpless, and you sit on hold for ever

  22. someone named Danny called a dick head in Spanish thinking that I would not know what he said, I said he was being an asshole and he told me how stupid I was for not understanding how to load a GameStop reward points onto my account
    I don’t hate GameStop but I think Danny is a huge Douche

  23. Hi i was wondering if i can trade in a game. I have advanced warfaire for ps4 that my friends gave me can i trade it in for a ps3 version?

  24. Problem I ordered Mortal Kombat X now 3 times the first 2 times it was canceled…. I just ordered it again yesterday on your site it said won’t charge you until it ships I was charged yesterday I was told the game won’t come in till January 2nd…. Why did you charge me now…. The order number is 4151112175876445…. Please check this out an if you can refund me my money until the game is coming… Please tell me when the game is available…. This is what you said in my order…. You will not be billed until the order ships….. Please tell me when it’s coming or refund me my money until it’s coming…. Thanks
    P.S. I’ve called your number 2 times it said half hour wait the first time I waited 1 1/2 hours waiting now it’s been way over half hour…. Can’t talk to anyone…. Please answer my questions…. Second message I’ve sent you….

  25. I’ve been waiting on hold now for an hour and five minutes. I’m happy to see that everyone else is having issues. Best Buy is taking all of your business because your prices are high and your customer service is terrible. You will always take the backseat to other companies because you refuse to allocate your money to places that will build your brand image. I will never buy anything from GameStop ever again

  26. I recently purchased online from them. It was my sons Christmas present! I ordered November 23 and as of Dec. 5 I have heard nothing about my order. I only got a confirmation and that was it. Waited on hold :45 to speak to customer service. Needless to say after I gave him all my info he said what’s the problem with the order which I already stated once. After being put on hold again I was told they were on back order and he had no idea if I would get it by Christmas or if I would get it at ALL!!! I asked why I wasn’t notified of the problem, he had no response. This was the only gift my son wanted for Christmas. Now I have to go see what I can do about getting it somewhere else. Just bad business all the way around on their part!!!!!!

    • Thank you Miss hearing your story reminds me of when I ordered from gamestop. com 4 gamecube games which were pokemon coliseum games. Although in my case the games did arrive but when they did two of the four games did not work and one of them looked so badly damaged that it was obvious that it wasnt going to work. Furthermore if you want to mail the games back you as the customer have to pay for the shipping even if there is a problem with the games on gamestops part. I STRONGLY dont recommend as its basically a gamble whether the game or system is going to work or not. I recommend mabey wal mart.

  27. I did a order on line on 11/30/15 they sent it out UPS well it shows it was shipped but i never got it I was told by UPS that my order was lost so i called game stop and they told me there was nothing they could due for 10 day i gave them the case # UPS gave me but still no help i will never order from them online they are a joke

  28. I called and waited for 37 minutes to speak to someone with horribly broken English, who told me that my gift card would be refunded because I cancelled my order. He said that my gift cards would be refunded within 4 hours. When I tried to use them the following day-they had not been refunded. Sat on the phone waiting for another 45 minutes for a person to tell me some more BS that I wasn’t trying to hear. I’m paying off my credit card bill with them and NEVER shopping there again, as their customer service SUCKS. I will just go to Best Buy or Wal-Mart for the games; I’ve been shopping there for since they have opened and but that will be ending due to their incompetence.

  29. I recently received great customer service from a Game Stop dist. Manager Jonathan Skipp. He truly went above and beyond to make things right for my 11 year old who had a bad experience at a Game Stop location in Silverdale WA on 1/10/2016. I do not need to go into to much detail about the situation since it has been completely turned around by Jonathan. With in Minutes of filling out and sending my customer survey I received a call from the Manager Jonathan. I was amazed that I even got a call back. Honestly I never do the surveys on the receipt, but felt the need to let you know that your staff was not representing Game Stop in a positive way through his actions. Anyway Jonathan went through the incident thoroughly with me over the phone and let me know he will be discussing the issue with that stores Manager and will have it addressed with the employee that following day. He also was aware that it was my son’s gift cards he received for his birthday present he was spending that day. He knew that my sons day was ruined by the employees actions so he wanted to make it right. He had me bring him to the Game Stop store in Poulsbo WA where he would have something waiting for him! Let me tell you I was speechless!!! My husband took him to the store the following day which happened to be his true birthday day and he received a bag full of amazing gifts! My son was beyond happy!!! Then shortly after my son picked up the items Jonathan called me to make sure My son was happy!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! This man has gone above and beyond to make things right and I will be forever be grateful and will never shop anywhere but Games Stop for any gaming supplies we may need!!! I have also posted on FB and Tweeted about my good experience!!!

    I just wanted to share with you that you dist. manager for this area is AMAZING and is an incredibly valuable person to have working for your company!!!!

  30. ORDER # 5160227102998979
    i ordered the fallout thumbs up t shirt. You sent me the wrong size. It is a XXL and I ordered a single XL. This is NOT my mistake as the paper says XL on it inside the envelope and the shirt says it on the back and it is clearly visible as soon as I opened it XXL. This shirt is massive and not wearable. This was the first part of my 2 part order. I tried to call as soon as I opened the package and it was a 30 minute wait and the message told me to leave a comment here.
    Thank you for your help.

  31. Dear GameStop – Alex and I, need yours and GameStop help in order to stop a couple of Bonnie and Clyde type individuals from utilizing our accounts in every GameStop Location. Their names are Karen-Walker-Leagult Poland, her husband Kevin Poland, her bitch mother Ann B. Walker, who is an arrogant sort and is trying to make it look like Karen wrote my poetry, and took Creative Writing for which she did not. She is also, trying to go after my PSN Id that I’ve had for a very long time, and utilize ,my achievements etc to build her low-rent self up. She has a Son John, with a Richard Leagult in VA, and has been trying to rid herself of her life with Richard for quite a while instead of applying at Morrison’s Cafeteria. She is not finnish, and will not be using us along with our friends and relatives in order for her to get rid of her responsibility to herself and son, and husband Kevin Poland. She will not be usoing anyone from GameStop, Eb games, etc, for she is not a gamer girl, and has updated her license plate in order to take advantage of our idea. We need not only GameStop, but those for whom you are able to trust in order to put them away. Basically, anything that you are able to do including closing our powerup rewards account. Thank you, Sincerely Heather-Alex Hutchinson

  32. I have had almost nothing but negative experiences with gamestop in the past couple of months.First of all one of many negative experiences I had was when purchasing a preowned Playstation 3. When making a purchase of a system it is usually a courtesy if not a policy for the gamestop employee to offer you the extended warranty for 2 years beyond the limited 30 day warranty that automatically comes with the purchase. However the homosexual at the store neglected to offer the warranty and unfortunately I had personally forgot to mention it myself. As it was late at night when I made the purchase and it was after closing time that I remembered that I neglected to purchase the warranty I decided to wait until the following day. However before returning to the gamestop store I researched on the gamestop website how much the warranty cost and on the website it was $9.99. However upon returning to the store the Lady at the counter said that I had to pay $19.99 for the warranty, literally twice the amount that was said on the official gamestop website for the exact same Playstation 3 with the exact same GB yet a huge difference in price for the warranty between the store and the website. I ultimately ended up purchasing the warranty but it unquestionably gave me a negative view of gamestop as I felt that this was very deceptive. My next negative experience I had was when I went to the same gamestop store mentioned in my previous experience to purchase a Nintendo DS Lite as at the time there was a $20 discount on ALL Nintendo systems. When I went to the store the two homosexual males behind the counter outright lied and said that it did not apply to the Nintendo DS Lite and according to them only applied to the Nintendo DSI and Nintendo 3DS. Despite my knowing that what they said was false I decided to purchase a Nintendo DSI even though it was more expensive. However afterwards I researched online again immediately after leaving the store and found out that I was indeed correct and that the offer indeed did apply to ALL Nintendo systems. I then called another gamestop location and asked the employee whether the offer applied to all Nintendo systems and this person actually had the common sense to look it up on their system and confirmed that the offer DID apply to ALL Nintendo systems. The next day I returned the Nintendo DSI to the store with the homosexual liars and received a refund. Then I was able to visit the store with actual knowledgeable employees and purchased the discounted Nintendo DS Lite. This one occasion did end on a positive note but It certainly gave me a very negative view of gamestop that certain problem elements that work at the store dont even have the common sense or the courtesy to research something when they are unsure about it. The last issue that I will discuss today is an issue I had with the gamestop website. I attempted to login to my power up rewards account and download the monthly coupons that are made available for the pro members and upon attempting to download the coupons I received a message that I needed to verify my identity even though I was a have been using the exact same computer as I always have. I checked my email address but did not see the verification email. I went back to the gamestop/power up rewards website and clicked the resend email button but the email never appeared, nor did it appear in my spam folder. With almost no other option left I called gamestops customer service desk and spoke with a representative. The inconsiderate homosexual seemed to not care in the least about my problem. The only resolution that happened was I was provided with a coupon code which I had to physically write down and I was told if I presented this code to a gamestop store that I would receive the discount. However upon questioning the representative about how the main problem would be resolved which is the verifying of my account so that I could download future coupons I was told that it would be resolved but I was not told how. This is the final straw with gamestop. These incidents I have mentioned and others have enraged me so much that I will no longer be purchasing from any of their stores again. The lack of knowledge of the staff is one thing but the nonchalant attitude of almost every gamestop employee I have encountered enrages me more than anything. I have read through some of the comments on this site and seen that some people have had somewhat positive experiences and I admit in the past I have had SOME positive experience. However in my case the negative experiences greatly outway the positive and that is why for my future gaming needs I will be making purchases elsewhere. I am not going to support a company that has shown no concern for the problems I have experienced because of their negligence.

  33. My friends have been trying to pull me towards competitors of game stop but after having to go through so many hoops trying to activate power up rewards cards, trying to merge cards, get my lifetime points to my current points, I’ve been taking words to heart. I have bought 3 games in the last few weeks and meanwhile everywhere I go the game stop employees tell me power up rewards is a completely different company and to contact them, but when I called the foreigner that picked up assured me the some issues had been resolved and the rest of the issues could be handled in store but when I go in store and tried to get another game they told me to contact online support once again. There’s no way all this trouble is going to be worth the 20k points I’ve been fighting for. It’s so sad I’ve been feeding this big company for years to the point they’ve gotten so big they can’t handle getting help that is helpful, smart enough to resolve simple issues, or even have understandable middle western accents.

  34. We recently purchased and XBox One for a wedding gift. My son made the purchase for us and brought it home. We wrapped thgift and watched the groom open the present. Unfortunately, they already owned one. My son picked it up at
    their home and went to the store to return the item. From this point on things got messy. We found the item we purchased had a broken
    seal and inside the Xbox was not in its original packaging. Taylor the
    store manager would not accept the
    return and followed what I presume
    was standard policy. My son left the
    store upset of course and contacted
    the groom to confirm he did not
    open the box. This was confirmed
    so at this point we new no one had tampered with the box I returned to the store with my son and spoke to Taylor describing the circumstances. My assumption was a return may not have been checked and was placed back in the warehouse as new. In any case Taylor continued to follow policy so I asked to speak to her manager. She said she would call them first. After a while she returned with the approval to refund our money. Who will ever know what happened but we are certain we never opened the box. Thank you Taylor at the Mechanicsburg PA store for resolving this issue. It could have gotten a lot more frustrating than what it was.

  35. Bought a pre-owned Xbox one controller at CoastalGrand Mall in Myrtle beach SC on vacation. Took it home and it did not work. Trying to return today at same store and only one guy working, 5 people currently in line, waiting here 30 minutes while he waits on customers and answers phone. Horrible store, selling broken pre-owned equipment, horrible scheduling with only one guy in store. Fix it please, it makes your company look terrible and pisses a lot of customers off, including myself!!!

  36. The game store in Castleford sold me a second hand iPhone when I sold it to mazuma it come up as stolen when I contacted custermer services they told me it’s not there problem and no intention of getting involved I would not touch the game store with a barge pole

  37. Hello I bought a couple of games as a gift for my nephews visiting from Canada and when they returned and open the video game in a watch dog 2 game cover for PS4 was a game for Xbox one! There are no GameStop stores in Canada. I’m furious and saddened at your service. Please advise how you would like to take care of this and get my nephew the right game asap. I would think a large chain of stores doesn’t make such such stupid mistakes. Please advise asap how you would like to take care of this???

  38. I bought Destiny 2 and the Expansion Pass. The code was printed on a receipt. I entered the code as directed. $35 was added to my account. I thought ok, I’ll use the points to buy the pass. Nope, the expansion is 34.99 and I have $35 on my account. I preordered this game. Waited and waited. Only to be told there are no refunds. I don’t want a refund I want what I paid for. I can provide record that I did not purchase a gift card. Take the money back, just do what is right. I will continue to post here everyday until I am contacted. The hotline was busy, 45 mins and no answer. Multiple calls ranging from 10-45 mins. Contact me ASAP.

  39. We Justin Smith & Paul Rhodes are contacting you in regards to looking for sponsorship for our local business in Norwalk, Ohio. We are going to be opening a professional wrestling school, and also using the same location as a venue to run weekly wrestling events. On the other side of the venue we will have a full indoor flea market. We are seeking sponsorship and in return during our shows we will announce you as a sponsor of our company, as well as put your logo on the bottom of our flyers we put out for shows, and also we are willing to put up anything you would give us around the venue and the flea market to promote your company as well.

    If this is something that could discuss further we would love to hear from you.

    Thank you for your time,

    Justin Smith/Paul Rhodes

  40. I am so frustrated. I have been on hold for an hour waiting to talk to someone. This is crazy. I ordered a product and entered my gift card but then when I went to submit the order it didn’t credit me for the gift card. So the entire price was put on my credit card. I have tried to cancel the order so I can reorder with the gift card on it, but it won’t let me do this. Please contact me so we can correct this.

  41. Never shopping GameStop again! I went to store to buy 7 items and only 1 was in stock! They say I can’t get a raincheck because I can order online. I come home to order online but it will only let me order 1 of the 7! The rest have to be picked up in store. I check and the closest store that only has 1 of the other items is 50+ miles away! I call the 1-800 number and it says that the wait time is less than 30 mins. 1 hour 6 minutes and 35 seconds later I still have not talked to anyone at all and the phone disconnects! I call back and this time it says wait time is over 30 minutes. Well I know my few thousand dollars a year is not going to make a difference to them but I will spend it some where else that want to help their customers!

  42. I’m more than dissappounted! Their trade in values are a complete rip off! Prime example, I bought a game brand new, and a popular one at that. Went home, tried the game out, beat it, brought it back in. It had been only 2 days and they were only willing to give me $5.00 and that was with me Trading it in for another game! I would of only got $3.00 if I took cash! I looked to see how much they were charging for this game used if you were to buy it, and they were charging $39.99! Really!? So you charge that much for a used game, and have to rip me off in the process? I would of been more than happy with like $8-$10 bucks, but $5 bucks? I can’t believe how they can get away with that! They tried ripping me off for my brand new iPad Air that I wanted to trade in too. I’m struggling for xmas needed to get my kids the Nintendo Switch, thought my iPad since it was only 2 weeks old (git it for free won it) I’d be able to at least get them a Nintendo Switch and a game with trading in the iPad cuz new these things cost $800-$1000. Nope. The iPad was in perfect condition, no scratches, dings, nothing, and the kid working there only offered me $80 bucks! Seriously!?! I’ve been a customer there since they opened up many many years ago. I’m even an Elite Pro Member. To be a big time customer of theres for so long, and all the stuff I’ve bought from them, you’d think they would give u better prices! Game stop is a rip off!

    • I agree with you. Not only are their trade in values rediculous, but their prices are even bogus! I myself am struggling. I have a iPad Pro, it’s the biggest screen iPad you can get. These things cost $1000 and up pending on which one you get, memory, etc. So mine was about 2 months old, no scratches, no dings. The clerk couldn’t believe I wanted to trade this in. I explained to him how times are very difficult for my family, that due to no fault of ours, my hubby and 499 other employees had been perminatly laid off from their jobs with pretty much no warning!! With Xmas coming, I have no help from other family members, nor any other places that help families out with gifts for xmas like Salvation Army or other charities. So I decided to go to game stop thinking I’d have no problem Trading it in for the same your looking to get, a Nintendo Switch for my kids for xmas cuz that’s what they want as well. I also have 3 children too! Boy did I get a serious slap in the face when they told me what little trade in value I’d get for it. I actually started to get teary eyed because I was so upset. I asked for a manager, told them my dire situation, and they can’t surely only give that little bit in trade in value. I also told them I would even go home, grab some PS4 & Xbox games we owned, that turned into a total of 42 games. I told them surely with the iPad Pro, and 42 PS4 & Xbox games that all of that stuff should of defiantly been able to get me the Nintendo Switch. They still said no. I was so desperate I even begged & pleaded with them to please help that there had to be something they could do! Long story short were about 8 days away from xmas and here I sit feeling like a complete failure of a Mom, not being able to get my 3 kids nothing for xmas! I know xmas is more than just giving presents to your kids, I get that, but there is only a few things I love about xmas and it all revolves around my kids. I love seeing the looks on their faces when they see the presents under the tree xmas morning. I love watching them open their gifts with happiness, excitement, thankfulness expressions all over their faces. I love hearing them say so many Thankyou afterwards. I love watching them use, or play with their xmas gifts after the unwrap them. Now as it stands xmas is roughly 7-8 days away, and there are no gifts for my children. This will be the worst xmas ever for my family, and GameStop with their terrible trade in values totally helped contribute ruining xmas for me, my hubby, and our 3 kids!

  43. I bought a download for ESO: Morrowind that does not work. I cannot login and customer service denies that it is the fault of their program. Now I cant even buy it from the ESO website.

  44. Hey Gamestop I recently had a big problem out of your store in Cleveland, Mississippi. I am a frequent shopper always getting new games and devices. I have never had a problem like this before. I went in to buy a ps4 card with some friends. they were getting headsets too. he rang up everything together and I told him politely I wasn’t paying for everything. He told me me he had been working here 4 years and he wasn’t dumb. I was shocked andsaid okay and he said im not selling to you. So I had to go to Walmart just because a worker said he wasn’t selling to me because I was cocky. thanks again

  45. I tried to order something on Gamestop, it failed to submit twice for no reason. After trying different payment methods, I switched my cart around for different stuff. Still won’t order. I check my Paypal and it says I ordered the first cart from GS TWICE, equaling at least 80 dollars now. yep, I’m paying twice for an order that didn’t go through, for Items I DID NOT WANT. Paypal won’t let me cancel even though it’s pending, and Game STop’s only service line is the phone, of which is too busy, and of which I am TOO LIVID AND FRANTIC to talk normally.
    There is nowhere to take this problem yet, and there is nothing I can do until the payment goes through and I have to make a dispute.
    Not going to order from them again.

  46. I am having a problem with my order not being delivered, but my credit card being charged. I am on hold for customer service, it’s been 40 minutes and still no one answers. I created an account and searched for my order using the order confirmation No. included on the confirmation email, and states no order found. I cannot find anyway to contact you concerning my order or the fact that I was charged without receiving the product. What can I do to be able to contact you.

  47. How do I cancel my membership?

    Please contact Guest Care to cancel your membership.

    Where is Guest Care? I cannot find it.

  48. I tried calling cutomer service and never was connected to a person…. Very disappointed…. The product I received from GameStop online was broken and know I can’t get ahold of anyone to get it exchanged and I paid for 2 day shipping and it took over a week to receive it… Not a happy costumer at all….

  49. Did not receive helmet keychain for pre order of assasins creed odessey. I have tried several times to resolve this issue and have had no success. Send me the keychain please

  50. My order didn’t show it processed.something happened when i was finishing the order and it took me to a page to set up my account. I searched the system based on the credit card and my email and nothing came up. SO i assumed that the item did not go thought and it had the item in my cart still as well. So I oreded the product again. This morning i have multiple e mails that show I have 2 separate orders. I need to cancel this second order ASAP!!!!!!!

    Order #: 4181122032654013
    order # 4181122042310529

    Also on the black friday ad it shows it comes with mario cart 8… Im not seeing where I am getting that in my bundle in the confirmation. This is the reason I purchased from your site! If it doesn’t come with that game I dont think I will take Either orders.

  51. How is that you have a call back system and I’m still on hold for over 45mins and counting after your number called me back! This is not acceptable cusomter service and all game stop customers should look at shopping some where else. Target, BestBuy and wal mart!!!!!

  52. My son Brandon Paul recived TODAY order # 4181123192373981 ordered on 11/23/18.
    The 2 games included are used and very scratched and will not play.
    New Super Mario Bros,Wii
    Wii Sports
    Please send him 2 new ones
    Thank you
    Gregory Paul {father}

  53. Can’t get throw customer service the worst I have ever seen never got throw waited more than 1 hour will never buy anything from GameStop again 5 thumbs down

  54. need go any call back tried 3 times and also wait on hold for 1 hr 45 min no answer just music . my problem still not fixed. I now safety first then customer service but there is no service if u can not get help. would like to actually talk to someone

  55. I have been on hold a total of 4 hours today. I was hung up on 2 hours and 15 minutes in. It’s been over an hour since I called again and am still waiting for someone. It’s reprehensible. My issue will take less than 5 minutes to resolve. Was told via email I could resolve the issue I have on my online account. This was false. I have all the emails and screenshots of the hold times I’ve had trying to reach anyone with customer service for the last 2 days. It’s inexcusable to have this type of service being the type of industry you are.

  56. Have been on hole with their “customer service” for over 3 hours this week. No one ever answers. Went to local Game Stop store and they can help with orders placed online. So Game Stop takes your money and offers no help for problems.

  57. Gamestop customer service is a joke. On hold for hours. What an amateur operation. They must do this as a hobby– not a business.

  58. Hello – I have the fifa/madden ’19 bundle in my cart. I have been waiting till payday to purchase it as a gift for my son. It is priced at $49.99.

    When I go to check out, it jumps up to $69.99.

    I see nothing that warrants an upcharge like this. Can someone please explain this to me.

    I appreciate your assistance.

  59. Placed an order on Christmas day and I got free value shipping when I am an elite pro customer and should have received 2 day priority shipping for free. Couldn’t cancel the order because it was processing on Christmas day. Called first thing in the morning and was told it was already packaged and labelled for UPS at 8:45 CST in the USA. I call BS I have dealt with shipping packages for years. I couldn’t cancel it. Trust me when it arrives its going back to the store. They can lose the money on this since they cannot live up there own promises.
    Quit outsourcing Customer Service. I hate having to ask What did you say half a dozen times.

  60. The worst and most inadequate customer service that I have ever encountered. I will never make another purchase from them.

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