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Contacting GameFly Customer Service Center

GameFly is an online source to rent or buy videogames and software for an Xbox, PS3, PS Vita, Wii, PS2, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and PC/Mac. Additional games can be rented and downloaded to the iPhone, Android device or iPad. The company currently has more than 8,000 titles available to customers, including a vast array of titles available to preorder.

As a member of the site, customers pay a small monthly fee in order to access rental and downloads. The company also allows members to purchase rentals for a discounted rate. With such a vast community, GameFly is committed to providing the best customer service and being better than traditional gaming retailers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

GameFly provides a toll free phone number so customers can enquire about specific videogames or interruption of service. The customer care line also allows customers to track purchases and discuss problems with downloads. The customer care center is not a 24 hour service. Customers can contact customer service 1 pm to 5 pm EST.

Customer Care phone number: 888-986-6400.

Mailing Address

The company also allows customers to send correspondence by traditional methods, including mailing communication. The address is not readily available on the website, but we found is on the support page. Mail can be sent to the following location:

P.O. Box 149362
Autin, TX 78714-9362

Official Website

The official website at explains the services provided by the company. Customers can search the available titles for specific hardware, have a detailed description of the service as well as locate the pricing structure. The company also provides a section for product news and a FAQ section for new and existing customers. In order to search the website, you do not need to sign into your account.

The website also features a link where new customers can sign up for a free trial.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email directly sends messages to a customer service representative. The information needed to send an email, includes customer email address, name, concern, question. We sent an email question and are awaiting an appropriate response.

Customers can also send questions regarding the service by including the title of the game, platform, the date the game was returned to the company and where the title was mailed from.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service line, we were informed of the hours of operation as well as the pathway needed to talk to a customer service representative. After approximately 3 minutes navigating the options, we finally spoke to a live representative. We asked if there was an age limit for the customers signing up for the free trial. The representative answered the question promptly. The representative asked if we had any additional question and the call answered.

We loved our experience dealing with GameFly. Did you have the same experience? Share your thoughts below.

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43 Comments on “Contact GameFly Customer Service
  1. I have been going through the reveiews of that site and I have noticed that there were people who posted bad things about it, but I want to see this for myself. If you want to gain my trust try giving me the ratio of the amount of people that got it for free to how many were charged. And if I see good resaults about it I might join, but if not then I am going to declare you as a fraud company

    • DON’T JOIN! We signed up for the free trial and got charged right away. To make matters worse we just noticed they’ve been charging us for months! Don’t sign up with gamefly

    • Dont Join. it says you get the first month free but they charged me 16 dollars & something up front. it was taken out of my bank without me knowing. & i cancelled my membership before my 2 months was up & they have charged me again.

    • Yes, same thing happend to me too. They said its 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL,but they charge me eventhough it’s not 30 days yet when I canceled!
      Anybody got any refund for this matter? If there is,please tell me how to get the refund. Thanks

  2. I just registered for a 30 day FREE trial and got charged as soon as I hit the submit button. Now they are giving me the run around and said ththee are no refunds. I didn’t eenuse gamefly for 1 day just for a few minutes and now I am out 15 dolaars out of my account.

  3. i dont have a one month with the game and they try to charge me for my account please i want to cancel my account because i lost my job and i dont want they continue to charge money from my banck zccount

  4. I signed for one month of FREE service you advertised, and just now discovered you have been charging me $16.89 each month for over a year!!! I have notified my bank to STOP allowing this debit to be paid, AND I am demanding that you refund me $202.68 which you have charged me, which I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE TO OR REQUEST…I AM a retired senior on a fixed income….how dare you take advantage. February 8, 2013

  5. My son mailed his last game over two weeks ago. He never received another game. I now know it was stolen from the drop box at the post office. I am putting a report to them. What can I do to ccancel this. There is no number to call and I sure don’t want them to continue to take mt money frim my account. Please help! Can someone give some lead how to get across this co. I knew this was a bad idea, I told him I did not want him to joined.

  6. we did not recive are game you said that you send it 4-1-2013 we did not recive it I report do you send us another

  7. They sent me a game that was damaged then charged me for the game and to make it worse they automatically pulled the $$$ from my account and charged me new price for a game that was over a year old and obviously used!!!

  8. i haven’t had any issue about payment problems, but i have had 3 sets of rentals (2 games a piece) that i have sent back including my recent rentals and yet you still say i have them out and wont send me my next set. I understand the concern for con-artist who steal for a living. but its been close to 3 weeks they have been sent out….WTF?!

  9. I have tried to cancell membership for months with no results. Next step is to cancel card on file what sucks is the money I have paid for nothing guess that the way big buisness is today little guy means nothing.

  10. you charged me 3 dollars to put in new card now you wont accept my new card you cant get this rite i will stop my account i want my 3 dollars back and i have put my new card in 6 times and it says wrong adress

  11. I don’t have a game it says I have out. I have never even heard of this game “tales of xillia” this is a reoccurring problem. I have had multiple problems like this please fix this and contact me when the issue is resolved. I enjoy gamefly and have no intentions of canceling my account; but this is getting a little aggravating. Please don’t take this as a mean message. I just want the issue resolved. Thank you for your services and have a nice day. Sincerely Wes Woodworth

  12. I was on a free trial but canceled the next day. I recently checked my bank account and I have been charged from May 2013 til present day. I didn’t get a rental nor has the account been active so the customer service rep says. But they won’t refund my money. How could this happen?

  13. Its not worth the price. Most games are old and the new ones take to long to get. And you can’t cancel from the website and customer service is only open 4 hours a day California time zone. I was charged a up grade fee for down grading. And once I down graded they upgraded me again and charged me the difference and the fee again. Gamefly has a very unhappy customer. So don’t sign up or you will regret it!!!!!!

  14. i had none of the problems the others here have had in cancelling my subscription…. they also cancelled the debt on a game i can no longer find since the kids packed up for a move – they even creditted me the last month back to my bank account! i simply called during the “customer care” times and waited the 6 minutes on hold (i’ve been on hold w/SPRINT & FORD for a total of 4 hours this week, still wasn’t satisfied and am out 800+ dollars in comparison)… probably helped that i didn’t drop any f-bombs and wasn’t demanding in my presentation… holy bananas people

  15. Lets say I send back a game tomorrow (I live in a house in Kissimmee) Would I get my next game from my queue on Monday or Tuesday?

  16. I need some one to give me a call asap I need to change my credit card to a new one so that my bill gets paid on time

  17. im trying to join uall again i put my creteat card 3 times and u all sed its wrong but i can use my card aneywear elce so i teyed to use a bank card but uall will not let me use it i thout that uall r trying to make money and i can not call uall

  18. I ordered bloobhorne and you guys only sent me the case with no cd inside. I am trying to contact you but cant reach at the customer service.

  19. Worst customer service in my life, I was a loyal customer bought games, paid the bill, etc. I’ve never been so disrespected in my life. The custom service rep was insulting, very mean, did not care about losing a customer and to top it off accused me of stealing games. I was constantly on contacting Gamefly telling them I never received the games and this went on for weeks. I had the two game plan and got one game, returned it after a few days the rest of the time I waited for two enroute and there is a distribution center close to my house. So I received one game in less then a month and the he cancelled my account because of “suspicious activity”. He wanted to lose a customer and I’ve never stolen a game. I’ve never been in trouble in my life I’m a teacher. I was so angry the way I was treated i wish I could have recorded the call, but mostly disappointed in Gamefly and the customer management.

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