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Contacting Entertainment Weekly Customer Service Center

Entertainment Weekly (EW) has become one of the leading sources for entertainment news relating to movies, books and televisions. Unlike typical entertainment resources, EW does not delve into the celebrity gossip or focus on the inner workings of the industry; the company focuses on the general audience as it reports on entertainment news and reviews of products.

With a focus on the general audience, the overall experience is key to continue to push the subscription rate over 1.7 million. This is where the customer support team plays a critical role.

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Contact Info:

In order to reach the customer service department, customer can call, use the customer contact form, email the editor, write through traditional mail and use social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • General inquiries: 1-800-828-6882
  • Customer service: 1-877-604-2758
  • Tablet customers: 1-866-772-8791
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-212-522-1212

Mailing Address

Entertainment Weekly1271 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10020

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Entertainment Weekly website are privy to a wealth of celebrity news, television news and news from upcoming movies. The site provides information relating to television schedules as well as movie and DVD guides. In order to receive update, customers have the ability to join the email club. Customers also have the ability to contact the customer service team as well as the editor of the magazine in the event a question or concern arises.

Customer Service Email

Visit or remain connected with the customer service department. We sent a message to customer service team requesting information relating to the hours of operations. The immediate response we received stated a customer service agent would respond within 2 business days.

Although we cannot guarantee a faster response, customer can attempt to contact the customer service team through social media or contacting the editor.

Our Experience

The Entertainment Weekly customer service department is easy to contact. Customers simply press 5 and the call connects to the customer service team. The automated system asks for the account number or the credit card number associated with the subscription. In the event you are a new customer, press star (*) and the call connects with a live agent. After waiting approximately 5 minutes, we spoke with a customer service agent.

We asked if customers needed to contact a live agent in order to cancel a subscription. The agent explained this step is not necessary. Customers can cancel subscriptions from the official website. The agent also explained after cancelation, customer may receive a final bill. The wait time was not ideal, but we were glad our question was answered. Did you have a better experience dealing with the customer service department? Share your thoughts below.

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30 Comments on “Contact Entertainment Weekly Customer Service
  1. FARGO on the Small Screen
    If people can’t see the influence of the Coen brothers here they’re either stupid or need to be IN this series!
    Billy Bob et al ROCK!



  3. I only bought your magazine for the TV section. It sucks. your Ray Rahman needs a different job. the only actual reviews are clipped and pasted from someone else,and he doesn’t even do a good job of that. Most of “what to watch” is not really good stuff.And his attempts at humor “Today I struggled with what to have for lunch;a sandwich or a burrito”(p65 of Aug8 EW) is an insult to my intelligence. Dump stupid or get dumped.

  4. Hello. As someone training to be a proof reader (and therefore clearly pedantic), I thought it might be helpful to comment on recent television advertising for KFC in the U.K. which includes a close-up of a sign reading “Registry Office.”

    Births, deaths and marriages in the U.K. are recorded officially, but this is done at a “Register Office” not a Registry Office, which is a misnomer.

    Kind regards,

    Keith Rowland

  5. Hello Im Reyhaneh Sabokrooh , I Want Audition For E.W I Can Playing and Writing , Modek , Please Help Me Please , Really I Want Audition , Help Me , Im Waiting For Your Answer.

  6. I appreciate your great article about David Bowie including the photos but how could the list of his movies exclude his greatest film, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence” in which he plays a powerful starring role as a prisoner of war in a Japanese prisoner camp. I had no idea who he was, but found him a powerful actor who made the film unforgettable.
    Joan Shapiro, South Windsor, CT

  7. I read the Prince issue you recently posted. I think you should write a retraction. There is some misinformation about the wives of Prince, and whom had the baby, that sadly passed, do to an illness. It was Matye that had the baby. She told her story on Hollywood exes. Also, in my opinion, I think it was distasteful, to speculate that he had a pill problem, so soon after his passing. This was supposed to be an arrival about honoring an amazing, talented, incredibly unique artist. The whole thing about his baby, that passed away was a little too soon to speak on as well. It was already established that he lost the baby with Mayte, when he was alive.

  8. I have always appreciated when EW warns its readers with Spoiler Alerts; however. when the cover of the May 13, 2016 declares, “He’s Alive!” I couldn’t help but feel betrayed by a periodical that I have subscribed to for over a decade! I do not have HBO. I have read all 5 of George Martins “Fire and Ice” novels (ending with Jon Snow’s death), and I, like many others, believed that somehow he was not out of the story just yet. I was looking forward to discovering whether I was right when I read the next installment of the series, but now it has been, how should I put it, spoiled. Please remember in future issues of EW that entertainment includes books as well.

  9. My EW arrived with a slit at the top from where a distributor got too close with a box cutter. The issue is dated Jan. 27, 2017 and I want it replaced.

  10. Usually when my EW arrives I peruse through the pages to do quick reads on the short articles, then go back to the ones with more breadth. This week I knew one place I’d go to right away was the movie review section. I often read the reviews not to find out if the film has been graded good or bad, but to gain insight as to what has been expressed (or intended to be) in the film, character portrayal, how the film is constructed, etc. This week, I wanted your take on “Logan”. I expected an article delving into character exposition, maybe morality and mortality, and any of a number of other aspects of the film. Instead, the ‘review’ looks like something a third grader would put together as an outline for a book report. Five ‘Hits’ and “Misses’ with one or two sentence explanations? Really? (Further, the ‘Miss’ referring to Cliches asks that we stop using Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” in films. “Hurt” is not actually in the Logan film, only in a trailer.) One of the qualities of your magazine is its ability to be efficient with its articles, but this was the opposite. It is just wasted space (literally and figuratively) with a dearth of real insight – the review appears to have been phoned in by your reporter. I don’t ask that you agree with me on whether a film grades high or low. (For the record I disagree with the grade on Logan. It deserves and A-, at worst. I’ll send you my critique upon request.) But I would ask that your journalists and other contributors at least make a professional effort. They may not care about the material they are writing about, but they should care about what they are writing.

  11. It was difficult finding a customer service phone number. Customer service was friendly, knowledgeable, and quickly corrected a delivery problem. Thank you EW.

    • Frank Spotnite can find dvds of “the Nightstalker”movie and entire series by calling 1-800-4-movies Frank’s error in his remake was 1.Kolchak worked alone,did not dress neat .and did not have a volatile boss .I can break the law and send Frank copies..Carl Kohlack was a coward but knew a good story.Also surrounded by dumb reporters.

  12. I cannot find a contact email address fro magazine in the actual magazine or online. Can you please provide one so I can email the magazine with an important comment

  13. I put in for a change of address at the end of September 2017 and again over a month ago. I have not received one magazine. I would like to get my magazines that I paid for

  14. I stopped by subscription last year after being a loyal reader since the early 1990’s. The content does not keep me interested anymore and I finally figured out why. I keep up with latest, greatest television and film. I had to explain to my college age children via u tube who the Smiths were after watching Hang the DJ. Black Mirror and how at that moment when they made eye contact it could have been 1986. When my neighbor says I found this great show have you seen it? I’m on the edge of my seat ..then she says Outlander! Ok well old news, I used to look to EW for the next best thing. I started listening to EW Sirius and became furious when listening to an Obsessed episode they talked about Laura Dern as if she was a wallflower. They think she only become famous by playjbg Reese Witherspoon’s mother. They never made the David Lynch Connection. ET lost its credibility with my generation. I’m not my grandmother I don’t watch reruns of murder she wrote! I just binged Erased on Netflix and would have loved some input and background about this Japanese show. It was so well done, a fresh idea with great child actors. I love foreign films, don’t mind subtitles, my family makes fun of me but I can’t be alone in this obsession. There’s more to entertainment than Marvel. Although I loved Wonder Woman. EW has lost its sophistication, your not in touch my generation. I watch Mr Robot, because I can, and I love it. My kids are too busy working and studying. thank you for keeping the book reviews, I miss my weekly read and will continue to find fresh new and interesting shows. If you know when the Sense 8 finally airs shoot me an email. Kathi

  15. I called to renew my subscription based on an email I received-since my billing address is different than my mailing address and I did not see a spot online in which to do that I called customer service. The first person kept asking me for a promotional code and I explained repeatedly that the email did not have a code and I asked for a supervisor. Supervisor said he might be able to help but could not include the mystery gift that was mentioned in the email I received. Both the agentt and the supervisor’s command of the English language was not good and I am very frustrated at my experience. Do you have someone who can help me or perhaps I should not renew my subscription?

  16. Your newsletter subscribe page does NOT have a submit or a send button.
    After picking those newsletters I want to be sent to my email how do I transmit that information to you??

  17. I have been trying to send an e-mail to customer service. My problem: I have received 2 copies of this week’s magazine, both with my address on them.
    Please cancel one of them. My name is Beverly Carter, 1052 20th St, Sparks, NV 89431-4319. Thanks

  18. I have just received a copy of your subscription in the mail. I have never subscribed to you nor am I willing to sacrifice my limited financial resources to oblige this purchase. If my authorization of purchase is showing up any where concerning this purchase please have it removed immediately. I will copy and paste this message for further reference.
    Gail Bradley
    4233 S State #1N Chicago IL 60609 2504# #56813 P00200
    home phone 773-584-7793

  19. Both email links are bad as of September 2019. EW seems to have jumped the shark. no more “contact us” page. mostly fluff. went monthly and kept its name as “weekly”. I’ve been a subscriber for 25 years. Probably going to cancel now.

  20. Can you please tell me why I have not received my Womans Weekly for 29th of October yet? Not had a problem before.thank you.

  21. I just read your review of The Witcher and im honestly outraged. Its rated a 0 and your people didn’t actually watch it? They just skipped around and declared it terrible? How is that even remotely a professional review? You should be god damn ashamed of yourselves.

  22. Hello,

    I have been a subscriber for over 30 years. The last issue showed that you were going to review the 10 Best and 10 Worst of movies, tv,music etc.

    I saw the 10 best of these categories, but where were the 10 worst? Thank you

  23. In your obituary write-up for Olivia de Havilland, the word Calvary (where Jesus died on the cross) should read cavalry (soldiers fighting on horseback).

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