Contact Eli Lilly Customer Service

Contacting Eli Lilly Customer Service Center

Eli Lilly, or Lilly for short, is a pharmaceutical company founded in the late 1800s. The company claims what they do is about more than developing and manufacturing medicines; it’s about saving lives and increasing longevity. Clearly Eli Lilly is doing a good job from all angles because the company currently holds a spot in the top 10 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple phone numbers listed for Eli Lilly, including the world headquarters number. We’ve listed some important numbers found on the corporate contact page.

  • Eli Lilly Phone Number: 1-317-276-2000
  • Adverse Events (Humans): 1-800-545-5979
  • Patient Assistance: 1-855-559-8783
  • Customer Assistance: 1-800-545-5979
  • Ethics Concerns: 1-800-815-2481
  • Healthcare Providers: 1-877-237-8197

Mailing Address

Letters take forever to deliver, route, read and answer, but there’s nothing like the feeling of putting that pen to paper and expressing just how you feel about a product or service provided by Eli Lilly. You can address that letter to:

Eli Lilly Corporate CenterIndianapolis, IN 46285

If you are writing about a specific drug or product, add the name of that product as an attention line below the company name. For example:

Eli Lilly Corporate CenterAttn: Cialis Customer ServiceIndianapolis, IN 46285

Another possible customer service address for Eli Lilly is found in the Privacy Policy.

Eli Lilly

PO Box 6245

Indianapolis, IN 42606

Official Website

From the main page of the website, located at, you can navigate to information about the company, products manufactured by Eli Lilly and a customer service page complete with contact information for the world headquarters, global affiliates and nearly every important department within the company. You’ll also find links to the major brands currently owned by Eli Lilly, which as of December 2012 included, Cialis, Cymbalta and Zyprexa.

Social Media

Finding social media pages for a company like Eli Lilly was a little harder than we thought it would be. Eli Lilly does not use the name Eli Lilly – it uses LillyPad.

Customer Service Email

We found no customer service email address or form listed on the Eli Lilly customer service website.

Our Experience

After enduring the quite confusing automated system, we were able to speak with a live agent. The total wait time was less than 2 minutes. The topic we discussed related to spotting counterfeit drugs similar to one manufactured by Eli Lilly. The agent explained the problem in the industry and recommended we visit the Eli Lilly FAQsspecifically relating to this particular topic.

We sensed the passion from the agent as it relates to this topic and the passion they displayed when taking our call. The overall experience was upbeat and positive. This doesn’t happen every day. So, we want to know your thoughts on the situation. Take a moment to comment below.

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63 Comments on “Contact Eli Lilly Customer Service
  1. Hello I have ocd and have been taken 40mg prozac daily for 10 years. my insurance co. switched me to a generic which absolutely does nothing to relieve my symptons.I been having a hard time in trying to purchase with a prescription the brand prozac is there any way that eli lily can steer me in the right direction to get your brand drug since it is more superior then any generic. thank you

  2. Hello,
    I have been taking Prozac 20MG since 1990,I have experienced some really bad side effcts from some of the generic’s I have taken.This has cause d me too Pharmacy shop.I’ll get my Rx for a while at the same place and get comfortable and not pay attention to the color,then within two weeks of taking a different brand I start noticing that I am getting withdrawn,easy to cry and depressed,now this has happen three times in the past 5 years so I try to make sure I don’t get those generics that are’nt effective.I have tried to get my insurance to pay for the name brand without results.To me this is very important to get the correct dosage and results out of the generic.Is there anyone else that has experinced this?

  3. I am writing about you discontinuing the Memoir Pen syringe.
    I’ve had Type 1 diabetes for 60 years, taking insulin from one to six shots a day.
    Your Memoir was great for the memory.
    At 70years old my memory is not as sharp as it used to be, and there is nothing worse than either taking Humalog twice or not taking at all.
    I wish you didn’t stop making it, and the Luxura is good looking but useless.
    Could someone at Eli Lily please let older Type 1 patients know why you don’t care about them?
    Thank you,
    Arthur Penachio

  4. i am 65 year old pensioner husband is also retired.. i am a diabetic and can not afford my insulin 70-30 and pen also the strips . Pharmacare has such a high deductible that i will never reach before they can help me … do you know of where i can turn to for some help. i am not taking my insulin because i can not afford it. thank you for your time

  5. Cymbalta. I have been taking cymbalta for depression for what seems like forever.It helped for a long time then it felt like the medication wasn’t working anymore. My Dr and I thought about decreasing the dose gradually to get me off the medication. After getting down to 20mg daily I developed severe body pains. Never have I felt so sore, tired, and achy. Because of the symptoms I was sent to a rhuematologist. This visit determined that I had fibromyalgia. GREAT what drug do they use for this? Cymbalta. My insurance changed and so did the cost of the cymbalta. A 30 day supply cost me $55.00 and I need to take 120 mgs. My pharmacy wants to charge me $220.00 as my co-pay. And this is the generic.
    I can’t afford this. Why is the generic so expensive? Is it because you, Eli Lilly, have both the patents on the brand and generic? Can you help me?

  6. i have been on cymbalta for several years but keep trying other meds. because my insurance doesnt cover it or will only cover partial, everytime i get off of it i have withdraws but wind up getting back on it, the new generic does not help me either! please help!

  7. I am now T1 diabetic for 34 years and I was interested in
    The medal reward. I cannot fill in the form found on the award program site. I hope you can either fix the application form or e mail me information. Thank You Roxanne Scott

  8. I have taken Cymbalta for several years for Fybromyalgia. When it no longer seemed to be helping my doctor agreed that I should begin weaning off of it. Taking longer than the doctor expected I have weaned off in 2 months. It has now been 22 days since the last dose of 1/4 of a 60 mg capsule and I am still dizzy, light headed and having trouble concentrating and focusing my mind on any task. This is rediculous. Am I going to suffer with this for the rest of my life?

  9. Hello my name is Alma Altamiranda .
    I’m contacting you because I have a research named RCAMRESEARCH, and we would like to be part of your company. We recently opened this research office, and we would like to begin receiving data from you to begin developing studies.

  10. About a year ago I was prescribed cymbalta for Fibromyalgia and have been unable to get off of it ever since. When reducing my dose by 5mg I go into detox and begin to vomit,defecate, blackout, get brain zaps ect. When I take the prescribed dose I feel physically ill, like I am overdosing. It has many of the same symptoms that detox from the drug has just not as bad. I have been to three different doctors that we unsuccessful in getting this drug out of my system safely. I have been unable to get any information from Eli Lilly in regards to how one would safely withdrawal of this drug. I finally found a detox center that specializes in SSRI detox, they made room for me at the facility due to the extreme nature of how this drug effects my body and the dangers involved with the detox. As I was searching around online for the cheapest flight out to California I received a call from the facility letting me know that after the board met about my case they had decided not to take me as a patient. During the questionnaire I was asked if I had ever had seizures, I answered yes one. After I had that seizure I met with a neurologist and he determined after brain scans and other testing that the seizure was induced by a drug I had recently been prescribed called ultram. Due to the seizure threshold of patients detoxing from cymbalta being lowered the detox facility determined that I was too much of a liability to their practice and revoked the approval that I had received the day before. I will safely detox this poison out of my system and when I do I will create a website to share my story and lend any information I learn along the way to anyone else in my position. Hopefully that will be enough to urge Eli Lilly and the FDA to ban the drug or create a safe protocol for getting off of the drug. Be the change you wish to see, never give up! Knowledge is power and once you own it, you will always have it. God Bless

  11. I have been a type 1 diabetic since 1954. I have used Lilly insulin for the entire 61 years. I had been using Humulin N and Hamalog for most of that time. My doctor has now switched my insulin to Humalog 75/25 mix.
    The cost of this insulin is prohibitively expenspive. Three packs of 5 Kiwk pens is over $2000. These 15 pens will last 83 days. I am on medicare currently, and have hit the donught hole by mid March. Why is this 75/25 humalog mix so expensive? I have been a loyal customer for 61 tears, and now I find I can no longer afford my insulin. How did this occurr?

  12. You need to stop “comm-bombing” broadcast TV with Cialis ads
    featuring oldsters (still) stroking each other, coupled with insipid muzak, and a long litany of “lethal” side effects. These ads are mighty insulting, absurd and annoying. Every time one of these obnoxious Cialis spots come on (which seems like every ten minutes), I have to race to the remote to mute the sound, or else heave it at the TV screen.

  13. Your disgusting Cialis TV ads have got to stop. Reason: inappropriate, innumerable, and of the same tired template used by countless other drug companies: pleasant imagery, innocuous muzak, then a long litany of “lethal” side effects. That is absurd and annoying. Advice: disclose side effects by having people ask their doctor, read the label, or go to the website. We don’t need to see oldsters still stroking each other while an endless list of harmful interactions plays out.

  14. I Emailed you over a month ago inquiring about the cost of your Humalog 75/25 mix Humulin. I have been a customer of Lilly insulin since 1954, that’s 61 years. As I am now 65 and on Medicare, I can no longer afford you insulin products, and will now be taking lantus. In the future I will ask that any prescriptions I require be produced by anyone but Eli Lilly. You should have answered me after a 61 years of customer loyalty.

    • Eli Lilly ‘com-bombs’ broadcast TV with inappropriate images of old-timers snuggling, stroking… with the suggestion their genitals might not be so dormant but for the grace this magic pill. These commercials air on every channel every day all day long numerous times per hour. What’s worse, such commercials violate FDA rules with the misleading juxtaposition of countless side-effects, and happy people doing happy things.

  15. Why does Eli Lilly charge so much for Humalog? I am paying over $196 per month for this insulin plus & $194 per month for long acting Lantus produced by another manufacturer. This is with “gap insurance.” What is your suggestion for maintaining a reasonable affordable cost.

    Thank you,

    Glenn Batten

    • Unfortunately, all medications are skyrocketing, not only insulin. I, like you, have been on insulin for many, many years. I recall when Humalin was the only insulin on the market, at the time it cost $20.00 – 25.00/ea plus or minus a couple dollars. Now, with the influx of options for the consumer to save money has done the opposite. All Rx’s have increased 500% or more. Humalin R and N each cost close to $200.00/ea. For whatever reason the cost(s) no longer change equally, Humalin N cost much more.

  16. I have been on hold for 45 minutes listening to how all customer service people are busy with other customers and will be with me shortly. I have a problem with Humalog KWIKPENs not working. Pharmacy tells me I need to contact YOU, and YOU don’t answer the phone. I’ve called twice, and been on hold 30 mins the first time and 45 the second. YOU NEED TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    please contact ME at the above address so I can tll you what the problem is. Phone is not answered by your employees.

  17. comment on your tv ads. all of them showing huggin and kissin getting ready to grind but they just need help from the “Pill” to get over the top. why not shoot an ad with them huggin and kissin taking the “pill” then have them both strip in the ad he takes out the one eyed snake they fall to the ground or in a car front seat and start to do the big nasty to completion right there in the ad. then show a frown on there faces. because he’s is packin a 3″ tool. what you thing of my ad. mkt. at lilly are morons with the constant barrage of pie in the sky bs ads..

  18. Hello Please Help I’m trying to get 3 free Cialis 20 mg but I’m having a hard time. I’ve tried several times today I followed per instructions but it want let me I’ve got a DR script for the 20 mg.If you can HELP I’ll be in good shape.I’m 60 and going to get married in DEC 15 Thanks George Rickey Holden

  19. My son has been struggling with ADHD and anxiety for many years. He finally was put on Strattera and Wow! He loves it for the past few months BUT the price is absurd!! $400 per month . Who can afford that. Is there a generic out there?? All of these assistance programs, pardon my French, Suk!! In New Jersey because of Obama … we have to have health insurance even though we have the basic to be able to afford it. SOOOOO we do not qualify for help! and our plans’ deductible is so high even if we pay for a years worth of Strattera cash we wouldn’t reach it to be able to use insurance for this drug. Help!!

  20. Cymbalta 30

    My doctor prescribed me this capsule, just want to know, any of its ingredients derived from any animal source, if so then which animal, kindly advise ASAP.

  21. I take Humalog, also take Lantus, by injection, no pump. Have had type 1 for 60 years, still alive, guess I am doing something right. My complaint is the difficulty of getting the needle to penetrate the rubber on your vial of Humalog, compared to Lantus, yours is almost impossible, I bend needles on disposable syringes regularly, and, based on Lantus, this is a unnecessary problem. Your consideration would be appreciated.

  22. Horrible customer service. I work with a doctor’s clinic and I have been trying to reach a customer service representative for 3 weeks now. I have left 6 voicemails with no return call. I have patients waiting to see if they have been approved for their patient assistance program and their company is not providing answers for us. Why have a company that helps people if you can’t provide the costumer service to meet the demands of the patient?

  23. I applied for Patient Assistance in January and have not received confirmation that my application was received or notified of it’s status. I have called repeatedly without getting an answer and to date left 3 messages for a call back.
    I would appreciate a reply to this email regarding this matter.
    Thank you,
    Mary Doyle

  24. I have been receiving my insulin from Eli Lilly for over 3 yrs. Everyone has been great and Eli Lilly has been great. I recently went on their Medicare program. Today is Feb 10th. I have been trying since Jan. 11th to get my insulin refilled. I have called on 4 different days and held on for hours at a time only to be told to leave another message and lose my place in the que. I have left numerous messages about my insulin and still have not received a call back. My doctor sent another request to them stating urgent and rush at top of application. I have less than 1 week of insulin left. I have been approved but don’t know why I can’t get at least a call back. I have never had this problem before. They have really changed.

  25. I have a strong allergic reaction to Direct To Consumer prescription TV drug commercials.
    These are the ones which are bombarding and polluting broadcast TV these days–exactly
    the ones Eli Lilly specializes in putting out. You know what I mean: PLEASANT IMAGERY

    These ads are misleading, odious and annoying; and make a strong case for a total ban on DTC drug advertising.
    I wish for two things here: 1) a return to the good old days when drug ads were primarily seen in
    medical journals, targeted at medical professionals; 2) a healthcare system of single-payer socialized medicine. We’d more than offset the added taxation with the elimination of exorbitant insurance premiums and associated costs.

    If that puts the Lilly folks out of business, I say: good riddance.

  26. I contacted you on Feb 1st concerning your product Raloxifene, which states it is generic for Evista,(which I took for many years) I only asked why I was being charged the non-generic price for the Raloxifene.I tried to call the number you gave in your answer and every time the call was aborted (not by me) I was given a request number which is:03551724.I would appreciate your reply ASAP.You sent me a 17 page letter which is supposed to answer my question.I could not find an answer there, and feel it was just a lot of medical terms i could not understand.
    Thank you
    Alice Gilbert

  27. I am diabetic and have two of your humapens one is broken and dodgy to use is it possible to have this pen replaced
    My address is 32 Abbey road,Billericay,Essex CM12 9NF
    Many thanks Keith


  29. Hi there actually this is not a comment, i’m in need of some information about your accounting department, I am attending ITT-Tech college and majoring in Accounting, I have a homework for my composition class I need to interview someone in my field as my future career…since I am focusing on become an employee with your company in the future…I need to speak with somebody in the Accounting Department I have no way of getting any contact information..Your help is greatly appreciated…the last day of the project will be the 29th of Feb. Thank you..looking forward to hear from your side soon…

  30. On Jan 11, 2016, I faxed the package with my complete application for the Forteo
    Assistance Program. I received through my doctor’s office one pen to restart my treatment on Jan 30,2016. For the past 10 days I’ve trying to contact you through 1 800 545 6962, but haven’t been able to talk to anybody, left messages, no answer. Finally last Thursday Feb. 18, 2016 Aaron called my home and left the number 1 800 245 3409 for me to call back, however, this number transfer me to a Promotion Office ? Kept calling 1 800 545 6962, but keep on hold, after 10 minutes got disconnected so start all over again. Until this moment haven’t been able to talk to anybody, my emergency supply ends on Feb.27 ? What should I do ? I had Osteoporosis and have been on Prednisone for almost 3 years…

  31. I took Cymbalta for 15 years and it was great. When it went generic the price went from $60 a month to $700!!! (With Insurance) Cymbalta skyrocketed also. Nothing else has helped my severe depression. I contacted your company before —-no answer. If you really care about health, quit screwing those who need the meds. It’s a shame I have to go to Canada to afford what I need. Shame on you and all money hungry companies at the expense of our health.

  32. When you have a problem and you get old the supervisor is busy and will get back to you in 1 to 2 business days! That is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.
    I hope someone from corporate reads these comments because I am really upset that my complaint wasn’t taken serious.

  33. I have been taking Cymbalta for at least 36 months. It was a miracle in taking care of my fibromyalgia pain and reoccuring depression. I allowed me to think clearly and function daily. My copay went from $60 to $411 within one prescription this calendar year. I am blessed as an educator to have insurance, but $411 is beyond what I can or am willing to pay. The generic is not the same. I tried the step down. Now it is my only option. Why would your product be so costly to those with insurance. If a real human reads this I would greatly appreciate an answer. My first graders who depend on me to be moving and upbeat depend on your product too. I am greatly disappointed.

  34. Hello. I am a Learning Consultant at OhioHealth – a large healthcare system in Ohio (USA). I help create online courses for our employees. We publish our online courses in our LMS (Learning Management System) that can only be accessed by our employees using their unique ID and password. None of our online courses are used to generate revenue – only to educate our employees.

    I am working with a group to create a new online course that includes information on sepsis. The group would like to use three images that were within a DVD that Eli Lilly distributed in 2005. It was called Severe Sepsis: Microvascular Progression and Treatment Approaches. May we have your permission to download this images and place it within our online course we will publish in our LMS?

  35. Lilly provides coupons for the outrageously overpriced medications. Cialis 10 milligrams are over $2,000 and the 5 milligrams are almost 300 dollars. Yet no one can explain the huge price difference. I downloaded the coupon supposedly worth $200 towards the prescription and I was told I was not eligible even though I’ve never used a coupon for Cialis before. If you want people to jump through hurdles to try your medication then why offer coupons at all, because there are other medications cheaper than Cialis. This whole episode has left me with an extremely poor opinion of your company. If you are attempting to build ill will toward Lilly then you are doing a fantastic job. My advice would be to drop the coupon system if you are not going to allow people to use it. It’s Behavior like this that causes people to totally dislike the pharmaceutical companies. I am self-employed and if I offer a coupon, I will honor the coupon. It is quite evident that there is no honor and the pharmaceutical companies. You may officially add me to the long list of people with an extremely low opinion have your company.

  36. Contacted your “Lilly Care” department today & told them that I was now in the Medicare Donut Hole & I can no longer afford my diabetic insulin. I also told them I do not have all the forms that they request for assistance. I have never received a Explanation of Benefits Statement & my pharmacy told me that they are unable to pull up a summary 0f my cost. What am I suppose to do? Stop taking my insulin for the next 6 months.

    • I have been a diabetic for more than 30 years. I currently inject your Humalog Insulin twice per day. I also inject Lantus Insulin once per day. Why does the cost of your insulin (and Lantus, too) escalate by leaps and bounds every year when the cost to produce it is basically the same as it has been for a number of years in the past? You seem to be ripping off people who are in need of this medication. None of us will be able to afford it in the future if this continues. Perhaps a federal investigation of your company is warranted.

  37. Hello, my 9 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She was given the Novalog pen at the hospital, but we recently switched to the Humalog Kwikpen. She really liked the Novalog pen because it “clicked” with every unit injected and was easy for her to know she injected the correct amount of insulin. Hopefully in the near future, Lilly will take my daughter’s suggestion to heart and make the Kwikpens with an audible “click” to make injections easier to understand and manage for children. Thank you for your time.

  38. Hi,

    I thought that I’d take a quick moment to reach you: I’m on and have some particular strategies in mind where I think we can help drive increased traffic to the site, as well as convert a lot more of those visits into sales.

    Would you be open to having some consultants I work with briefly get in touch to explain what we can do? When they’re done, we’ll furnish a detailed Online Needs Analysis — completely on me.

    At the very least, you might gain some insights you overlooked.

    All I would need to know is the best time/contact number to briefly connect to get this underway.


  39. Eli Lilly is now Price Gouging and it needs to stop.
    WHY are you increasing Cialis 5mg for BPH?????????
    Insurances will NOT cover any of this medication.
    NOT even the military will cover this cost.
    This is all out of pocket cash that we cannot afford.
    You are forcing us to go to Canada.
    Do something or we will have to wait for the other Generic drug companies to support the customers.

  40. I am dependent on Humulin 30/70 which was readily available from UK and Africa. I am in China,right now. I cannot find the Kwik-pens anywhere. I am frustrated as my medication is finishing. Please, help me URGENTLY. I am based in Jilin Province, Changchun city.

  41. Hi there

    I have to say, I think has huge potential in terms of driving more traffic and leads through social media

    There?s no hiding the fact that a strong social media strategy has become an absolute necessity for any company serious about driving more sales.

    If you?re interested in expanding your reach, then just reply here and let me know – I?d more than happy to get one of my social media analysts to reach out to you.

    Waiting on your reply.

    Adriana H.

  42. Hi there

    Did you know you could drive WAY more clients to by focusing more on your social media presence?

    Nowadays, it?s more important than ever because effective use of social media can extend the reach of your company, allowing you to attract new leads.

    I?m confident we can significantly improve the ROI on your social media efforts and I?d love to get one of my co-workers to get back to you on this – if this is something you?re interested in.

    Let me know your thoughts.


  43. I am a 61 year old woman and was pissed that you pulled your advertising from O’Reilly. You idiots need to stop letting these snowflake women and youth run this country. I hope you will be hurt SUBSTANTIALLY by this betrayal. Do you know know that these women are just looking for a PAYDAY? NO Eli Lily drugs for me!

  44. Age discrimination company!!!!!!!!
    How many sales professionals have you hired over the age of 50????
    Heard you hire cheerleaders younger candidates from several sources!!!

  45. why don”t new diabetic insulin not prescribed for people with both diabetes and kidney problems as that is me new insulin is said to help lower and control blood sugars only both kidney and endocrinologist new med not for me so i am stuck with 2 shouts of lantus a day and 3 to 4 of novolog a day so what good are new drugs when i cant try them cant someone invent one to help people like me

  46. Please send me a application for assistance paying for my medication
    I have called and still not received it now waiting over 1month
    It’s for Effient 5 mg
    I can not print one for I don’t have a printer. Thanks

    Josephine Sciarratta

  47. How can I pay for Trulicity when I am in the Medicare donut hole and the price is over half of my social security check. Please help!

  48. I was told yesterday that I would receive an email with the form showing how to sell some of my stock. so far nothing!!!
    how do I go about getting this form sent to me??

  49. I was astonished and upset when I learned that your company was no longer sponsoring a race car driver for what HIS FATHER SAID 35 YEARS AGO. Give me a break. I seriously doubt there is one person alive today that has not used a word that is not considered correct. But… to penalize his son for something that long ago is ludicrous. I am a 70 year old retired high school teacher and that ruling gets an “F” in my book.

  50. I had severe skin issues after taking Cymbalta, so now weaned off the drug. My side effects are still horrific!!!!! Even after being weaned from the drug. I have severe skin break outs and itchiness (several scars and never had skin acne or issues in my life!!!), diarrhea, severe sweats, brain fog, memory loss, dizziness, severe nausea, and I could go on and on !!!! Why in the hell are you selling this drug???? And why aren’t you honest about the horrific long term side effects??? My doctor put me on prescription skin medicine with no results! I’m 64 years old and can’t stand my severe skin condition (skin erupts, flakes, itches, and more). I want a response as to why you don’t tell your customers how horrific this drug is!!!!!

  51. Please stop trying to get the entire world addicted to drugs.The only difference between a Mexican druglord and your sales reps is a suit. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Using fags in your t.v. commercials doesn’t help by the way.

  52. Robot ….. robot ….. robot ….. robot …… human who puts me in contact with the previous robot. No help at all just a huge waste of time.

  53. UPDATE. Used the adverse events number …. excellent people was directed to the proper person who listened carefully and was of immense help …… great people …… thank you.

  54. Hello,

    I would request the company to provide financial assistance in regards to getting the medicine Abemaciclib… prescribed by the doctor.


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