Contact Duke Energy Customer Service

Contacting Duke Energy Customer Service Center

Duke Energy is a major electric company that merged with Progress Energy in 2012. Duke Energy supplies customers in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Florida with energy. Some customers may receive power from Progress Energy and others from Duke Energy but both are essentially the same company.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available by phone for the division of Duke Energy or Progress Energy in each state.

  • Indiana: 1-800-521-2232
  • Kentucky: 1-800-544.6900
  • North Carolina (Duke): 1-800-777-9898
  • North Carolina (Progress): 1-800-452-2777
  • Ohio: 1-800-544-6900
  • South Carolina (Duke): 1-800-777-9898
  • South Carolina (Progress): 1-800-452-2777
  • Florida (Progress): 1-800-700-8744

Mailing Address

You can send correspondence to each of the states to contact Duke Energy or Progress Energy.

Duke Energy – Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio
1000 E. Main St.
Mail Drop WP 890
Plainfield, IN 46168

Duke Energy – North Carolina, South Carolina
P.O. Box 1090
Charlotte, NC 28201-1090

Progress Energy – North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida
P.O. Box 1551
Raleigh, NC 27602-1551

Official Website

The main official website for Duhttp://www.duke-energy.comke Energy is From there you can choose your state and find the specific website where contact information and log ins are available for your state. If you are in a state covered by Progress Energy you’ll have to visit instead.

Customer Service Email

There are contact email forms for each state that offers energy from Duke Energy or Progress Energy.

Our Experience

We chose the Indiana number to test Duke Energy customer service. You cannot press 0 to bypass the automated system. Press 4 – 4 – 2 – 2 to reach the billing department. Your phone number will be read to you. If you need to change the phone number associated with the account press 2 if not press 1. If you don’t press anything, the call will be transferred to a customer service agent after the automated voice repeats the options three times. We waited on hold for a Duke Energy customer service agent for 2:14. We talked with Stacy about how to apply for service with Duke Energy. She walked us through the process with clear, concise instructions.

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89 Comments on “Contact Duke Energy Customer Service
  1. there are bad links on your Contact Duke Energy Customer Service Web page. For instance North Carolina (Progress) link does not work…

  2. I called to report a line down in our yard. the call was placed at 2:45 pm on Sat. 11/2 /13and I was kept on hold until 3:00 pm when I finally gave up! I now do not care it the line is lying on the ground or if some one other than my family is injured by it

  3. This website is the most confusing I have ever been on. I am presently enrolled in the Time of Use program and cannot find information anywhere here, or by phoning the 800 number. 2 days ago I came across a Time of Use list piece which gave new and better times for Off Peak use not previously known to me. I was excited and told my friends about it. Neither of them has been able to find any info online either. Help!

  4. i call ya’ll 2 weeks ago to get a print out for to get a print out for last year that i have lights from ya’ll a year i havent got my print out yet i wanna what the hold up with the print out i need aspfor my taxs i needed in two day please

  5. Dear Duke Energy,
    Your recent change to pay the bill on the internet is unacceptable. It asks me just to type in a dollar amount and I am not even sure if my computer has been hijacked because I no longer have a log in screen. At least as far as I have gone. I don’t know whose idea it was to change this process but you have thrown caution to the wind. It would be so easy for someone to change those screens and find out your payment information. What was wrong with the old way of logging into a secure account and paying your bill?
    Hiram Douglas Boothe

  6. I agree this website is confusing. I know this is a billing problem,BUT I can find no other place to get someones attention. I paid my May bill, and was not given credit for it. I even faxed the info from the bank where you had sent the check for electronic payment, and it was taken out of my account, but you can’t seem to find the time to read the fax. THIS is not good customer service.

  7. You can not get to talk to anybody over and over so confusing. I needed to know if there is going to be an increase how much and start date this was my question and could not talk to anyone .This is for budget for next year

  8. please tell me why I do not get an answer to my request for help with my bill? My dauther has made three request help and has not hear from any of them. She has made follow up phone calls and all any one has to say is fax in the request.The answer she and have received is (did not receive). this has happen three times her and one time with me when the fax we send is show as complete. please advise. Donald Cline/Rhonda Crooks

  9. I have had the most horrible experience in trying to contact Duke customer service. I moved from my old apartment end of July and contacted Duke power to discontinue my service. It took five phone calls to get through. Needless to say they said it has been processed and billed me in August to close the account. Now I see that Duke Power has billed me again in September for a place where I do not reside. I have made about 15 attempts to get a hold of someone to straighten things out, but still haven’t been successful. Is there any way I can speak to a customer service rep to find out what’s going on with my account?

    Thank you,

  10. I tired to change my telephone
    One no using your instructions it gave me a user name but no password so I can’t use your instructions to get online to change my number. Please advise

  11. There was a quite a wait for someone to answer the customer service phone. The first person I talked with did not know what I needed to do to convince Duke I had paid the bill so she put me on hold 5 minutes before coming back to tell me a batch number was needed. Next call the gal did not know where to put the batch number on her computer screen so she put me on hold 25 minutes: I hung up. Third person I called said she needed detail information FAXed to Duke. I asked for a Supervisor since I had called two previous times and felt I needed someone who knew what I needed to do. She said there were none.

  12. customer service phone number is a joke.All you get is a recording. I NEED to talk to PERSON!!!!! I was charged the higher rate on August bill,because of 32 day billing cycle. I guess this is their legal way of stealing our money. Real disgusting Duke Energy!!!!!! Why can’t we have a number to talk to a PERSON!!!!!

  13. 4 calls, over 20 m hold time every call, throughout the entire day. Got 3 conflicting pieces of info from 3 reps, and an incorrect error diagnosis by a web support rep. The worst I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. Funny how monopolies just don’t care at all.

  14. Why can’t I get a human to answer your customer service number? I have a simple question and cannot get an answer by your automated system or your web site. Doesn’t Duke offer professional customer service anymore?

  15. Duke is terrible. Our power went out from car hitting pole at 3:00am Sat and wasn’t restored until 6:30pm. Now all the community has to throw all our food from the fridge and freezers away!!!

  16. duke is a joke for an American company. not to have a real way to talk direct with a rep is totally bs. amazing how company always think people are stupid. all company should be handle to govt and then they make customer their benefactors of proper profits

  17. Duke Energy sent out professional electricians to pinpoint the problem and correct it. The work was done quickly and effectively.

  18. WE had our bill automatically taken out in May, Well today we received a double bill AND late charges,We have been trying to call them for two days,Just a stupid recording,What is the matter with this company? Where are the live people to answer the Customer Service phones,WE would change to another Co. But There aren’t any!! WE are fed up., I`m calling our Rep in Raliegh. Damn Imcompetant fools

  19. Terrible voice recognition phone system. If you have a question about your bill before you want to pay it you cannot get to a human being and if you are traveling, as I was it is impossible to make a payment without your account number. I tried many times to go through the phone loops to get to someone that could assist me and never could.

  20. In addition I finally got to a human by going through the “report and outage prompt. There should be a prompt for customer service billing questions that doesn’t just take you to ways to save on consumption or pay your bill. The person I spoke with was Mileka, not helpful at all, actually just kept saying my bill was similar to this time last year when questioned, said there wasn’t anything that could be done to discuss why it was different, and that I needed to pay it now, due tomorrow, July 31. That was why I was calling, to find out why it was so much more and to pay the bill. When she said it was the same as in previous year for July I asked what my bill was for July last year and was told it over $150 less last year so to say it was similar to last year was not accurate and her attitude was not that of customer service.

    I have asked that my meter be checked and she told me to do it myself. After asking for a supervisor she said the earliest someone could come out would be Aug. 5, which I asked her to set up. Bottom line, this is not customer service and I still don’t have any answers to my questions and did not speak with anyone that seemed to care. I am concerned because I just installed a new energy efficient air conditioning unit that should have decreased my bills, not increased them by so much. I am a responsible person and try to do everything possible to conserve energy so I still want answers.

  21. hello….why do you have a customer service number if no one picks up the phone…it is press I,2,…..I have changed my address to Michigan, because I visit for a couple months. and you had the nerve to change my florida address without my permission. I purposely had it set up that way, so that when I returned to florida I would not have to go to the post office again. and when I go to duke ….how do I update my address. there might not be a hppa form for address changes, but I think you should mind your own business. I live officially in florida, and I visit Michigan in the hot months of florida. and now I have to go through all of this again, and call the head office. my service address is Zephyrhills, that is where I live, eat, and sleep. thank you, diane duszynski

  22. I with a woman who would not listen kept telling me to call bright house she apparently had worked for bright house and her loyalty to her former employer affected her ability to act appropriately as a duke energy representative.

  23. I just registered and your computer can not id me. Now I went to pay my bill on line and your company wants me to pay for using it and making things easy for you. If it’s not free I will go to your office and pay every stinking bill in pennies is that a good answer for you ALL.

  24. I had Palmer Electric serviceman doing some electrical work at our home.(contractor ID 035, Technician ID 0215)he left a survey card and the to go on. I cannot find the site to do it. Please help.

  25. Not very happy they have been worken on a pole for several hours. If I loose my food in my fridge and freezer from this. Whi is going to pay for it. The accident happen at 5:45pm Friday and her it it 2:26 am and still no power when I drove by they were just standing around.

  26. I live in Canada and want to talk to someone regarding my latest bill for our property in Clearwater, Florida. I don’t have a US Social security number so I can’t use your phone menu. I don’t know my account number since my bill goes to my bank. Please provide me with a number to contact your office to discuss my concern. Thank you!

  27. I have been trying fgor a couple of days to get on and not been able too. It has been very frustrating to say the least! Your local electrical contractor came to to do the work and left a card “your opinion matters” and I wanted to comment . The contractor ID 016 and tech ID 008, Dunedin Electric. The tech was excellent and should be complimented for his work. But YOU Duke energy leaves a lot to be desired, because I have not been able to respond until now, and I don’t know if this is going to go thru..

  28. Acct2844645096
    please email when service to be conn. was
    supp to be tod however some mixup since my
    phone keeps going out whenever I call
    and dont have extra minutes to keep calling
    back. whatever you can do will be greatly app.

  29. $300 in payments to DukeEnergy was recently refunded to me. I need to speak with a Customer Service representative about why I set up these payments, and their connection to my catastrophic injury last June and the resultant 6-week hospitalization, and why Duke Power turned off my power while I was in the hospital, and how it upset things in my house and with my account.

  30. I tried to update my phone number as per your instructions on the back of the bill.
    when the computer opened it displayed the Time warner cable page–no mention of how to enter the phone number pertaining to duke energy. This information on the back of the bill is wrong and no help at all. so much for duke energy making things easier for the consumer

  31. Are you guys in the comedy business now ? Loved the email about the computer being hijacked and the one about the line being down in his yard. Since your company isn’t very good at what you are supposed to do, is this a new form of entertainment ? Are you trying to make us forget your incompetency ? Its a good thing your company isn’t running for a major office because that would be the ultimate joke, like 32 days in February.

  32. I had an electrical problem and have the electrical protection service. On Friday 4-15-16 technician 053 contractor 019 came to my home to address the problem He was polite, efficient and took care of electrical problem perfectly. Thank you for offering this excellent service, it is one I know I can count on

  33. In the Sunday Tampa Bay Times 5/22/2016 there is a letter in the Business section by Alan Mowry of St. Pete Beach offering an explanation as to why Duke received a low rating from its’ customers. Alan makes no mention of the impact to the rate payer of the mismanagement and costly shutdown of the Crystal River nuclear plant and the failure to move forward on the Lee County nuclear facility. I would like to respond to Alan, with facts.

    Did the PSC vote in favor of placing the responsibility and cost on the shoulders of the rate payers and not the stockholders?

    My monthly power bill runs around $145. How much of that is syphoned off to pay for the aforementioned failure?

    Thank you.

  34. Here we go again. Last on a line from Rolesville back to Lizard Lick. Duke Energy will damn sure get your money , but making sure you keep power what a joke. They know where the trouble areas are , said they were going to cut the trees down several times. Have they NO , they have a monopoly now & don’t give a damn about their customers. Abunch of thieves along with the energy commissioner that gave it to em. It’s time to put these people out of business & create a self substaining generator that runs quietly. Their rates go up & their service goes down. They rape us every chance they get. Duke & the government laugh @ us all the way to the bank.

  35. I would like to know why my bill is higher every month, I have not added any new electrical appliances and don`t run my AC except in the evenings for a few hrs. I am on a fixed income and this bill is starting to get really outrageous . my bill says I owe $280.00 + and I want to know for what . and how can my bill be higher in the summer than it is in the winter

  36. My roommate pays the utilities in our apartment, and yet your system won’t allow me to make a payment giving a error that says , “AVS error 002 Zip code on Card is incorrect. Everything was working fine until he got a new card.

  37. Aaron Delisle from Hamlet Trouble Dept came out to fix the wiring on the outside of the house. He was kind, courteous and completed the job quickly.
    Now we have heat and electric. We thank him so much!!!

  38. How do I become a customer (I already am) so that I can talk to someone. I have a question that is probably important to YOU.
    Steven Sutton

  39. Service sucks. Can’t get through to actual human. Power out for over five hours and still no status update. Probably haven’t send out a service crew yet. Wish duke had competition. They’d be out of business.

  40. Customer service is a big joke. I wish Duke Energy had competition. They would be out of this market. This is the second time this week that we have had power out. Our power has been out for five hours and they have not even dispatched a person to assess when we will get power back. I hope they plan to reimburse us for food and other items that are affected by the energy been out with no idea when it will be back on.

  41. I am owner of Twin Forks Resorts With one of 61 Duke meters at Cherokee, NC.
    Recently we asked you to disconnect the power to lots 30,31,and 32 in order to upgrade my end of the electrical services. In the process, we found that you had the address for lots 30,31, and 32 listed as 30,31,and 32 Big Cove Road. The actual address is the same numbers above at Twin Forks Drive which connects to Big Cove Road at 9015 Big Cove Rd. Please correct the address.

    You and I have had a lot of trouble with the renter of these sites by the name of Jason Wolfe, even to the extent of a stolen meter being on his site 32. Now I find in very recent days the meter on his site 33 Twin Forks Drive has disappeared. We have canceled his lease and he is moving to another place on Big Cove Road.

    Bob Blankenship

  42. Same old garbage from a fix system that benefits wealthy heartless pigs! The only recourse is to pray that these wealthy folk and their familes have the worst of luck with health and have dreadfully painful demise.

  43. I live in Seminole, FL and because of Hurricane Irma our power went out at 9:30 pm on Sunday Sept 10. I live in a condominium with 66 units. We all thought we might be without power for days if not weeks, but at 7:00 on Sept 11, less than 24 hours after outage we had power. Because everyone had their windows open, a huge cheer went up in the building. I and all of us in this building want to thank Duke Energy and their extremely competent and dedicated employees for this example of customer service that exceeded all expectations. With all the power outages within the state for them to provide this exceptional response to our residents is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. THANK YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES.

  44. I am in a 55+ park and purchased a surge protection plan. I have reported my outage because I am the only one in this park without energy. All my neighbors have power. I purchased your Surge Protection Added Coverage plan and have been paying for it monthly, however when I just checked my meter there is nothing showing a light to show it is working. Have I been paying for nothing?

  45. I have tried for two days to speak to a live person at Duke. Tried 20 numbers and nothing. I am not getting any alerts or information about my electric. I have two dogs and need to know ETA of power. I also have sleep apnea and unable to use machine. Very disappointed with Duke customer service. Haven’t seen a truck yet


  47. Thursday, 9/14/17
    Repair crews are working on Dean Still Rd. in Polk Co. There are lines down 1/4 mile off Dean Still Rd.,lines not poles, on Sweet Hill Rd.Why can’t they repair Sweet Hill while they are there? Please, Please, I am 79 years old and suffering without AC in this heat. I understand there is a lot to repair in this state. When the crew is 1/4 mile from our downed lines why can’t they fix Sweet Hill Rd.

  48. I ordered led bulbs for house and was sent 12 flood lights that don’t fit in anything I own now I cant speak to a rep after multiple attempts, phone just pauses and know one is on line.? Can someone please contact me or just send me household bulbs that I can use.

  49. An automated voice is NOT customer service. I have been trying for over an hour, both by phone and on-line, to make a payment on my daughter’s account. She is at work and I do not have the account #, so can not make a payment. Customer service would get to a live person who could help me do what I need to do. Too bad you are the only power company in town.

  50. Did anyone read this string of 44 comments besides the other posters? The comments are 99% negative. Really, this is customer service, how??

  51. BTW I also meant to add the reason we thought the hanging power line that could be a fatality ,I wanted to know who would be held responsible if a horrific accident occurred I didn’t want Duke Power to be sued or us …we just honestly don’t want to see anything horrific happen due to this problem 🙁 that’s what I informed the bully that came to our home from Duke power today we just didn’t know who would be held responsible

  52. I have been trying for a full day to reach a customer service rep. I keep getting a recording from the phone service that says my call cannot be connected & to try later. I cannot access a way to move my service on the Duke website. How am I supposed to schedule a move out/I’m hook-up?

  53. Unable to get online access due to email address change. Don’t remember the old email address. How do I get this corrected?

  54. My wife and I had to talk to 4 DE customer service personnel to obtain the right bank draft form! Mary Francis mailed us the guarantor payment form, Kathy sent us the bank draft for stock purchase form while Moses told us to go to the DE web site and look for Billing and Payments – Bank Draft although there is no Bank Draft to click on! Finally, Brittany emailed the correct bank draft form to us. I recommend your customer service personnel be retrained on how to provide a bank draft form to customers! Only Brittany knew what she was doing!

  55. Service is a joke-lack or keeping customer informed- I needed underground cable replaced in October and have had to keep calling about status and feel I’ve been lied to-also I question the service people who is going to do the work is 3 counties away. All my appliances are new and they were subjected to strange voltages.

  56. I am making some complaints about my energy consumption and the crazy bills sent to me in the last three billing process. The entire household could not believe the bills were actually what we consumed. Please can you explain this to us. Besides, the air-conditioner switch box is indicating that the battery should be REPLACED. Perhaps there may be some other undictated faults that are contributing to my high energy bills. I humbly wish to have any defects corrected. I live in an apartment in Raleigh NC 27610.

  57. HI, I am living in my boyfriend’s house that we shared. He is deceased as of 10/26/2017. Why is it in the 14 yrs. we lived here that our power bills were a reasonable amount and now that he’s gone I have had two outrageous billing statements. Dec. statement was $240 &Jan. Was $261. This is a 1200 sq. ft. Energy Efficient home & is only 14yrs. Old. We always had thermostat on 74 but since he passed I knew I couldn’t afford to leave it there so I have it on 68. The house isn’t warm by any means & I am stressing about how I am going to come up with the money to pay this months bill of $261. It just doesn’t add up. I live on Social Security. I know that all the years we lived here , the weather was cold so why am I having to deal with this now. Can I apply for assistance or get help with this one bill? Please get back with me a sap. Thanks! PS, the bill is now in boyfriend’s sons name, Marvin Oakley Jr.

  58. So, We have not had power at our house for aprox. 14 hours because of “wind.” It is below freezing here and duke power will not give us an estimate of when the power will be back on. Their customer representatives are less than friendly, and could give a flip less, about how the people that are getting shafted by duke power, are being treated. Obviously, by the hundreds of terrible reviews that this company gets, and the outrageous prices they charge, they have no interest in helping anyone except themselves and their bank accounts. Bubba out here, cutting down limbs off of lines isn’t even getting a fraction of what a company like duke should be paying him. OH, and forget asking for a loner generator. They don’t give a dang if your kids are cold, or your food spoils in your fridge. They will eventually get what is coming to them.

  59. CAUTION LANDLORDS PAST AND CURRENT: IF you sign a AUTO TURN ON SERVICE for your property and you sell the property 12 years later, please remember Duke can and will keep the “convenience for you to help save money and not have to services turned off at the time of sign up” in force until you remember to send them in writing that you want to cancel the AUTO TURN ON SERVICE. They will not at any time, remind you of such service, and or give you a form to make the changes. They will not look up OWNER of record, OR state that they have made any errors to note. My Case, Property Sold Jan 15th, 2016. Sometime during end of Nov 2016 in Duke Office had a Cancel Service filled out, and pulled my NON CURRENT LANDLORD FORM and billed me for SERVICES instead of the Current OWNER of the property. One would think that would be an easy fix, Duke Error, They could just reverse the charges and bill the correct OWNER on record for the property at the time. Well, they NEVER Emailed me with the Bill, They Never called me with the Bill. 2 years 5 months later, they reach out to a Collection Agency that finds my proper Address and I get a Letter for attempting to collect a debt. I call Customer Service of Duke, which can tell me that I owe for the Bill and if I wanted to find out more I would need to send over all my information to the Landlord Fax. They would look at it and review what happened and take care of the issue at hand. Well, I would get a phone call the next day, They stated that they had cancelled the Contract ( Auto Turn ON Form) since they got my letter in writing that I no longer was the OWNER. ( 2 years 7 months later) and they would be happy to wave the late fees, but wanted to know how I wanted to pay the REST of the FINAL BILL. They did tell me that it only happened once over the two years & 7 Months that the ownership had changed. Reminder: This bill was billed incorrectly to me and never informed me of the Error until now, and not the correct Owner of the property back in 2016. I again, tell them it was not my bill and it should have went to the proper owner of the property at the time of hook up. Now, 3 days later, I get a letter in the mail for the FINAL BILL NOTICE but it now shows no wording other that they are attempting to collect a bill and it is now Dated March 2018. No notes about this bill being billed wrong and or at error by Duke Energy. So, NOW it shows I have two bills, One that has already been turned over to the Collection Agency, and One NEW one that Duke Energy sent out showing final bill of 2018. I don’t understand how they could bill someone that doesn’t own the property, doesn’t rent the property and expect that person to pay this bill. I know I am not the first person to have this happen to them. I will get to the bottom of this, but I can tell you CUSTOMER SERVICE and the LANDLORD HELP DESK, does not care about their Customers or X Customers and getting to a proper result. DUKE ENERGY shame on you….. Don’t use Duke Energy!

  60. Actually, I feel a little put off by such long delays, when waiting for someone to
    answer my call for service. I do realize that perhaps many people call, at any given time, to a specified number of agents or handlers, who take the calls, and yet it may be a good idea to employ a number of volunteers to handle the bulk of phone inquiries and requests if that might be possible and viable solution.

  61. I am really upset about the new account log in!!!!!! Leave it alone!!! I can’t even get on to pay my bill> It says it does not match my billing amount????? Fix this and start sending a paper bill. I am tired of the hassle

  62. Had two service men (NATE 009 and KYLE 014) here today to replace switch in bedroom fan. They were terrific and I give them both an EXCELLENT recommendation.

  63. This company could care less about individual homeowners or the damage they do. Duke transferred wires from one pole to another by driving across my yard leaving deep tire ruts which have not been repaired. I filed a claim with Duke and after a week of no response I called them only to find that they had closed the claim stating they were not at fault. I called the (worthless) utility board who after 40 days of arguing with Duke, shrugged their shoulders and said I was SOL!
    Now I am stuck with a yard that I can’t maintain and the cost of trying to fix!

  64. Very poor system. I have been trying to speak with someone regarding surge protection and keep getting prompts about other services. Never reached a representative!

  65. The issue began 3/22/18 bill amount $259.27, I paid $260, Duke posted a credit of $394. I called immediately and told your customer service rep the $134.73 was not mine. She insisted I was wrong. I assured her I knew what I paid and had the cancelled check. Cust. Serv refused to send me a new bill and said I had to wait until the other customer claimed that money. I was told NOT to make anymore payments. I continued to make payments for the new usage each month creating a new credit each time. It has been 4 months and I am still carrying credits on my account. I used to be a lockbox supervisor and know they could have looked at the back of the bill and checks to find out who that money belonged to. I asked to speak to the supervisor of lockbox and was told I couldn’t. I just received my June bill and I am livid. I can’t imagine what is going on with the other customer. I want a new bill to reflect the usage for my home ONLY. This is the third incident I have had and wish there was another power company I could use.

  66. I need a help with paying my bill. I tried a lot to use the website but I got it off.
    Please contact me

    Thank you

  67. Very frustrating trying to talk to someone in customer support. The Duke computer system is down and it was difficult to even come up with a phone number. When I called, I got an automated message saying their automated system was not working, to call back later. I didn’t want an automated system, I wanted to talk with someone, and I needed information immediately, not something I could call back later on. Thank goodness I at least didn’t have a power outage.

  68. can your tech’s come to our home & replace a fuse box with a breaker box? I’m told this is safer to do but we need a qualified technician to get this done.

  69. Hello, I need online email addy, customer service is phone calls only……
    I am deaf, don’t know how to reach someone who could come in and trim or cut the tree away from Utility pole and power lines. I paid someone 140 dollars to cut vines off my power line from pole to house. I worry high winds will cause branches to tear off lines at the pole.

    Am on low fixed income, retired. Can’t pay anymore for tree works.

    Thank you.

    Bethany Ellis
    1176 Runway Drive
    Hendersonville, NC 28792

  70. My residential service is scheduled for disconnection in 2 days. I have tried to call but am not given any options to speak with a human. I will be able to pay the past due amount on Wednesday, August 22, when I get my next Social Security check. I do not want to lose my electric service. Thank you.

  71. Good Afternoon, We are attempting to reach your risk management department to discuss damages to a downed power pole at Eden mall. This incident occurred on August 20, 2018. One of our driver’s struck this pole and we have been attempting to reach you to discuss any damages there may have been or the costs to re-erect the pole. Please contact me: Nekisha L. Cosey Claim: AB505-436122. Helmsman Management Services LLC – Commercial Insurance Claims PO box 7214 London, KT 40742. PH: 470-539-5653. Email: Thank you kindly.

  72. A transformer blew in my neighbor hood at 4:51 pm. I immediately called and reported the outage. This transformer serviced 5 homes. Just 5. It took you jacklegs 3 1/2 hours to get 1 lineman here, who located the transformer in the dark, went up the pole and hit the reset button. All in 18 minutes. My bowels move faster than you guys.

  73. Your company does not have no customer service!! And your phone and internet system was designed to keep customers from reaching anyone in the company, and it does that job very well. My power has been out for hours and I am not able to contact you in any manor. Your phone numbers disconnect me every time I call and your web sight can not access my information using the account number or phone number, then instructs me to call the phone numbers that don’t work, you need to fire a bunch of your idiots. Anyway my power is out at 68 Palestine Lane, Bedford Indiana 47421 account #8750-3660-02-2


  75. Looks like our payment was lost or delayed somewhere between the government closing for former President Bush and the snow/ice storm that hit Charlotte, NC. Would appreciate credit for the late payment charge that we were assessed.

  76. Absolutely horrible, I am a 911 center calling in to report a fully engulfed house fire and fire dept requesting Duke and was on hold for at least 20 min and actually still on hold

  77. Click on anything and it takes me to Spanish. FYI someone put fence in the right of way along highway 42 in weirsdale and your guide wires are now behind a fence.

  78. I have had a horrible experience. I called multiple times trying to set up payment arrangements during covid19. I was refused on2 occasions then on day to shut off, they took my money I had to pay, set me up on payments, said I’d get a letter. They then went back on our arrangement, without notice and I’m back in the same mess. I am a renter, which they state I am not eligible and my landlord cannot either. So I cannot pay the full amount nor make arrangements. Im disabled and on a fixed income and its impossible to come up with extra money.

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