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Contacting Domino’s Customer Service Center

Domino’s is one of the largest pizza chains in the United States and abroad. The company recently attempted to redefine the company image with a new pizza sauce and crust. While most customers were not thrilled with the changes, Domino’s remains a leader in delivered pizza sales because of convenience more than taste.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We were hoping to find a toll free phone number to contact Domino’s customer service, but we were unable to find one on the official website. After searching around for a while, we found no toll free number for Domino’s.

  • Corporate: 1-734-930-3030

Mailing Address

For customers who feel more comfortable contacting Domino’s customer service by mail, there is a mailing address for the Domino’s Cares division. Domino’s Cares appears to be the name of the corporate customer service department.

Domino’s Cares

Domino’s Pizza LLC30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Official Website

Go to to order, view the menu or find a local Domino’s store. You can also click on the Contact Us page to view contact information for Domino’s corporate. The contact information provided is for the main office, not your local Domino’s store though you can find the phone number and address of the local store on the official website as well.

Customer Service Email

You can use the contact form the Domino’s customer service page to reach the customer service department. You will have to chose the category for your email so your message reaches the correct department. Other information required on the form includes name, email address, phone number and street address. This seems to be a little too much information for the average contact form, but Domino’s forwards this information to the local Domino’s store. There is a good chance you will receive a call regarding your email from the local store manager or regional manager, if applicable.

When we contacted Domino’s customer service, the local manager called to apologize for the trouble we were having with an email coupon code. He offered 50% off an entire order in addition to the $10 gift card sent via email from the corporate customer service department.

Our Experience

Domino’s customer service is a number to the corporate answering service. The operator will ask where you want your call directed. You have to ask for customer service to be transferred. Once the call was answered, we asked the agent about the gluten-free crust available from our local store; specifically if the pizza was made in the same area as the traditional crust. The agent told us that the ingredients in the crust are gluten-free, but the area where the pizza is made is not free from cross contamination, so the pizza is not gluten-free at all.

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690 Comments on “Contact Dominos Customer Service
  1. I called my local dominoes (the one on 900 coney island ave in Brooklyn NY) and asked the man who picked up about their current sale. It used to be the 5,5,5 deal but it’s a little different now so I wanted to know. He said “Miss, I have no time to talk, you can go to our website if you need to know about our sale”. WTF??? Please understand that I will never order from your company again. He was so rude! I’m disgusted. You have lost a long time customer and I will be spreading the word. Thanks for nothing.

  2. I ordered from for the first time (actually ur was the iPhone app). Delivery was fast and I loved the tracker. However I am very disappointed in the food. I ordered the 2-topping med pan pizza. First, it was as if the cheese was over-cooked, the entire pizza was so oily and they got my order wrong! I even checked my online order to make sure I didn’t mess up. And I didn’t. I have to say in pretty bummed. I haven’t eaten dominos in years and I decided to give it a try and it was really gross. I was hoping for so much better.

    Thank you.

  3. from local dominoes (Pell City, Al) delivery, the pizza was cold when it arrived, the order was wrong, the it was the worst pizza I ever tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!. Called the store to let them know and all they could say was that they had a lot of orders pop up and only had two drivers. They delivered 3 pizzas before delivering ours. Was not told that could happen. Will never use Dominos again!! Have left a message with their “Customer Care” will be interesting to see if they really care enough to call back

  4. I would like a CSR to contact me ASAP because what I have to say about dominos pizza is not very nice and there’s not enough space. So to keep this email short I would like to speak to a real person. You can contact me at 985-855-2299 after five,please. I’ll be waiting to hear from someone. Thank you

  5. When a dominoes store is 2 blocks away it should not take over an hr to get 3 pizzas delivered. Order was placed at 12:24pm it is now 1:20pm I just called the store and they said they were “backed up” and he hasn’t left yet. I don’t want compensation I want that to be ridiculous for a store manager to except

  6. We all really liked the old chicken kickers much more than the new offering. The popcorn chicken style doesn’t stay very hot and seems too dry. Bring back the kickers! Thanks!

  7. i ordered 1 medium peppy paneer pizza fr 325 excluding tax with 1 garlic bread with cheesy dip. along with this i wanted to avail the coupon of 1 pizza free with medium of same or lesser value on 31st december to celebrate the eve with my family. i was told that today we will have to compromise time with them due to rush. okk i agreed and placed the order. I received the order after 45 minutes and it was the the stuffed garlic bread what my husband dislike. both the pizzas were almost without any cheese. i am so stupid to pay 500 rs just fr the plain bread with very small 8 or 9 pieces of paneer and just 6 tiny pieces of chicken. we can understand u and can compromise on the term of time but cannot compromise on the terms of quality. if u people cannot serve u should close ur outlets on these rushy days. when i tried their no fr complaint they jst disconnected and after that it ws just ringing. no one picked the phn. is this the quality of DOMINO’S PIZZA. ARE WE DOGs to have jst bread in 500 rs…. cn any1 answer my questions?

  8. i ordered 1 medium peppy paneer pizza fr 325 excluding tax with 1 garlic bread with cheesy dip. along with this i wanted to avail the coupon of 1 pizza free with medium of same or lesser value on 31st december to celebrate the eve with my family. i was told that today we will have to compromise time with them due to rush. okk i agreed and placed the order. I received the order after 45 minutes and it was the the stuffed garlic bread what my husband dislike. both the pizzas were almost without any cheese. i am so stupid to pay 500 rs just fr the plain bread with very small 8 or 9 pieces of paneer and just 6 tiny pieces of chicken. we can understand u and can compromise on the term of time but cannot compromise on the terms of quality. if u people cannot serve u should close ur outlets on these rushy days. when i tried their no fr complaint they jst disconnected and after that it ws just ringing. no one picked the phn. is this the quality of DOMINO’S PIZZA. ARE WE DOGs to have jst bread in 500 rs…. cn any1 answer my questions?

  9. Order a pizza, that I never receive d. The drive lied that he came to my address and knock on my door. When I am sitting by the door waiting 2 hours no pizza. I just started by eating dominos pizza. That will never happen. I will pass the word bad customer service.

  10. I ordered two medium two topping pizzas and a stuffed cheesey bread. The bread was amazing and the price was very good also. However, the pizzas were very cardboard like. I loved the old recipe and think this new pizza crust is not worth even the cheap price I got it for. I’m sorry that I don’t keep my receipts and couldn’t get my money back for the pizzas.

  11. I placed an order on 12/29 w dominos 934 1st Ave Ny,Ny 10022! I got 4 pizzas (2 for 5.99) and the 10 piece boneless bites for 10.99 my order came up to 39.68 I paid with my debit card…….yesterday on 1/1 I checked my account and I notice I was charged 46.68 for my order I called the back the location and the manager told me he was going to call me back and he never called me back! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE….

  12. TERRIBLE…said she would give my info to store manager, asking for $5 in dominos dollars b/c unable to place order online, said she can’t give out any codes…it’s corporate!

  13. Corporate forwards your complaint to locally owned franchises that really are not concerned with customer issues. Corporate does not follow up on complaint resolution. If you have heard nothing, franchise owners are content with their business…and could really care less. YOU are instructed to call back corporate if no response from local franchise in three days. No room for improvement here.

  14. To Whom it may concern:
    I would suggest that you check out the mentioned website as Dominoes Coral Harbor, New Providence is not very popular and quite frankly I used to order pizza for all our parties of 100 people before that, but will never be giving them my business again.

  15. the delivery takes FOREVER! worst service ever I live less than 10 mins away and it took them 2 hours and a half for just a small pie! it’s ridiculous I always have this problem and I still order which is a HUGE mistake. staten Island worst service

  16. I Spent $30.55 on the worse pizza and chicken wings ever!!!! The pizza tasted stale and old no flover at all tested as it was frozen for a while the chicken wing tasted slimy and fatty i was afraid to eat them. I don’t know witch one was worse.

    • the chicken wings and boneless are absolutely disgusting very slimy undercooked and parts of the bonless wings were unedible i cnt believe they can serve food this bad i will never eat dominos again !!

  17. Let me first say that I am in the restaurant industry, so complaining is the last thing to cross my mind. I understand very well that operations cannot always be 100%, no matter how hard a staff may work. Human nature is to learn from our mistakes. As a former restaurant GM, I respected the guest perception and sought instant solutions how to fix any minor issues.

    I just thought you should know, out of respect, that the last 3 times we have ordered delivery it has been lukewarm at best. We have recently received much better products from competition and have regularly ordered from them since the our last delivery from you. I am not searching for any comps or promos, I just thought you should know why we order elsewhere now. You have a great product and I hate that we have gone elsewhere, but it’s realistically more sensible to get what you pay for.

    Thought you should know.

    Former Customer,
    Joel M. Awi

  18. tried top call in an order and waited 15 minutes and no one picked. when I wanted to complain, they make it nearly impossible. Bar none the worst customer service in the industry. Lost my order and my business for life. They do not deserve it.

  19. We order domino’s several times a week. Today, when I tried to order online I was repeatedly told that delivery was unavailable. I called the store to ask why delivery was unavailable. The girl on the phone (barely spoke English) and told me that I was lying because delivery WAS available. Already insulted, I was frustrated, but wanted to quickly order dinner for my daughter after working all day. I had to repeat and clarify the order three times (I’m in graduate school for communication, so it’s not me). She said they’d be “right over” without asking my payment type or address (basing it solely on my phone #). I took initiative and confirmed the address, she once again said, “yeah, yeah.” and hung up on me. The delivery man arrived and demanded $35 from my ten-year-old. Then called the store when I said I order there multiple times a week and have NEVER paid cash. The same girl as before told him that my card was declined because I had no money… but she never took down my info or even asked “cash or credit?” So she says, “Let me try it again.” I said, “You can’t try it AGAIN, as you never tried it to begin with.” “She replied, “So why you be telling people you pay with card? When you no pay with card?” “Once again, YOU never asked me for a payment type, that’s YOUR job, not mine.” After giving her my cc # for a third time, I asked if there was ANYONE else that I could speak with and she said, “No, you give me card number or no?” and as I started to say it again, all of a sudden a man started speaking and asked me for my card number also. She had handed off the phone in the middle of me giving my cc#! After all of the games, I tried speaking to him rationally and he began speaking over me, yelled at me and then told me, “I don’t have time for this” and hung up on me. The delivery guy asked me, “So, do you still have no money? Your card declined again?” and I once again told him that I have money and my card was never declined, but that his boss “didn’t have time to talk to me.” He said “Oh well then!” Snatched the food off of the porch ledge (where he placed it earlier) and let the screen door go in my face as he walked off. Furious is an understatement.

  20. I work for a very business Tax Company in Richmond VA. I contacted Beulah Rd to delv. pizza for the company. I placed the order at 2:13pm. was told by your tracker it was being being inspected for quality at 2:38. It is now 3:25pm STILL NO PIZZA…I called the location….at 3:07pm was told the pizza would be arriving within five mins, by the manager William…..Still no PIZZA!!!….I will never order again for my office from this place!!!

  21. To Whom it may concern
    Ijust ordered a pizza from your memphis tn location on Winchester road and received the worst customer service in my life.My pizza is over an hour late and i was told by an employee that it would be no more than 30 to 40 min,when i called back he told me i could not talk to the manager because he was to busy.
    If this is how your company handles business it is a shame you are in business.
    I would like a refund of my money i spent.
    If you have time please call me .
    901 246-6779

  22. I had a bad experience and wrote an email about my experience. This was my first te writing an email and was instantly over it as soon as I wrote the email. I have used the Olympic blvd. Los Angeles location many times and never had a problem so I chalked this one experience to the chef having a bad night as it was late when we ordered and I’m sure they all wanted to go home. To my surprise the manager Miguel Munoz called me and left message, as I stated above I was already over it and was satisfied with his inquiry about my experience,I did not feel the need to call him back. This wkknd in the mail I received an apology with a free pizza certificate, I never expected that and that is not why I emailed my experience, I have always had a good experience w/ this location and have ordered since the incident. Please give Miguel a big Thank You, with all the pizza places around us, we always choose Dominoes for the value and the friendly employees!! Susan Hartert

  23. I have a child whom gets pizza once a week for a treat. We have been ordering from the Tyler – Gentry location for several YEARS, but over the past year – they have been dry or COLD. On one occasion – our order was wrong THREE TIMES. By the time we got the right one – I tipped the poor driver extra, but everything was cold.

    I’ve called a couple times ahead of time and said – “Hey please make sure to deliver our pizza’s warm.”

    OKAY OKAY, but always the same.

    The drivers ARE REALLY nice. The only reason I’m trying this ONE LAST TIME is my child loves the Chocolate Lava cakes.

  24. We purchased a pizza tonight and it was awful! It was so dry, it looked like someone had licked off the pizza sauce and sprinkled some cheese on top. What little sauce there was is tasteless but I’m pretty sure it was made out of tomatoes since it was red. Every time I took a bite, I had to chase it down with soda because it was that dry! Worst pizza ever.

  25. Today March 4, 2013 I placed a delivery order through the iPhone App. My order was placed at 4pm and did not arrive until 5pm. When the driver finally arrived, my food was COLD, he dropped my order on the ground, and when I opened my pizza box a piece was missing. I dont usually complain because I order from there all of the time but this really pissed me off. I wouldve returned it but last thing I need is some disgruntled employee doing something to my food.

  26. Our office is a regular customer of Dominos in Khaldiya branch in Abu Dhabi , United Arab of Emirates. We used to order every lunch break and deliver in our office .

    I’m dis appointed when I visited last yesterday march 11, 2013 9:00 pm in khaldiya branch ,we order in the counter and we sit in the table while we are waiting from our order,suddenly it catch our attention to the person who is nagging with a loud voice in the kitchen where the staff preparing the pizza ,it’s horrible coz the person as per the information we got he is the manager in that branch ,imagine how he is dealing to the staff and the same time the attitude he showed up even there queue of customer in the counter.

    The worst thing is when they give us our order, the branch manager of khaldiya branch Abu Dhabi UAE he is the one who personally handover the meals that we order , it’s surprised me when I speak to him that it’s not good that he will shouted the staff in front of customer and talking near to the place where the staff are preparing the pizza there is possibility that saliva will transfer to the food. I’m surprised from the reaction of the manager instead to say to us sorry or even apologize he whisper ” WHO ARE YOU” this is not acceptable from me as customer ,

    First of all, he don’t respect me as customer , he don’t have good customer service, he is not dealing good even to the crew in the kitchen of dominos.

    I’m sorry to said this but he whisper ” Who are you” ? I’m just customer who give your salary, coz if all your branch manager will have like this attitude and this way they are dealing to customer you will loss all your customer.

    I would like from your head office to make action for this scenario happened in khaldiya branch coz as I got the information all customer is complaining for this person, unfortunately no one is doing right action.

    I complained already to the area manager , as what the staff from that branch informed us they will just cover the ass of that manager as they are belong from same country Egypt.

    Therefore I’m requesting from your higher management to please investigate that scenario happened in khaldiya branch in Abu Dhabi UAE .

    And I hope that there will be action from your side.
    Thank you

  27. I have been trying to remove my email from the Dominos mailing list and EACH and EVERY TIME I have attempted to remove my email, I get a automated measage stating. ‘Sorry we could NOT save your email preference at THIS TIME.’
    Its been over a week and I cannot remove my mailing address.
    Dominos FAIL!!!

  28. Dominos pizza on Warwick Ave ,Warwick,ri 02889 is probably the best pizza I had and not once but many times.Manager Bill,Kevin,Vennesaa and rest of the gang are top notch.we have it delivered and pick up both great.service is outstanding,friendly,professional and caring.this store should be the flagship of not just Rhode island dominos pizza but the whole USA.thank you

  29. I have been facing this problem from quiet some time and finally wanted to share this on public forum. My 7 year old son is very fond of pizza and asks me to order for it. Since last 2-3 times dominos people fail to take my order at one go, I have to redial them at least twice to place my order. The same thing happened with me today I have ordered a pizza at around 7:50 pm and am still waiting for it. Finally I called up dominos people now what they say is that I never ordered for one. In fact I have called them twice to place my order.
    This is real irritating when a child is waiting for his food and these people fail to deliver. Dominos management should try to employ better people who have potential to take the orders.
    Suggestion to dominoz management- Stop boosting on the delivery potential of your 30 min nahi to pizza free.. at least start hiring good resource who have the potential to understand customer requirements.

    • I have a screenshot of my pizza, sandwich, and parmesan bread bites approved and ready to be delivered 30+ minutes before the delivery left the store. To run a successful business, the service should be much more accommodating to the consumer’s. If there is anything I can do to inform your local store on how to please the customer’s more efficiently, feel free to contact me. I usually do not make any negative comments, but even after the wait, my food was cold. This was a very disappointing experience.

  30. your servece is funtastic , i have no any nomber of your order place office , your staff sunny kumar giivs me your office nomber and he has been order plase olso . i hope this service .

  31. On 3-30-13 I call store 3161 to let them know that none of my 6 pizza I order had been cut when I asked to speak to the Store manager I got the Assistant manager who told me sorry but I know the pizza were cut before I sent them out for Delivery. Once again I told her no they are not I we are cutting them right now at my house where I’m having a birthday party for my son who is turning 13 today and I just spent $79.12 in your store and you are calling me a liar on the phone she said hold on let me check, a few min went by and again she said sorry sorry but I know they where cut and you are Lying. So at this point I asked for Dominos Corperate number and she said I can’t give that out so then I aske for the store manager number which she gave me which is (321)505-9390. I find it funny she can give me her number but not the big Corporate office number? So I called him right away and I told him my name and never got his I told him I just spend $79.12 at your store and none of my pizza were cut and got called a liar and this is my son birthday party his answer was do you want me to sent a pizza cut to your house and I said did you just not here me they were not cut and we are Cutting them,He then said call me Monday there Nothing I can do for you Sent I’m Not THERE TILL MONDAy what kind of answer is that please TELL ME? So after I got done with all that we need more pizza sorry to say but I did not call this store back or THIS Company back I CALL PIZZA HUT and order $80.00 WORTH of PIZZAS. One I’m not a big fan of yours BUT my WIFE and KiDS are. For one I don’t like being CALL a Liar or made to look Dumb when I know something is not cut all I want to do was let them know but NO SHE had to CALL ME A LIAR the Customer and then play me like I’m Stupid and then the manager did the same thing if they had said ok or I will take care of it right away by sending you out some more pizza if you need them then I would have been writing a customer Complement instead of a Customer complaint. I’m a manager my self of a big Retail company and I know thing happen, but I don’t call my customer a liar or make them feel stuip I don’t know what you or how you are train ing you people but I know if some spend $79.12 and there family is a BIG FAN OF MY Company and I know they are a Regular customer I’m going to take care of them and even if they are not I’m still going to take care of them. I want to know what is going to be done about this Either Credit me back for six pizza and wings and bites or something . I want to hear back from somebody now not when you all want to get back to me now like right away. When I went in there 3-31-13 to get Corporate phone number they play dumb and then guy was like it this and it was not it was a ordering hot line for you all, then when I got the right number you are close man you all take the pizza on this one. My name is Christopher Paul my phone number is (321)591-9337 and some one big better call me back not the store manager I mean some one big or I will keep calling and just so you know there were other Parents who where here and saw them not cut and heard what she said and what the manager said I think you lost some customer because of the way they treat me. I want a call back Monday not tues or I’m calling all week.;( 🙁

  32. My first experience with Dominoes was great. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and ordered some wings. The tracking on the phone was on point, also the delivery time and delivery guy from this store location were prompt. I only wrote this comment because I was ordering from Papa John’s for the longest and the service was never this great. You now have a new customer. Thank you!

  33. Phone representative was very blunt and rude. No emotion whatsoever may has well been talking to a rushed robot!

  34. Im so upset with my pizza with one jalapeno per slice and barely any pepperoni. Charged me 13 dollars for the lowest quality pizza I’ve ever eating on international dr in orlando. Never eating from there again. Employees extremely rude didn’t deserve my tip.

  35. I tried removing my email from your email list only to say it couldn’t be removed at this time. Please remove my email from your list. Thank you.

  36. After an hour of waiting for my delivery from the Dravosburg store, it was wrong. When I called to tell them, the employee said ” no you didn’t” . I never expected that response for their mistake. I will never order from them again. I will go to pizza hut instead!

  37. We ordered two pizzas late at night. Using the online delivery system, we thought it would come soon. The pizza did not show up.

  38. Hi, I had a bad experience today. We are waiting for 1hr and they haven’t delivered my food. They haven’t called me also. When I call them back they guy incharge was not helpful and not even asking apologies. Customer service was too bad. He is telling if you want the order we can provide some discount. Who wants his discount? I used to order from them many times but no issue still now. My children was hungry and am totally upset with them. Dominos from Main street, Hackensack, New Jersey.

  39. At 4:20pm at 11:20pm I had the pleasure of having a 55second conversation with a dominos clerk whom mis informed me about a promotion. The clerk noted that I needed to come into the store to get a pizza for $5.92 on special.
    I had to ask for the manager and argue with him who proportedly noted that “you may not have spoken to a person at all.” Keep in mind I was a former employee of Doninos pizza in 2003, I also drove 3miles to the location and to hear I may not have spoken to a person at all is completely ridiculous and to take a stance where the customer is dilusional and did not speak to anyone in this time would have been grounds for an incident report to say the least. The manager (a total prick by the way) had to bicker with me in order to give me a coupon that HE AND I KNEW HAD EXISTED THE WHOLE TIME! If he would have decided to give me the special I ALWAYS get and CALLED IN ABOUT PRIOR TO OUR CONVERSATION I would not need to potentially contact the BBB AND WRITE YO THIS MESSAGE. Such deplorable customer service is absolutist unacceptable at any such dominos establishment I demand a personal apology!

  40. My order was not good at all! We were so dissapointed last night, we threw
    most of it away. There was barely any chicken and it had hairs on it! The
    mushrooms were cut super thick they were almost raw in the middle. You
    didn’t put the marinara sauce I paid for I’m the bag either. So
    dissapointing! We always order the same thing because it has always been perfect until last night.

  41. Hi, I had ordered my pizza when I got off work at 10 she said it would only be about 10-15 minutes when I arrived at the drive thru the lady said I had never called when it was clearly her that was on the phone. She said they could make it and it be another 15 minutes I have been sitting in the parking lot not for over 30 minutes waiting on my food while there is over 10 people working inside sitting around talking. I’m very dissapointed and you will not be getting my service again!!!!

  42. I would love for dominoes to become one of the first major chains to have a gluten free choice. Take notice that this is the way we are going now. I would order all the time

  43. I ordered 2 large pizzas from the bob Pettit dominos in Baton Rouge tonight. I ordered the pizzas online and track them till it said packaged and delivered. I waited 30 minutes before I called the restaurant only to receive no response. I ordered pizzas during working hours but never received them. This is customer service at its worse and I’m dissaponted in the bob petite dominos service

  44. I really love dominos you can say i get pizza every weekend. But lately my orders are not the same. I usually get garlic parm sauce for my pizza but ive noticied that theres a problem with that. First it wasnt garlic parm on my pizzas it was bbq sauce? After i called all i got is an apology of that im stuck with the food i didnt order. Now i place my order like usual and recieve a call after purchase that there no garlic parm sauce. I cant get a refund it will take to long to get my money back when i paid now. I cant downgrade or anything i just have to deal with food again that i didnt want because what i ordered and paid for couldnt be delievered. So i say ty dominos for one of the most things i love to get and messing that up for my family. After today we’ll try some local pizza place that can supply my family what we pay for. Smh

  45. I have been watching your latest tv commercial and as a customer of yours, I’m wonder why you do not make your staff where gloves
    when making pizzas? This is unsanitary and I’m freaked out about that and may not frequent your business anymore.

  46. I fell for your Marketing and bought a Large $7.99 pizza with three toppings with thin crust. I had been so looking forward to it. It was horrible, It tasted justt like the little frozen CELESTE Pizzas you can buy for $1.00 in Market basket. GROSS!!!! It was dry, boring, flavorless, and hardly any toppings. Could you send me $8.49 so I can try it again with a regular crust and more toppings? I was wicked disappointed in it. Thanks a lot, Karen

  47. Ok here we go .thought. your company .had really had steped up. And was really trying too make a difference. In how business was done. Machine answered the phone.six and a haf min later got your rep . Ok I c your adds on tv wanna place an order an get off the there took my card an walked off with it toward the back .next coustmer stepped up.another rep took his card swiped it the register.he left .ticked off now.well on the way I thought well I can spend my money else I will oh got home opened the pizza outer edges were burntso there u go.

  48. Ur store manager at 24rh st and Thomas is so incompatint that I don’t have
    Words to begin a complaint. The one thing she did correct is give me the DM number.
    But once again only to be dis satisfied by ur answers to a coustomer complaint.
    His name was mike and this is in the Phoenix az locations
    U need compatent help in Phoenix

  49. Omg!! Totally the worst! Tried to order 2 pizzas and the dingy girl who answered totally wanted off the phone before my husband had even placed the order. Needless to say, he was hoping she got it right. After about 45 minutes we heard the doorbell and my husband went to answer. Because he wasn’t sure about the pizzas, he asked if I’d take a look. Both pizzas looked completely different from each other even though the were supposed to be the same crust and only 2 toppings. Told the driver and he said he could tell they were different. HE called the store, and no one could say they were the manager. My kid was hungry so we paid for what we got and said whatever. But then 15 minutes later… a “manager” calls and asks why we yelled at his driver? And…then had an attitude when my husband tried to give his side and only shut up once he realized we had paid for their screw up! Never again Dominos! Never again!

  50. Went to dominos in alabaster alabama on road 119 at 10:20 at night, sign says there open.big red letters..the hours say they are open till 11:00 employees standing around drinking soda….door locked they starred at me and never moved from there leaning stance…..bad business…

  51. over the years we have purchased our pizza’s from dominos; which we have enjoyed.On 5/24/ I went to a dominos neare where I was pk st road 200..the pizza was cold when I returnd about 7 min away and the crust was uncooked,yes uncooked in the middle!!the topping was dry. the young man didn’t wear golves during prep.. it was not good,but I was hungery,so I eat some was a waste of 8.00 never again…….L Soule

  52. My husband brought home pizza from the hanceville Alabama location. Over half th’s cheese was off the pieces and some had no toppings. We called to let them know and th’s manger said he made it himself and it would not look like that. Basically accused us of lying. Isn’t the customer right anymore? Bad business. Will not go back.

  53. so twice now I have gotten food poisoning from the cheese bread, and this time I happen to be pregnant, I would think, they have cooks who would not under cook the bread and who could tell if the cheese is bad or not, this is ridiculous and I will NEVER, eat at dominos again!

  54. To whom it may concern,
    I live in Houston, Texas and on May 27, 2013 I notice an advertisement for a 2 topping large pizza for $5.99. When I called to try to place an order for a two topping large pizza I was informed that the special was only for certain days. So the next day at work my co-workers and I tried to place another order and we were told the same thing. Well I just viewed the advertisement again and the only thing that it says is that the offer is good until June 2, 2013. My family and I always order Domino’s pizza and this is the first time we have ever experienced an issue like this.

  55. On Tuesday night around 9:45pm (May 28) I was traveling with my daughter south on hwy 198 and a delivery driver in a silver saturn came flying up behind me so close I could not see headlights. I came to a 4 way stop at hwy 198 and hwy 63, before I could get to a complete stop the driver blew the horn and drove around me and took off at a high rate of speed. I then proceeded to Domino’s which was about 3 miles ahead. The car was parked in front and I went inside and asked for a manager. A young man came out and said he was in charge. The driver was also standing there. I explained what had happened. The person in charge said he would write up the driver and the driver proceeded to call me a liar saying he did not blow the horn but admitted to everything else, then proceeded to curse me when I asked him did he realize he could have caused a wreck. He then proceeded to tell me that I had no right to lie when he fought over in Afghanistan for my freedom, I told him one had nothing to do with another and brought my daughter into the store to confirm my story and he called her a liar too and she is 13! I have no reason to lie about the events. If the young man had apologized I would have left it alone but with his attitude,disrespect and with the person in charge not taking immediate action I have contacted the local authorities and will proceed with action if Domino’s doesn’t

  56. I tried ordering pizza for dinner and when I tried checking out it was charging me over $50 for pizza! The coupon I was trying to use was for $27! When I called a minute after to ask the guy why the total was so much he was extremely rude! I told him I didn’t want the food if it was going to cost $50!!! He proceeded to raise his voice and yell at me saying that now he had to throw all the food away because it was all done!! How was that possible if I called legit 1 minute after I submitted it online!!!!!!!!!!! He then hung up on me!!!! WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!

  57. the last time i when to a dominos i wasnt very happy.. that was years ago. last summer they had commercial about costumers saying their food was crackers covered in ketchup… so today i gave them another shot… and will never again. i had a pizza with crust thinner than a saltine… and it had extra cheese on it. if you offered a picture insert here i would have posted it but you dont, but believe me. i will never choose dominos over pizza hut or rosatis again.

  58. Never had a problem but the last seven months of service has been horrible. We always order for delivery they consistently forget to bring the whole order, another time brought someone else’s delivery and gave ours to someone else and just yesterday took one hour and a half to deliver one pizza and wings. The distance between us is less than a mile. The quality continues to get worse or maybe it’s because we receive it cold.

  59. This is a copy of an email I just sent to seamless after yet another disastrous experience with dominoes in west Roxbury, massachusetts:

    I wanted to let you know I’ve twice had problems ordering from this dominoes on your app. Last time the order was late, and it arrived with only my sides, and not the pizza. The driver went back for the pizza, which was cold when it arrived, and no one ever apologized.

    This time I made sure to give myself extra time so the delivery would be here when my kids got home from school. The app said 30-45 minutes. Over an hour after placing the order, it had not arrived. I called and a very unprofessional worker answered. He checked on my order and said it would be an additional 35-40 minutes (it had already been over an hour). So I asked to speak with his manager. He took several moments and then said, “sure fine.” He placed me on hold and after 5 minutes I was disconnected. I called back, was placed on hold again, and was again disconnected. I called back AGAIN, asked to speak with the manager, and honestly could not believe the man who I talked to was a manager. He had zero customer service skills. He was finally able to tell me my order was never received. This was nearly an hour and a half after placing my order, and after a previous employee apparently pretended to look up my order and quoted me an estimated delivery time. The manager did not have an explanation for me. He actually didn’t even have an apology until I asked for one. He offered to send out a free order, but told me it would likely take more than an hour.

    I want to be sure my account was not charged. And I strongly recommend you remove this restaurant from your app.


  60. Dominos has really good pizza but the dominos I order from does not have great customer service! They are slow with getting orders out when you pick it up and even slower with delivery. I live just a flew blocks away from them and I’ve been waiting over 45 minutes for a small pepperoni pizza and a pasta bowl. I’ve tracked my order so I know exactly what time my order left the store. When you order for pick up the people behind the counter are rude and nasty. They get mad at you when you ask them questions and they spend more time talking about their weekend or their relationships that they pay no attention to the customers even while they are ordering! The delivery guy gave me my food after being an hour late from his window! He didn’t even get out of the car. The number is dominos #3537

  61. I would like to commend Steven from the Oakton store in Skokie,IL for his excellent customer service. He was able to resolve a complication with an order in an efficient and effective manner and he truly put the customer first. This was the best customer service from any food establishment I have received, even from a five-star restaurant. So once again, thank you Steven for your hard work and dedication to making the customer extremely satisfied with their experience.

  62. I would like to let you know about the store you have in Denison, TX. I went to this location to place an order and the young man working the counter was, for lack of better words, a complete smart a**. I asked there were any specials going on and he told me na not without a coupon. I placed my order and then walked out and set in my car. I noticed that there were specials on the glass that I had not noticed going in. When I went back in to get my order I told the young man that there were specials listed on the glass that would have given me a better deal. His response was well there posted right there. I thought you saw them. I also looked at the app while setting in my car and could have gotten the exact thing I ordered online for $7 less. I am very disappointed in the customer service I received at this location and will not be retuning.

  63. First time I have tried dominos pizza in years. It was the most discussing food I have ever ordered. The veggie pizza was soggy with liquid in the middle of the pizza. The Cali bacon was just as soggy. The boneless chicken was greasy and not crisp. Would never order from dominos gain

  64. Horrible service on 10240 w 75th Merriam,ks they mess up my order and call another location on college blvd to reasign the order and charge me TWICE …. That’s so wrong ! Dominos needs to do something about their customer service because it is terrible !

  65. I have called for the pizza 12:16 PM but when it has not reached till 01:18 pm again i called for the same then they replied sorry sir i have no information of your order
    is this the way when i was in hurry?
    And when the same pizza order should had been free when again they have put my order they have charged money for the same.
    See how is your service.

  66. I am upset. I have managerial experience in the pizza business and shame on your business. I ordered at 3:11pm today and received my order one hour later. i called manager and he said service was 45 minutes and your website quoated 17-30 minutes my home is 6 minutes away from your business. No discount no apologiez I paid full price for a cold meal. Shame on you guys never again will I order

  67. I just had the best customer sevice I’ve ever had a pizza place…and maybe top 5 experiences ever. The woman behind the counter was friendly, prompt, outgoing and knowledgable (server #4126, store # 113618). I don’t normally order from Dominos, just happened to stop in while visiting from out of town, but I will definitely order from your company again purely because this woman was so nice. While I waited for the pizza to be made, I saw her engage with her teammates and with other customers…all interactions seemed as fun and amicable as the one I experienced. Amazing.

  68. I’m really wondering why I downloaded you app. Order two medium two topping pizzas at 5.99 as your coupon says and when I’m done it cost me 7.99 per pizza and all I got is pepperoni and sausage pizza.

  69. While staying in a hotel in San Antonio, Texas, my daughter and I ordered pizza. We had traveled all day and didn’t want to go out again. When I called, my worrying begin, I had to repeat my order 3 times…I was told the pizza would be here in 30 minutes. After 40 minutes, I called again. I spoke with the same person, who said the pizza was on it’s way. One hour after my initial call, I called and asked for the manager…he assured me that fresh pizza would be at my door in 15 minutes. He claims that the driver couldn’t find us and returned to the store with our pizza. When the pizza finally arrived, 1 and 1/2 hours later…it was a twice baked, cold mess!!! To top it off, the driver said of his tip, “that’s it?”.

  70. Just received my order and I ordered chicken Alfredo pasta. The pasta barely fills half the tin and more then half the noodles do not have any sauce on them. I honestly will order from pizza hut because they have a way better product. I have a picture of it if you want me to send it in

  71. Hello Dominos brings thrills with their new sauce and crust as well as the new cheese. I am a resident of Las Vegas and the stuffed cheesy bread is one of my favorites. I called one of the locations for dominos and I was informed they did not have pizza dough. Weird and kinda disappointing seeing as though it IS a pizza restaurant.

  72. i called at dominos on east main st meriden i try to orderd the pizza and i had to deal with the rudest coustomer service.i lost appitie.

  73. We ordered a pizza for carry out this evening from the Chenal store in Little Rock. We ordered extra sauce, but got none, and the pizza was not only cold, but not fully baked. It was very disappointing and we chose just to finish baking the pizza at home rather than take it back to the store.

    It’s been a while since we had Domino’s Pizza. We’ll probably go back to Pizza Hut.

    Larry Welsh

  74. I ordered a meal that did not come. I called the store no answer for the rest of the evening. I call the next morning and the employee was total ass and hung up. Then does not answer phone after that. After an hour of calling back and no answer i drive over there. They are just letting the phone ring and ring. I confront them they all act surprised that i’m upset they then tell me to call manager. I call manager and answer machine says on vacation. Message service says to call alternate number and when you do its disconnected. I call the 1800 customer care and ask to have store manger to call me back . A week and a half later still no call. we will never use your restaurants again. we use to get delivery service 2 times a week. Our business will go else where. Since we are not worth a phone call. From a low level area manager.

  75. Today at 6:58 P.M. I ordered two peperoni pizzas and a cheesy bread from the Domino’s Pizza in 77 Meriden Rd, Waterbury, CT 06705. When it reached 8:15 I called to see what was happening with my order and they said that someone had received and payed for it. They then told me that they would make the order again, I gain started to wait the second time, then at 9:05 P.M. the order still hadn’t arrived, but when it arrived I received two cheese pizzas instead of the two pepperonis which I asked for. Then I spoke with the manager because I was angry with this problem and I wanted to know if he could fix the cost of the order and he told me the same price as for the first time I called. After I reclaimed for a while he decided to give me a credit for the next time I ordered. When ever someone orders from here they ask for the phone number and address and what the delivery man did by selling the pizzas to someone else outside of our household isn’t something he should have done.

  76. We recently were visiting the Newport, KY (fort thomas) area and placed an order online with dominos. We got an email confirmation of our order with an est delivery time of our order. It stated 15-25 mins. After an hour we contacted the store and was told it was ready for delivery. The person on the phone stated the online time was “not in real time” and assured us it would be fresh. 30 mins later our delivery arrived and was barely warm. We have never had poor customer service from dominos and normally wouldn’t complain, but at the time of delivery our kids had already fallen asleep. Just felt like we were owed a better explanation than online not up to date.

  77. I have lived USA for 15 years and now living in India for the past 5 years.. I called the tirmulgurry branch, secunderabad in India and placed an order at 7:52PM.. the pizza did not delivered.. I made 5 more calls within 1.5-2 hours andevery time they said it’s on it’s way.. Finally I called one more time and screamed and they said that order was not given now th epizza will be delivered.. I todl them I will show them the proof that I have called.. he said , show it to delivery person.. I did. They still were not apologetic.. I sent it back and decided to never eat their pizza again.. They lost one fo their customers, I usually order dominos every 20-25 days.. The delivery boy came at 10:20PM. The manager was named ‘Sai’.. I have two children 6 and 11 years old who wanted to eat pizza and finally they were so sleepy, they ate something else and slept.. And this is not the first time it has happened.. it happend once before also.. I hope the people at headquarters in USA are paying attention to the customer service that their outlets are providing in other countries and stopping the stigma that will be attached to their brand if they don’t stop such bad customer service.. Hope people take some action..

  78. I purchased 4 med pizzas from the dominos here in colorado springs colorado on n circle. I usually love the pizza and the service witch Is why I pay a little bit more to get it from dominos but this time I was very disappointed the pizza was horrible like it was not made right or sat out for to long before delivery… I also did not like the short attitude I recived when I phoned in my order I wont be purchasing a pizza or anything from this or any of the branches nor will I be recommending these particular pizza were intended to be served to my daughters guest at her bithday part and after 40 people wouldn’t eat them because the evevn looked bad I still had almost 3 full pizzas left for a child to turn down pizza that really tells me the pizza was bad

  79. We are frequent customers for Domino’s at 199 Mystic Ave, Medford. Today, we ordered 1 Wisconsin 6 cheese, 1 pacific veggie, and 2 Mediterranean sandwiches. One of the sandwiches had a long hair (more than 2 in.). This is dis-satisfactory and negligence on quality check. The staff should be better trained on food preparation and quality control. Please check the food next time before it’s delivered.

  80. Usually we get very good service and great food from the dominos located in Pearl River (the one located on central avenue) but tonight the pizza was sub par. There was barely any sauce and the crust was dry and tasteless. This pizza sort of made me feel like I was just better off not eating it. I wasn’t that hungry to begin with, but if it had been better I wouldn’t have felt like I was forcing myself to eat it. If service continues like this I won’t even consider going there anymore.

  81. We picked up THE best pizza from the Dominos on First Ave in Evansville, Indiana. Thank you! Jody Armstrong

  82. Hello my name is Tessika. I ordered online at for your alls location in Rogersville tn I waited till it said boxed and order and I went in to get it and well after waiting 10 mins inside I got irritated with my wait your employee not sure of his name but was a genuine jerk about it and his apology was extremely insincere and to be a place that wants business I as a customer should of never been told sorry a bigger order worth more came in after yours so we pushed it back I mean really that’s beyond unacceptable so after waiting I got a refund and took my family to another pizza location and had to wait again but at least it was done when they said it would be and wasn’t a jerk about it.

  83. Tonight we orders 3 pizzas online for carryout. My total at the end was 20.35 after taxes. When I went to pick up my pizzas the total just jumped to 26.00. I asked what this was about and was told I was wrong and this was the price. When I got home and checked my email the price was 20 and not 26.

  84. My roommate and I love dominos pizza! But each time we go in to pick up our pizza none of the people making the food are wearing gloves!!! I find this very unsanitary and almost makes me not want to get pizza there anymore.. I thought it was mandatory for people working around food to wear gloves??

  85. Good afternoon,
    I found myself having to address a situation I did not agree with. I order the complete combo meal over the phone at my dominos pizza store today. I had my wife pick it up on her way home.
    I asked the order taker to add 16 piece Parmesan bites because they are very good. This would make my order have a total of 32 bites.
    When my wife got home. She was not given the 2 liter bottle of soda and also got a total of 16 bites. When I called the store, I explained myself to a new kid that kept putting me on hold to ask someone else the questions. He eventually had me talk to the manager (Addison) about what happened after on hold while they explained to each other what was happening.
    When Addison got back on the phone, he told me I had 2 option, I could go pick up the soda and pay for the extra bites or they can deliver the soda without the bites, but if I wanted the bites, there would be an extra delivery charge. Now that’s unexceptable!!!
    I asked him if he could give me the bites I ordered for the enconvenience when they delivered my soda and he stated “nope, I need to pay for them”.

    There was no customer service here what so ever! I have seen other more professional employees at this store that could run it better. I am also afraid to actually send this in considering they know my address.

    The store is on 88th & York in thornton, co

  86. I sue to love dominos my p[hone number is 609-338-5612 I live in la they should have my number in the computer, I tried to use your online service it sucked and when I call the nearest location THEY took my order then called back 10min later and said we don’t deliver there the second time I was put on hold 5 times my friend showed me how easy it is to make my own pizza and save money and not have a headache.

  87. Really disappointed for the first… I ordered a sausage marinara pasta and normally it’s great. Today was very different. There was hardly any cheese on the pasta and normally it’s hot and crusted with cheese.. It just was thrown together.. I am hoping that this doesn’t become a consistent thing when wanting to purchase a quick meal for my family.

  88. The Artisian Pizza has awesome flavor, but VERY small and miss represented in size, Most certainly NOT 13×9 and I was very disappointed. Felt like I was mislead after seeing it online and reading it was 13×9. I could eat the whole thing by myself. Should be advertised as smaller in size because it is!!!!

  89. Was very disappointed to see employees fixing pizza without gloves. One employee was fixing an order, stopped, pulled up his pants that were falling down, then proceeded to finish the order. I ordered a thin and crispy and it was so burnt that i refused it. The next one was not even what i had ordered, but i took it just so i would not see them make another pizza with bare hands.

  90. Today the weather was too hot for me so I decided to order pizza. I was forced into retirement last year, and with my limited income I have little discretionary income. When I ordered my pizza from Yelm, WA today I wanted some specifics, including having my thin crust pizza cut into 8 pieces like a normal pizza. I tried using the online system and it kept showing one of the pizzas as 8.03, not 7.99 as advertised. I couldn’t figure out why, so I called. The young man who answered also didn’t know why, so he adjusted the price and told me the two pizzas would cost me $17.37 with tax. When I arrived, a dark-haired (no id tag that I could see) told me the price was $17.41. I told her I was quoted $17.37. She put her right hand on her right hip and corrected me that it would be $17.41. When I again said that we had corrected that when I ordered, she turned, pointed to the order board and told me I had ordered premium toppings. She offered to make the pizza again with different toppings. I told her I wanted to see the pizzas. She turned away, apparently angry with me, and went to get the pizzas. She threw them down onto the counter and backed away, never offering to open the boxes and show me the pizza on top (or the other). She put her hands on both hips and glared at me to see what I would do. I opened the top box, and found the thin crust was cut into all kinds of pieces, not the way I ordered it. I turned and walked out. This was about 5:15pm. I do not know this young woman’s name.

    I went to Pizza Hut 1 block away, and ordered my pizzas again. I also told them I wanted my thin crust cut into 8 pieces, not a bunch of little chunks. They made the order exactly as I asked, and I did not have to pay $2.99 for a tiny bottle of pepper flakes. They gave me as many peppers as I wanted without a hassle and without having to pay for them. Again, limited discretionary income.

    So far I have told 5 people about my disappointment. I also have a Facebook account. I am unhappy about this complete lack of service. And I want “Dave” to know about this.

  91. Our pool ordered three small pizzas from dominos online and forgot to supply garlic sauce and Parmesan cheese. The delivery man didnt even take time to count the money received and walked off before getting confronted about the situation. After calling the restaurant, we were told that it was “not their problem” and hung up on by the manager. Their customer service was awful and we do not intend to order from the company again.

  92. I just called into the Nazareth location. I had a not to good expirence there prior and had talked to a woman manager. She told she would put a credit on my account however when I called today there was no such credit. This was supposed to be there the end of June. Today Jeff was the manager on durty. I have never talked to a manager so rude. He was raising his voice and on top off he was talking over me. I thought you listen to hear what the issue was first then try to fix it??? After putting up with this for about 10 min going back and forth with him I finally asked for a supervisors phone number in which Jeff and arguing about giving to me , he then filly asked if he could do something for me. My reply was no, if he was going to do something he would have already offered. This is an example of someone who needs a better understanding of what customer service is.

  93. We love Dominoes. My husband is from the Mid West and it use to be our favorite pie for pizza night. A while back Dominoes starting adding a 1.95 + tax charge to all delivery orders but this additional charge does not go towards the actual Delivery Driver whose main source of income is tips. Whatever reason being used to justify this extra expense is morally wrong. You know it, your drivers and your customers.

    This charge undermines your Delivery Drivers income potential and your opportunity to do something good. One could even deal with the cost being split but to hijack this from your drivers is disgraceful and Dominoes should be ashamed. Is Dominoes owned by the Mexicans or Chinese or someone who could care less about our country and our people. No need for them when companies like Dominoes exist.

    Semper Fi to our country and our people.
    A disappointed Marine

    Sonja Smith

  94. Dominos Store #3177 in Cutler Bay is the worse excuse for a pizza shop I have ever had the misery of using. This store and its sorry staff are the reason I will never use another Dominos ever. I’m still waiting on an order over 1 hour and ten minutes. I just called and they have no record of my order. Then another guy comes on and says be there in 10 minutes. Just talked to manager to cancel order. He said accept pizza and canceled payment. I will give him credit for that but refuse to use Dominos. Every time I’ve ordered in the last year there has been an issue.

  95. I bought two pasta bowls, the lack of sauce on the ones that was made on Wednesday, August 14th is unacceptable.

  96. I had ordered food from the dominos in Norwich Connecticut that was discusting .. I sent an email to the main company .. And they got back to me apologizing for the horrible service .. They did tell me that the store that I ordered from was independent and that they would contact me within 3 days .. I have heard nothing it’s been over a week .. I must say the service is terrible on every level .. Like I said in my first complaint, I would have had better meal if I had gone to McDonalds and that not saying much for the food I got that night at dominos .. Now seeing how unimportant my complaint was and not having anyone try to resolve my issue shows me that your customers don’t matter .. I spent 13.00 on food hat I would not feed to my dog .. I am very disappointed in my full experience with dominos ..
    Gail Korten

  97. the people at the lake mead and belmont they charged us twice for the pizza then we get there they had cancelled our order then they said we have to wait three days to get the money that they charged twice we didn’t even get the dam pizza they we the most unprofessional people I will never buy dominos ever again

  98. Why doesn’t Domino’s drug test their DELIVERY DRIVERS? I have had pizza delivered in Edwards, Colorado several times. Only once did the driver not appear to be under the influence (alcohol, pot, or both). I thought that was illegal, but evidently not for delivery drivers at Domino’s. It will be if they have an accident. I called and complained to the manager who told me no drug test is in place. Really?
    Thanks for caring about your customers. I am no longer a customer, as I feel I am endangering society by putting your drivers on the road.


  99. Worst service I’ve ever had. This company refused to deliver to my residence because they said I was a block out of their delivering area. Then they told me to call another store which doesn’t deliver. I will speak to all of my friends how unprofessional this business is and will never use this company again. Terrible experience.

  100. I was very disappointed and refuse to ever purchase dominos again. The customer service was terrible. My order was taken wrong by the delivery man Philip ( I even tipped the guy for carry out) . A receipt was never given and when I returned to correct the order the new teller Jasmine was rude and would not hear me out. I have never been treated so rudely in all my life. I will never order dominos again and will remind others to chose a different pizza company. Store number 8458 worst company ever and they still didnt give me a receipt.

  101. hi I want to recommend employee jesse . he works at the caldwell idaho store over 8 months now and he is great at phones- inside work set-up am take down pm ovens pizza closes mostly and he does a great job pays attention to detail thats manager material there. he can do it all. i have seen him work and he is a really great employee but rob the manager won’t give him a shot at moving up to an insider or management i asked rob and he said he is too good of a driver .i am sure he can get other good drivers, i just want to see a young person get the deserved respect and job and pay he deserves especially when rob the manager said that the drivers will not get raises and only make 6.00 and hour . hardly seems fair, to keep employees down for your own bonus. just what i have seen as a purchaser over 8 months thanks david i hope this will help someone see what i and others see in this young man jesse.

  102. I am very disgusted with the dominos in boutte la. I like 15-20 minutes away and it took an hour to get my pizza. I got it at 8:00 pm when the dominos tracker claimed to have delivered at 7:28pm. I will never order from a dominos ever again. You need to get your stuff together dominos. This is ridiculous.

  103. I ordered a pizza from store # 3612 in 188 union turnpike and this is my third time orderingfrom them. The first time i ordered, i ordered a pizza with no cheese because my little brother is allergic to dairy products and he cant eat cheese so i tell them no cheese , just chicken and marinara sauce but the pizza camewith cheese. I called the store three times but no kne picked up. The second time they did the same thing. I called but no one picked up again… My little brother couldnt eat it again because what if there was even a little cheese it would be dangerous for him… So the next time i didnt want to order from dominos but my husband said to give them another chance and this time i ordered two pizzas and breadsticks. I put the order in at 1:56 pm and the tracker said that the deliery person left the store with my order at 2:15 pm and yet even at 3 pm, i didnt get my pizza. My husband called at 3:05 and they finally picked up after 2 tries someone picked up and said that i should’ve received my pizza already. After that, the delivery person came to my house 10 minutes later and one of my pizza had cheese on it. I called again but no one picked up. Its like they don’t even care. So why are they working there.

  104. Wawww. Store 4331 Columbia pike arlington VA.
    I don’t even know where to start ,If this is how your company handles business it is a shame you are in business.
    Stephanie , the worst manager , rude ,the worst customer service I ever experienced . It’s about 14″ hantoss pizza almost 32 $ . Ugliest pizza I ever had so when I Spoke to Stephanie telling her that I can’t eat this , is there anyway I can exchange it or get refund ( the guy I spoke to before her he told me we apologize but u can get credit for your next order , sounds good) . Stephanie got on the phone , she said we are so busy, do you want to put a new order and I’m going to charge you for it !!!!!!! I said I’m not calling for a new order she repeated again yes or no , I said no , she said bye !!hung up!!
    Yes .

  105. Ordered the carry out special. 2 large single toppings. Told 25 minutes. Normally takes about 10-15 but thought it would be worth wait, I was wrong. Arrived 30 minutes later to a lobby full of patrons all being told to wait 5 more minutes. I was told the same. 25 minutes later I stood in line to inquire how much longer I should be expected to wait. I left after being disgusted by managers treatment of staff. Upon entering a delivery driver held door for me & mgr. yelled at him for not exclaiming “driver in” when he arrived. Had he done so he would have yelled in my ear and ears of about 10 waiting guests. Firing my 25 minute wait I continued to hear mgr. yell & scream at workers for nothing. Yelled about phones(which were being answered promptly), yelled at drivers again, yelled so much I had to leave. So now it’s 6:30 on a Friday & all the Restaraunts are an hour wait. Due to the m

  106. Ordered the carry out special. 2 large single toppings. Told 25 minutes. Normally takes about 10-15 but thought it would be worth wait, I was wrong. Arrived 30 minutes later to a lobby full of patrons all being told to wait 5 more minutes. I was told the same. 25 minutes later I stood in line to inquire how much longer I should be expected to wait. I left after being disgusted by managers treatment of staff. Upon entering a delivery driver held door for me & mgr. yelled at him for not exclaiming “driver in” when he arrived. Had he done so he would have yelled in my ear and ears of about 10 waiting guests. Firing my 25 minute wait I continued to hear mgr. yell & scream at workers for nothing. Yelled about phones(which were being answered promptly), yelled at drivers again,talked down to staff who were all working very hard, yelled so much I had to leave. So now it’s 6:30 on a Friday & all the Restaurants are an hour wait. Due to the misrepresentation of the wait time I wasted an hour and now must wait some more & will miss my wife’s flight out of town or go hungry. The mgr. on staff at 6pm at store 9650 should be fired for the way he treats staff in front of patrons. The lady sitting next to me, who waited 45 minutes for her food, is from Ann Arbor, MI & was equally disgusted by mgr. she told me she knows an Executive at dominoes & would be sharing her experience with him. I hope she does!

  107. Today I went to Dominos at 5375 South Broadway Tyler TX. The employee was taking a phone order. She then took my order, went to the computer, put in my information & then proceeded to make the dough……their hands were never washed before touching the dough & there were not wearing gloves. This is unsanitary & is against all health codes that I know of. I doubt that I’ll ever go back there. Maybe you will look into this matter. I love the pizzas but don’t wish to eat food where there is a great lack of cleanliness.

  108. I went to my local Dominos and asked for a Brooklyn style and I’m told they can not cook without destroying it. If you can’t cook it take it off the menu.

  109. Hiiii,
    Yesterday I went R Deccan Mall with my 7yrs daughter Anushka.The employee was taking a phone order, ummm what was the name…yes sheetal She took my order, went to the computer, put in my information & then proceeded.sheetal not only taken my order also behave me & my daughter as family.I am very impress with har nature & service given to me by dominos..this my 1st experiance..I am very happy…Thanks

  110. I have a complaint on the Dominos. My son went on a interview. It was 09/14/2013 Olive Branch, Miss. looking forward to working being first job. His contact person in Olive Branch, Miss. told him today 09/30/2013 that he did not get the job because he missed more on the math test than he should have. You are not going to hire him because of that. Come on you don’t have to do alot of math to work at Dominos do you. My son does know how to add, subtract and mulitipuly. There were other applicants there as well.
    Mrs. Tracy Moore
    Bryan K. Fanney (son)

  111. I ordered Pizza from you east aurora west Naperville, location the pizza was the worst I have ever had, call the store back and the manager was so blah about the whole thing he just said I will send you another one in 35 min, it is still not here. we normally order Pizza from the Washington street location and we have been very happy. I guess people in west Naperville do not care about the quality of pizza they consume. The pizza was very very bad, an the manager was to busy to here my anger.

  112. I ordered a crunchy thin cheese pizza, I waited over an hour for it to arrive and when it did it was cold. I am a vegetarian and have not eaten meat in sometime, I was disgusted to find that there were bits of meat all over the pizza. I will not be ordering from dominos for a while if ever again.

  113. I ordered a pizza and sub last night and it was cold and had very little toppings I would like to have this sovled it was not the best food

  114. Once again our pizza was cold and the thin crust we ordered was dry as burnt. Where can we send these pictures? We love dominos but this is unacceptable and it keeps happening.

  115. This is actually is not a comment but a complain.
    We are long year customers in Dominos Pizza. We really enjoy the taste and the price. On Saturday, October 05, 2013, around 3.30 p.m. we visited the nearby Dominos pizza store on 8700 Flower Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20901. We ordered a medium sized chicken pizza with Onion, and Jalappeno peppers. The supervisor, a middle aged man, between 45-55, charged us $16. 75. Just we gave him $20 and he gave us 2.25 for a change. But told we him that is not the amount and he gave us one dollar more. Knowing that even that is not the price, we asked him the price again. He lied and tried to cheat us. Even he was not polite as we expected. We cross checked other people in the store who was picking up or ordered in case there is a significant price change. He didn’t provide us a receipt in the first place. That is really cheating and stealing of money. We asked him to refund us and he did at last crying out loud. Is that the proper way of treating customers? We left the store telling him that we would tell the story to the concerned body higher.
    We would like to urge any official who reads this comment to take the necessary action.
    Thank you.

  116. Its friday october 11, 2013 at 9:38pm i called my local dominos on south capitol st in washington dc amd a women answered the phone i was calling to get pizza delivered to my house which is literally 3mins away and i was told that they were not delivering to my address when the only part of my address i got out was my building number so unprofessional and very rude

  117. I placed my order at 8:51pm. I get that it may take an hour with it being Friday. But here I am waiting at 10:40pm and still no pizza. I have tried to contact the store 5 times ten minutes apart starting at 9:50pm but everytime I call the line is busy. As a paying customer I don’t think there is anything that will ever make me order from this Domino’s ever again or refer other people to do so. This is just plain old wrong. I was tracking the order and it told me that treVon left with my order at 9:35pm. I just checked it again and now it says Leon left with my pizza at 10:26pm. I mapped out the dominos I ordered from and its 9 minutes away. What is wrong with this picture. If you can’t deliver there are several other pizza places in the area I can order next time. This is my fault because I choose Domino’s. Fool me once……… BTW 10:50PM still no pizza!

  118. I ordered a medium pan pizza last night. I normally love these, but the one I recieved from the dominos at 1113 Hennepin in minneapolis was incredibly thin and floppy. The crust was the only decent part. Every other time I’ve ordered one it’s been thick and fluffy and crispy on the crust. Did you change the thickness of the dough? Either way it was a dissapointment.

  119. I placed an order online for pick up and upon getting home with my order discovered that the icing had been left out of the cinnamon sticks. We called to let them know and they offered to give us an icing if we wanted to drive all the way back there to get it or we get one the next time we ordered…that’s it? no making it right unless we come to get it. In the meantime we will not eat the sticks cause…no icing. I don’t order their desserts ever just got this with a coupon special order and I explained this and asked what would I do with just icing next time I order…they said “well you can come get it now”. Really? that’s the answer? They said there was no way they could bring it to us cause drivers were all out and too busy so sorry but it’s it’s just icing they said. And that is right but I didn’t get it with my order and ordinary this would be ok as everyone makes mistakes but their attitude about making it right is what really upset me. They treated me and this situation as if it was not important and like oh well. So ok…no more business from me.

  120. My family and I usually order from Dominos if we decide to have pizza delivered. I typically place my order using your website, however after two failed attempts at placing my order online tonight, I decided to call and place my order. I just wanted to let you know I always use the store on Forsyth Road in Macon, Georgia. The customer service and pizza is usually good. The pizza I received tonight however, was especially awesome! This pizza could have been on a commercial. It was a perfect! It actually had generous toppings. Give me the cooks name so I can order when ever he’s there. I couldn’t be happier with your company. I called the store to give them this compliment, but the line was busy each time I called. My son told me I should send an email to the corporate customer service because there was a greater chance it would be read and hopefully passed on. We hope that you will let the Forsyth Road store know they did an awesome job. The young man that took my phone order was exceptionally nice. I wish I had his name. I think he may have been fairly new, because he was asking questions to someone else. I want to close by saying I had the PERFECT pizza for once. It wasn’t okay, it wasn’t good, it wasn’t alright….it was picture and tastefully PERFECT!!!!!
    Mrs. Patricia Bruni
    -a loyal and satisfied customer

  121. I made a simple order from Dominos pizza of a pepperoni and a barbeque chicken pizza. they gave me a pepperoni, and a barbeque pizza with Little to no chicken and yellow cheese! i never said yellow cheese. i am a constant customer and i love ordering online. i recommend the App and pizza to all my friends. How embarrassing would it have been if i wouldve shared the pizza with my friends. so upset! 🙁 i prefer not to eat that misery of a pizza. i have proof too of the let down pizza. very disapointed dominos, you failed me

  122. The service this evening was terrible. Not sure why you would take an order and then continue to lie about the the delivery time, my pizza has been finished for well over an hour an hour and still waiting to be delivered. How fair is that. I think the manager is irresponsible at best. How does dominos begin to allow this. I am referring to the Eatontown of red bank location

    Bit even a phone call about the delay . In fact continual a lies about futile deliveries

  123. I’m receiving the worse customer seri e I’ve ever received in my entire life, I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes and have called several times and my order still hasn’t been taken. This is ridiculous especially because I’ve been a very loyal customer and recommend it all the time, the employees have been nothing but rude, it’s really a disgrace

  124. I just ordered a pan pizza for pick up. When I arrived at the stie#8433. I was told that it would be just a few minutes. After about ten mins. They told me that they had to remake the pizza. ( unfortunately for them I heard the people in the back saying they had made the wrong pizza.) Just tell me u screwed up. The service in this store continues to deteriorate. They are either to busy to handle the work load or whatever. This kind of service is vry unsatisfactory. Hope they can fix this issue ir they wil loose customers

  125. I ordered a Vegetarian Pasta after the lady takes about 10 minutes to come up to the Register. Once I order they not only take another 25 minutes for my pasta but they gave it to me burned. Really disappointed, because I was the only physical customer at that time and had the worse customer service. I USED TO LOVE DOMINOS. </3

  126. Just ordered my pizza and picked it up. When I got home I noticed that 2 of the items I requested on my pizza were missing ( banana peppers and bacon, my favorite things) I could not go back to the store or wait for another pizza to be made as my 3 yr is sick with the stomach virus. I ordered pizza because I wouldn’t have to cook with him being sick, I do not like to spend money on something that is not correct. I ordered from the Mccomb, Ms dominos on Delaware rd, I waited 5 minutes at the drive through before being acknowledged or greeted, and then got a pizza that was not correct to my order. The numbers in the box are 185454 and 454. I paid $14.97 for an incorrect pizza. I am in no way satisfied with the service or the pizza. There were 4 or more employees standing near the window and no one acknowledge us at the drive up window. Poor customer service!!!!

  127. I’m not sure what is going on with my Amsterdam,NY location, it is usually very punctual and delicious. The last two times I have ordered my delivery was less than satisfactory. Last time the order was cooked incorrectly but because of my previous experiences I just ignored it and chalked it up to a busy night. Tonight I ordered two different pizzas, one was way under cooked and half the cheese had slid to one side of the pizza. The other was burnt and super salty. I am assuming the saltiness may have been because of the cooking process since the pizza (Philly) is usually somewhat salty. The burnt taste must have made the salt become overwhelming, either way I will be taking a break from ordering from my local dominos until management resumes it’s previous consistency or I find something I like better at another pizza place,

  128. It’s Tuesday at 7:40Pm and after calling the store in Coral Gables, at Ponce de Leon Blvd. and SW 14 St., more than ten times
    we were put on hold and treated disrespectfully, we were rushed and
    the excuse was that they are too busy. That should not be a problem, it’s a business to please the customers for goodness’sake.
    You should have a few more people working the dinner schedule.

  129. The pizza was just a waste of money .But the calazone pockets were amazing the filling was fabolus.But the was very dry ande vry hard also, so i suggest that to keep a little moisture. thnk u

  130. Placed an order online. When the order was placed it said that it would be 15 to 20 minutes until the pizza was ready. Using the tracker as a guideline the pizzas had still not been places into the oven an hour after the order was placed! When I called to check on it they said that it could still be another 30 minutes or longer!! I understand that things happen and it gets busy especially on a holiday. But to not have the curtesy to call you customer or let your customer know that it is going to be longer than expected is just poor customer service. Not to mention the poor attitude the two associates had on the telephone. Needless to say Dominos will not be getting my business anytime or maybe ever. Learn to treat your customers better and provide better service.

  131. I recently ordered from the Dominoes in Luray, Va. This is not the first time they have messed up on my order. The first time it was taken to the wrong place and I had to wait over an hour for my order. The second time was tonight I order 2 oven baked sandwhiches and a pizza, it came to the right place but the sandwhich that I ordered was wrong. I had asked for a only steak and cheese and it came with everything on it. This dominoes use to order from but im beginning to wander how they are still in business if they keep messing up on orders.

  132. i went to your store in shimla and ordered a pizza with extra cheese , it was my wedding party for my wife u know they gave my pizzza with a very less cheese and while i talk to manager he said i cant be changed because i sprinkle orgenoes over one slice, if managers are having such attitude what your rest staff we4 can expect? now i will never come to shimla store bad experience

  133. This is for Dominos Pizza #8491

    So I walked in [11-6-13] and a guy named Aaron helped me. First of all I couldn’t talk to him face to face, because he smelled like marijuana. Second, he was very rude, he couldn’t put words together to talk. He talked with a bad attitude. Who hires someone who smokes marijuana? and even worse with a bad attitude? I want him drug tested A.S.A P. Hope this gets resolved. Here’s the story, I ordered online for pick-up. He slammed the phone on me did not say goodbye or thanks none of that. I let it go then I came to the store, same attitude. Looks like he hates his job, I did not comment to him or anything, I just took his name. Such a rude person and no place in the customer service industry. So this is my personal complaint to the corporate office. They have to do something about this person.

  134. I ordered pizza from your store in red bank nj for dinner. Using the iPhone app I found a coupon and ordered on line, 2 large 1-topping pizzas, a 16 piece Parmesan bread bites with marinara sauce, and a 2 liter of coke. But when it arrived the bread bites had spilled into the pizza carrier and I only got 8 out of the 16 without any marinara sauce. I’m very disappointed with this service, and I won’t be ordering from your company for a while after this.

  135. You lost our business today. It took too long to get the website to work, so we called you. We asked for a coupon we found online and your people were very rude in telling us we could only use the website, that did not work. I am the customer in case you haven’t figured this out. All I asked was you honor an online coupon. We went to another pizza place and will continue to do so..

  136. I normally order Pizza Hut but saw a Dominos commercial and decided to try you guys tonight; major disappointment.
    I ordered from your store on Ponce de Leon Ave in Atlanta, GA (30308).
    I ordered online for delivery a medium 2 topping pizza and, 8 piece wings with 2 sauces and a 2-liter Diet Coke. My pizza had barely any sauce or toppings which made it extremely bland. My hot wings were soggy, cold and also had barely any sauce. I dint receive the 2 bleu cheese dressings I ordered for my wings. And my expected Diet Coke was a 24-oz Coke.
    I am honestly mad that I spent $20 on food that I tasted and threw away. Major fail Dominos. Next time I will go with what I know and stick with Pizza Hut.

  137. WOW!!!!!!n did dominos really revamp things?? it is the worst and I will NEVER order online or even attempt to call this ridiculous company EVER!!!! WHY??? WHY would you have an online service that completely DOES NOT WORK???????

  138. The last time I ordered at dominios in Las Vegas. Both times I was only able to pay with a 50. Your driver told me he only has 20 dollars. There only allowed to carry that much. So I had to tip him 15 dollars. Sounds reducilious right? Well the sec time I ordered I told them I have a 50. And a lady with a attitude said well I don’t know what to tell you. Our drivers can only carry 20 on them. First off you guys can’t accommodate someone that can only pay in large bills. You have no way of giving them a little extra when someone calls in and says this is all they can do. No where on your web site does it say that. This makes me not want to order from you guys

  139. Ordered pizza online, at 11:01 at the Kingery Hwy willowbrook, IL store. Pizza was to be ready at 11:30 on 11/12/2013. Order would not accept gift card. Called the store and he said I had to order specials online so I ordered as cash at 11:10 and changed pickup to 11:40. When I reached the store he said he did not have my order. He first completed his delivery order then put in my order and I had to wait till 12:20 to get it. It had very little sauce because they were on their last sauce packet and they were out of red peppers. I was 50minutes late meeting my group and they said the pizza needed more time in the oven. I called the store and asked for the manager but so far no one has called. Should they have stock of the basic supplies and I should not be delayed because the store was shorthanded with only one person. What about the domino’s guarantee or does that depend on whether you have a good owner/store manager

  140. I think the new recipe has too much of a garlic taste. I know yall tried to put more flavor to make it better but yall went over board, I really did not enjoy eating dominos any more which is sad because it was my favorite.

  141. I placed an order over the phone today and placed an order for two large 3 topping special and after i told the rep the toppings i was told it would be 21.00+. I asked why so much! Because the special advertise is for 7.99 for 3 toppings. The rep told me that special is for two toppings only. I told him that’s not what ordered before and what i found online earlier today. He told me i could pay more for 3 toppings or change to two or less toppings. So i changed the order. When i arrived the sign on the window clearly states 3 toppings so i ask the person at the counter and he told me that the person that took the order probably didn’t know about the promotion, Really? Them he proceeded to tell me on one of the pie i had asked for extra sauce and that was a topping, really? Incredible. Not even accepting responsibility. This will be the last time i visit this location.

  142. Your austin tx location has horrible customer service i was hung up on 4 different times after being placed on hold then to tried to ask them not to put me on hold because of what had happened and he blammed it on me said the more i called back the longer i will be placed on hold i will not ever order from dominoes again papa johns from here on out atleast they know how to treat people

  143. Obviously they need to get someone else on the lines cause that little boy they have workin isnt listening to anything anyone is saying

  144. Dominos pizza on leechburg road in new Kensington pa.. Needs to be commended they are fast and get orders perfect every time .. At least twice a week.. And when I hit the tracker and see that mk is making it I’m extra excited because they make it exactly how I like it..I’m 100 percent happy with my local dominos .. Maybe you should hold a class at this store to show others how it’s done

  145. i order dominio’s pizza every two week, and today i got my pizza it has hair on it and call in store from where i order pizza and it not that i order first time from that store, manager give place a new free pizza for me but i didn’t took it ,the manager and who ever was he, he was very rudely talking and he told me he dont care if i complete about him online. store number was #4500 Jersey City Summit Ave, (201) 714-9600. what if i have that hair and got reaction, he was so rude. he was speaking in Arbic and he sound like he dont care about anything i’m really upset with this.

  146. Dominos should display better customer service. The same person that took my order, made a mistake with my order. In my order I asked for a diet coke for my diabetic child. I was only given the regular drink that I ordered for the rest of my family. When I called I was told that if it doesn’t show in the order tthere’s nothing can be done about it. I believe that’s just rude and don’t believe I would be ordering there ever again. I’ve worked in customer service myself, and would never treat the customers that way. If doesn’t know that the customers really pay her salary, without the customers, she would be without work.

  147. I recieved my pizza cold. Only thing that was warm were the cheese sticks I specifically said I wanted half cheese with pepperoni and the other half with spinach. I recieved a pizza with no extra cheese and no pepperoni and completely covered with spinach. I always ordered at this place but I’ll think twice again since the not-so-gentle man who answered the phone was extremely rude and wanted to rush me off the phone really didn’t let me talk. I was asking him a question and he said I ordered wrong. I think this issue needs to be addressed.

  148. Spoke with the Manager of the store in St. Thomas and I was appalled! I ordered 2 medium pizzas, 2 cheesy bread, and 2 lava cakes. While we placed our order over the phone…the “manager” asked for the address and wasnt fimiliar with the address because it was new so she interrupted to ask what she needed to do to get an apartment here. I proceeded to provide my method of payment. We were told the wait is 1.5 hours? We said fine and patiently waited. The delivery man finally arrived an hour and a half later and didnt have our cheesy bread. I then called “the manager” and explained that I was missing our cheesy bread. She apologized then said she saw my cheesy bread in the oven. She asked if I could hold and I said yes. She came back and said she never entered cheesy bread I never told her. Yet she said she saw my order in the oven. I then asked if it could be delievered and she said there is a 18 dollar minimum. I informed her that Domino’s has inconvenienced our family and it would greatly be appreciated if it was delivered. The “manager” got frustrated and hung up on me! How rude! I’m not sure if this is Domino’s culture but it’s a culture I would NOT want to be apart of! Unprofessional, unethical, and uncouth!

  149. it shouldn’t take 2 hrs to deliver a pizza !santee domino,s was not only slow but not very polite. We will never order from domino’s again!!!

  150. I have never had worst service in all my years ordering at dominos then I did tonight. I ordered a large two topping pie and cheesy bread from the dominos on the upper west side 107th at zipcode 10025. At first it was suppose to be a pick up but then I called back and asked for it to be delivered. The guy said sure fine not a problem. When the delivery man shows up the price is different from my original order. I called to see why the price was different the man then told me that because I change it to delivery instead of pick up they changed the price. They didn’t tell me anything I said I wanted to cancel my order because if he would have mentioned that to me on the phone I would have gone to pick it up. He asked me did I want the order I said no I want a refund and he told me he wouldn’t refund my money back to me. The delivery man left with my order and I didn’t get a refund. I don’t know if this is how dominos is working now but this makes me wanna take my business somewhere else. This was completely unexceptable and unprofessional I am highly upset with the service I received tonight. If you can please email me back I would gladly appriciate it.

  151. Called the south bound brook nj domino’s at 11:45 to order a pizza for pickup and they told me they were closed. The manager was rude and disrespectful. Last time i checked it said you stop taking order after 12 AM.

  152. i ordered pizza 11 pm now 1:20 am and i m still waiting i called them three times they said to me on the way bla bla they were so
    rude and disrespectfu

  153. I am handicapped unable to cook and have been waiting 3 hours for my dinner. They were rude and even lied to me and said there was no answer when delivered.

  154. My wife ordered a pizza online at work for the kids we got together n when the pizza got here i couldnt get the pizza cause my wife was not here to show her id for the credit card purchase.So they took it back to the store even though the pizza was paid for. i called the store in the manger hung up on me. Im most def not orderin from there again

  155. I order online from dominos regularly (twice/mth) from same store and usually have no issues however tonight the pizza delivered was not the pizza I’d ordered. I called the store and they transferred me to who I assume was the manager and I examined to him that I order regularly and am a happy customer but tonight I was worried that the wrong pizza was delivered to me. He was very short and just said.. We delivered the pizza you ordered. I was taken aback so I just said I’m thank you and he hung up before if even finished saying you.
    Anyway. I can order from all sorts of competitions in my area and I choose dominos. I wasn’t looking for anything other than I thought I might have someone else’s pizza and theirs mine. I don’t normally complain but that is just not how to handle a customer who regularly supports your business’s call.

  156. We order the same thing at least 3 times a week. Today we order and the item is 1/2 of what the portion normally is. We expect the same portion size each time we order. We were warned about Dominos

  157. So ordering online… I did not realize that my last address listed was from the time I visited New York.. When I seen that me placing a order was sent to the wrong address I immediately called the store… Only to get a guy who was rude asking me why I’m canceling my order. I explained to the gentleman that I put the wrong address and to not send the order to that address and to cancel it… Still rude he asked why.. Which I thought I made myself pretty clear by saying it was the wrong address. He then asked did I want to send food for someone else! Which now I’m thinking. Why would I call to ask to cancel a order if I wanted to send food for someone else. He say okay… And as I’m speaking hangs up on me. My problem is I know I made the mistake by not paying attention to the address but I tried to rite my wrong doing by calling before the order was even made.. Only to get a rude employee who makes me feel like I shouldn’t even have place a order with company to begin with… Or be a bitch and send the order and not care of If sent it to the wrong address at all..

  158. I need to let your company to know that I was trying to place an order last night and I called 407-343-4833 four times first time I asked if they where still open and what kind of deals you have I was told to go on line to order and it’s about an 1 1/2 for delivery I had no problem with that and I was told all orders need to be placed on the computer because we are supposed to be closed tonight since its Christmas Night and I start calling about 11:00 pm so I did go on the computer I called back to let them know I was having a Problem placing my order on the computer if there was any way that they can take my order they said they would have to charge me full price and they can’t take order’s over the phone I said to get the 2 for $5.99 for each items for me to even get that deal I had to place it on line so again I go on line to try to place my order and once again I called back and I start telling him what I wanted an xx large pizza and 14 wings and cheesy bread and chicken pasta I was told I had to place my order on line after I figured out how to place my order now I thought that I finally figured out how to order and I called back to see if they see my order for delivery on line he said no I don’t see you order and sorry we are closed I was start yelling at the man and now My kids and my Mother and myself all went to bed hungry I had no car to get any where he could have took my order but didn’t and then I was told they are closed and now I think my order is for tomorrow 12/26/2013 at 12:30 pm I want that order canceled I really need it tonight I had no food in this house at all and not any till the first and I don’t have anyone to take me for food and your company was the only chance I had to feed my kids and my mother on my Mother’s bank debit card almost$42.00 MY ORDER WAS FOR I know that I will never call Dominos again when we are really hungry and going to bed hungry not any more

  159. Dec 26 2013
    I order my pizza for carry out from the down town Puyallup store and waited tell it was ready to leave my apt and the pizz.a wasn’t ready for 20 after I got there the young lady said she was under staffed and she was in tears I understand but this was very unprofessional and the fact she was under staffed was frustrating

  160. There was a rubber band baked into my pasta. Makes me wonder what else ends up in the food that doesn’t belong there. They offered a refund, but only after we refused another pasta or a gift card.

  161. I placed my order on December 27, 2013. I called to place an order for 3 pizzas, I decided I wanted to change the toppings on one of the pizzas. The first person I spoke to was a female she put me on hold and told me to wait so she could change my order. I am assuming I spoke to the manager he asked me if I wanted to change my order I told him yes I wanted to change one of my pepperoni pizzas for a supreme instead. He told me your order has been made already so now I am going to have to waste this pizza off and remake you one. I am throwing money away. I am surprised and shocked to hear him speak to a customer this way and I hope he wasn’t the manager because if he is he needs to learn hospitality and better communication skills.

  162. I order extra large pizza and I ask for crush paper . And he said 10 cent packet I said I asking fot crush paper not the xtra topping or cheese . Who ever employee said its 10 cent packet . I said it’s not make any sentence the employee standing over there laughing at me said we got paid for crush paper that’s why we charge for it . But I want know if I go any pizza place no one charge for any crush paper and parmejen cheese . The employee over there is very rude not even said thank and ask for recipt if see review in google this location every one complen about this location employee . But I steel don’t understand what is charge for crush paper and what kind of thay doing customer service laughing at customer and never said sorry and not give any recieipt

  163. My order was completely wrong! And the customer service is awful. I dod not like how the respresentative spoke to me. I am a paying customer and I am entitled to a correct order!

  164. Hi I order a pasta dish from my local dominos and it had two pieces of white string in it. What should I do. I spent 19$ total on this and I was not a satisfied customer. And as well the pasta had a funny taste that made me want to throw up.

  165. During my visit tonight at dominos in welcome nc An employee ask the manager for change at his register, the manger stopped making pizzas stuck his hand in pocket pulled out the key, made change, and returned to making pizzas. NEVER WASHED HIs hands. There has been 4 cases of ecoli in my county in the last week. Not to mention flu and stomach bugs. I will definitely be driving 5 miles down the road to pizza hut in the future. Our pizza was under cooked and very soggy. I understand it is new years eve, and very busy but why not cook the food completely and give longer cook times/ delivery times? Will not be ordering again.

  166. I have an online order to the store that is closest to me for a delivery and each time I have been called back and told that there is not any delivery at this store. When I look it up online it says it is a delivery store. I would say four time in a row over the month of December I was told sorry we can not deliver to you. I would like to know why is this store trying to sell me a pizza for delivery and then telling me after I have already but in all my card info and have the web site take my money for the food and delivery that there is no delivery? Is that not false advertisement? A very unhappy used to be customer. Domino’s has earned free advertisement from me for the rest of my life. I will say do not get food from Domino’s

  167. Why can’t I use my gift card online that is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen. I will never buy your gift cards agian untill this changes. Online is for customers convenience but me not being able to use a gift card is not please fix this problem if you want my business.

  168. i spoke with a male person in sebastian fl,, and he quoted my price for a med hawaiian pizza and small chicken wings …. now at 9.99 for the pizza which is in correct and 5.99 for wings ,, my total was $21.and change…. there trying to rip people off if they think there drunk cause my order was made out at 11.45 pm on a saterday night after football playoff…. sebastaian dominoes should be investigated i wish i ask the employee HIS name ,,,,1/05/14….. is it not free delivery,if so,then dominoes in sebastian employess are ripping people off and should be investigated….i was ask to pay $5 for delivery and then ask for a TIP!!! seriously, i hung up and callrd another pizza establishment,, i will let others know in sebastian to watch out for domuinoes pizza and i know people who call your pizzeria….

  169. I ordered a pepperoni and mushroom 2 topping, BUT I think they forgot the mushroom! 2/3 of the pizza had no mushroom on it and altogether the amount of mushroom added up to about ½ a small mushroom all together. 2 slices didn’t even have cheese or toppings on it! Dominoz has never made quality pizza, but due to the new commercials I thought I would give it a try, never again will I order pizza from this establishment. The pasta was good, but as for the pizza I will not even eat it. Sadly I see regardless of what new commercials thet you have the pizza will never be high quality in my opinion from past to present. Very disappointed.

  170. Not impressed with my order. Had it delivered and it was luke warm. Granted its very cold out but the pizza package to keep the pizza hot should always do the trick. I don’t think I’ll order from them for awhile.

  171. FRUSTRATED!!!! Every single time I order from the Dominos in Norwalk,CT they have someone answering the phone that barely understands and I barely understand them. I have to repeat myself multiple times and I usualy pay by credit card so they are on the other end of the phone repeating my card number extremley loud. Then usually when the order gets to my house it’s wrong so when I call back they are frustrated like its my fault. I had stopped ordering from them for a long time, decided to order today and now I feeling frustrated. VERY ANGRY CUSTOMER!!!!!!

  172. Please someone contact me asap. The guy Anthony that took my order was so nasty to me. He hung up on me and wouldn’t answer my calls when I tried to call back k so that I could pay on my card. This is the second time that this guy has been so disrespectful to me like this. I never met him idk why he talks the way he does to me. He was so mean. Please call me so I can explain. I actually called him and told him that I was very upset because he kept hanging up the phone he said he was busy and I was taking long with my order. He never apologized and he kept sucking his teeth. I do not understand why he is so nasy. I need to speak with someone higher up asap. I ordered my food he told me it would take a hour and 10 minutes I asked him why so long he said because the driver wasn’t at the store. please call me anytime this is ridiculous I buy dominos 3 times out the week and everytime I get this guy he treats me like crap.

  173. I came to dominos at 12:35 A.M the manager locked the door and shut the open sign off on me i then left came back and the open sign was on i then called and the manager told me closed when we want she saw me standing at the door the hour for close are 2 a.m. she was very angry and said she can close and not serve who ever she wants very rude told me goodbye and slammed the phone in my face her name tag had tasha she is by far the worst manager ive see with talking to a customer im very upset has long has shes the manager at dominos i will never come back.

  174. I ordered a cheesy bread tonight for pick up, when i went to the store after 10 minutes to pick up, it was ready and i realize that the staff and manager are very good, and cheesy bread was hot and delicious.

    • yesterday was im going a dominos metro kaushambhi and m placing a order 1 fresh pan pizza and 1 garlic bread sticks along with a cheese dip and i m asking the server of ashish how much time will my order take to get ready and he says it will around for 14 mins and he is serve to my order accurate time !! i m very impresed this person by the name ashish !!

  175. I’ve ordered pizza from Richmond Hill Ga. location for 5 yrs. Thank you Megan for the best pizza I’ve ever had from there. And thank you Dominoes for employing a gal that can sweetly put up with an ornary old woman.

  176. I ordered dominos from 2313 hennipen a few days back and it took a hour of wait before I called to see what the wait was they saida driver had been thepizza called there was no answer they left I don’t know what your policies are on ringing doorbells. So I tried to figure out the problem they said I must have put in the wrong number but I called them prior to the first delivery to fix an ordering mistake they sent the driver out again got me my pizza but not once did they apologize

  177. I ordered a carry out of chocolate lava cakes and cinna stix from the 2211 ft campbell blvd, Hopkinsville KY Dominoes and waited for an hour to get it from the store. When the order said it was done and no one brought it out I asked what was going on. They hadn’t even put it in the oven yet. Not only that they were standing around talking, 2 of the 3 employees were taking breaks and they had bright red eyes. … obviously high a as kites. So pissed off and when i got the food it smelled burnt.

  178. I order my pizza on the app, and normally I love dominos but this time it took them about an hour to
    Get my pizza, it was cold and I didn’t ask for thin crust I hate thin crust, it taste poorly made. I don’t think I’m going to order from the app anymore.

  179. Store # 4552 in Westwood, Nj. My complaint is regarding poor Customer service skills. He got my order wrong and got visibly upset when I brought this to his attention. What’s worse is that he is a supervisor. I won’t be going there again.

  180. The online ordering is great! The one option I wish there was is a choice of pick up time, So if it is convenient for pick up one hour from order time I can place my order and have my fresh pie hot and ready at that time.
    Our pizza was delicious, service was impeccable!
    Thank you!

  181. I ordered wings from the Mattaphan dominos and it was HORRIBLE!!! The wings tasted dirty and old! Never again will I order from there It was a huge waste of money. I am going to tell all of my family and friends never to order from there as well.

  182. I made an order online that said it was going to take 22-32 minutes. The pizza left the store at 5:10 pm and as I write this at 5:47 pm the order has still not gotten to me. I talked to the manager at 5:40pm to see what was going on and the manager was nothing but rude to me. They told me the tracker was always wrong because it didn’t accommodate to the amount of delivery drivers. So I told them if it was cold I was going to have to take it back and they said ok have a good day. When I got the pizza it was wrong so I called the store and got the others manager who inf

  183. We ordered boneless chicken wings, philly, bread and lava cakes. It took over an hour to get it. After placing the order my friend called to ask if they could add lettuce on her philly. Bryan told her they are “not allowed to do that.” Although it is strange, she politely thanked him and hung up. After an hour went by I called to check on the order. Bryan put me on hold for over 7 minutes. During this ridiculous hold, my friend called and Bryan answered, didn’t ask to put her on hold and then our pizza got here so we said nevermind and hung up. Once we got the food the chicken was cold. The bread was over cooked adn burnt with burnt pieces black broken off in the bottom of the container. The philly was so overcooked it taste like rubber. When I called back, Bryan answered once again. I asked for the Managers name and he said he was. I started complaining about the wait and hold time. Bryan said that he had to let me go and hung up on me. I never used foul language and remained calm the whole time that he allowed us to speak. I don’t even want to call him back. If he had let me finnish telling him about the poor service and quality, I would have been able to tell him to come pick back up this food and refund me my money. I would like my money refunded!

  184. gain I have ordered from Dominos – again to have the same 2 issues come up. My order from last night – 2 medium deep dish pizza, 1 cheese and 1 with pineapple, peperoni, mushrooms, order of the chicken alfredo pasta, cheese bread, chocolate cake, coke and orange Fanta. Extra dipping sauces (3) for a total of 49.75 plus tip. Came with my cheese pizza having the cardboard lid stuck to the top. So, again (4th time complaining) I let the store know. They again say do you want me to bring you a new pizza. “NO” is my response. It has been the same response each time. I do not want another pizza…the kids are starving!! They will not wait another 30 minutes to get a pizza. In addition, they forgot to deliver the coke and the chocolate desert. I am so mad at dominos for just not giving a care in the world about delivering a pizza that has not been smashed and forgetting half of my order. It happens at this location frequently! I have a picture of what I received if you would let me send it to you! I do not want anything free, just what I pay for.

  185. Tried to order (2 pizzas)for delivery for my teenage kids that are home. We would pay over the phone for the order but we weren’t going to be home to sign the receipt. The person taking our order CANNOT tell us if that is going to be ok or not. He says it’s up to the driver whether he will allow the delivery (in which we wouldn’t find out until he got here.) We couldn’t take the chance that the driver will decide he doesn’t want to drop off the pizza after waiting for it to show up. That’s crazy. The pizza is usually good, but the training of their customer service person is poor. A simple yes or no would have been better.. but since the person taking our order couldn’t tell us if we will indeed get our pizza we had to go elsewhere. We usually order about 1 time a month and I had previously facilitated a school account for this dominos location…so in the past I have raved about their pizza.. but customer service is just as important as a good product.

  186. Just ordered over the phone at the Mt. Carmel location. I just want to say that Beth, the woman who answered the phone was delightful!
    When I usually call this location to order the associates are lackluster and sometimes rude. I always get an attitude when I order my fiancé’s extra sauce, half mushroom pizza as if it is a huge inconvenience. Beth was extremely patient. Her customer service skills are amazing. She was super personable over the phone and I will continue to order from here as long as she works at here. Thank you Beth! She is one of your better employees!

    • I will never order from dominos again, ther tracker is a lie to. I ordered my food at 6:02pm it’s now 7pm and my food is not here.!!!!

  187. Worst service of my life, the food was nasty. I ordered wings and lava cakes; first off my wings were bathing in grease, I’m talking tons. And I had to get my lava cakes redone because they were broken and even the new ones so I will NEVER order again you just lost service I will never recommend dominos. good bye!!!!!!

  188. Idid order today from dominos branch in Bayonne nj
    Large chicken and pepperoni the pizza wasn’t that good

  189. Hello Dominos,
    I purchased a pizza from one of your pizzerias an hour ago. My pizza was so bad, I felt it would be a crime if I didn’t make a complaint about the pizza. It was burnt to a cinder. I have always loved eating Dominos but this experience has significantly hurt Dominos reputation in my eyes. I have pictures of the pizza if you would like to see them. I would love to get a new pizza or my money back. Thank you very much.

  190. I moved to Bella Vista, Ar, after living in Bentonville, Ar, for about six years. I ordered regularly from bentonville’s Domino’s during that time. I had few complaints during that time, and they were resolved to my satisfaction. When I relocated to Bella Vista, I assumed that the same quality and service would apply. Boy, was I wrong! I have ordered four times from them since November. They have gotten one order right. When they did a pasta order over, it looked good, but there was very little pasta, almost no mushrooms, and maybe a half a cup of cheese. When I call back to tell them the order is wrong; I am treated with the attitude that I am aggravating them. One young lady actually asked me did I want them to do the order over. I called Bentonville to see if they would make an exception and take my orders. The assistant manager said he could not do that. I am told that this franchise out here is a stand-alone franchise where the other local domino’s are all in the same group. I worked in food service for about twenty years, and I know that if they should continue to serve the food they have been putting out, and treat customers as they are now, they will not be profitable for long. Their store code 5303. We have no alternative, that I am aware of for pizza out here. And I will not order from them again. I wish they would either produce food as Domino’s advertises it, or hurry up and give up so someone interested in making quality products could come in and set up shop. Thank you for your time and interest. Jerelyn Boyd

  191. I called dominos to order food for myself and coworkers from the patuoghouge store in newyork. I work at brookhaven hospital nite shift. I called about 1030 pm I was told 30 to 45 min delivery time. Guess what they never showed up or called to say they werent coming. They had my address and contact number. No excuss just poor service.

  192. I recieved a pizza on 2/24/2014 and there were numerous strands of hair all over it. I was very very dissapointed andd disgusted.

  193. I am very aggravated by the service I got from dominos just a few seconds ago I placed my order almost two hours ago and I called and asked them if my food was still on its way like I asked 30 min before that the guy said no it’s not we do not deliver there. Well me being a regular customer that’s very hard to believe when I always order delivery at that location it’s 8 min away from my house and it’s the closest dominos. I’m starving and very upset this is not fair to me at all that they would wait 2 hours to tell me that I will not be getting anyfood

  194. This company has just put a bad taste in my mouth I eat pizza from your company every Friday for our pizza night with my family an trust me this will shock you I live 4 min from this store in rainbow city alabama 35906 and right now a memeber of my family has been on the last leg of her life and we can’t leave her side I called this branch cause they proclaim to deliver and when I told them where I lived they told me we don’t service that area I mean really I hve been loyal to this company for many years but the rudeness and hatefullness I received from this branch has made me think of other options and I thought tht someone should know if this is how you direct your branches to conduct business well u have lost mine thank u for listen to me

    Sgt Rueger DL USMC

  195. Number 1: dominos prices are absolutely ridiculous. 2: when I make simple orders I do not understand how it takes 3 try’s to get 2 simple pizzas. Dominos pizza is no better than any other pizza places anymore. I and all of my military friends and family are officially boycotting your establishment. $30 for 2 medium pizzas is already bad enough, but having to wait 2 hours for them to remake them 3 times is completely disgraceful. Here’s a hint from some people who were long time dominos fans, lower your prices and have standards when hiring. Make sure their pants are up and they can read would be a start! Pizza Hut has all of our business at this point. Lower prices, cleaner more educated staff, and better food. Step it up dominos.

  196. I order a pizza from 835 Clarkson ave BK NY… And the person that delivers my pizza gets to me! I’m pregnant and ask if he can walk up for me… He said OK. He is standing on the 3rd fl… How do I know cause I’m calling his phone and hear it ringing and he does not pick up the call!!! He gets to my door and I ask how come you didn’t pick up the phone? He says…. I was helping someone!!! Meanwhile NO ONE ELSE IS IN THE HALL WITH HIM!! So what/why would you be just standing in the hall on the next floor not picking up my call?? He Had the nerve to dig up my pizza!!! I will not be getting nothing from there again!!

  197. Something need to be done about the service at the dominos at 1772a Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236. They take an obscene amount of time to deliver and the pizza is delivered cold not warm, cold!!! This is unacceptable!

  198. The staff was extrmly hlpfl and very frndly @ the Bryan Rd rstrnt in Mission Texas Sunday aftn.. Very full and very yummy!

  199. I ordered a small Doulble Cheese Burger Pizza from the Dominos Store on North Montello Street, Brockton, MA. It was the worst pizza I have ever eaten. There was hardly any sauce or cheese and it was over cooked not too mention the driver pulled up and called my phone and said “dominos, outside! ” he wanted me to come out to his truck ? I was at work at the Fire Station and was on patrol in the booth 20′ away with the outside door 2′ from me if the lazy ass would have just done his simple job. You people want feedback ? Here it is, HORRIBLE FOOD AND SERVICE, NEVER MIND $13.50 for that small piece of pizza.

  200. I wasvery upset with the delivery my total was 13 and I have them a 20 he didnt offer change I called and spoke to manager and he told me he gets 10 dollar tips all the time want be using this plce again

  201. I just got the worst pizza of my life delivered to me at 9:55 2-13-2014, I usually never complain but tonight was pathetic I bought 2 pizzas and some chicken, the pizza was so dry, and It wasn’t cut. Now if you were to look up my address and see how much money I spend with y’all you will understand, I like y’all but tonight was low very disappointed!!!!! And I have pics.

  202. Hello,
    Our order came very late, I had kids waiting. My problem was I couldn’t reach anyone. They didn’t answer the phone I called many times. There is no way to reach online and the tracking bar shoved as the pizza was delivered. I can understand that they might have problems but there should be a way to reach the company or store. And the funny part was when I asked the driver if there is any compensation, he told me I should call the store which I can not each because they don’t answer the telephone.

    ps. I never had this kind of problem before. I hope this will be a only one time thing.

  203. I ordered a pizza online at 4:23 pm from the Dominos on 2196 Pitkin ave and didn’t receive that order until 7:10 pm. No Im not kidding !!! After my order arrived I later realized that not only was the food cold and disgusting they brought the wrong items! I am disgusted. I will never order from dominos again. I’ve order from there many times and never had that problem but I recently moved to this area and that’s the closest store to me. You guys just lost a customer! Even their customer service sucks. I called the store and never spoke to anyone because they would immediately put me on hold and left me on hold for 10 mins then hung up on me. Some nerve!

  204. I waited an whole hour for my pizza only to call the store and find out that they gave my already paid for pizza to someone else i asked them how could they give away a pizza that wasn’t signed for and they told me that someone was standing in front pf my house and paid for it again then the manager told me she knew nothing about someone paying for it again and all she could do waa remake the order over so i asked for my money back and they told me it was gonna take a week to get my money back the girl was rude than the manager was rude never will i order from them agin pizza hut will get my money from now on

  205. Rochelle in Windsor Va. Has no place in management! Horrible customer service!! I ordered a pizza at 6:24p (43$). Planned on meeting my driver at the local post office. Wait time 45 min. Arrived at 7:15p. Waited until 7:30p called to see if driver was coming. Kid on phone said he was and to wait. 7:45p called back, kid put Rochelle (who wouldn’t give me her last name) on who informed me that wait times were 1.5 hrs. I asked if it had left and she responded that “it hadn’t been delivered yet” and the only thing she could do is void the order. Wow! No place in management! Aside from that, Couldn’t even offer an apology for wasting my time.
    Sorry Dominos..wont ever order from u again.. Stop hiring bad apples…

  206. Got an email with a coupon at 5:30, placed my order at 5:37, was sitting on my couch eating hot fresh delicious pizza and bread bites at 6:02. Does it get any easier or better than that? Thank you to Dominos in West Allis! Well done!

  207. Order 696357 on 2/17/14 in bronx New York

    I placed a $50 plus order and 10 minutes later I got a call from the manager
    Letting me know he only had one driver and the order would take
    An hour and a half to be delivered! This is totally unacceptable. Today is a National Holiday
    Schools are closed – wouldn’t a good manager know that people are home and are going to order delivery??

    I am very upset and disappointed and will think twice before ordering from Dominos again

  208. Hi let me start off by saying I truly love Dominoes Pizza! I love your thin crust! 😉 I live in the Bronx New York. East 183 st. So the nearest dominoes to me resides at 2075 Jerome ave. About five blocks away more or less. I never had a problem ordering and getting my pizza delivered until recently. For some reason the wait time is now over 2 hours! All the time! What really angers me is when I would call and I would hear a person pick up the phone then hang it up! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! And it would happen repeatedly! I hope this problem can be resolved. Thank you.

  209. order #84736 this evening was never received. Ordered from the Belmont, CA location on el camino. I was told after calling that oven was not working properly. When I asked it be re-routed to another location, they refused to help. I insisted he at least check for me (very politely) to which he said he would call me back in 5 minutes with an answer. I never received a call. I called in 15 minutes later and he said “uh, they’re busy”. I hung up before I bothered to catch a name.

    I will not be ordering from Domino’s again, as this location is the only one that delivers to my residence.

  210. I ordered the promo with a large pizza, Parmesan bites, and a 2 litter soda. When I had it delivered there were no Parmesan bites so he had to do an

  211. I ordered the promo with a large pizza, Parmesan bites, and a 2 litter soda. When I had it delivered there were no Parmesan bites so he had to do another delivery and come back with them. It’s been a while since I have ordered pizza and was disappointed in how much I paid for a “large” pizza and how small it is. And I didn’t feel like anyone was sorry they didn’t have my whole order. And when he came back my bites were luke warm and half of them were SO tiny. The least they could have done was comp me some or throw in something extra for what I paid and what I really got. Don’t think I want to order pizza again from here.

  212. I’m just to the point of frustration with the Domino’s @ 501 N 29th Street in Harrisburg Pa I used my credit card for a order over $50.00 all I requested was some plates. The delivery guy gets to my home only to inform me that he don’t have my credit card receipt and he only have two plates. I’ve been calling the store for the past two hours for the return of the plates and receipts I still don’t have it. Of course our food has gotten cold but evidently the employees @ this establishment could care less. No more business with Domino’s I’m totally frustrated.

    Mrs. Annette Garland

  213. I ordered a pizza from Dominos south at 7:00 pm and at 8:25 the drivers calls and says he can not find my house. He was back at the shop. I placed the order online, delivery time was 35-45 minutes. I ask to talk to manager, I ask her to cancel charges since it had been so long and driver could not find house. She said you want to cancel order? I said you can not meet my order, it’s has beens1 1/2 hrs. She said online time does not matter, she was very rude and not helpful at all. I told her I was placing a complaint with cooperate head quarters and she said if you complain on us we will just not take orders from you any more! I told her don’t worry I would never order from dominos again. And by the way I could not be given a refund back to my bank account for five days. What type of managers are you training?

  214. pizza I ordered was the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my entire life cold nasty and hardly any toppings horrible I’m so disappointed

  215. I am from bhangagarh ,guwahati , assam , india . I get home delivered pizza from dominos in HUB Mall regularly but since last few deliveries the have been asking for extended prize on pizzamania within a span of a month or two on multiple occasion . I was buying pizzamania for 195 rupees but the have been demanding 214 then 217. Please take note of my problem

  216. I love dominos pizza. I prefer it to Pizza Hut. But when it came to customer service they lacked it big time. I had ordered pizza for some of my co workers as thank you for some excellent work they had done earlier in the week. I was not going to be in the office around the time I had the pizza to get to them. It was supposed to be a nice suprise treat. (thats why I left special instructions to leave the pizza with a specific person when they delivered to my work place) However the person my girls spoke to was very rude to them and had a very complex and sassy attitude. Having 14 + years of customer service that was very uncalled for. You dont argue with the customer and you definately do not tell them “I was not rude, I talked to you like this…” is what one of the employees told one of my girls. It definately is a shame that CUSTOMER SERVICE is lacking at Dominos when that is how this company survives. By its CUSTOMERS. Like I mentioned I prefer Dominos to Pizza Hut but if the customer service contiues the way it today I will no longer give Dominos my service and definately not my hard earned money.

  217. Seriously so upset by the way our delivery driver acted, the manager when I called and how I was made to feel at fault! After I ordered the driver came late, didn’t say hi, didn’t even want to say what the food was he was handing me. I noticed there wasn’t a pizza so I asked if he had the wrong order he says no this is your address correct, yes but I ordered a pizza, sandwich and chicken wings. He said no, put the money in my hand and said well then you ordered the wrong food. So I called the store, the manager was worse saying I ordered incorrectly. Really, I know what I ordered and it was confirmed. When I get off work at 11pm, I’d really like to get what I ordered and to be treated like a guest!

  218. Not happy with service on 2-24-14 @ Dominos on L Street NW, Wash. DC. 6:57 pm. The Pizza label has the name Greg on it. My order: two pan pizza’s and fourteen hot wings for which I was told the price was $46.40, because I had no coupons. I told the employee the sign on the window and the Dominos commercials did not advertise coupons were needed. The price went down to $31.31. Although I believe I was being hustled, I made the purchase because my family wanted Dominos.
    When I walked in to order, the employee brought three pizza boxes to the counter (two cheese and one thin crust peperoni) and asked if I wanted them. I told him I could not take any of them to my family. Another employee approached and

    took one of the pizza’s for himself.

    I have never been treated so bad in that store where I do frequent because I live in the area.
    The store was also in disarray and dirty. It will be a minute before I go back, I need time to get over this negative experience.

  219. I placed an order for delivery and the delivery guy refused to deliver the pizza. He told me I had to come to his vehicle. I am a female why would I walk to some strange mans car? He canceled my order after having me wait for almost 2 hours! Told me that he was going back to the store and his manager can send someone else. I asked for the number to a manager and the delivery guy hung up on me. I called the store and the manager was just as rude and he also hung up on me!!!

    According to the manager and the delivery guy they “DO NOT DELIVER TO THE PROJECTS!” How stereotypical of them!! I have ordered from this location a few times prior to this and I have NEVER experienced such inconsideration, disrespect and poor customer service.

    Needless to say I never received my pizza. It is now 12:20am, I have to go out into the cold, most establishments are closed so my options are limited as I wasted 2 hrs waiting on dominoes. I ordered delivery so that my order would be just that .. DELIVERED

  220. your store at 2699 watson blv warner robins ga is amazing. I use this store all the time and the customer service is great. They always have my pizza delivered before the estimated time. Tonight just for fun wrote in the special instructions place for them to write a special note for my five year old and the delivery guy wrote her a pizza joke. She loved it now she keeps telling everyone the joke. I just wanted to compliment the staff and managers there u have a great team and always deliver. Thanks for all u do.

  221. Have not liked your pizza in the past but decided to try it again tonight. All I can say is the changes you made are great. Ordered a couple pizzas and they are awesome! The crust especially. Had to post a quick comment to say job well done !

  222. The costumer service at the location on donnell drive in Forestville Maryland is horrible!! Store #4653 The workers are RUDE when they answer the phone and also have side conversations that are not work related. they get smart with you and your order is always late. When you call about your late order they don’t help what so ever!!! I will bring this up at a cooperate meeting

  223. i order a pizza on bayshore in sanfrancisco ca in they deliver me a a thin pizza when i didnt order it they put alittle pepperoni on it in i was under cooked im really disaapointed in dominos

  224. 2014 just ordered a My favorite pizza Domino’s and it’s appears that someone played with my pizza like stuck theirs fingers in it leaving finger print impressions…wow clarion, pa….

  225. The dominos on SE 44th and Sooner in del city, Oklahoma, has the rudest manager! I called today 3/2/14 at 3:20 central time and was hung up on twice. I understand the weather is bad so they are busy that is why I am calling now instead of at my usual dinner time. I asked to speak to the manager who did not give me his name… And was told well my staff could have forgot To put the phone on hold before setting the phone down. I am a former dominos employee and that’s bull!!! He then rudely said “are you goin to order or not” I am disgusted with me service! They need to be ripremanded for their poor customer service. How can you have rude men like that run your store? I worked under frank herishetta at i35 and 44th in okc and never would he have talked to a customer is such a RUDE AND CARELESS MANNER! Dominos has lost my service and I will Be spreading the word about this manager!

  226. I ordered at the strongsville ohio location.. stacy took my order. She had to put me on hold twice because she didn’t know what to do. After she had my full order I asked her to repeat my order which was a pepperoni sausage large pizza. When it arrived it was cheese only andbarely warm. I called to let them know. I talked to stacy and she apologized and said the only thing that they coukd do was send another pizza. Its been over an hour and the pizza has not been delievered! AAbsolutely horrible. Im one angry pregnant woman that will be going hungry! I will never again order dominos. I will be calling to talk to a manager.

  227. The store on Princess Anne street in Fredericksburg, Virginia is absolutely one of the worst establishments I have ever dealt with. They didn’t answer the phone at all during business hours after repeated attempts and the one time they did answer, I was hung up on by whoever answered. This store is an embarrassment to the company. Being in the service industry myself I am extremely floored by this store’a actionI have never attempted to contact a business during operating hours and been unanswered.

  228. I pick up from different Dominos locations once every 6 weeks or so. I usually have no problems. This time however, I ordered a Glutten Free crust for one of the guests in my party. This occured in Levittown, P.R. I had to explain to the employee how you need fresh, not contaminated cheese or sauce and he called over the person in-charge to help him. The boss was very arrogant, ignorant, and turned her back on me while I was speaking. She was also chewing gum.
    I am aware that Dominos cannot guarantee 100% GF but, the employees must be constantly trained and have a CLUE of what GF means and requires. Their disposition and dimeanor suck. Manners cannot be ignored. I’m trully disappointed in Domino’s.

  229. My pizza was not cooked all the way. It was very doughy. I specifically asked for little tomato sauce, but it had too much. The delivery took over 1.5 hours and the store is 5 miles from my apartment. I tipped the guy 35%. And i never received my garlic sauce that i paid for. Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated. thanks
    Christopher Nance

  230. I work at a local business. I call Dominoes a lot to place orders for customers. I’ve called so much that the managers recognize my voice. One manager I talked to seem to appreciate the business I attract and the way I go about attracting business for Dominoes. She said as long as I continue to do this for their company she would offer me a one time 25 cent off their boneless wings and to just mention who I was. I called to talk to the manager to take her up on her word and the general manager answered. She was rude and said that Dominoes doesn’t offer such deals. Because her phone demeanor seemed demeaning, condescending, and outright rude I basically ended the conversation before it escalated however I really question the credibility of the establishment. Furthermore, this supposedly “customer satisfaction” oriented general manager proceeded to try to get me fired. I will never call this store again, the pizza is 2nd rate and the customer service from Dominoes’ top employees is absolutely worse, deplorable.

  231. To whom this may concern,
    My family ordered two medium pizzas, stuffed cheese bread, jalapeño cheese sauce and a marinara cup from the carterville Illinois store #2795. I tracked the order online. The tracker said our pizza left at 6:44 pm the driver did not get to our house till about 7:15. When the driver finally got here he gave us our cold pizza cheese bread and a two litter of soda that we did not order. We stopped him to give the two litter back and check to make sure our order was correct. The pizza and bread was right but we did not receive any of our dipping sauce. The driver said he would run back to the store and grab it if we would like, of course we said yes because the kids wanted there marinara sauce for the cheese bread. He came back in the normal amount with the sauce. I do realize that mistakes do happen and its not entirely the drivers fault, but the employee’s should be sure the order is completely filled before sending a driver to deliver.

  232. Well I order online at 1145 pm and the delivery came at 100 am did not got the order told him he can take it back at the Bloomfield ave in Newark they suckkkk

  233. Hello, I ordered a pizza yesterday around 11:15 from the new Brighton dominos. I ordered my pizza online. I then received a call back about 10 mins later to telll me that my pizza could not be delivered because there was no delivery drive there and I would either have to come pick up my order or else it would have to be cancelled. I was shocked knowing you’re known for delivery. I told them I could not pick it up. They then cancelled my order.. not ok!! I am very disappointed.

  234. I am not even sure if complaining will help. I have read some of the other comments on here, and it seems sometimes people’s problem are never handled, but I will try. I am complaining about the Dominos in Clemson SC. I have been there several times and have usually had pretty good service. However, recently I have had to deal with the woman manager. Dominos…she needs to be fired. She is rude and sometimes acts drunk. Seriously, I will never get pizza from here again.

  235. I called last week to complain about two pizzas I received at the 45 and chestnut st location. The owners called me back to hear me out and advised me that I would receive a credit for a free pizza. I just called to order that pizza and the store is not showing a credit at all. Another disappointment from Dominos

  236. me and my gf ordered a pizza at your san jose location3207 cabrillo ave. We ate bread sticks, sausage green pepper olive and garlic pizza, and fried boneless chicken. they also charged us for 3 sauces 50cents each and did receive the garlic sauce which was not a big deal to me, but my gf complained about her stomach an hour later hurting and we both went to sleep. i woke up at about 5am rushing to the bath room to puke and she followed about and hour later. i continued to vomit throughout the day and so did my gf, i called the dominos where i ordered from and michael answered pretty much asking if i have a doctors note and do i have the pizza and i told him id bring it and he said no the pizza is bad, and i said “after 1 day a pizza goes bad”? he said “i dont know what you did to it since delivery”. I asked for my money back and he said you want your money back for the 4 left over pizzas? i obviously wanted all my money back for food that made me dead sick and miss work. i then learned he wasnt even the manager and was telling me i need proof to get my money back. I ate lunch at 11am and my gf hadnt eaten anything that day until we got the pizza, its pretty clear what we got sick from. we ordered our food on march 12, around 9pm and got it at around 9:45pm to 10pm. the guy on the phone michael was extremely rude and didnt apologize pretty much told me i need proof. i will be calling BBB filing complaints.

  237. You really make it seem really easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something that I think I might by no means understand. It seems too complex and extremely wide for me. I am looking forward for your next submit, I’ll attempt to get the hold of it!

  238. I live in glen cove ny n tonight I placed an order the person taking my order not only spoke horrible English was rude n hung up on me wen I to him to hold on so I can make sure I was taking the order right the person on the other kind hung up on me. Wen I called back to complain another person picked up I told him that I was disappointed on the service n told him what happened he ask me to hold n then cane back in the phone n said the employee who took my order said he said hello n he did but I told him to hold on n then he hung up. He man did not want to believe me n choice to apologized but was not understanding. I have never been so rude to an I think the some employees need better customer service training. There has way too many problems with this dominos. I hope u can train your employees better customer service. Thank you Liz

  239. Ive had problems with this dominos before but now that they answered the gave me thw wrong pizza i asked for a pepperoni and bacon they brought me a plain cheese pizza rhe driver already left and when i tried to cal the store the did not answer the phone again. Wtf is going on at these stores. Its ridiculous and i still have not heard from a representative about the last conflict.

  240. It took an hour to get my two topping pizzas, they were cold and there was three mushrooms on the whole pizza. Wings were cold too. Next time we'”” try Pizza Hut.

  241. I ordered a medium pizza today and was disappointed to find it was burnt when it arrived. I paid an additional 6 dollars in delivery and tip. I feel like I wasted my money.

  242. Dominos is HORRIBLE!! They first got our order wrong and then LIED and said they called us and knocked multiple times to change the order but we waited downstairs for an hour and neither received a phone call nor a knock on the door. When I called to discuss this I was told that there was nothing they could do and that it was my fault that the driver couldn’t contact me! I neither received a refund or the correct order!! WILL NOT be ordering from Dominos again! I will stick to Pizza Hut who actually know a thing or two about customer service!

  243. I ordered a phillycheese steak pizza from Blackwell Travel Center in Morrilton AR and it was HORRIBLE!!! the sauce was wrong, it didn’t have any mushroom or bell peppers on it and it made our bellies hurt we had to keep going back to the bathroom it was so bad, the cheese bread wasn’t even the right kind it had some stuff on it that looked like little yellow beads and the taste of it was so HORRIBLE that it would make you throw up in your mouth so we just threw it away. And the girl that took our order didn’t even ask the name to pick up the order up. I will NEVER order from that place again. Now before I ordered From phoenix Ave in Fort Smith Arkansas and it was AWSOME!! It was so good we wanted to go back and order another one after we finished the first one. And the man that took the order was helpful and patient.

  244. I ordered dominos and asked ONLY for cheese pizza. They gave me a chese pizza with sone pepperoni on it. Some people would say thats a good thing but to me its not. I am muslim and i dont eat pork. I threw out the entire pizza and will never order dominos again!

  245. I am writing to say I find the advertisement where they are making pizza crust, etc, in a pan WITH BARE HANDS. I find this truly offense and do believe it is a health violation at the very least. Who knows where those bare hands have been last. I thought wearing gloves for food prep was a requirement. I will never order your pizza again because of this commercial.

  246. Dominos Pizza
    7613 W Good Hope Rd, Milwaukee
    (414) 357-7775

    I went to this pizza place to order my pizzas. I sat there for about 10 minutes to look over the menu and then went up to the register to place my order. First off, no one greeted us or asked us if we needed help. Then the workers (6-8 people) continue doing what they were doing and paid no attention to us. I continue to wait since it seemed like they were busy however another 10 minutes went by and no one still asked us if we needed help. Every one saw us but no one seemed like they wanted to help at all! To top it off, another lady came in and stood behind us, I was angry with their lack of customer service that I sat down however my sister continue to stand by the register. The guy went straight to her and placed her order!! We were so angry we told them that they needed to re-train their staff on customer service and told them that we will not bring our service to Dominos Pizza any more. This use to be my favorite place to order pizza, however after that incident I will no longer bring my service to Dominoes. I hope you train your staff on customer service and respect!!

  247. we ordered bacon chicken ranch sandwiches. There was no ranch! the chicken was dry as if it was sitting on the stove all day! No joke. It was a waste of 30 dollars. I know they’re sandwiches can be good but to today was the WORST I am disappointed.

  248. Just had the worst experience with Domino’s! My husband placed an order online at 8:16pm, at 9:27pm we called wondering what happened to our dinner. According to employee our option was to wait or cancel the order and he was pretty rude about it. Now, please tell me if you ordered dinner and paid for it and haven’t had it over an hour later, would you take the miserable attitude?! Oh, and BTW despite the fact that we told them not to cancel our order and deliver it ASAP, it’s been 2 hours now and still nothing. I would like to call and ask about my order or if I’m getting my money back, but unfortunately no one is answering the phone when we call!!!!

  249. I ordered a pizza while i was still at work just finishing up. Because my boyfriend text me and told me he felt like eating pizza and he never eats pizza. So it was kind of special i ordered at 937 got home from work at 1025 no pizza i showered they called me ill b there in 5. So 11 10 comes around no pizza i call him back oh im right down the st i told him its been a hr and a half just forget it i wasnt going to give my brand new boyfriend a bad cold pizza thanx for ruining my date. U guys suck


  251. I ordered the 5.99 pizza’s along with the 32 piece Parmesan bites and when my daughter brought it out to the car she got in and we started to drive away and the butter from the Parmesan bites poured all over her pants got all over her clothes. It was so hot that it also burned her leg a little. She loves the Parmesan bits however there is so much butter on them that I don’t think I will order them again. Also, I order a cheese pizza and there was green pepper on it and a few mushrooms which I didn’t order. The other pizza was pepperoni and bacon and I couldn’t tell it had bacon on it. This is the first time I have been extremely dissatisfied with my order from Domino’s. Not sure if I will go back because of this experience.

  252. Their food sucks as well as their customer service… They seem worse to me. I got wings that were delivered to my door and went straight into the trash! Total rip off!!!

  253. How cool is the Dominoes Pizza Tracker app? How about awesome!!!! You are informed about all kinds of useless information about your pizza that makes the experience fun and entertaining. You even know the name of the high school kid that is making your pizza. You know when it is ready and when to get off your butt to go pick it up. It takes the mundane experience of ordering pizza and adds an entire new dimension to the experience. The only problem is, it is all a bunch of nonsense. It is totally made up. It should be called the Pizza Liar! The excitement I had showing up at the store to pick up my fresh pizza was overshadowed by the utter disappointment at the inability of the Pizza Tracker to be accurate. So I stand and wait for something that has not even been made yet. Dominoes took the mundane, made it exciting, and then made it aggravating.

  254. Dominos pizza in south logan Utah
    I came to this dominos to order pizza in store both people at the front counter were taking orders over the phone. Everyone who was there turned to look but not one person could shoot me a smile or let me know that they would be with me momentarily. I felt like they did not want to help me. In my opinion a place that does not have as many customers in comparison to bigger cities should try their best to make each and every customer happy. After about 4 minutes of waiting I was finally acknowledged and the person could not even apologize for making me wait she just went on to ask if she could take my order… Worst service I’ve received

  255. Sadly after years as a customer to discover dominos love and joy in cruelty to animals I can no longer be a customer. There is no need in This day x age for the discusting use of gestation crates. Sadly companies who only care about money only understand loss of money. Untill decency is restored I’ll try my best to spread the word of this abuse.

    Please find humanity

  256. I ordered from Vidor tx location and the 1st thing that was very disturbing was the rude person who took my order. Then I recieved my pizzas which were half burnt. Then there was the man that delivered the pizzas. Instead of backing out of my driveway the man drives off my driveway around my husbands truck in the MUD tears up my yard and gets stuck. So my husband now has to pull his truck out of our yard. And we have huge ruts in our yard. Which is going to COST us money to be fixed. And all he has to say is sorry I can’t back up good. I really want to speak with someone about this. Please contact me ASAP

  257. Been ordering from Dominos 4 times or more a month for as long as I can remember. But this evening will be the last time. i know this sounds like a small thing but it is irritating to say the least. When did you start charging a dollar for Parmesan cheese.
    Too many other Pizza places to choose from with similar deals and free cheese….so you lost this customer and I am from a very large family in our town of Guthrie and this will spread like wildfire.

  258. I’ve been a customer if dominos for a very long time , it’s ridiculous that I have to wait two hours for delivery and when I call to complain they say to give them 10 minutes that the delivery person will be here 1 hour later I call to cancel , I didn’t even get an apology a sorry nothing I think this very unprofessional ! Dominos should train there employees better and have better service ! I will never order from dominos ever again ! The dominos in the bronx don’t order from here !

  259. This will be the last time I ever order from dominos store #3654 this is the most horrible service ever. As I write this I am still on hold for over an hour on the phone trying to find out what happened to my delivery I placed two hours ago. This is ridiculous and should be looked into. I will not be contacting dominos in the near future from now on I will get my deliveries from papa johns

  260. I called my local dominos to make and order and the female that answered the phone said hold please and then kept me on hold for more than 10 minutes. i called back the phone clicked anc hung up I did this 8 times. I also tried to order online, ig does not give a comformation of order if u dont have the app. your company has lost a long time customer. by the way the store that i was trying to order from (IRVINGTON, NJ 07111 Clinton avenue)

  261. I am writing because if a little frustration, and unsatisfactory wings. I usually just do carry out for dinners or lunch. The pizzas are fine and I kinda like the new change to them. The location I deal with I have not had any issues with as well. The wings were a waste of money. They were horribly fatty with little to no meat to eat, no crispyness (which is a little understandable because of the traveling), little to no flavor options for the wife, no boneless options, but flavor was fine. The local grocery store does all of that for less, with a lack of your flavor. My other frustration was not bring able to do any ratings on the main site. I would like to think as a business owner you would like that information to improve your franchise across the country, with the ability to mine that type of information. I have a very small business, and I can even do that with reporting to meet their needs in the future. If you do decide to take that path, please don’t make me fill out pages worth of data just to rate your service or product. Create a link on your order page for rating with the use of a receipt number. When I am done then ask me for contact at a later date, but don’t force me into it. I can be honest and forth coming if you simplify the process, and I don’t have to go thru all of this. I appreciate your product, and attempts to improve the franchise. Sometimes just getting an outside opinion, can create a quicker path to success. Thank you Randy

  262. Just bought a dominoes pizza last night and two salads from the moorpark CA store. It was horrible. Worst prepared pizza and bad tasting I have ever had. Everything was soggy and nothing was fresh. I spent $30 with the tip for food that was not humanely eatable. Very surprised and disgusted. There are no options. They send out poor food and take your cash. It was a horrible rip off.

  263. omgosh wtfrick, i swear,that you guys remain as one of the top pizza sellers due to convenience more than product has like,just really become painfully aware to me is an understatement. im a cool customer so like aarrrggg and all i can say is you just lost a loyal one. AND im soo going to tell all my friends cause feeding people is a calling and an scared to even order again cause we all know how professional your workers are…(nobdy has forgotten about that video)i dnt need some spit or sh*t n my food just cause you guys screwed up!!! SO FLIPPING DISAPPOINTED !!!!!![and still hungry too,not to mention]

  264. im so fricking disappointed in you guys!!!! wtfrick is you guys problem huh?? feeding people is a honor and a privilge dang it. im a cool customer so ill just say aaarrggggg,you all just lost one loyal foodie. that you guys are a leader in pizza sales due to convenience more than product/service/quality is defiantly and sadly very very true….

  265. Delivered the wrong pizza with an opened box, and when called the store back the worker began arguing with us telling us we got what we ordered and we could deal with it. Terrible service

  266. Dominos #7102
    Great fellas, took good care of me and replaced a pizza because of a “sauce” issue. Next time ill jus ask for XXtra sauce 😉
    Thx Guys!

  267. I ordered form the store at 5811 berkman dr Austin TX and had the worst experience ever!!! And I do not say that lightly because I have had many bad experiences in life. The girl that answered the phone took every aspect of my order wrong and was rude. When I showed up to the location it smelled like pot out side. And when I picked up the order they cooked my wings wrong cut my Brooklyn in 6 when I asked for 8 and forgot to give me my cinna sticks and then they wanted to charge me more than the price we agreed on over the phone. I will never go back there again because the drugs addicts working there can’t do any thing right. It is a simple job that high school students can do I don’t know what type of people they hire there but they are not the sharpest tool in the shead to put it nicely. Next time I want the papa johns rejects to give me my food I will call Pizza Hut because at least both places have higher standards than dominos!

  268. I just placed a delivry order with yur store at Gloster Rd lawrenceville Ga 30044. It was such a pleasant experience. The girls name was Ashley and she was friendly,polite,efficient and you could hear the smile in her voice! I had called Pizza Hut first and the guy there was sullen,slow,didnt know his job,and when I tried to pay with my Visa he told me they dont take cards for delivery orders! You will definitly have my future business! And please let Ashley know what a superb job she is doing!
    Thanks,Linda Balderas

  269. I gave your pizza 3 more tries. It was disgusting. I’m sorry but I thought it tasted terrible. IT USED TO BE SO GOOD, WHAT HAPPENED. Money down the drain 🙁

  270. What is the problem with my local dominoes?i have complained before with no follow through by corporate. Now once again, after taking an hour to deliver my cold pizza, they did not bring the 2 liter I ordered. Tony the general manager offered nothing but for the driver to go to the store and pick one up. She stayed she would if she had time. When I demanded my money be returned,
    Tony the manager said he would then NOT be providing my 2 liter.

    I do not appreciate the I professionalism and “punk kid” attitude of the manager dominos corporation has chose to unsuccessfully run my local dominos.

  271. I ordered pizzas tonight and NEVER WILL ORDER FROM “DOMINOES” again. I asked for peppers and parmesean cheese and neither arrived. the delivery man was gone when I realized it. The man insulted of as well. He asked for my visa card and I gave it to him. then HE SAID I need your drivers license. He acted as though I was neither the owner of my own card or my own drivers license I have ordered pizza for over 20 years and NEVER BEEN ASKED FOR VISA AND DRIVERS LICENSE. I have a group and we order pizza frequently and you can bet we will NEVER ORDER AGAIN FROM “DOMINOES.” .¤¤¤ THE FOOD WAS NOT DONE EITHER. IT WAS DOUGHY. THIS IS A RESORT TOWN. PATRONS ORDER FROM PIZZA HUT. ¤¤¤ The reviews are MUCH BETTER with Pizza Hut and there is OBVIOUSLY A REASON FOR “PIZZA HUT” having better reviews.

  272. I ordered a pizza from the store in Ft. Lauderdale at 6:00 pm. When the food arrived it was COLD and the WRONG PIZZA was delivered. The pizza delivered was pineapple, to which I am allergic. I called the store and they advised a new pizza would be made right away and sent over. However, over an HOUR AND A HALF later, I am still waiting on my pizza. I called the store again and spoke with the manager who advised they are “working” on correcting the issue. However, I am now sitting here with cold wings and chicken, waiting on a pizza that appears not to be coming. NO ONE at the store even has the decency to work with me, and apologize for this SEVERE inconvenience. This is UNACCEPTABLE and I WILL NEVER order from Dominos again. I am an avid pizza eater, and order from Papa Johns and Pizza Hut all the time, and have NEVER HAD SUCH A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I urge someone from corporate to contact me–as your company needs to know what is going on with your Fort Lauderdale store. I expect to hear a response soon.

  273. Tried Domino’s tonight for the first time in many years. Had the Honolulu Hawaiian
    And the boneless chicken. Definitely good news/bad news! The crust was good-
    lightly crisp on exterior, moist interior, good flavor. Thought the sauce was
    Bland but quickly realized preparer had scrimped , using only a thin smear.
    Had one area with sauce that could be tasted and was good. ” Roasted red
    peppers” seemed to have been frozen, thawed, and baked to slimy flavorless
    crap. Chicken had great flavor, perfectly cooked! Delivery person well
    mannered and CLEAN.

  274. I was ran off the road by one of the dominoes delivery drivers from the store on 192 at four corners. I’m so enraged and I went inside to talk to a manager & they just happened to of just left? Then I asked for the persons name & they said they didn’t know, like this was a joke or something. What PATHETIC customer service and what pathetic employees, I’ll never eat at dominoes again! PIZZA HUT ALL DAY!

  275. We just had a delivery of a medium pizza and cheesey bread by the Avondale, PA store. We were not impressed with the pizza, as the box lid was pressed down on the hot pizza, which caused the pizza and it’s cheese to stick the roof of the box. We did eat the pizza as we did not want to wait for another one to be delivered. I took a picture of your product and would love to send it to you. I have ordered from this particular Dominos store before and never had an issue.

  276. i ordered from Revere Ma. For delivery and the driver called me to go outside to get my pizza he refused to bring it to my door and i live on a first floor. Its the second time i spoke to the manager whomed agree with me that the driver should of delivered to my door but yet the driver came back to call me again and asked me to go outside so i am all done with Dominos.

  277. Order pizza gave my address and call back to tell them go bk door n the guy said he left already less then 10. Mins after I placed my Order they called me 15min later to tell they don’t go to my area

  278. Tried ordering pizza online and ended up calling the store, the person working was extremely rude and I won’t even bother going there anymore. Customer service needs help bad

  279. I just visited the dominos on route 23 and the woman at the desk was so cheerful and welcoming as I walked in the door! She saw me having a tough time and offered her assistance in helping me decide… She gave me her honest opinion on the things that she thought tasted good and we’re not so good. I left the store feeling confident in my purchase and was very pleased with the customer service experience.

  280. I live only 5.5 miles away from a Dominos yet when I call or try and order online they refuse to deliver to me. Meanwhile another big chain delivers from farther away. I am personally a big fan of the pizza of this company but they have lost literally ALL of their business to me and my family over the 9 years I have lived here and it’s completely their fault. Since I don’t really care enough about their pizza to try and fix this issue with them personally I chose to write this. Location is in Fontana, CA.

  281. Your New panvel Branch service very very poor. Yesterday I will wait for almost 1 hrs to collect only one pizza. Your person told your parcel dispatched but we are not received. Then we are going personally & collect the pizza. we getting pizza after 1hrs.

  282. We decided to order in tonite, website is OK, tracker is great, but our order sucked. We ordered fire wings and got mild & I ordered the new jalapeño & bacon cheese bread and just got cheese. Next will definitely order chanello’s!

  283. normally, Id have nothing but good things to say about dominos. Unfortunately, an hour and a half for pasta and a sandwich is unacceptable. Very unhappy. Food was cold. And I now remember why I order papa johns.

  284. Horrible! Went to the Hobbs New Mexico dominos. Asked to speak with the manager Vince and low and behold he is out back making out with one of the shift managers. I’m glad he has time to have relationships with employees while he is store manager. Just doesn’t seem right to make a customer wait while you are tryin to get off outside. Totally unprofessional. I will not order from that store or take my children there

  285. I was recently in your Dayton, Ohio store I noticed that your employee that were preparing the pizza’s were not wearing gloves and one of them was typing on the oder screen and did not wash her hands . Also another employee answered the phone and went right back to making pizzas without washing there hand this is called cross contamination if one of your customers was to become I’ll behind this your company would be held responsible. I work in food service and have taken a serve safe class and know this is wrong. For me to notice this how many other people have noticed and you have lost bussiness because of this nastiness.You have the best pizza my kids will only eat this pizza if iI order from you bussiness. This needs to be addressed to your store at 531 Wilmington store. Thanks you and hope to return to your store soon.

  286. Ordered pizza online with 35-45 min delivery window provided. After over an hour I tried to call but got only busy signals. Went online to check tracking and it stated pizza being made with 15-20 min delivery time. After about 30 min went back online and tracking system indicated Luis was cooking pizza, with 15-20 min delivery time. After 2 hours called again and this time got through…was told that their power went out for 1 1/2 hours and that headquarters had cancelled all pizza orders. I asked why I wasn’t notified…was told they didn’t have my contact information. If corporate was able to cancel my order, you would think they would provide me with courtesy call and let me know. Horrible experience, why have tracking online if it’s not accurate. I would have made other dinner plans an hour ago if I knew that the online tracking was a lie. Terrible, terrible, terrible customer service Dominos.

  287. The first time I had the new Dominos crust I loved it, yet every time I order it now the pizza tastes completely different. One time, I received the old, cardboard crust. Sometimes it is heavily seasoned and great and sometimes the crust lacks any seasoning. Different tasting pizza every time.

  288. Worst pizza ever……toppings are usually part of the pizza experience. Cheese is kind of a pizza requirement. No replacement. Thanks dominos

  289. I live in Lafayette, Louisiana and I have ordered food many times without cheese because I am a vegan with an allergy to cheese. This time when I started eating my food, that was ORDERED WITHOUT CHEESE, it had cheese in it and you have caused me to be very very sick. You could get in very much trouble from making that mistake.

  290. Alright I strongly think y’all need a whole new makeover on your cheese bread. There is just something about Pizza Hut cheese bread. I like dominos but step it up!

  291. I order delivery from your company often and usually have a good experience but not today. I was just delivered a pizza at 4:40 on may12 2014. For one the pizza loojs like tgey droped Iit because the cheese was stuck to the top of the box which ive never seen and the rest was slid off to the side. And even worse the pizza is RAW. this is just ridiculous. I am cooking it know in my own oven to try to finish cooking it because one I dont want to wait another 40 minutes and two I dont want to eat a pizza with spit on it. They even forgot my garlic sauce. This has been a horrible experience and will probably be ordering pizza hut or papa jhons from now on. Since they at least dont give me raw pizza. The workers at columbus indiana dominos have disappointed my familt tonight

  292. To whom it may concern,

    I ordered a pizza Saturday afternoon around 5:45pm from 221 #B Palo Verde Ave Long Beach, CA. I first spoke to Vincent who took my order over the phone. Shortly after ordering my dinner I called less than a minute to add a coupon that I had in my mail (16 piece parm bites & a 2 liter coke). He seemed to not be very knowledgable regarding the menu or the promotions and asked me for the coupon code. I than gave it to him and he said that was not available anymore so than I asked if I should cancel my order and he said “ok”. Right than I felt it didn’t matter if I ordered any pizza from you guys. I have not ordered Dominos pizza in over a year! It’s sad to say that I would rather order pizza from a small pizza joint around my nieghborhood than to be treated this way. I also want to add that when I received my pizza it had hair in it and this is why I am sending you an email. I believe that customer service always brings a customer back, I will definitely never eat dominos pizza again.

    Carmen Martinez

  293. My complaint is with your website. I entered the pizza online from your menu, then changed my mind. There were places to change quantities, but no place to remove the whole pizza from the order. The info on the screen said I would be able to make changes at the checkout screen. When I got to the checkout there was still no place to delete the pizza that I did not want. This is aggrevating. I think you should correct it.

  294. Just ordered delivery over the phone at the N.Tustin St. location in Orange CA. I requested a Medium Dish Deluxe Pizza and (2) orders of Fettuccine and Chicken Alfredo. It was my first time ordering from this location. “PERVIE” the gentleman who took my order was very helpful and friendly and made me feel welcome. Delivery was to be here in 35 minutes but was here in 20 min. The food was outstanding. I feel like I was treated like a VIP! This place knocks the socks off of the competition. I will be a regular customer from now on.

  295. The manager at the dominos at 10971 Scarsdale Blvd, Houston, TX 77089 name is Bret he’s beyond rude my sister placed an order at 8:05pm & I placed one at 8:15 pm to the same address. I received a order conformation stating that my order was placed & being prepared, I received a call stating that I will not be receiving my order put my sister received her food. When I asked why wasn’t I receiving my food I was told that the drivers are not allow to come in my apt I asked the manager why he told me because it’s was due to robbery I explain to Bret that a driver just left the same apt & he told me that I mistaking their pizza with some other restaurant I asked him for the corporate number & he refused to give me the corporate number he exact words we’re go online & find it & he hung. I don’t believe I will ever order pizza from dominions again

  296. Not to be rude but Im definitely a Pizza Hut lover but since Domino’s is right by my job I figured i’d give it a shot, to bad no one ever answers the phones and im quite sure the money is well needed. For this being my first time im not impressed at all. Really Poor and unprofessional customer service

  297. Have ordered pizza delivery before and it was OK, but tonight was perfect. Who ever prepared the pizza did so perfectly, not to much sauce, just the right amount of toppings and it was hot upon delivery. Kudos to those individuals. Smithfield, VA 23430 May 31, 2014 9:30 PM

  298. Worst experience with delivery ever. Ordered a pizza and was told 35 min. Now an hour and fifteen minutes later still no pizza. Papa johns down the street from us. Will be ordering there from now on. Absolutely ridiculous.

  299. This is probably my fourth or fifth complain about my local dominos. Every time we order food it’s either incorrect or takes about two hours to get to the door. This complaint happens to be about the food being incorrect. Our pasta bowl looks like someone made half of it and threw it in the oven and then realized they forgot the mushrooms and onions. The mushrooms and onions were still uncooked. There was also barely any pasta in the bowl. We also ordered a three topping pizza and only received two of the toppings. This is the second time that has happened in the last two times in a row that we’ve ordered. I’m just so fed up with our orders constantly being incorrect. We order from there a lot and have given them multiple times to redeem themselves. I WILL NOT be ordering from this store again.

  300. You have an employee at Your Bettendorf location named brandon schlieper that says on his facebook hes a “shift manager” and on facebook today he posted a meme that advocates rape. I will never buy from a company that hires kids that think its ok to disrespect women and especially when it comes to rape. Id figure out why hes allowed to be employed before this goes viral

  301. I ordered a pan pizza with BBQ sauce and chicken and I ordered an extra topping of jalapeño. After I brought the pizza home I noticed the crust around the pizza was burnt and I know the difference between cheese and burnt crust. Second of all there was barely any BBQ sauce on the pizza and then there was no jalapeño on the pizza. It used to love this pan pizza when you first start making it but this was the worst pizza I ever had from dominos. I expect good food and not this kind if thing.

  302. Order # 253678
    My pizza had burnt over cooked edges and half the pizza had no sauce on it. I am not very happy with my pizza. I expected to enjoy my meal tonight but I was met with disappointment.

  303. We just ordered from hamden. The people at the store are both professional and courteous. BUT they cannot honor certain coupons on the internet. We are long time customers and believe dominos is not giving their stores a fair shake. We cut our order in half due to tis policy.
    Thank you Hamden–shame on you corporate
    Claire cucurullo

  304. We just ordered from hamden. The people at the store are both professional and courteous. BUT they cannot honor certain coupons on the internet. We are long time customers and believe dominos is not giving their stores a fair shake. We cut our order in half due to tis policy.
    Thank you Hamden–shame on you corporate
    Claire cucurullo

  305. Very nice approach to the customers in vijayawada branch by g.anusha…
    I’m very delighted with that service
    Thank you….

  306. Ordered a pizza like I have for over ten years. Ordered at 3pm, they said be at gate at 3:45. We meet there do to no delivery in my subdivision. At gate at 3:30. Wait until 4:15. No pizza. No phone service in meeting area so drive to store. On way to store call my home# to get a voicemail from driver saying pizza cant be delivered until I answer phone. Arrive at store,Now 4:30. Was told by manager that driver has pizza, now over 1hr old. She apologized and said new policy says they cant deliver unless I answer phone. I explaned cant answer phone when waiting at gate for your driver. If this is the policy then why want I told this upon ordering? I was offered no new pizza, no discount, no nothing. You lost a life long customer. Wasted over 2 hours of time and 1 hr driving for nothing. Great fathers day. Had to go somewhere else 2 hours after order, for food. Poor customer service and lost a customer that has been loyal for over 20 years.

  307. Dominos in moncks corner,the manager Paul is vulgar and rude his store screwed my order up and delivered it to someone else and because they used my credit card receipt he got rude and said I was isane and hung up on me so my wife called back and he louded her out and then hung up on her,if this is the kind of people dominos hires we are in trouble just glad in didn’t eat the food he probably spit on it anyway so if you go there be aware of the manager paul.i have e-mailed dominos corporate office lets see how much they care about there customers.and all in wanted was for him to credit back my account the $15.92 that I paid,but I,m insane right now my credit info is floating aroun for anyone to see.well I,m not done with paul I will get to the bottom of this I work hard for my money and will not have an unproffesional person like him disrespect me and myb wife,he needs to learn how to treat good luck paul cause I,m not going away I will notify the news and news paper its not the money its the respect that u didn’t show so game on.

  308. The Dominoes Store #5935) has to be the worst for customer service in the country, order #259702, server #9884, time -5:46 p.m., date 06/20/14. I walked into the establishment to place an order, after about 10-15 minutes I was finally acknowledged- this was of course after asking other patrons could an order be placed at the window. I order the chicken alfredo penne pasta, the associate asked if I wanted the tin bowl or bread bowl, I clearly stated tin bowl, well when I got my order after a long wait time- guess what- it was the bread bowl. I returned the pasta bowl and asked politely for the order to be corrected. The staff then wanted a confrontation with me, she reared her head back and started with \”I asked you if you wanted bread or tin bowl\”. I stopped her and replied, \”yes, you sure did, and I answered with tin bowl. I then noticed by card had been overcharged for the bread bowl ($1.00) and aksed that I be refunded- a line worker then acted as if I was stupid and could not speak English, she acted as if she did not understand the word refund until I got a little loud, then she demanded my receipt, the lead who was the initial point of contact then steps back up, she pulls my receipt which I had never gotten from the register – she asks the line worker if she had refunded, line worker says no but you can give her a dollar. Line worker then tells me it will be 45 minutes for another pasta bowl. I then clarified with lead who stated 4 -5 minutes. They acted as if they were doing me a huge FAVOR instead of me being a paying customer. Upon them hearing me state I would never sit foot in another Dominoes pizza again, I was offered a Coke as compensation. I am still shocked and appalled over lead interaction with paying customers and the way she allowed her workers to talk down to me. Completely unacceptable

  309. I ordered a pizza from domino’s ph number 813-438-5991….When the pizza got here it wasn’t cooked all the way through….The bottom of the pizza was buttery and barley started to turn brown. It needed a few more minute to be cooked. I owned a pizza store in the past and I had conveyor belts as I think you do. But this pizza wasn’t done. I have ordered many times from your company and have never had a complaint. I own a business where the pizza was delivered, so I am not a deadbeat looking for a handout. The delivery guy was still outside and I showed it to him. He barely spoke English enough to help me. I showed him where it was soggy and he shook his head yes… He then called the manager of the store and she said I was wrong…..I asked him to look at the pizza again and he did but didn’t want to tell her what he saw. She told me in her Ghetto tone that they are automated and their is noway it could not be done….. I told her I wouldn’t be ordering again. The guy gave me my money back and told me he didn’t make it but he was sorry. He leaves a while later the lady called back and gave me some attitude about he left the pizza and needed to come get it back. I told her that I had closed the store and they could get the pizza the next day between 10 and 7pm she said not to worry that they will never delivery to me again. I know your company is not normally jerks to people but just wanted to let you know about this lady at that store….Today is 6/24/14

  310. Hi, I order a pizza delivery more than one hour and a half and it hasnt arrive yet. This is defenitely unaceptable. I would like my total refund of my order since I no longer want the pizza. I had to order another delivery.
    andreina rojas

  311. I just ordered pizza from poplar bluff mo store, pizzas were absolutely thrown together, and when I called to complain to the manager she was very rude and would not give me the corporate number or her district managers number, and I order from there 2 times a week from now on I will be ordering from a new pizza place .

  312. why dose it take 2 hours to get a pizza? hire more help! It dont take a rocket scientist to figure that out!!

  313. The domino’s Pizza On Crenshaw and Exposition has horrible customer service! The associates are extremely rude and needs to be retrained! If your lucky to get order placed prayed to GOD they actually deliver it. If you go in person to order your food you have to wait at least 8-10 minutes before someone takes your order! Domino’s your pizza is great but your customer service is HORRIBLE!

  314. I oarded on line 2 spec. chicken’ and one was burned. but when you order on line it’s a catch. it say’s order 2 chicken and get a 12 in pizza for $2.oo more, when talking to a gm it’s $7.99 in stead. it’s a cathey way you put in in .not very happy with the on line telling me that and the burnsd chichen I got.

  315. need to change your saying you can get a 12 in for $2.00 more instead of $2.oo dollars on top of the $5.99,it does not sound right and is miss leading

  316. i ordered a pizza and it took an hour and a half to get here. I specifically told the dominos worker to call me when he got here instead of ringing the doorbell so he would not wake the baby. When he got here he rang the doorbell multiple times, did not call me, and the pizza was cold.

  317. Used on line ordering and payment as I was rushed for time. Did a quick view to see of all items there. Get home and the extra butter sauces ordered not there when I called and asked to be reimbursed they can’t do that but next time you order we will give them to you. We’ll I was also very disappointed on the pizza the sauce this time was so spicy no one could eat it. Let’s just say 50 dollars could have been better spent elsewhere.

  318. I ordered two two-topping medium sized pizzas from the Domino’s on Main St. in Bridgeport, CT. The driver, named Nicholas, had yelled at my father whom was about to gather the already purchased pizzas from the delivery man. I had ordered them and my father had tipped him for the delivery. The pizza man called me upset and I had told him that he was way over the delivery time anyway. The delivery man yelled from the street in the direction of a private complex and had called me his friend as if we were working for a company of immigrants run by a felon (such as Stew Leonard’s).

  319. The last two times I have tried to order I have had a bad experience with online ordering. Would like to know if you can resolve the issue. I can’t even go to your web site to get on to file a complaint.

    Thanks for your time. Please email me if you have any trouble shooting or if you have resolved this problem.

  320. NO! I will not recommed due to my order not being received. Donna the Manager has tolkd me they sent a new driver who is not familiar with the area. I think this is unsatus factory of an answer. I asume Dominoes does have a map and check with management prior to departing. I ordered an hour prior to a meeting so I would have lunch. Obvausly it could not happen within that timeframe. Donna said there was nothing she could do to resolve the situation other than cancel the charge against my card. As a customer I will not be ordering Dominoes anytime soon, it is sad because I really like your product, however I will take my business elsewhere. THANKS ALOT! When I went back to my email to leave, lodge a complaint, my order has been deleted in your system so I could not make a complaint.



  322. My husband ordered two medium pizza and one of the pizzas is not cooked at all in the middle of the pizza. It is so doughy and the crust is completely burnt.
    I call the store and a guy picked up and I told him my problem, he didn’t say he was grabbing a manager or anything so I thought he was still on the phone until someone else came on the phone. I told him the same thing and he started arguing with me saying that is how the pizza is and I told him that the second one was not like that at all and he said no that is how they are, they are cooked with butter in them. I have made pizza dough and I have cooked with added butter and the dough sets up, this wasn’t set up at all. when he said he would send out another one and pick up the old one I said ok. I asked if he needed to verify my address and he already hung up on me.
    This is ridiculous! What horrible customer service! Whoever is doing their cooking is horrible!! I can’t believe what a horrible experience that was!!
    And it was the store that the manager was Tavis at the Redwood Dominos. He was just awful! He must be sleeping with the store’s daughter to have that job because he is just horrible!!

  323. My family and I have really enjoyed the hot sandwiches from Dominoes… until this time.. It has been a while since we ordered them (delivery usually) and this time I was very surprised they seemed to have much less meat and NO banana peppers (the Italian). When I called to ask if they no longer put banana peppers I was told they had not changed. No offer of any kind of compensation… 4 very thin slices of 2 kinds of meat…. very disappointing. The sandwiches have obviously been changed to cut costs… I will not be ordering them ever again.

  324. We have had so much trouble with this company lately. But last night was the worst. I placed an order on my app, and was called no more than 5 minutes later to be told they wouldn’t be delivering our order, that it was about to rain so we had to go pick it up because they already charged our card. Okay we can handle that. So we get to the location, doors are locked. Also delivery drivers were coming back from a delivery, and one was taking out a delivery. So my boyfriend had to stand in the rain for a few minutes before they would even open the door for him, than they were rude when we got inside. Now please tell me why the doors were locked at 10 when their hours posted on the door say they are open till midnight.

  325. Your associates at the 64 Staniford Street, Boston, Ma location are the worst example of excellence in customer service I have seen in years. The person who answered the phone did not know you had a Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza. Then the manager did not know about the new specialty chicken items on your menu. So I was directed to go online and place my order. My intention was to pay with my college ID funds. I went online and placed the order and then got the ridiculous message calling me a “big spender” and that I needed to use a credit card. So I called back the store and was told they could do nothing since they could not find my items on the computer and could not take the order online without a credit card.

    What a joke and waste of my time!

    Working at a college we buy a lot of pizza from this location and that stops today!

    Consider retraining the staff at that location.

  326. On July 31st, my grandson ordered pizza for us on his smartphone using your app. The pizza arrived and it was delicious. My grandson had no problems with his pizza. However, I bit into my last piece and there was a piece of plastic in it. The plastic piece looks like it was a part of something but I am not sure what. I am just lucky that I did not swallow it. My order# is 225849. If you have any questions for me, please let me know.

  327. Dominos HAS THE WORST SERVICE. completely mismanaged, no matter what branch you go to. they are SLOW, POORLY TRAINED, and then they tell white LIES when they mess up the orders.

    and what decent company says on their website to tip the drivers!!! Domino’s obviously does’nt pay their staff enough (hence their rotten attitude towards customer service) and then they tell the customers to tip them!! ridiculous.

    They will give any monkey a franchise and it shows.

  328. The store in royal palm Beach Florida store number 5175 has horrible customer service. I spoke to the store manager Mike who rushed me off the phone was who was very very rude. A company as big as dominos should be able to hire staff let alone store manager with at least respect for customers on the phone. I ordered pizza and called back because my pizza was made wrong. Mike refused to help and rushed me off the phone earlier because and I quote “a pizza I’d falling off the oven.” If this is the case hire more people one and two that’s gross if you are not keeping pizzas on the spot they should be. I am very unhappy with the customer service and will never be ordering from them again.

  329. I ordered food,was told30 min after 1hr 30min I had given clerk on the phone who to see when delivering to our business. Called to find out about my order as to where it was. Clerk proceeds to tell me delivery man was there could not find me. As the conversation escalated I requested a refund,clerk said could not do that. (which I know is bull)Told me had to talk to manager next day. Conversation became very heated and clerk starts to yell at me and tell me he’s an american and does’nt have to put up with this(of course it was clear he was not born in thiis country) Filed a complaint on line’some one called that evening apologizing for the problem and that they would credit my account-never happened. have contacted dominos several times with no response. I filed a complaint with my states Attorney General and next will be the better business bureau.

  330. we got a flyer ordered and we had extravaganza and hot wings. man oh man best pizza and meaty wings fast delivery the girl was nice too we are gonna switch. thanks. sure are a lotta complainers. I cant wait for breakfast thanks domino guy

  331. Sept.1.2014, We had not had a pizza from Dominos pizza in years, the person who took the order was very nice, the delivery girl was super!,,,the pizza was NASTY!!!!!!!, the cheese was fake cheese , yellow chunks, we had mushrooms and pepperoni, a extra large (6slices),mabey 2 mushrooms sliced up, we use to go LaDolce Vita, they closed,we do NOT want coupons, just letting you know, the people very nice ,horrible pizza, the worst in deland

  332. I have been ordering pizza for a while now. Been pretty happy with them until today. Pizza wa burnt, no taste and hardly any veggies on it (since I did order the veggie pizza). I was very dissapointed. I called and was told that they would give me coupons off my next order. That did not help me swallow that pizza any easier.

  333. Yes I sent a email about a pizza I ordered it had a nose hair on it I spoke to a person from dominos he said he send me some gift cards for the trouble he had asked if I want my money back I said no cause I like dominos but my problem is that was two weeks ago and still nothing. I just thought that is not right thank you

  334. I need your dominos email address I recycle the whole-world as one company only I need to put my recycle logo on the pizza boxes.

  335. Hi I’m a regular customer of dominos this my first time ordering from store #3869 White Plains Rd bronx ny.. There should be no reason why I had to wait 3 hours for my order. I’m beyond pissed off not only for the wait but how nasty the drivers attitude was . I really hope with all the complaints that dominos recieves this problem can be fixed . I work for my school news paper please believe I’ll make da full reaport on this . You are most likely welcomed to ask for a copy

  336. I canNOT find a way to leave a comment on their American website or their app so yeah

    Even though I screwed up when I placed my order online, my local dominos still tried to contact me multiple times (my phone was on silent so I didn’t hear it ring) to confirm I didn’t want cheese on my pizza, and even after they delivered it to me they asked if it was correct and offered to remake it. It was too much trouble and I told them it was alright as is, but the fact that they were going over the top for customer service astounds me.

    I have never had any issues with the dominos in Mansfield TX, I order from them a lot and enjoy their service. Thanks guys (if you ever read this), y’all are awesome!

  337. I just tried to order a delivery of your pasta bowels for delivery on the app. Turns out my order was $55.21 and it would not submit because you don’t allow anything over $50.00 to be accepted without a credit card which we do not have or want.. So I called to order over the phone and still cannot get it delivered without a credit card. Our family orders a extremely amount of pizza a month and we will not be ordering from Domino’s again. Domino’s is the only pizza place that does this. I will be telling my friends and family to stop as well!!! I believe this is a unfair policy not everyone has debit or credit cards.

    Torry Gleason

  338. On Friday, 9/12/2014, I order a Philly Cheese Steak pizza from the Brooklyn Park, MN, Dominos. It was delivered and I tipped the driver. Then we opened the pizza; the crust was burnt black. I called the store and informed them; they asked if I wanted another one delivered or a free pizza coupon good for any pizza. I told them we already waited more than 30 minutes and my guests were hungry, so send a coupon.

    Today in 9/21/2014 and still no coupon for a free pizza; I did get a coupon yesterday for any pizza for $9.99. Not exactly free!

    Wish I could post a picture of the Pizza.

    “Our [Dominos’] Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your Domino’s Pizza experience, we will make it right or refund your money.” Bull!

    BTW: the link provided on this site to contact Dominos by email is broken.

  339. Is this true?!?!?!?!?!
    Ter – There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it.

    James Leprino: Stop Sickening Animal Abuse at World’s Largest Pizza Cheese Supplier

    Mercy For Animals

    Sign the petition

    Is your pizza topped with horrific animal cruelty?
    A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals appalling animal abuse at a Leprino Foods dairy supplier. Leprino Foods is the world’s largest mozzarella cheese producer and a supplier to virtually all of the major pizza chains in the country, including Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s.
    The shocking hidden-camera video footage shows:
    – Workers viciously kicking and punching cows, and stabbing them with screwdrivers, causing bloody wounds and injuries
    – Cows being violently whipped in their faces and bodies with chains and metal wires
    – Workers maliciously shocking sick and injured cows and dragging them with tractors
    – Sick or injured cows suffering from open wounds, infections, and injuries left to suffer without proper veterinary care
    Treated as mere milk-producing machines, cows exploited and killed for cheese used on pizzas endure lives of near constant misery and deprivation.
    This has to stop!
    Please, take a moment to sign this petition calling on Leprino Foods to immediately implement meaningful animal welfare policies to prevent egregious animal abuse at its supplier farms.
    Thank you.

    Sign the petition

  340. Ordered a brooklyn pizza today, it had so much grease I filled 15 paper towels. Finally got to eat three slices, I was in the bathroom all afternoon. I have never been so sick. Thank you so much Dominos

  341. Good afternoon,
    I want to comment on the Philly Cheese steak sub sandwiches I always get it at your restaurant. It’s a very good sandwiches but always have to order extra meat. I order again today for lunch and when asked why do Domino put so little meat on the sandwiches I was told the meat is very expensive to buy. Is it true? do I have to asked for more meat because the meat is expensive. the order number on the box is 730720.

    Thank you.

  342. I ordered pizza from the Kill Devil Hills, N.C. store, while halfway through pizza. I dicovered a RUBBER BAND had been cooked into it!!! The people there did not satisfy my outrage! I have contacted my lawyer to see what steps I can take. This is not the end of this!!!

  343. I called to place an order on 9/28 at 9:47pm . Not only did it take an hour to have my order delivered, but when the driver got to my house he never got out his car to come up to my door.Instead, he text my phone “Hey come get your pizza buddy” ( I made sure I kept those texts). I have a Pitt downstairs that barks at any and everything I heard no barking neither did my mother in law and sister who were sitting downstairs watching television. After taking notice to the text message on my phone, I called the number and he did not answer, but again decided to text me “Someone else will deliver your pizza” . I then called the location ans spoke with a ” Jamilia” who’s attitude was less than inviting to say the least and that was from the order process until my return visit to the location. I asked why didn’t the delivery guy not come to the door. She then explained that the driver “felt like he was being set up to be robbed”. My father just retired as an officer of over 30 yrs. My mother was a police officer for 22 years. I myself am in the criminal justice field. We have lived in this area our entire lives and ordered from this location before and with out incident, leaving a great tip may I add! I was so taken back by the accusation, I asked well why would he think that? Jamilia then became aggravated with my question and went on to tell me ” I will just cancel your order and you can go elsewhere” and then hung up on me . I called her back and told her to not cancel my order, but I would be up to pick up my pizza’s . I then went to go and grab my pizzas I asked for a number to complain she gave me 1800dominos. I asked for the name of the person who had hung up on me and the manager refused to give me her name . I then asked a young lady was she the one I was speaking to she then said yes! and gave me her name. I took the time out of my day to write this and I LIKE NEVER do this, but because of the treatment and the accusation that I was setting someone up to be robbed was so ridiculous that I had to share my experience. There are so many other choices out there when it comes to Pizza, and for me to regret making the choice to spend my money with your company has assured me that I never will again. The un professionalism of the driver could have been quickly resolved with just a little customer service and that wasn’t the out come. You have certainly lost a customer and if ever asked or NOT asked I will never recommend your business again.

  344. I ordered from dominos pizza in 607 Riesterstown rd at 10:15pm september 29, 2014 Pikesville maryland tonight and the manager Deria……was very rude. She did not acknowledge her mistake and told me I could not get my order fixed. She messed up my order and told me to bring my order there or there wes nothing she could do. she made me pay extra for what I have already ordered and told me to send the product back that they gave me. She Was rude, disredpectful, Unprofessional, Unapologetic and getto. I fear eating from the branch of Domino’s pizza because of her nonchalant and disredpectful behavior. Customers service is everything. I feel totally violated and afraid to eat my food that just arrived and it’s burnt. Soooooooooh disappointed !!!!!!!!

  345. I ordered online paid $39.00 for two pizzas i then remember my husband wanted chess and crushed red pepper, i phoned into the store then i was told that they don’t give park. cheese and red peppers any more i explained i was willing to pay again the staff member again repeated we don’t (GIVE) that any more i once explained i didn’t want anything given to me i was told they don’t have any… after asking for manager i was put on hold for 7mins. then when i began to explain my being on hold i was rudely told it was only 6min. and 22sec. i asked to have my order cancelled for the rudeness of the staff and manager only to have my credit card charged twice and then to be told it will take three days for a refund… Bull crap i will never order again… to think i gave ya’ll a second chance after 8 months and wow PIZZA HUT WILL ALWAYS HAVE MY BUSINESS EVEN IF THEY CHARGED ME A DOLLAR FOR A SPRINKLE OF CHEESE AND IT COST ME $10 for CRUSHED PEPPERS … Oh but it didn’t i only paid $26 bucks for two large pizzas and cheese and crushed peppers….duh…

  346. I’m very disappointed with the service I got today at one of your stores. I placed an order at 6:41pm and it is 7:51pm right now and I still have not received my order. When I called the store, the person said it has not been an hour since they got the order at 6:45pm. When I asked him when I was getting my food all he said was that it was on the way. Who wants to eat cold pizza?!? I’m so annoyed right now and this is completely unacceptable. I have kids waiting on their dinner and I guess they will be eating cold pizza after 8pm!!!! Definitely will not be ordering from you guys anymore…. Very disappointed!

  347. 182 Middle Tpke W
    Manchester, CT 06040

    I am regular customer for dominos pizza because both my son and wife likes pizza from dominos. Last night I rushed into manchester store to pick up my pizzas I ordered for my son and 2 of my friends kids (all are <4yrs). All of them were very hungry and started crying for food (especially pizza).

    An old lady welcomed me pleasantly and asked me "how I can help you”. I felt very nice and thought for a sec that she is a nice lady (looks are always deceiving). I told her that I am here to pick up pizzas for 3 hungry toddlers and also get me something to drink since I was feeling thirst. She said the total is $22, I gave her my credit card which I use it all the time. She asked for an id; "oh shoot I forgot the id" and I explained her the situation. She said id is required otherwise she needs her boss/manager to approve it. I said can i please talk to him.

    Here comes our hero (young manager); gave me an unpleasant look and said the id is required. He left the place in no time. I was shocked that no one is ready to listen or understand the fact “Kids are waiting for food and I am in need of a favor as a human being”. I begged them (not literally; using words); more than the money and id I felt the kids were important. The answer I got was the same “without id you cannot get the pizza”. Seriously, I have never showed my id in dominos for the past 5 years.

    One thing I clearly noticed is people are still racist (sorry to use such a horrible word; that’s what I felt). As an indian, I was not given an opportunity to bring my id next time or given a warning not to leave the id behind. They don’t have to violate the law, is it really true that they all wanted to protect me stealing $22 from a stolen card to feed 3 hungry kids. Lets be honest; its not about id or following rules. We are all humans and people are more important than anything in this world.

    I used F and B words to that smart manager and left the place. Sorry for using swear words; being a human I had to react to such a horrible situation. I was helpless.

    Finally I had to drive back for 15 mins and get my wallet to buy pizza. Only thing i mentioned was "I thought we are all humans; but you proved me wrong". I will never forget this in my life; world is proving time and again that we are mammals not humans. Our ego, racism takes higher priority than others pain and suffering. May lord bless them; I will never enter that shop again in my life.

  348. I ordered a large Canadian bacon pizza October 5, 2014, at the location on 4th Street in Lubbock, Texas. After waiting over 45 minutes, I called back and inquired about our order. The girl on the phone said they had no record of my number or address for delivery. I re-ordered the pizza and waited 35 minutes. A kid named Eric answered the phone and said it would be another 20 minutes. I asked him why the long wait, and he said in a very sarcastic tone, “Cuz we’re busy”.
    We have ordered from Dominos on other occasions, but today’s debacle ended any future purchases from Dominos. It appears that customer service is not the priority of Dominos. Too bad the employees don’t understand that it’s the public that pay their salaries!

  349. I placed an order today at the Dominos main st Dayton Ohio. when my order got home it was wrong, not how I ordered.When I called the store with my concern I was then put on the phone with store manager,Store Owner,as he preferred by the name of John. Told him that I wanted my pizza cut in squares, which it was not, told him I ordered garlic on my whole pizza, which it was not.But this was the kicker! It was how the conversation went regarding my wrong order. John replies after hearing my concerns, “Well it wasn’t marked with garlic and we don’t have a store policy that we must cut our pizzas in squares.The only thing I can do is offer you a $5.00 credit on your next pizza”. I then state,”but John I am a Dominos employee, will that five dollars be on top of my discount?”
    knowing the answer already.
    No, he replied.” You will have to order at regular menu price.” Then I stated that I am a employee and is not interested in the credit. I would just like my pizza the way I wanted it.He then replied, YOU NO EMPLOYEE OF MINE! YOU DONT WORK IN MY STORE!I said sir,but I work for Dominos and not only that, I am a customer.I just want my pizza how I ordered it seeming that I am the customer giving you my money. At this time John didnt want to hear no more. Hearing the frustration in his tone, “ALL I CAN DO IS GIVE YOU FIVE DOLLARS CREDIT. YOU ALREADY RECEIVED A FOUR DOLLAR DISCOUNT.” At this point of time I was astonished and done. So I replied to John that I will just bring the pizza back and he can refund my money. MIND YOU, THIS WAS ORIGINALLY A CARRY OUT.Now I have to bring it back and walk away feeling disappointed and disrespected. SO this is how it went. I took my pizza back. He refunded me my money with a whole .52 cents on top and walked away. I then walked away. AND THIS IS HOW I FELT.NOT ONLY AM IM A DOMINOS EMPLOYEE I AM A CUSTOMER. When I give you my money for a product or service I expect to get quality!Regardless if its at discounted or not. YOUR SPECIAL OR MY DISCOUNT. Yes I know there are a few customer that are difficult but,if you treat all your customers as if you gave them something for free, as they giving you there money,or all your customers is bogus, then you are not good at your job or delivering quality service. And what you said to me sir, Is that DOMINOS dont care about me as an employee or customer.So as a customer you can suck it and I will be more particular to who and what quality service I be willing to pay for.I still got my pizza. The way I ordered it. BUT I had to travel to the store I worked for, NOT DOWN THE STREET FROM WHICH I LIVED, THANKS RACHEL!SIEBENTHALER. But bout time I got home,I no longer wanted it.Appetite all gone for the pizza I thought about creating all day. And to you John being the store owner and all, SHAME TO YOU!!, SHAME to Dominos,Shame to us. I understand why we get cussed out and I apologize to all of our customers who have felt or been treated the way I did. Now I MIGHT NOT HAVE A JOB AFTER MY OPINION. EMOTIONS COUNT MORE THAN TRUTH and QUALITY even though I never worked for this man. but we know how it goes. SO LET IT BE, What ever it may be.Truth is still Truth.

  350. I went to your store on Eisenhower in san Antonio 1. I was not greeted when I walked in 2.i was not asked if I needed any help,if I was there for a pickup or if I would like to hear the speicals and there was a customer service rep standing at the register when I walked in she looked at me stood there for a min answered a phone took their order then walked away I was there for five min standing with no service I had to sit down I have very bad knees and it was another five min before I could stand at the counter for three min before I was asked if I needed any help I am a former dominos deliver driver from a san Antonio store I know if I was a mystery shopper the gm would be fired and the whole store would get write ups.the food was great I was ready to start yelling for somebody to do the damn job and take my order I want the same kind of service that I had to show as a dominos employee to customers when I am a customer

  351. I ordered a carry out 3 topping pizza special on line @ 1854 @ the Red Wing MN store… order showed in progress. As this was a carry out I had time to pick this up. Upon arriving the pizza was ready but was suppose to be the 3 topping carry out but was just a cheese pizza. The girl at the counter was apologetic with the misshap and asked me if I wanted this one and would also make a new one to order! I agreed and waited another 13 minutes in my car for the second pizza. When I went to pick up the new and old pizza the original cheese pizza was missing? when I asked the girl(different one, I think the acting mngr) at the counter she said they got rid of it. I said that was not the deal and she now was very indifferent and did not care. It was now almost an hour from my order for what I thought was a 15 minute dinner! I said my remarks will be online and here they are. Please have your people not offer something and not come thru with it…I have been a customer for years and there childish indifferencee makes me not want to go back!!!!

  352. We place several several orders a month from Dominos for our studnts at Catawba College and we always receive great service. We really appreciate the customer service we receive from Victor and Jennifer at your Salisbury, North Carolina location.

  353. I feel as if your customer safisfaction line is useless. This is different than bad. My cust sat agent was quite friendly, however because almost all Dominos pizza locations are a franchise it seems that the call simply goes bck to the store. That begs the question, Why have this customer satisfaction line at all?

  354. Staten Island New York- Horrible customer service. Worst place I have ever ordered food from. Ordered a large cheese pizza and cinnamon sticks at 10:30pm on a Friday Night. They said it would be 40 minutes, at 11:30 we called them 17 times trying to get someone to talk to us and tell us where our food was. Finally someone spoke to us and said they had delivered it and called us which was bull we never got a phone call. First off why do we need to call a business 17 times to find out where our food is? After we got off the phone with the manager he said it would be there shortly. Then an hour later we got a call about where is our address so we told him and he hung up on us and never showed up. Kept calling dominoes back. Manager was very rude and disrespectful. Said “are you mumbling cause I can’t hear you” and that he would resend our food but we told him we didn’t even want it now that it is 1:32am. Never offered to fix the problem, he just hung up the phone.
    Will never order from dominoes or give them a dollar more of my money. Horrible customer service and rude employees. Very very disappointed.

  355. I am a loyal Dominos customer. I order your pizza about once a week. Normally, the pizza is very good, but yesterday I ordered two pizzas that were very bad. They were so overcooked, they looked visibly burned. I would have happily waited for another pizza, had I known, but I guess speed is more important than quality. I will more than likely order Dominos again, but my next pizza or next few pizzas will most likely be from Jets. My Dominos pizza store is Euclid Road, Lexington Kentucky.

  356. I ordered a chicken bbq nugget thingee and it was all burnt.. I waited over thirty minutes for something I can barely eat.. thanks dominoes.. more hard earned money down the drain..

  357. Last evening I ordered from Domino’s at Alwar, Rajasthan.
    They promised the delivery in thirty to forty minutes. but could not deliver in 50 minutes. When the Pizza was delivered, it was cold and not edible. This is the worst ever service I have experienced. The reason given (too many customers) is not acceptable.
    All this resulted in loss of money and also loss of face before the guest.

  358. I have a very bad i mean bad experience today i understand the pizza’s. Were only a dollar from 11-140 but i stood in line since 11 to 110 2 hours and when i finally got my pizza i was happy till i got home n opened it up they were all hard n no hardly any cheese. Or sausage in them i would. Of pay regular price just give me good pizza please what broke my heart more i had my kids scrapping the cheese n the sausage of the pizza thats hoe hard it was please be more consider with the ppl please its was cold out there please it was the worst pizza i ever taste in any question fell fremee to email me

  359. hello,
    I ordered a pizza from your store on Oceanside blvd on Friday around 2pm and I just wanted to say that your driver was the nicest person that’s ever brought me a pizza.I just wanted to share this because customer service like his doesn’t happen everyday!!!!

  360. We ordered pizza from Dominos today. The guy brought it home and called the phone but missed his call so I called right back but it went to vmail. We called again and he answered and was using harsh words as well as giving attitude. He said “ANSWER YOUR PHONE NEXT TIME WE CALL YOU.” He lastly said “do you want the food or your money back?” This is really bad for your company and you should be taking a good care of your customers with respect and dignity. We always order pizza from dominos and because of the disrespect and rudeness, I do not think we will ever go back to dominos. If your staff members aren’t happy with what they are doing then, they shouldn’t be working because they are hurting your company.

  361. My husband placed the order, we order at this store on White Street Rock Hill,SC very regularly!! We were enroute to get the pizza , upon arriving at the store( drive was under 9 minutes). I was expecting to have to wait, which is normal because we’ve never had any complaints of food. My daughter goes in to pay and comes back out with the pizza, which I thought was unusual. I was busy working and didn’t eat until 11pm… I heat up the pizza it is still very doughy / raw. We ordered two pizzas , I don’t know if the other was this way or not. Needless to say this is the same reason we quit using Papa Johns….speeding up the ovens doesn’t cook the dough. This is how customers get sick bc of undercooked food.

  362. Ok so me and my wife went to dominos on south highland jackson tn and ordered two pizzas and cheesy bread and got home the cheesy bread was raw in the middle so I called back up there and asked to speak to the manager and from what I have heard the manager MO owned the store well I explained to him what was wrong and told him I live 15 miles from the store and asked if I could just get a discount on my next purchase my kids were sick and didn’t wanna get back out and he said no either bring it back or deal with it so i told him i would just file a complaint on line and when i said that he called me a stupid white boy i don’t know what kind of ppl yall let own yall franchises but if he is the owner of this establishment he should no longer be it was very racist and judgemental on his part and i don’t think me or my family will b eating any more dominos any more i know that my little buisness will not hurt ur buisness any but i really hope yall will do something about this thank you for your time reading this

  363. I orderd a mushroom and double peperoni pizza from the dominos on walnut st. in painesville,ohio 44077 for pickup, even though we are in the delivery area, they will not we pick up and get home and they got our order wrong. they gave us just mushroom. this is the second time! how incompetent! they don’t listen carefully when you order. it also does’nt help that the staff always look really out of it when you go in. try hiring better more responsible employees,who at least act like they care about their jobs and customers! will never! ever buy dominos again.the manager also has a don’t care attitude. will be telling everyone i know about the lousy service.

  364. Tonight me and the family wanted to try something different. We decided on Domino’s.
    First off The employees were very unprofessional, laughing and joking while customer were waiting on food. One employee was actually eating a pizza. They were throwing thing around and on the phone.

    WE got home and the food was horrible, The pizza was nasty and the Buffalo wings were uncooked.

  365. Finally have to say it-every time my Wife says Dominos and mentions Wings, I cringe. The Pizza is good, but compared to just about anywhere else, especially Pizza Hut, your Wings SUCK. They are runny, and the flavor choices are terrible. Take Pizza Hut-not only do they taste better, they actually taste and look like cook on site wings. Yours look like they were thrown in microwave. Change it up and add some real choices like the Garlic Parmesan, or Honey. A real weak point in your menu…

  366. I had a appointment to get too. Order was done online. When I got to store they new nothing of the order. Had to re order . Because of tome I couldn’t go to pizza hut. I will next time and the time after.
    My store is in vista California . On sycamore ave.

  367. hi i always the same damn problem with ordering dominos I HATE THE GARLIC ON CRUST none of my kids like it so when i order i always order 3 medium 2 topping and wings well ALL three pizzas always have garlic and i ALWAYS repeat to the person taking the order that i DO JOT WANT GARLIC ON CRUST and it always get them wrong and i tell them atleast four times im so tired of the sae service and never get nithing in exchamge like a 50% discount or something i obly get a SORRY SORRY SORRY and its not fair for the delivery guys to get yelled at when its a dummy in the kitchen who cant read the sticker on box….now i have to wait another hour for the pizza …my kids are cranky bc there hungry i hope i get sinething in exchange ir i will never order AGAIN!!!

  368. Driver arrived at the door with half of my order. I let her know can you tell me what it says I ordered and than she said, oh they must of sent me off with only half your order I will be back. It was 25 minutes more of a wait. Than she charged me the whole price,which I feel should of been a discount or coupon for next time. Just to let you know I think she might need a bit more training. Thanks for your time.

  369. Regarding store #6736 in Houston.

    Easy app use, as always. Luv yew. 😉
    Order (large pizza, 8 wings w/bleu cheese) was ready quickly.
    Order paid through app.
    Here’s where the -stuff- hit the fan.
    Stood in line for [about] 10+min waiting for four people to move my order from that shelf to the counter so I could leave.
    [Finally] get home. Super hungry.
    Pizza crust burnt and not even cut into slices all the way. Not bleu cheese, instead ranch.
    Called to voice my dissatisfaction.
    Spoke to manager: Kay.
    She was very helpful and understanding given the high time of orders.
    And for that reason:

    I give this store a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  370. I purchased the Big Night In menu last week, consisting of the obligatory pizza, cheesy rolls, wedges,chicken strips,complies and a bottle of soft drink which was really enjoyable -the whole family really happy. Decided to repeat the experience this week and the menu had changed and not for the better; hideous Mac n cheese things, the worst donuts ever created-greasy, bland, totally insipid, altogether the worst purchase I’ve made in 2014!!!! So disappointed. I had to work so hard for the money to pay for that food!!


  372. So I ordered a something simple. I wanted krispy wings Bbq & Hot…they came un-cooked, I ordered chicken special with jalepenos & pineapple…nowhere to be found, A cheese pizza, nowhere to be found. I called to correct my order…the girl says is this the “Haw……..” order I stated yes and it is incorrect. She got mad and said you got your order you ordered. I told her half of the items are missing along with miss information. She then states we did not charge you. I told her I specifically asked the order guy if he had everything and he confirmed but did not read the order back. Due to the rude service of your manager or the girl on the phone taking phone orders I will not return to Dominoes ever! 101 & Northern in Peoria Arizona…You car delivery guy Camerin was the only good thing about my order and he apologized unlike the girl on the phone.

  373. The number to that sucky dominoes 101 & Peoria Az is 623-933-0200…wrong order & rude & arguing with customer & made me wait another 45min for delivery!

  374. I just pay for the more salty pizza in the world, this pizza brings a yellow powder which I think is in that season the mass, in the dust were passing the measure, take pictures to send to them but do not know how, definitely Worst dominos pizza I’ve ever had in my life.

  375. Your customer service is terrible and I will not wait on hold long enough to tell you. My time is more important than training your company to do the right thing.

  376. I’m from Hialeah in Miami Florida. I order on 11/25/14 a pasta and a pizza for delivery. I recived my food 1 hour and half later. The pizza was cold and the pasta was nasty, smelling awful and testing disgusting. The driver was so nice but he forged the bill at the storage. When I called to the store to complain about it, the cashier put me on hold many times and then told me that the manager wasn’t available to listen a costumer. It’s an unacceptable. I use to order in dominos but this is my last time. Welcome Pizza Hut!!!

  377. I have been eating your pizzas for many many years (as well as other local business pizza shops- we love pizza). Your new double bacon, mushroom with Swiss is the worst pizza EVER who came up with that combo?

  378. I made my order over 45 minutes ago. At first i was delivered the wrong order. I called again and complained. They promised i would be delivered my original order and waited another 45 minutes. i called again to ask what the issues was and spoke to the manager who rudely said it was already on its way. When it finally got here it was cold. This isn’t the first time I have had issues with their service and i will not be ordering from dominoes anymore.

  379. I accidentally placed my order for carry out. After realizing my mistake I called the dominoes and spoke with a friendly young man on the phone who assured me that these things happen and changed my order type. He told me that it would be about 30min, which wasn’t bad considering it was my fault. He then told me to have a good night and stay awesome. All this after the trouble I caused was enough for me to praise his level of service. About 15 min later my order was at the door, the driver said the manager told him what happened and he ran it out quickly. I was floored!! I made this mistake and they did everything they could to accommodate me. The service at this location is excellent. I am loyal to dominos, and this experience just proves why I will not go anywhere else for pizza. I just hope that they are told how good of a job they do. This dominos is located in odessa, Tx near the intersection of Dixie and 42nd.

  380. This is in reference to my experience from 7424 Domino’s Pizza, order #185588, Server 9978 Natasha Winston. I ordered a Domino’s Artisan Pizza, this was one of my best pizza I have ever tasted. I’m visiting relative who live in Monroe, NC; I am from San Antonio, Tx. My last experience with Domino in San Antonio, Tx wasn’t a positive one. I ordered an Artisans Pizza, the presentation of the pizza was poorly. The pizza itself looked like it was thrown together; at best a last minute effort gone bad. The ingredients ran together; plus the box or carton looked greasy. However, the effort that went into Natasha Winston’s pizza reflected the thought of a first rate Chef who carefully crafted a work of art. Well prepared, I could recognize the ingredients it looked like a gourmet pizza and tasted great! Thanks Natasha for restoring my faith in Domino’s Pizza. Great job!!

  381. Ordered a pizza and hot wings paid 31 bucks and waited over an hour for a cold pizza called the store to let them know the problem and was told by the manager that they were busy and I would have to live with it if that’s the way this company does business u should be drug outside an have ur butt handed to u so needless to say I will die before I order another piece from u

  382. This pizza is nasty. And there is NO SAUCE on it. When I called the store, they sounded COMPLETELY ANNOYED. They have no concept of good customer service. She wouldn’t refund my order. She wanted to give me one free pizza. I don’t WANT pizza, it’s nasty. I always order from pizza hut, but figured I’d give Domino’s a try. NEVER AGAIN. What awful, nasty food!!

  383. Ordered online and waited over an hour then received a call from the delivery person. She was at an old address not the one entered online mind you. The residents told her they hadn’t ordered a pizza so I got a call. She stated she had two more deliveries on that side of town before mine could b delivered. At the time of delivery it had been nearly an hour and half since ordering. When I bit into the sandwich it had banana peppers on it! The box label even said minus banana peppers! Totally ruined the flavor for me. We r a college town so maybe customer service isn’t a priority and I wish I had odered Jimmy John’s ALWAYS fast and accurate! Doubt I will ever order again from dominos. So much for a guaranteed satisfaction!

  384. I made a order online watched the app. tell me it was being delivered waiting for another 30 minutes called the delivery office 2 miles away they did not answer called again let it ring twenty time drove to the restaurant the girl told me it was being delivered and that we have people in the back answering the phone which they don’t I came home still waiting for my order as I write this still no pizza worst complete bad experience ever will not order from dominos again!

  385. I placed a order for 3 X-large pizzas and 8 wings at 6:20pm and it advised me that it would be 51-61 min to be received at my address. I called at 7:27pm to my local Domino’s. I was placed on hold for over 10 min the first time. I was advised that my order was in the oven and didn’t know when it would be received. I waited another 30 min and called back and was placed on hold another 10 min. The second time calling I was advised that it was a bad order. She wasn’t able to tell me what that meant. So I place another order at 8:20 and I was advised that the estimate time on the email conformation letter was not correct. That it wouldn’t be 30 extra min but 2-3 hours. Until I would receive my order. I have 6 kids in the house to feed and now other plans have to be made. I am writing this before receiving our pizza’s at our house. I am very unhappy about this situation.

  386. i ordered pizza last night online at 6:12pm. one hour later i was calling the store on North Bryant San Angelo Texas where it was coming from. after waiting on hold forever i spoke with Brandy she refused to give me her last name. I told her i was upset been waiting an hour when online stated 23 minutes to 28 minutes to be at my door. all she could say is sorry and they are short staff. i said welll it shouldnt be told to customers when it would be there that is false advertisment she seemed really unprofeesional so i asked to speak to reginal manager name and number she said the general manager is her by the name of James but refused to give his last name. i said well can you switch places with him and let me talk to him she stated i am wasting her time and holding her up that they are busy. pizza finally game and wasnt hot at all. i understand being short staff but they need to better manage their service and how they treat people.

  387. Horrible is the only thing I can say at this point. I ordered two pizzas and breadsticks for pickup and when I had received my food it was ice cold and my breadsticks were so thin I could practically see through them. No exaggeration they were inedible. Never again will I waste my money at this establishment.

  388. Bremen georgia dominos is horrible. They cancelled our order then tried charging us double. The manager Mary Chase needs to be fired. I trust that dominos will take action against that bitter rude woman or I’ll take this complaint to national news.

  389. it would not process .when I called to seei if the order can be taken over the phone.i was told only for full price when online offered 50 percent off.wheni said then fix your online they hung up again on me my order was for $75.00 and you pizza is not the greatest after this I will protest anyone ordering from dominos I know I will never again spend a dime in one of your establishements

  390. I ordered my pizza at 7pm…. it is 10:30 pm and i STILL don’t have my pizza! The customer service was horrible and unacceptable! Don’t waste your time ordering from them this company is a joke!!!!! Then tried calling the customer service number for domino s and they told us to call the place we ordered the pizza from…. we have like 5 times through the course of the night and just keep getting lied to! Never again will I give my business to this sorry excuse of a business.
    PS im still starving.

  391. We orderd on phone to be faster but it turend out we waited about a hour for 2 pizzas
    not very happy about the service We were only supposed to wait 15-20 minutes

  392. This was the worst experience ever!!! I don’t even want to order from this location again. They left my pizza on my WET front porch! The pizza is cold, the wings are burnt this was a horrible experience

  393. Your store in Berkeley on university kept me on hold for over 10 minutes and when I called back over and over I never had anyone pick up. I called after over an hour of waiting when I was told it would take 35-35 minutes. Every time I place N order the tracker says the order is out for delivery and they don’t show up less than an hour later. I won’t be ordering again.

  394. I don’t have a car and we asked dominos on Apalachee pkwy to deliver to the chevron gas station and they turned us down, because they didn’t want their driver to get robbed. We have gift certificates that was given to me. The manager said it has to been worth the driver coming. They have to clean house at this location Dominoes they are very rude to the customers. This just happened 7pm tonight. The manager was swearing and studdering on the phone making up excuses.

  395. I have been watching the commercials and said I’m going to order a pizza from there because it look so great but I remember why I stop buying pizza there.i paid 18.69 for a med pep and bread sticks the pizza had hardly any cheese.should have just got bread sticks.very disappointed.

  396. I ordered 3 pizzas on Thursday to be delivered to my workplace for a party on Friday at 10:45 a.m. last Friday. At 11:05 I called to see what the problem might be. She said it was marked for PICKUP. I had given the order person specific delivery location directions I told her…why would I have done that if I wanted to pick it up. The pizzas arrived: lukewarm and with a “meat with veggies” instead of a “veggie pizza”. As a 30 year vegetarian, this was the last straw. Order was from Port Charlotte, Florida’s Tamiami Trail store. Won’t do that again.

  397. I ordered a pizza online from one of you’re stores. 153 e 116st in New York, New York. I ordered my pizza at exactly 8:09pm ET I recieved my pizza at 10:25pm ET. I called twice once at 9: and some mins. And I was told my food was being delivered now, when my tracker said other wise. It was then already an hr and a half. I call again and he says sorry for the inconvenience it’s on its way. For the 2nd time, also saying it’ll be there in 5 mins. I told him if it wasn’t here in those 5 mins I’m a cancel my order. 4 mins later the delivery guy calls me to tell me he’s on his way. He gets here 10mins later. My food was extremely cold, I was given 2 20oz sodas I did not care for. That did not compensate for my 2hrs in a half wait and ice cold food. I was disgusted by there service and how they went about the delivery of my food. I will never order from them again.

  398. dominos in central city sucks will not recommend this place to anyone, have posted on facebook about how they sucked and recieved comments that they suck elsewhere, will not order overpriced nasty pizza from them agian.

  399. I was at the Domino’s in Parker, Az and not a single employee was wearing plastic sanitary gloves and in addition to that the guy preparing the pizza was touching his face and scratching his zits. That is disgusting and it goes against health code regulations. I will no longer being doing any business with the Domino’s in Parker, AZ.

  400. Your website says that the delivery hours for your store on Minnesota Ave is open from Su-Th 10:00am-12:00am. I placed an order online. Here are the details.

    Order Details
    Order #: 306869
    Date: 12/31/2014 10:26PM

    as I’m waiting on my order, I see the tracker going through the steps, then finally completely orange. I’m waiting, then I see the all orange on the tracker. So, I called I push 00. A guy answers only to say we are closed and hands up. I say ok and called right back at 10:51 to ask, is my order coming. He says, “they still taking orders on the internet, but we closed.” All orders have been canceled. I said you cancelled the orders in the store? He says “yes.” Well, “when were you going to tell me?” “We calling people right now.”

    This is ridiculous. I should not been able to place and order via the internet if they were closing. You wasted my time. I could have found another place to eat.

    This was totally unacceptable.

    I don’t app

  401. Never again, the people were rude it took over an hour to get the pizza. When it finally came the pizza was cold, there’s too many options to be treated badly and get a bad product. Shame on you dominos I won’t be back and will not spend another dime in any of your stores.

  402. I called domino for delivery first they told me 2 1/2 hours wait. When two and a half hours past they told me two more hours. She was rude. When u ask someone to hold u should wait til they day yes. Considering I had been already holding for 20 min. Then when I called back to cancel they keep hanging up. The last time they just picked up the phone and listened. Very unprofessional. Then y’all wonder why we don’t shop in our on community. Poor service. Very upset.

  403. I called domino for delivery first they told me 2 1/2 hours wait. When two and a half hours past they told me two more hours. She was rude. When u ask someone to hold u should wait til they say yes. Considering I had been already holding for 20 min. Then when I called back to cancel they keep hanging up. The last time they just picked up the phone and listened. Very unprofessional. Then y’all wonder why we don’t shop in our on community. Poor service. Very upset.

    115th and Halsted don’t ever go there.

  404. I was calling in my order at the dominds her and the said the could not have no orders for 2 hours please tell why the sign says open at 10 an they want sell

  405. We were very disappointed to find out that you no longer provide your Pan Pizza. It was perfect for two senior citizens.

  406. I ordered a pizza online yesterday. It was over a 2 hr wait time.
    I never had a wait time this long before. I will think twice about ordering thru dominoes

  407. Tonight I ordered online a pizza, BBQ wings and cinnamon sticks. My order was delivered cold in a hour and 23 minutes. The wings were not fully cooked and had no BBQ sauce. I called to complain and was kept on hold for 20 minutes before the phone was picked up and Hung immediately up. When I called a 3rd time from a different telephone number, I was told my account would be credited. I don’t have an account. I wanted a refund. This is the Tinton Falls,NJ restaurant. I will be telling all of my family and friends about the horrible experience I had tonight. My dinner is ruined and I have no means of replacing it. Who do you have running that restaurant? Representing Domino’s. I would appreciate a refund and an apology.


  408. I ordered online for delivery at 9:09 pm my order was being prepared and at 9:58 pm my order was out for delivery according to the tracker. At 10:30 pm i called the store and asked to speak to the manager named “Josh”. I explained that I have been waiting very long for my order “can i have my money back and get my order free or cancel my order and my money be returned to my card. He said “no that is not our policy”. I asked where the driver was and if he was close with my order. He responded very sarcastically and said ” I dont have a GPS tracker for the driver so take it up with him when he gets there” I told him he was being very disrespectful then he hung up on me. I called back on 2 different occasions before 11:00 pm in the attempt to have my money returned but was kept on hold. Once someone answered she said ” My manager said it takes 5 to 6 business days for your money to return. This was a debit purchase and i know that is false information. At 11:12 pm the driver called for delivery. I did not take any food from the driver instead i walked to the dominos store at 1111 pennsylvania avenue. I asked the lady at the counter for her manager she said ” Josh this lady needs to speak to you” He responded ” I dont got nothin to say to her” I began to explain to josh who was standing behind the glass in plain site that my purchase was debit and it doesn’t take 6 business days to return my money. He responded “Oh well I told you how long it takes I cant help you get out” and walked away from the glass. I began to scream ” I am not leaving this store with out my money.If you don’t give me my money back I am going to report you. This is unacceptable and I’m never ordering from any dominos again.” He came back to the window asked if I wanted cash I responded yes and he gave me my refund in cash. I have never been so disgusted by an establishment in my life. This manager known to be Josh was completely unprofessional and disrespectful. The way he spoke to me was unwarranted and unacceptable and I hope that disciplinary action is placed upon him.

  409. My family eat pizza at least 3 to 4 times a week. This will be my last time ordering pizza from your establishment. The pizza was severely overcooked, barely any sauce, I ordered double cheese and I barely had a drop of cheese on it. it was dry, hard and burnt. I live too far to turn around and bring it back therefore I will not be back in the future. The last 3 visits have been a great disappointment and a waste of my money. The pizza is so bad no one wants to eat it. Thanks for ruining my gathering!

  410. Dominos has some good thin crust pizza my family likes the thin crust they always tell me to get the thin crust instead of the regular kind. I’d liked to thank every one who works at Dominos for the good customer service that they show there customers. Others don’t show much thanks because they are rood and they should be thankful for what they got. Your pizza is good and the thin crust is the best thank you.

  411. I’ve always had a good experience at Domino’s. You have good thin crust pizza. You treat your customers with a smile. You are better than most pizza places. You have a good and clean place of business. My opinion is that you have the best pizza place in Senatobia. Thank you for your good customer service. Sincerely Corey Pinion.

  412. its friday 01-23-1015 8:05 pm here in las vegas and the domino pizza here on lake mead and Simmons are very rude, not only i was on hold for 10 mins, i called back and they hung up on me and took the phone off the hook. who does that.

  413. I was one of those happy to have Domino’s come back to Pittsburg Kansas. In fact I carried that $5coupon with me until I could place my first order which I did within the first two weeks of their opening. I drove through ordering 1 large hamburger pizza and 1 medium two topping cost with coupon was just over $22. I thought it was a little bit much but took it anyway. Later I realized I believe that instead of taking $5.oo off they added it. I or my friends and family will not be back.

  414. Our company ordered pizza for us today for lunch. My boss placed the order yesterday so that it would be here on time as our lunch period is from noon to 12:30. Much to our dismay, when you order online and select a time for the pizza to be delivered, it does not go into the queue and phone orders take precedence. Our order was not delivered until 12:50 pm. This was over a $300 pizza order – Pizza Hut here we come with all future orders!

  415. Hi

    tonight was My first experience to Domino’s Saturday 31st January 2015
    buy one get one free. “WOW” could not believe that how ripped
    off in my entire life. £16.. if it was about £10- tops i may not
    have made a complaint… So yourself,s may never contact me
    because you to busy making lots of money??. Anyway i still feel
    for what i had for £16 I will never return to your outlets
    for the rest of my life.!!!!!!!!!


    Mike Howells

  416. Please fix your website.. Thank you! I don’t appreciate going through the process, only to be told, there is an error, try again! EWJ

  417. I ordered food from store# 3155 in miami fl I waited three hours for my order I called they kept telling me the driver is on his way I would never order from dominos ever again it don’t make no sense to have to wait that long are you serious they all should be fired

  418. The past couple of times that I have ordered the pizza barely has any sauce and is just not very good.’s like I’m throwing away $25 from now on I’ll order from Papa John’s

  419. 4604 W Market St has the worst crew any for profit business can have,I ordered a pizza at 8:55 PM,the promised to have my carried out ready i ten minutes,when I went to the store to pick my order up, I parked my car in a designated parking area,a domino’s driver, middle east descent guy parked his car in front of the store,disrespectfully yelling at me to move my car or he will call the cops on me because i am blocking his way out.I ignored him while i was proceeding to the counter to pay for my order,he jumped in front of me and said “is this how people drive in your country?” I kept my compulsory down,he was shouting and yelling…all over my face,then he called the cops thinking I would run away like a
    My question is this: how can Dominos hire rude,uneducated,prejudiced,ethnocentrism and unprofessional workers?
    Is Dominos screening the psychological well being of its subcontractors or conducting an annual audit of its franchises?
    I may not know anything,but while I am sure that my hard earn dollars will not got back into dominos revenue streamlines I will start a “no dominos campaign as of tonight and will aim at reaching my friends and family ……..

  420. I’m emailing to complain about an order. Dominos is one of my favorite places to order food from, however over the last few orders I have noticed a dip in the quality of the food. Recently, I have ordered a pepperoni pizza and a chicken bacon ranch sandwich, and both were poorly made. The pepperoni pizza contained mushrooms instead of pepperoni and the sandwich had dramatically less chicken than I am accustomed to eating. Please take attention to the fact that this company may be losing a loyal customer in myself if this trend continues.

  421. we ordered a lg pep. pizza , order of cheesie bread with ex mara , phy steak sandwich 2 lava cakes , & a lf order of boneless wings we received the ordered around 11:40pm immediately . noticed extra mara wasn’t in there and the wings weren’t tossed in the correct sauce , if I wanted plain wings I would’ve just dropped nuggets here at work myself I immediately called back and didn’t get a answer 20 minutes till close , also 2 other employees tried calling to just tell them we’d like our extra sauce and nobody ever answered the phone , we were very disappointed, we defiantly didn’t get what we paid for I was so angry that I couldn’t get anybody to answer the phone so by the time I was ready to sit down and enjoy my meal it was cold so I just threw it away, I would like my meal to be replaced or just get my money back ,

  422. My wife and I have been viewing your TV commercials on how you are changing the Dominoes Pizza name to just Dominoes, because you offer more than just pizza now. I don’t know what you guys see, but looking at the commercial, all the other food items that you have added looks and taste like pizza. The only item that is not pizza related, is the your chicken wings. Your company spent all that money to change the name, and customers are going to still see you as Dominoes Pizza regardless. Just like the Good Ship Lollipop song reminds people of Shirley Temple. Take my advise, and change the name back to Dominoes Pizza, and stop trying to be something that your not.

  423. On February14th,2015 I place on order online to be delivered, my order was place at 8:31pm. The order was pick up by the domino’s store on Webster Ave in Bronx,ny. They stated it will take 136-146 minutes. The time frame pass,when I called the store the line was constantly busy the 14times I called, I paid for this order with my card. So I decided to call another store to see if they can fulfill my order and see what’s going on with the original store I place my order at, the young call and got busy signal also. After 5hours I got a call from the original store and they stated that they system were down from since 6pm,I was like that’s bs cause your store pick up my order. I eventually got my order from the second store I called and my money was returned back to my card. I’m still disappointed in domino’s cause of their unprofessional way.I shouldn’t had to pay for my order from the second store and it’s funny cause it came out $5 less than the other store I originally made my order.

  424. As Domino’s is a worldwide franchise, I’m also placing my complain on this web. I live in Caracas, Venezuela and close to my house in “ALTO PRADO” I have a Domino’s. These people are a bunch of crooks, the last 2 pizzas I ordered, came in after an hour, overcooked, dry,the worst ever. I called the manager and he sent me to hell. I sent 3 emails to the Venezuelan franchise headcounters, they didn’t even bother. I’m really pissed off and I expect never to order another pizza in that place, till they honor guarantee. Seems like nobody cares a dam about customers, even if it’s an international franchise

  425. This is a horrible store. The manager called me saying my food was going to be 10 late because she had to
    Put the truck away. That was fine it’s came 25 mins later than promise . I called back because my food arrived cold and The manger had nonchalant attitude about a 65.00 dollars order

  426. Domino Pizza in Brooklyn on Pennsylvania Ave. it took over 3hrs and still no pizza. and still waiting for a driver for 3 hrs. It takes a good half an hr to talk to someone on the phone who was rude.I think when you pre-pay online they don’t care about pizza delivery its like a rip-off to customers. Attorney General should follow-up on Domino pizza. business sucks. Last time it took 3hrs and the pizza was cold and the driver was rude.

  427. We used to order twice or thrice a week for pizza, wings and lava cakes my daughter love their lava cake but today was horrible experience with dominos. We placed an order at 8:30 abs till 10:30 not deleiverd and when we call to inquire about our order than the lady named kelly said I don’t know what’s wrong with the deleivery guy and we have to wait one more hour for deleiverd upon that attitude I decided to cancel the order and I was just telling her that cancel my order than she hang up the phone without saying a word and I wanted to tell her that I paid already from the credit card. Anyways I called her again than she said it well get back to your account in 2 to 3 days. I know all that procedures but the way she talking was like very disrespecting and like they don’t care because she didn’t apologized for their mistake that the cannot deleiverd. I trust the name of dominos and there customer service but no more.

  428. I posted an order online which I thought would be easier and quicker. The order tracker stated the pizza went to prep at 6:48. I left to pick up my pizza at 7:15. When I arrived, Domino’s gladly accepted my money and told me it would be ” a few minutes”. At 7:40 I asked how much longer it would be for my pizza. I was told 5-10 minutes. I feel an hour is much too long to wait for a pizza I ordered online. I will not order from Domino’s again if this is the customer service you provide. There are WAU too many options for pizza out there and while I enjoy your pizza’s; to me customer service comes first. If you don’t care about your customers I don’t care how good your pizza is.

    Andrew Clark

  429. I recently form on of you guys locations in New Orleans and i received horrible service. I asked for an order of your 14 piece Buffalo wings when I received them they had NO Sauce on them at all….I called the store witch I ordered from and a guy named Jazz answered I asked to speak to a manager he so I can file
    complain about the situation and he told me I wouldn’t be able to speak to a manager for about 30 minutes I replied okay and asked him if he could put me on hold two minutes after he put me on hold he hung up the phonein my legs without me speak to the manager I called back a few minutes later and a guy named Kevin told me that he was the manager for the store he pretends to take down my order and say he was going to fix the problem he told me my order should be received in about an hour and I never received it I called the store back and Jazz answered the phone once more I asked Jazz if I can speak to his manager Kevin he replied and said there was no one by the name of Kevin that works at this location then I asked Kevin if I could speak to his manager again his manager approves the phone didn’t say anything to him the phone back to Jazz if I can receive a refund and they told me I had to in the till tomorrow because out they weren’t able to give me one and I had to come up there to receive it but I use my debit card to pay for my order…..this is the day happened February 19, 2015

  430. Went to your Glendale store in nsw ,we ordered a BBQ chicken and bacon approximately 15 seconds later we ordered a larva cake we waited the standard time for the pizza we were than told that the larva cake was not ready yet ,we waited a further 8 minutes 3 people asked us what we were waiting meanwhile the pizza is sitting in the warmer tray by the time we received the pizza and the cake and we drove 5 minutes around the corner and opened the pizza it was just warm ,the thin crust had become hard ,we ordered BBQ chicken and bacon not BBQ sauce some bits of chicken and some inedible bacon if you are going to continue to market this pizza it has to have what you advertise not chicken and bacon splattered in BBQ sauce and remember EAGLE BOYS is just up the road

  431. The manager in Milledgeville Ga. Is rude and she lacks customer service skills, I just moved to Ga. And I work and live tens from town. I placed my order, and the manager wouldn’t deliver to my house because my street is new and it doesn’t appear on any maps at this point, she just rudly yelled at the associate that was helping on the call. Thing should not be done that way.

  432. I called and ordered a pizza for delivery. I used my card to pay and the guy asked for my card number, the last three numbers on the back and my billing zip code. This has never happened before. Is this standard or should I be concerned?

  433. I called to place an order at the location on camp wisdom and Polk, dallas, texas. No one wouldn’t pick up the phone. Once I drove to the location. They were there, but refused to answer the phone. the young man that took my order was very very RUDE. when my pizzas were ready the young man just through the order on the counter without saying thank you. I was trying to ask a question, he just walked off. spoke with manager regarding this issue. I really stop visiting this location because of his rudeness. I hope someone see this comment and address this problem.

  434. I m from India state Punjab and city i ordered two dominos pizza as some guest were home…and whn the order wasnt delievered within 30 minutes…i went to the outlet and thy denied that i have placed the order…and whn i showed them the call log of 3 minutes to their number they just offered one free pizza…thts it…i was so much harrassed and humilated tht such a big chain behaves such a bad manners…

  435. I order a large pepperoni pizza thin crust,hot chicken wings,two mountain dews and a coke,pizza was burnt and they didn’t bring me our chicken wings,instead nuggets! Which they were burnt too,and pizza wasn’t a thin crust,dnt get me wrong,but they s hould have a better service here in Marshall,MN,I’m from . Huron,SD but never had problems before!

  436. I’m a former customer, and will be boycotting Domino’s Pizza from now on. I used to order veggie pizzas, but recently learned that this pizza chain accepts meat from farmers who use cruel methods for raising pigs (i.e., barbaric gestation crates).

    This atrocity must end! Domino’s needs to get on board. They shouldn’t buy meat from a source that makes animals suffer horrifically while alive.

  437. I want to make a complaint on the Dominospizza . I ordered a pizza on Domins web sit , payed for it on line my husband went to go and pick the pizza up and there was a problem they would not let him get the pizza. They said that he had to have ID and it had to match the name on the card and the order.My husband said they were rude and they even started to laugh at him. I called up to the store and spoke with the crew leader Matt if that is his real name he did not want to give me the general manager name at all . I had to look up the corp. wed sit up . I will never order Dominious again and my husband felt like he was discriminated on because he was black. We order from Dominos alot and never had this problem but I will never do it again . I will contact a lawter and I will call corporat and I will go back to that store and take to the general manager.

  438. Domino’s Pizza, Montgomery Avenue, Long Branch, NJ. I ordered a medium pie online at 6:30 PM on Friday, February 27, 2015. I was told forty minutes. At 7:30 PM I called to make sure that they had gotten my order since I placed it online and it still hadn’t been delivered. They said yes, but that they were busy and it would probably take another forty minutes to an hour. At 10:00 PM I called again and asked to speak to a manager. The manager came on and stated that the driver had gotten a flat tire. I asked if someone else was going to bring me a fresh pizza and he said that he didn’t know so I told him to cancel my order and hung up. I understand that things happen, but call me and advise me so I’m not waiting and can order from somewhere else. They also should have offered me something for my inconvenience or, at the very least, apologized to me. This place is so poorly managed it’s actually sad. They have no concern or care for their customers. I found out that I’m not the only one that they did this to. The weekend before a friend waited three hours for her delivery and on yelp there are hundreds of complaints.

  439. i ordered pizza for delivery online and i dis so before the stated time od close of busness and my order was accepted with the delivery wait time, however i had a employee call me and tell me that their ovens was already turned off and was closed while having a very rude attitude,,this is unacceptable,,since i have been ordering from there i spend a average of 35 to 40 dollars and thats not includin the generous tip of never less than 5 dollars per order,,my husband and son worked all day and came home to nothing to eat just because point pleasant dominos couldnt stay open until the stated time posted throughout their store, yes i am very upset with not only the service but the attitude that i received along with it

  440. I see that you have advertised for your franchises buy any pizza half price until 3-22-15 if you order online. Apparently my franchise in Kittery Maine is unavailable to take online orders even though I have ordered from them online many times. I think that they are not abiding by this offer. Thank you
    Carol Cooper

  441. I buy pizza all the time in Louisburg nc I always order 3 med. one topping (2 cheese 1 pepperoni)for 5.55 but today the young man was very rude saying we no longer have this I stated yes you do I buy it all the time he says no you can look it up yourself I’ll give you the computer he tried to pick it up I told him to forget it I can buy somewhere else there is a lot of employee turnover here I will no longer be a Dominos customer this person was very insulting

  442. I ordered a pizza online and it was fine. I received a nice offer via email for a free specialty chicken with my next online purchase of a pizza at regular price. The link through the email is absolutely the worst ever!!! Tried at least 8 different times on 2 separate days to access and epic fail every time. Got all the way through to check out several times then, NOTHING! Ridiculous and frustrating. My room mate and I order at least twice a week and I will be holding back from my loyalty to Dominoes. Very disappointed!

  443. Ordered a deep dish pizza It was delivered . It was supposed to be half price. I was charged full price, With the tip it was 23.00 It was not done , it was doughy. I called the Liverpool NY store zip 13090. He said he would send A 10 gift card, less than half. Well it may come, but I am not holding my breath. Oh and by the way that was my last PIZZA I will buy from any of your STORES.

  444. My past few experiences with dominos have been horrible. I receive my order after they close the site for the night on a few occasions. Today being one of them…’s after 12am and I placed my order 2.5 hours ago. Last time this happens my pizza was delivered cold and soggy. tonight o called the store 5 times with no answer, so I will be calling in the morning to complain about my order. I will never order from them again. Sad to say I’m a valued customer. I’m switching pizza hut.

  445. I am very weirded out about a recent order I placed at the Dominos today in Augusta, ME. I will be very happy to talk to someone about the experience, but I don’t have the time to tell the whole story right now. I am (or USED to be) a very good customer, as well as an excellent tipper in the past. I am extremely patient and understanding. I called about the pizzas that were not delivered (call came thru, I missed it, but called RIGHT back and the driver was already gone). When I called to see what happened, the manager was extremely agitated and when I asked his last name, he told me he “felt unsafe” and that I was “being creepy” when I told him that I could easily find out. Yes, his last name. I am a psych/crju graduate and I can definitely say that this guy has some major issues going on (could be a lot of stress or something else), but whatever the case…I am NOT going to order from this store again and I will pass the word on to all of my friends and family. Hope this guy gets help and this issue fixed. I’ve noticed that Dominos ratings have gone way down lately…very sad…I remember when they first started and tmnt were the popular ‘spokesturtles’ of the day.

  446. This is not the first nor second time this has happened to me. I order pizza and the food takes way over an hour. The last 2 times I let it go because it was on my card and I didnt feel to go thru that refund. But this time it’s for my kids. This store needs a whole new entire staff and better customer service. It says the food was delivered and to dig in. False I can’t dig in because it was never delivered to me nor my kids. As I write this I am pissed . The store address is 109-62 Francis Lewis blvd. I am calling and getting no answer. I sent my sister to the store because my kids fell asleep and I didnt want to wake them. She says they were not busy and they were laughing and joking. I am a paying customer and my kids love dominoes but this was the last straw for me. Please do something about this store . Either retrain or hire new people to work there. I will not be ordering dominoes anymore.
    Thank you

  447. I ordered 2 pizzas this past saturday, was told 20-30 minutes for delivery-ok great. 1 hour later when the pizza has still not been delivered I called my local Dominos-boy was I in for a treat. Had someone told me they had a large order that it would be longer I would have been fine with that. First off I was put on hold then when someone finally came back and answered the phone I asked to speak to a manager-was rudely told that there was no manager so I asked how long until my pizza was delivered-again extremely rude person told me he didnt have time to discuss this and wasn’t going to help me then hung up on me. That’s no way to treat a paying customer!! It took almost 2 hours before our pizza arrived. Domino’s your customer service sucks, you just lost a paying customer and I want my money back!!–Cabot AR

  448. The past three times I have tried to order on-line was a joke. Took over 15 minutes to try and order the same order I have ordered. Numerous times in the past. The order never would go through. Why have a sign-in account when it is this terrible. Ordered the same pizza from Pizza Hut took me all of 2 minutes to order and pay. Guess who will have my business from now on. For sure it is not your company.

  449. I live in Vidor tx, I ordered from there 4 subs, one half of my subs was missing so I called the store and talked to the manager and she acted like I was lying to her, so she is going to send me the other half fine that’s all I wanted what I paied for. well I decided I wanted a lava cake so I called right back to see if the delivery guy left the person that answered the phone was so rude, stating im not even suppose to answer the phone hello you work there do your job. okay now she put the manager back on. now this is what made me so angry she accused me of ordering a pizza and calling and saying there was a slice missing. I never ordered a pizza I just moved to this state. She was such a jerk and called me a liar and is horrible with people. I don’t think people like that should manange a establishment if they act like that. needless to say I will not be going back and I will be sure to tell family and friends not to as well. also go on facebook and look at the reviews for the one in vidor texas when you read you will see what im dealing with. FIX YOUR EMPLOYEES

  450. Sir me order a 4 pizzas at 10.39 pm but didnt get delivery by 11 15pm again i call ur executive told me as its a bulk order will take time. By 11.55 i cant get d order . By default i have all recordings of calls for proof in consumer form.e

  451. You guys hsve the worse customer service possible. You guys never get my order right or deliver on time and my last order didnt Even show up

  452. we have always used domino’s website to place the order but today it’s not working so we called the nearest dominos. What a disaster it was. A guy named Mamoon or mamoos took the order. When i mentioned to use the coupon that i see online, he became very rude and abrupt in his answers. He was ready to hang up without giving me the total charges. When i asked he used a very rude tone of voice to inform me that it’s going to be $30 and change. So you can say he did he job. And Just hung up on me. So I called to asked for a supervisor or any other employee to talk to so i can confirm my order. And he said i won’t be able to because he will not give phone to anyone else unless i give him the reason. When i told him that your mannerism is very rude and should not hang up on your costumer, he became more obnoxious. My kids needed pizza so I apologized to end the matter there. But what is wrong with people? You work in customer service then just do your job. Don’t hang up on people, be patient, and be nice. Why? because it’s your job. This is the closest domino’s we have here and we love it. But i’m not looking forward to calling them just because i’ll have to deal with that guy. It’s a shame that domino’s can employ such people. I wonder if they receive any training in customer service.

  453. I usually do not like to waste time, especially writing a review. but for the first time i see the need to say that Domino’s service is truly HORRIBLE. the store in Brooklyn on Pitkin Ave is a joke. I walked in to make an order, and they were just ignoring me and other customers who were waiting while they were socializing with each other. The only reason that your store is in business is because there is not a papa john’s closeby. This is not the first bad experience that I had with this store, I am so done with Domino’s, never again!

  454. I ordered stuffed garlic bread with dip but they didn’t send the dip,& manier time they delay my order n order never comes in one delivery.

  455. I had the pasta and chicken bacon bites w tomatoes delivered today. Awesome! I didn’t think they could get any better, but this meal was superb! Tastes like it was home cooked. Kudos to our Dominoes’ in Fort Walton Beach – service is always great and the food is wonderful.

  456. After getting RAW cheesy bread i will not be ordering from the lexington, ma store EVER again since the manager claimed he would credit me, but took none of my info. Based on other reviews about this location they give out raw food a lot.

  457. Called to place an order for the 5.99 medium pizza deal. The lady on the phone was not aware of the 5.99 medium pizza’s etc. deal. I told her I was looking at the deal on my computer at home as we spoke. She then said okay go ahead with the order. I was in the middle of the order and the lady told me to hold that she did not know how to enter the order. The store manager Nicole at the( China Grove, NC location 8:00 PM 5/9/15) only one Domino’s in China Grove NC, came back to the phone and told me it would be a 1 and half hour wait on the delivery she said they only had 2 drivers. I asked her if the pizza would arrive at 9:30 pm she said mayby more like 9:00 pm. I said well I really dont want to wait that long on my pizza I will just call pizza hut. She saaid thats up to you and we hung up. Wow great service.

  458. second time i ordered a small veggie and added extra toppings and did not get my pizza right i love the food dont get me wrong but id love even more to get what i order!!!

  459. We ordered the special 2 med pizzas for $5.99 each. When we got them home and opened the box and started eating them they were awful, both of them. One was pineapple/ham the other beef/mushroom. Hardly any sauce or cheese and the toppings were so sparse that some of the pieces had almost nothing on them except puffed up dough. Was very disappointed, it was not the usual quality product we get from Domino’s. We will try somewhere else for our next pizza. There are several pizzas other close places to choose from, but we have always liked Domino’s. We will try other places. Sorry but the pizzas were not good.

  460. Im in my job, order 4 large 2 toppings pizzas for my workers,i wait for my order 1 hour and 20 minutes and they never delivery my order i call back ,to cancel my order because i can’t wait more time at gate i have to come back to work.
    I requested my money back,manager told me is going to take 2 days to have my money back on my debit card,i ask for her name she say im tamy ,i say i need you complete name ,just in case they not give me my refund im going a need you information,then she yelling me !you going have you money in 2 days and she hung up the phone…im not deserve this kind of rude actitud …i hope you listen to me.

  461. Very upset that a so called “extra large” is only 8 slices and $17. 5 people cannot eat on this. I went hungry so everyone else could eat. I called the store and was told that the X-lg was only 8 slices. When I lived in Palm Coast, pizza at other shops that were an X-Lg came in huge boxes and fed all 6 people with left overs. Too expensive and will never order pizza again from here. I could have went to Walmart and bought 2 Large $10 pizza’s, everyone eaten, and had left overs. You should be ashamed for your price gouging.

  462. I don’t appreciate your latest commercial in Spanish. Run those commercials in the proper countries. This is America!! If they want pizza then they will learn the language necessary to do so. If I choose to speak Spanish I will enroll in a class. Until you pull this commercial I will not buy anything from Dominos. What’s with the red, white, and blue on your boxes.

  463. rude,rude,rude.called my local dominos on 503 cumberland st in lebanon, pa.First the girl hung up on my son after she said delvery was a 2hr wait.then the second time she picked up said thank you for calling dominos pick up or delvery the minute my son said delivery she hung up freaking rude the worst service ever..


  465. I orders a pizza that was to be delivered. It was over an hour late. Icalled the store and was put on hold 4 times. This is not good Coustomer service. Don’t know if I will use you again. Donna

  466. I picked up a pizza at my local Domino’s for my elderly mom’s dinner yesterday. She really was in the mood for a good pizza but when she opened the box to eat her pizza she said it was burnt and could not eat it. She was so disappointed to say the least. It was almost ten dollars for a small two topping pizza and it had to be thrown out. So, she went without dinner. I hope that there is something that you can do to win back her trust with Domino’s.


  468. I am a empemployee of Domino’s Pizza for over 10 years. I love the food. But here on Cape Cod it’s a different situation. I Just started to work again in September of 2014 at in Falmouth. But now I am getting like two shfits per day and a only work 3 days a week. Fri, Sat, Sun. My father does not want me to go back and forth to other stores and I should just stay at one. But this Sunday was different Rosson my Supvisor said if I do not go to Hyannis after I have worked at South Yarmouth he said I would not have any HRS next week. He gave me a 4 HR brake in between the stores and I to myself what am I going to do for the time that he gave me off. I was so tired when I got home my eyes were tring to shut on me. Please can take can of these matter!! I have to many HRS in 3 days and I am on SSI and SS.

  469. I ordered a pizza online and the app said 35 min 1 hour later i called and then thay told me another half hour i canceled my order and i dont think I will ever order from you again. Every time i order food from you guys you forget something.The food was getting better to just can’t get the order right.

  470. I’ve been ordering for years from you guys in My home town town, I’m out of town I’ve been ordering pizza and pasta for the last couple weeks. today’s delivery was incorrect. I called the store that delivered,they refused to replace it saying that that’s what was online. I am one person in a hotel by myself and do not need two Pizzas for myself. So basically I wasted my money /time/appetite .. Ruined my evening … After 12hrs plus of work I was hoping for a good late-night dinner(waited 45min for delivery ) only to find out it was not what I requested and they were unwilling to help correct the mistake

  471. I ordered a pizza and wings today. The experience was horrible 1.The delivery supposed to be 15 to 20 minutes and it took one hour. The wings they just threw a bunch of barbecue sauce on top of them and the pizza was not fully cook and it felt like sand paper. I will never order from them again. Miami, FL

  472. Worst service in Queens NY. Ordered online says pizza would take 51-61 minutes . That was at 7pm. It is now 10:07am the next day no pizza ever came. I called three different times and was on hold over 30 minutes each time. I will never buy Dominos again!!! Pathetic!

  473. I called to place an order at the location on Roosevelt Highway in Red Oak, Ga. The customer service quality was very poor. This is my second time ordering and the employee was very rude both times. She should be reprimanded for poor service.

  474. Now have new complaints!

    1-unable to submit ‘concern’ form via your website…after writing and uploading pics…it said ‘sorry Customer Care Unavailable”!

    2-No way to leave voice mail on weekends!

    3-googled and found an email link which failed to load its page.

    4-Original ‘concern’:
    Haven’t ordered pizza from anywhere else since your ingredients re-design – great pizza. BUT many of my orders from this location have had issues – almost all. Today’s pie had something inedible on it – I have a pic. Don’t know what it is – organic I think….maybe artichoke?? Prior orders were either wrong toppings or crust, etc…

    Anyway, the store mgr was not too interested in what the item was and said she would not replace the pizza. A concern is the implication she was making that I complain every time and this time I’m out of luck so to speak and would have to pay for a replacement. I told her I’d be happy to email her a photo of the inedible item.

    I only complain when warranted. The delivery is usually fast and courteous.

    Can a different store in my area deliver to me??

    Most grateful,

  475. I ordered from your Acton, Ontario location and it was fabulous! The crust and sause was great! I also wanted to comment on the outstanding service at this location! They are so friendly, efficient and professional! Great team of employees and great management as well!

  476. The above location idiot that was the cashier and sandwich maker for the day REFUSE TO WASH HIS HANDS AFTER HANDLING CASH. What an freaking idiot. Hello…..Health Dept? Shut them down!

  477. I ordered a couple of pizzas the other night to be delivered. I ordered at 10 and the pizza came at 11:25. I tipped for generosity not because it was a job well done. Sometimes when I call they will say they are closed. I only call during hours of operation. I call right back on another phone line and they take my order. I order from there 2 to 3 times a week but if it continues to have this kind of service I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  478. Went to Dominoes yesterday and got pizza. The location had no air conditioner. The worker was almost ready to faint. It was
    98 degrees outside. Her Managers refused to do anything about
    the AC. Is this the way to treat an employe?

  479. I called my local Domino to order and inquiry about the the cinnamon stick I would receive with my next because they forget to put rhe cinnamon sauce from my previous order Iwas informed that the next time I order that it would be in the computer to make up for they mistake When I called about this I was asked by the Morrow Ga.30260 store manager what time that this happened call back about 2 o’clock and speak with that manageI won’t be calling that manager at Domino because the Chinese restaurant alway replace any mistakes that they make lost customer

  480. Service was terrible I love dominos but I will never ever order from dominos in Lagrange ga. At the layfeyet park way. I called in an order guy told me 15 min. I could come pick up I waited 30. I work directly across street got there guy told me 15 more min. Then waited 30 min. Only to find out my order haven’t even got put in oven the guys was rude even the manager they wouldn’t give me any customer service number or gm number!!!!! Bad service I will be sure to not rev omen this location to none of our guest at our hotel.

  481. St. Robert Store in Missouri. I spend $200+ a week on pizza. The one time it mattered to get a pizza to a hospital they were 2 hours behind. When I called I got yelled at and hung up on multiple times. I called back to ask for the store number and manager and got told that my order is now cancelled and got hung up on again. Most unprofessional behaviour I have ever experienced. This person needs to be fired.

  482. We ordered pizza and we waited at least two hours for it and once we got fed up we called and the man told us that the order was shipped and told us to wait 10 minutes we waited half an hour until we decided we would be better of ordering Chinese.

  483. Kelso the manager gave me excellent customer service! 1 st pizza I had in a long time with plenty of sauce and toppings! I will definitely order again from this location due to Kelso’ s Amazing customer service!

  484. My local Domino’s made my pan pizza according to …
    1)The way I ordered it
    2) What is in the notes under my phone number in their system
    3) What is on the order screen
    4) What is on the printed order ticket

    No garlic flavoring on the crust – they put it on my pizza anyway
    Extra pizza sauce – the sauce was actually very sparse – no extra sauce
    Cooked well done – this was not done

    They made it wrong, okay we are human, but twice?

    They offered to remake it. I was on a schedule. They put a credit in the system.
    Three weeks later I go to redeem the replacement pan pizza. The Domino’s employee I gave my phone number to was rude about it because nothing came up in the system, they seemed frustrated. It was the tone and demeanor taken with me that was totally uncalled for. Turns out they put the wrong number in!

    After getting that straighten out, I picked up my pan pizza only to discover they did not make it right again! I did not know what to say or even how to rationalize with the rude employee I had spoken to earlier, whom I was now standing in front of. I have not been to Domino’s in 5 months and am happier because of it.

  485. Hello I am a great fan if your pizza but especially the garlic butter you put on your crust unfortunately lately at my local dominos in auburn wa has told me they can no longer do extra garlic butter on pizza and parm bites! They said they have no button to make a record of extra garlic and therefore getting in trouble with product. I woyldnt even mind being charged for it if need be! Your garlic literally makes your pizza. I am very discouraged and dont know if we will continue to order from dominos if cant receive what we want on our stuff! I also am constantly told that your garlic dip you offer is the same as what you put on pizza this is frustrating because not the same! I realllly reallly hope we can work this out some way. I am not the only customer who does this extra garlic I have a feelin sales will go down if people cant get what they want ya know? My hubby used to work for dominos and he said they used to have a button…but I dont know I never worked for you. I hope to hear something from you and thanks for your time
    Celia and Family of garlic lovers!!

  486. Tonight I ordered a pizza where I thought I was ordering a handtossed, two topping pizza. I ordered beef and ended up with sausage. I do know the difference between the two. After getting home I was quite frustrated. I called and spoke with the manager who pretty much said illuded that I didnt know the difference between thr two types of meat. He told me that they look alike. As I stated to him, the don’t taste the same. People do make mistakes, however, I do not like the way I was spoken to. I asked for my money back and he said that he couldn’t do that and I could come back to the store. It’s now 9:32pm and I prefer not to take my daughter back out of the house. Can you please tell me how this can be corrected. Due to convience we use this location often but at the moment I am thinking otherwise. This is a community without many shops or restaurants and we should be able to support each other.

  487. I went to store# 8814 and ordered a legends medium pan pizza. When I went to pay, the clerk said the bill would be $6.93. I protested saying that at 50% off of 11.99, I should be charged $6.oo plus tax. She stated there was an additional $1,00 charge for a pan pizza. I protested again and stated there was no indication of this on the official Dominos menu, I ordered from.Under the heasding, “crusts” It listed handmade pan{medium only-no indication of an additional charge. However under gluten free crust it noted a$#3.00 charge-small only. I feel this is false advertising. I should be refunded .50 plus tax! Since it was a 50% off promotion. My second complaint is when I ordered the pizza, the clerk.or manager stated it could only be ordered online. I protested stating I ordered one by phone a few days earlier! She said she did not have the code, so I had to give it to her! What terrible customer Service! If I do not hear from a Dominos rep within the next couple of days, I will contact management at corporate headquarters! An irate cutomer!

  488. My wife tried to order a pizza over the phone when she spoke to the girl at dominos the girl could not understand her as my wife has a speak impediment due to having an accident 5 years ago the girl just put the phone down on her so she phoned dominos back and spoke to a man who took her order .Think dominos need to retrain staff in customer services.

  489. Terrible service I will like to let everyone know the dominos on 51 near Rasco Rd in Southaven, Mississippi discriminates and I will not be going back.!

  490. date 9/11/2015
    10.15 pm
    Today I went dominos pizza and I buy two pizza and manager doing class clean and she go to tabel to makeing my pizza also we ask for my receipt she do not give me 2 she so Rudd most important we do not eat pizza Friday night we wait for 15 min wait for my receipt she do not give me 2 then I ask for two deliver man they told we can not help they said we deliver we are kindly request to you we want return my money
    Addres is dominos pizza
    Bensalem pa 19020
    Phone 215-633-9100
    Most important
    Manager clean front window and she do not wash hand then when we talk to her wash hand then she Rudd to me my 7 years doughter crying in the front counter also my 7 years doughter ask for receipt but she told my doughter get out my pizza I am manager I am never come again
    Raju patel & family

  491. order # 55590 date 9/15/2015 server 6705
    ordered 8 piece wings was told they come prepackaged but I told her we had been over this before and corporate said we could order them the way we wanted them so i requested drumsticks only. the girl then said ok we can do it that way. we also ordered a pizza that was great but the wings came not as ordered but with 2 drumsticks and 6 wings. so explain to me if they come pre-packaged as told how could we get 2 and 6 when they claim they come 4 and 4? And why I was I told we could get all drumsticks then get 2 only? We quit using dominos for awhile for this very reason and we are right back where we started. Does customer service mean nothing to ya’ll?

  492. Ordered by phone, upon arrival they all seemed confused. Finally they said here is your order. I left got home put it on the table all the wrong pizza’s. Called them returned the entire wrong order. No apology for my having to drive back to pick up a pizza by this time its a 40 minute old pizza sitting on a metal unheated rack. Thank you for a warm pizza and not apologizing that I had to drive back to pickup the correct order. Hello Jets” Pizza.

  493. Dear Dominos,

    I am contacting you due to service I recieved by your Mandan, ND location. First off, we had a pretty basic order and it went great. Got it delivered after 20 minutes of waiting for it. The pizza looked like it had been dropped, so I called in and they will send a new one. After an hour wait, I had not recieved my new pizza. Called and was told I did not answer my door, which is unlikely, because I was sitting tight by the door. Anyway after a rude conversation I was told they would send it out right away…it has been 45 minutes since that rude phone call. I am sitting outside waiting for the pizza, just to ensure the driver comes by.

  494. I tried for an hour to locate a Domino’s close to my hotel. I will NEVER use Domino’s again. 210-647-4102 – Location hung up every time I called. Called three other locations. I’m loyal but not stupid!! I will tell as many people as possible not use your products.

  495. Horrible experience! 2nd time I have ordered and had order mishandled. I called your location and your employee had no remorse or solutions – he was rude! I wasn’t calling to complain – all I wanted was an apology and a solution could have been a 10 credit on my next order or hey tonight’s order was on us! I paid 37 tonight was 2 pizzas – with nice extra toppings that wow were not even ON my pizza. He wanted to have me sit on hold to get his manager – seriously solve the problem. Or have the manager call me.

    It’s very disappointing and I won’t call back. Solution is call apologize for our inconvenience (by the way clue… People call and order pizza for what? Convenience!!) and try and give us back what we lost – in this case I paid extra for something I didn’t GET and as a result my dinner sucked!! So give me the meal for free or next Meal on the house or a voucher.


    Name on Order: Michelle Williams
    Delivery Address: 25 STONELEIGH TOWERS , SAINT LOUIS, MO 63132-3710
    Callback Phone #: 480-285-4433
    Your Domino’s Store (1564): 9620 Olive Blvd Olivette MO 63132 | 314-432-2530
    Order #: 299550
    Date: 09/25/2015 6:39PM
    Large (14″) Thin America’s Favorite Feast®
    Whole: Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Banana Peppers, Black Olives
    Large (14″) Hand Tossed Pizza
    Whole: Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Extra Cheese Right: Extra Black Olives, Pepperoni
    2-Liter Coke®
    Coupon Used: 2 Large 2 Topping Pizzas and a 2-Liter of Coca-Cola®

    Food & Bev Total: $29.49
    Tax: $2.54
    Bottle Deposit: $0.00
    Delivery Charge: $2.79
    Total: $34.82

  496. Hi Ive placed my pizza order this evening,asked them if they were delivering pizza in my area the girl who answered the phone after taking my info said yes we do and processed my ordered. After 5 minute ive received the phone call fro m different dominos store stating that my order was transferred to t hem cuz the store I’ve call before don’t deliver in my area. Is w as so confusing I fell like I been lied. Bad customer service.

  497. Domino’s at 2025 E
    Florence Ave in Los Angeles is completely unprofessional. I have been waiting for my simple order of pizza for over two hours now. I’ve called three different times and each time I’m told the driver is down the street. The “tracker” is stating that my pizza was delivered almost over an hour ago. What’s the point of having a tracker of its going to give false information? Is this to keep their numbers up? If I my debit card wasn’t already charged I’d definitely deny the order. I honestly do not want it anymore, I’m over it. Plus it’s probably like warm now and won’t have that fresh out of the oven feel. If this is how they conduct business then I’ll be choosing a different pizza company from now on. Unsatisfactory and unacceptable to wait this long for a pizza and get the run arounds when trying to get a status update.

  498. So I called back again and was hung up on three times in a row without anyone saying anything. I’m assuming they have caller ID and recognized my number. I kept calling and finally spoke with someone other than the little girl who kept telling me the driver is down the street for the past hour. Anyway I spoke to the actual driver and he said he left without my pizza and my pizza had been at the location the entire time and someone else is delivering it. Now how does the tracker and employee both tell me my pizza is enroute then all of a sudden my pizza never even left the location until 10 minutes prior to my final call. And to top it off when I ordered the new cookie/brownie I received a call 10 minutes later saying they don’t have any and would I like the cake. No I don’t want cake, if I did I would’ve order cake. I wanted to remove the item from my order but since my card had already been processed I had to substitute it. Think I’ll call Papa Johns next day I decide to have pizza on my a cheat day.

  499. i do not understand why your employees do not wear disposable gloves. it is disgusting to see them handle the product and then wipe their foreheads or face. for health purposes you need to change your rules and do what subway and other food places do. you are the only ones that do not care about health issues i like your pizzas but cannot walk in to the stores to pick them up. it is disgusting to watch them make the pizzas.

  500. I had ordered my food 3 hours before I had received a call from the driver. The driver constantly had said he could not find my addressed! This is unacceptable! He never showed up. I had attempted to call the store manager for an update and concerns and they had disconnected the lines! The driver told me he could not find my house! he LEFT WITHOUT ATTEMPTING TO DELIVER MY FOOD! UNEXCEPTABLE! SHAME! I WILL NEVER RECOMEND THIS STORE AND NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN. NEVER AGAIN. I hope there’s an reply from corporate!

  501. I am very disappointed with my delivery order. Not only did it take the driver 45 minutes to deliver my pizza (online showed he left at 12:52, delivered pizza at 1:35). My pizzas were cold, soggy and my cheese bread were soggy and clumped. I called Dominos to state my frustration only to be told that the drivers deliver more than one order and delivery time takes 30-45 minutes. Keep in mind that our house is 4 minutes driving distance. I have never heard of this delivery rule. The young supervisor was only rude and unhelpful during my complaint. When asked to speak to the manager he was not around and there was no way to know when he would arrive. I was promised a call back from the manager. After speaking to her the pizza was disgusting we ended up buying food elsewhere and tossing the delivery order in the trash. Two hours later I get a phone call from the same young lady stating that she can refund me my money but she needed the pizza back. I explained to her that we tossed it and honestly I didn’t feel I should dig in the trash can for the order. I asked that if she could just place a credit on my account. That was not an option because I had to show them the whole order and return it to them to get any type of credit the best she can do was give me a $5 credit. I am very disappointed in the customer service during this whole experience and honestly this will be the last time I use Dominos for delivery. I do want a full refund for food that was inedible.

  502. I ordered a small pizza-and when I picked it up it was $10 but than found out a lg was $7.99
    I have no problem paying what I order but I do think it would have been nice to have them tell me there was a special and let me know–where I could get more pizza for a better price
    diane Wallace

  503. Now because i work in the customer service field i know what customer service is. I’ve called the 900 M st Domino’s in DC twice and was totally disgusted by the customer service that i received. The first time i made an online order which totaled a little over $40. As some of you know some things can’t be done online so i had to call to modify. The item i ordered was a vegetable bowl and i wanted to add chicken but when i called i was told that they weren’t doing any add-on’s, i told them i just wanted to add chicken to my bowl and they said “we are to busy to be adding anything to an online order” i explained that what i wanted wasn’t an option online. I was put on hold until i was tired of holding, i called back and passed to another employee who said “oh your bowl is passing through the oven now and we can’t modify it so i cancelled the whole order and they were ok with that. I vowed to never order from them again. So some time has passed and my fiance’ is determined to give them another chance so i say go ahead im staying out of it. He created a(yet again) $40 + order but was having an issue with the online app so he called and was hung up on 3 times. When he finally got somebody on the phone he explained that he was trying to place an order and was being hung up on and the guy tells him “well you ain’t the only customer we have”…i can’t with Domino’s i just can’t! We can spend our money somewhere else!!!

  504. 10/16/2015 at 11:45 am I placed an order with you store located at 2113 S. Ballenger Hwy Flint, Michigan
    I was to that my order would be delivered to me in 45 minutes. At 1:20 PM my order still had not came. I then called the store to cancel the order because my lunch break was over and the order had not shown up the the allotted time that had been given. I was placed on hold for 4 to 5 minutes while waiting for one of your employees to answer my call the delivery driver finally calls, stating that he was looking for the school address that I requested the order to be brought to. I explained to the driver that I was waiting for someone one the at your store to pick up the call so that I could cancel my order because my break was over and that I waited outside at work for over an hour and the food that I had order never showed up. Which caused me to miss my entire lunchtime.
    So in closing, I don’t think that I will be ordering for dominos again because you company is not responsible enough to send the food out on time.

  505. I ordered my food at 19.41 online it said 40-60 min for delivery my food finally arrived at 21.35 and was stone cold. I haven’t rang dominos direct as I was so hungry by this point I just put it in the microwave. Which I should not have to do after waiting so long for my food. Very disappointed feel as though I wasted my money and will be hesitant to order again

  506. Dear Customer Service Manager:
    On 10/21/15 while waiting on my order at Dominos in Clinton SC, the Manager got very angry cursing a customer who was also waiting on his order the manager said: “get your f ass out if you come inside I will beat your f ass..” The customer left waiting in the car then one of the employee had sense to refund the customer’s money while the other female employee apologized to me. This was scary experience for me. I will not visit the Domino in Clinton South Carolina again.
    George Mahids

  507. Why are your pizza’s so skimpy on topping? Ordered double pepperoni and it look to me like a normal serving. I did this because when i ordered a pizza it had very little in the way of any toppings!And was told the more toppings the less you get.If i wanted cheese pizza i would order it! What is the deal?

  508. The way Domino’s treats their drivers has finally made up my mind for me. I’m done. Not one more order in my life time.
    These drivers are under paid, provide their own transportation and are denied the right to defend themselves while driving into the most dangerous drug, gang infected neighborhoods.
    Domino’s in their infinite wisdom deny the drivers their constitutional rights to be able to defend themselves. They demand the drivers not carry a gun even with a permit. So the criminals have more rights to their lives than the drivers
    Hey Domino’s even if I were to drive for you I would carry.
    By the way Domino’s even fires drivers who defend themselves with a gun when it is the only way to keep breathing. So the drivers lives are worthless to Dominos.
    Hey Dominos, Go back to the hell you were spawned from

  509. Ordered a pizza and wings at 6:15pm. In Brunswick Georgia 31523. Called at 7:45 to check the status of my order. Guy on the phone was rude. Said he was waiting on a driver guy,sorry. What in the world is that. This domino’s is horrible and I love domino’s. Not so sure I can ever give domino’s a dime ever again….

  510. Dominoes officially the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE and EMPLOYEES. I have had the most appalling last couple of experiences with the Dominoes location at Houston Ave in Houston Tx. After the first bad experience of a pizza order & delivery taking well over 2 hours, only to receive 2 cold nasty pizzas and a refund requested the same day taking THREE WEEKS to get. I thought Id give em a chance to redeem themselves only to have the SAME problem. Ordered via the app, the app said the pizza was delivered, when it had not been. I gave it a 15 min window before I called (given any “glitch in the app”)…45 MIN passed and still no pizza, I called the store a couple times only to be hung up on and RUDELY yelled at by David after requesting a refund. I WILL NEVER ORDER from Dominoes again and will continue to rate such a POORLY run business as such.

  511. I was tired and hungry and needed food fast. I called collinsville IL domino’s. I listened to a never ending message about pizza. I wanted a sandwich. LET ME TALK TO A HUMAN.i hung up. I WILL NOT try again!

  512. I just called store#5707 regarding order# 460722. My call was placed at 8:06pm and I spoke with with a representative of Domino’s Pizza by the name of Derrick. I wanted to inquire as to why my order was wrong. I initially ask to speak directly with the Manager. I was met with sarcasm and humor instead of customer service and empathy. When I asked if the Manager was making pizza the representative stated, “yes – she is too busy to talk”. He went on to say that she was too busy to breathe. I asked for a better time that is when I was brushed off and told to call back within minutes of the closing time. When I told him that I was taken back by the suggestion he said, “you can do what you want to do”. I was hung up on in the middle of my trying to gain a better time to call back. I can honestly say that I have never been met with this kind of service, especially in this area. I am writing now, because I am hoping to reach someone that cares about a customer who has been ordering faithfully online; using the coupons that I am sent via email and normal mail; racking up points. A customer who has thought about investing in Domino’s Pizza Inc (DPZ)simply because it’s a product I use often. I now realize that would’ve been a mistake. A business that cares nothing about it’s customers; for which the very success and revenue it gains, can’t possibly be a industry leader. And to have been treated the way I was by Derrick and berated, am so very disappointed. Does he not respect that his paycheck is brought to him by me and the pizza I purchase? I would like to talk to a live person about my experience so I can draw some pragmatic conclusion as to why had to happen the way in which it happened.

  513. my order was cancelled due to the store not delivering my order. Spoke with Corp office and I am expecting a refund to my cc.

    Will not be using Dominos in the future. Its a shame that Customer Service is a lost skill. People work for a living and pay a good price for a product. This is the only and last time that I have had an issue with Dominos. This Manager hung up on me when I asked for the Corp number.

    We use Dominos quite frequently as we have a son in college and we can order on line to deliver where he is located. However after this incident I will be utilizing another service.

    your store that provided the worst customer service that I have ever experienced

    Your Domino’s Store (6874): 4201 E. Berry St. #18 Ft. Worth TX | 817-413-8888

  514. Severely disappointed. Waiting for an order and can’t get through to the store when my order is 45mins late! It’s now 2 hours since I placed my order! Definitely not ordering from Dominos again

  515. I am very disappointed with the service I recieved today at the Harford Rd location.Went in to place an order and it took five minutes to place our order.Then we left the establishment and went next door to place an order at the chinese restaraunt.I waited until that food was ready and went back to Dominos to pick up my order and had to wait around 45 minutes longer to get it.There was one guy there and a driver an noone was picking up the phone the whole time and walk ins ended up leaving.After the very long wait I go home and find out my order was messed up.I ordered a medium bacon and halepeno pizza with an order of the stuffed cheese bread the same way and the pizza ended up having pepperoni on it instead of bacon.While inside your establishment I became very annoyed because I had groceries in my car and noone was even getting my already prepared food out of the oven to box it so I could be on my way.None the less my food was all cold and that just upset me even more.To wait all that time and get a messed up order then have it cold is crazy.I feel like I should atleast be reimbursed for my order and I certainly deserve an apology.

  516. I ordered a two topping pizza it was terrible it wasn’t hot no sauce tasted like cardboard cheese bread with bacon and jalpos was nasty to will never order from you again

  517. few months ago when I picked up the pizza from Fullerton ave location, accidentally my son forgot the iPad on the parking lot area. I called the guys from the location and they said that is not any cameras in there and they didn’t find the iPad, even though it was very late when it happened. .usually are not customers in there at that time only the employees. Today I got pizza from the same location and i saw cameras and i ask the employees if it’s working and they said that it works anytime. So, im very disappointed of the quality of your personal. ..for sure it was recorded on camera who got the iPad 🙁

  518. 3 pizzas. 1 w/out chz came with cheese. Build own pizza didn’t choose cheese nor meat. driver took pizza $10 short and pizza short. The petite lady manager called to say that even though i had put no chz in special instructions could not send a remake out unless it had chz on it. Well paying with cash and a pizza short I made a trip to the store for a refund. She refused to give me a refund cursed at me refused to make a pizza called police and kicked me out of store. 2 larger men with broad shoulders atleast 5’11 to 6’2 stood above me as dmitting to trashing pizza threw 5 dollars on the counter and the larger man handed me the money. Said that I should be content with $5 since the deal was 50% off. Was not 100% refund and was told I was no longer welcome at Dominos. Fix or i will be contacting lawyer I felt threatened. Also she went in the computer to change order history when I went home it magically had cheese on my pizza. I am contacting a lawyer and filing a class action lawsuit.

  519. went in to get pizza,took two hours till I got it..Others there waited an outrageous amount of time also..But two hours<way to much…Nothing was even offered by the store to make this right.??????

  520. I just put in an order online. I called 5 minutes later to ask if they can deliver it at a specific time. The employee told me that my pizza would be soggy if they delivered it at that time. The manager got on the phone, and said there would be no way to deliver it later because they had an order of 25 pizzas, so they were denying me service because they were too busy. I asked her to cancel my order. She argued with me further, and I asked again for my order to be cancelled. She said FINE! then hung up! Never heard of such rude customer service!!!!! I am rattled from my experience! That is no way a customer should be treated, I’m blown away at how horrible of an experience that was!

  521. I had the MOST unpleasant experience with the Domino’s pizza located at 9127 Lee Highway, Fairfax Va. I have ordered from this location before, but tonight was told they could not deliver to me. They told me to call the Domino’s in Falls Church, VA. The Falls Church store confirmed that I had called the correct store. When I called the Fairfax store back, they took my order and information and said they would have my order to me in 35 minutes. After waiting an hour, I called and was told they couldn’t confirm my location so just canceled my order. I am so angry! I should have been contacted by the store. I experienced very incompetent, lazy service, and I will NEVER order from this Domino’s again. I place orders for my kids sports and school activities, and I will never do so again from this location.

  522. Dominos on Broadway. Got order wrong then cashier/ owner was very rude and did not eant to fix order. Ststi gi placed order wrong and he was not even there when order was placed.

  523. As I have worked a Dominos year in the past, I understand how the business works. I moved to Houston, TX two years ago and there is a corporate owned store exactly 2.4 miles away from my house. I would say we order for three, two times a month for delivery. Each order (regardless of time of day) takes over 30 minutes to even get put in the oven. Then 45 minutes longer (on a good day) to arrive. Most of the time it is cold and poor quality. For carry out on a Friday evening, they stated it would be over 4 hours. We waiting over an hour, checking online to see if it was even in the oven, then finally gave them a call. Online it always states “Delievery time: 15-25 minutes” which I know is know inaccurate for anyone. But an hour and a half on weekdays, four hours on the weekend?! It’s ridiculous and pour quality. We always order online because they never answer their phones!! I am very tempted to stop ordering from them and drive 30 minutes to go to a franchise owned store, because THEY CARE!

  524. Will no longer order from dominos. Order has been screwed up 3 times in a row… Let the first 2 times slide but this past time… We’re done as customers. Our speciality chicken looked as if it had been shaken up and they brought he complete wrong sandwich. Unhappy!

  525. I called in & asked “Do you guys still have the 7.99 carryout special”. I was told yes! So I went on to place my order. 2 large pizzas with pepperoni, sausage & extra cheese! When I arrived the guy at the front counter gave me 2 medium pizzas, so I told him that is not what I ordered, he asked me what did I have? I told him the special for 7.99 that was on the window. The young guy told me he has no control over that. So I asked well can I get what is clearly on the door he said NO they don’t have that anymore. While I’m standing there a lady next to me said she paid 5.99 for her medium boxes so I’m asking the cashier why is it that he charged her 5.99 for her mediums & charged me 7.99? His reply was “I don’t know” at that point I asked for a refund. This is the 2nd time something like this has happen at this location. The guy at the register was very nonchalant as if I was bothering him. This Domino’s location has the worst customer service ever.

  526. The Dominos Franchises on Woodland (West Paterson)New Jersey 07501is the worse franchises. ONdecember17 2015 at call for pizza put my on hold for 10 minute and aft her se not tack no order four nao no for pick-up no for deliver is the worst pizza on this area (PIZZA HOT – PAPA JHON ITALIEN PIZZA never have problem only DOMINOS

  527. I love the Buffalo wings and the parmesan bites I’ve order this 3 times this week asking for well done which they my last order was for 40 wings and the large bites I paid 36.79 plus the tip I gave the driver..when they came to my job and I stared to eat some sharing with my crew they were extremely salty so I called back and ask for them to replace it and they could have these back their response was they taste that way because they were cooked well done which is not true because I always order them that way needless to say they would not replace them so I was just out of 40 dollars and still had to get something else to eat..very unhappy!!

  528. On 12.23.15 we ordered a large pizza delivered to our home. We have been customers of Dominos for some time and usually receive decent service with friendly delivery drivers who are easy to talk to. Unfortunately we had a complete idiot as a driver this night. When we opened the door there stood in front of us a driver named Cole who did not respond to our friendly “hello”. He made no eye contact and even after an attempt or two to speak to him about the crappy weather he said absolutely nothing in response. We gave up trying to converse with this kid and signed out ticket with no tip. We put a line through the tip amount and gave him $3 cash, which is far more generous than he deserved. After, we called the store to complain about him. I was hung up on after waiting for 10 minutes listening to the people in the background banter back and forth. I called back and asked for the manager again and when Saeed picked up I explained the situation, told him that Cole’s service was unacceptable and that he as doing his establishment a disservice. Saeed apologized but didn’t seem to take me seriously when I said this kid should be let go. That is his right. Now we wake up this morning and find that out charges from our delivery are an additional $2 more than the ticket we signed for. I assume the kid added $2 to his tip. Now we are looking at other options for our pizza delivery.

  529. When are you “Domino’s” going to fix your website, I have been trying to Create A Pizza Profile for weeks…, it keeps saying:”ATTENTION! We’re sorry. We could not save your account at this time. Please try again later.”

  530. I was warned by my son about a horrible costumer service experience he had but I still decided to put my order online thinking he might be wrong. So I put on my order after 1hr 15 mins I called and spoke to Tiffany at Store #8554 Vallejo CA. She was so mean and told me there’s 8 orders ahead of me and I have to wait another hour. She even mention that during lunch and dinner time they always get massive orders. She didn’t even apologized for the delay but keep telling me that it wasn’t there fault that they get busy during dinner time. So I was still calm and told her thatif they knew that they’re busy during peak hours then why make not put more staff so thier costumer won’t suffer. The answer I got from her is do you want to wait or come over and pick up your order???? She even mention it twice that I shouldn’t depend on the online ordering coz it is not ACCURATE!!! What kind of costumer service is this? With this kind of employee will bring your company down. This is such a horrible experience. HR department should hire people that knows how to deal with costumers and not put the company down. I recommend that you checked YELP reviews on your stores before it is too late. As I am writing this letter it’s already been 1hr 55mins and I still don’t have my pizza…
    I hope with this letter will be a wake up call.

    Marivic Bernardo

  531. The I hope our pizza tonight was refunded because we never received it! I had to call three times (the first two I was left on hold for 10 min each) before anyone would help us! After two hours waiting, they were sending someone; but by then I had already fed the kids. The 3rd time I called, girl was really rude and she was the one who left me on hold twice prior. We haven given dominos a lot of business. If you look at the history, you will notice that we were the first people that started using your services in our area and had spread the word. But After the way we were treated today,with NO service and RUDEness when we called 3x to find out about our pizza, we will be using Papa Gino’s from now on. We only switched to Dominos bc you where the first in our area to have gluten-free pizza . Now we will go back to your competition after how we were treated. I am very, very upset in how we were treated.

    Kathleen Prifti

  532. I called the store off of valley view in las nv at 1212. They said they were not delivering at that time and if i wanted something i would have to pick up.(Arent they supposed to take orders until 1am and delievery is usually the only option after a certain time?) During this time my boyfriend was in the other room and had already placed an order for the same store for delievery through the app. I hung up the phone and told him. He told me it was fine because it took his order for delievery on the app. The tracker even said Amanda was preparing our order. So i waited until 110am and looked on the tracker because it they hadnt shown up. To my suprise my order was completly cancelled. I wasnt even contacted about this either. So now it is 149am and im still hungry. I really didnt want to spend my money somewhere else but I guess I will have to. I just wanted you guys to know that your store employees make up their own rules and decide weather they are going to deliever or not. Thank you for your time.

  533. I used to work for domino’s and I never thought the place would get worse. Knowing that there is new management every where I thought there would be some type of improvement. Several times my order would take 2 hours to get to me. Another time my pizza was made wrong and not even cut. Today I had ordered pizza and I had a 25 credit. I had done the order over phone with the manager to make sure everything is done correctly. Manager communicated with me that it would be 10 and some change. He did not include the delivery charge nor state that I would be paying 10. He did not make it clear that it was 10 over my credit. Also he did not ask me how I was paying and assumed I was going to pay cash. I does not help knowing that they only one driver. When I spoke with the manager a few days before he explained that they are still trying to hire more drivers because all the ones they had before were driver that were from GCU and had just ended their winter break. I find that hard to believe now since every driver I had stated that they always have had only three drivers in total at their location. The manager is horrible at customer service it was obvious that he was agitated and wasn’t able to focus on how to assist a customer. He made excuses and instead of trying to find a solution to help keep a loyal customer after all the crappy service that the customer has been through before. On top of that me refusing to pay, the driver gets it taken out of what they get paid at the end of the day. That driver will be losing $20 because of a managers mistake. Drivers shouldn’t get punished for things that are not their fault. When I worked for dominos, I didn’t lose money for some one not paying for crappy service. Now if a driver showed up and the person took the food with out paying at all and it was on time and excellent customer service; then yes that would be taken out. These drivers deserve to be paid more. Also all stores should have at minimum of two drivers per shift. It should never be only one driver. In store at minimum two people, there should be always four people working eat shift; two drivers and two csr/cooks.

  534. So i was informed my order was delivered to me after an hour of me waiting for it to be delivered to me. I or my children most certainly were not eating anything. So of course i proceeded to call the store and find out what was going on. After being on hold for 8 whole minutes someone finally answered who brushed me off with an oh your driver will call you. I asked if they had a dispatch for their drivers. He stated the manager was the only one who could get in contact with a driver. So of course i asked to speak to him. After another 10 minutes of waiting he NEVER PICKED UP! The audacity. I feel really bad for the driver he was nice he finally showed while i was still on hold with the location. This is terrible as a leader my self you need to see whats going on.

  535. Location E.busch blvd temple terrace Tampa 33617
    Rude staff and very low customer service plus not convient on taking my order give $100.0 0 to pay of $33 my order and refuse to take asking me to go to Publix for change and come back well no thank you I’m not coming back and never you ned to teach you staff how to deal with custmers and you might end up with some discrimination cases

  536. I arrived at the store at 3:30 am on Tremont st boston January 24 the store is close and they told me I have to call to order the pizza, when I called they put me on hold for like 15mn I was outside looking at them in a cold weather, they were laughing at me and when they finally answer the phone, they said they don’t take delivery anymore I have to come back tomorrow, I asked the guy who is the manager on duty and he said thats him and his name is freddy. I’m from a carribean country and I have accent, the one that was speaking with was mocking at me. I think this is a bad experience for buying a pizza.

  537. And I took a video of the guy who claim he’s the manager and was mocking at me for my accent, he knew that was me on the phone outside.

  538. Hi,

    I recently I had pretty uncomfortably annoying situation. I got my food delivered. I topped the driver had he handed me what I presumed would be hott pizza. The delevery guy tells me it’s going to be hot. I sit down. The pizza was not hot at all. I know this might be a small compliant. I am really upset with this situation. I could of choice I different pizza place that was more local but I chose dominos because of the great deals but ended up regretting this decision…..

  539. I had twins that morning and the hospitals cafeteria closed before I had a chance to eat dinner. My havens ordered pizza – chicken bacon ranch. Oh my gosh, so good! And then I realized pizza is our love story. First date: domino’s in Prescott az, meat lovers. We compromised, I wanted veggies he wanted only pepperoni. 3 years later we got married and didn’t have time to eat nexus e had to thank everyone who came and dance. When we got to our hotel, dominoes pizza. By know we agreed on supreme. Two years later he got back from a deployment in late January. I made Christmas cookies, thanksgiving dinner, and new years fireworks where in the backyard. However, he slept 14 hours straight when he got home and I ended up outing the food away before we are it. When finally woke up we ordered dominoes. One pizza for him and one for me. And then 3 years later we had the babies and ordered domino’s. It’s weird to think every milestone we’ve had we’ve shared with dominoes. I thought I’d let you guys know. Please let me know who to contact to share our story. I thought it would be cute for marketing for valentine’sday. I can send in pictures.

  540. Tried your Oxford, Michigan store last week by getting carry out. Came home to find I received the wrong pizzas and asked if they could deliver the right ones to me. The store asked if they could just give me a credit, which I accepted.

    Ordered another pickup and pointed out I had a credit on the system which was fine. The ‘store manager’ called aid to me that their computer system shows I had already used it. and they cannot just ‘give me $20. I explained what had happened and they would not budge. Employee ended up hanging up on me. Nice service Dominos….1st you get the order wrong, refuse to deliver the right order, and after trying you again; you fight with me to say I’m wrong and hang up

    Looks like your staff needs some front line training…

  541. I will never return to business after the way I was treated. And I believe it was your manager. The time was 8:10pm approximately at your store on Lorain Ave, Cleveland,Ohio. I placed an order online. When I went to pick they ran my debit card. Asked for Zip code. Then wanted the 3 digit code on the back of the card. My bank has stated never give that number when paying in person with the card.
    I will go across the street to the competition. I have never had a problem there using my bank card

  542. We ordered two large pizzas from traditional menu tonight from sea point branch. Kids bacon and ham was okay. Not great to look at but tasty. But ours…. the barbeque chicken. when we opened it it was burnt and brown and no cheese in sight! If I had accumulated the chicken from the large it would have made up half a chicken breast!! I had to add my own oil, chilli and fresh avo to bring it to life. I wish I had taken a picture. As it was shocking to look at and to eat. I basically used R40 worths of my own ingredients to make it somewhat edible. All I can say is that I will not be ordering again. Not sure if this is standard or just the branch? Thank goodness I had no guests around. I would have been crawling under the carpet.
    Thank you sam

  543. I am writing to tell you about the good experiences I have had with Dominos lately. This is with regard to the Canyon Street store in Boulder. The phone people have always been courteous. The pizzas are made with care and with plenty of toppings. The delivery drivers are always kind and cordial. I order very frequently from this store. Today when I received my pizzas they were exceptionally made and the delivery time was within a 1/2 hr. I thank you for your attentiveness to your customers and for a job well done!

  544. The Dominos located at 9799 West Florissant Ave. St.Louis,63136 was very unhelpful in securing my order first staff member swipes my card charges me for my food then he proceeds to ask a crew member for help she swipes my card payment doesn’t go through she says, so I call my bank and the payment for the price I was charged from dominos is accurate so I call and call and call the restaurant and no answer they then proceeded to take the phone off the hook.. the staff is very nasty and I want my money back… please and know I will never shop at you guys restaurant again… Thank you for wasting my time

  545. I placed an order today at 4:41pm; I was told it would be delivered in about an hour and a half. It is now 8:48pm, the drive called 5 minutes ago and we returned it!!!
    We attempted to get a status numerous times, however, the phone would ring and immediately go into a busy signal. Never again! Done with Dominoes! The Professionalism lacks int the way they treat the customers…….. totally unacceptable!

  546. I placed an order at the domino store # 3669. When I called regarding my order that was done online using my debit card for a delivery. The manager amirah inform me no drivers was available only for pickup. They was short of staff. I was outrage after waiting for my delivery.

  547. Complaint on site store#5508
    I spoke with a young man first on the phone who claimed he was the manager and hung up on me when I called to ask about the arrival of my order which was place online at 12:55pm. I was on hold for 7mins before he hung up to say he didn’t know when it would get there and it was now 220pm. Then when my food arrived from the your lady it was 2:36. I was going to just leave it alone but when I got looked at my pasta it was pasta Alfredo sauce bacon and mushrooms. Mind you I ordered the pasta primavera with chicken. Then I notice on my confirmation email the managers name was Thomas for the store so when I ask to speak with Thomas. Before finally speaking with him, every associate I speak to claims they are the or a manager and this Thomas is busy. So he first young man I can’t remember his name because at hat point I didn’t think I needed to write names down. I spoke with Brian and tried to start with the a little respect and manners but he was very cold and rude. As well as Thomas who they said was a GENERAL manager when he came on the line. They were both rude and had smug, nonchalant attitudes like “like what do you want ma’am” like they didn’t care and mind you it’s only food but when you get to the manager position you should have a little bit more couth about yourself. Not even a ma’am I’m sorry about that or a bit of empathy for THEIR mistake until I asked for last names and hinted that I would be going further with this. Then he angrily said I’ll return the money to the card in two days and hung the phone up on me. They acted as if I did wrong to them or the situation was the other way around. I’m very upset and appalled and had I not paid for the food upfront online I would have canceled it. I even thought about it before the girl showed up but I didn’t want to be difficult even when they took forever. However the treatment from the staff was terrible. I will NEVER eat this place again!!! The last time I ordered my whole staff got sick at work. Yet I decided since this was in another city and close to my home, I’d try again. NEVER again! This probably doesn’t even mean anything to you all but Just know your restaurants in Durham, NC and Morrisville, NC are the worst!!!

  548. To whom it may concern
    Today 1-18-16 I called in to your store on walzem and asked if they delivered too my sons address the young lady put me on hold too check and said yes so then I placed my order about 30 min later the order was “supposedly” transfered too another location where the store was assigned delivery too the address, so keep in mind the pizza should have already been delivered, I get a call from the other fm78 locaion too get payment because the order was canceled, I was told that they couldnt process process my order due too lack of payment. I asked too speak too manager at walzem location “alexis” would not get the phone but was telling her what too say, me hearing her in the background really bothered me. I also asked too speak too manager on fm78 he too would not come too phone. Im very unsatisfied with this service I purchase pizza at least twice a week too deliver too my home and whenever there was an issue it was taken care of. I odered pizzas for my kids whom live with their father. Its almost 2 hrs now and my son still hasn’t called me that it has arrived. Very unhappy customer I am

  549. I called store and requested delivery. After being talked to like I was a problem I ask for the manager and I was informed he was the manager. I could not believe I was,yesterday like I was a,problem rather than a,customer. After an hour and ten minutes he informed me his guy was,gone on one delivery for over an hour he will find something out when he can. I work customer service and he was so rude I can’t believe this company let him represent them as a manager. I feel like I let him know,he was,having a bad night a felt and he is ding this on purpose because what he did not know my friend made an order after me and received their order. A company this big must only care about money instead of people who work hard to feed their kids who wants this and is trying to spend their hard working money here because I know he is being very rude and not taking care of me on purpose. Without customers,there would be no company or job. I am very upset at the customer service. Please look into the Tallagega, Al. 35160 store because I would have thought he owned the company with how, it is bring ran. NEED TO GO VISIT YOUR STORES UNDERCOVER

  550. I called store and requested delivery. The manager was so rude I could not believe it. I want to say thank you to Kevin, the driver on 2-20-2016. He was so polite I could not be upset any longer but did tell him how I was treated by the store manager, very unprofessional. I would like to thank him again Kevin for the kindness shown and was ready to cancel my order , but he was awesome. Give him credit and look into the store manager and I think he was so professional he could be trained to be the new store manager. Would like to say I appreciate your gratitude and kindness kevin.. God Bless You!!!!!

  551. Hello,

    I placed an order tonight at 9:50 and I did not receive it until 10:30 pm. To add insult to injury the cheese bread I got was flat like a thin crust pizza. The pizza and bread was cold. This is unacceptable as I order from Dominos all of the time and just do not get it. I wish I could attach the photo for your enjoyment, never again. The order number is 276071 store 4329 In Washington DC.

  552. Cabot, AR
    Last night was the 2nd time I tried to order pizza online for my family. The 1st time I never received an email giving me the progress of the order, so I gave it about 25 minutes before I arrived to pick up the pizzas. I then had to wait an additional 30 minutes in dominos, only to have cold pizza as they had apparently sat out & were not given to me when they were finished cooking.
    Last night we had a similar experience. I ordered the pizza online, but did receive an email showing the progress of the order. After approximately 25 minutes it showed the order to be complete & ready for pickup. My husband had to wait an additional 20 minutes in the store. Apparently, 1 of the pizzas was still in the oven. The other pizza had been sitting. I made the mistake of ordering a dessert as well, which took additional time. The whole process took over an hour & was ridiculous! Neither times were the dominos employees the least bit fazed about the wait time. Other people came in, received their order & left while we sat there waiting. It’s not like it was crazy busy, it was a Tuesday night.
    Dominos is the closest pizza place to our home & my kids like the pizza. However, we will travel across town (15 or 20 minutes away) to get pizza elsewhere from businesses w/ better customer service.


  554. My delivery drivers name was BRANDON MURRAY. The most disrespectful delivery driver I have come across and I have been ordering dominos for a long time. He came to my door and rang the door bell 4 times really quick back to back to back to back, his eyes were bloodshot red and the Oder of marijuana was heavy. Even my children could smell it. I didn’t leave him a tip, I gave him the exact amount, as he was walking off my porch he said thanks for the tip bitch. He works at the corporate center loop dominos off college and yelm highway in Lacey Washington, he drives a black Kia Forte. I called that dominos and the girl on the phone, I believe her name was Erica, she refused to believe me and kept calling me a liar and finally I asked why she wouldn’t believe me, and she said cause that’s her boyfriend and he wouldn’t do anything like that. I think it’s very unprofessional for a manager, if she is really a manger, and a delivery driver to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He obviously gets special treatment. Thank you for your time and reading my complaint. But I am sorry to say I will be finding a new pizza chain to order from.

  555. The Dominos pizza 1776 Tuolumne street in Vallejo is the worst Dominos I’ve ever dealt with and will be the reason I’ll never call dominos again! I ordered wings for my kid’s and was told that it was a two hour wait after three hours I called back and they couldn’t find my order after a twenty minute wait a manager got on the phone and said it left with the driver and I should get it soon it never came

  556. Yesterday I bought a pizza on 836 clarkson ave and my pizza wasn’t burnt the only reason I didn’t take it back was because it took so long to get my order and I didn’t feel like walking back.

  557. Hi my names is Claudia i have to say I order Dominos 3-4 times a week and the lady’s are nice as well, but every time I am there the one making Pizza they always touching money their hair and never wash their hands please can you do something about this is gross. Thanks

  558. Usually I have great service but this time I watched my tracker it says my food was checked 45 mins ago and was done but yet hasnt left the store??? Does this mean my food has just been sitting around for almost an hour?? I am not happy about my experience this time…

  559. i ordered a pepperoni pizza which was $9.99. the delivery person said it was$15.00.i said he was wrong and ended up him leaving with the pizza that i ordered. This was the domino’s on lankershim in north hollywood..

  560. i ordered pepperoni pizza which was $9.99. the delivery person it was $15 and ended up him leaving with my pizza. This was domiino’s on Lan kershim in north hollywood.

  561. Today 3/13/16 ordered deep pan pizza with toppings….got 10 inch long hair someone women needs a hairnet ….nasty 3rd avenue kips bay store. wont give refund….that’s the way to loose $30-$50 week pizza family….Dominos

  562. I placed a order online with store #2673 of Jefferson in Fort Wayne for a delivery. They called back said it was ready for pickup. I told him I had a delivery and then said well we don’t deliver there. I let him know to cancel my order cause I couldn’t go up. The worker was extremely rude and said he couldn’t credit my account back. I asked to talk the the manager and before he put me on hold him and the manager were talking bad about me. I asked the manager her name it was Shawny. She said she would void the order. I did let her know before them putting me on hold I heard them talking about me. She just dismiss what I said.

  563. Hey dominos!
    I order your pizza all the time and I love it! Delicious and a good price.
    Unfortunately I just had a bit of a bad experience with one of your drivers….he asked me very blatantly about my sexuality, then made some comments that were ignorant and inappropriate. I don’t think he meant any offense, but it was upsetting and offensive and I just thought I should let you guys know.

  564. 23 march 2016

    I had visited Dominos Pizza on 18 march 2016 at Kalpak Estatae Wadala. I order 04 pizzas having order no: 323m I ordered at 952 pm & got the pizza at 1045 pm almost more than 45 min. but I found that the staff are not cooprative at this shop my pizza was ready & was lying on the table no body took responsibility to call & handover the order, it was almost 10 minutes lying on the delivery table.very irrresponsible staff at this shop. pls avoid visiting this shop.

    shakh zainuddin

  565. Why isnt tthere late night online ordering support. I ordered food and when i did not recieve comfirmatio orr use the tracker. i called the store. And there was not order in the system. It is late. I am not mobile and i live in a rural area. I am going to bed hungry a d nlw i dont havvebthe money to buy something else

  566. In the past, customer service at Dominos stores has always been alright- never exceptional but never horrible either. But tonight I had a bad experience and I am unhappy. I called ahead to place my order. The guy that answered the phone mumbled that he was putting me on hold, it wasn’t until I realized that no one was on the line that I understood he said he was putting me on hold. He mumbled the whole time he took my order and used horrible grammar. However, this wasn’t a big deal to me, my experience when i got to the store is what made it worse. When I got to the store I was the only customer in the store. I stood at the counter for several minutes without any acknowledgement. It wasn’t until I said something that I got service. 1 kid was busy on the phone which is understandable, but the other 2 adults were just standing there. The guy had an attitude when he brought my food over. Something told me to check the food to make sure it’s correct. So I checked it and there wasnt any marinera sauce with the cheesy bread. Every time in the past, cheesy bread and garlic bread always came with marinera sauce. The guy had an attitude when I asked for some and acted like I was crazy for wanting marinera sauce. He gave me one, but I had 2 orders of cheesy bread so I asked for a 2nd sauce. He acted like he didn’t want to give it to me even when I offered to pay for it. I can’t comprehend how these 3 employees have not run this store into the ground yet. I highly recommend sending a secret shopper or undercover employee to this store. I have worked in the Restaurant industry for 12 yrs; so I know the dos and donts of how to treat customers. Customer service and employee attitude has a huge impact success of a business.

  567. I ordered from the small town Westminster SC only 1 Domino’s there. Wednesday night not late ya no just going to have some pizza. Went to go in the lot to order to walk in before I got my kids from church. This lady is standing against her black car smoking. I go in waited a minute she comes right to counter never washed her hands even had her apron on and smelled of smoke. I didn’t say nothing walked out left! Disgusting! They got to teach this girl smoking is bad second time I’ve seen her to she’s out all the time even if everyone else is busy she’s out on her phone smoking sitting in her black car or on her phone or hanging out with guys when it gets dark. Y’all just stay clear hell away from Westminster dominos they just don’t care

  568. Hello. On Tuesday, May 3 at about 7:30 we ordered an extra large extravaganga pizza and an order of cheesy bread with bacon. We were told it would be about 45 minutes so we ran across the street to the store and were home by 7:50. by 9 pm our order had not arrived so we called the restaurant on Eureka Way in Redding, CA and were transferred tp the driver, who said he had been to our hotel and knocked on the door but had not because we would have heard him and our dogs would have let us know someone was at the door. . He said nonetheless he would bring us our order in 15 minutes. he arrived at around 915, with cold pizza and didnt even apologise for it. The food was very expensive but we dont order in very often so it was supposed to be a treat. We would have sent it back but we were starving and had a guest so we just microwaved it, it wasnt as good as it could have been and food doesnt ever taste as good when you have to be mad about it.

  569. The worst stopped going for years because pizza sucked.. loved papa johns great pizza local store has great staff and delivery men. Messed up order, manager told he had three new employees and had to have a talk with them. he gave me credit on my phone number for pizza. ordered two large one with pepperoni and extra cheese.. one with extra beef and extra cheese..neither pizza had extra cheese damn near had no cheese… looked like a 4 year old made pizzas. This was last week he told me I had credit today a some so called manager named Juan told me the credit expired on the 5th. Never heard of messing up order and credit expires.. Never DOMINOS

  570. It’s 9:50 pm. I just walked in from my local Domino’s (Reading, OH). I placed an online order of a bacon, pepperoni cheese bread and a large pepperoni & bacon pizza. I never received an email confirmation, so I know I had plenty of time for them to make it before I got to store. I also had no guide as to how long it would take. I get to store and the counter person tells me my card is being rejected. She then asks my zip code and I give it to her (thinking about it now, I shouldn’t have). It still don’t work. Mind you there’s a couple thousand dollars in that account. So, I pay her with cash (like $13.99). I’m then told that they gave my cheese bread away and I’d have to wait. So I sit. The cahsier gives me back my $6 for the bread. Well several people came in and out. One came back saying she got the wrong pizza. They exchanged it and the cashier tells them to put on another bacon and pepperoni cause she just gave it away on accident – mine was the pizza that the lady had just returned. Cashier then gives me back my $ for the pizza. The whole time they are cussing and screaming at each other – the entire 20+ minutes I was in there. Finally it got so back I walked out – no food! This is the 2nd time I have walked out and left that store with no food. Something needs to be done. This store is a joke! If I were the owner of that store I’d be in there cleaning house! Absolutely ridiculous.

    Heather Mattingly
    I’m done with Reading Dominos!

  571. HI Sir,
    As per below mail I want to inform you that your team member reached at my delivery address in 44 minutes. So as per your company delivery guideline he reached at my address got 14 minutes late. I Also called to dominos Baddi but they did not give me proper information for reaching late in my delivery address.

    As per attached mail I have already faced the same problem.
    PIZZA team member reached at my delivery address 14 minutes late .

  572. A local dominos on base has refused service to our squad Bay because of “poor” treatment to drivers. Didn’t know large volume orders, fair tips , and asking that they deliever .2 miles away qualified. For a company founded by a Marine this new policy is just pure laziness on their part.

  573. I ordered 14 hot wings and a Philly cheese steak sand. From your store In eton Ga. I ordered at 7:45, the order tracker says that they left the store at 8:06 withy order…o Caled the store at 8:35 and ask about my order. I was informed that delivery time right now is 1 to 1_1/2 hours cause its busy.I totally understand busy but I do not understand why SOMETHING can’t be done to keep my supper from being cold when received. ..oh it is now8:50 and my COLD FOOD ot here…please respond d to my post!!

  574. Order #: 543319 : I placed my online order @ 11:25 am. The ETA was 15-20 mins. I spent $16 on Lyft so that my 82 year old father w/ damentia could eat lunch with me. The first 3 phone calls, I was told each time my order would be here in 15-20 mins. On the 3rd call I was told that they would contact the driver and call me back w an eta, which never happened. The fourth call, Sahara answered and quickly had an attitude. She told me that it would be another hour before someone could deliver the pizza. I told her to cancel the order and she stated that she would refund 50% of the order. My lunch hour is now over, and I sent my dad back to his assisted living facility w/ no lunch. THANK YOU DOMINOS! NO WONDER I NEVER ORDER FROM YOU! #RUDEASHELL #NEVERORDERFROMDOMINOSPIZZA

  575. Online at 9 PM my online confirmation said it would be 2227 minutes before the pizza would arrive. When it was an hour and the pizza hadn’t arrived I call the store young lady you answer the phone interrupted every sentence I started. She was the most extreme Lee rude person ever I experienced told me to pizza would be there in 15 more minutes if I didn’t like it I could cancel I called back 15 minutes later when abused and come and there was no order and they keep hanging up at me at the store so apparently they canceled my order. I’ve called back several times and they hang up on me

  576. I order dominos alot, for store in East providence RI store 3902 the service i got from one girl was awful she was so mean disrespectful to me i believe her name was page i then called again today June 27th 2016 and got a Girl Name nicole she was so nice to me took her time with me then when coming into the store she gave a awesome greeting with a smile cheek to cheek, i will be coming back to order with her again she is awesome!

  577. I order dominos alot, for store in East providence RI store 3902 the service i got from one girl was awful she was so mean disrespectful to me i believe her name was page i then called again today June 27th 2016 and got a Girl Name nicole she was so nice to me took her time with me then when coming into the store she gave a awesome greeting with a smile cheek to cheek, i will be coming back to order with her again she is awesome

  578. I went into the danville pa dominos to order a pizza and was refused service because the guy working did not like me I went back when I noticed a delivery man come back and was still refused and very disrespected and was told there are no cameras in the store and he was the manager and he could do what he wanted. I don’t feel I was treat with respect or professionally when i asked for the managers name and contact info i was refused and told he was the manager so im now contacting you because i would like something done about this matter

  579. I am a Dominos Employee for over 7 years I worked at store 4661 in Bowie Md . My Manager Cin changed my schedule without asking me if that schedule is good for me. I used to work 50 to 55 hrs. a week and he changed it to 30 hrs a week he is very racist and don’t like Black people I am a white male married to a Black woman, I always opened with him and he always complains how cheap black people are. His customer service skills are terrible and never wants to take a complaint!!!! He hired 4 or 5 Drivers from his country Burma and most of them don”t even answer the phones and he also hired his wife as a Driver I complained to My MANAGER and he offered me a job at another location in witch I took because I could not even Look at my manager I have health issues and he Shows no compassion He is cold and has no heart He also pushed other employees out of the store!!!! I am very upset and I don’t feel that he should be a manager for Dominos I”ve seen a lot of complaints at the store and I don’t know why he is still the manager of that store!!!! Respectfully submittes Eric Stelmach

  580. We just had a bad experience with a pizza delivery and no one is picking up the phone at customer service. Please contact as soon as possible.

  581. Annapolis Maryland. Ordered a pizza for pick up told it would be 5-10 mins arrives to pick up and told it would be another 20 mins for a pepperoni pizza thin crust. I paid and patiently waited for 27 mins. While three customers came in and ordered and relieved their food before me. The. When I was given my pizza the “dude” behind the counter asked me twice if I paid for the pizza. I paid The “dude” twenty mins prior not sure if you drug test but he can’t remember twenty mins prior you have serious issues. I will never order for. Dominos again don’t even try to give me coupons I will throw them away you are the worst pizza place ever. Respectfully a business owner in Annapolis Maryland. You are most certainly not a business owner your store is a joke

  582. Domino’s special: buy one pizza at menu price and get a second pizza of same or lesser price includes the GLUTEN FREE also??

  583. very pathetic service by dominos in ahmednagar maharashtra, today. they asked me to wait for 10 mins and took half an hour and when I ask why, then asked me to wait another 5 mins! i asked them , why didn’t u tell initially to

    wait for 25 min, they refund me my money , it’s harassment and irritating,I WIL