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Contacting DMV Customer Service Center

The DMV, also referred to as the Department of Motor Vehicles, is a state run department handling licensing and vehicle registrations. Depending on the state of residence, the functions of the DMV differ. Customers needing assistance from the local DMV should contact the local or state office.

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Contact Info:

Since the DMV is a state run operation, customers will need to contact the customer service department during regular business hours. Outside of traditional business hours, customers can contact the customer service department by mail, email and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Alabama: 1-334-242-4371
  • Alaska: 1-855-269-5551
  • Arizona: 1-602-255-0072
  • Arkansas: 1-501-682-4692
  • California: 1-800-777-0133
  • Colorado: 1-303-205-5600
  • Connecticut: 1-860-263-5700
  • Delaware: 1-302-326-5000
  • Florida: 1-850-617-2000
  • Georgia: 1-678-413-8400
  • Hawaii: 1-808-532-7700
  • Idaho: 1-208-334-4443
  • Illinois: 1-800-252-8980
  • Indiana: 1-317-615-7335
  • Iowa: 1-515-244-9124
  • Kansas: 1-785-296-3671
  • Kentucky: 1-502-564-0276
  • Louisiana: 1-877-368-5463
  • Maine: 1-207-624-9000
  • Maryland: 1-800-950-1682
  • Massachusetts: 1-800-858-3926
  • Michigan: 1-888-767-6424
  • Minnesota: 1-651-296-6911
  • Mississippi: 1-601-987-1212
  • Missouri: 1-573-751-4450
  • Montana: 1-866-450-8034
  • Nebraska: 1-402-471-3918
  • Nevada: 1-702-486-4368 or 1-877-368-7828
  • New Hampshire: 1-603-271-2371
  • New Jersey: 1-888-486-3339
  • New Mexico: 1-888-683-4636
  • New York: 1-212-645-5550 or 1-718-966-6155
  • North Carolina: 1-919-715-7000
  • North Dakota: 1-701-328-2500
  • Ohio: 1-614-752-7500
  • Oklahoma: 1-405-521-3221
  • Oregon: 1-503-299-9999
  • Pennsylvania: 1-800-932-4600
  • Rhode Island: 1-401-462-4368
  • South Carolina: 1-803-896-5000
  • South Dakota: 1-800-952-3696
  • Tennessee: 1-866-849-3548
  • Texas: 1-888-368-4689
  • Utah: 1-800-368-8824
  • Vermont: 1-802-828-2000
  • Virginia: 1-866-368-5463
  • Washington: 1-360-902-3900
  • Washington D.C.: 1-202-727-5000
  • West Virginia: 1-800-642-9066
  • Wisconsin: 1-608-266-2353
  • Wyoming: 1-307-777-4800

Mailing Address

Similar to the phone numbers for the DMV, the addresses are based upon the location of the office. Customers can visit and enter the state and closest city. The subsequent results showcase the addresses of the local and regional offices.

Official Website

A faster way to find out information relating to your DMV customer service experience is to visit or Both websites provide detailed information relating to the services provides by your state DMV.

Customer Service Email

Depending on the state in which you reside, the contact information is different. We found a quicker way to find information relating to emailing the customer service department, contact the customer service department through social media.

Our Experience

As to not contact the customer service department in every state, we decided to contact the DMV in our local area. Similar to the offices, we had to wait on hold for approximately 10 minutes before we had the ability to communicate with the customer service representative. We asked for the hours of the customer service department and if these hours were similar in every state. The agent explained the hours of the local offices, but explained the hours vary based upon state and local ordinances.

We expected this answer, but are glad the agent was well versed. We expected exactly what we received. Did you have a different experience dealing with the customer service department? Let us know in the comment section.

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