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Contacting Dietspotlight Customer Service Center

Dietspotlight is an online weight-loss resource that provides information about various supplements, diet products, exercise programs, healthy eating, and more. The site focuses on providing reliable and researched content to readers so they can make the right decision regarding their health. Their customer service is available to help readers with any questions or concerns they have about their website or content.

Contact Info:

The Dietspotlight customer service center is available during business hours throughout the week. According to the official website, a team member from the company will contact you back as soon as possible regarding any questions or issues you may have.

Phone Contact Numbers

You can connect with the customer service department by calling them directly. The team is available Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am to 3pm, EST.

Customer Service Department: 1-800-555-3951

Mailing Address

You may write a letter to Dietspotlight customer service at:

75 Valencia Avenue, Suite 1000

Coral Gables, Florida, 33134

Official Website

When you visit the official Dietspotlight website, you can learn about dietary supplements, meal plans, weight-loss clinics, exercise programs, and scholarship opportunities. Each article highlights the pros and cons of products, provides scientific information regarding the ingredients in the supplement, and gives you their recommendation to help you decide whether or not that product is the right one for you and your transformation. Plus, you’ll find contact information for the customer service team.

Social Media

DietSpotlight understands that your time is valuable and you don’t want to wait for an answer to your questions and concerns. That’s why they have a team of professionals offering exceptional service and care. The response time is less than 60 minutes.

Customer Service Email

You have the ability to reach out to the customer service department at Dietspotlight through email. We filled out the contact us form and asked about healthy eating plans and the right supplement to fit my lifestyle. Within 24 hours, a live agent responded and addressed all of our concerns. They also followed up, offering their services for other inquiries.

Customer Contact Form:

Our Experience

We contacted the Dietspotlight customer service department through social media, through the contact form provided on the website and called the hotline. With every instance, a representative quickly responded to our questions and gave us all the information we needed. They were very kind, helpful, and professional; something you don’t often see with customer service. Going above and beyond is an understatement. To them, you’re more than just a number, it’s about helping you transform. When you reached out to the customer service department, were you satisfied with the outcome? We want to hear from people just like you. Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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One comment on “Contact DietSpotlight Customer Service
  1. I purchased one of the products they were selling as a sample. I was obviously a little skeptical at the beginning, but I forced myself to follow the suggested instructions and I was definitely seeing a difference. After about two months using their product, I felt like I wasn’t really feeling it much any more so I gave them a call to cancel and was pleasantly surprised to find how knowledgable the customer rep was and house anxious they were to help me. I ended up buying twice as much as I did the first time and now am super excited to see things are moving again. Definitely a good experience for me!

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