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Contacting Cricket Customer Service Center

The communications world is riddled with companies claiming to provide the best products and services, only to feature low-end items at steep prices. This practice is seen far too often in the cellular phone business. To remedy the situation, Cricket, a cellular phone company, decided to change the industry and put the freedom back in the hands of the customer. The company provides name-brand phones at discounted prices. Cricket does not require contracts; there are no additional hidden fees or credit checks.

The company has a large focus on customer service as a means to broaden the customer base and woo customers away from the cell phone titans. Whether customers call, write or email, a representative is always ready and willing to provide the best customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers have the ability to contact a customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The common concerns addressed are the availability of smartphones, Muve music, wireless broadband and the availability of accessories. Representatives can also answer questions concerning cell phone plans, pay-as-you-go minutes and tips for switching from your current service.

Customer service: 1-800-975-3708

Cellular device service: 1-800-922-5159

By mobile device: *611

Live Chat: Customers visiting the official website can also contact a live representative by using the live chat feature. You do not need to be a current customer in order to use this service. When asking a question, the representative answers the questions promptly.

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to a customer service representative here:

Cricket Communications
P.O. Box 660747
Dallas, TX 75266-0747

Another method to deliver correspondence to customer service is to visit Cricket locations across the country. Simply address the mail to customer service and the employee will deliver the mail to the appropriate party.

Official Website

When customers visit the Cricket website, they have the ability to find out additional information about transferring service from their current provider. The company displays the available devices as well as all applicable accessories. Customers can find out what the company is doing to better the community as well as locate customer service. On the customer care page, customers can chat with a live agent or review commonly asked questions.

Customer Service Email

Currently, customers cannot contact a customer service representative by email. When we sent communication to the company, we had to speak to a representative using the live chat feature.

Our Experience

Cricket provides a viable alternative to traditional cell phone companies. The cost savings are ideal for the budget-conscience individual. The customer service is world-class. When we called, the automated system was quick and easy to follow. We waited less than a minute prior to speaking to a customer service representative. We asked about starting service and the representative answered all of our questions in polite and professional manner.

Our experience dealing with Cricket was great. If you have a similar story, share your thoughts below.

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159 Comments on “Contact Cricket Customer Service
  1. I am extremely disappointed with cricket services. I have had service with cricket for at least 8 years, and been with the family package (4 phones) for at least 3 of those 8. I had 3 of my 4 lines taken off the family package and added to a different account, due to a marital separation . My children and i were listed under my name, and my husband was to remain under his own account. Unfortunately …my ex spouse was added to my account also. I repeatedly called the store where i had everything transferred, only to have someone tell me on 3 occasions that they would get it straightened out and call me back. I have not once received a call explaining anything to me, nor has this situation been resolved. My ex is still currently listed under my plan and we have to split this bill each month. We are now considering our options and are making plans to switch our phone carrier. We are very disappointed with the services we have received. We feel like our 8 years of phone service with cricket weren’t valuable enough to return our phone call. I feel like $14,400 of our hard earned money over an 8 year period might not seem like much to cricket, but i am sure it will be valuable to another service, that may show us a little more appreciation. Disappointing and unsatisfactory are an understatement.

    • I am very upset that Cricket advertise no fee for bill pay if you using the online or app payment features…Well my bill was do 8/19/17 I had $50.34 in my account to pay my bill then I was charged $1.00 fees from cricket that ended up being 5 different $1.00 charges. I need someone to straighten this out I’m almost to the point of filling a class action lawsuit against the company for false advertising…

  2. You guys stink. I had to send my phone back to the factory and you sent the new one back without my contacts. Then you tell me “that isn’t covered by your contract”.
    BS! Every other cellular carrier in the world would have transferred those contacts from one phone to the other no charge or fuss.
    Your people in the store promised to contact corporate and have the contacts emailed to me, but of course they were lying again and never followed through.
    Your people in the store have lied to me several times.
    The first day I did business with you folks I went in to buy my phone which was on sale and marked $29.99, but when I wanted to buy it I was told “the sale ended yesterday, we just haven’t taken the signs down yet.” By law, they were marked at that price they had to sell at that price, yet your salesman refused and I paid $49.99 for the phone. I should have known better than to do business with you folks then.
    And now I cannot get my contacts from my phone back from you folks because “it is not in your contract.” is the biggest crock of BS.
    It is obvious you do not want my business and you want me to tell everyone I know about how lousy Cricket is as a carrier, what lousy, piss poor customer service they have and it should actually be called Customer Disservice.
    Okay, I will spread the news for you since you cannot get me my contacts like any decent phone carrier would.

  3. I tried to cancel my broadband service from out of town; the requirement that I have my “number” caused no cancelation as I don’t have the gizmo with me. Customer service must be in Asia; I was transfered 3 times and end result is zip. Interesting that Cricket can annoy customers on line with regularity but when a customer needs real service, its the run around.

    • I tried to cancel my broadband service 3 months ago and they are still takeing the money out of my account i guess my next step is to sue them.

  4. Poor service, no customer service in place for to talk with, no good payment arrangment, like i have a bill of $120, i pay on 1st october $80, and then the other amount i will pay in friday, my phone still close. and the reminde me to pay the next payment in oct 22nd, after to pay this amount. I regret the service.i am in prepaid. No good service, customer look your budget.

  5. Thank you for choosing Cricket Wireless, a representative will be with you shortly to answer all your questions and help you place your order today.

    You are now chatting with Tiffany R.

    Tiffany R: Thank you for chatting with the Cricket Wireless sales department. Can I help you place your order today?

    jean claude ilunga: hello

    Tiffany R: Hello Jean Claude

    jean claude ilunga: tiffany are you on line?

    Tiffany R: Yes that is how we are talking.

    jean claude ilunga: my phone number is 8013475112

    jean claude ilunga: in 1st oct i pay $80

    jean claude ilunga: in friday i will pay 40

    jean claude ilunga: my phone still close

    Tiffany R: How can I help you

    jean claude ilunga: and then, for the next month, cricket remind me to pay the next bill in 22nd of oct

    jean claude ilunga: help me to open my phone for this week

    jean claude ilunga: the time for me to pay you, the other amount in friday

    jean claude ilunga: i have many call, for work to receive

    jean claude ilunga: if you are not able to help me , copy my message and send it to the department of arrangment

    Tiffany R: So you already have a cricket phone but it is not active?

    jean claude ilunga: when i call to the customer service, cricket don’t have a customer service to talk with

    jean claude ilunga: yes : 8013475112

    Tiffany R: 1-800-274-2538

    jean claude ilunga: i pay my bill on time

    jean claude ilunga: that phone doesn’t work

    jean claude ilunga: send my request to the service you know, that can help me

    Tiffany R: 1-866-900-2758

    jean claude ilunga: my bill was $120, i pay $80 and then $40 in friday. My telephone still close, i asked if you can open just for this week, in friday of this wek, i will pay the $40 for to finish the payment

    jean claude ilunga: This number to does work, i try it 30 min ago

    jean claude ilunga: hard to listern, cricket don’t have customer service in place

    Tiffany R: Okay I apologize you will need to visit a local store there is no chat for billing

    jean claude ilunga: i live in North Richland hills dallas, they don’t have cricket store, just in austin

    jean claude ilunga: help me

    jean claude ilunga: you are one of customer service

    Tiffany R: You will either have to call the 2 numbers listed above or visit a store I have no access to account information I am new sales only.

    jean claude ilunga: thanks

    Tiffany R: Thank you for chatting with Cricket today. We value your feedback. Please click the Close button at top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us.

    jean claude ilunga: you are not able to help me

    jean claude ilunga: if you value my feedback, why you are unable to help me

  6. I love people of diversity, but when I call Cricket customer service, I can hardly understand the reps! Very frustrating! Since I live in America and speak and understand English, can I get a rep that speaks and understands English? Again, very frustrating!

    Also, I cannot find a way to email customer service or do a live chat, which would help with the verbal communication issues. I would like to email/ submit suggestions I have as a customer, but the only way I can see to do that is to call and speak to someone I can’t communicate effectively with or write a letter. Really? Aren’t we in the current age of advanced technology? I have to mail a letter?

    C’mon Cricket. Get updated!

  7. Is almost non existent. When calling the customer service numbers it is impossible to eventually get to a customer service rep who is a person. The menu is limited & you can’t navigate to a customer service rep. The web page is also incompetent with limited information & very difficult to navigate. The Cricket Cust. Service is seriously bad, incompetent & lacking.

  8. I can’t speak for the entire company, but I can certainly attest to the inattention, incompetence and general dismissiveness of the reps in the store in Boulder, Colorado. (Well, actually I *can* make a judgment about the company as a whole: They have things purposely set up so that I can’t e-mail them this complaint and have to post it here, where it’s but a pointless if cleansing vent.)

    A few weeks ago, I bought a Huawei Pillar 615 for $49.99. The other day it stopped working. I believe this is bek, she cause I got it wet, even if I don’t recall when or how. At any rate, I returned to the store today, phone in hand, knowing that I would either experience a miracle and leave with a working phone or be forced to by I new one. I was fully prepared for the latter.

    When I explained the situation to the clerk, she peeled the back off the phone, stuck the exposed battery compartment in my face, and said, “Yep, it’s damaged, see?” The fact that she was surely right is not the point; the fact that she literally did not even inspect the phone for a single second is the point.

    I told her I need a replacement, and asked if there were any other models in a similar price range that I might consider. She flung a finger in the direction of a Samsung model and said, “That one’s just a foot phone. Simple.” Yes, that was the entirety of her description.

    I told her I’d just go ahead and get another Pillar, and asked if I’d need to pay another $15 activation fee. When she said yes, I sighed. At that point she thrust the phone I’d brought in toward me and barked, “Do you want your phone back?” even though we had mutually established that it was useless; evidently she’d taken my light expression of frustration as a sign that I was not going to be purchasing anything that evening. How I wish that were true.

    When she rung up my order, I had a few other questions, but she was literally texting someone across the store and ignoring me to the fullest extent possible. I gave up and let her yack away in pidgin English and was soon on my way, but not without noticing that another customer was getting the same essential treatment from a different clerk.

    How fitting it is that this same store recently featured a sign outside that boasted:


    I wanted to ask “Sunday’s what?” but what would have been the point? These people operate at the intellectual level of slime mold, and express about as much concern for their clients as said growth might.

  9. I have broadband service with cricket, when I puchased it, I used a friends credit card but the account was supposed to be in my name and I made that clear, cricket has ny info such as social security# birthday and address, so why would they put the account in the card holders names. I have been trying to get this issue resolved and all I got was the run around. I will never use cricket for anything else.

  10. Cricket sucks. Not only has my smart phone been disabled out of the blue at least once a month, last month they kept shutting off our service for lack of payment. Since you can’t actually get customer service on the phone if your account is delinquent, I had to go to their stores to fix the problem. NOT how I want to spend my lunch hour.
    Now we have switched carriers and can’t get our account closed. THESE GUYS REALLY SUCK. There is no such thing as customer service We might have actually stayed with them if at any time when we NEEDED to talk a live person, we could get one. I don’t even think they have real live people working for them, except may in the stores.

    STAY AWAY FROM CRICKET, unless you care nothing about customer service.

  11. You people are so full of it. I am severely unhappy with the treatment and outright lies given to me by your customer service dept. When I’ve the opportunity to get another wireless internet service, I’m done with your company. It’s amazes me how you stay in business with the way you do your customers.

  12. i just want to know if there is a way to get rid of PAYGo! it raised my bill over 40$! i dont want this anymore! if theres a way i can get it off please tell me! anybody! i really dont wanna keep paying 96.00$ for Cricket! my bill is supose to be 55.00$ a month, not 96.00$

  13. can someone please explain to me how i have 2 lines, my bill is not due until the 18th, however 1 of my lines are disconnected and the other is still with full service hmmmm…. getting intouch with a customer service rep has been a joke.. this is by far the worst phone service i have ever had…

  14. I am with tmobile, they always take care of me and all my issues. I recently called cricket to have a harrassing call experience resolved and apparently that hasn’t done any good. Cricket, please help your staff and managers with the ability and follow thru you meed or you are going to end up by the wayside with the other poor service companies in this electronic world.

  15. recent new gives you the option of paying by your phone ,mailing the payment,pay automatically or, going to the store.went to the store to pay my first bill.was charged 3.00[in store payment fee.]?????why???are they trying to discourage folks from visiting thier store[where the could possibly upsale thier products]?rule #1 of buisness.GET BODIES IN THE STORE.simple idea. last time they’ll see me…even if the phone breaks…,i’ll think about it real hard the way,,no e-mail contact??cmon now,thats just………..stupid

  16. I had a problem with a new phone for a second line I added and they offered to send another one to me. They said it would take 7 – 15 days to be delivered and that tracking would be available in about 5 days. Well, I called them after a few days and got the tracking # only to find out that the phone had been sent back to them because of an issue with the address. I called cricket several times, called UPS twice, they told me that I had to deal with cricket so I called them again. Well, they told me there’s was nothing they could do even though I offered to pay for the shipping. I ended up cancelling the new line and now I’m stuck with a broken phone I paid good money for. After cancelling the line I called back and talked to a “supervisor” and told her the issue and that I’d be cancelling my second line if nothing happened. She said she would fix the issue and would open the line and send me the phone but that she would have to call me back. Well, it’s been three days and I’m still waiting. Now I’m out the money I paid for the phone and the plan, it makes me mad just to have to call them again to discuss the charge. My advice, to you considering cricket… DON’T DO IT!!

  17. Ok so I bought my phone in October of last year. It took them 4 days to activate it and it still wouldn’t activate and then they said oh try it every 24 hours to see if it works then they had to give me a new phone because mine was defected so I had to wait a week and then that one was doing the Sam thing! So they gave me 5$ off my next store purchase coupon I’m like gee thanks! Now my internet is so slow then it tells me I used all my high speed internet and have to buy more when its not high speed its always taking 10 min to load Google. Then when my phone will say 3g full bars I will go to use my internet or call someone and I automatically have no 3g or service in my area? And ill make a call and have perfect service and it will hang up and say call was lost and ill have no service! I hate Cricket! I am telling everyone I know, and I know famous people and I know aboit everyone in my town, to never use Cricket because they are nothing but a disappointment!!!!

  18. The Customer Care of Cricket is THE worst. Cricket kept billing me $5 extra for my handset protection which I have asked to remove for last one year!!
    When I figured it out yesterday and called them the customer care person offered me only $10 refund. I have paid $60 for last year. This is some kind of a cheating and robbery. The customer care representative was angry at me when I asked him to listen to the year old conversation record. He said if I keep requesting in an impolite way he’ll hang up on me and no refund.

    Should I contact small court for claims?
    Should contact consumer reports?
    Please help.

  19. I have had cricket broadband since 2010 I am so disatisfied. The customer service is so automated I just pd my data usage in full and 2 days later its saying that I have used all of my allowance .I am going to report them to the better business beaureau and also contact a consumer reporter to look into this matter if i can’t get this resolved I called their headquarters,but If I don’t get a resolution I will contact the BBB or the state atty gen for fraud and I will urge others who come to this page to do the same .

  20. I tried paying bill over the internet with two credit cards then tried bank account. All times it indicated they couldn’t be put through due to an error code. Called customer service, gave them all the information and again not allowed to process payment and was referred to another representative and then another to be told there was some kind of account problem but couldn’t tell me what that was. Then the phone was turned off for lack of payment. Called again from home phone, got the run around and finally told to leave a number and they would call back. Of course they now want more money to reinstate service on the phone but for some reason the won’t take my payment. Who ever heard of a company that wouldn’t let you make a payment??So now have to sit home and wait for them to hopefully call back.

  21. I purchased my first smart phone and the customer service wasn’t good from my experience. There wasn’t a machine to transfer my contact numbers from my old AT&T to my new Cricket HTC. I left the store upset and ready to cancel my service and go to another company.

    The staff person says their machine has been broke for two years and they weren’t purchasing another one. I asked could she direct me to a store that could transfer my contact list. She said “NO.” Terrible customer service after you purchase a telephone.

    The location of the Cricket store is Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore City. Terrible service.

  22. I have been with Cricket for 7 years. Their phones are too expensive and phone quality is not good. Also you can never get through there automated service. I have had enough and I’m changing services.

  23. I don’t know why we even bother to say anything the Big guys never read it all they care about is their paycheck and the Hell with all of the customers. They will always have customers to rip off.

  24. I have never been so frusturated in my life!!!! I feel like I am getting the run-around. The customer service STINKS! it is one of the worst. There are so many bad things I have to say about Cricket I will NEVER use them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m an old man. if tar and feathering was permitted, that is what you people deserve. you make it a virtual impossible to cancel your lack of service. look at all the remar..ks…I don’t understand how you stay in business. I will not pay anymore. I
    don’t care about credit rating….you are a buncha sob’s….

  26. There are three levels of Customer Service for Cricket. Their first level is Sales and New Business which is great. They can answer any question one would have about the service. The next level is the Activation Process which also goes smoothly. However, the third level is the After-Sales and Support which is virtually automated and one needs to have an Authorization ID Nos or “AID#” set-up from when the sales order is taken in order to get through to a live person when dialing their 800 number. Our problem is that we needed to have one of our phones replaced because it was damaged. There is nothing in the website that will guide you if you have this kind of a problem. Neither can you get connected to a live person via the 800 number without an “AID#”. And then finally when you get through a live person, they are at a loss as to what to do that they re-direct you to the Sales Department. The Sales Department then gives you the round-around to another 800 number. It seems that these 800 numbers are sub-contracted to different companies and that they are not coordinated in any manner. So, we are now in limbo as to how we can get our phone replaced. Meanwhile, we are in turn looking around for an alternative service provider.

    • I would have to disagree. I was trying to become a new customer, and it has been such an incredible hassle I’m giving up. I came online today in a last-ditch effort to find answers and someone to contact about the horrible treatment the call center gave me, but instead I’m finding that everyone else has the same experience, and Cricket doesn’t care.

      Thanks all for posting!

  27. I get my disability check on the 3rd of each month. I have been with cricket off and on for years now. I paid my bill on the 3rd of June, and now they want me to pay on the 20th. Before, I tried to get automatic billing and they tried to take the money out on the 2nd. There is no way I can make the government give me my check before they want. I cannot understand the foreigners when I call and they cannot understand me, being I am from Tennessee. I cant pay 2 bills a month so I guess im going to verison and I am making a complaint with the better business bureau.

  28. I contacted support in regard to where I would be able to get a manual for a Christmas Noel cartridge. I am thinking I should have contacted customer service for the request. If the manual is available on line please advise on how I may obtain it.
    Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  29. First I would like to say that I am a previous customer. I recently got a new phone on June 7 2014 and paid 2 months of my phone bill in advance. Around the 1st of July my camera was not working so apparently I had to return the device. On July 16 I sent my device back and was told that in 3 to 5 business days I would receive my phone back.
    Since then I have talked to 4 representatives, which have manage to mess up my address somehow and now by the time I receive my phone it will have been almost 3 weeks. # weeks of service I paid for, have not used and now they want me to pay them for my next months service.
    Now as I person in a job where I deal with customer service I find this ridiculous, unprofessional, and extremely disturbing that they would find this acceptable to treat paying customers this way. I think that you should read some of these reviews posted and do something about this because what good customer service you use to have has gone straight down the crapper and you should be ashamed or yourselves.

  30. I bought a cricket cell phone last year. I liked your service so I bought the Mauve Music cell phone for $100 dollars because I wanted to listen to my gospel music on the bus, train and at work. That way I wouldn’t have to take my cd’s with me. All of a sudden this year my music was cut off. So I went the cricket store to find out what the problem was and I found out that you all had been bought out by ATT. So asked the man at the store what was going to happen with our cricket phones we had bought and he said we may have to buy another phone by ATT. I talked to another Cricket store salesman today and he said that all cricket phone will be out and we would sooner or later have to replace them because you all are planning to put SD cards in all the ATT phones. I asked would we get a cricket off our cricket phones that we had already bought and he said he did not know. First you did not text everyone and let them know that you were selling out to ATT. Second do you know how many customers you will loose because of this and the amount of money people have paid for these phone. Right now I can’t any music on my phone and I’m paying 45 to 51 dollars a month for my phone. Also, you need to stop hiring young people to sell your phone because they have no customer experience at all. I had to go to 4 different stores to find a experienced store manager and sales person. I live in Washington, DC and the store on Minnesota Ave. NE is a disgrace. I went into the store to ask some question about my phone and the young man was rude and didn’t want to answer my questions and he walked off and walked to the back of the store and this is not the first time I’ve been in this store, close it down or get and new manager, to many young people. It sad I had to go to 4 stores before I could get some information about my cell phone. Now what is the deal with ATT? Are we going to get a credit off the cricket phone towards the purchase of a ATT cell phone. If not you have lost a customer and I will make sure others know how you treat your customers. Pastor Patricia Weathers

  31. We have been with cricket for 12 plus years.
    Back in March my phone gave out went to customer store in Chattanooga Tennessee to purchase a new phone we had received txt that 4g service was going to be available soon because of a merger with aveo. We were very excited. When talking with sales representative he said we would have to by phones comparable to 4g we asked if they could be purchased at that time he yes. My husband was not needing a phone at the time but we talked about it and since we wanted 4g we decided to purchase them at that time. We bought on y-buy plan since that time we have been told they are not compatible we would have to purchase new phones. At that time I called your customer service and was passed from one person to the next speaking with people that i could barely hear or even understand put on hold time and time again. Asking for supervisors with no resonance and only beings put on hold again and again. These calls were supposed to be recorded. Never have been contacted by anyone from these calls. Today when paying my bill I am now told these phones well not even work after march and I will have to by new ones this is completely understand professional business and when questioning agent was very rude and said I would have to do it regardless I explained these phones aren’t paid for she said cricket would give me 60.00 for my phone and nothing for the other phone. We still owe 280.00 on phones. I would like a response from someone who can help and that I can understand. Please
    David and Denise unsatisfied customers

    • LOL @ any call center whether their located out of country or in another state. Their a joke! They can record you but when the tables are turned when you state your recording them they hang up!
      And agrees about Cricket pushing old phones to make sales and money when they know a switch is coming in March and customers are forced to make the switch or lose their service. Cricket use to be a NO contract NO ID required but we found out recently they actually look up your address via MapQuest and check your real personal information before allowing you to switch; what happen to NO ID required,,,LOL
      Your pretty much screwed with those phones we went through that situation as well.
      We switched to Metro PCS which are at this time sticking to no contract no ID required. They even input their business physical address as mine and did not push the issue or request ID to prove who I am. After being a loyal customer to Cricket for over 10 years I can easily say Screw them!!! Move forward with Metro PCS and never look back at one of the worst cell phone companies again. Sometimes in life one just needs to move forward and make a change for the better for their lives. Ridding Cricket was the best move we made this new year.

  32. I have been trying to buy the motor (1st generation) 4gLte I’ve seen advertised without luck. They have it in their stores but I live in Hawaii and they don’t have any stores here and the stores wont ship. The CS chat is awful – very slow and don’t know anything. No live people are available. I don’t understand how they expect to do business when you can’t get the products they offer and you can’t contact them. Another example of a big business not knowing how to run a business. A dis-economy of scale!

    • thx for the tip and warning, I’ve been trying to contact them to inquire about opening new service for several days now and weirdly, I can’t seem to get thru to anyone -really!
      Could that and your experience c/b a signpost for upcoming disaster? How’s the service been otherwise, we plan on bringing all our own phones, so, do you have their service and if so, how’s it been?

  33. I don’t have a problem with service. I am, however, disappointed with the payment options.

    As a quick accounting rule, I use my bank’s MANUAL payment system. I like to authorize each payment in one easy location.

    Cricket does not allow for my bank to pay them as it pays all the rest of my bills.

    They can take payments from a debit card but not directly from the financial institution I got the debit card from. Sad.

    • I have always used online bill payment via my bank to send an electronic payment to Cricket (manually, not autopay). Never had a problem over the last two years…until now!! What a nightmare! Cricket sure as heck had no problem taking my money this month, problem is they never posted it to my account! Customer service (if you want to call it that!) have been no help whatsoever, just getting the runaround. As far as I am concerned they are thieves and I plan on contacting the attorney general in my state!

  34. The reason im disappointed with cricket is because when I pay my bill I should have the ability to have access to my data. it doesn’t make to pay for a product an then only get half the product.

  35. The reason im complaining is because I pay my bill on time every month and when I do I don’t have full access to talk text and data. The representative states that when I pay my bill I
    the next day I will get access to the web. when you pay for something in full you be able to access every feature. If I pay for extra data then I would get it the same day. That not fair.

  36. MY name is Marge: I am questioning when we will get the rebate which we requested over a month ago, why it has not been sent to us. We had to purchase two new phones, and was told a rebate would be sent out. We sent the request in twice. When we call Customer service, we get a recording stating “no lines available”, so are unable to call you either. In fact, when we call any 800 number, the recording comes on!!I was number 498 on the chat list, and decided not to wait anylonger than 20 minutes to CHAT….what a joke.

  37. I just ordered a sim card for my phone and it did’nt work so i canceled it out but was told I would not get my refund of $50.59 that I had paid for service

  38. I used to enjoy fairly good service with you folks. As a result of poor and no response to my concerns and complaints, i am seriously considering terminating service to go to another provider. You have degraded my service increased my charges, forced purchases of newer phones, and still the service is greatly reduced, and sometimes non existent. I have made my concerns known and to no avail. This is not how you should treat long term customers, faithful over twenty plus years.. Whether new mgmt, or no.

  39. Cricket wireless is teaming up with big brother. ATT purchased cricket wireless and now their statement about no contract and no id required to be with cricket is a false statement.
    How they have teamed up with big brother; since ATT purchase of cricket starting March 1 2015 one must switch over to their new phones which require a SIMS card and if refuses they will no longer be a customer. The SIMS card requires the same personal information now that cricket has always stated they wont ask for. The new system requires your accurate address, name, etc. Crickets statement states no personal or ID required but they should just come out and tell the truth about the new system, phones, and required information. We are on the old cricket system and were going to upgrade to the enforced new SIMS cricket and upon switching Anna Garcia from the I-45 South Gulf freeway stated we did not give her an accurate address and she has never heard of the address for is so can not complete the switch, before stating that she requested our phones for trade in and she will delete all our personal info and data, such as contacts, pictures, texts, etc. I don’t think so!!! Not handing over my contacts, pictures, texts, data, and any other personal information for this two bit no body to go through and do what she wants with it. Either she is a scam artist or trying to gather information for cricket, and neither one needs my contacts, personal pictures, input data, etc.
    Cricket needs to remove their statement no ID required because with the third degree we received from this rude and tacky rep they just as well should just come out and ask for ID and go against their well name statement of no ID required.
    The new SIMS card is for tracking purposes. There is no reason for Cricket to track anyone so that leaves only one entity and that is big brother. I know that Metro PCS sticks to their word and does not ask for ID so come march we will switch carriers after being loyal customers at cricket for the past 10 years.
    Their service sucks, their in person reps are rude, you never hardly get through if you call them and now they have made it to where they do not accept emails so you sit on the phone for 30+ waiting for an agent to speak to.
    Once big brother takes over all major known cell phone companies think it will be time just to buy throw away phones.
    American has become a spy in Americans personal lives.

  40. They won’t let me update my payment (auto) information without photo i.d. because I forgot password and can’t get out due to surgery recovery to a store with a photo id. Gonna lose a customer because they won’t let me pay them1

  41. i feel i was charged a late fee in error. how can a fee be accessed on a no contract account that operstes month to month.

    i tried to change due date so that situations like this would not occur. however, all i get is what you cannot do. as a former s/w engineer i know the error in that statement. as a customer since 1998 i am not pleased with service rendered.

  42. Would u please change my payment date from the 17 of the month to the 23 of each month would u please Let me no if u can r canot do this thank u

  43. First off Cricket has THE WORST MOST IRRITATING automated system. Which wouldn’t be so bad if when I got through to a human I could actually understand what they were saying. I don’t know broken English. Secondly I made a payment 3 days ago and still don’t have any high speed data. I don’t get a 3 day grace period to pay the bill. Bottom line WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE PERIOD.

  44. I think that it is messed up that when you want to talk to Customer support team member and all we get is a recording and it does not give us the option to talk to a live person so I think someone should do something about it

  45. Hi cricket wireless you guys should have these cell phones to Samsung galaxy changing into future TV network broadcasting TV App network service with comcast cable TV network channels into TV App’s inc, 2015, 2016, comcast TV help createing, all New way to watch TV on these future LIVE TV App network! With wwe LIVE TV USA Network also with syfy tv with the Coo’ authority of the wwe LIVE events

  46. 12 years and Im done with cricket.i got my new phone when I traded my old phone.I can’t hotspot anymore and I called 611 and they said they can’t help that they didn’t have the software and can’t help phone is Nokia 635 windows 8.1

  47. To get a live Rep, press 1 for English then press 0 at all other options.
    If you need to ask for a Supervisor to help you..

  48. I have somewhat enjoyed your bulletproof phone up until now. I guess I could have the charging jack fixed but I think it’s time for a new phone. Is there any sort of trade in policy? That being said, is there a way to transfer my saved favorites over to another computer or phone without having to move each one separately? This is the problem I face now as I really need to do a hard reboot to fix the problems or clear whatever malware/spyware that is making itself at home on my Nokia 630. Any info would be great. Overall, your phone has been decent and this is coming from a 15 year Apple product user. Thank you for your time and please feel free to correspond at your earliest convenience.

  49. i ordered a phone and a plan, total price 69.99 i gave my Visa and number. i still do not know if i have the order. this was online.

  50. I tried to purchase a phone and plan online. The order never went through, although I was charged for the phone and the plan twice on my Visa. I tried to contact Cricket using the chat feature. No hassells right? WRONG. When the agenct could not help me, I asked to chat with a supervisor. She could not help me either. She told me to cancel the two charges with my bank, she said she could not verify my order. I tried calling the customer service number I was given. I was on hold for more than half an hour, and never did get through. I was given a “diect line for supervisors.” This was the same automated answer feature I called before. I spent two hours trying to work with Cricket. This was a complete waste of my time and money. Thinking about switching to Cricket? I am going to start over with a new provider and I suggest you ingore Cricket and go elsewhere for your phone and plan.This is the worst customer service I have ever dealth with in my life.

  51. I was paying for two phone lines with a debit card on quick pay and yesterday I paid for only one phone with a totally different credit card as the one phone has not worked for 2-3 weeks….they can see that there was no service on this phone by the history and they still cancelled the other phone I paid for yesterday because they argued that it was a two phone account…..No, it was not and that is proven by the use of a different card…..I’m very unhappy with cricket & will be leaving immediately!!!!

  52. why is there no way to get in contact with a live person. cricket is a joke very unprofessional I have contacted stores the corporate office and get the same answers. what is going on?

  53. Liked the price of pay as you go and when talking to sales rep Cricket seemed good. Buyer Beware!!!!!I purchased a new phone and their info said I had 7 days to return it if it didn’t work out.They showed good coverage in my area but when I activated my phone I don’t get a signal in my house. Well I decided to sent it back during the first day of activation. They said in their paperwork to get an authorization number and label from customer care. I spent 3 hours with no success. They keep transferring me from one dept to another and hanging up on me. This company is the worse I have every had dealings with.I think the credit card companies should warn their customers or drop this company from having an account. They are crooks. Save yourself the pain and agony of their fraudulent ways.

  54. I tried to get to the live chat, I read that my account is not active. I wanted to find out why my internet is so slow on my phone.

  55. Today is August 4, 2015 at 5:48 pm . I cannot call out to no one. The phone keeping tell me that mobile network not available. what is going on with the cricket service?

  56. Cricket location was Forest Hills , NY

    My experience at this location was excellent. Two girls who were extremely nice and patient and friendly and kind and never wavered in helping me sign up for Cricket which took 3 or more hours to do . I ran out of patience but they kept on going

    The first girl was the Manager Keoma Blake who deserves a medal for customer service and patience. The second girl equally wonderful was Johan Hilarion. Much thanks to both of these really competent girls

  57. I can’t get into my cricket account I have trouble getting into my account sent I have my phone I put my important in my phone and can’t get inat all.

  58. It’s is bad I’m sad that I can’t get into my account I been here trouble for a long time can you help me.

  59. Management,
    I am glad AT&T has took over Cricket for Everyone’s sake. Now they just have to update their towers. I am currently a member of Straight Talk, but going Cricket next month if they keep updating… AT&T/Cricket has the best management members, note previous AT&T members. Keep up the great efforts Cricket!

  60. I only want 2 tell Cricket 1 thing;

    Build into Ur Cell Phone App, a comment section!! I have tried 2 contact U Guys with nothing but good comments bout Ur service!!

    Brad McClintock
    A very Happy customer in Mount Vernon, Illinois!!!

  61. Very disappointed. Signed up for a $60 20 gig plan. Told representative that i can’t port my number yet because of cancellation charges from previous carrier. I was told no problem! A few months later i attempted to port in.. Keep my promotional plan, kerp my sim card and not have to pay a fee. After calling customer care, chatting and visiting 3 locations.. I was found to get 5 different answers. The final answer was.. Close your account, buy a new sim, pay an activation fee, and lose your grandfathered plan. Clearly not what i bargained for. I have filed an fcc complaint and intend to mail the ceo of both cricket and their parent at&t. Portability is supposed to be easy and without cost to consumer. This has been very poor customer service especially since its such an easy thing to do at any other carrier.

  62. I am very unhappy with the fact that I can’t email a complaint. I can’t even find an email address for an executive of the company so there is not way for my voice to be heard on a higher level. This proves that Cricket doesn’t really care what their customers think about their service.

  63. I was changing my credit card information in My Cricket app and when I submitted the process I was charged $40 dollars when I am enrolled in auto pay which is only $35 dollars, so now October is paid for but overpaid now how do you correct this mistake will $5 dollars be credited to November’s bill please contact me immediately in regards to this issue thank you

  64. So I missed a payment last month for $62 and now its saying my die payment is $129… Why is it so much? It’s not even on!

  65. I have gained the knowledge of wrong doings, and as a Christian I am forwarding this information. A woman and her two sons break into storage facilities in the Las Vegas area. Apparently approx. 9 months ago this trio broke into a unit that was occupied by CRICKET. I don’t know the exact location however I do know that they acquired Cricket display items (which they had set up in their yard) as well as several cellular phones with active Cricket service intact. I could not tell you how many phones, but as I have been told, Darla Lee…her son’s Bobby Lee and Jimmy Lee along with Darla’s boyfriend named “Rob” all have and use these phones. I don’t know if they still are activated through Cricket but here are two of the phone #’s I have gained knowledge of…Darla’s phone and her boyfriend Rob’s phone That’s all I know other than these people are a disgrace to our lovely neighborhood. I hope this information is helpful to incarcerate these thieves and retrieve “Crickets” property. God Bless and have a good day!

  66. I am absolutely unsatisfied with cricket and will be going to another wireless carrier. My bill is due today and I get paid following day so now not only will my account be turned off but I will have to pay a reinstatement fee for being less than 24 hours late on my payment n customer service says sorry but there nothing I can do for u mam unless u pay $10.00 helllllo I have no money till tomorrow. I’m sick of this new cricket on top of my so called new phone sucks big time.

  67. They put their real life span on my windshield and due to morning dew I cannot remove part of it. Opt out! Can I get paid back for the carwash? I don’t have any products to remove their marking.

  68. I just recently purchased a sim card and a basic prepaid to use as byod only to discover that my device is not unlocked. As I was having this difficulty, I contacted Crickets cust. service via chat online. Which is also how I made the puchase, online. I was first referred to the warranty dept. which is fruitless because I did not purchase a phone. I then started a new chat with someone who asked me if I was placing the card in the right slot noting it was the one marked sim (as if I were some moron) I took issue with that and asked if she could process a refund since I did not have what I had paid for. She informed me that your company does not give refunds and to read my terms and conditions. As I began typing my response, she disconnected from the chat. Furious, I started another chat only to reach that same rep. with a obviously insincere “sorry about that” She suggested I go to one of your stores. So, I asked her to provide me with that info at the least to provide me with some semblance of customer service. After doing so she actually sent me a :/ really? Is this actually acceptable now in the world of customer service? Well, I read some where that I would get better service through this medium. I hope that is true. Otherwise, I guess I am just out $50. and too bad for me. I would really appreciate a response for my trouble . Thank you in advance.
    Paula Morgan Frazier

  69. I was happy with my service until I went to change and go with T Mobile and no one at your corporation wants to give me an unlock code because I’m on with someone else and they haven’t paid their Bill. I want off of their account and have my own with T mobile, but since the service is off they can’t get the account pin code to get into account to be able to give me an unlock code. This is NOT right!!! I shouldn’t have to suffer because they didn’t pay nor should I have to pay for their portion in order to have access to get unlock code . Please send unlock code asap so I can have my service

  70. I went to the Cricket store in Yuba City, CA. The first person I spoke with gave me a quote for three lines. She was very nice. I went home to get the account of my old phone company. I met with a new associate. She told me that I would have to buy the most expensive plan for the first month and then I would have to come back in and change it to basic the second month. Then she offered to take 15 dollars off the plan. I believe she was lying to me. I am reporting it to you. I will tell everyone I know about this associate so that they will not purchase a plan from someone corrupted.

  71. This really stinks. I bought a new Cricket phone several months ago, and they did not clear out the old owner of the number that I now possess. This person that owned this old number really has a questionable life. My new number (they ask for K. Tiano….not me) gets calls from bill collectors, a district attorney regarding this person’s son who was in some kind of altercation, a school district, and she must own a Mercedes (even with all her money problems) because a car dealership wants her to bring the car back for service. I went down to the Cricket store not far from me, and they told me to call the number directly because she would have to charge me $15.00. Well, I did, and they told me for a fee of $15.00, they would do it! I told them that they should have cleaned up the old number before reissuing it to someone else; they pretty much told me I was S.O.L. Well, I did not pay this (they can stick this up their wazoo). Any suggestions??????

  72. I just contacted Cricket and used the chat feature. They changed my number and waived the $15.00 fee, Thanks, Cricket

  73. I have called customer support several times over the last ten days trying to resolve the problem with my phone not able to get or send pictures. I requested a supervisor I spoke to one and he personally said he would research my problem since everything procedure that was done did not work he would call me back up to 72hrs well I’m still waiting and no call . I’m at a lost for words when it comes to crickets customer support.

  74. Very unhappy with this service! Not to mention every time I call I got to speak to someone in another country who cannot enunciate the English language properly. Which makes the experience even more painful.!

  75. Hi, I’ve a sim-locked by Cricket Nokia, and whant to get unlocking code, but have no opporturnity to contact with Cricket support by phone (live in Russia and 1-800 phone number is useless here, and large time difference), and couldn’t find any other way to contact them to order an unlock code. I even couldn’t find a live chat link, the phone number is only contact I could find. Could you please give me a link to live chat feature and time when I’ll be able to use it to get aswer to my quastions or place an order. Thank you in advance.

  76. I got a new iPhone 6S Plus, I can’t make calls out or send text message as it is asking for PUK code, upper left corner says Locked SIM

  77. This is the biggest joke of customer service I have ever dealt with, and that’s saying allot these days. All I want to know is whether I should change the sim card on my replacement phone to the one the sent me or the one in my current phone. I have been given the run around. hung up on and switched between cricket and the insurance company’s numbers for the past hour and a half. I hate cricket in general. I wish I had never let myself get talked into signing up for it and am going to pay to get my phone unlocked so I can go back to Straight talk asap!

  78. I have called 4 times today. Two times this morning I was hung up on after being connected. Two times this evening the phone is busy, busy, busy. I called the store, where I bought the service and only one person out five knows anything about the service, he only works part-time, so I wasn’t able to make contact. I have no service on my phone, so I can’t use the app to contact Cricket. I have talked to three representatives, since I signed up for service. No one can figure out why I can’t get any service to phone or text. I am VERY ANNOYED.

  79. Dirty pool Cricket, dirty pool! My husband just switched to Cricket from another carrier. We had planned on doing this but were spurred into action after seeing the commercial on TV promoting the $30.00 mail in rebate for the LG Risio. Assuming this offer was currently active as you fully well know most consumers would, we decided to make the change to Cricket and take advantage of this offer. We made our puchase on December 6th. The couple days following I go to print out the rebate form only to find out the offer didn’t start until the day after we switched! I find this practice of advertising an offer that isn’t going to be honored for quite some time later to be extremely shady! You know fully well the average consumer doesn’t ready offer rules and regulations or fine print and to take advantage of that shows poor character on Crickets part. It’s only $30.00 and money isn’t the point. I was going to switch my provider to Cricket as well but I definitely do not want a cell carrier I feel I will always have to watch my back and read disclosures with. Bad idea Cricket! Next time you advertising a deal or offer on TV it would be a good service to your customers and potential customers that said “deal” is already available! Watch out for Cricket everyone… they seem kind of shady to me!

  80. On Dec. 19th I went to a few stores in the North St. Johns ‎ Portland OR looking to turn on my BlackBerry Passport and found myself in Cricket Wireless(7825 N Lombard St.). I walked in on a conversation about who created the first touch screen & it set the tone for great customer service with a man who knows his stuff. Chris explained the different options, what’s best, & even sold me a bluetooth that I didn’t need (I wanted it). He made things happen; let’s just say that. Chris is really good at whatever he is doing over there. Kudos

  81. I am filing complaints with FCC and State of California. I am sending copies to publications. Was lied to and lying store owner will not return my calls. Want the full story? Email me. Nobody will give me your email address. Get a lot of these, huh? gee, I wonder why!

  82. I am writing you about your cricket store in Paragould, Arkansas that has been here but about 6 months or so. I myself had a fabulous experience when I switched my phone service to cricket (with a sale associate named LIZ), and I have referred several people to this store. Now that LIZ is no longer there, not only the knowledge level, but customer service is sorely lacking. I recently went to this store to get some help with my phone, and the sales rep. (an African American lady who had on no name badge) took my phone (just holding it in her hand) while spending 30 minutes talking to her friends on the phone that you call the store on. Mind you, during this time 4 other people stood in line behind me and they became so frustrated that they eventually just simply left. I was never helped after waiting and told IDK. This is a problem. This has happened to numerous others I have referred there. I chose cricket because of local access to customer service (Not waiting on hold). Please either bring LIZ back because the people up there now are not very competent nor concerned with customer service. I personally have heard from others about this same woman and I am not going to travel 30 miles to the next nearest cricket store, I will just switch my service to another carrier here in my area. Please get this problem solved or I and others will no longer be cricket customers. #BRINGLIZBACK

  83. My wife has been a customer of your service for a few years now and we aren’t real happy with the services at this moment. My wife and myself have promoted your services to several friends and family, I personally was considering switching from my current provider whom I have been with for 15 years, that all has changed recently. We live on a limited income and due to her health problems she can not afford to be without a phone if I am away from the house. As of today she has had no service since Saturday 2 Jan 2016 (7 days). The sad part is for the first time, she was actually able to pay it early (31 Dec 2015) and apparently that was not a good idea.

    She has talked to your personnel on the phone and also visited the office where she makes her payment. They finally discovered that her payment had been posted to the wrong persons account, she was told that it would be 48 to 72 hours for her phone to be turned back on. It certainly didn’t take 48 to 72 hours to post it to the wrong account or 48 to 72 hours to turn it off. So if and when it is turned on she will probably be looking for another provider, I certainly will no longer consider switching or will I be promoting your services to anyone.

  84. I can not get anybody to answer me .I paid my bill on Dec.31st my phone got shut off on the 2nd .it took ten put towards someone else bill and 7days to get mine turned on and I think that you owe me something for my trouble I have real bad health problems and I needed my phone I told and called every cricket person they said it would take 72hours to fix it that was a joke

  85. Hello can,t receive phone,calls can,t call out can,t call cricket,and but I have internet help why ?I owe no phone bill!

  86. Worst customer service ever! They sold me a charger last night and it my phones battery and they would not refund my money or credit my account tried to buy another phone and were out or the only 2 I wanted!! Maybe u should hire me to train your staff!!! Very unprofessional the wost ever! And I’ve had a cell since the 80s

  87. I purchased your Bluetooth speaker yesterday March 13. I work construction and those features were nice but when I turned it on at work volume is not loud enough. So after work, 24 hours after purchase, I attempted to return and told they aren’t allowed to give me a refund. That is poor customer service and I will tell people of your customer service

  88. I have made several calls to get my rebates that were promised. The customer support folks told us they had fixed the problem and all the rebates are being processed. Well today we called cause we hadn’t received them yet. Guess what it didn’t show we ever called!!!! The customer service/rebate folks lied to us. The phones work great! Phone service has bee fine. However customer service sucks! Don’t come to cricket because of the rebates because they either don’t exist or the customer service folks are not competent enough to process them. Regards.

  89. Went to local retail store to get help with password reset for Cricket App since I had misplaced my paperwork with the needed info.Told me they could not do it. I would have to call customer service. Now understand it had been done once before in the store when the App glitch. They did not even offer to have me call from the store. They blew me off and just told me I would have to call. Then as I was leaving sarcastically said have a good day. There plenty of companies with pay as you go plans so you do not have a corner of the market
    Though I renewed my service this month I will do much searching for more customer service oriented company
    Or! One so basic and cheap it will do for me.

  90. I can’t seem to get a call thru to cricket customer service. I had a message on my phone about my phone bill being due before the 1st. I only get paid on the 3rd of the month and can’t pay until the 3rd. I explained that when I bought the phone. If this a problem with you PLEASE let me know, so I can change my service with someone that is (senior friendly) and understands how social security pays.

    Thank You

    Barbara Hammack

  91. What happens to your service I paid month in advanced this is what we get please tell what I need to do thank you Andrea Smith

  92. The contact number for cricket is not working and my phone has not been working since early this afternoon. I called the store during business hours and was told it would be working soon and now has been 5 hour since then. I would like to know when the service is going to be up and running and are we going to be compensated for this inconvenience. Thank you,
    Dawn Wagner

  93. This is the worst service on earth! Not only does their service never work, good luck finding somebody who speaks goddamn English in any location. On top of everything else, it’s just filthy and every store you step foot in

  94. I have no service to my cell phone and it has caused much trouble and people have come to check on me since I live alone and have health issues and I just need to change to a reliable company for sure .

  95. Why no updates on the outage. I think we need credit for lost usage. Put an update on your damn webpage

  96. Cricket I will be leaving. My service with you guys have been nothing but trouble. The only thing I recieve was a saving of $20 a month. I rather spend that to get a better service, better assistance, and much greater phone line. Since day 1 my heart have not trusted your brand “Cricket” and me giving you guys a chance for not even 1year and all I recieve was no good service whats so ever. I am sure in doubt that you can make it up to me. My mind is pretty set right now to leave. I will sacrifice my savings to get better service.

  97. Sumanth Punukollu
    Jun 29, 2:11 AM EDT

    I requested to unlock my iPhone 5S 16gb after completion of 6 month contract and as per Criket policy, I want to use my phone on different carrier in USA or internationally. My Cricket internal case number is 160613496183 , I have been cricket customer from December 14th 2015 to June 13th 2016(6Months) Even after timely payments and no issues with accounts they are not unlocking my phone. Regarding this I spoke with Customer service manager for more than 10 times and they put some internal notes to their end team for 5-6times and there is no response from their to unlock……. Bringing down the name of AT& T(parent company of cricket) I am really frustrated and not having phone to be in touch with MY family and friends….

  98. Saw a lady setting up a new store in Madera, ca today near food4less and she was yelling at the top of her lungs on the phone for well over 25 mins. So loud i thought someone was hurting her but nobody was near her. She was cursing and screaming as she was setting up the store and it was an extremely busy day in the shopping center there. Very unprofessional, i would definitely think twice about stepping foot in that store after all that.
    Just thought you would like to know how she is representing Cricket Wireless.

  99. I want to let Cricket know the great customer service experience I had today, 07-15-2016. with Stephanie at the store located at 2026 Goliad Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78223.
    A friend had deleted some apps on my phone. Unfortunately, the Play Store App and many others were deleted. My phone would not download any apps nor would it upgrade. I did the Cricket Chat 7-14-2016, and Carlos ( JPowell), did his best to help me but could not resolve my issue and referred me to go to a Cricket Store.
    I walked into the Goliad Road Store, and Stephanie was helping other customers. She was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and thorough. I explained to her my issue and she took my phone and with a few swipes, she fixed my issue. Amazing!!!! She was so kind and all around great!!! Thank you for having this wonderful young lady!!! I had been putting off going to the store to get my issue fixed because I dreaded an experience, but I am thrilled with my experience. Again, thank you!

  100. I ordered a cricket cell phone a week ago on line and didnt recieve my phone it was a 2 day delivery.and they charged my credit card and still no phone i call customer care like 10 times tring to get help with my order and they cant tell me why i didnt get my phone yet. They tell me wait for a email tracking number that i havent got i ask. Them put my monet back on the card.and i was told call back in 48 hours what kind of crap is that im angry

  101. I am extremely disappointed in the service I received so far. I ordered my phone and service online and wanted to port my phone number from Text Now. I order the service on October 1 and of course my bank card was charged immediately. I received the phone and am still waiting for my service to begin. I called and was told I gave the wrong PIN to them with my Text Now account and they cancelled my order. First of all, no one contacted me about it. Second of all, they still have my money, thirdly, the order is not cancelled. I just activated my account finally but there is a note that my number didn’t transfer. This is not a good start to a new relationship! Not a happy customer!

  102. I cannot get my emails since 3 Feb !!! I cannot get online since February. Cricket connects to Xfinity WiFi network but I don’t have Xfinity WiFi because I have & pay for Cricket WiFi. If you want me to use Xfinity, then give me the password!! I’m very frustrated with Cricket.

  103. are you kidding me your suppose to be abut providing a reasonably priced alternative yet you add fees for no good reason I don’t agree with but understand there is a 5 dollar “convenience” fee your monthly bill over the phone/net However now as of April 24th you choose to make people pay a 3 dollar “convenience” fee if they go to a cricket store and pay in person. just another way to gouge the customer again its like paying a atm fee to,use your own bank ARE YOU THAT NEEDY Every time I visit a cricket store the staff are either outside smoking or on their phones you would not think staff taking the minute of time it takes to process a cash payment would have to be charged back to the consumer And this game you have in customer service about not letting staff and production floor managers provide corporate contact info REALLY its 2017 are you not about providing a better customer experience I believe you are not. its the same old you lure in cheap the n start hitting them with your corporate fee’s shame on you cricket shame on you at&t your nothing but greedy for shame for shame guess I will be looking for a new provider sooner than I expected hope it was worth the 3 dollars spend it well its the last you will get of mine HAve a GREAT day

  104. I have never had such rude, terrible customer service as I did with the “customer service” call center. I write the phrase “customer service” with jest and sarcasm. Through a miscommunication with a rep, I was promised a one-time credit of $40 on my next autopay. When that didn’t happen the next month, I called cs…to no avail. I was told I was mistaken and never even made the previous call because cs had no record of my phone call. Okay, yeah, they’re right. I spent half an hour on a magical call in Neverland. I was told I’m not lying…but, if I did call, cs would have a record of it. I asked the rep if cs could have made a mistake and was told I was the one in error…AND THEN…the rep began sighing loudly as I tried to talk and reason with him. When I called him on it and said he can sigh all he wants, but that isn’t helping anything, he became even ruder and began sighing even more. How do these people keep their jobs? After I hung up, I drove to my local Cricket store and spoke to the manager and explained what happened. He was appalled at cs and did his best to remedy the situation. Super helpful and really nice.

  105. Why is it , that you can make a payment with cricket in person using a credit card. But not over the phone. Then over the 1-800 phone # that ask you a lot of question about a damm vacation.

  106. I’m so disappointed with cricket I had them for so many years , I recently switched because I wanted a better phone that I could make payments on ( cricket doesn’t offer)
    I only used 2 days service and switched I expected a refund for the month I didn’t use . And they say no
    This is so wrong to keep my money and charge me for the month and only used 24 hours .im low income and for me 40 dollars is a lot I will never return to cricket and I will post bad bad reviews wher ever I can

  107. I have a question that I am sure some of your other customers might be wondering. Why should your long time customers have to buy a new phone to stay current while other cell phone companies are offering new phones? My son and I have had a phone with you for close to 10 years and our phones are in sad shape. However, I am disabled and my son has no job and I cannot afford to buy new phones. I am seriously considering switching to Metro. It is cheaper than you are and we would each get a new phone.

  108. Omg how hard is it to contact these people, honestly!!!! Get it together cricket!!!! I’ve never had to wait so damn long , with getting to speak with a rep… !!!! Y’all will loose my service over this cause I do NOT have the time nor patience to put up with it!!

  109. I am very disappointed with gas customer service and trying to get a representative on the phone y’all will lose my service because of this and if they’re zero stars John will get rated -0 get it together cricket honestly

  110. I am trying to pay my bill but the website is doing maintenance. I am set up on bridge pay and I should not have to pay the full amount because the website is not working. Can someone help me with this?

  111. If the phone doesn’t work, I can’t call you for help, and no, my payment isn’t overdue, because it’s auto pay. I can’t even charge the phone.

  112. I was hurt and felt disrespected by your Danville Il branch. I was the only black guy in there. I didn’t have a rep approach me until I had been standing there for 30 mins. I went to Walmart bought your most expensive plan. I then bought a phone which I thought capable of a hot spot. Got it home and had to return it to Walmart because the sim was damaged. I then bought a cheaper phone tried to do the same and was I formed that this particular phone wasn’t capable. I returned it to Walmart again and went into your store located at the Walmart shopping center. When I got there two associates where there. One listening to this person in front of me tell her whole life story. Share baby photos. Laugh and catch up on life. The other was on the phone. I asked for a phone with those capabilities when I got there. It took 30 min for them to acknowledge me only to have told me that I couldn’t be helped because they were out of the phone I needed. I then was approached by the lady catching up with her friend your employee and was told to”Calm Down” ” you must be a Mexican “!. I my reaction was ” What the hell Lady I’m Black. I then told the lady at the desk that I haven’t had a chance to use one bit of data or call one min on this plan. She said she would have to charge me a extra 25 dollars to buy a new phone. And ended it with one of those sorry not sorry attitudes and informed me that’s what I get for going to Walmart and not them first. I was offended by their attitudes and the way I was treated. I would like a refund on the money I spent or a chance to actually buy a phone that works for me. I need this issue resolved immediately seeing as its Christmas and I didn’t just have 60 to throw away.

  113. I will research other cell phone service companies, so I can drop Cricket. I paid $167 for a new cell phone on Feb 20th. Hated the phone, and in my world a day is 24 hrs long. I tried to return it on the 27th. The rep I spoke to on the phone while in the store was rude, even hung up on me. The 2 store personal only offered to get me into a differ phone “at a discount”…ended up paying another $100 to get a differ phone in exchange for the hated phone. A few days before this Cricket had already taken $50 auto pay, and I was told if I walked away I would not be refunded that. They had me stuck. But only til I decide on a different cell phone service provider!

  114. I have been with Cricket for a few years and up till the last few months been very happy. When I first got my Cricket phone I was getting a decent signal at my home. It was not great but it worked. In the last few months my signal has gone down to 1 bar to zero and most of the time zero signal and I can’t use my phone from home anymore. I have taken this complaint to several store and they always blame it on the phone, test it and say it’s OK. According to an app(s) I have on my phone I am only 4 blocks from the nearest tower. So why did I have a good signal and now pretty much no signal. There is only one answer I can think of, ATT (the network Cricket uses) is throttling the signal on non-ATT customs. The stores denied this but there is no other explanation. I have no choice but to go to a carrier that can supply a signal where I live. In fact T-Mobile will give me a signal booster if I don’t get a good signal so good-by Cricket.

  115. I don’t remember the make or model of the stolen phone and I need to make the insurance claim for the new was broken and stolen afew weeks ago it still rang afew days ago .it was 3602553941.wheni pay the monthly bill in cordata tomorrow aci get a new one? thnakyou .

  116. I am very disappointed in Crickets Cancellation Policy – STOP PAYING – Really! They encourage you to sign up for auto payment so I did. I cancelled (changed providers and was posted the DAY my payment was submitted to Cricket & they ACCEPTED the payment knowing I cancelled. I know this cause I went to the bank and saw that transaction on the computer. Cricket should of DECLINED the payment. They think this is right to take payment for service you ARE NOT Receiving! Really – it’s like stealing money and I don’t trust and would recommend them to anyone. I changed from Cricket due to being .7 miles from a tower and would not get service at my home. This was not verified when I tried them as a cell provider. HORRIBLE CANCELLATION POLICY!

  117. I had insurance for my phone and when it broke, they sent me the wrong model for my phone and said I could not have it because it isn’t the same model for it and I had to send it back. I did this process four times. They didn’t even have my phone in stock and kept repeating the same mistake over. I couldn’t get a refund for my money and they kept sending me back home telling me I had to call, but nothing was done.


  119. I have never used Cricket service. I am here because I received a posted solicitation from them. The letter was sent to a very specific address, only known to very few. The address was given out without my permission. Someone had no right to hand out my information, and Cricket had no right to use it.

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