Contact Credit Karma Customer Service

Contacting Credit Karma Customer Service Center

Contacting Credit Karma Customer Service Center

Credit Karma is an online service allowing customers to track their credit history and credit score. When you sign up for the free credit report, you are offered promotions and deals from leading companies wanting your business. The information supplied to Credit Karma is not sold, only used to put you in a better financial position. The main goal of Credit karma is to offer a service that customers need to improve their lives. If you have a question relating to the service or need to reach out to the customer service department, you can do so by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Credit Karma does not provide a customer service hotline.

Mailing Address

Credit KarmaP.O. Box 520San Francisco, CA 94104-0520

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Credit Karma website have the opportunity to sign up for an account and receive a free credit report. When you create an account, you will not need a credit card. There is nothing to purchase. Additional information on the website, includes, credit card information, loan information and tools/advice from industry experts. If you need additional information relating to the services, prior to contacting the customer service department, we recommend visiting the Credit Karma FAQs or reaching out to customers just like you in the Credit Advice Forum.

Social Media

When you are in a hurry and need to connect with the customer service department, you can reach out to the customer service department through social media. The various platforms allow customers to post questions and voice concerns. On average, the customer service department responds to customer concerns within 60 minutes.

Customer Service Email

Customers have the ability to send a message to the customer service department using the email address listed on the website. We sent a message asking for information relating to the hours of operation. This information was not available on the website. After sending our message, we received an automated response stating the customer service department would respond within 48 hours.

Our Experience

When we reached out to the customer service department, the wait time was more than expected. We waited on hold for more than 15 minutes. This was a surprise, considering we called the corporate headquarters. After our lengthy wait, we asked the customer service agent the best time to reach a live agent, considering our current wait. The agent explained the best time to call and explained social media is another viable option. Looking at the bigger picture, calling the customer service department is not the best option, but the customer service team was helpful. Can you say the same? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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362 Comments on “Contact Credit Karma Customer Service
  1. This not good business no customer service phonenot good iI am not happy with that it is not free credit card us is needed take your ad off TV it is not a free credit score. No money on a credit you do not get your credit score what a joke just wanted to let you know that PS NOT GOOD BUSINESS do not email me back

    • i dont know what youre talking about, i never had to give ANY credit card info. However, I am not happy about them not having a phone number either, but I guess you get what you paid for- If its free, they probably dont want to spend the money on a call center.

      • john Rice,
        before you give an bad reviews, you might want to go back to school to learn better English cause it sucks. Like flowers says, there is no charge you are on a zombie website if they want money info from you…

    • I also have been trying to open things up and not one single page is avaiable. How can I update, or find out whats on it if NONE of your pages open? Are you legit??

    • It says check your credit score in 2 minutes. Its been 45 minutes and it still wont check my credit score or let me delete my account. What a poorly designed website

  2. Tried to login to Gmail. First login since 9/13/13. Really bad experience. I went thru all the routines, enter eml address, answer questions, got to reset password, and got eml with new password, then offered I could login from eml from you with new password, failed 3 times for Karma to recognize the new temp password assigned by you. Upon getting failure gave up and wrote this message.

    Hope Karma can help as your reset password process sucks!

  3. I have 8 hard inquiries on my cerdit but don’t know what It is . Help please my number 1718-300-0247
    Cerdit karam has giving me this info but not sure what are the 8 inquires are from help please

    • Am I registered, or not? How in the world do I access any information if I
      am registered? Why can’t I get in, or LOGIN? I hear good things about your actual service, but it appears your customer service is not customer friendly!
      No customer service phone number? OUCH!!

  4. Half way through registering the web site went down and now I cant finish because it says I already have an account.What the hell?? How can you trust a site to give you info when they dont even have a reliable web site! Still looking for corp. email so I can tell them where they can stick their credit score!!!

  5. It’s very tacky of you to not have a customer service number that can help people with issues and questions can get a response! I even tried to send an e-mail to your customer support and that wouldn’t even go through!!!!

    I’m very disappointed and frustrated!!!

  6. what kind of business does not have a contact number? I need to know something about my account but I cant find out if there isn’t a phone number. if there is any way Credit Karma can contact me by email that would be great!!!!!!

  7. BAD SERVICE !!!!! there has to be a reason why they don’t give you a number to call them It looks to me that it may be a scam I sold my truck a month or two ago and it still shows on my credit score. I was told they update it at the end of every month that is ANOTHER LIE it shows I have more on my credit than I do don’t know where this info comes from but it needs to go back and they need 2 start trying to be HONEST and provide numbers and NOT hide

  8. CreditKarma lists a COLLECTION on my account that I disputed through Transunion, Experian AND Equifax!!!!! All three of the credit bureaus REMOVED that collection from my credit report already. How do I get that false derogatroy collection REMOVED from my creditkarma report?

    Again, ALL 3 Bureaus REMOVED it but CreditKarma hasn’t. Any help?


  9. I had a free 7 day trial period last week, that same day I went home and canceled it i dont want any part of your company its a scam.I want my many back you should have never taken it in the fisrt place.I canceled it!!!!!!.

    Thank you, Patricia Gonzalez

  10. Your ad on TV says Credit Karma is totally free. It does not say you can only check your credit score once and then you get charged the next time. Your ad is a falsification. Basically you are lying on TV to millions of people. You should go into more depth on your ad trying to get me to check their score and after 7 days your account is de-activated. You are full of crap and a plain out liar.

  11. I traded cars at Nissan; paid the old one off. You have it listed as closed. Paid off is better than closed is it not? I traded cars, paying off the old loan. You have the $ll,000 listed as closed.

  12. unsubscribe me as a member from credit karma free credit reports. i was not able to get any information. please do not charge me for no information. send a confirmation notice that you removed me from your list.

  13. Have tried to reset my password. Mailed letter to San Francisco address with copy of my state issued identification card and my email address. This was over two weeks ago. Have yet to receive instructions on how to reset my password via postal or email. Since there is no phone number to call I have to rely on sending letters or emails. How long will it take me to reset my password so that I can access my account and monitor my credit????? I am getting really frustrated.

  14. I continually have trouble accessing my account. All information is correct and never lets me log in. Please do what is necessary for my information to successfully let me log in.

  15. I use the servicebefore now I have never been able to use it again it always say wrong password. tryed to get a contact number but unable to do so. please let me know what’s the problem. can all the information be entered again to start over?

  16. i got up this morning to find out that i need to reset my npassword, i have no idea what password i used when i signed up and me trying to do what i thought it was it just turned into more of a problem than it it bworth. do not put anything on my p,c, or smart phone after today,

  17. I am having problems with the information and I can not access my information. I want to know if you can send documents via e-mail.

  18. Every time I put my information in it automatically switches to score sense and denies my application. Credid Carla doesn’t have a phone so you can call customer support. What a joke.

  19. My boyfriend gave me a home depot card that has my name on it but is through his account how can you access that card account when I’m just secondary on the account.

  20. I am beginning to wonder if the site is as good as they put on, because you can’t even contact Credit Karma through phone at all! I will really like to know why I can not get my report to update, instead I receive a credit error message.

  21. I’ve been trying to Logan my account for the last six months I’ve done Emailed y’all about 6 times can someone please email me back I need to deactivate my account or whatever I got to do to get in it 3:18 PM October 28th

  22. I no longer have bank account with Academy Bank Please Remove From my karma Credit History thank you Mr. Mendoza I am with 1st bank now.

  23. put in information will not keep my last four numbers of my social security number no matter ow many times I put it in

    • Same problem…I want to deactivate immediately. This sounds like some rather nasty customer service/company rules. PLEASE DEACTIVATE THIS
      ‘FREE CREDIT INFORMATION”…I would much rather contact all-3 on my own. I smell a RAT!!

  24. I check credit karma for my credit score. they gave me one score and trans union was in credit karma says 585 for trans union while transunion says 622 on their site. odd.

  25. I love credit karma and have recommended it to family and friends. I don’t understand why your membership can’t get urgent or important
    information by phone.

  26. I can not log into my account for and the help desk does not send me a retrieving email like promise for my account!

  27. Your website shows my FICO score from Equifax as 595. I pulled an Equifax credit report this morning and found my credit score to be 699. Why the big difference.

  28. I want to cancel this service immediately. I never saw a score. I will advice my credit card not to pay and will legally seek actions if you try to use my card. I NEVER SAW A SCORE. It was covered with some junk that I could not remove from the score. There is no number to cancel your non-service. I want it done NOW!!!

  29. Both my husband and I are signed up with Credit Karma. I have 2 E-Mail addresses. I use one for me and one for my husband. When I log into the e-mail I used for Credit Karma, it says — Karen your score needs updating, but when I click on update my score, my husbands (Fred) comes up even though he is under a different e-mail than mine.

  30. You no longer support my internet browser Explorer 8. You hide the fact that there is no phone service. your service is poor.
    unless you provide an option in two days I’m terminating the accunt and will do my best to discourage any one using you service.

    • diffi

      Difficult to work with this company. I need to change my password but am unable to because credit karma will not send instructions to me email. My email has never changed and I have made this request many times.

  31. I can’t get on the sight at all, and it’s going on weeks now. I know the sight is free, but you should be able to sign on at least once a month right? The other sights lie, with their free credit, charging 1.00, and they get your credit card on file and what the free sight lasts for 7 days? come’on man!!! nobody seems to answer emails, and you just get shifted around, then the sight brings up blank pages, or no internet connection. makes no sense, especially with all the commercials on tv. what does BBB say about this sight? anyone know?

  32. My identity was stolen and someone has made an account using my information. I’d like to contact someone from CreditKarma to put a stop to the thieves from viewing my information on my credit RIGHT NOW…but unfortunately there is no phone number and only an email address and email response letter that says it takes up to three days to reply.

    • I am also a victim of identity theft. How in Hades can something like this even remotely happen? I want my connection to this service discontinued immediately. They are way too relaxed with customer concerns and safety!!

  33. I have seen my credit score dropped within one month, and no new information was added to my report. It is telling me the score is from Transunion and eqifax, but I went on their websites and the score is different. What is going on.


    • YEAH! How did/does that happen? Why are you afraid to talk to your customers? I see I made a R-E-A-L-L-Y BIG MISTAKE…I WANT OUT!!
      I am contacting the BBB is I get a response within 48-hours. I also have
      a life.

  35. your site is very frustrating…I created an accout, when I go to log in, it does not let me in. therefore I cannot acces my credit score and furthermore there are ‘NO’ customer service phone number on this site…”HOW FRUSTRATING”


  37. Good morning I Jamal graves would like to cancel my 7 day trial with credit karma thank you it was a good investment thanks again your truly Jamal .

    • If I have inadvertently enrolled in a “FREE 7-day Trial”, I also want Credit
      Karma to cancel the free trial IMMRDIATELY.

  38. I need to talk to someone to update my email address.
    What kind and company is this with no customer service phone number???

  39. I need a phone number but apparently there is no number for Credit Karma even though I am sent to sites that indicate there is a phone number. This is very frustrating to say the least!

  40. Why won’t you allow me to access my husband and my own credit scores??????? We have never contacted you before but you have our personal information now. ????


  42. lets see……I’ve tried to sign on to this service for over a year now. Today trying to set up a password I never got a Email response. If this is the way you give service I don’t need the aggravation.

    Then to find no phone service access sounds like a real TRAP.

    Not credit karma but rather credit HELL

  43. Somebody set up an account using my email address and Credit Karma has no way to deal with it. All e-mails to support get the same canned response to a broken web page which does not cover the issue I’m trying to deal with

  44. I downloaded the appt. but was told I have a account already. But I don’t have a password for it to log in. So what do I do now?

  45. I have been trying to log into Credit Karma for two weeks and can’t do it. I have sent E- mails with out any answer. I have changed my computer and E- mail address so that is the problem. I gave up. Will sign with another credit check web site. I give them O stars.


  47. Having no customer support on your website is really unprofessional. When out personal information is given online and their is an issue with log in your website issues, it is very concerning to everyone! What is going on with this website? Is it a scam? I see a lot of commercials on this, but unable to log in and get information is quite concerning.

  48. I have asked numerous of times for a password reset and never got it I no the email is correct and cant get a response out of this this bs

  49. I have been trying for two days to reset my password since I forgot mine! You ema me but not with URL to reset !! I need help ASAP

  50. Hello I am having trouble changing my password – I never received the email with password change info change. How do I go about being able to access my account.

  51. I signed up with your company over 3 years ago and have never been able to get logged in because of information recognized. I have changed my password several times and still can’t get in. No wonder they say it’s free! Giving up . Will now pay to get what I want. Thanks for 3 years of nothing.

  52. I am not able to process the application .every time I enter the last 4 numbers of my ss they reject the application.. I would like to speak with someone personally .thank you Claire

  53. I believe my # to be 51973662.
    At this time I desire to cancel any continued service.
    Your company provided invaluable information, however, at this time i do not need continuing service.
    Thank you and please confirm cancellation.
    Ivan H. Nathan .

  54. When trying to log into my account it keep saying my personal not what the credit bureau has and I am not able to see my scores

  55. Yes I had a account with credit karma. And its been so many yrs and IV had different yahoo accounts. How can my old account be deleted so I may start a new one

  56. tried several times to enter my social security number but your app is not accepting the last four digits please help me resolve

  57. I’m trying to get my free credit score but it keeps telling me my socials wrong. I even went and got the card to make sure I entered it right.

  58. I am not able to access my account. I contacted their corporate phone number, and got a cheerfully canned referral to their website. So, I went back to their website and again tried to enter the error message that I receive after entering my info.
    I enter my info, press enter, and the return states that there must be a subject line, however, there is no subject line field on the site. So, I’m not even able to enter a request for assistance. THIS IS BEYOND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. What gives Credit Karma?

  59. 10-18-15
    I can’t log in or change my password or get any information. Your service should be labeled as a deceptive practice, and fined, and required to remove your false TV commercials. The CEO and other officials belong in jail.

    • Okay, I see I am going to contact the Illinois State’s Attorney, Lisa Madigan. She does NOT play. She believes in consumer rights and will gladly investigate any dubious activities!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Your customer service sucks. I forgot my password and was given anew one by Jean luc. I tried to reset my password and it would not acknowledge it. Your system has a computer gliche you don’t now about.

  61. Entered my Social Security # several times (at least6) and each time it would not take my #. What should I do? thank you. Dolores

  62. This site is a joke and there customer service is terrible. I haven’t been able to access my account and I cant get any help from there site. I would recommend them to anyone

  63. Hi my name is Brianna fields I’m having trouble login in to my account I need to reset my password but the is not letting me go THRU

  64. Why did my credit score drop 34 points in I have been paying on time with my bills,and I haven’t opened anything else,or taking out any loans.

  65. I need your help I do have a credit karma account but with an old email account with a previous employer. Please contact me with how to change this. Thank you for your help.

    . Ken

  66. I need someone from customer service to call me asap about my account and billing process. my cell is 937-558-6459. If we don’t get this matter resolved I will report this company to the better business bureau and then have my account cancelled.

  67. I received notification from Credit Karma that my credit reports had some activity and I should check it. When I tried to sign in it says my password is incorrect, when I ask for them to send me the link to change my password and I give them my same email address I never get it. This has been going on for over 3 months they send me emails but when I ask for password link I never get it. And if you give them a different email address you will not get the old credit report history that you are trying to check. They give you a new account and you cannot have access to the old one! GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just another scam folks now we know how all the companies are being hacked

    • Thanks for the information. If every person who posted a request for help e-mailed their state Attorney General’s office I bet …..

  68. You reported a positive account removed from my transunion report. I called transunion myself it’s my horizon gold card. It’s still on there that’s good. Horizon gold gave me a increase on my limit on my card it’s 1,000 now. It will show up the next time they update their system.

  69. My comments totally match up with the comments of #109 sent 12/2/2015….I’d like to add a simple minded addition to the comments made above…” YOU PEOPLE F-IN SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  70. I changed my e-mail adderess when I purchased a new computer. I had a active account with credit karma (under the old e-mail adderess). Now the site wont let me check my credit score. Everything is the same as before,home adderess,phone number.And ive been waiting for a response for three days from them

  71. I keep been told that I have an account so I request a password change and still waiting for the email I am supposed to get that 3 days ago. There is no customer lie to get help. How do I reset my password

  72. Lousy customer service, Warning!!! Credit info supposedly retrieved is inaccurate, and dealing with any company that doesn’t have a phone number available should be a no-no to you. Like most people, I assumed incorrectly that they would provide one. Think twice about doing business with this outfit!

  73. I no longer have access to my previous email account but am still an active member. How can I change to my new email address?
    judith wade

  74. I cannot remember my e-mail I used I have two e-mails what can I do also I can’t remember my password used or user name used what can I do?

    • I also am unable to change my email as it is also different and cannot remember my password, so where they able to help you or what did you do to fix it or did you?
      NOT GOOD

  75. Am trying to reset my password and it’s tell me to login with my email but I don’t have the same email nomore plz help…..

  76. I keep getting error messages. My email is wrong. My passwords aren’t right. The last 4 of my ss are wrong! Going crazy here!! Would love some help! Cindy

  77. I used them once several months ago. It worked fine. Now want
    to see my current score. Nightmare. Kept saying it did not recognize my
    password. Said they would send an email to reset. Never worked.
    Got a screen that said remove my old account and start a new one. When I did that and tried to start a new one it kept saying there was already an existing
    account under that email. I spent over an hour today trying to access my account with no luck. And there is no customer service. I give up, 0 stars or
    less for this site.

  78. I checked my equifax credit score on the 1-15-2016 it had went down 137 point . I have been trying to contact the right department to found out how this happen.

  79. I have wasted so much time with this site trying to just log in. All it does is just bounce you around from link to reset, to help center, back to same screen to reset password, etc. I filled out a whole page on the problem I’m having, but nothing happened when I clicked submit. Is there really a customer service center? At this point, I would just like to log OUT and cancel my account.

  80. Hello, I decided to use Credit Karma so that I can start keeping an eye on my credit and start to build it up… While using your website it said I had a mortgage loan in 2010. I need someone to help me clear this up for the simple fact I did NOT have a mortgage loan in 2010 especially since that was 6 years ago and that puts me at the age of 13.

    Thank you.

  81. am really upset about this . I tried to get a credit report for my husband . they don’t recognize him even with the ss#. my son has the same name and lives with us after his divorce .dont know if that is the problem. I JUST want to see if there is anything on our credit since blue cross caused us a problem. I am on the account there any way I can find my credit report? My son said you only go by ss# Please tell me what I can do without sending all our info by mail. thank you

  82. Effective immediately, I am officially requesting that CREDIT KARMA remove my name and enrollment information from their membership role.
    In addition, I am officially requesting my personal information be removed from any current, or future promotions.
    The “FREE 7-Day Trial” offer is hereby declined effective, January 23, 2016.
    Effective immediately, I want written confirmation that this account is CLOSED henceforth and forever more. I plan to contact State’s Attorney Lisa Madigan, and the BBB for assistance if your company does not follow through within 7 days. That gives your customer service staff plenty of time to push a few delete buttons.

    Respectfully submitted,

  83. I made an account with your site a while back and used and used another email but I cannot remember my email password. I now have another email that I want to use but I am not able because I cannot use it. Also I cannot rememeber the password I used on Credit Karma. How can I get into my account?

    Thank You,
    Teodoro Matta Jr.

  84. I have paid several credit cards and the amount are not updated ,plus they have told me that the scores are 2 numbers down with the orginal credit bureaus Is that true by any chance. please contact me email

  85. I want to know why charge offs are still on your credit report. I have been trying to build my credit back up, an I cant if these are on there also I don’t understand why people check on your credit goes against you.

  86. I want to connect with you. Please send me your telephone number.
    I also want to see a copy of my credit report. Please, this is very important.

  87. Customer service is terrible I sent 3 emails but received no replys to them this is unacceptable maybe if they replied I would have something good to say about them but I don’t

  88. I am a member of credit karma and very much like there free services but,

    Keep in mind, Credit Karma is not the most accurate site for credit history. They base their information from two years of credit history, not the full credit history

  89. Any idiot would provide a customer service phone number since everyone has many questions that your piss poor website does not answer.
    What a bunch of god damn idiots…..
    Even business with idiots in charge always provide a customer service phone number……I see you idiots failed to see the obvious…..
    My girlfriend tried for two hours to get past page 2 (registering)….She never did because she never could never figure out what she was doing wrong. She never got the red dot next to the line that was incorrect…..Naturally you idiots didn’t provide any number where my girlfriend could get any answers…….
    In my opinion credit karma needs to FIRE everyone on board and start over….
    I have a problem and I need to talk to a person…..I will never get that however….
    That makes far too much sense.
    How is that for a honest comment?

  90. You need to provide a phone number so a person can get answers that your piss poor website fails to answer……It’s as simple as that……

  91. So far I’m total unhappy with credit karma cause I can’t register its saying something is wrong with the last four digits of my ss # that they r asking for and I’ve re-entered it also 20 times. And there is no phone number to call to get help with this issue.

  92. I was able to use my password on my account. Now it’s saying that I’m entering the wrong password. And I need to send in some information. But I was wondering if I could fax it in. Because I need my information fast.

  93. whydo you have 6 capital one accounts under my name when i only have 3 accounts and some of the accounts are paid in full that you have on my credit score you need to check things out and not assume

  94. Your site sucks! Your site ask questions as to a home loan I don’t have and haven’t had for 10 years so I could not sign up. Again your site SUCKS! And I will advertise to everyone the truth!

  95. I have been locked out of my account. I sent the letter with the information as instructed on your web site. I still am unable to access. When I try to create another account it again locks me out. Your recommendations would be what?
    Can’t call as there is no phone number. Please respond.

  96. I sent an email yesterday because it will not let me “register” says my information is incorrect? I put all my information in correctly. Can’t go any further without registering? Need help please

  97. I’m looking at my account and I see where Target has charged off and expense and I was wondering how that affects my score and what do I need to do to remove this from my record and to show a positive status. Thank You

  98. I am current on all accounts,CK has NOT updated one account which is showing over 30per cent useage. Its more like 20 percent

  99. I believe someone in my household is constantly checking my credit score. Pretending to be me.. That is fraud I personally can’t get an account .. Keep saying I have a account. And I never set up one .. Please don’t give my credit information to no one pretending to be me. With my.. Social. My husband has my number. It’s violating my privacy.

  100. If you look at there rating it tells it all. They have one star out of a 5 star rating. They will never help you, they will never provide a phone number, and if you do get through to them as I did by phone 3 months ago, they will never address your issue. They are a phony site, and have been told by many. Have started using other sources. You cannot depend on them to help you at all.

    I hope this helps all of you.

  101. I recently attempted to apply for a credit karma account, only to find out that there is an account already in my name, which I do not recall applying for. It is unfortunate that you do not have a telephone number. I am extremely concerned that I cannot interact with a human being,

  102. hi, I aply to credit card and they refused me cuz my credit score is less 599 and credit karma show me other score how I know my real score need help

  103. I have been trying for months to get into my account. Nothing works, I reset and either my e-mail or password match. HELP

  104. could someone please explain, I have paid off almost all outstanding accounts, I have never been late on any payment, and some of the accounts aren’t even shown as eliminated, I’m sitting at 700, before eliminating all those accounts, when does my credit score go up??????

  105. I suggest that you do not take Experian feed back as gospel.
    The Federal Government is deep into the accuracy of what Experian is reporting.
    They are in this reporting this information since the are in for the money.
    Take this seriously, the Government has taken an interest in the fraud from credit reporting agencies.

  106. Although I’ve used Roboform for years, now Credit Karma will not accept the last 4 of my SSN and I am locked out of the service.

  107. On the “” website, it is stated that I can view, free of charge, my three credit scores (Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian) on the website; but only Trans Union and Experian are shown. Unfortunately, Experian charges a fee to see their credit score. Can’t show Experian’s credit score as advertised?

  108. I tried to set up an account with you all. You say I already have one and I never have. I am going thru identity fraud and need your services. I can not get in because of the security someone else has already set up. Email me or give me a real way to contact you. My number is 417-369-0039
    Kat B

  109. Credit Karma is a total joke. Information is outdated, their scores are usually 30-50pts. off. No contact #, hell of a way to do business when you are playing w/peoples credit….

  110. I have a real concern about the Lending Tree which came up on your site as recommended . I filled out the information and was sent a contact within hours. It showed me all of my options. I also received a email from “Jeff” at Lending Tree that I could contact and speak to if I had questions. I had a couple of questions and called the number to speak to Jeff. I told the gentleman I wanted to speak to Jeff as my email had said. He told me that Jeff doesn’t take phone calls and that his name is Jackie and he can help me. When I asked why I couldn’t speak to Jeff he told me that no is Jeff and that is goes out to the floor and anyone answers your question. In fact there is no Jeff that is over any thing as he doesn’t exist. I ask him so your lying to me about someone that is suppose to be helping me. He then screamed at me and hung up the phone on me. I would suggest if your going to have companies on here to help us with people that care they should really exist. I would expect that you have checked these people out . I have a copy of the email that was sent to me and I it my opinion that this is false advertising . Also to be treated in this way was totally wrong. If your sent an email and told to call the person and then find out they don’t exist would you trust them or this site?

  111. I need to know if I have a hard inquiry from a bank, if I also go to a different bank within a few days/week if it will also put another hard inquiry on my credit and ultimately drop my score or does it only count as one mark against you because its within a certain time frame from one another??? Please help!!!

  112. i Have a very important question. It keeps saying that my last four digits
    of my ss no. is not correct. what is the problem? James Schuster

  113. when trying to get my credit report it keeps telling me to reenter my ss no.
    What could be the problem…….James Schuster

  114. Since my letter was returned by the US Post Office as undeliverable, I have turned everything over to the US Attorneys Office. Perhaps you will be in to them.

  115. I have been trying to get into the account to see my score, but since forgot password, I have been waiting for the email to rest it, started this request back in October 2015 , when will I receive this email???????

  116. HI. I tried to sign up to join for credit krama .but won’t let me in sign up. I am trying to plan to payoff my credit

  117. I’m having a problem accessing my account don’t remember Email I started with. I would like to reset my Email address and new password. How can I do this?

  118. I have 19 credit cards. All the cards are auto pay every month. I was at Dillards and was going to buy a pair of shorts. I wet to pay with a Bank of America visa card. The cashier said she would give me a 20% discount if I used my Dillards card. I handed her the card and got the 20% off. I never got a bill from Dillards and I assumed it was auto pay like all my other cards. After 3 months I got a bill for a lot more than the purchase. I called Dillards and told the manager what happened. I thought the card was auto pay like my others. He checked into it and removed the penalty charges and I paid the bill.
    I have never paid a dime of interest in my life. I always pay for everything with my Visa or another card and I have auto pay of the card at my bank. I Pay for cars, school tuition, insurance etc etc with my cards that are always paid in full. I can not understand that after 55 years of charging everything and paying in full every month that this error occurred. The store fixed it but all the credit agencies dropped the ball. do not fit your mold and the only company that fixed it was

  119. The credit reports are not accurate reports. My equifax show total different then what Equifax has in my report. I have tryed to contact credit karma but no luck. This site is a JOKE AND NOT accurate at all. Contacted Equifax and they said they could not help me with what credit karma shows in the web site they have.

  120. I mailed in the private documents needed to regain access to my deactivated account. And i have not recieved any tbing back from CREDIT KARMA. I guess this is why they don’t have a phone number or fax number to call for help. Thanks CREDI KARMA……

  121. I want to close my account I do not find where do I sign out . I wonder if you guys can just close it for me

  122. I NEED TO SPEAK WITH A LIVE PERSON!!! I’m having problems with registering and I’ve entered my correct personal information but I keep getting a message saying that I’m not able to identified. Whatever happened to customer service??? How can I speak with someone???????

  123. like everyone else no one to talk to cant get one thing resolved no customer service. They say the team well you all suck anything free is a joke

  124. Hello
    My account has been suspended for too many password attempts. I need help reactivating my account.

  125. how can I set up another family member on credit karma to get their credit scores
    using my e-mail address….this is the only e-mail address I have thanks…


  126. I for got what e-mail or password I used to get my credit report and now I can no t set up another one. I have tried over and over again and can not find out what to do next

  127. Atm im trying to authenticate myself in the app and http both places are unable to an its frustrating. A contact number or blog anything that will help meget in touch with the cooperation?

  128. I have been trying to reset my password for three days. There is a flaw in the system that won’t allow me to reset my password. It just keeps sending me around in circles-back and forth. Moreover, there seems to be no way to contact anyone to rectify the problem. I REALLY need to access my account. I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

  129. I have forgot my password and Credit Karma is sending me in circles and I have yet received a link to reset it after trying 4 times to get the link.
    Fed up with Credit Karma’s customer service!!!

  130. I have been trying to reset my password and I keep getting a message that it will be sent in an e-mail I have been at this for over 2 1/2 hours and there is no response Would someone please help me? Thanks.

  131. I filled-in all my information, yet it does not allow me to enter the last 4 digits of my SS. How shall I proceed?

  132. Credit Karma is a scam. You can not reach anyone to help you. They get all the personel info on you and then you get calls from all kinds of people wanting to help you with your credit. That is selling your info to 3rd parties. Don’t use these people. I can’t even log into my account. Can’t get any help. Sorry useless people taking advantage of people. Report it to the Better Business Bureau. And the Federal Trade Commission. The BBB gives Credit Karma a grade of F. And recommends to close your account out.

  133. I forgot my password to my Credit Karma account and you said you would send instructions to my email to reset it. I have requested this several times but I never receive and email with the instructions to reset my password. This is very frustrating. Please send me the instructions ASAP please. You keep sending me emails to check my score but I am unable to reach you by phone or email to reset my password. Please Respond!!
    Judy Daigneault

  134. what kind of company has no contact # tacky you have no problem asking for all my info then you can do the same need to reset my password it would help if you could respond and explain how to do it but instead you seem to run and hide not impressed

  135. I’ve been trying to reset my password and you guys keep sending me a link that I put my email in and dont ever get a response from that. So I dont get a option to reset my password.

  136. I have USE Credit Karma for a while now like a couple years and somehow my credit was ran through a business that Credit Karma partners with when I was looking into loans that it offered me and I clicked on nothing or applied for nothing the name of the place is Marcus by Goldman Sachs they tried to give me a loan and I never signed up for anything put any information in and now they are stating that they did not run my credit and I had to contact the credit bureau TransUnion

  137. Somone has changed my email address and therefore I have been blocked out. I contacted Credit Karma several times with no response back. Someone also , probably workers from Credit Karma, opened up a credit card in my name. I think something is very wrong with this credit business.

  138. Your customers are providing you personal information to few your website. This is risky no to have a call back number to contact someone at your center.

  139. What costumer service. You have no phone number I have a hard inquiry by syncb bank ( national credit cards/airlines) on February 28 2015. Called them and they said it’s incorrect and not their fault it credit karma’s and shouldn’t be on my hard inquiries

  140. Creditkarma helps me tracking and improving my credits and score. It’s useful and helpful but it would be much better if at least provide one email or phone to call for help. I have few questions about tax thing and unable to reach anyone.

    hope to get an email soon to my questions… thank you

  141. Credit Karma is a joke when it come to an accurate credit score. They are months behind on current reporting.
    There is a reason they don’t have an 800 phone number
    They have my current score 80 pts below what it truly is with all 3 major credit bureaus.

  142. I agree no telephone number is no good. I can’t call to find out if my taxes went through because there email didn’t have the necessary button to click on to verify my tax return went through. This is very important and sensitive information was inputted. How crazy is that???

  143. I am not able to get on my credit karma account…. How would I be able to access it?? Please Contact me back….

  144. I have opted out of emails on a daily (sometimes multiple times per day) basis. Please, I beg of you, STOP with the incessant emails!

  145. One day my credit score on CK is 707 for TU and EQ. The very same afternoon it dropped to 601 and 597 and I have not applied for credit in nearly one month. What gives? CU sent me an email reading “you are doing a great job.” What happened???

  146. You couldn’t verify me the normal way then ask me to take a photo of my Driver license front and back then tell me you still can’t verify me, was I just taken for identity theft or what, no customer service number, just a heads up if I find out someone has my info because of this I will pursue your company to the fullest extent of the law to go after you.

  147. This is the worst service I have ever tried. I tried to file my taxes and can’t get an answer about whether they went through or not. WTF! What a useless company!
    Thanks for nothing!

  148. I am not able to re-register my account. I have also entered a new email as to sign up as a new account, and will not work. can you clear everything on my account, so that I can start over.
    Thank You

  149. Credit Karma used to update my information almost immediately but lately the information they show is not correct nor is it up to date.. Obviously, the credit scores they are showing are incorrect so I guess I better go right to the source, either TransUnion or Equifax in order to get my current credit score. You all are right – what kind of an organization does not have a way to contact them, either by phone or email.?????

  150. while trying to register for credit karma, I received a message asking me to go to to verify documents, and do not understand why.

  151. I just signed up for Credit Karma. An email was sent to me however nothing was in the email. When I tried to log in it keeps taking me back to register again.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  152. I have never used your services so I am brand new and would like to request as much information from you as possible please?

  153. You have sent me an email stating that my credit score went down due to missed payment… I have not missed any payments in years and my report shows that.. what I would like to know then is why was my score lowered… nothing has changed with my payments.. my credit report states that I’m on time… what gives…

  154. I have tried and tried to register for a new account since I now have a new email. No luck. Fed up with credit karma.

  155. I have been waiting for two months (since may 25th) for something to come off of my credit. I contacted the collection agency and paid off the debt and they sent my a receipt and confirmation that they reported it to the credit bureau since May 25th. Can you please let me know why it is taking so long to show in Credit Karma. I was told it only takes 30 days. I have been pleased with Credit Karma up to this point but now I’m starting to question the validity of it. Please respond back ASAP. The email is my boyfriends email and he is trying to help me with my credit score so please respond to that email

  156. I can`t get in to credit karma.. Have trying for over a week. I fill everything out correctly but you can`t verify my account. I do this over and over but with same results. What is going on? Very very angry about all of this.

  157. How long before i get an answer? 2 weeks 2 months or two years or maybe none at all. I would seem that you don`t really care so therefore all adverts on TV are all BS

  158. Hi my name is Tonya and I looked over my credit report and I reached out to one of the collector I C System collecting debt four Time Warner $108 I talked to them and they couldn’t pull it up at all do y’all have reference number. Please let me know so I know what do


  160. Using your site my FICO score will be lowered. Your site said my approval odds
    for getting a American Express credit card were very good. I was denied and that
    will lower my FICO score. How can I trust your site when you say my approval odds are VERY GOOD then declined. Maybe you should have yes or no on getting the card instead of misleading me.

    • So ahreeand then they tell you to apply for cards will help you and then when I apply doesn’t help me at all. I think this is BS. Why telle apply will make my score go up and then they Deny me. It’s Annoying

  161. After two hours going thru help desk and back and forth with a customer care help person. I still cant get on because a old email that doesn’t exsist is still on my account. Cant delete it Cant change it NOTHING. and Reresentative on the help desk cant understand that keeps sending same link. Need some upgrading on your site forsure……


  163. Hello, I need your help. I once was able to log in to my account with your company. But now I can’t. I tried to put Mr email address & put it in wrong. So , I tried to get a phone number & this what it led me to. Please contact me back I need to check my scores

  164. I need you help to re store my info so I can log back into my account to check my scores. I put in the wrong email address the other day & stopped because I didn’t want to mess it up any worse

  165. I have been trying for days to get my credit report give passwords and everyone I I enter based on the prompt says incorrect what the hell is going on its pure irritation every time

  166. I’m tired your site. I pay my bills on time. I stop using my cards and one min my score going up then you guys lower it. And I hear good things about you guys and they not true. I pay my stuff way ahead time and still it’s low. I stop using my cards until it’s almost paid off. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( Disappointed and Upset. Not fair

  167. concerned re: breach of Experian records. what info did you provide them in order to give me their score? what steps are you taking to protect my info? and what are the ramifications to me re: the info you provided to get that score? l

  168. I have try for several days to check my account, after you notify me to check, but unable to get in to credit karma. I changed by password and still can not get into to it.

  169. There is not a phone number for contact . So what when you call the 3 (CB) you can talk to a person. It’s always a recording.I like credit karma , it’s keeps me in touch with what’s going on with the use of my cards and other things. Tells me how to even get my score up.I love the information credit karma gives. It’s a free service and it keeps me on my toes, with how to improve and get better with my score.Thumbs up from me??

  170. I do not know how to have you make this correction. I found an address on my TransUnion credit at which I’ve never lived. I could not find the “Dispute” page as it is very difficult to locate on your site. I have never lived in Oregon and would greatly appreciate you looking into the reason for this misinformation.

  171. Credit Karma, is really bad . I have ben trying to get my tax return since april
    and have not received it yes, and it is September 28. I get same answer off and over and can’t get to talk to someone to help me fix it.

  172. Hello I am trying to log in to print out my credit report but I no longer have access to the e-mail that I registered with. Can you please help me create a new account that I already have tried with my new e-mail address but still can not gain access to my credit report.

  173. Necesito activar mi cuenta, he intentado entrar en varias ocasiones y no me lo permite, me ha pedido enviar fotos de mi ID y las enviado y tampoco resulta, sólo necesito que me permita acceder a mi cuenta, saludos y espero por su respuesta

  174. I received a notice from CK letting me know an additional point of access had been applied to my CK account. Apparently, somehow a cell phone has accessed my information through CK. Can I contact CK to have that number traced? NO!
    Why? There is no applicable phone number to call for security breaches or pending fraud.
    When I attempted to find out who has (possibly) compromised me, my system froze up for several hours.
    Something stinks!

  175. Is this a joke? I just completed this. I have been (possibly) compromised via CK and all I get is a frozen computer and this.


  177. Hello, YOU PEOPLE MUST be NUTS…? Everybody in the world knows who I am – TRY looking on FB for; David Hicks 33974 That is me! Read my posts to and see who I really am – A PATROIT and DJ TRUMP SUPPORTER. Get my stuff fixed, now, or delete it – What ever turns you on!

  178. Credit Karma has placed a debt on my credit report, and I have been told by SYNCB Mar 14, 2017 National Credit Cards/Airlines and I have no way of getting it removed. I have not used this bank and I believe Credit Karma uses your social security to file adverse reports. This company needs to be reported and I am making steps to do just that.

  179. I believe this company is a fraud. First of all how do you receive all of our information and we have no numbers to dispute what you have put on our credit reports. You are not answering any of the questions on your reviews, and we are being hoodwinged. I have found through research and from the company you have placed in an adverse way, of who I have no knowledge that you placed that information on my credit report. SYNCB Mar 14, 2017 National Credit Cards/Airlines said that this was done by you, and immediately upon mentioning the name of this bank, they told me it was your fault. How can a company have no phone numbers to reach them. This is shameful business practice and need to be investigated.

  180. Wow really great service, just checked my scores, was told a credit card was closed? how do I find out which one and why, ???? Really love your service cant talk to anyone.

  181. I need help recovering my account. The email linked to it I no longer have access to it. How can i make a new one or recover this one

  182. cannot finish log in process with my e-mail ,had to log off before finishing entering a password, when I try to enter my e-mail it says it’s already in use .

  183. My father passed away his SSN is being used by a sibling ? or who knows ?
    this can affect my mother as it is still in use(US GOV)it can be serious issue
    will send certified mail with demand for information ( I take care of mom)
    all costs incurred will be billed to credit karma for allowing my mother to be
    locked out of her husbands SSN

  184. |I did not contact customer service. I have a different e- mail address now. The site would not accept either e-mail. How do I find out my credit score?

  185. Credit karma is a joke they send me a credit alert on my email and said my credit score dropped with no reason why. They have no customer support line to find out what was going on so i checked my three credit scores and reports and there was no reason for my credit to change. Credit Karma you suck.

  186. Although I like Credit Karmas help with my credit scores, I have a heck of a time with log in, I would LIKE to change my log in information , BUT ! have not been able to, I no longer use the old pass word on any of my other accounts. Would like to use my current password with Credit Karma as well, HOW TO DO THIS would be helpful .

  187. This is my third comment request on this site from who ever , My comment remains the same , HELP me change my log in information at Credit Karma .

  188. I am unclear why my credit score went down 15 points. It shows a balance decrease on my Mortgage which is normal if you are paying your bill each month, and it shows a remark removed from my account that says affected by natural disaster. Why would any of those cause my credit score to go down 15 points. Its not like I missed a payment or made a payment late. Please explain. Also its 49 points more on Equifax than Transunion.


  190. Hi
    Credit Karma does not have my Target account on my report. Target is a big part of my credit history. I talked to Target today and they report to all 3 credit bureaus and suggested that I contact you direct.

    Please fix this asap

  191. I have not received a call for a code. I have txt several times and no code.
    No one calls us. This is several time I have txt this information. may over six times.

  192. I have been trying to obtain my credit scores, and your site continues to tell me that “TransUnion” has a freeze on my credit.

    I have twice processed a confirmed freeze lift from TransUnion. The current lift runs from January 18 thru January 25.

    Why does your site still show a freeze?

    So frustrating – I have spent at least two hours on this already.

    Your firm advertises a service – so far I’ve not been able to utilize.

    Patricia Cain

  193. I don’t have any experience with Credit Karma’s Cus. Ser. YET because I can’t find a satisfactory way to reach them! I need to talk to a LIVE person but they apparently have no phone and I don’t do Social Media. They say there’s been some kind of a BREACH and I need to take care of it, but I can’t see anything on my report that indicates that…nor any way to “take care of it” ? By the time I hand write a lengthy letter trying to explain anything, mail it, wait for reply which will take only God knows how long…IF there is a problem, someone could have already stolen my info and it would be too late. Should that be the case, I will be forced to hold Credit Karma responsible.

    So, since Credit Karma does NOT have a phone as stated on YOUR website, why may I ask, does YOUR website also make the statement below? AND if it does, would you PLEASE email it to me ASAP. Thanks.

    The main goal of Credit karma is to offer a service that customers need to improve their lives. If you have a question relating to the service or need to reach out to the customer service department, you can do so by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

  194. I am trying to log in my account. I am not able to use the password on my account. I get a thing from email to change password but it the following day and I can not use it since it take so long for me to get it. Please call me and let me know what I need to do to change my password.

  195. I used your free service to get my free credit check on Saturday February 3 and was charged $29.95. I do not want a membership, and would appreciate having my $29.95 reimbursed and my debit card information removed from your system.
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  196. I’m sorry, I was given the wrong credit score company, please disregard my previous message of a reimbursement. Thank you.

  197. I’ve been trying to get my email changed and I’m not able to do so on your website and when I go to the help center there’s no way to change it because of high volume of some or or other and thi the second time I am trying to get some help. I am getting pissed because I’m getting no answers to my problem it’s like you guys could care less about helping and is there even anyone there or are you something different than what you protray to be.

  198. This is one of the most annoying organizations to contact. I tried to send another email to credit karma. I have not been able to access my account. I was told to check my browser, that I should use Safari. My iPad uses Safari. What else can I do? I received an email from Rose at credit karma. The page told me to type my reply above the line. That did not work?

  199. I received an e-mail from you that said there were two breeches on me, open mail to see what can be done, so I did so and all I found were opportunities to apply to credit cards. Was that really you or did I put myself in jeopardy by filling out an application?

  200. My credit karma credit history is wrong. My mortgage shows closed but it was transferred from DHI to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo told me that they have reported my payments to all 3 credit starting in February but still not in my credit Karma.

  201. My Wells Fargo home mortgage is not showing in my credit history, even though have reported my payments since February.

  202. I just received an email from Credit Karmer stating I just opened a new account with Best Buy/CBNA and was reported to TransUnion. I have not opened a credit card account with Best Buy. Is this email I got spam or is it legit? When I tried to file a dispute it seemed to take too long to open so I closed it. Please let me know if I need to click on it and dispute it or what I need to do.

  203. Credit Karma does not recognize the phone or computer I use to check my credit. Since I’ve had the account, I’ve changed my phone number, upgraded my phone and computer. However, my email is the same. A text was offered but this does not help because I have a new telephone number. Under this circumstances, how can Credit Karma verify me so that I can access my account?

  204. I paid off my auto loan with ally finance,why did my credit rating go down , I did not close this account…but Paid Off the Auto.I always pay more then amount due on ALL MY CREDIT CARDS. I also Have A State Farm Visa Credit Card, you claim I don’t……………….I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY MY CREDIT KEEPS DROPPING INSTEAD OFF GOING UP. I also just got a MACY’s CREDIT CARD….
    PLEASE address this appeal ASAP. Thank you

  205. My initial service was at old address, old phone number, still have same email.
    Your system won’t allow me to update anything.

  206. I need to make a correction regarding my information, unable to make a contact with anyone to help.

  207. Hello
    My name is Gabriel Bolin
    I look at my credit report through credit karma frequently .
    Well you are not reporting the correct balance on my credit one c/c
    my balance was paid and the c/c company reported to the Credit bureaus on May paid in full……
    And you still are reporting high balance.
    Please make changes.

    Gaby bolin

  208. I would like to disregard my account I do not want my account anymore and I don’t have no contact number to contact you to let you know this so can you please stop the account for taking any more money off my card

  209. I believe I am being discriminated against on a bank rupsy which was filed in 2005 and should be off, Discriminated against over certain medical, and tv provider bills that have been paid or should not be. In matters of the hospital they took under lean a 5000 dollar check to cover the money they say I owe now and the tv company never sent anyone out to do the job because the land lord didn’t want the dish attached to the house. The recent medical bills I am getting are rapid and I can’t pay them as fast as they wish I am on social security, I am sick I need a car to get to and from my doctors visits. I have been through this before with no results all anyone wants me to do is sign up to Lexington law or sign up for a credit card I don’t want or need. If credit Karma were for real they would actually help rather than tr getting people to sign up for credit cards

  210. Terrible. Credit Karma UOU have wrong information. Telling me my answers are wrong. Get your stuff together. No interest in your site. Bye bye.

  211. My credit score just went down 89 points and there are no changed to report telling me why is says. How do I find out why my score went down.

  212. I was filling out your form but when I tried to enter the last 4 digits of my SS number you kept telling me it was wrong. I think I know my numbers. You don’t

  213. Credit Karma will NOT let me into my acct. I have done all that’s been asked, including sending my drivers license picture , etc and all I get back is a message saying that my information cannot be found. it’s very annoying. I have NO idea now what my score is. Please HELP!

  214. I contacted you folks a couple of months ago about my Credit Karma account having been hacked and the e-mail address having been changed. I sent in the form, along with copy of my drivers license and current utility bill to verify my identy, and have never heard back.

    What’s up ???

  215. I was always able to get into my account with credit karma but now cannot they say my email is incorrect. Cant see how that happens when they send me emails but when I try to log on it says my email is invalid. What to do???

  216. I’m having problems logging into my credit karma account every time I try and login it gives me issues I think it’s with my password and when I go to reset my password it doesn’t go through

  217. I cannot access my account because I no longer have the e-mail that I set up and do not remember my password. After going through all kinds of steps the system froze up and I still have no access. Thanks so much-NOT. Guess I can’t use the service if I can’t verify who I am

  218. Late last month you sent me an email stating that a password of mine had been compromised. I replied to the email telling you that based on the partial information that you gave me about the password, I never had any such password. I also sent you a follow up to that email. So far you have NEVER had the courtesy to reply to either one of my emails! Please do so because if my personal information has been compromised, I WANT TO CORRECT THIS! I tried finding a phone number for you on line and there isn’t one! Please have the courtesy to get in touch with me.

  219. So when their app or website screws up and wont give a person access, they dont care enough to give a number to call to help out. They suck and I would not recommend them for nothing!

  220. I have three loans that were paid off 2 months ago but still show up as open. I also have several loans that are current but show the last payment was in August. What’s going on?

  221. I received an email today regarding my credit score dropping several points. I recently paid my car off in full November 30th. Great Southern Bank is where my car was financed. The email Credit Karma sent stated my score dropped due to closing my account at Great Southern. I was under the impression paying a debt off in full would help my credit, not hurt it!! Please fix this issue. I am caught up on some past due bills, so that should reflect in my credit report. Thank You.

  222. I’ve always been happy with the service.
    That commercial with the gum making it’s way through the colon…..really?
    I want to see you as dependable. This commercial doesn’t represent dependability to me.

    Mindy Flanigan

  223. There’s no one to reach to help me replace my credit karma account. I been locked out for months and I can’t even make a new account without it wanting me to replace my old one.

  224. I have sent three emails about being unable to get into my account. There is no phone number and nobody responding how am I able to fix my account and get someone to respond to me???

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