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Contacting Clairol Customer Service Center

Clairol is a hair care, particularly hair color, company. The hair color brands from Clairol include Nice and Easy, Perfect 10, Gray Solution, Born Blonde and Natural Instincts for Men. They were also responsible for Balsam, Loving Care and Men’s Choice, though these brands are now discontinued.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service at the Clairol phone number is available from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 6 PM Saturday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-252-4765
  • Customer Service Spanish: 1-800-477-7262

Customer service is also available from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday.

Mailing Address

Your letter to Clairol customer service can be addressed to the corporate office. There is no designated customer service address other than this office. Though some companies still employ outside companies to manage the mail side of the business, most are pulling mail customer service in-house to reduce overall cost.

Clairol CorporateAttn: Customer Service345 Park AveNew York, NY 10022

Official Website

The Clairol official website is located at On you’ll find a complete list of current and discontinued products, advice on how to choose the best hair color and a Clairol shop. The shop does not sell directly to the consumer, but consumers are given a list of retailers that sell the product online, offline or both.

Social Media

Fans and followers are two new additions to business customer service and marketing. Clairol offers several social media sites for customers to connect for additional help.

Customer Service Email

Without a doubt, email is the new phone call. Just a few years ago patrons would call Clairol customer service with all complaints and compliments, because that was the only way to get in touch with an agent. Today, all it takes is a mobile phone, tablet or computer and a few seconds to fill in the blanks.

We contacted the Clairol customer service department by email to ask if men could use hair color created for women.

Our Experience

The customer service hotline is quite exhausting, although the options are limited. Press three (3) and the call connects to the customer service department. Unfortunately, we had to wait on hold for more than 5 minutes before speaking with a live agent. After the wait, we asked the agent if the company provides information relating to coloring hair.

To our delight, the agent offered advice on coloring solutions. The agent explained that customers may not understand all of the verbiage in the boxes, so the customer support team is ready to assist. Great experience. We want to know if you have a similar conversation with the Clairol customer service team. SHout out below.

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141 Comments on “Contact Clairol Customer Service
  1. I am looking to purchase Nailworks by Clairol – electric Manicure/Pedicure set. I had one back in the 80’s and it was fantastic. Do you know if they are still available, and if they are, how would I go about purchasing one

    • I am also interested in buying a Nailworks set or the replacement heads. (I still have mine and it works, but the heads are worn.

    • I couldn’t contact Clairol from the website. It kept blacking out the options so I couldn’t choose any. I purchased a Clairol Nice n Easy root cover from CVS. When I opened the box, the long color tube had no color. It was completely white. This wasted my money.

  2. I am a clairol customer and have recently viewed the “Kate” advert. I am really disappointed with the advert. The husband is in black and white while “Kate” is in colour. While this emphasises the husbands assertion that he is going “grey” while Kate (in colour) “still looks like Kate”. As a customer who recognises the subliminal affect of the different colours/shades in the advert, I am disappointed that you feel you have to revert to such lazy marketing tactics to sell you product. I have regularly used clairol for over 10 years, however off the back of this recent advert, on principle I won’t be using Clairol again. I would have hoped that as an ‘up until now satisfied customer’ you wouldn’t feel the need to revert to such marketing tactic. However I obviously stand corrected. I have always used clairol due to the quality of the product, however I find this particular advert distasteful, lazy and expected more of clairol. Yours disappointedly Susan.

  3. For the past 8 years, I’ve been a happy customer using Clairol’s Natural Instincts, combining Amber Shimmer with a light brown to get a beautiful brown with red highlights. It was perfect. But you stopped making Amber or any light red shades. But I see lots of very dark not so different from the other! The drugstore shelves are full of them, and it is very upsetting.
    I can’t tolerate Amonia which is in most other products, and I tried a creme from another brand but it was awful. Then, unfortunately,I tried out Clairol “Nice n’Easy” but it had Amonia! I thought it was also natural. It made me dizzy and caused my skin to itch.
    Please resume making some reds that are not a teen ager’s fire engine color, but in the lighter shades. Please bring back Amber Shimmer. Katie Curack on TV has that shade and it looks great on her. I bet lots of people would like it. Thank you.

  4. I have been a most loyal customer of Clairol hair products for over 25 years now. Approximately 26 years ago, your company offered a rebate offer for a Free Clairol Dry Guy Dryer (Yellow), for submitting (2) proofs of purchase from Clairol hair products plus $ 1.50 shipping/handling.
    My mother took advantage of the same offer and received the Dry Guy. We were extremely happy and pleased with the dryers. In fact, after over 25 years, I am still using the Dry Guy dryer today, still works excellent and I cannot say how pleased I have been. I also have my mother’s dryer as she passed away 22 years ago.
    Could you tell me if your company might offer a similar rebate in the future, or a rebate offer on some of your other clairol products? We loyal consumers would be very pleased to see some super coupons and rebate offers coming our way.

    Thanks for your reply !

  5. For a couple of years, I have used the product Natural Instincts Loving Care (non permanent color). I love this product!!!! I used the 70 beige blonde, it made my gray hair a pretty blonde!!! I have not been able to find this product! Please tell me why and do you have a replacement for it? Thank you!!!! Janet Vawter

  6. I used the root touch up last night for the first time, I was pleased with the results but my hairdresser had to use two boxes as there was not enough to cover my head, it took the two boxes. I am pleased with the results but feel its an expensive way to cover grey. The normal box I use was only 50p more and would of been exact colour match so unless you add more solution, I probably won’t buy again. Remember not everyone has thin hair there are a lot of people like me with very thick hair!

    • You are blessed with having a great head of hair and if you have to use two boxes of color so be it you’re a lucky girl ! I am a colorist and sometimes I must use two bottles 2oz each and 4 oz 20 volume peroxide to cover a thick head of hair and charge the client extra money which they do not complain as long as it does the job. I see many women with very thin hair that would love to take you place. Don’t go cheap on yourself ! it’s the end results that counts not the money..if it is ..go natural !

  7. Please bring back Loving Care, the non-permanent coloring. It was Perfect for in-between coloring. Gave the hair a lustre–perked up the dullness which occurs on the ends. Miss it. Have even looked online to see if someone has a supply for sale. Not a good idea to take it off of the market. All other products contain ammonia and are drying.

    • Will you please bring back your Loving Care the non-permanent
      hair color. Me and many many others are asking you to help us
      that by bring this product back or a product that have the
      exact same ingredients as the loving care product. We all
      have tried other products that claim they have the same
      ingredients but that is not true. I end up swelling up
      and in the hospital. We really need your product back on
      the shelf.


      Jackie Matchem

  8. I’ve used your products many times in the past.however the last two times I have used Clairol 600 palest blonde balsam color to touch up my roots it did not work!what can I do to get my money back or replacement hair dye? If you could please answer my questions I would be greatfull. Thank you very much
    Angela byland

    I have the box from this last box of color if you need any info from it.

  9. I used a nice n easy colour 77 medium ash the 24 washes one on Saturday and have reacted really badly to this! I did a test patch on the Thursday before hand to ensure this wouldn’t happen! I am very angry as when I tried to call I was put through to a lady in America ( in in England). That phone call was a waste of time and also cost me a small fortune! I have got blisters on my scalp and around my hair line as well as swelling to the back of my neck! I am unable to work as if I move the slightest the blisters burst and they start to bleed! I am very very very unhappy and would like to speak to someone who knows what they are saying and doing! I am unable to wash or brush my hair and I’m loosing out on my wages! I am fuming!
    Please get back to me ASAP! I am on steroids from te doctor as it’s that bad!

  10. Has anyone else had a problem with the product Radiant Auburn staining your sink or countertop? I’ve been using Nice N Easy about 30 years and never had a problem with the other shades.

  11. Don’t ever ever ever use clairol, they lie to you and my hair looks horrible !! Use a trusted brand and not this knock off brand especially if going blonde.

  12. Just finished applying Natural Instincts Haircolor. I noticed that the color treatment formula and tube design has changed. As one who has used this product for years, I was disappointed by the change. It does not leave my hair as soft and silky as the other previous formula. With that even smaller tube of the previous product which was enough for even my long, coarse hair ………and made it feel wonderful , I looked forward to using this productt.

    While the color still works for me, the New Treatment Formula is a major disappointment… Please change back!

  13. Please please please bring back your Second Nature products. I have tried your replacement line SOY 4Plex and the color is no where near as natural…I’m gonna switch to Loreal!!!!

    • and conditioner had improved, specially you had 2 weeks treatment product with the hair color was very good. Unfortunately it is nearly 6 months that you changed the conditioner to coconut and it is the worth product.
      the conditioner stock to the scalp and I am getting bold,if your product remain the same I prefer to stop coloring my hair.
      I hope you change coconut to what you were using before.
      In advance I appreciate your concern

  14. Hi an good afternoon, I’m like other customers want to know why your company would not put back on the market your Luminize Clear , that was a great product. Your Company gives suggestions to use other product that doesn’t compare to Luminize I tried them..please please can you bring that product back

  15. I am trying to telephone Clairol from Berlin but without success!
    Will you please send me a number that I can contact you with!
    Many thank´s


  17. I have and love my nail works by Clairoll and have it for more than 30 years. I was wondering if you still carry the replacement heads for this product.

  18. I wished Clairol would start making the color cream hair color again I’ve been using it for years and I’ve got natural curly hair and it is the only color that makes my hair soft and manageable, I think they did the wrong thing by discontinuing it. I know of a lots of people that used it and I’m a cosmetologist that would put it on their hair. If any way possible I wished they would BRING IT BACK

  19. My name is Kathy, I used loving care for 20 yrs, it was discontinued. So sad because so many woman loved the old product. The replacements are horrible. After a few shampoos we are left with pink or purple hair. I as most cannot use perm hair color. The new products also leaves hair dry and brittle. Please bring back what we all love and know.

  20. I used Natural Instincts for the first time and loved it. Just
    used the Color Fresh enclosed to use 2 weeks later. The foil
    packet says to “shampoo as usual” but does not say whether to leave hair very wet, towel dry or blow dry before applying Color
    Fresh. Shouldn’t this step be on the foil packet?

    Thank you and hoping to hear your reply as I have purchased more of Natural Instincts and want to make sure I’m using the Fresh properly.

  21. Why have you discontinued Natural Instincts Loving Care? I have used this product for over 15 years with great results. It covered my gray and kept my hair healthy and natural looking. I am extremely allergic to permanent hair dyes – ammonia – peroxide and can’t find any other non permanent product. I’m not ready to go gray. I have read a number of comments from clients who would like this product brought back.

  22. I thought you might like to know I bought 2 Clairol Tecniques 1200 Travel hairdryers in 1990 when my daughter was in Los Angeles in the Miss Universe contest and one has just broken! The other is still being used in our villa in Spain. This must be a record!

  23. I thought you might like to know I bought 2 Clairol Tecniques 1200 Travel hairdryers in 1990 when my daughter was in Los Angeles in the Miss Universe contest and one has just broken! The other is still being used in our villa in Spain. This must be a record!

  24. I bought nice and easy 24 wash black dye box from boots and used it on my hair on the night without doing a allergy test first silly me. MY hair broke off everywhere and looked as if it was melting for days and had a allergy on my skin for days went to the doctor told me to leave chemicals alone if i want to keep my hair. MY advice is dont use this box its too harsh on hair only wanted to cover greys it has PPD in it. Wont be using a dye box again the box needs looking at very damaging product to use.

  25. For the past 2 or 3 years I have been a very happy customer with Clairol that was until tonight. Everytome I buy extensions it is the same shade and everything I use and as I unwrapped them from the tinfoil I noticed the hair dye looked green then I proceeded to wash it out and it washed off the extensions green and it didn’t even take to them. I am very unhappy and I will definitely not be using or recommending clairol to anyone again!


  26. I used the Clairol nice and easy blue/black on July 9th 2014. I followed all the directions, and the product gave me 2nd degree burns on 50% of my scalp,ears,and nape of neck. It is august 3rd as I’m writing this and I am no where near headed. I have had a trip to the emergency room and a doctor appointment every week to see if I am making progress. This is the most horrific experience I’ve ever had and will NEVER use this product again. I am trying to email the company directly as I am unable to use the phone due to ear burns. I didn’t even leave in for full 25 min. I cannot believe its so difficult to get a hold of someone in this company.

  27. Just used your age defying color for the first time. It is a disaster. I have been dying my hair for 30 years. The colors are so off. My hair is BLacK! The worst.

  28. I like your products, I was just wondering if you could send me some coupons so I could keep up my hair color I am on a limited income. Thank You.

  29. I have been using Nice Easy hair colour & I am VERY Happy with the product. The last time I bought a box & got home & started to use the product I was VERY disappointed as there were NO gloves in the box.
    Could you Please let me know why this was ???

    Thank You !
    Cheryl Ackermann

  30. I have colored my hair for over 25 years so I know what I am doing. I always use your root touch up dye all the time and never have a problem it covers my gray around my face. Today I colored my hair all over with 9.5PB/99 and it didn’t even touch my gray around my face. It looks like I didn’t even put any color on it. I left it on for the 45 minutes it said.I have long hair so I have to buy 2 boxes. So I spent Over $15 and still have a ton of gray hair. Very disappointed with the product when it say 100% gray coverage. Thanks for you time.

  31. I contacted their customer support and spoke to Shannon who it turns out is the supervisor. She assisted me with the color selection. The product I used did not work. When I asked for a coupon for a free box so I could try it again, she refused and told me the Sunday paper had coupons in it. I asked to speak to a superisor and she said she was the superisor and then i asked to speak to her supervisor and she gave me a number. I called that number and spoke to Marty in Jacksonville and was told that she could not over ride the supervisor who said no. She could not give me to someone else to speak to and kept saying she could not over ride the supervisor. What poor customer service. I will not be using this product again and will switch to another one on the market. Maybe they will have better customer service.

  32. I bought two boxes of hair color because my hair is thick and requires two boxes to do. I used them the night before thanks giving, when I put it on my head burned for the first 6-10 mins i don’t thjn anything of it. Waited the 25 mins as the box said, washed my hair. The color I bough was light blonde, my hair was a medium blond to start with. After rinsing and fixing my rots are of a strawberry red color, the rest is basically the same color I started with. My complaint is that my entire head especially the top back is now COVERED in blisters, very painful blisters all over my scalp from your horrible freakjng product!!! I will never again use that rand nor recommend it to anyone. The directions should day 25 min or until you can’t take the feeling of your head being on fire anymore!!!! I didn’t even make it the full 25 mins because it hurt so freakjng bad!!!

  33. I am looking for Born Blonde Ultra Blue… is saying it is out of stock on some sites and I cannot find it in Walmart of Ulta……can you please tell me where I can find it??? thank you!

    • I am wondering the same thing??.. and have not had a answer either???? Please let me know if you hear something 🙂

  34. I recently purchased Clairol Expert Age Defy hair color. I just want to say that I was very disappointed at how it covered my grey. Only a week after I applied the color my grey was showing. I have used other products and they would last at least 3-4 weeks.

  35. Were is Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Born Blonde (ultra blue) Hair Color. Not on Amazon,Walmart,Fred Meters, Target, QFC….Internet..ETC. What happened????? Looking for answers?????????????????

  36. Please bring back perfect 10, it was the only hair color i was ever happy with 100 percent of the time. The 10 minute wait made it so easy and my hair had little to no damage after repeated colorings. I have tried so many different brands but never had the same success.

    • Where or where has Perfect 10 gone. Very limited supplies at my usuat markets. Especially loved the applicator comb. Bought a color I didn’t like just to get the comb. Clean and reuse it.

      long time user of Clairol products. 78 yrs old. started with Light and Bright with the sponge dauber. How far we have come

  37. Myself and my mother bought and used Clairol Expert Age Defy she bought lightest blond and I bought Dark Blonde. Her hair turned out nasty color of brown and a bunch of her hair fell out (she has a very light strawberry blonde naturally and she just wanted to cover gray). Mine turned out almost black, and a bunch of my hair fell out. It started getting really dark while dyeing it so we called and was told it was normal but would not be the end results. OMG so freakin mad and embarrassing!!!!! I really don’t know what to do, scared to do anything with it or the rest might fall out.

  38. Im just wanting to beg you to please consider putting in your stock the loving care line . I used it for so many years . it was the best out there and still is if you made it . charge more but please put it back on the shelves .
    Thank you for listening .

  39. I am so upset that EVERY time I use your Root Hair Dye not only does it NOT cover all the grey but it usually washes out the first wash…. Why??? I am sure I am not the only person to have this experience. I just wanted you to know since every onth I complain about this to my friends. What am I doing wrong

  40. Hello, I have just used the frost & tip (which I have for many years). I will not be buying again, the hat absolutely stinks and is now even smaller. I don’t have a large head and I have short hair. The plastic is so cheap that the holes become too large and Hi lites are large blotches. There isn’t enough solution to go over my hair, (which is short!). I am very dissatisfied with what clairol has done to a good product in the name of saving money! I am hoping that this is a one off, but will go back to the Revlon product.

  41. Unbelievable!! I receved a Clairol True To Light Makeup mirror in the early 80’s for a Christmas gift. Though Husband purchaser skeptical of my use of it, Ive used it EVERY day of my life since with amazingly no replacement of bulb and still works and functions just as it did that Christmas Day. Its seen me young and now old! Its seen me skinny to fat to skinny to fat again…sad and happy! U outlasted that skeptical Husband! Happily divorced. Im so scared of the day when this old friend of 30+ years dies for good 🙁 Clairol You created one great product !!!!! Satisfied customer Tam

  42. I use your HAIRPAINTING nice’n easy. I love this product but really you need to put more product in this kit!! I have long hair and there is barely enough product to do the top. I get very frustrated with this. So either charge more and put more product in or I will have to look for a different product. Thanks again.

  43. I have used your HAIRPAINTING nice’n easy kit. You really need to add more product to this kit because there isn’t enough to barely do the top of the head. You need to either charge more and make this a bigger kit or I will have to look for a new product. Thanks again.

  44. Today I tried your root touch up and I was so disappointed. It didn’t do anything to cover my roots and I left it on for 15 minutes. I am so tired of wasting my hard earned money on products that don’t do what they claim. I paid almost as much as I would if I had purchased a box of all over dye. Thanks for nothing and I will not recommend this product to anyone.

  45. I can not find a store here in El Paso Tx that sales the Age Defy in 6R light auburn
    I would buy it on line but where. Your site only refers me to those who sale it and I can’t find anyone! Everyone has the 5R but I need the 6R
    Can you help me please!


  47. I had to comment on The age defy hair color.So dissapointed..Thought it would be nice for my grays..Didnt cover at all terrible.I had to go by the root touch up.Ill go back to nice and easy is much better..I used the l ight brown in both products..Thought you should know..Kathryn Acres

  48. I am so angry i bought your product to do my hair before i go on vacation now i have to go with my hair fried it didnt even lift my color it just burned my baby hairs i have died my hair since i was 16 and im 36 now and i have never been so disgusted

  49. I am wondering why you do not bottle and sell the Nice and Easy conditioner separately it a container, It is the best conditioner I have ever used!!! PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER BOTTLING IT

  50. I purchased color7cb from Wal-Mart box was sealed when I dyed my hair I noticed the color was to dark the dye bottle in closed was not correct IT was#116b last time I buy your product

  51. I thought you may find this interesting. I bought Clairol electric rollers in the 70’s. I have been using them since. Yesterday, they gave their last breath. Just thought I let you know that your products whether makeup or hardware are great and long lasting. Unfortunately, I will meed to purchase more. I hope they last as long as the ones I had. Thanks again for your fine products.

  52. I purchased two of Clariol Professional Beautiful Collection moisturizing color, in Honey Brown and Burgundy from Sally Beauty Company #3360. Neither of these products worked and I would like to know why and I want my money back! I have my receipt.

  53. I have been using Natural Instincts for years and really like it. I have a problem with the newly shaped bottle which does not allow the product to come out freely.

  54. i have been using clairol hair colours but no matter what colour i use it just never cover my grey hair
    i have to colour my hair twice a month and the colour just washes out

    please assist or advice me on what i should use

    • I have purchased & used the “root touch up” many times and like the product and results.

      I purchased one a few weeks ago from Walmart & when I was going to colour my roots a few days ago and opened the sealed box, you can imagine my surprise when there was no bottle of colour!! Just the little plastic tray & brush.

      I did not keep the receipt as felt not necessary & was few weeks ago.

  55. Bring back Luminize Clear. I dont know what you were thinking when you discontinued it. Very unhappy with what you claim is compatible : reme Demi Permanent Clear Mix Tones with Clairoxide 20-volume developer. It is garbage and left my hair dull and lifeless.

  56. I have dark hair. Specifically bought Natural Instincts krema keratina Light Golden brown because it states that it is made to be used on darker hair. It did not change my hair color at all! Waste of $8.99

  57. I need someone to help me find the United Kingdom’s head office for clairol nice n easy,
    Iv become very ill with a product and need to let clairol be aware.
    Please can someone help me as I’m getting nowhere.

  58. Is it possible to buy Nice n Easy hair colour WITHOUT the tube of conditioner? I have accumulated 6 tubes of conditioner which I really don’t need. Thanks

  59. Your product hair color Nice N Easy is a waste of money! You claim up to 8 weeks coverage, are you kidding me! Let’s try 11 days! I only wash my hair every other day and yet this crappy hair color only last not even 2 weeks! Why do you lie to the public!

  60. Just thought I’d drop you a note regarding my wonderful clairol big shot hairdryer. I received it as a birthday present and it must be 25 years old at least and still as good today as when new! Absolutely love it. Regards Susan mckay

  61. Clairol Nice n Easy Non Permanent NO AMMONIA. NO PEROXIDE Lasts up to 8 shampoos was a perfect blend for people with scalp irritation and allergies. I am extremely disappointed that Clairol have ended this product. Please consider bringing it back marketing to people with allergic reactions to ammonia and peroxide.

  62. I just wanted to compliment Clairol on making their new line of Herbal Essence Shampoos and Conditioners. Although I have not tried them all yet, I did try and am using the Herbal Essence Shampoo with Golden Moringa Oil, and I want to say that it is FANTASTIC. I have thick, unruly hair, and this product makes my hair feel so smooth right in the shower when I first apply it, and then even after when I rinse it out. This product is so good for me and people with thick hair like mine, because it makes it feel so smooth and tangle free, and soft. Great product – please continue to make this line of Herbal Essences. Thank You.

  63. Suddenly I am not able to find Balsam hair color at my local stores. Has it been discontinued? I hope not, I have been using for years. Thank you.

  64. I’ve been buying clarion age defy for years I normally buy light brown but fades to a blonde sort of colour in the sun so few weeks back I dyed my roots dark blonde and it matched perfectly so today it needed all over colour so I bought dark blonde again and it’s come out a medium brown I am not happy at all as I loved the colour it was

  65. Just watched addvert on uk tv and theres a group of women one moaning about paying £35.00 for a cut and blow dry come on clairol we are professionals and that is by mo means expensive in a salon get real and dont put proffesionals down

  66. Very disappointed with this product. While using this the bottle snapped and the liquid when everwhere.

  67. Today when using Nice and Easy blue/black. The applicator bottle cracked, causing the color to go everywhere. Although the end result looked beautiful on my daughter, I was disappointed with the bottle making a mess.

  68. I purchased your ptoductive “All That Shine. Was excited about reviews. I mixed it and before I could apply it to my haur, the plastic bottle ruptured. It made brought the varnish off my hardwood floor and I was afraid to use it on my head. Not sure why this would happen??

  69. I purchased a box of your product…All That Shine. I mixed it and before I could get it up to my head, the plastic application bottle broke all apart. It brought the varnish off my oak flooring. I was afraid to use it on my head and had to throw it away. Can you explain why this would happen??

  70. I PURCHASED YOUR All That Shine product.after mixing it, the plastic bottle broke all apart. IT took the varnish poo ff of my oak flooring. I was afraid to try it on my scalp. Can you tell me why it would have done this??

  71. I really like ur product but this is the 3rd time I I have used it & burned my temples & forehead. Also my eyes, nose & throat. I used the product in a well ventilated area even my lips r too a little bit
    I have my receipt which just brought today & did my hair today also. I’m not doing very well cus I’m hurting now. I need to know what ur company is going to do about this?

  72. I have been using Kalidacolor blue for almost 30 years. I loved it and had great results. Just wondering if you are considering bringing the old formula back. I have not been able to find any product close to the results I got from this product. Thank you for your time.

  73. Glenda
    August 19, 2017
    I have been using Clairol Kaleidocolors Neutral for years and have had great
    results. I highlighted my hair today and now have pink hair. As you can
    imagine or maybe you can’t because you knew this would happen. So now
    I have to have dark hair to cover up this mess. Your ever so charming rep
    said nothing could really be done till it grows out, because if I try to strip the
    pink out it will only come back, because of the formula change in this product.
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH CLAIROL!!!!!! Buyer beware of Clairol Productrs.

  74. I would have preferred to write a letter but as I live in the UK you don’t have one here. The Nice & Easy product is not what it used to be and therefore I shall find an alternative. I do not like it when manufacturers change products and not notify the customer. They cannot be trusted.

  75. None of the phone numbers are valid. How can I get my questions about Nice and Easy which I have been using for years get answered?. Do I have to start using another company?

  76. I just tried using Claire root-touch up for the first time. The product labeling is very very deceiving. There is only enough product to go down the top part and across the forehead. The price for this product is exactly the SAME as for the full size product.
    I have been using Clairol nice’easy for years.
    Not any more.

  77. I bought Clairol Nice and Easy in Natural Medium Ash blonde and mixed the colour seal conditioner with the formula instead of the activator.
    Can I still add the activator to the formula and will the colour still work?

  78. i got a bad product a while back. This multi millionaire co sent a coupn. I had just done my hair and do not do monthly but every 8 weeks. I went to use the coupon it had JUST!! expired and this millionire co wouldnt send me a new one and i still have this useless coupon. It pisses me off greatly and once a co. looses my business it sticks. Not only that I will tell anyone about it and not to use it. I might even look for ways to give a bad review for the product REALLY??? I had a few short weeks to get a new one??? What happened to a coupon lasting a few months?

  79. I messed up, applied hair color cream on dry hair instead of damp like I was suppose to. Any tips on how to correct the mess?thanks

  80. Hello! My name is Vicky Wagner. I have been using your Root Touch up product for a few years. I am happy with the product but last night when I went to do my hair, the sealed box contained a darker color dye, (more like black!) than what was purchased. I use “Dark Brown” and the mixture color is familiar to me. It is almost an amber color in the mixing tub. Luckily, I had purchased 2 boxes and the second box was fine.
    The blue tube numbers were exactly the same, as were the UPC codes on the boxes!
    I would appreciate a reimbursement for the box that contained the wrong color! I have pictures of the tubs of mixtures and the tybe numbers and boxes if you’d like to review them.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  81. I wonder if there was a better way to seal hair color boxes , I purchased nice and easy no 5 product code 6640001461 and they was no conditioner in the box , I was very unhappy

  82. I have used Nice & Easy hair dye for over 10 years with absolutely no problems until I used the new non-drip formula for the first time on Saturday March 3, 2018. the non-drip formula is awful. It did not completely cover my hair (which I have never had a problem with). I usually have some of the dye solution left over…not this time. My hair does not have the usual shine that it does after dying is very dull looking. The smell of the new formula is awful. Within an hour of applying the hair colour, I had uncontrollable vomiting (for over 15 hours). It started 15 minutes after rinsing the product from my hair. I have never had a scent allergy like this!!
    Thank you for messing up the formula as now after 10 years of being a loyal customer, I have to switch hair care products for my own health!! I am really not happy with this product at all. You should have left it alone!!

  83. I used Nice and Easy hair color last night to color my hair. It is the permanent color dark brown. I have used Nice and Easy for years. This time, my hair smells so good. The fragrance is fantastic. My question is, do you have any other hair care products with that same fragrance? I would buy them in a heartbeat. I am not sure if the fragrance is coming from the hair color or the conditioner but I love it.

  84. What has happened to Clairol nice n easy 3.5G Dark Burgundy Brown? I have used this product for years and have been very happy with the results. I bought the new improved one and the colour and finish is terrible! Far too red. You have lost a regular customer as this is now sub standard and not nice at all. I used to get complimented on my hair colour but not any more now its such poor quality and a total colour change. I am very, very disappointed 🙁

  85. Have used your product for years.
    Tried the new formula and def. has improved,you’ve made it easier to apply and the rich colour is great.
    Nice and easy..

  86. I dont have a review but a question. Is there an expiration date on the prodcuts?
    I purchased a WARM BROWN #5W from Targetn which I haven’t been able to find for a long time. I opened it up and the color activating cream is watery and only about 1/3 full in the bottle. The stamped # on the bottle reads.. 7261102000 10.7261102000 10.01.
    I hesitate to use it because it may be a very old product.
    Thank you for your response.

  87. I have been using nice n easy since I was in my twenties and I’m now 71, but your new formula which I bought last time has put me off purchasing this product again my hair was very dry and the colour wasn’t as expected, it is advertised that it has better conditioners but I didn’t find this to be the case and my hairdresser agreed I will not be using this product again.

  88. I understand why you like to change the boxes for the Nice n Easy for time to time , but you make it very difficult to find your colour, you tend to see numbers and letters instead of just looking at the colour name.. EX. Natural medium Champagne Blonde or Natural Golden Blonde. I mix these colours to create my own personal colour , but I find every time you change the boxes it gets more difficult to locate my colours and I spend too much time trying to find them, so why not Name first then all your numbers and letters.. you know… make it Nice n Easy to find.

  89. Racism.My name is Diana Burkhalter, I have been shopping in Sally’s Beauty Supply stores for over 30 years. I enjoy shopping at Sally’s so much I often travel about 5 miles to the closet store. On 03/17/2018 I went to Sally’s in Wynnewood Village shopping center Sally Beauty #619. I had a list of items to purchase most of them were African American hair care products I notice there were no product available and it was just card board pictures of these products. I ask the clerk was the store out of these items she said no whatever you are looking for I will go to the back to get them for you I sad why are the African American products in the back she said because some of y’all steal them. I was so hurt and offended because I have been a loyal customer for so many years and I have spent a lot of money with this company. This was clearly racist. I will share my experience on social media and with every person that I know. I will miss shopping at Sally’s but I will never shop with this company again. see card board pictures of Clairol Hair Products below.

  90. I am a uk customer and cannot find any customer service contact details. I wish to know if I can still get the colourseal conditioner separately in the uk. I have not been able to purchase it for some time now and have tried on many occasions to contact you (unsuccessfully)

  91. I just purchased the new clarion nice and easy black hair colour and I am not happy with it. I have used your product about every 3 to 4 weeks since I was 13 and I am now 47! Product is too thick and way too floral, smell irritated me all night. I have white hair from a young age and this new formula does not take well in my hair, so now I have to look for a new product so you have lost a consistent loyal customer…..

  92. I’ve been using your Cairol Hairpainting for over 42 years & was totally SHOCKED when everywhere I looked for it @ K-Mart, Walmart, Walgreen, Amazon, e-bay & yet was told it was discontinued. I was smart enough to call Clairol & ONLY. Then,I did I find out that it has been repackaged & given a whole new name, Babayage for Blondes, which looks NOTHING like HAIRPAINTING! I can’t even imagine how many women are going crazy trying to figure out what to do! Ugh. I worked in advertising for years @ B.B.D. & O & this would have been the LAST thing or way they would have ‘repackageed’ & put a whole different face on this GREAT HAIRPAINTING product. Please take my words wisely. I’m giving this new product a chance, but either way I WILL get back with you & tell you of the outcome.
    Thanking you in advance for this opportunity in inform my thoughts to you.

  93. Just used the new, improved Nice and Easy haircolor, staying with the 5RB I’d been using. No strong odor, scent is great! The best change I noticed was all the dye on my skin wiped off with a towel!!!! Love this!!

  94. What is the closest color to Clairol Balsam 600 blonde hair color. I know this product is discontinued and I really liked it.

  95. Why in the world would you change this product AGAIN??? I absolutely hate it and can very rarely find my shade in stores. The new tube of color is incredibly difficult to squeeze into the bottle of solution. I’m guessing your R&D department employees are in the age range of 20 – 40 years of age and do not have any issues with loss of strength, arthritis, etc. I am so disappointed, once again, with your disregard for customer opinions and, most importantly, our complaints the first time you changed the formula. And really, did you absolutely need to change the Color/Formula numbers? What you have done is just asinine and I, for one, will be looking for a new product. I am completely and totallly irritated, frustrated and disappointed in your product. Oh, and I have been a loyal customer for 28 years…no longer!

  96. I had a very scary experience with nice’n easy natural dark blonde. When I mixed it, the activator was very slippery like silicone. After letting the coloring sit in my hair for 25 minutes, I tried to rinse my hair. The water was CLEAR with no color in it. ALL OF MY HAIR STUCK TOGETHER and I couldn’t untangle my hair until I poured a handful of conditioner in my hair. I thought my hair was going to fall out, and I didn’t use a hair dryer because I thought it would catch on fire! I have been using Nice’nEasy for more than 30 years, and this experience made me really scared. What is going on?

  97. I have used nice and easy (number 6) for 10 years now and I’ve never had a problem with it. However, I recently purchased the new and improved nice and easy number 6. Firstly getting the colourant tube squeezed into the bottle (2) was a nightmare. The bottle kept moving around and parts of the mixture squirted out over the floor and counter. I don’t know if the mixture would mix properly as I don’t know how much actually went into the bottle. Now for the dying part. The mixture was of a watery consistency so it was constantly dripping down my face and just pouring out too fast. When I was running my fingers through my hair it was flicking the mixture onto the floor behind me so I had a lot of cleaning up to do after (not to mention my clothes had most of the mixture on). Thirdly, with the mixture being so runny it was hard to try and cover the fly away hairs on my forehead. Previously the mixture had a thicker consistency which stayed on easier, covered better and wasn’t messy to use. Not sure how long I would keep using this new and improved hair dye.

  98. Why has the shape of the box for Nice and Easy Permanent changed to such a ridiculous shape?
    Why have Clairol now put the colour in a tube? This is very messy to mix with the Colour Activator. It was so easy to combine the Colour and the Activator but I hate what you’ve done now.
    After using Nice and Easy for over 10 years I’m now considering finding a different product.
    Do not share my email address with anyone else.

  99. I am a first time user of your product, Natural Instincts, amonia free hair color. To my dismay, when I opened the sealed box the gloves and instructions were missing. I had to use storage bags when applying the cooorb and it wasn’t an easy feat. This experience was very disappointing.

  100. I’ve used Nice ‘n Easy (Dark Brown – 070018117106) for the past year with no problems. Yesterday, I realized less than 15 minutes into my wait time there was no possible way I should wait the entire time noted in the directions. I rushed to rinse it out. My hair colour had turned almost black. Also, the non-drip crème was anything but. I have short hair so I don’t use a lot of the dye, but it ran down my forehead, my neck and in front of my ears. Also, it wouldn’t rinse out as easily as it did in the past. After I thought I had it all rinsed out, there was still significant dye going down the drain as I rinsed the colour-lock conditioner from my hair. Lesser amounts of excess dye continued to flow even as I showered. There was even dye residue on the bath towel. In fact, this morning I awoke to discover streaks of dark dye staining my face and neck, much to my horror. Luckily I was able to remove it from my skin with significant effort. After rinsing my hair again this morning, I had to actually wash my hair twice with clarifying shampoo to remove the remaining dye from my hair as well as try to lighten the colour at least one shade. It’s still almost black in colour and does not look natural on me as my natural colour is dark brown. I don’t know what happened, but I will not be using this product again. I have never experienced anything quite like it. The numbers in the dark box below the SKU are 8012102000 07:29 This is not my first bad experience with Clairol products, but it will be my last as I will never go back to Clairol, despite being a faithful customer for many years. I think there was a lot more than just the shape of the box that changed.

  101. I have been using Nice’n Easy for over 13 years and have loved the results. Three weeks ago when I went to do my hair I found that the packaging had changed and there was now a tube instead of the bottle. I found it difficult to get the cream out of the tube and also mix it. I don’t know if you have also changed the formula but I developed a terrible rash on my neck and ears. It was so itchy, red and swollen for over three weeks. I don’t know if I suddenly developed a allergic reaction or if the formula has changed. I have never had a reaction like this before. I don’t know what to do in the future. I am scared to use it again as I don’t want to experience this terrible reaction again. What would you suggest?

  102. Very poor.
    You haven’t replied to my email about the allergic reaction I had several weeks ago after using the “new and improved product”.
    I am very disappointed, as I’ve used Clairol products for 30 years.

  103. I am so upset! I bought Nice n Easy 6G Light Golden Brown, the new box, expecting Light golden brown… my hair is now JET BLACK!!! I have been using light golden brown for years, you change the number and boxes throughout the years but I have always found the right colour. And for the first time ever it has stained my skin! I have to work in a few hours and have to be seen like this! What am I suppose to do?? I will have to wait until my hairdresser can fit me in to do at least highlights at $100. Who’s paying for that?

  104. Please let me know if I can still purchase Nailworks battery operated pedicure set by clairol. I damaged it when I attempted to change the batteries. I have been desperate to find it as I have tried other products and none can compare. Please respond by email.

  105. I purchased 2 boxes of Nice and Easy Hair color which I have used for years.
    I bought these from Savers in Broadstairs,the boxes had white sticky labels over the top of the boxes,which I didn’t see at the time of purchasing them.
    I used one of the Colourants last night and ever since then my head and scalp has been very itchy.
    I looked at the box which I had used and under the white sticker was prod 07/2017,which tells me if Im not mistaken that these are out of date and should not be kept on the shop shelf for customers to buy.Is this right ?
    I am however going back to the shop tomorrow to have a word with the manager. I wanted to bring this to your attention first . Many Thanks Mrs Jan Johnson My phone number is as follows. 07908793044

  106. I started going grey at age 15 1975. In 1983 I started using wash in wash out hair colour by loving care clairol now called colour enhancer. I have used this non permenent hair colour every week 10 days for 35 years.

    It lasts for 8 washes, and surprisingly enough I have very white hair now but no one knows and it’s thanks to this product which is discontinued in Superdrug and everywhere else. I found this out this week ending 13th July. 2018.

    This colour is my lifeline have you stopped producing it?????

    I have knee length hair and if I go grey I can keep my length, if I colour with the awful chemically harsh hair colours I’ve permenent and Demi permenent I will have to cut half my hair off as it will break.

    Have you stopped producing it???? Clairol have you stopped producing it???

    I am very upset, very very upset. VERY.


  107. I live in uk and as of July the 9th 2018 I can no longer get clairol loving care colour enhancer non permenent 8 wash colour number 78. Wash in wash out colour.

    I have knee length hair and this hair colour didn’t break my hair obviously. I have used it for 35 years and I am 70% grey but no one knows.

    Have you stopped making it? And if so PLEASE reverse your boardroom decision. This hair colour was wonderful. And I need it.

    If I don’t want to break my hair off I am consigned to going grey, as all other hair colours are harsh chemicals. If I go for colour my wonderful hair length will be wrecked by the chemicals. Please PLEASE please don’t do this to me I am desperate.

  108. Please tell me why the nice and easy hair colouring has been changed. I have used Baby Blonde for many years, the new product has left my hair brassy,and very dull! If you know where I can get some of the original I would be very grateful.

  109. Please tell me why nice and easy hair colour s been changed. I have been using baby blonde for many years, the new product left my hair brassy and dull. Please tell me where I can get some old stock, I will not be using the new product again.

  110. Dear Clairol Customer Service
    COMPLAINT – Nice And Easy Hair Color
    I purchased my monthly Nice and Easy Hair Color on Saterday from CLICKS Fourways mall , as ive been doing the
    past 20 years-
    When i got home – there was no GLOVES, no instruction leavlet !!!!
    I am very very very DISAPPOINTED !!!

  111. I have been using Clairol Nice n Easy every 3 weeks for years and years and absolutely HATE what you have done to it. Not only is the box difficult to get into, the cream is horrible to mix with the enchancer and what’s worse the colour is rubbish. It doesn’t last, comes off on your towel wash after wash and if you happen to get a bit on your skin you’d better have a woolly hat to wear because you cannot get it off. Terrible product and will not be using any more – my hair used to be so shiny and healthy looking – now it’s dull, dull, dull and frizzy. You’ve just lost a customer of over 15 years standing.

  112. I have bought the new Clairol nice and easy 9b and its not as good as the old one if a thing works why not leave the way it is even the tube is harder to squeeze out
    I have been using this product for years I may have to change it

    it makes my hair soft but to frizzy and I don’t think it covers the grey to well I have also used this for over 30years as I said if it works why change it
    Roseanne Scottish Borders UK

  113. I clicked live chat and found that it was not available. Then, I called the customer service line many times only to get a recording “all circuits are busy.”
    What I want to know is if one can still buy clips (previously item number 2641) for medium rollers in a small hot roller set. I have no idea what year the set was purchased. Thank you for any information you can give me about where I can get some of these clips.

  114. I just used the new hair color and hated it. I had medium brown and my hair is dark BLACK. Please tell me where I can get the original color as this is horrible. The new color you add from the tube leaked out all over my hands and the counter and the smell is so bad.My hair still smells from the new product, I will never buy it again. As a loyal customer for over 20 years I am very disappointed, bring back the older formula and I will be happy.

  115. I have been using your non-permanent hair colour creme for nearly 40 years. I am no doubt completely grey but now but the constant use of your product has meant that the grey has never been revealed even to me. I constantly have compliments about my hair and have never hesitated to say how much I am indebted to your product. I’m a highly allergic subject and it has been wonderful that I have been able to use your product without any problem.

  116. I have been using Nice & Easy for over 20 years but the new box and contents are very misleading. I got used to the old box. The tube of colorant and conditioner are exactly the same, I had to put my glasses on to read but obviously I couldn’t keep them on. First I couldn’t undo the white bottle it was stuck. I had purchased another box of the same colour so opened that one and managed to undo the bottle after this I realised when mixing the two together and putting it on my hair I realised that I had mixed it with the conditioner instead of the colourant. I had to try and wipe it off before using the other box again to put the colorant in the white bottle. I was very worried about if it would work but it seems to look ok. I had to use two boxes and it was very frustrating, please go back to how the items looked before to make it easier for people to use or I might have to try a different product.

  117. I am very disappointed that you have removed the colour 8G Natural Honey Blonde (formally 104) from your products. I wonder why because it is just as popular a colour as any other. I do hope you will resume it because I cannot find another colour that gives the same result. Thanks.

  118. Is Clairol Model PTC 20 r 120V 60 HZ 230W
    Listed 486APAT .Pend,
    U,S,A.PAT 4.147.927.

    K226K Still marketing this set of hot curels?
    I would like to purchase this set ?

  119. I would like to know why now you have changed the packaging on ice and easy it has put the price up, I have been using this produce for a number of years but now that I am on a pension I will no longer be able to afford to use it

  120. Please bring back the old nice& easy, I have used it for 35 years and am so disappointed in the color in a tube, liquid was so much easier to use. I will not be using nice & easy any more!

  121. Would love to see a nice n easy hair color in dark golden blonde. The medium golden blonde (8g) is too light after a few washes. Also, the instructions for that hair color state to shampoo hair after color process. I don’t think you mean wash with shampoo and you should clarify this!

  122. Hello, I purchased one of your hair colour products to only finding out there was a hole in one of the gloves provided in your kits. Unfortunately I didn’t find this out until pulling the plastic gloves off. Terrible stain on finger not happy!!

  123. Why oh Why do you have to repeatedly change a product just when I am comfortable using it – as it does a perfect job, and I personally identify with it totally. The latest example is the discontinuation of “Nice’n Easy” – Color 10PB – Extra Light Pale Blonde. Again, “Why change a good thing”????

  124. Hi there…i hate to complain but the other day I picked up a couple boxes of clairol hair dye because 1 box isnt enough. Anyways I begin dying and when i go to mix the second bottle there was something wrong with the other enhancement cream. The first one was brown and the other was white and watery. At this point I was stuck because i needed more dye so I attempt to finish my head. Anyways i had to stop using the second bottle. Which left me with a dye job that is not even. Anyways I am not happy at all and am unable to return it to shoppers because its been open and has dye on it. I feel like I should be reimbursed my money. I have my receipt for the bottles. I hate to complain but i would like to know how to go about getting refunded. Thanks for your time.

  125. Used nice and easy many times medium Ash blonde but the one I put on my hair this morning when I had finished it came out same as what is was no dye in it all very disappointing

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