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Contacting Chevron Customer Service Center

Chevron is an energy company that operates Chevron, Texaco and Caltex fuel stations and convenience stores. Products manufactured and sold by the company include motor oil, fuel treatments and various products for business vehicles and machinery.

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Contact Info:

Finding Chevron contact information was more overwhelming than we expected. Chevron customer service is a huge division of the company with dedicated departments for each of the major Chevron entities. We included some of the more relevant consumer contact information.

Phone Contact Numbers

We immediately noticed that there was no general Chevron customer service phone number. There are phone numbers for the corporate office and credit card divisions, however. No customer service hours are listed with the phone numbers, but Chevron is a large enough company to offer 24-hour customer service.

  • Corporate: 1-925-842-1000
  • Personal Credit Cards: 1-800-423-8766
  • Chevron Branded Visa: 1-866-448-4367
  • Business Credit Cards: 1-866-435-3201
  • Universal Mastercard: 1-800-226-3905
  • Travel Memberships: 1-800-222-0585
  • Human Resources: 1-888-825-5247
  • Employment Verification: 1-800-367-5690
  • Payroll Forms: 1-877-814-4274
  • Gift Cards: 1-800-352-1090

Mailing Address

There are a few mailing addresses listed for Chevron customer service, including the address to the corporate office for those issues that no one else can handle.

Chevron Headquarters 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd San Ramon, CA 94583


Consumer Connection Center PO Box 4000 Bellaire, TX 77402-4000

Official Website

Chevron’s official website is located at As the company offers only a few consumer products, the site is more openly dedicated to fuel and energy. The front page is all about clean energy production and solar power mining, but there are a few bits of news, including sales figures. You can also try your hand at powering a city in Energyville.

Customer Service Email

With the advent of the Internet and popularity of personal email, customer service options have changed for the easier. Customers can now log in to a personal email account or fire up their smartphone to contact Chevron customer service.

Our Experience

When we reached out to the customer service team, we encountered a live agent in less time than we anticipated. We called and the representative immediately answered the call. We asked if the company provided assistance programs for credit card customer who cannot pay their monthly bill. The agent explained the company allows customers to periodically skip a payment, customers can adjust the due date and the company allows customers to make a payment without interest.

The word from the customer service department is details. The agent provided several so customers are better informed when they make decisions. Was your customer service call this thorough? Let us know in the comment section below.

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10 Comments on “Contact Chevron Customer Service
  1. I am a frequent customer at the chevron station in Russellville Alabama on highway 43. I have never had the experience that I had today. The employee was to busy playing on her phone to get my purchase correct and her attitude was worse when I asked her to correct the amount of gas that I was trying to get. As someone that works with the public I know you always treat customers with respect no matter what. I will never stop there again and I usually stop 3-4 times a week.

    Mandy Starks

  2. Chevron has the worst customer service agents I have ever encountered. At this moment one has had me on hold for 23 minutes and refuses to help me. He was rude and he lied about policy and refuses to let me talk to another agent. This is not the first time I have had bad customer service from them. I will never use Chevron gas again.

  3. I paid 20 dollars for a gift card in Alvin tx. I tried to use it in san Antonio tx, thay would not execp it I have the receipt iwant to fax to you but I can not find a fax number will you give me a fax number thank you my fax number is 2104349295


  5. I’m trying to find out what is going on with my $25 Gift Card case # 01080562 and Ms Jannelle Bernal, your Customer Connection Center Specialist does not respond to my emails. I’ll see my mechanic tomorrow -3/25/16 – and share with him why I am no longer using Chevron products.

  6. Today many people are quick to the trigger to say everything that’s bad not realizing how good they have it. I used to go to one of the big coffee chains every morning for my $3 cup of Joe, then a few years back while getting gas I decided to go into the “Extra Mile” and give your coffee a try at #205222… Amir told me that the brand was changing to Seattle’s Best and that I should give it a try… His friendly attitude is reflected in his staff and the cleanliness of the entire station. He is protective of his customers as well as his company and I think you should know… A++

  7. My wife reported her card had been lost a few days ago. I went in to pay my bill early as I always do and my account is no longer available online. I called in to the customer service line and paid my small bill directly from my bank account. I was successful in accomplishing that task. However, in all my years with Chevron I have never been “cutoff” from service as I have over the loss of the card….which is the first time. I have used the Chevron card since 1976 and never paid a bill late, in fact, always early. Therefore, please cancel my card immediately because I find the lack of customer service unacceptable.

  8. I drove into a Chevron Marked Station and was trying to fill my tank when a “CARD REFUSED SIGN ” came on the Pump. The station manager said they no longer accepted Chevron cards, Only the brown Texaco card. What is going on???????

  9. Dear Customer Service Center:

    Today I spoke with a relationship person who was extremely helpful as I explained my complaint regarding an incident which happened at one of your stores while pumping gas. My case #1759567 was given to me as a back up for communication. She was very patient in listening and documenting what happened which I emailed yesterday and have copied below. I always appreciate good customer relations and would like to say thank you ahead of time.

    Incident at Sunshine Station 10 – Pompano Beach, FL on 6/13/18

    While trying to pull out the pump from my car, the pump backsplashes on me and my hands were covered in gasoline and it splashed on my feet (in sandals) as well. This was a traumatic event for me because I have a liver condition. As it is I wear a face mask whenever I have to pump my own gas. When I asked the attendant for assisted he said he could not leave since he was alone and another customer was gracious enough to pick up my gas cap from the ground and remove the pump from my car. I went to the closest place I could to wash off the gasoline which also remained all over the car under the tank.

    I am very upset and have made an appt with my doctor for this Thursday as I will need extra care and extra supplements (Vitamin C, Milk Thistle etc.) to recover from this. Within a half hour I was nauseous and had a headache so I know how my body reacts to toxins. Please contact me a.s.a.p. so I can speak to someone in person about this situation.

    Thank you for your help and consideration.
    Sincerely, Ellen Cole

  10. My card was not accepted twice when I tried to fill up at 8435 S Hampton in Dallas Texas. The cashier on duty said this station no longer accept Chevron cards at the pump and I needed to leave my card with him. Since I always fill up, I don’t always know how much it will cost, so I left, contacted Chevron and got disconnected three times when customer service tried to transfer me to ‘consumer connection’ to see if this station is no longer a true Chevron Station. I guess after being a Chevron Customer since 1994 I will try to find another service that will extend credit.

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