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Contacting Chevrolet Customer Service Center

The two big names in American automobiles are Ford and Chevrolet. For decades men have battled over the power of Ford versus Chevrolet and generations remain dedicated to one side or the other. The Chevrolet company took a hit with the rest of the automobile industry during tough economical times in the US, but they managed to reinvent the brand and climb out of the hole.

Customer service contact options are available for contact 24/7 so you have no reason not to get in touch with Chevrolet customer service.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info

The fastest way to contact Chevrolet customer service is to pick up the phone and give them a call, but not all customer service communication requires an immediate answer – so email and mail contact is also available.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service center for Chevrolet is open from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday to Saturday. You can also call the New Purchase customer service line from 8 A.M. to P.M. Monday to Friday or 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. on Saturday. No customer service calls are accepted on Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-222-1020
  • New Purchases: 1-800-950-2438

Mailing Address

If you’re one of those people who want to write a letter to show support or make a complaint, the mailing address for Chevrolet is:

P.O. Box 33170
Detroit, MI 48232-5170

GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Official Website

Like all other major car companies, Chevrolet offers a colorful website with pictures of new models, service departments and more. You can visit the Chevrolet website at This is a flash website, so if you have an older computer it may not work correctly.

If social media is your thing, Chevrolet is there for you. Chevrolet will answer your customer service questions on Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

Need to contact Chevrolet by email? You’ll have to settle for a contact page because Chevrolet does not publish the customer service email address. We sent a test message with a fake problem to see if the customer service department actually addresses the problem or if they send a formatted general response.

Our Experience

One of the biggest selling points for a company is great customer service. The customer service line for Chevrolet is typical with an automated response. You can press 0 four times to move through the automated system. We were placed on hold and the call was answered almost immediately. We asked the representative if Chevrolet vehicles could be serviced at any Chevrolet dealership. Of course, the answer was yes, but that the dealership would have to schedule the appointment to fit the availability of the maintenance team.

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57 Comments on “Contact Chevrolet Customer Service
  1. I have a 1994 Z28 is it common for the clear coat to peal off I notice a lot camaro are doing that. Is there anything that can be done about this. Can some one give me a explanation for this or suggestion seems to be a factory defect to me can someone help me plz thx. My cell number 678-542-4594.

  2. Just tonight I bought a “Certified” pre-owned Chevy Traverse. The sales person told me point blank that the vehicle came with floor mats. I left the showroom with the car at night (with limited visibility) and found there are no floor mats. Also, they are making me pay for an extra key where the car only came with one key. I have 72 hours to kill this deal, by law. I am seriously considering it (there are a lot of good deals out there). Killing a deal over Floor Mats… pretty silly, but I will do it. Who can help me with this issue? What a shame my first moment after spending 26K is filled with disappointment.

  3. Hi
    Could you please send me email address for wesvaal jakkaranda GM motors dealer they serviced my car in december 2012.

  4. My car, Chevrolet Captiva diesel made in 2012 with only 14,620 km has a serious problem. The engine oil was found in the radiator tank. According to the technician of Chevrolet Workshop in Jakarta, the oil cooler P/N. 95909219 and the radiator hose P/N. 95470790 shall be replaced with the new ones, but the spare parts are not available in Indonesia (which is not in-line with Salesman information before selling this car that all spare parts are available in Indonesia). It has been 3 weeks and until now I have not received any clear information from GM when my car will be ready. I would like GM to pay a serious attention on this matter by informing the estimated arrival date of the spare parts in Jakarta.

  5. I had more problem with this 2006 corvette that in car in along time headlight some thing inside them and you can clean it ,my seat is have had problem. please call me252 229 0292

  6. I bought a Sonic in Mexico last summer. It has a serious problem with the automatic transmission. There are many complaints in internet about the same problem with many cars in this country. Nobody seems to care. Can you tell me an e-mail I can send more information?
    Thank you.

    • I have had my 2013 sonic in the shop again its shaking lurching in has been repaired 4times its back in again as Im typing keep bringing yourcar back and hopefully it willbe fixed right also mine was damaged while at theshope the bumper keeps falling off abd wasnt told it happened till i picked it, my car has only 8000miles on itand im going to be contacting kemon lawyer

  7. Why do the Camaro’s have such small visors? I have a 2011 Camaro and the visors are SO small that the sun kills your eyes! Very hard to see and the visor is so small, it does not block the sun! I am thinking about going to O’Reilly’s to get a hook on visor – maybe put it on the bottom of the one that is there!

  8. Im a VERY dissatisfied customer. On February 20, 2014 i put $1000 down on a 2001 Chevy Impala at a used car lot name King Auto in Cahokia, IL. The very next day on February 21, 2014, the car shut down and caught afire while i was driving it. I was told today it was an “electrical problem” which was not MY fault or problem. The owner of the car lot refuses to give me another car unless i pay him $500 more!! They have $1000 of MY money, the car is totalled and im being treated as if IM in the wrong!! I need help.

  9. sir, purchased sail uva car on 20.01.14 my car diesel consumpion very low ,my car diesel consumed 16 km/lit, my car sail uva Reg No;TN 31 BA 3089,cuddalore,dt in TamilNadu

  10. My Chevy only has 45K miles and is less than 4 years old but I already have a lot of repair issues. What a nightmare…

  11. Sir!
    I had given my Chevy BEAT LT( full option) TN67/AK5150 for second free service maintenance with chevy dealer/workshop at A.R.A.S(P) Madurai at Nagari on 4th june14, with the complaint of Poor battery connection wich requires fequent charging and non working of A/C. But the vehicle is delivered with the same problem.Repeated request to the workshop is futile. and the vehicle is lying idle..My inability to send the vehicle back is not heeded . and sending people to repaair it.

  12. I’ve tried emailing and calling and I get no results from either. I also called the dealership where our equinox was bought and they have never heard of the problem that we are having and ofcourse now that my husband started driving it to work in January it now has 50,000 miles on it and it won’t be cover under warrant and I’m just getting a bit irritated. It was working fine on his way to work and then the radio and screen goes black, it is stuck on one station and on volume, occasionally it gets stuck on the reverse screen. The volume on the steering will also does not work. When checking on the internet this seems to be a ongoing problem with the 2013 equinox and I don’t feel we should have to be responsible for fixing something that the Chevy seems to already know about but no one will contact me back. Becky , Eminence KY

  13. got recall notice today 8/13/14.states gm has not received parts order from me? chevy dealer has same and also has same for 2009 caddy for over seven weeks. am I supposed to drive these defective vehicles forever? I have requested info as to manslaughter charges plus monetary damages being filed if I am forced to drive either vehicle and accident happens.

  14. I’ve always respected Chevy and on occasion I’ve bought a Chevy from time to time over the years. I understand the new Chevy’s have Wi Fi . Please : As an old New York Insurance Company Underwriter; I would not insure a vehicle with Wi Fi or I would charge an astronomical amount of premium for the inevitable distracted driver collision waiting to happen.

  15. I’ve purchased a 2011 Chevy cruze a year ago two days ago I almost lost my life when I was on the Florida turnpike going 70mph when the transmission went out with no warning no check engine light came on the vehicle stall and went crazy while an eighteen wheeler was behind me I was stranded at night until triple A finally came I had to pay 100 dollars out of my pocket for towing because of the distance and now have paid 80 a day for hotel The Chevy dealership first said nothing was wrong but after me telling them I almost got killed they took another look and later found out it was the transmission I’m 7hrs away from home in St.Cloud Florida I live in at Starling Chevy yes I received a loaner car but was told I couldn’t leave the state now I’m without money to get a hotel in sitting in waiting area at the dealer spoke with the technician who’s working on my car he stated that they keep pulling him to do other jobs that’s the reason its been so long my car has been here three days please I need help I’ve missed three days of work which I’m now gonna be short on my paycheck and my rent I trusted Chevy but now I’m regretting buying it

  16. I live near Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I bought a new Chevy malibu in dec of of 2011. I has 25000 K on it and I have no heat. the car has been warm for the first two winters and is now not warm. I took it in for that and the fact that the windshield wipers are very noisy. 3 major people at the dealer spent all morning trying to convince me they were idiots.they came up with some stupid ideas to try to tell why the heat was not cool and that it would be cool because of the four cyl. engine, and it was partly aluminum. that may sound logical but, why not the last winters?

  17. I’m writing from Bangkok, Thailand.

    I bough Chevrolet – Sonic 2 and a half month ago. First day I received the car I found unbalance of the wheel on the left one. Then I sent my car for checking at the showroom and I was told that the size of camper knot for the left and right wheel are not the same size. So they changed the knots on the left wheel. It took 10 days for this repair and I haven’t been provided with spare car to use for travel to work.

    in the last few days, (Jan 16, 2015) my car has problem again. The speed of the car is badly and there are strange sound underneath of the right wheel (actually 2 different ares). Could you suggest what has happening with this car. Can I request to change to the new car? I don’t want to continue using this one.

    Thank you very much.


    • I have been buying GM products for the last 20 years from the same dealership and have recommend family and friends to purchase GM products. I own a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse I purchased new in December 0f 09 it now has 69000 miles. The warranty expired 12/28/14 and not a moth later the engine check light came on and code says there is a timing issue. I have read on GM/Traverse forums that this is a problem with the 2010s. I contact GM customer and was told sometimes GM works with customer to resolve these issues but I would have to take car to authorized GM dealer. Took car to dealer and called GM back only to be told if it is not a listed recall there is nothing they would do. Now I may have to look to trading this Traverse because I don’t have the money to repair engine issues. Being a disable veteran I have limited income to put into a car that I am still paying for. My hope was that this vehicle would be reliable for more that the five years before any major problems cause by normal driving. I have maintained the vehicle according to GM manual but it seems GM parts have not held up to the GM reputation. I am a GM buyer and have had a great experience with GM and own other GM vehicles but it seems like I need to give another auto maker a chance which I really do not wish to. So if there is anyway to help with this issue please reply.

  18. I have wrote to GM customer service, and spoke to them on the phone. My problem was resolved better than I’d hoped for. I have always bought GM cars and trucks.

  19. I bought a certified 2013 Silverado. I brought my truck to Bayside Chevrolet in Prince Frederick Md. 20678. For service and for issues with steering and tire losing air. Shawn Bennett said everything was taken care of and a rack bushing was on order and stated on invoice 277909 “will contact on arrival.” The leak was still an issue and the tires were never rotated. I was never contacted about parts. I called on 2/02/15 parts had arrived and made an appointment. The truck was at Bayside on 2/10 for a day. I was given rental promised tires rotated, no evidence of leak and steering was fixed. Tire was still in right aft position still leaking. The bump in steering issue had not changed. I scheduled another apt for 2/27. Given another rental, had to return to Bayside to show the mech the steering discrepency. They had my truck for 3 days. As I had suggested they replaced steering column. As shown on invoice 80042 a nail was found in side wall of tire! Replaced, rotated, oil changed, oil life reset. It is 3/5/15 I have put 398 miles on vehicle. Tire still in aft right location, still losing air, oil life is at 62%. I’m a licensed A&P aircraft inspector for DynCorp Int. I’m insulted by this clear disregard for simple timely maintenance. I have owned seven chevy trucks in 13 years and never thought it would be the trust and performance of the Chevrolet service Dept. to cast doubt on the Chevrolet name.

  20. Chevy has the worst costumer me they don’t care I love cars I bought a new 2014 Equinox ltz after 6 month started giving me problems after a few month they finally fixed it but the dealer destroyed my interior then it them 3 month to get the new interior .then 4 weeks to try to install it then they call to tell that my car was ready then my wife gets off work early and goes to the dealer when she gets inside the car wasn’t fixed wright what a waste of time so she had leave the car again,then I called Chevy costumer care and they told me all the dealers are privately own they would try to help again but nothing really gets fixed correctly I would never buy another Chevy again can’t go through this again hope I get my car back one day all fixed

  21. dear chevrolet team,

    i purchased sydan car sail LS new from dealer namakar motors pvt ltd Meerut on 10 NOV 2015 . but i could not get RC and other related doc . and very poor and irretated service. their staff are not giving proper response. many more works of vehicle are still pending . vehical parked at chevrolet’s garaz from last 10 days. (24/11/2015) .
    pls make them responsive so that i may be satisfied with the service of chevrolet pls.really your service standards are poor and can not meet curtomer satisfation . i would like to all my collegues not to buy chevrolet veh at any cost.

  22. I drove my 2007 Chevy Silerado into the dealership, Ferman Chevrolet of Tampa, Fl. It was running very poorly, I had to feather the gas to keep it running at stop lights. I told them I did not want them to repair or take anything apart without my approval. I had run through a checklist online and found that the next three items in line were in warranty for 80,000 miles. My truck only had 68,000 miles on it. I only wanted them to find the issue with it. If it was under warranty they were to fix it. If it was not there were to do nothing. My car was inthe dealership for 1 week while I waited for them to even look at it. They came back and told me the engine had no compression in cyl 1. and that I needed a valve job for $2500 to resolve it. I refused that and went to pick up my truck. I could not get there so Iasked that they tow it to my house at my expense. When the truck arrived the left side of the engine was apart in boxes in the truck. I was furious, they never thad permission to take it apart and they did not put it back together. They offered nothing to resolve my issue or restore the engine to the state they received it in. I had also listed the issue with your complaint department and they never gave a call back as they had promised. From what I see Chevrolet does not really care to address custmoer concerns. I have nothing good to say about my experience with that dealership concerning any service done. I have no faith in Chevy products after this.

  23. christon swanson look in to his deal he made in 2011 withj x wife and boss john ollerenchaw precision collision

  24. precision collision working with gm comerchils precision.nothing precision about him skum with aids according to his partnen leonard trash brother this is not going away for nun of them.

  25. I have purchased Chevrolets since 1979 and currently own a 2015 trax and 2016 Traverse and am going to be selling the 2015 trax with 495 miles on it as I have retired and as you can see, it does not get driven much. My question is how do I transfer the remaining 21/2 years warranty and 4 service appointments to a new owner. thank you for your help.

  26. This is probably the wrong place for this question but maybe you can steer me in the right direction. I build engines and I recently acquired a 1967 327 engine code ME It is unusual in that it has two one and half inch threaded holes behind the timing chain Can you provide any guidance? Thanks Troy

  27. I purchased a new silverado 4×4 LT at hubler chevrolet!! September 07 2015 at hubler chevrolet!! They lied and cheated me out of money for my trade in value!! The new car sales manager told me before I got the truck he would put new all terrain tire on the new 4×4 truck after I get the truck he will not!! LIED AGAIN!!! The new car sales manager told me before I got the new truck he would install a chevrolet bed liner!! he has not and will not install the bed liner!!! ANOTHER LIE!!! The salesperson told me this new truck has on screen maps and navigation it does not and they will not install it!!! YET ANOTHER LIE!!! The sales person and the window sticker advertise this new truck to get 16 mpg city and 22 mpg highway!!! This new truck gets 14 mpg city and 18 mpg highway!!!! ANOTHER LIE!!! This new truck has developed a very loud and annoying ticking noise it is embarrassing I took the truck to the dealership they told me it is the fuel injection and it is normal!!! ANOTHER LIE!!! THE NEW TRUCK DID NOT MAKE ANY NOISE WHEN I TEST DROVE IT !!! I WOULD NOT HAVE EVEN TEST DROVE A VEHICLE THAT MADE A TICKING NOISE!!! The dealership still has not gave me the original second set of keys to a brand new truck!! ANOTHER LIE!!! I HAVE BEEN TO THE DEALERSHIP MANY TIMES THEY WILL DO NOTHING!!!! I HAVE CALLED THEM NO RETURN CALLS!!!! I HAVE E MAILED THE OWNERS AND NO REPLY!!! I HAVE EVEN SENT THEM A LETTER LETTING THEM KNOW HOW UN HAPPY AND DISSATISFIED I AM NO RESPONSE!!! I HAVE CALLED CHEVROLET THEY DO NOT CARE AT ALL AND VERY RUDE DID I MENTION THAT CHEVROLET IS VERY VERY RUDE!!

  28. I have had chevrolets my entire life and have never had this many issues I got a new truck and no one at chevrolet cares!!! And now on top of all the other issues that I have been having the transmission is not shifting properly this new truck has only got 4400 miles on it and the dealership tells me the transmission is shifting normally!! The transmission was not shifting like this when I test drove it !!! I would have brought it back to the dealership and walked away!!! For chevrolet telling customers it is normal is the easy and cheap way to get customers to accept the vehicle until the warranty is over!! TRY calling chevrolet or the dealership and getting them to help you the customer is not going to happen and that is what upsets me and why I am not ever going to purchase another chevrolet vehicle ever!!! for many years I have told people how loyal I am having owned many many new and used chevrolets but now I am very upset and dissatisfied I will tell many many people how Hubler chevrolet in Indianapolis treats there loyal customers and how chevrolet treats there loyal customers I have bought many new vehicles from this dealership but never again!!!

  29. Sir/Madame I own a Chevy Cruze LT 2013 kl1pm5c50ck533604 and ever since i have a problem with the car with regards to HEAT comming up from the pedals especially when i drive the car for a period of time, i spoke to the dealership lifestyle motors Trinidad and was told that the engine design is the fault and cannot be fixed. I am not at all happy with this STUPID answer from the dealership. I have however being using the car since 2013 but now it is bothering me alot, I have the report from the dealership stating such and I await your answer to this situation.

  30. Stopped at the Chevy dealer in Murfreesboro Tenn, they were just great. I had a small problem with a tire, they got me going again and even washed the car, GREAT SERVIVE, service man Mark Norman more than kind.

  31. stopped by to look @ Spark. friend, disabled military, was with me to check on vechicles by chevy to implement a lift. Jessica, very new, but has potential to work MUCH higher up on the C.S. ladder. Mgr, Dave, a waste of our time, condescending to my paraplegic friend and had no brochures a/v on the Spark. Only Jessica was professional. Dave didn’t work up a finance estimate for 36 mos & downpayment of $2000, left to ‘find’ a brochure for my friend on the Tahoe and the Spark for me and never came back. saw him sitting w/ another employee apparently having forgotten about the 2 WOMEN who were car comparing. NEVER stepping back on that Chevy lot ~ until we hear the male employees have training … in sales. I was married to a salesman, graphic design. NEVER did he turn his back on a sale…no matter how small. PR is critical & we have since learned many have visited this Burien chevy dealership…and vowed never to return. Appears to be a long standing problem corporate doesn’t find relevant.

  32. Regardless if you have a question about our inventory, auto services, or available financing, our Wasilla Chevrolet dealership experts are here to help you.

  33. I own a 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. Recently, the car doesn’t think it is in Park when I turn off the car. The screen says Action Required – Shift To Park…but the car is in park! The problem is intermittent, which is a problem for the repair techs. They can’t recreate the issue and so they can’t fix my car. Additionally, 2 dealerships have said if they can’t recreate the issue, I will have to pay for the rental/loaner car.
    I feel this is poor warranty and customer service.
    Any suggestions or advise?

  34. Bought a new 2018 Equinox…very nice love it except for the fact the home-link doesnt work. Waiting for parts to fix. Techinician got greasy hand prints on gray headliner and the trim doesnt fit now like it did from factory…very upset!!! Seems like everyone has quality control and pride of workmenship issues now days. When you raise hell about it they make you feel like your the bad guy! Buying Ford next time.

  35. For the second time I have spent two hours attempting to remove the spare tire from its storage place under the rear of my 2011 suburban without success each time. I will be taking it in to a garage ( not a gm) next week to real mechanics and not idiots like those who designed the spare tire storage hanger on the car that I have. The person that wrote this section of the owners manual should have known from the instructions that it was a bad design. I have always bought new chevys, the first was the 1961 super sport. We have given each of our children two, one when they graduated from Texas A&M and the second when they gave us grandkids. My question is: has the spare tire storage hanger been changed so that it is easily removed??

    • Had that problem. the tube from bumper to lowering unit had come off. took it to a real mechanic and he got tire down took him about 39 minutes
      I think the way tube attaches to lowering unit is no good

  36. I have a 2005 Chev Impala with approx. 131,000 miles. I slid the cruise control OFF ON lever to ON. Went to the speed of 65 mph then press the SET control button, at that time the vehicle accelerated to 70 – 75 mph. I then hit the brake pedal to disengage the cruise control & it wouldn’t shut off. I then slid the cruise control OFF ON lever to OFF, the cruise control still wouldn’t shut off. Press the brake pedal a few times, no luck. I then applied the emergency brake & pulled over to the side of the road where there were ridges in the road to try to slow the vehicle down. I then put the shift lever into neutral & was able to shut the vehicle off. I was really scared & my grandson was in the vehicle with me.

  37. I have a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado with les than 5000 miles
    h a problem with ambient temperature sensor. it is not working properly so when I start vehicle with remote a/c and heat do not work properly. Also when driving it may take three or four hours before temperature on screen is correct. I was given a letter that need to drive vehicle for at least five minutes at 20+ mph for it to work/That seems ridicules to me had a 2013 GMC never had A problem with system. If I had known there was a problem would not have bought Vechile.

  38. Recently my 2010 Chevy Traverse had 3 problems. I went to Taylor Motors in Lancaster, Ohio. I scheduled an appointment to have (1)the tire pressure transducer that wasn’t reading changed, (2) the drivers side window switch that controls the passenger side window changed, and (3) to see what the check engine code was reading. Three days later I took the Traverse in for the appointment. Two hours later they came out and told me (1) the tire pressure transducer needed changed,(2) the window motor was bad,( but the passenger switch would work. Motor doesn’t seem bad to me)! And (3) the timing chain needed replaced!!! This cost me $175.00 to have nothing done!!! Many Traverse owners are having the timing chain problem. Time for a recall? I am thinking on trading the Traverse in on a new Traverse but it is worth much less with timing chain problem.

  39. I purchased my Corvette Stingray from Glendora Chevrolet. I am a very disatssfied customer. Great at selling me the car, but very bad at servicing the car. Customer Service at Penske Toyota is better. Might look at Porsche next time. Like the car but service is bad.

  40. Please STOP with your pathetic TV ads !!!!
    They are SO fake….all you accomplish – is for us (the public) to HATE YOU!!!!!

    Brain-washing us with your pathetic ads will NOT urge us to buy your product !


  41. Purchased a certified used vehicle with l extra warranties over $5000 worth
    7 days later front rim slashed in half while on highway
    Towed it to dealership
    Have all this extra warranties right?
    Not any good. Paid out of pocket $1700 to fix problem
    Nasty attitude. Rude sales manager and didn’t get the tires on right the first time so had to argue about that s well. Never again. Worse experience ever
    Customer service? No help either
    Apparently the customer is always wrong.

  42. Dear Person that has to put up with day in and day out,
    I went to buy a car at CHampion Chevrolet Johnson City Tn, My credit was 680. I know that aint great but it is a lot worse know. The Dealer ran a credit report then GM, and 4 to 5 more lending companies. I knew how my credit was before I went to buy a car because the Law office of Lexington told me. After going to the dealership my credit score was 530 the next day. So, long story short I will never buy a Chevy or Gm product the rest of my life. If that representative at the dealership shows how you do business, the only associate of Chevy that I interact with not the CEO, COO, CFO than It is no wonder that your company had to be bailed out a few years ago. You know every year I do my taxes your company gets paid – how many trillion is America in debt. I have said my peace and will let by gone be by gone. But if you thing I will bail you out next time over tarrifs and all that bull you got another thing coming. I will vote for whom will oppose even the notion to bail you out. I could be upset because I bailed out Ford but Ford didn’t need the money. They took the money just in case for the most part. The INTEREST ACCRUED had to be next to nothing. Chevy was not credit worthy as far as I am concerned and why in the hell didn’t the large banks bail you out……. Chevy and the way I am today because of the CHEVY CERTIFIED DEALER where/are in the same boat bear ly treading water. The difference, I don’t have the money to buy government official perse special interest to loan me money. Sorry droning on. I could really pick you apart. ONE MORE THING AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY AND MAKE SURE THE CEO gets this HA ta HA HA HA Like I said the only person I know that is affiliated with Chevy ruin your image to me. MY PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT, AND SOCIETY IS “if you want to change the world you change the way you spend your money”

  43. I want to know why I haven’t received my first service survey. They told me I would get it in 8 to 12 days. I had my service done on the 8-17-18. I’m sure they changed my address because I was not happy with the service. I know every customer should get a survey.

  44. I have a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500/High Country ( VIN 1GC4K1E83FF537726) INVOICE #161353 and am requesting your assistance regarding a part failure which was replaced on 31 May 2018. My 3 year warranty expired in February 2018 only a couple months prior to this part failure. I do not feel I should have incurred this cost as the camera should have lasted longer that 3 years. The cost for this repair was $562.17 (Parts and Labor). This was a two days repair as the part (PN 84237650) was not available, I live about 80 miles and there were no courtesy vehicles available so, I had to drive home and back the following day (180 miles PLUS my time and additional fuel costs). I feel this cost should be aid by Chevrolet

    Thank You
    Fred McLane
    (937) 408-0798
    191 Burr Oak Rd
    Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

  45. I need Customer Service District Manager to Contact Me to discuss faulty repair service related to Water Pump Extended Warranty Bulletin at RK Chevy in Virginia Beach and Price Chevy in Charlottesville VA.

    2011 Chevy Cruze Coolant system nightmare.

  46. I have a 2020 equinox and would like to purchase a set of roof side rails. I was told locally they are not available. I would like the glue on type with the 3m tape. CAN you direct me to anyone?

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