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Contacting Cellular One Customer Service Center

Cellular One is a cell phone and communications company that merged with AT&T in some areas. The merged companies transferred customer service from Cellular One to AT&T, but not all areas merged or transferred service. Cellular One is still a communications provider in Montana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. There are three separate companies working under the Cellular One umbrella. The company you need to contact for customer service depends on the area in which you live.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Cellular One customer service is split into three companies – Cell One Nation, Cellular1 and Cellular One Online. They are all Cellular One customer service; they just provide answers to customers within a set area. We’ve listed the customer service phone number and hours and below the number the area codes where service is provided.

  • Cell One Nation: 1-866-702-1248 (7 AM- 10 PM Mon to Sat, 10 AM – 7 PM Sun)
  • Serving area codes: 979, 940, 936, 903, 580, 512, 409, 406, 405, 337, 318, 307 and 254.
  • Cellular1: 1-800-735-2355 (No hours listed)
  • Serving area codes: 618 and 217.
  • Cellular One Online: 1-800-730-2351 (24 hours)
  • Serving area codes: 928, 505 and 435.

Mailing Address

When you have Cellular One customer service spread across three websites sometimes it’s easiest to contact the corporate office by mail instead of the individual company.

Cellular One Corporate 2410 W Jefferson St Springfield, IL 62702

If dealing with the local company is more comfortable, contact your company at:

Cell One Nation 10 S Colonel Rowe Blvd McAllen, TX 78501


Cellular One Online 1500 S White Mountain Rd Show Low, AZ 85901

Official Website

Choose the website for the company that serves your area code. Check the Phone Number section above for a complete list of area codes.

Customer Service Email

The Cellular One communication confusion continues with contact information for email customer service. Again, there are multiple email forms so choose the form associated with the Cellular One in your area.

Our Experience

Existing customers will not have a difficult time reaching customer service. New customers on the other hand will have a difficult time. The first question asked on the automated system asks customers to enter their cellular number. In the event you are a new/potential customer, you will need to wait in order to speak with a customer service agent.

We waited and eventually spoke with a customer service agent. We asked if the company had plans in place to assist customers late on their cell phone bill. The agent apologized and stated the company did not. The recommended reducing features or even changing the type of phone in order to lower a bill. This was an honest answer from a professional customer service agent. What was the level of professionalism when you contacted the customer support department?

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20 Comments on “Contact Cellular One Customer Service
  1. I am a Cellular one customer of 3 to 4 years standing.
    I can obtain no information as to service of phones
    in our possession (2) from Sprint locations. In addition
    I believe that I am encountering some issues with my
    personal phone (LG) and would like to speak to a representative either of Cellular one or Sprint as to my
    possible lines of approach. It is hard to believe that a
    provider I had great service and experience with would simply close their stores, give us no notification and
    just keep billing us for the service. Would sure like to
    obtain some guidance.

  2. Tryn TO See why my Phone keep going off I can’t send text it make calls I tlk TO someone yesterday n they told Me that I Have six days before It gets turned off AND I was going to Pay It Thursday like I was told that I could Pay It On that so why Is MY phone off again

  3. My service was shut off. I made a payment of 68.08 the total amount due was 164.00. I called them and they said that if I didn’t pay now I couldn’t get it restored. Now when I called I ps 68.08 so they wouldn’t shut me off. I told the girl that I got pd the 26 and would pay off the balance she said that would be fine. So today they shut me down. But because the girl didn’t put it in her notes they shut off my phone and added an extra 40.00. So I paid the past due balance and they can’t wait until the 26. They sure know how to make an extra buck. Me and my husband are retired and live on a small amount. We didn’t have the whole payment so they shut us off because of someone else’s incompetence of not putting in the arrangement

  4. cellular one is the worst service you can have and they are the biggest liars. They tell you what you want to hear until you sign on the dotted line… of the contract one they have you their is nothing you can do I do not recommend them

  5. This company is a joke. I encourage everyone to not buy with cellular one/centennial. When it was centennial I had great service. Now customer care is not even open on Sundays. They advertise they are open but no stores or no one to call to fix any issues.

  6. I have been a customer since 2009 and used to think this was a great company to deal with. However, over the past 2.5 years they have been sneaking a ridiculous amount of fees into my bill. I have been charged, every month, some amount for “overages” even though I pay for unlimited service. They cannot and will not explain what these overages are for. It is a small amount but adds up every year. Then they started charging for the priviledge of being billed, and then a fee for making a payment, then a $5.00 a month (twice in one month) fee that has no description. This company has become like so many other big companies: Nothing but a BIG RIPOFF, treating it’s loyal customers like personal ATM machines. I am done with them. Going with a prepaid from now on.

  7. It,s really frustrating when you go to use your phone and it says emergency calls only.If you guys know works gonna be done you should text the customers to let them know.

  8. In Nov 2012, I purchased a Cellular One Motorola cell phone for my wife’s birthday. She used it regularly until this past August
    when it didn’t hold its charge for any length of time. We called
    and talked with a customer rep who suggested apps were wearing down the charge. He walked her through eliminating several apps. That did not correct the problem. The phone continues to need constant charging often 2-3 times daily. We went to a battery store yesterday and the clerk said the problem is not the battery but rather the charge port on the phone. I called customer service today and the clerk said she could be of no assistance and since the warranty expired 28 days before today, she recommended we purchase a new phone, which we did. We have no assurance that the new phone will not come up with the same problem as the first one. I am recommending that this problem be brought to the attention of the manufacturer of this phone in order that other consumers may not have our unsatisfactory experience.

  9. You guys are proving to me that y’all are the cell phone company for me. But I don’t much like this moto G. Device I’m gonna c what ur awesome people at the Helena store can do to help me change phones at reasonable price

  10. Hello. Tried to email and none of the emails worked for me!

    My phone suddenly stopped worked yesterday due to the on/off power button getting stuck. I would like to file the insurance claim.

    thank you

  11. I do not appreciate the constant calls from your company. The bill is not due til the 15th of aug. So do not threaten me with collection. You are in the wrong by harassing me! You guys dumped montana…we did dump you so back off before I file a complaint on you! Sincerely, Sandie Gordon

  12. Superior service received from Cellular One staff member Cary Peterson in Show Low, Az.- Cary was caring, by being helpful, kind and friendly, and treating me like a special guest over the phone by helping me to take care of my cellular one phone. She was mah-ve-lous!!! Hence, she is deserving of some type of award, as I’m sure this is how she conducts herself in all her dealings with other Cellular One customers!

  13. I was a cell one customer for over 2years. The coverage sucked. They did not have any solutions for the problems i had. they kept telling me to go to my nearest cell one store. I hated doing that because the representative working there was very unprofessional, very rude to all the customers, esp the older customers. never smiled, talked bad about other clients and just did a lot of yelling. I dont know why they havent fired her!

  14. we were in the office last week. several complaints. the manager completely solved our issues. with the exception of the money need to add taken from our account. The 447-7037# had access charges that we have no idea what is was. the phone was updating and the plan we have did not cover these charges. the saleman that sold us the phone should have made sure we had the right plan.

    We have gone back to a simple phone for that number. We have been receiving texts and calls from Home office concerning our bill. we were assure that 40.00 would be credited to our account for last months over charges. and now we see we have more charges when we thought they had turned off all these updates.

    we are very dissatisfied with our coverage in our area. we have no access from our home. we have to go outside and then may not be able to call out. Thank goodness we have a landline. we would like these issues to be considered. we have been customers since 95.
    Thank you

  15. Trying to reach someone for problems is lIMPOSSIBLE….I had calls from the service dept but the gentleman spoke virtually no English Рcould not even understand the call back number.
    I need a call back asap/July 31,2018 for help.

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