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Contacting Carowinds Customer Service Center

The Carowinds amusement parks are located in North and South Carolina. This southern treat is one of the more popular family amusement parks on the east coast. Prices for Carowinds admission are lower than other amusement parks like Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion making it easier to take large families and large groups for a day of fun.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available by phone during normal business hours. The business hours change throughout the year with shortened hours at the beginning and end of the season and longer hours  during peak months.

  • Customer Service NC: 1-704-588-2600
  • Customer Service SC: 1-803-548-5300

Mailing Address

Write to Carowinds customer service at:

Carowinds 14523 Carowinds Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273

To ensure faster customer service include you name and contact information in your letter. It is imperative that Carowinds customer service have some way to get in touch with you if the need arises.

Official Website

Visit for information on the park, seasonal hours and opening/closing dates for the amusement park. Customers wishing to order tickets online and do so for small and large groups. Special pricing is available for groups up to 100 and groups of more than 100 visitors. Special events, like the Scarowinds party, are also held at the park with special tickets issued for the event. These events and ticket prices are available on the Carowinds website.

Customer Service Email

There is no dedicated customer service email for the Carowinds customer service department, but there is an online form that customers can use to contact an agent. There is no mention if an agent will still respond after the park is closed for the season, though we suspect someone is handling communication during that time.

Our Experience

The customer service line for Carowinds can be bypassed by pressing 0. You will be transferred to a customer service agent who can answer questions about park events, ticketing and hours. Our call was placed on hold where it stayed for about two minutes. A loud male agent answered the phone and asked if he could help us, but didn’t give his name. We asked about group pricing for Carowinds passes. He advised us that groups pay $30.75 per ticket and that a minimum of 15 tickets must be purchased to qualify for the Carowinds discount pricing. That price is significantly lower than the retail price that ranges from $33.99 to $54.99.

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46 Comments on “Contact Carowinds Customer Service
  1. I rode the afterburn on Wednesday April 3, and the staff there was amazing. In the mean time the cafe in snoopy land had horrible service I waited in line for an hour and they didnt have silverware, or cheese and all the sodas were out of syrup

  2. We payed full price for tickets. Did not say anything when we entered the park but after only being there about 30 min they decided to close the park at 4 o’clock due to rain but no lighting.nothing open, thanks for taking my money!

  3. We had a great experience overall will definitely go back. The ride lines were good the staff was friendly and helpful. Got some good information when needed also some bad but the staff was eager and happy to help. The food was actually a lot better than expected for an amusement park we expected it to be expensive and it was but it tasted a lot better than we expected. Had an employee at one of the restaurants actually roll their eyes at me this was not expected but at the expense of my children having a great time at a good park I left this alone.

    • They made my 16 year old son pay $49.99 for a ticket last night when he already had a season pass! We will NEVER go back to Carowinds!

  4. I brought my family there one of your guys named bill who searches thing snatched my sister stuff putting her into a panic attack I told him to stop cuz her heart would stop well about an hr later her heart actually did stop and was rushed to the hospital so I will never visit your park again im very disappointed of how unprofessional your associates are they should be trained with people who have disabilities im very disappointed and upset

  5. I called your customer service today to get assistance in retreiving my purchased season passes.
    I do not think that I’ve ever experienced such bad customer service. I know your reps are probably seasonal but that man who answered was so rude that I was trying to calm him down. I explained that my email was not available & asked where could I go to retreive my pass. He asked for an email address. I asked if he was sending the email for me to retrieve at that moment, he yelled & said “Maam! what is the email address!?” I provided him with my work email & he said that’s not the email that’s on file. I explained that it was my work email & provided him with the email that I used to make the purchase. He said that he’ll have his supervisor to send the email. I was shocked at the tone that your rep was using for simple customer service issues.
    As previously stated, I know your staff is seasonal but that man do not need to represent any business over the phone.

  6. I just really want to express how very nice my grandson and I was treated and the support and very nice way we were trated by the employees at harmony hall and especially to the man by the name of Dave von which is probably spelled wrong, but he was so very nice to us and the food was just great. We had a bad experience the week before but thanks to Davevon and to Mr.EJ Randolph Saturday at carowinds was really great and we we always eat at harmony hall from now on. Thanks again you two guys, we had a great day!!

  7. I want to say that i am not thrilled about carowinds for a few reasons. One is that me and my husband are big boned and we are not allowed on any of the rides. They are more for skinny people. Two the prices are not worth the trip up there if the only thing to do is be in the water park. I am feel like my time was wasted to go up there. I hope some other people agree when i say that if you have a theme park and cant make all the rides for all kinds of people then its not worth $80.00 dollars. Thank you for nothing!!!!

  8. We visited carowinds on sept.20 2014 on Christian music day. Paid 40.00 for the tickets so I wanted to stay for the entire show. We went to our church van and I expected that it would take an hour to get out of the parking lot. No it took 3 hours. Their were very few signs pointing to the way out. No signs pointing to the back exit. When we got there that morning there were lots of people directing traffic where were they at closing time? After more than two hours after we got to the van 1 guy appeared directing traffic. Show ended at 10:15 we had a two hour drive home. We got home at 4am. That is ridiculous. Pretty much a 3 hour wait in a parking lot. No good traffic flow at all. Not to mention when we got there that morning I had to wait in two 30 min. Lines to get my tickets. Went to the wilcall as I was told only to find d out they had set up a temporary wilcall at another building. Then had to wait in another 20 min. Line to get into the park. The comeing and going process really needs to be thought though. Been open. Science 1977. You would think they would have learned a few thing through the years.

  9. Visit Scarowinds in a party of 5 on 10/18/14. 3 of us were season pass holders. The other 2 purchased tickets online for a total of nearly $90. We pulled in at the main Carowinds sign and from that point it took 37 minutes to get parked. Bottlenecks after unannounced bottlenecks. Plenty of staffing visible in the parking lot but apparently none of them offered any directions. I found a marked spot in a grass lot and we made our way in to the south gate. The crowds were massive and (S)Carowinds was very ill equipped to handle them. As usual, the restrooms are the very filthiest of any park I’ve ever attended. We stayed for 3 hr. 45 min. (till 12:45am). Because of the massive wait times we made it thru 2 haunted mazes and rode 1 ride (Afterburn). Most definitely not worth cost of admission for the non pass holders and miserable enough overall to convince other 3 pass holders not to renew and most certainly never visit Scarowinds again. We’ve all been to Scarowinds 4 years in a row. This will be our last. The entire fiasco should be enough for management to be ashamed.

  10. So I bought a daytime ticket and a Scarowinds ticket online about a week ago just to find out they were closed for Carowinds during the day (which wasn’t noted online when I was buying my ticket) and only opened for scarowinds. So instead of being refunded the $42 I spent on my ticket for Carowinds I didn’t receive ANYTHING and every time I call to talk to someone, nobody answers! So basically I spent $81 to go to Scarowinds. Thanks a lot.

  11. I am disappointed about Carowinds because we were there for 10 mins and half of that time we got our carowinds gold season passes and we tried to enjoy the park but it started to rain hard so we had to go and when we went to get our passes this was the only night just for this year and I demand to go tomorrow!!!

  12. I ordered a Gold pass for my son for his Birthday.I ordered it on 3-31-15..I couldn’t print out the ticket or the receipt because I had issues with my printer.Tried to call CUSTOMER SERVICE SO MANY TIMES THAT I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH YOU THIS WAY EVER AGAIN….PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME !!!!!I WANT TO TALK WITH SOMEONE!!!!!

  13. I called Carowinds about my ticket order that was screwed up and didn’t tell me I could only use it on certain days until after I purchased the ticket. The woman was very nice and told me to print off what I had of the ticket and come to the park and get the date fixed. It didn’t at least warn me ahead of time about that problem. So unorganized!

  14. My granddaughter, boyfriend and 4 other friends went to Carowinds the next day after graduation 5-30-15. Her boyfriend had his wallet locked up so he would not lose it. (drivers license & money) locked up meaning combination lock. They went back to pick it up and was not there. Carowinds say they were not responsible. What happened then? The employee they hired had to take it. He had some of his graduation money just in case something happened to the car. So, now he’s got to go and get new drivers license and it out his graduation money. You can’t get answers on the phone to discuss this with anybody.

  15. Been on hold for 2 hours now trying to get in touch with customer support. This is ridiculous every time I need to contact someone I can’t. I’m sick of this unprofessional service it’s so subpar just like the park in general. Ran from top to bottom by nothing but incompetent idiots.

  16. I have been buying season passes for years for my 4 children..this year the kids decide they want the new card – well, in order to do that I have to resubmit information – which means my price is higher than what I should be paying – I am looking for an adjustment to made on my account. The other issue is that of CUSTOMER SERVICE – I have tried SEVERAL/ NUMEROUS times to speak to a live agent — basically impossible..the hold times are so long – I hang up.

  17. The almost 5 hours to visit this park was a rip off. No entertainment to speak of and the meal deal was a JOKE!! Will advise my friends to go to Bush Gardens or King’s Dominion. My last visit to Carowinds.

  18. All of your rides are not accessible to large people. I spoke to a lady today and your customer service department and she said that I should’ve went to guest services to ask them what rides were suitable for me to get on, I feel like that’s really embarrassing for someone to have to do that. This amusement parks you really update their rise to where they accommodate everybody so that large of people don’t have to deal with this type of embarrassment.

  19. I have a gold pass & I want to bring a friend for Scarowinds. I was wondering if I need to buy a ticket for daytime & a separate ticket for Scarowinds or does the bring a friend ticket cover all of it? Also can I purchase the ticket online or do I have to wait to purchase it at the park?

  20. wow carowinds is awesome nothing can be any better than is was last year now its improved even more,i the park and water park and scarowinds i loved it all,i cant wait till passholder preview day mar 24th my family plans be there alot and bring lots of friends over time since tickets are cheaper for passholders.i coomend the park on a job very well done,i have seen comments about large people well im large also and im 100% happy with the park all rides state on the site height requirements before we even visit the park i ride all the big rides including the fury 325 i rode over 100 times last year.this has been and will allways be my favorite #1 park of all parks. so thank you to all of carowinds for doing a great job. god bless

  21. Trying to. Get a hamburger at juke box diner the line is not moving with customer service in mind little to no effeciency sad!

  22. I am a Doctoral student in Educational Leadership at Wingate University and I am one of a group of 5 students. We are in a class called Organizational Development. We have to complete a group project about the systematic approach to your successful organization. If possible we would like to meet at headquarters with key members of your organization for brief interviews. Those members we will be interested in meeting are HR, Upper Level Management, Someone who had history with the company, Someone in marketing and an employee who is very supportive of the company. This would help us the most but we will meet with who ever you allow us to. If you are available on June 25th, that would be great.

    Feel free to email me for additional questions.
    Please and thank you for your time.

    PS this is only for educational purposes. We will not reveal any of this information out side of the university setting.

  23. I am trying to get in contact with someone about my visit on 6/01/16. I have called several times to guest relations and have been transfer to different reps that couldn’t assist me. Horrible experience and needs to talk with someone asap.

  24. I am in the park now where I purchased a hat for my daughter @$25. She was riding the crabbie cabbie with my youngest daughter where it fell off. Is there anything I can do about getting this item back

  25. I have had the worst experience with the power outage on 6/11/16. I have been coming to Carowinds for years and have never experienced such an incident at any theme park. I came here with my boyfriend for my birthday to be stuck on Carolina Cobra in the heat without water for 45 minutes to then find out that ALL the rides are down. I purchased a locker at the water park to find out ALL the water park slides and pools were closed. I waited over 3 hours for the rides to be turned back on. This was a jeopardy to my health because I get claustrophobic and I was stuck sweating in that rollercoaster seat for over half an hour before I even saw workers attempting to help the situation. I am very disappointed and plan to post this review on Google & Angie’s list if I do not get reimbursed for my time there. I believe that Carowinds needs to accomanate my time at the park. I do not believe that one replacement ticket replaces everything I went through. For this to happen twice in one week is unbelievable. I deserve to be reimbursed with a season pass for the trouble and headache I went through. I expect Carowinds as a reputable company to accomanate me.

  26. I have been trying to reach someone by phone sine yrsterday to ask questions about your park. Picnic area, strollers ect…. sadly said know one answers phone. Call any number and just rings. There has to be another option . . My internet is down and wanted to bring our 4 grandchildren to park today and had a lot of questions. We have never been there and excited to go.

  27. I was at Carowinds on 7/4/2016 with my family to enjoy the fireworks. While in the park around 9:00 pm all these teenagers started running and other people followed. The almost ran me and my son in a stroller over. Then we heard people saying shots fired. I say a cop (dressed in streeet clothes) & ask what was going on. He stated that it was just a bunch of stupid kids. Well I didn’t believe that and my other son and his friend was on a ride. So we had to wait for them to get off. We left after that put people were running everywhere and almost ran us over again. This is crazy. They have a PA system and they could have came over the PA system and informed us that it was nothing if it truly was nothing. I have a season pass but I dont think I will be going back there. People were panicking. They should have done more. It was like it didn’t matter to them.

  28. Hey just wanted to know do yall do wrist bands if so how much trying to bring my kids its my daughter birthday this month

  29. I have really had it with the unprofessionalism of the staff in guest services. First of all I have purchased season passes for 3 years. My son has an interest in dinosaurs. So we have frequently walked through the outdoor exhibit with the scanning of our passes. I have a good and my child has a silver, as he always has. Well the first visit this 2017 season we was allowed inside. The second trip they said no because he needed a good pass or paid additional for a ticket. Well we have went through exhibit for 2 years prior, no problem. 1st of all why not now? 2nd why is it even a cost to walk through an outside exhibit with any season pass? Just makes no sense to me

  30. I renewed my season passes and purchased a drink plan . The advertised price was 26.99 , I was charged 29.99. Customer service argued with me for over an hour through email about what I purchased. I give up. Never again. One customer doesn’t matter to them. Customer service and all of the unprofessional at its finest. Really , glenda over three dollars. What happened to customer satisfaction?

  31. I am completely outraged I purchased tickets online through my wyndham perks rewards and paid 39.00 per person for 6 people when I got to carowinds on sat july 3rd I was told I had to upgrade my tickets because they were only good until 6/18/17 why would you put tickets on sale only for 2 weeks I was under the impression that I had to the 18th to get the discount price so it was very deceiving, so I had to upgrade and end up paying 53.00 per person, I feel like i should get a refund because I was not able to use these tickets and had to upgrade also we got to the park around 11am and we only rode 3 rides saw one show spent an hour in the water park then it rained and they closed the park for the rest of the day they did not open the rides back up so I really feel like i was ripped off, I plan on filing a complaint with the better business bureau because I dont think you should do business that way

  32. Fourth of July 17 worst experience. The fireworks came on for 18mins. Currently pulled out of my parking spot in VIP paid extra it’s been 45 mins not moved 10ft.
    No lines are moving, no police ,no security. People are fighting and I have small children. Not a family friendly excursion. Do Not Chance It. Rip off and dangerous.

  33. I am thoroughly disappointed in Carowinds for misrepresenting a perk for Auto- Renew Gold card customers. My daughter, Audrey Hochman, has a Gold pass for 2016, 2017 and Auto-Renewed for 2018. This was to have given her 1 FREE FALL BRING-A-FRIEND guest pass for the Fall of 2017 which we chose to use for Scarowinds on October 14, 2017. The email says to redeem the benefit at any ticket counter – which we tried to do that evening. We were told at the ticket counter that was no longer being honored. I have printed email! I was forced to buy a full price ticket with no valid reason. I feel that I should be given a pass for a day for the 2018 season in return for false advertising. This also happened to another person that same night in line behind me.

  34. Ryan (working security at metal detectors) was very rude and hostile to another employee and my family. This happened on April 1st, 2018 at the start of the national Anthem. He is very angry and neeeds to be reprimanded for the way he treated her. The national anthem was starting, NO ONE could hear it and he SCREAMED at my family and her: STOP for the anthem while he scowled at us after saying it numerous times….WE COULD NOT HEAR the anthem or know we were supposed to stop for it. I have been coming to Carowinds since 73’ and I do not need to be screamed at nor does another employee because we cannot hear!!! You need Human Resources to check on him because he may snap and I’ll make sure I call the local news and place it on social media that I informed you of his behavior. We are Caucasian but the employee was African American and YES we do stand and place our hands over our hearts, but better not be scolded again!!!!!!!!!

  35. My name is Roland Deuschle, I am retired disabled veteran. My daughter Abigail Deuschle visited on 3 July. She was charged full price at the gate. I called the day prior and was told it would be 42.00 at the gate. She was charged 72.11. I am on a fixed income and budgeted her day on the 42.00. This 30 us increase is not acceptable.
    I left a message at guest services they didn’t call. Me back. I.ow belive I lost 30.00 because the teller made an error. Again, not acceptable.
    Please contacr me ASAP to resolve this matter

  36. My family has 8 season passes and we visit this weekend and took a ride on the Water Rapid ride and one the ride jerked my little girl lost her cup so the operator at the ride told us to go to guest service and they can replace it with a small fee but once I got to Guest service that told me they could not replace it because it because they had no proof of purchase so I stated that the operator of the ride we was on could confirm it and we was still denied! Also after we left out of Guest service it began to rain and thunderstorm which 90 percent of the rides was not operating especially for the small children we had with us! I attended Carowinds on Friday with 12 people and 6 was my out of state Guest here on vacation and they was not able to utilize the park and of course they was upset and the kids was too but it could have been fair to my Guest to receive a rain check and that was denied by Guest services too! I don’t think that this is fair and your customers should be more value than this. My Guest deserved to have a good time utilizing that park and they didn’t.

  37. PLEASE don’t have a strict “NO preferred seating” policy in place on Copperhead Strike. I know and understand that they do it to fill in every seat on the train to maximize capacity and minimize the wait time however, even on Fury just about every single train has multiple empty seats making the assigned seating useless. I think at the very least they should assign rows but if someone politely asks to sit in the front or back, they should be granted their request. Its not good customer service when someone politely asks to sit in a specific seat and are rudely told “no”. If Carowinds is striving to have above average customer service, then assigned seating on rides needs to be not as strict or they will have many unhappy guests. Overall people have every right to choose where to sit on the train and be granted that permission if they politely ask and not be turned down by some rude employee. Believe me, something as little as not being able to sit where you want to sit can completely ruin your entire experience and you’ll never want to return to Carowinds again, therefore Carowinds has lost a customer(s) and money. They need to start putting themselves in the guests shoes and think about how they would feel if someone has paid a lot to come to the park and ride Copperhead and want to ride the front row but are again told “no” and how disappointed they would be and how it could ruin your overall experience. Its clear to me that Carowinds doesn’t care about their guests experience and all they want is your money. Customer service is all about making the guests day and by having an employee not letting someone sit where they choose to is not good customer service and will leave the guest upset and disappointed. Please send this very message to corporate because I’m not the only person who share the same concerns and want to see a change. Please contact me back. Thank you

  38. I just bought 2 gold season passes for 2020 for my 2 grandkids for Christmas. My computer froze…..I did it again and website warned me I was doing it a 2nd time and did I want to proceed. I called my bank (credit card) and they said the payment was processing for $234.09. I cannot get a receipt to print out. Now what?

  39. Crowed control after many safety issue. People where pushing others to get out off a crowed that wasent moveing at a stand still. I hope no one got hurt due getting pushed down in a crowed trying to exit beside starbucks. I am high upset of the crowed due to safety not being taken care of at this park.

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