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Contacting Customer Service Center is an online service connecting customers with child and senior care providers, pet care providers and housekeepers. Getting started with the service is rather simple. You sign up for an account, create a job, review profiles, hire a caregiver and make your payment. Currently has more than 8 million members throughout the world. If you have questions or concerns relating to the services, contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-781-642-5900
  • Fax: 1-781-899-1294

Mailing Address

Care.com201 Jones Rd, Suite 500Wlatham, MA 02451

Or Europe LTD.Acre House11/15 William RoadLondon, UK NW1 3ER


Care.comWeegschaalstraat 35632 CWEindhoven


Care.comRotherstr. 1910245 Berlin


Care.com101 rue de Sèvres Lot No. 1665 75272 Paris Cedex 06


CareZen Family Solutions, Inc.603 – 1112 West Pender Street,Vancouver, B.C.Canada V6E 2S1

Official Website

Customers visiting the official website have the ability to create an account and search for a caregiver. When searching, you can search for type of care, such as babysitting or housekeeping. You can also search for caregivers by location. An invaluable resource is the Safety Center. This area of the website allows customers to search for tips from industry experts that will keep families safe. If you have not used in the past, we recommend visiting the Customer Resource page.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool to connect with the customer service department. Throughout all of the social media pages, customers received a speedy response in several conversations. In fact, the average response time was less than 60 minutes. You will receive the fasted response using Twitter.

Customer Service Email

There were several email address listed in the website. We choose the email address for customer service. Our message centered on the accuracy off the background checks. After sending our message, we received an automated response stating a customer care agent would respond within three (3) business days.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service department by phone was a bit challenging. We called and did not reach a live agent. The call was directed to the voicemail system. Considering the various ways to connect with the customer service department, we have to say the overall experience was better than expected. What are your thoughts relating to Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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131 Comments on “Contact Customer Service
  1. Hello, excuse my frustration, but could show some “care” and let me speak to a real person please? This endless maze of automated answers never led to a human. What is one to do when their application status comes up on the profile page as “rejected” without explanation? Sure, I found your automated line in the USA which gave me some tips to edit one’s profile and resubmit.

    But what happens when there is a second problem and I became locked out of my account due to the user name/password failing? Sure,theoretically I can reregister as a new member.

    But in order to avoid fraudsters the policy rules/fine print do not appear to approve registering as a basic member a second time. It appears that if you don’t match the email address you applied with the first time, and you reregister with a new email address, it appears this company can deny you access to their site. I don’t want to become blacklisted.

    This site is the #1 used site in Victoria BC Canada. All the care related jobs come up on but until you help me I can’t apply to any of them. Please call me I’m listed on your site as B.Jonas I’ll email you but I’m not confident you’ll reply as I am only ONE of 8 MILLION members of your site!

  2. I’m a little frustrated about not being able to get onto your site.I have tried several times and it says that there might be a high capacity and try back later.I paid a membership fee and cant even use the site because its always to busy.

  3. There is no customer service. I had questions regarding my bill and could not contact anyone. This website does not provide information on how to cancel an account. This is official notice that my account is closed and should no longer be charged.


        • I have also tried to cancel my account, as my husband’s hours changed and we no longer needed a nanny at this time. I actually clicked all the right buttons. Now I can not get on the account (so I assume it is closed) and yet we are still being charged. I would love to speak with someone to have this straightened out! I cancelled in May, tomorrow will be the 1st of July!

  4. Hello my name is Angel and I am trying to pay for a membership but sadly cannot. It keeps telling me that it can not process my payment. I have tried to contact a live person but sadly nothing. If this is how you run your business and not help than I will not to joining and taking my business else where thank youi

  5. After paying the monthly fee and sending out over 50 contacts with zero responses, it appears that this website may be a scam. There is no one to contact for customer service. You can look up customer service on line and it will send you to a private company that charges $36.00 to answer a question. It appears that it is the same company but it isn’t. There is no help for this website. Great concept, horrible service.

  6. Can some one please tell me how to speck with a represenitive I tried to call all the circle of numbers I have left messages with no luck I don not want my cc on file or charged any more . It is a little ridiculous that for company of this nature you can’t seem to get ahold of a single human being!

  7. I did NOT sign up for a membership; therefore, no money should have been withdrawn from my Credit card
    The website is not a friendly user one and I have requested this membership that I didn’t sign up for to STOP… how can I confirm that it has been stopped and the money will be refunded to card?
    I tried to call so many times and no response

  8. The phone number that have on website is car dealer. They never called you back. They also renew your credit card without asking your permission. I would like to let everyone know this is not worth it to look for nanny from this website.

  9. I am more than upset with I paid $20 for a ONE month subscription to be a member. I got a job after messaging 50+ families. I tried to look for a way to cancel my subscription but it is a dead link and goes no where. They’re phone numbers are bogus, and their customer “care” is a joke. They charged me another $20 the following month. I have to cancel my card that they have access to, dispute them through my bank to get my $20 back. Do NOT give them your information, especially your credit card. It is NOT worth the headache and possible loss of hard earned money. If you read these reviews,, I hope you fess up and do something about your polocies and customer care IMMEDIATELY. I’m not usually so blunt and rude but this is ridiculous.


  11. This is a ridiculous site. The whole point of calling is that we may actuallu be able to speak with someone! So please by all means closed my account. That is all.

  12. I just need to speak with a representative because neither the automated information nor the site information address my question/need. I’m feeling very frustrated that I cannot reach a live person!

  13. is horrible. I cancelled my account not once but three times and you tell me why they are still charging my checking account money and I can’t get a hold of anyone to talk to about this. This site is a joke and people should not use it.

  14. This website is terrible. Scam artists some how got my private unlisted cell phone number and haven’t stopped contacting me. This website needs to be shut down. They do nothing to protect the privacy of their nanny’s profiles, nor do they accurately screen the potential employers.

  15. I have applied to several jobs but not gotten any responses. Is my account approved and active? Are people getting my messages?? Please help!

  16. Just wanted to report a scam but didn’t know where to tell my story. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone. After 3 days of emailing and texting a single deaf mom of a 6 year old Jason from Texas and I live in S.C. She was going to send me whatever weekly amount I wanted and extra money to accept the furniture and run errands before her, her son and her mom get here in July.

    • Shay, Lesley, I have had to deal with several people mostly men that are living out of the Country or State and are moving here. They want me to send them my resume to an email address that they listed, and that they would get back with me.
      I didn’t send my resume or any other information because this appears to be a great opportunity for scammers and crooks to get more of your personal information. The Texters stated that they got my contact information from I haven’t been able to reach anyone there after numerous attempts.

  17. I setup an online profile and there is a typo in the email address I used I was wondering if it could be reset without recreating the entire profile.

  18. I am being scammed on this site. I dont know what kind of scam it is but they all say the same thing. They are Catholic, they need someone to care for their mom, she needs a powered wheel chair and want to send me a check to get it for her. They are hard of hearing so they cant call. They all want to meet me at a Mc Donalds. I sent my address, mailing address, and phone number to one of them then found out it is a scam. I just wish i knew what kind it is.

    • I received this identical call on 3/27/2016. However a meeting place was never initiated since I kept insisting on more information from the texter. Unfortunately they also have my name, phone #, & address. Just to protect my identity I called and froze my credit, notified my bank & filed a report with the local police dept.

  19. I have been trying to find my profile as a senior caregiver.Am I still on your registry to be seen by emplywrs?If not please let me know and I will stop putting in for jobs.Thankyou Kathleen

  20. I have been trying to find my profile as a senior caregiver.Am I still on your registry to be seen by emplywrs?If not please let me know and I will stop putting in for jobs.I have applying and no response from anyone what is going on?Thanks Kathleen

  21. The number listed above is not the right one for billing and account changes. Call 877-227-3115. I chose not to wait on hold and left my call-back number so as not to lose my place in line. called me back within 10 minutes. They gave me a credit on the subscription fee recently charged (expected within 3-7 business days) and made sure my account was cancelled. No hassle.

  22. I understand that this website is trying t help individuals who are looking for jobs or looking for people to care for them like childcare, senior care or housekeeping, etc.Your intention is good but can you give more options like pay later when the applicant is already receiving their wages? I for one is trying my best to apply to jobs offered most especially in childcare and housekeeping. What i always receive are spam text messages and spam emails with the same contents that their friend or sister is asking for somebody to take care of their child. After sending my reply, i don’t hear from them anymore. This happened more than a dozen times. I think some people are making fun or abusing the members who posted their profiles. How can we prevent this from happening? I really hope i don’t receive anymore spam text messages and spam emails.

  23. You removed me because another member said inaccurate information about me. That can be the only reason. They also owed me money but you could do nothing about that. I am a very good care provider.
    Kathleen Toussaint

  24. My account was locked out for reporting a bad Nanny that has lost her own child to her Ex husband and when I reported my account was closed!

  25. It is this serious service ?How you can not speak with someone if we need help ; we like to pay you ; you need to be serious or go out of bussines…don’t play with people time and hope !!! Thank you ; appreciate if you responde of all this people need help !!!

  26. Sir / Madam I the undersign Alice H.Innocent would like to inform you that I am no longer interested in finding a job through I am therefore informing you that no further payment is to be taken from my account.
    I am dissatisfied with the service and want to discontinue with your service.
    Thank you,
    Alice Hedie Innocent.

  27. Watch out for people hiring you. There are scammers and fishers. They are getting your personal info thru petending to hire you as a nanny or housekeeper. They say they would rather pay person to person, Then send you a FAKE check. Good thing I did not fall for it. Although the thought was there. Watch out for Betty Fawn, Tracy Lathrop,Erica Nickelson, and Robert McClain. They are all working together.
    I never did get a job form this company after three long months.

  28. Please delete my profile. I have guys texting my phone so called for a friend who needs childcare and housekeeping. Its creepy that they have my phonenumber period. Im going to the police about this to make a report and will contact the president also i believe this website should be shut down and will be sure its done

    • I too cannot seem to cancel my account. I don’t want them to charge on my card. So I’m going to cancel my cc. Two can play this game.

  29. Today is 10/14/15 I’m trying to cancel my account but can’t. This message is to tell you to cancel my account because I no longer need that service. Don’t you dare charge my account. I’m going to make a big deal of it on social media and also report you to the bbb.

  30. Called last month to let CARE.COM know that I would no longer be needing this service, was told my account would be cancelled and I should not see any more payments coming out, just got 35.00 pulled out.. Cancelled my account online, but will need to wait until Monday, EST to talk about refunding back to my account. Dislike deceptive business practices.

    Please HELP!
    I have tried in vein to apply for several great job offers on these past few weeks. Iam either NOT able to get into the “apply” site or I get in fill out the app area only to NOT be able to send the app! this has been extremely frustrating!
    Now, this morning, I have found the perfect job for me – but I am not able to apply for it !
    I have tried to conact CARE. com via phone – why do you not have any humans with whom to speak? – several time with no answer .
    Please contact me ASAP!
    Thank you

  32. please phone me as i need to speak to a real person. thanks e. malone I HAVE NOT SENT THIS MESSAGE BEFORE I AM OR WOULD LIKE TO JOIN. DO YOU EVER RETURN A CALL???

  33. I just signed up on this site and now I’m on this page. Of the 33 comments, none seem to be happy about your service. I have no intention of paying for anything, I just need a job. I don’t want spam email’s or texts. I hope this site helps me get a job, otherwise I’d delete my profile.

  34. Please Delete my account some scam artist got ahold of me sent me two fake checks which i did not cash thank god. Called the bank its been closed for 5 years. Get it together CARE. You let these people have access to our identity and yet you dont keep us safe!!


    Jessica Ewald

  35. I’m trying to contact you because for some unknown reason you’ve put on my page that I’m a part time personal assistant. I never entered that, I entered: Private Chef looking for a client. I need a full time job as a private chef!!!
    David Goldman

  36. It is impossible to contact you! Please call me at 845-671-0412 asap. I need to ask you a question that is important. Your faq will not answer this question.

  37. I have to report a possible scam, the man was able to get my number from His name is James Harrison, email address that he used is Your company is the hardest agency to get a hold of in case I need to talk to. My phone number is in your file, please call me if you are concern about this. It might give a bad reputation to your agency.

  38. I would like to cancel my account with your company although I am free membership lately I have been getting scam calls from people whom I can’t get back in touch with. so please cancel my account.

    • I would like to cancel my account, please. No one interest my job since December and also got scam emails from people. Please no more text and email me! Please cancel my account now. Thanks!

  39. Hi there
    I used your service only for one month because I was unemployed and I had never got any Costumer by you Guys and after one month I cancel my service I never reserved any text from you guys at all but now I am checking my credit card I see you have been charging me for three months each month $20 dollers I have not used your service at all after July at all .
    Thank you
    Tahereh Maryam Adhami

  40. I registered for a one month use and I am being billed continuously. I can not find a phone number to call for service. I tried to sign back in to discontinue and it states my email is unknown … I have no account woth them. I will be calling bank to stop charges and place as fraudulent.

  41. I just wanted to check on the status of my account, I cancelled a while back, I just wanted to make sure that I was still cancelled. Thanks, Margaret Smith

  42. SCAM SCAM SCAM is all this site is. I hid my profiles and deactivated my account or so I thought. My profiles are still there and I CANNOT get anyone from care to respond. I just want my info deleted. I reported 2 scammers but care did not delete their profile.

  43. Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Looking for corporate hq connection, Writing letter to president, board, Better business bureau and attorney generals office for fraudulently taking subscription money. Availability section in profile does not work, bizarre request for update after initial filing, now says I have no availability and cannot change?OR CONTACT SERVICE REP… Looking for corporate hq connection, letter to president, board, Better business bureau and attorney generals office for fraudulently taking subscription money.

  44. took out 60.00 dollars out of my checking account. You had no business taking that money out. I never said I wanted to upgrade. So please refund that 60.00. And lose that bank account number. Remember I never said to take that money out. Karen OHare

  45. Hello Care. Com I have requested to be taken off any and all facets of your web site. I am still getting text for jobs that are nothing but bogus thieves from overseas. Once again ,please remove all my info from your site . Thank you.

  46. I am a registered nurse registered with your company. I have two questions… 1) how do I pull up the positions to which I have recently applied. 2) how can I provide an improved profile ?

    Thank you for response,

    Suzanne T. Burkin RN BSN

  47. It’s very difficult to get a hold of once you don’t need them anymore. They take your payment every year with absolutely no way to cancel on your personal page. There is no posted phone number or email.

  48. I signed on to for one month to search for a occassional care-giver for an infant and a child. Of all the people available in my area–only ONE was available for an interview. She expected an full-time position despite my inquiry. One woman even said and I quote, “I’d love to babysit but I cannot pick up children. I have back problems.” WHAT?! So to find NO ONE despite inquiries it cost me $139.42. FOR WHAT? I cancelled after one month–but they bill ahead of the anniversary date–so despite my cancellation, I was charged for two months. In addition I was NOT charged the amount I expected. I was charged $48.26 plus $21.25 each month. I was not happy, I was charge in excess of my expectation and got nothing from them. I had to hire by word of mouth–this site did not deliver as advertised at all.

  49. I am EXTREMELY frustrated. I obtained a new cell phone # 5 months ago and I get about 5-10 text messages per day from people who are looking for services. I am NOT registered on this site and cannot get a hold of a customer service agent to remove my cell phone number. Completely Ridiculous! I will take further steps if action needed to be if I have not received a response within the next 2 days by someone who works for

  50. I posted payment to find housekeeper. Does it take time to post, I am no able to message interested candidates. Please let me know what I need to do. Tnx

  51. I need your help. I have been offered a caregiver position and been running around the bush since Jan.20th. with this perspective client. Sounds like a scam. Date of position coming soon.

    2nd request for someone to call me or e-mail me with your phone number and we can discuss this scam.

  52. A suggest for your membership charges
    I do not have a need for your services for
    any amount of months and your 1 month charges are to much for me to pay. I only want access to people that could resolve my current need. Why not do what other membership sites do and have a one time access and charge $4.95. You would make money and it would become affordable to me and I’m sure several others.

  53. I pay for service but can’t get a hold of there customer service. The message board is not functioning properly. How do I get someone from to help.

  54. I was excited about caring for a 76 yr old mother of a hearing impaired daughter (who found me on moving from out of state. I was asked to deposit, in my account, the amount of $2800 so I could pay a wheelchair dealer and have the chair available when they arrived. Lucky for me the bank caught that the cashiers check was a fraud which would have cost me $2800 in the end the way the bank explained it. I now sleep with my gun as they know where I live, whoever they are. I’m not a stupid person. I’m an Engineer and was looking forward to helping out on my weekends. I can’t use anymore! Please warn others.

  55. please contact me through the site or call 302-381-2385 Tried several times calling your listed numbers, no luck . Beginning to be very disappointed in your site. I have not had anyone contact me in over 6 months. I have a charge on my discover credit card for $60.00 , what is this for.

    Thank you , Doris Ann Dukes

  56. I was interested in, after reading comments from about 67 clients. I have decided this is not a good place for me. Lots of scam on internet thses days, this is just one of them.

    good luck with scams

  57. I have tried several time entering all my information for the vehicle background check, entered all the information required. It keep coming back with “try again later” this has occurred many times. Is there anyway that I can give the information to you my phone? Please let me know. Thank You!
    Ps I have cleared out all the cookies and other saved things.
    Denise Folgert

  58. Worst service I have EVER received. I kept getting scam emails so I closed my account, yet I am still being contacted by people who are reading my profile. I have called, emailed…everything I can think of and get no response.

  59. I have tryed ten times to make a count but it will not work. I’m ready to start work asp. I want to know what the problem is.. please let me know thank u.. mrs. Evans

  60. I just wrote to you a few days ago regarding a refund that was an overpayment
    for the service of being in the spotlight. I was told that I would have to ask for it before I could receive it, So please send it back to me as soon as you possible can. So please add the money back to my credit card! Thank you, Susan Imerone

  61. I was contacted by someone today who said they received my cell phone number on my profile. The job offer was clearly a scam. should be doing a better job protecting personal information. Personal cell phone numbers should not be made readily available. I am furious over this experience and having someone try to scam me as a result of being on I have paused my account and will not be ever planning on activating it again.

  62. I just received a check from a Angie Nelson she was the initial person that contacted me in regards to cleaning her home she has going by three different phone numbers as well as a second person is now involved his person’s name is Alan seen the check is a fake they don’t know the apartment number that I’m going to clean so I just wanted to put it out there if you get contacted by any of these two people. Please be safe take any checks that you are offered to a check cashing place they can run a check on them to see if their fraudulent take care thanks

  63. I happens to call my bank and they told me that you take some money out of my account $60.00 and im not a happy camper right now and please put my money back in my account.

  64. I cnt believe how people can scam innocent people out of their money who are trying to gain employment for work. You should be ashamed for stealing and not being able to contact you in case if there is a problem. You should be arrested and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law.

  65. The unsubscribe link on their never ending emails simple goes to the home page with no possibility of cancelling the emails.

    • Addendum: I never subscribed to this service and did not enter a credit card number but still I get emails every day just be starting the process. People in the complaints above seem to be taking the wrong approach with this company. Call you Credit Card company. You can’ be charged for services you never received.

  66. This is a bad, bad, bad company. They engage in illegal business practices. I have repeatedly called and asked for assistance. no one calls me back. My credit card was charged a monthly fee 10 months when NO ONE and NOWHERE did it say my card was going to be autorenewed. Now it does, but back when I signed up when my sibling was dying trying to find dog sitters, nowhere did I find I was going to be charged every month. I am very upset. I have filed fraud charges against the company. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Anyone up for a class action law suit? Let me know. 161 complaints against this company on another site for the same issue. FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!

    • Call your credit card company and dispute the charges. It’s an easy fix. You will need to give them details and dates. Your card company should be very helpful.

    • that is a great idea. if they do not help us, let us do a class action suit. maybe someone bought the former company because they used to be good, and perhaps the new people are not legitimate.

  67. So far i am not impressed with your services . 1st u keep sending me the same jobs over and over but ontop of this u pass them for new but are the same, and when i apply i get this job is closed ,it seems that u are only really interested in people buying your extra offers.and this is not what i believed when i subscribed and paid 45 dollars, for 3 monthts ,i caan do better going on craigs listing for free. So please explain what is going on thank u .

  68. The credit system is absolutely ridiculous. Just one more way to make money off job seekers. Very disappointed and I am not the only one. With all the other job sites willing to help people for free why even try to deal with this?!

  69. Can’t seem to get anyone to pay attention to the “unsubscribe” messages. Keep getting emails and no longer need to or wish to. Any assistance to get this taken care of will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. No longer want any contact with

  70. I signed up with Care, but I need to know how do I change my address. They will not process my application because I can’t complete my application for the fact that I don’t live in Tennessee anymore, I live in Ohio. Hope you can help me. Thank you

  71. I have received a recurring charge for what I assume is a yearly renewal of my account. I did not authorize this renewal and have instructed my credit card to decline this charge. (American Express)
    I want this account cancelled.

    I tried reaching your company by telephone but there are no prompts for my issues/

    My name is Sharon “Staci” Gibson and the account may have been in my daughters name, Heather Sharpe

    Please contact me to let me know that this has been cancelled.

  72. Literally the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with! Every time I call the customer service number they hang up on me and give me a different number, and on top of that I don’t even get to talk to people I talk to machines witch is very unhelpful. These people really don’t know how to run a business

  73. I have forgot my Canadian password and could not reset new one.Could you help please.

    Sincerely, Yegana Khidirova

  74. I want the $60.00 automatic withdrawal of $60 reversed from my credit card. I cancelled my service 10/10/17. Your payment deduction is scheduled for today. It is very difficult to get a customer service rep to deal with problems that members have but you are very quick to accept deductions from our credit cards for your membership.

  75. Good morning: I am a childcare provider and at one time had a background check. It was suddenly gone when you began charging for them and I wish you would please re-instate what has already been paid for. I’ve an employer who wants one done and I don’t feel as if either of us should pay for this as it was on this site at one point.

  76. Dear,
    I have been applying for jobs with no response . Am i doing something wrong?When you send the jobs to my email and apply, i don’t hear anything back ! Can you tell me what i need to do . What are the steps to applying for a job ? What is usually your response time , so I know that you have received my application . I am a member of .Looking forward to hearing from you ! i applied to a job that was posted yesterday by William J. that i really want , that is why I am inquiring .

  77. i used them a year or so ago and the website worked so much better. not sure what happened to it. i never hear from anyone, nor am i able to contact anyone. also they do not have their phone number listed and it is not easy to navigate.

  78. apparently if you want an account as job seeker need one account and email. if you want to also find someone for a job such as dog walker or sitter you would need to open a separate account with different email. i didn’t realize this and don’t think it is that clear when you are joining or going to upgrade.

  79. This was the MOST FRUSTRATING experience I think I have ever had. I could not reach anyone at any number given to contact I was trying to sign up as a caregiver and half way through the application, a Member disclosure screen popped up and I checked the box in agreement and the screen would not go away. No button to close it out, nor would it let me continue navigating through the website to finish my application process. I had to just close out the entire window and website. Nor could I reach anyone to get help anywhere. Could someone PLEASE call me to help me finish my application.

  80. My daughter had gone through for her twins provider. She was there only a few months and the provider gave her a weeks notice, she was no longer going to sit. The next one who was also with you, didn’t even have her boys for a week and said she was done doing child care. Why do these people sign up to be providers and then all of the sudden change there mind. This causes enormous amount of stress for the parents and mostly the children, who are confused by the constant changes of a day care provider. I think a
    lot more study of the care giver would be appropriate and asked if this is really what they want to do. NOT going to use you again or suggest anybody thinking of using you. Very bad experience.

  81. I can not get hold of anyone to cancel you have been taking money from my account for over a year I want it closed now nobody answers the phone this is a scam

  82. have tried several times to get my password changed. It states it will send it to my email yet it never does. I need to reset my password. I would like to start working again. PLEASE ASSIST.

  83. I have been trying for most of the morning to update my profile on I forgot my password and tried 5 times to get an email from you to reset it, it never came. I ended up remembering the password. I paid $20 to become a premium member and after multiple times an error message appears after I update my profile. Also, I do not want my age on the profile, how do I remove or change that. This has been a very frustrating experience. Your web site needs some work. You did however successfully receive my $20

  84. You guys screwed up my birthday on my dmv background check AGAIN!!! Now those viewing it see an alert!!! Please fix stat!!!! I tried calling sterling & they said you guys handle your own!!!! Help!!!

  85. Hey website really taking forever. You keep presenting me with terms of use and to agree to a background check which I checked the yes box to, but the page doesn’t load properly and does not move, impossible to reach the continue or next box to move on. I have been at this for almost two hours as I really wanted my profile updated and verified and recommendations stated etc but this is just too time consuming. pls email this user if you get your website issues addressed and I will then give it another try. Thanks Colette Kinder

  86. terrible, they have automated auto renewal and you cannot talk a live person, no contact. This is a fraud. I called my bank to dispute the charge.

  87. hello Sir I need job of care taker of any person like young old or child or sick person l am well build and hard working man.

  88. I have some trying to leave me a review and it won’t show up as a review.. It just shows up I cared for a family.. Why won’t the review appear on my profile for me to see??

  89. I am LIVID and will be calling the BBB
    I have not had an account with Care.Com for over 2 years- it was cancelled and I have just found out they are still deducting money from my account.
    This is awful and a scam. I am calling first thing in the am

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