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Contacting Cadillac Customer Service Center

Cadillac is a premier automobile company with offices and sales in the United States, Mexico and Canada. There are international divisions of the company in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

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Contact Info

Customers who want to contact the Cadillac customer service department can call, write or email the team. Calling is the fastest way to get in contact with customer service, but not all customers want to talk to a representative, so Cadillac offers other options for contact.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service representatives are available to answer calls from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. EST Monday to Saturday. No representatives are available on Sunday.

  • US Customer Service: 1-800-458-8006
  • Canadian Customer Service: 1-800-263-3777
  • International Customer Service: 1-905-644-4112
  • New Purchase Information (US): 1-800-333-4223
  • Cadillac Owner Center: 1-866-694-6546

The owner center is open Monday to Friday from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M.

If you are calling about your Cadillac, the customer service team requests you have information about your vehicle available when you call, including the VIN, dealership information, your personal contact information and delivery date and mileage of your Cadillac. If you need service manuals or owner brochures, you can contact a dedicated customer service department.

  • US Manuals: 1-800-551-4123
  • Canadian Manuals: 1-800-263-3777

Mailing Address

Cadillac Customer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 33169
Detroit, MI 48232-5169

GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam Drive
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

Official Website

You can find all the information you need about Cadillac the company and the car on the official website at The website is there to sell Cadillac as a brand, so you’ll notice there is more information on the automobiles they offer than the customer service they provide. There is no dedicated customer service website, but there is a customer service or contact page where customers can order brochures, contact customer service and find contact information.

Customer Service Email

No email address is available, but you can send an email using the provided contact form. Simply click the red button that reads Email Cadillac on the customer service page. You will be asked to answer a few questions before detailing the email. We tried to submit a customer service email with two browsers and neither form would send.

Our Experience

The Cadillac customer service phone number is answered by an automated system. As soon as the call was answered we pressed 0, but the automated system kept asking for our telephone number. We pressed 0 three more times before being placed on hold. There was one more automated message before we were finally connected with a representative. I asked about the online contact form being non-functional and she reported the problem. She asked if she could assist me with the question I was trying to submit. When I asked her if there was an email address for the service department that owners could contact if they needed a simple mechanical question answered she told me no such email existed, but she offered to give me the number for my local Cadillac service center.

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19 Comments on “Contact Cadillac Customer Service
  1. In The Name of Go
    My name is Mojtaba Rostam Khani, I’m 26 and I live in Tehran- Iran. I’ve studied Car Mechanics field of study at Shahid Beheshti Technical & Vocational School (Technical Diploma). Since then I had several ideas about cars but not only couldn’t I register any of them because of financial issues but also I couldn’t pursue my academic studies (in this field) at the university.
    Summary of my designs:
    Elimination of car engine cooling system (radiator) and using a suitable piece with least space occupation
    M.R System
    Normally when the driver parks his car it takes 2 to 4 minutes for him to leave the car. In this system the driver can leave his car immediately and if the windows, doors, trunk or hood were open or the audio system or lights were on or something like this happened, the driver would need to check all these items. But in this design he doesn’t have to spend time for these.
    Security, Audio System equipped with Custom-Built Weapon
    In this design, the driver has only one special remote control for his car and car keys are not necessary anymore. After the driver (and only the driver) opens the door, the audio system would be turned on instantly. Then the audio code system is activated as the defaults were set. If the system realizes that the intruder is not the driver (owner) which means he is a thief, it will start warning and if the intruder (thief) didn’t pay attention to audio system alarm, the car weapons would be activated and shoot within the next 5 seconds.
    Super-Intelligent System
    In almost every accident, the driver makes some mistake that leads to car accident. This system wouldn’t allow the driver to make any mistake and have an accident. It means that it will recover all the driver’s mistake (if interested, I can explain more)
    Car Designed for Poor with Short Income and Environment Friendly
    In this world there are people with short income who can’t even buy used car. This design is special for them and it is very inexpensive.
    And many other designs that lead to manufacture exact, perfect and safe cars even in accidents.
    I couldn’t continue my studies in this field which I desire most because of financial issues. My request from your great company is to provide my studying and life expenses and I will implement these designs.
    There is no organization or company in Iran to welcome this designs
    In the end I want to thank you for your time to read my email.
    Here are my contacts me in Iran:
    Tel: +989121792916

  2. I recently bought a Cadillac SRX and I am completely blown away by all the “bells and whistles”. I am 83 years young and have no wish to return to school to learn what happens when I touch an ICON on the “CUE” display. Does Cadillac have a “Quick Reference” guide that shows you what happens when any small or large icon is touched? I guess I need a book called “Cadillac for Dummies” I guess at my age I have overstepped my abilities.
    My bottom line:
    I like the vehicle but it sure isn’t driver friendly.

  3. I am disappointed with the quality of service that I recently received from Rippy Cadillac, Wilmington, NC, and request your help in correcting the problems that were created by the technician during the process of performing my recent repair. My dashboard was in perfect order on 4/25/13. Why do I have to live with this safety hazard and cosmetic problem? I own a Cadillac.
    On 4/25/13, I authorized Rippy Cadillac to correct the air flow problems for the AC and heating systems and to replace the front and rear brakes on my Cadillac. Correcting the air flow problems required that the technician (a) remove the dashboard, (b) replace the RH actuator, and (c) re-install the dashboard (part was $107.06, labor was $625 for a total of $732.06). When I returned home, I could clearly see that the left side of the dashboard was not properly attached, but the right side seemed fine. Since the dashboard is a critical part of the safety system for the driver and front passenger, I called the customer service desk to report the problems with my dashboard, and to request that my four (4) tires be replaced as well.
    On 4/29/13, I delivered my Cadillac to Rippy to get the tires installed and correct the problems with the dashboard. To my surprise, I was informed by the service advisor that the technician tried to correct the problems with the dashboard and determined that it couldn’t be corrected.
    In 1998, I purchased a new D’Elegance and enjoyed it to the extent that I felt comfortable trading it in for a 2002 DHS. Prior to 1998, I had mostly driven imported vehicle, such as a new Audi which was traded for my first Cadillac. In view of this history, I’m sure you can understand the level of my disappointment at the service I recently received by Cadillac and by their unwillingness of the service department to correct the problem. Check the service record of my vehicle at Rippy and the amount of money that I have sent on that vehicle, including a $3,000 repair to correct a so-called blow-back problem which required me to add a quart of oil per 1,000 miles. FYI, I still have to add the same amount of oil, and there wasn’t an oil leak in my garage prior to and/or after the $3,000 repair.
    Since I was informed that Alan Rippy Jr wasn’t available to discuss this matter, I informed the service advisor that I would be communicating with Cadillac Customer Service at headquarters.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this complaint. If Cadillac really does mean quality, I expect to hear from you.

  4. Hi Cody design team you being new beautiful escalate. But please move the stick shift like every European car do The way you design the stick shift. Is over please remove it to the Batem like any European manufacturing
    Thank you

  5. I would like to commend you on your commercial about the electric Cadillac. Please to not listen to the negative responses to this ad. You underlined the work strength and ethics of AMERICANS. Good for you. Keep the commercial playing and let the weak voices fade away.

  6. dear sir I am complaining as I bought my car in Bahrain recently moved to Saudi I tried to pull my car record found out that I have only record for 50000km as I did my service for 70000km at the Cadillac agent in Bahrain when I contacted Cadillac Bahrain to pass me the car record they refused and finally I got hold of their manager mr wael after 2 hours he was not helpful at all finally I spoke to his boss mr Hassan who helped me out I am dissatisfied with caddillac Bahrain as I payed a lot of money for that car no help caused me a lot of time my tie and money on aservice takes 2 min not 2hours and a half

  7. The last dealership that rotated my tires in Louisiana apparently did not put the key back in my car that unlocks the 22 inch wheels on my 2013 Escalade. This is a factory installed feature. The dealership in Denver who currently has my car for service does not have a master set of keys. Is there anyway to obtain a replacement key? The Denver dealership is stating the only option is to chisel off the current locks and put on standard ones. There has to be some other option. Help!!!

  8. purchased new car 8-28-2010 at central Cadillac in Cleveland-ohio;recently had oil change and ask them to check steering column noise was told car out of warranty-they said warranty started 2-8-2010 not 8-28-2010 never informed 6months of warranty already used.I would have just bought another car not that one never told.really sold used car as new one.Told they would fix and it would take two days .Dropped off three days later no response car sat 3days no repairs picked car up end of story

  9. Why don’t you explain to America why Cadillac is running commericals that blast Wall Street and the former, non-government controlled healthcare system.

    What does Cadillac’s Democrat, pro-Obamacare/IRS politics have to do with whether Americans choose to drive a Cadillac or not. A choice we will NOT be making again.

  10. Cue update coming for 2016 models
    But all us dopes that actually believed the dealers will be out in the cold with slow unimproved cue with no text messaging and no update.
    If not changed will be my last cadillac

  11. You start a commercial by having a woman tell us what a weak man is.
    Are you seriously trying to sell cars by insulting men.
    Cadillac is now off my list. Never again.

  12. Each time I take my Escalade into the #1 Cochran garage for service I receive a follow-up email to rate my service. The last time I went to #1 Cochran for service I was there 5-1/2 hours and the service was poor, the guys didn’t know what they were doing and I wrote out a complaint card with recommendations. I believe my complaint card was read, and my service record “pulled” so that I would not and I have not received my customary email report card survey so the dealership would not get dinged. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of customer feedback? No one ever called me and no one really cares, moreover, by the time I got home, the center cap fell off one of my wheels (I just had 4 tires installed. My husband says buy a Lincoln Navigator next time.

  13. I bought a 2015 SRX At Cadilac of Arlington and they told me that the Title comes from Cadilac Hq. The VIN NO. is: 3GYFNBE39FS582198. We need the Title ASAP because it is needed for my Living Trust.

    • I have been purchasing Cadillac since 1982 & every 3 years I would buy another one. I have been in the past 10 years leasing 2 cars at a time. I have purchased & leased about 35 Cadillac’s. Right at this time I purchased a 2013 ATS with 22 miles on it, in 2014, when we leased a 2014 SRX. To date I have had 15 recalls & had the radio, phone, navigation, weather & the heater center replaced twice. I have traveled 460 miles back and forth from the dealership & waited 60 some hours for the auto to be finished. The car (ATS) has 6,470 miles on it. What am I to do now I can not say enough for the dealership. Those people have tried & apologized to me so many times. This will be the second auto that I made GM buy back on the lemon law. After this lease is over & my situation with the ATS is resolved. I honestly will have to rethink on what kind of auto to lease or buy. I will be writing a letter to GM customer service. Oh, before I forget, the new thing with the ATS is when I go to start the car with the remote & I step on the brake. From the dash board there reads a display to use the start button on the hand held remote. What next?

  14. Attention; Cadillac customer service

    On or about October 17th 2014 we purchased a 2008 SRX Cadillac from Willis Cadillac in Des Moines IA. The existing wheels on it were scuffed up a bit so we purchased freshly chromed Caddy wheels from the dealer for 2370.00 dollars plus tax. In July of 2015 we moved to Wisconsin where shortly after that we noticed pitting starting on the passenger front wheel. At that time I was willing to accept a few pits as this is not a brand new vehicle but as time went by the chrome on all 4 wheels started blistering and bubbling. On May 5th of this year I stopped at the dealer in Des Moines and showed them a few pictures of the wheels. During that visit I spoke with Alan Butler, Kraig Kramme and Joe Huber. They assured me those wheels should not have blistered up like that and would gladly replace them. I agreed to bring the car in even though it is a 14 hour round trip. Two weeks later I receive this e-mail from Joe Huber; “We have had numerous people review the damage on your wheels and have determined that it is not a warrantable item. With that said, I have found another set of chromes like what you have. My cost to install is $2257.00 of which we will cover 50%. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.”
    I immediately called Joe and asked why, he stated it looks like a harsh chemical was used on them. I said I have never used anything stronger than a car wash soap or dish soap on these wheels and that this is not acceptable and asked if he would reconsider. He said he is just the middle guy but would run it up the chain. I thanked him and called back a week later. He stated he did not pursue it yet. I thanked him and called back a week later only to hear the same story. The third call he stated he would do it today. I called back the next day only to hear they are not going to change their decision. I told him I was sorry to hear that and that I was so confident I had done nothing wrong to ruin these dealer installed Cadillac wheels that I was not going to let it drop there.

    Now, I don’t believe that this is what anybody would call good, quality customer service that one would expect when dealing with Cadillac. We purchased original Cadillac equipment versus aftermarket so we didn’t have these types of issues. I would appreciate getting my money back for the cost of these wheels. I just want what’s fair and right. I do not want to have to deal with that group at Willis any more.

    Over the years I have had many vehicles with chrome wheels. Some aftermarket and some original equipment and have never had such a poor product.

    I look forward to hearing from someone.


    Jim Lorrigan

  15. I purchased a new 2012 Cadillac SRX from Mike Erdman Cadillac in Merritt Island, FL. My wife drives the car primarily and for the last two years she has been complaining about the low-beam headlights being very dim at night. Being the typical husband that I am, I have pretty much ignored her until a few months ago I was driving her SRX at night and I didn’t think the low=beam lights were on. I actually stopped the car to verify they were in fact on and working. They were so dim It looked like flashlights shining on the road. This car is to dangerous to drive at night at any speed over 30 MPH. I immediately thought to rectify this by changing out the bulbs to an aftermarket extra bright bulb but there was no change. I took the car to my dealership and they said it would cost $1400 to $2000 to replace the headlight assembly’s which by the way will fail again in two years. I ask the dealership to contact Cadillac about replacing the assembly’s under a recall. The dealership has not been any help in resolving my problem. I have researched this issue on the internet and it appears there are many SRX owner complaints and two class action lawsuits addressing this problem. I would very much like for Cadillac to replace my headlights at no cost to me. I am not happy about paying $47,000 for a car I can only drive during day-light hours only. My VIN # is 3GYFNAE3XCS576545

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