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Contacting Cablevision Customer Service Center

Cablevision is a cable television, Internet and home phone provider. The company was founded in 1973 in Long Island with less than 2,000 customers. Today, Cablevision is a much larger company with ties to the AMC television network, Madison Square Garden and Clearview Cinemas. Customers can visit the Cablevision website to learn more about bundles and services and to contact customer service. It appears that Cablevision has now merged with Optimum because some of the links on the Cablevision website open on the Optimum Cable page.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone contact numbers are listed by city and area – not as a whole for the company. If you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, you should visit the online Phone List for more information on your local contact number.


  • Bridgeport: 1-203-336-2225
  • Easton: 1-203-452-0097
  • Litchfield: 1-860-567-3103
  • Norwalk: 1-203-847-6666
  • Orange: 1-203-562-4955
  • Redding: 1-203-438-7783
  • Stamford: 1-203-348-9211

New Jersey

  • Bayonne: 1-201-436-2500
  • Bergen/Cresskill: 1-201-262-8600
  • Elizabeth: 1-908-353-0404
  • Hamilton: 1-609-586-2288
  • Hudson County: 1-201-798-6060
  • Matamoras: 1-570-491-4837
  • Monmouth Optimum: 1-732-367-2582
  • Monmouth Seaside: 1-732-830-1103
  • Monmouth/Wall: 1-732-681-4100
  • Morris County: 1-973-398-5757
  • Newark: 1-973-622-6150
  • Oakland: 1-973-279-6660
  • Paterson: 1-800-877-8849
  • Raritan Valley: 1-732-548-2400

New York

  • Bronx/Brooklyn: 1-718-617-3500
  • Long Island East: 1-631-267-6900
  • Long Island West: 1-516-364-8400
  • Matamoras: 1-845-856-7738
  • Ramapo: 1-201-236-9712
  • Rockland: 1-201-236-9712
  • Warwick: 1-845-986-2069
  • Wappingers Falls: 1-845-297-3333
  • Westchester, Northern: 1-800-577-2225
  • Westchester, Southern: 1-914-777-9000
  • Westchester/Yonkers: 1-800-868-9840

Mailing Address

Contacting Cablevision by mail is simple; just address your communication to the corporate headquarters.

Cablevision Systems Corp.
111 Stewart Avenue
Bethpage, NY 11714

Official Website

The Cablevision official website is, but much of the information about the company is available on the Optimum website here:

From the official Cablevision main page, customers can access their account, make a payment and view the site in Spanish. There are services for both residential and business customers.

Customer Service Email

There is no contact email address or contact us page on the Cablevision website. All contact information is listed on the Optimum website. You can contact Cablevision customer service via the Optimum website using the Email Contact Form.

We’ve contacted Cablevision in hopes of finding out a customer service address and email address. We’ll update response time and any information we’re given when Cablevision responds.

Our Experience

When we called Cablevision, the automated system read our phone number and asked if that number was associated with our account. We pressed the number for no and the system demanded a phone number. We pressed 0 multiple times before finally being transferred to a customer service representative. When the call was finally answered, more than three minutes into the call, the agent spoke with an extremely strong accent. We asked for the corporate mailing address and we were placed on hold for more than two minutes before the agent finally admitted that she did not have the corporate mailing address.

Was your experience with Cablevision better than ours? Tell us how their customer service department worked for you.

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55 Comments on “Contact Cablevision Customer Service
  1. I paid my june bill online received conformation for the amount of bill. Following day received another conformation for more than my bill and the date on conformation said billing date 7/6/2011 have been waiting for refund use suppose to be issued manually as of today have not received. Made call today they still have not even issued it woman said give it 24 hrs and i should received phone call if not call back tomorrow. What kind of business is this? They need to revamp there billing department.

  2. Have had terrible experiences with Optimum and Cablevision. They overcharge customers with their services. They grew to be such profit makers. I have only basic cable and broad band for my pc. They charge $29.95 for broadband and $17.62 for basic cable, there are only 12 channels on basic, why is this not included in $29.95? And they are rude, they say things to you over phone that no professional should say to a customer. Actually I’d like to change the company but there is no other provider in Westchester…I have been a customer for last 30 years, it does not make a difference.
    They added $15 fee to my account ?!? and are threatning to cut off service because I am not paying it. I feel $47.62 every month for basic cable and speed for my pc is too much, I have a land line so I pay additional $40 for my phone…and now Cablevision will charge for boxes, which will be additional $15, total over $60 for few TV channels and computer connection. How’s this possible?
    Where can I complain about it? I’m a senior and it feels a lot of money spent on basic services in this day and age of advanced technology.

  3. My analog TV stopped accessing channels and messaged me that I needed a digital cable box or card. I called and was told that there would be no problem if it was a digital TV, so I wen t out and bought one – same message -no access. I also bought a digital converter to use with the analog TV – didn’t work. The salesman said I may need an adapter. He didn’t know if CableVision required one, but he knew Comcast and Verison did. how can I get service on other than my main TV, which has a cable box. All three of my TVs other than the main have waorked without a cable box in the past. Please help

  4. I recently started using Free OnDemand from Optimum. For recent episodes, say just a week old, you suffer through 10, that isn’t a typo, ads. What do you bet, they don’t want you watching tv without ads by seeing the show a week after it airs. Soooo, no prob. I dont think any show is so terrific that I have to see it when it airs…I can wait weeks!

  5. I have been trying to disconnect my service now for almost 2 weeks. No one has answered my calls at the disconnect department. I remain on hold for up to an hour before I hang up. Terrible customer service!

  6. I want cable to make a music video play list that can work like a IPOD.That you can listen to music while you seen the video at the same time.If you have any guestion you can call me at 646-418-9258 thank.

  7. I paid $4.95 for HBO on demand and it freezes constantly and then I get error messages and get thrown off the show and can’t get it back on. I am calling verizon fios! Called customer service and they laugh – very unprofessional.

  8. CABLEVISION IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST! Since I can remember Cablevision has been giving the worst service to everyone in my area. The service is consistantly going out for the internet and the tv service comes in horribly. I am pretty much over cablevision and it is completely not worth your time and money, go with someone who cares about their service and customers! The one day that people want to watch tv on the SUPERBOWL the service can not come in. This company sucks! STAY AWAY!

  9. Cabelvision stinks!!! All I have been trying to do for the last 30 mins, is pay my bill by phone.
    Finding a phone number that works seems imposable.
    Why is it so hard to speak to a real person?
    They have no competition and we have no choice.
    The cutomer is always right? Thats a joke here.

  10. Email sent to Optimum’s survey company “Opinion Site”;

    Hello Leslie-

    Although I know the survey has been finished and/or the maximum number of people have responded who met the criteria, feel it important to see express my opinions on the topic.

    Optimum’s services have significantly declined since the Oct/Nov period when they first started pushing out the User Guide updates to customers. The guide has diminished my overall viewing and customer experience with Optimum as an effective service provider. They are well aware of the negative effects and poor quality TV viewing experience a large majority of their customers (including myself) often complain about on a daily, yet have done little to nothing to correct the issue or rollback to the old working User Guide.

    Many of my neighbors and colleagues often converse about how we are ready to jump providers to Verizon if and when the Town of Brookhaven permits their services. It’s to the point that the techs have come out to my house on numerous occasions only to walk my house to advise of similar calls and no immediate resolution (Known Issue) and worse in the evening because more traffic on the network. The constant black screens, picture frame freezing while changing channels, and inability to control TV at all for up to 10 minutes then the box reboots. It’s just unacceptable!

  11. why did you stop continuous service. Having to push a number to restart ser.vice is annoying and inconvenient

  12. 1st…what i love….tv stations like “THIS” and other stations that carry older funny shows………….now the bad….your new guide format is horrible…everyone i talk to agrees that it stinks…..don’t you guys test these ideas with customers first before shoving something bad down our throats….please do away with this horrible format….simplicity is best!!!

  13. You are so right cable vision sucks bad…I pay for cable an internet an phone,every month an I do not get what I pay for…when you are past due on your bill they cut you off in a hear beat…but I can’t get good service this is some bull…when I need to go on the internet I can’t because the internet don’t work…or I can be watching t.v an all of a sudden the t.v goes black..if I had a fire in my home won’t be able to call for help..because I have no phone.I’m sick of paying money to these people an I’m not getting what I pay for..I can’t cancel because I have children who watch the cartoons…this is ridiculous.

  14. What isvthebproblem with A&E!! 46n 47 cutting in and out while watching bates motel. Not happy. Cable vision sucks right now.!!

    • I am appalled that io packages have been upgraded and the announcement is placed on a billing statement not a separate piece of mail like the continuous mail that I get to sign up for phone and internet services. It’s amazing when the television schedule and how to utilize the remote control was altered an actor in the form of a commercial was played numerous times. But when charges or as the company likes to refer too upgrades, upgrades that a subscriber is not interested in attaining but forced too should be mentioned on television or hightlighted at the bottom of the screen as an alert. Not too worry I have contacted Senator Charles Schumer and Mayoral candidiate Bill DeBlasio to see what can be done. Just imagine the senior citizen generation who have to pay excessive new rates just because Cablevision oh excuse me Optimum cannot enclosed a separate letter to discuss the rates increasing.
      Disgusted and Deadlocked with Cablevision/Optimum.

  15. Really annoyed.. There is always a problem when i am trying to sign onto my optimum online account. Ive tried paying from my personal bank account yet it says the PO box address listed is incorrect. Plus i refuse to give me credit card number over the phone to someone i dont know who is most likely in a completely different state or country. Thanks but no thanks. Guess ill just keep having to pay my bills late since i cant seem to get anywhere.
    Seriously disappointed. Ill keep the service now until i move next year..then never again.

  16. The Cablevision website is one of the most USELESS sites that I have ever had the displeasure of using. For a company that is an ISP their website is extremely difficult to navigate and lacking of important information. Try finding the toll free number in which to call to pay a bill. They have a Link for ways to Pay Your Bill where it list OnLine, Mail, & Phone. However, there is no phone number listed.
    I do not know who designed your website but you need to fire them and contact someone who knows what they are doing. This site looks and works like it was designed and put together by someone that just started putting together websites. I can see and understand why your site has the 1.25 stars that it does. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, especially from my ISP company.

  17. OH my gosh!!!!! Has daylight Savings thrown the guide out of commission. Did Cablevision not know this was coming, Get a grip Cablevision . Beware another approaches in November, Maybe you can figure it out by then!!!

  18. I submitted an email a couple of hours ago that was supposed to be answered within 30 minutes. Yeah, right. It did get answered finally with the usual say what they want to hear answer. Your service sucks all around. If I had a choice, it would not be Cablevision. We all pay alot of hard earned money every month, just to get this crap.

  19. time warner is the pits cable goes out and can`t get through to get it fix and you can`t watch the race and its what seniors go through is a mess

  20. Cablevision has the worst HD DVR boxes this every, 8 months I have to change cable boxes. This time the pictures is constantly freezing. I live in Co-op City, Bronx, New York. If The board of directors & management wasn’t on the take from cablevision. Us Cooperator would rather have Verizon Fios.

  21. Cablevision is a rip off old cable boxes that constantly freezes up. Coop city bronx, New York board of directors a& management on the take from cablevision. We want Verizon Fios.

  22. Cablevision is a rip off old ass cable boxes that constantly freezes up. Coop city bronx, New York board of directors a& management on the take from cablevision. We want Verizon Fios. If this is a duplicate where is the 1st posting. Your scare to post this comment

  23. Why does the channel guide and what is showing differ? Plan to watch a program based on the guide, then something else is shown. This is very frustrating. Who controls what is posted to the guide versus what will be aired ?

  24. Why do you give out the tele # when a HUMAN never answers I have been trying for 2 days to no avail. don’t bother to answer this right away because I have no e-mail here I can not conquer the BROWSER REQUEST YOU HAVE ON MY E-MAIL ACCOUNT I have no idea what that is and I don’t want to know because I am happily satisfied with my e- mail just the way it is and I don’t want to make any changes at this time.

  25. OH, The reason is I am being told and blamed by someone who said I sent this to him and it crashed his PC, Gave it a virus. I would never do that.

  26. my phone is not working ,wonder if someone is working on the line?

    my charger show it is charging, but the phone shows no base line

    whats wrong’


  27. first time this has happen

    my wife is not well needs the phone to contact her doctor

    dont want to go to the next level.

  28. Since I have moved, I have much less trouble with Cablevision, though I am still in Southern Westchester. In fact, the service I’ve gotten since I moved is greatly improved. When I yelped for help, I was talked through ways to restore the TV picture when for one reason or another it has become impossible to see or to decipher. The representatives have been patient with my slowness as I tried to do what they told me to do, step by step; I am a senior citizen with no mechanical expertise, but they helped me do what had to be done to correct the problem. I am immensely grateful for their guidance and gentleness. Thank you for their expertise and kindness.

  29. The patience and clarity with which your representative talked me through restoring the picture on my television is as impressive as her knowledge and understanding. I am a senior citizen with little mechanical skill, but I was able to correct the problem because your representative cared not only about clearing up the problem but my lack of self-confidence as I tried to do what she asked me to do. Thank you for having representatives with as much sensitivity to my needs as awareness of just what had to be done.

  30. Couldn’t find away to email Cablevision direct,
    Ran through the cable guide today 1/2/15 to record a few programs for latter watching. 90% of programing are “R” repeats.

    I’d like a DISCOUNT off my large bill.

  31. Had an internet issue today. Tech #2569 answered the call. He did a fabulous job, was pleasant, and took the time to explain
    things to me.

    I give him a rave review.

  32. I had an internet issue today. Tech No. 2569 answered the call.
    He did a fabulous job. He was very pleasant and took the time to
    explain things to me.

    I give him a rave review.

  33. I changed back to Cablevision from verizon. I was told I would be reimbursed for what Verizon charged to cancell. Where, how, to who can I call and send the receipt to, so I can get my money back ?

  34. Received a past due today 10/13. The notice was dated 10/5. How is this possible. First of all you turned off my on demand feature when I called you said there was past due amount. I called on 9/6 to go to winter rates and the first person on the phone kept saying pro rated, pro rated. All I know is I never received a bill. So, you turn off the free on demand but you don’t turn off service your company is a joke and I am checking out my other options because your company is the worst. I guess I will never get a response. Make sure you keep raising the rates and giving more crappy movies.

  35. How on earth can you do business, if you dont know how to be pleasant. We disconnected our service from you, had your guy brought with him all the equipments the same day of disconnection but 6 months down the road your collection agency still harrassing us at work to pay the zero balance account. Multiple calls were made already to your customer service, but still you didnt do anything about it. How dare you not talk to each other, you and your collection agency needs to talk ASAP when there is zero balance, simple business procedure!!!

  36. I just moved to Twaine Harte in California and visited the local Cablevision office to see about getting service.A installation date was set and the installer showed up.After looking at the direction the service had to be run I was told he could not perform installation due to the distance being over 300 feet.At that time I ask to speak to his Manager to see what could be done. I spoke with the Manager and he said he would have to run it by another gentleman to see if adjustments could be made in system to allow installation and would call me the following Tuesday to let me know what the outcome was. Well I did not recieve a call that Tuesday or message so I went to office to find out what was decided about thye situation and was told on this visit that a man named Les had made the decision it could not be performed but was not available and there was no way of getting ahold of him.To make this short, the property that I own had cable service prior and had it after the system went digital so I can’t understand why it can’t be done now. I am asking for service in diffrent location but if it was ran a diffrent way which would be less than 300 feet it would work. Problem here is that Cablevision’s office won’t relay a message to Les that I would like to discuss possible options and was very rude in the business sense. I was a Cable Installer for many years and during those years we treated or Customers far better than this. All I am asking is to meet with Les to express my idea to get service which is less than thye 300 feet max. they are saying is the limit they can run a service line.

  37. I forgot to say one thing thats important, funny thing is that if it was so impossible to due then why did they waste the time to send a Contractor that they farm out the jobs that are a little more than they casn handle out there. After the first visit and a conversation with the Manager they sent a Contractor out. Bottom line is they wouldn’t of sent a Contractor out to do it if it was not possible, they sent him out because they didn’t want to work for it. Another situation of laziness that cost someone else a customer. Guess I’ll be going to At t to get the job done.These guys need to be regulated by the Goverment again, they’re gettingb to big for they’re pants.

  38. Unless you add one America news network soon I will be switching back to direct tv or fios. Both have OANN.

  39. My connection to the internet is very low quality.
    We get disconnected constantly, making constant streaming impossible.

  40. Tried to cancel service since free month of Nov 2017. Been billed for Dec 2017 and Jan 2018. Unable to reach customer service by phone or on line. Have credit card company processing a dispute claim. Maybe they will have better luck than I have had.

  41. Yesterday (today?) just after midnight on Thursday night/ Friday morning March 30th I called Cablevision about a problem I was having with my kindle and the internet connection through Cablevision. I was connected to one of you staff, CAROLINA. She was WONDERFUL!!! Please thank her again for me. She understood my problem and solved it immediately. All other interactions should go as well …

  42. I hope Optimum/Cablevision/Altice figures out their issues with Altice One. If you really want to get the public to switch, why not offer the service for free while you figure out all the hardware and firmware issues you know exist? That or pay US to help you troubleshoot all the issues. Switching back to the old system, can’t spend hours/days trying to get support.

  43. Be careful when switching to Altice Oner system. The tech reps are admitting to known glitches in the hardware and firmware. Had the system installed 4 days ago and have had multiple issues with remotes, mini boxes and surround sound audio outputs. I will be switching back to the legacy series and hope that they figure out what is going on soon. Until then, call me a frustrated. Oh, and please call the tech support line before 7pm because you could wait an hour before someone actually picks up the phone.

  44. I called to find out how I could return a cable box. I was given the address at 100 Hamilton Plaza in Paterson. I went there, but it is in an office building (with no marking for Cablevision of Optimum) and there is no nearby parking. When I returned home, I called again and indicated to the system that I wanted another office. It was useless. It just kept giving me the same adddress.

  45. My elderly mother has been trying to get service on one of her 3 boxes for a month. She has called several times and week and the box is still not working. Even after speaking with a “Troubleshooter” she has not gotten satisfaction. She has no internet service so relies on phone service. I am contacting you for her and will continue to demand service. You can contact me via this email and I expect results immediately. It seems the box is defective and she should have a new one delivered to her home. I will be sure the defective one is returned when this occurs. Please contact me ASAP!!!!!

  46. We were suppose to have had Altice installed to find out it was not then was told by a customer service that it was not available in my aria till the 26th. of June. it took 22hrs in 2 days on the phone to get someone to tell us that . During this time we had internet drops , missing channels and could not get movies on demand . But was charged for the Altice price . it took 9 days to get a representative to set up the reinstallation , every time we call it was at minimum 1hr on the phone . The technicians never came on window time ,1 to 2 hrs . larder. After all was changed it has been nothing but problems with the TVs , Internet , and some Phone issues as well . now 2 months later still no resolution with this new Altice . Technician’s have been here 4 times and its like a bandage on a12in cut . what a Disappointment .Going back to my old company there I got all the service I wanted but internet was slower , so I will upgrade final payment will be the same as I am paying now for the worst service anyone can receive……

  47. I am beyond infuriated with Cablevision at this point. I have had problems with my internet and phone going out since the 17th of June. Numerous phone calls, wait times, home visits and it is STILL unresolved. $108+ a month and all of my time wasted. I am taking online courses and work for a living. I have been pushed beyond my patience!

  48. Horrible service. Kept looping back to first menu. I am retired and cannot afford this very very expensive service. Please return my call. 203-336-3495

  49. hello the cable was cut off for two days now and customer service argued extra money was taken I on ssdi I had no money for the holiday and the internet only is on and other community trouble took place

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