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Contacting Brighthouse Customer Service Center

Brighthouse offers television, phone and Internet services to customers in Mississippi, Florida, Michigan, California and Indiana. Brighthouse offers individual and bundled services, but bundles are often where customers get into a bind. Bundles are offered with lower than normal pricing if the customer follows the terms and conditions. Sometimes the price is only for a portion of the time you agree to keep the service, which means you will have to pay full price for services at some point.

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Contact Info:

There is email, chat and phone contact information on the Brighthouse customer service website, but you have to enter your zip code to access the information.

Phone Contact Numbers

All Brighthouse communication is connected with a local service area. General contact information is not listed on the main customer service page and customers have to enter a zip code to find local contact information. We were able to locate a general customer service phone number for current Brighthouse customers.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-876-1872
  • Corporate Office: 1-407-215-5577
  • Birmingham, AL: 1-205-591-6880
  • Alabama Panhandle: 1-866-876-1872
  • Bakersfield, CA: 1-800-734-4615 or 1-661-323-4892
  • Central Florida: 1-866-309-3279
  • Tampa Bay Area, FL: 1-888-289-8988
  • Indianapolis, IN: 1-317-972-9700
  • Marion, IN: 1-765-662-0071
  • Livonia, MI: 1-866-898-9101

Mailing Address

If you need to contact Brighthouse for customer service, compliment or complaint, the best means of contact is by phone. However, mailing a letter to the corporate office is also an option.

Brighthouse Corporate Office2251 Lucien WayMaitland, FL 32751

Official Website

The main website for Brighthouse at gives customers an inside look at products and services available in select areas. We noticed the word corporate in many of the page URLs, but that does not mean the contact information found on those pages is for the corporate office.

Customer Service Email

If you need to contact customer service by email, you need to visit and choose your service area. Once your service area is chosen, you will be sent to a contact form. Once the contact form is complete, it will be sent to your local customer service department.

Our Experience

The Brighthouse customer service phone number is answered by an automated system. If you press 0 three times, you will be immediately transferred to a customer service representative. Our call was answered within one minute once we bypassed the automated series of questions. We asked the customer service representative if there was a customer service address for complaints and she gave us the corporate address listed above.

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17 Comments on “Contact Brighthouse Customer Service
  1. I have two (2) questions: #1 Why didn’t I get a manual for using the remote control and #2 Why can’t I record programs.
    I know I can call for support when my television malfunctions and the people I talk to are very helpful but I would like to read the manual and hopefully be able to figure out how to record (on my VCR) some programs that play at the same time.
    Thank you…..Alex

  2. I currently have your services and find them excessively costly.

    This is the second time I’m sending an email stating this and to date no one has contacted me.

    I will be looking into services offerings and cost from your competitors.


  3. Not a happy camper with the service I recieved in the last 24 hour waited 90 mintues and still know got to my call. waited to 4:30 a.m. next day to get thur. Phone system sucks. Music awful.
    This isn’t right, are you getting to big that small customer don’t matter. The young man who help couldn’t help me nothing work so now I have wait until Friday afternoon for service man.
    Just hope you get this phone system work out 90 mintues is to long for wait. and having to get 4:30 to get thur isn’t exceptable. carol nequette

  4. I would like to comment on the customer service I received from Juan on Feb. 6, 2015. He was very helpful and efficient, pleasant and just great. I had called about my options with BH and he took care of it wonderfully. I have been a customer of BH since they took over Adelphia many years ago. I am so please with your customer service over all. Thank you Bright House.

  5. I have one complaint. Recently you have changed channel 10.3 WTSP ju to Justice Channel which I enjoy but the sound is erratic and goes off and on.

  6. feb. 10, 2015 twice in 1 week, my phone service died. and feb. 9 my tw went out, not once, but 3 times. are you trying to convince me to rearrange my services for more expensive offers? yes or no? do I need to look elsewhere for tv, phone and computer? are you tired of me being a customer? I need to know. I want answers. ruby bass

  7. Your service is horrible. Internet went down three times in a week. Could not do my work which has caused more issues. Not getting the speed I’m paying for even after tech came out. Honestly the only reason I’m still here is because everyone else has a contact. But the minute they don’t I’m gone. I called care to resolve and guess what, your systems where down and the rep couldn’t do anything. I told her to take a note on pen and paper and she tells me they’re not allowed. Are you kidding! Can your company do anything right? You are the worst!

  8. I would like someone to know what a wonderful job Michael Morgan did for me on April 26,2015. He was professional,,nice and stayed until he got the issue taken care of. I was incredibly upset with Brighhouse customer service by the way a supervisor talked to me not to mention they gave me the wrong service. Thanks to Mike he has now restored my faith.

    Terry Sullivan

  9. Unhappy to be invoiced on Friday the 8th and you expect me to get a bill on Monday or Tuesday and get it paid before the new month starts on the 13th. Do ]
    I have to monitor the mailbox and jump in the car and fly to you to avoid being
    “Past Due!” No other utility treats me like this. The longer I experience you the closer I am to going back to AT&T.

  10. Your automated service is a DAMN JOKE! I’ve asked for customer service 5 times & get disconnected. I want to speak to a customer service rep IMMEDIATELY! I’m pissed that you keep hanging up on me. What happened to human interaction?! It gets a lot more accomplished that some dumb ass recording that doesn’t understand plain ENGLISH! Your company & customer service are THE WORST I’VE DVER DEALT WITH!!!!

  11. Had service last week for an added piece of equipment and installer disconnected my YFI. I called and it seems to have been resolved via phone.

  12. Once again, y’all have managed to Screw my Account up. Phillip Dunn, Y’all charged me a LATE FEE for MARCH, Local Spectrum has a DROP Box, my Payment was in the box Saturday March 24, 2018. I spoke with a Female out of Tampa, FL. and she told me it would be Fixed. Now I get my latest Bill and it is still Screwed up. My April Bill was in the DROP Box Saturday April 21, 2018. Please correct my Bill. It was there on time, I can’t help that they don’t get it out of the Drop Box. I can turn all this in a whole lot easer and start Fresh with AT&T, DISH, DIRECT, or just a Antenna. So please correct this Issue.

  13. I can never get on to my Brighthouse since Spectrum took over. Worst service ever since They took over Charter One and Brighthouse. New York got rid of Spectrum ….good reason

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