Contact Bosch Customer Service

Contacting Bosch Customer Service Center

As one of the largest manufactures of home appliances, automotive technology and consumer goods in the United States and Europe, Bosch is leading the charge in a crowed industry. The company is based in Michigan, but operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. When a company has such a vast reach, a major concern is the customer experience.

When customers have questions, the team of customer service agents is available to answer the call.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-248-876-1000
  • Home Appliances: 1-800-944-2904
  • Tools: 1-224-232-2000
  • Water Heating: 1-800-503-5028
  • Automotive Parts: 1-888-715-3613
  • After-market accessories: 1-800-266-2528

Mailing Address

Customers can contact the corporate headquarters or the various divisions of Bosch.

Robert Bosch LLC 38000 Hills Tech Dr. Farmington Hills, MI 48331

BSH Home Appliances5551 McFadden Ave.Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Robert Bosch Tool Corp.1800 W. Central Rd.Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Bosch Solar50 Wentworth AvenueLondonderry, NH 03053

Bosch Water Heating340 Mad River ParkWaitsfield, Vermont 05673

Robert Bosch LLC2800 S. 25th Ave.Broadview, IL 60155

Robert Bosch LLC2800 S. 25th Ave.Broadview, IL 60155

Official Website

When customers visit the official Bosch website, they have the opportunity to choose the department, including, automotive, home, trade and industry, healthcare and solar energy. Although Bosch sells products and services, customers can’t make a purchase on this site. The company provides links to the departments which sell merchandise.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to send correspondence to the customer service department can either choose a department or contact the corporate headquarters here{0C678571-4E29-4E50-A70C-9E88401679A9}&curid={CF84A1FD-527F-40CC-957C-7AF20EEE94E9}& We chose the corporate headquarters considering we want to send a general question. We asked for the hours of the customer service department. We are still awaiting a response.

Customers can also contact the customer service department here:

Our Experience

When we think of global companies, we think of exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, what we expected and wheat we received was two totally different things. We contacted the corporate headquarters in order to speak with a customer service representative, in hopes of not being transferred from department to department. We were connected to an operator and connected to the wrong department. After several attempts and waiting in excess of 6 minutes, we finally spoke with a customer service agent.

We asked for information regarding the hours of operation considering the company had different customer care department. The only information provided was for the automotive department. Needless to say, we are not happy. We can’t be the only ones with a negative experience dealing with the customer service department. What was your experience? Fill out the comment section below.

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20 Comments on “Contact Bosch Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir,
    I have designed a project of FUEL SAVING DEVICE, with PRACTICAL PROTOTYPE, FITTED IN A VEHICLE.It is UNIVERSAL i.e. applicable to all vehicle, it is under PATENT process, published on internet.
    if you are interested I can send the details with power point presentation. kindly reply soon

  2. Site claims that “We are here to help. Contact Us.” But the email form selection for State says “Make a Selection”… but provides no options. The form is not accepted because it is incomplete so it is impossible to contact Bosch customer service using their email form. Clever, huh?

  3. I have been trying to order a door for my dishwasher, I have tried a few times with different customer service reps but no luck. I called the number one last time and was put through to a rep whose name was Anne, in Newborne, she was extremely helpful and was very knowledgeable on what I was trying to purchase and processed my request. I can’t wait to get my dishwasher up and running! All thanks to Anne!
    I hope this email finds it’s way to a supervisor at Bosch
    Thanks again,
    A very satisfied customer

  4. Hands Down Absolute Worst Customer Service Ever Received!!!!!
    We called Bosch to place a very simple order. The “customer service rep” that was supposed to help sounded irritated & annoyed. Not only did she get the order WRONG, but our address was also WRONG! Did not verify anything was correct, and before I was even finished asking questions to determine shipping time, she placed the order! She didn’t even bother to confirm that I was happy with my order, the shipping time, what I was ordering, or a correct address!!! Extremely frustrating!! Bosch needs to train their employees better! We are home builders that use Bosch tools everyday, and after this, I will not be buying Bosch in the future!! To make matters worse, when I called to rectify this mistake on their part, the supervisor was unwilling to credit my account, telling me she would have to review the tapes! Obviously that is a waste of time, considering, the items could have never made it to me with a wrong address in their system!

  5. You people have a bunch of godamn morons for employees
    What mission or street corner do you pick them on.
    My dog is smarter than all of their combined IQ’s

  6. I have been frustrated by my two manufacturers and all after market wiper blades or refills for decades. Finally I bought your Icon blades and the whole world of rain wipers opened up.
    WOW, what a fabulous performance. Give my kudos to the entire engineering & marketing team, who performed this great product understanding and improvement.
    I am sold for life, as long as you don’t cut corners or how they are now manufactured.

    Dom Marucci (Honda & Toyota owner)

  7. I have over the years purchased two Bosch orbital sanders, one is a two amp and the other is a four amp orbital 6 inch sanders. The four amp six inch orbital stopped working, so I took it to Home Depot in Twin Falls Idaho because they said they could send it in for repair. Home Depot sent it for repair after two months I called Home Depot only to fine out it had been there for a month. Bosch repair made no effort to contact me, besides the stopping of the machine the screw in handle had stpipped and need repair this was noted by Home Depot. When I picked up the sander I noticed it wasn’t in a box, bag, just on the shelf. The handle wasn’t repaired nor was it returned. After using the sander yesterday it quit again, I called Home Depot asking now for the manager five times guess he was of for the day or taking a break who knows. By the way the person sending the Bosch back for repair said that there were a lot of returns of the Bosch sanders. He advised me to look at other brands of better service than Bosch. Knowing how Bosch repair works I am not at all impressed. You may contact me if you like but I am not interested at all of talking to any person other than a person of authority. I will also be calling corporate and be sending letters to the corporate individuals. If this product is made in China perhaps it’s a problem.
    Thank you,

  8. The customer service rep was very polite and listened to what I said, but my overall experience was far from satisfactory. The handle of my 2 year old mounted microwave broke off, and now we are faced with a repair bill to have the new one installed. I was told the handle was “cosmetic” and was not the responsibility of Bosch. We are now faced with a rather large charge to have this work done. To say I am a dissatisfied customer is an understatement. I will not be able to recommend your products in the future despite having purchased both the microwave and dishwasher. I expected better treatment.

  9. I purchased a Bosch Washing Machine from Great Eastern Trading Co, at 277/2/1, B. T Road, Kolkata -700036 vide Invoice No.13/SA/1516/12516 dated: 08/11/2015, Model No.WAK20060IN. The Technical staff of the Company open the cover of the washing machine and badly damage somehow. I would request to the company that please change the same immediately and oblige.
    Thanking you.
    Yours faithfully,
    Debashis Chakraborty

  10. I have been trying to get rid of all your annoying e-mails for which I never asked. When I try to unsubscribe I get the message “unknown profile”.
    How is that possible when I receive your commercial messages daily????
    Stop this immediately! Such a mess.

  11. i had just received a bosch stove and the bottom drawer is broken. i called the company rays appiance store to pick this one up and deliver another one but they insist i have a tech come and look at it. this is unacceptable.i would need for your help on this issue. someone needs to pick this one up and deliver one that is not broken. spent over 2,000 dollars on it.

  12. I just spoke with a customer service rep and when I told her I was upset and not happy with my dishwasher, she actually said “you’re not the only one, our products have a lot of problems.” Good to know how your employees feel.

  13. I purchased a Bosch boom box in Nov. 2017.from Lowes as I reach to pick up the box the edges of the sharp card board packaging cut me arm pretty bad.

  14. Help….I have called to no avail…I have emailed to no avail….my problem is with my stove…the front glass has broken 2x on its own….you have sent out a service rep…from decker bee bee…it was agreed upon that they would replace the glass all covered….than decked bee bee….the glass is no longer available it has been discontinued….now what do I do? They said I could find the glass else where…and made it my problem…I would have to pay for it and than wait to be paid back…this has been going on since Oct….enough is enough…my next stop is social media…I have had it…than they offered me a discount on a new stove…there is nothing wrong with the stove except the glass…I bought a stove from a brand name so I wouldn’t have a problem…that’s what I thought Bosch was…please I need help now….my phone number is 860 6198142…you can confirm this with your service decker bee bee in ct…not going to wait much longer…we even gave them the receipts…for the stove, micro wave and dish washer…the micro wave didn’t make 6 months…now the glass…for all I know it’s a recalled problem when glass keeps breaking on its own….I have no problem writing the BBB…this is not what I want…all I want is the glass replaced,!!

  15. We love our new Bosch dishwasher, but are annoyed that your on-line registration process did not work. I entered the model number three times, but it kept disappearing when I hit send or whatever it says for ending the process. Then in pink it said it was necessary to fill in the model number slot! Grrrrrrrrrrr!
    If your “I’m not a robot” thing shows pictures, I’m blind in one eye and cannot complete that! Congratulations! Your corporate e-mail address did not work!!!I
    I’m also hard of hearing and the phone is not an option! Hope your dishwasher works better than your customer service!!!!!!!

  16. Hello I’m going to give Bosch a nominal amount of time before my final review,,,, could someone contact me please ,,, I do have a complaint and wish to give ample time for Bosch to remedy the issue thank you Michael b

  17. Please change the email address for all Millard Public Schools orders to go to Kara Hutton should not receive emailed invoices, she is not in the accounting department. We have requested this change a few times by phone and it hasn’t been taken care of yet. It needs to be changed so the invoices don’t get overlooked. Let me know when this change has been made.

    Thank you!

  18. I had difficulty finding the correct site to get a number to speak with a rep. I was told go to BoschCanadaRepairs and there were so many that came up, was not sure which to choose. Once I found the right site and got an 800 number I was completely satisfied with the service. The rep. Nathalie was helpful, asked questions once (because she was listening to me) and got me the help I need. Service rep is coming on Friday

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