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Contacting Black & Decker Customer Service Center

Black & Decker is a power tool company, but they also dabble in larger equipment like tillers and lawn mowers. Customers can shop for new Black & Decker products, request support for current products and contact customer service from the main page. There is also a global site link on the main page for customers inquiring about the Black & Decker company. If you have recently purchased a Black & Decker product, you can use the Register a Product link at the top of the page to register your purchase.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service contact numbers for Black & Decker are divided into departments depending on the product you are inquiring about. Choose the best customer service phone number based on your contact needs.

Mailing Address

Black & Decker is part of the Stanley family. Stanley is another well-known name in tools and equipment. If you wish to contact the main corporate headquarters for Stanley Black & Decker, you can send communication to:

Stanley Black & Decker
1000 Stanley Drive
New Britain, CT 06053

Official Website

Like most retail companies, Black & Decker offers an official website at and merchandise is also sold in stores. Customer service is available for all Black & Decker customers, including those who buy products in the store and need assistance at home. If you need more information on the two-year warranty included with all Black & Decker products, you can read more on the warranty portion of the main page.

Customer Service Email

If you need to contact customer service by email, you’ll need to register for an account. This is true even if you have not ordered from Black & Decker online. The registration is simple and free, but it is still a hassle for customers who want to contact customer service for a simple question. The registration page for contacting Black & Decker customer service by email is

Our Experience

If you need to call Black & Decker customer service, press the number 0 three times to bypass the automated system. You will be placed on hold for the next agent. We waited about two minutes for the call to be answered (there was background music during the hold.) When the agent answered, we asked if she could give us the customer service email address. She stated there was no email address, but that we had reached customer service so she could answer the question. We asked if we should return a Black & Decker coffee maker to the store we purchased the unit at or to Black & Decker if it was defective. She stated that it was our choice.

If you have an experience with Black & Decker customer service – tell us how they worked for you.

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136 Comments on “Contact Black And Decker Customer Service
  1. Require espairpart of the Drill Machine 1)Armature & 2)Carbon Brysh so pl guide for the dealer in India State:Maharashtra City:Pune
    My Cotact Number is 09892273003

  2. Do you not have a telephone number in United Kingdom? I have been trying for over two hours to find a simple answer on how to use one of you products(BDV))0121 …I have noinstruction manuel.Your helpwould be much appreciated, Thankyou, Gerald Godfrey

  3. To add more to my IRON BOX, I am using this from past 4 years and it is too good. I need to repair the handle. kindly provide me the Service or repair center number.

  4. BEWARE!! If you have over two hours to sit on hold for customer service for Black and Decker you’re in business. I am looking for a carafe for a programmable coffeemaker. I went on-line as the recording suggested. After wasting an hour checking sites, I called customer service again. Again I WAITED and Waited. By this time I was frustrated to the MAX. I called corporate to let them know that this service wasn’t acceptable. I was rerouted to customer service AGAIN. Again, I waited(and was ready to throw the whole product out.)
    After all this, I find that the carafe I’m looking to replace(due to no fault of my own) will cost $23.80. I paid around $35.00 for the whole product. Sound reasonable? I don’t think so. Again, BEWARE!

  5. We have a Black&Decker Dust Buster cyclonic power vac model CHV9600, Type 1 which requires a 9.6VDC rechargeable battery. We had contacted your customer service to find a service provider of your producti Nova Scotia, Canada to purchase a new battery and were given a telefone number which is no longer in service.
    Could you please let us know how and where we can purchase a new battery.
    Sincerely, H.D. Bochow

  6. i am looking for a trimmer levelfor a b & d h d l reflex plus GL690 630w but i am unable to find one can you please help . I have been told that this modle is discontinued but to contact you to see if you can help many thanks

  7. Hello im hopping you can help my dad has a 3 way ladder and the plastic 
    black supports on each side of  the ladder have broken I was wondering if it would be at all posable you could send me new ones 

    Regards Marie

  8. I have a 7448 type 7 120 vac 1.2a (nom1,2a) 60hz 10,000 opm double insulated.

    Questiom: I can see sparks through the side vents and here noise that i never herd befor.

    Is it safe to still?.

  9. Your new disign for drills etc. are breaking battery regulations, as they do NOT show + or – symbilles as all electrical products should be clearly marked And includes any type of bateries..If any body complains to the authorities you will have to recall all this product back to correct your error.

  10. Dear sir i do have black and decker car washer which is not working properly ned to be serviced where is the service center in Bangalore (India)fed up of ur product.

  11. I bought a Black and Decker coffee maker on 11/4/12 at Walmart. The maker will not set the program and the hot plate does not shut off. I called 1 800 231-9786 and requested a maker to be mailed to me. transaction # 40599524 and as of today have yet to receive the replacement. Please call me 713 504-7141 with a status on the delivery. I really don’t want my house to burn due to this faulty maker. Regards, Jean Tullis

  12. A few years back I purchased a cordless drill for light to moderate home use. I opted for the 12v model CD 120G. I was pleased with the performance of the product for the few times I used it. The last time I finished using it, I plugged it into the charger to recharge(as any reasonable consumer would). Turns out there is no shut-off switch either on the battery charger or the battery itself. The battery is not designed to be left on the charger and if it is, the battery will be ruined. That is just what happened I discovered the last time I went to use the drill. The thing hadn’t even gotten dirty, it still looked brand-new, but was useless. To replace the battery is almost the same cost as the entire unit.
    Because of this I will no longer be purchasing any more Black and Decker products. It seems this is an underhanded business model to require consumers to make unnecessary purchases of new equipment. I got about two hours of use from this device before it was rendered useless. It seems skimping on the electronic engineering puts this product in the same class as Detroit’s debacle of shoddily built and engineered autos in response to rising fuel prices and foreign competition back in the 70’s. Their short-sighted solutions allowed the competition to gain considerable market share that the industry is still trying to regain to this day. The CD120G cordless drill is Black and Decker’s Chevette.
    I reiterate, I WON’T be purchasing any more Black and Decker products because of this experience. Up until now the brand was synonomous with quality and innovation in the industry. Now it seems like another soulless corporation more interested in short-term profit than long-term viability.

  13. Hello;
    I am trying to contact someon in the USAm not China, about your Black & Decker screwdriver bits, Titanium “B4300” “upc #8 85911 03310 7”. I would like to ask some questions in person like, Is this the same ones that were made a few years ago and about the style of the grove grips that hold the screw in place. The number on the package is in China and I don’t intend to call there.Thank You .

  14. I have tried to get through on all of the phone numbers to get someone to talk to about where to send my air power hand drill. All of them do not answer or you are cut off the line. I am calling from Ontario, Canada. I finally called the person in the States and she was very helpful but she still couldn’t get me connected to them. I am frustrated about it all. This is unacceptable as I don’t have all day to wait to get one question answered

  15. I bought a Black & Decker Vaccum Cleaner (2000 W) from Lulu Hupermarket, Darsite in Oman on 22nd November ’12. In the first use, i found that it was not sucking the dust as a 2000 w vaccum clear should be. I retuned it the next day morning to the outlet customer care. And they informed me they will inform this complient to the product service centre. Till today I have not received any call from them by saying that the problem has been rectified and they did not returned back my money also.

    My house does not have place for these kind of waste product.

  16. The 800 number to contact B&D has kept me on hold for 115 minutes. I dialed the number provided on my drill’s instruction manual; (800) 762-6672. I want to replace the batteries in a cordless drill (4.8 v, Cat.No. 9045) EVEN THOUGH the manual states that they are should only be replaced by a technician. Please provide technical information about the NiCd batteries in this tool. I want to know the voltage of each individual battery and the power rating for each battery (Amp hours?). Please respond with this information and while you’re at it, provide the charger stats too– voltage output and mA being provided to batteries for a recharge. If the information is not handy let me know and I’ll be patient while you get it.
    My call to the 800 # has not been answered and I expect better service. Hopefully this contact will deliver better results. Thanks, Andy.

  17. Have been trying for a month now to get refund or replacement of defective coffeemaker (CM618). Was told a month ago that a refund check and a RMA label would be sent. Several calls later no check, no RMA label. On second or third call promise was made that an RMA label would be sent via e-mail. It was never received.

    The customer service providers are either malfeasant or else the whole thing is a fraud.

  18. Dear Black & Decker Customer Service

    Up until today I was a proud owner of a Black & Decker coffee maker. I went to make my daily brew of coffee. When the coffee maker completed the cycle the machine started to burn up. As I tried to get the coffee maker outside a piece of molten aluminum fell out of the bottom burning my floor.

    I have photos I can send you if you wish. Failing that I will be more than happy to forward the photos to the Consumer Protection Branch of Canada.

    I look forward to your reply

    Wesley Chapman

  19. Dear Sirs,

    I am looking for a waffle maker that has removable grids. Those are much easier to clean. Do you make one with removable grids or will in the future?

    Thank you.

    Julie A. Van Pelt

  20. I have buyed a black& decker coffee maker model 4 cup dcm55 my carafe is broken. so tell me where i can get that parts. tell the places near adyar or thiruvanmiyur in chennai

  21. I recently purchased a 12-cup programmable coffeemaker Model CM40005. The coffeemaker works fine but just want to let you know that the design (water level markings inside water reservoir) is poor for someone who is left-handed as well as being short.

  22. I purchased a 18 volt Black and Decker weed eater and the batteries did not last very long. Due to my miss use of my Makita drill of which the batteries are very good I purchased a B&D drill till I could get my Makita fixed. The B&D drill also came with two 18 volt batteries and they can drill maybe four holes & put in four screws and they are done. Now I have a worthless weed eater and drill. No more Black and Decker for me.

  23. Your customer service is dismal. I can’t get an answer on the phone. I want to order a replacement battery charger for my weedeater. The part number is not listed on your website. I am not going to buy an entire new unit because it is impossible to get a part.

  24. to let you know our electric lawn mower was under 13feet of water after sandy and to our suprise once it dried out we are still using it thank you for a great product it made us smile

  25. i have spent 40 minutes trying to make contact with customer service. trying to find an email address. How do I make contact to express my disappointment with the cheap way a black & decker edger is made

  26. It seems your web site is having difficulty. I went to register a lawn trimmer. I forgot my pass word and followed all the proms and question. Please send me my pass word and fix your site.

  27. I have a 24 volt weed trimmer about a year old. The line shoots out making it impossible to use the trimmer. Does B&D have a fix for this problem? I they don’t I’ve wasted a lot of money on their product. Will B&D buy it back?

  28. I have your “Lids off” and don’ know how could be without. I am elderly and my strength is not what it used to be. A friend would like to purchase one also. How does she go about ordering one?

  29. My B&D toaster oven of 9 years just broke. It easily accommodated a 13″X9 1/2 ” aluminum broiler pan. I would like to replace the toaster oven with a similar toaster oven of the same size. The toaster oven should have a 60 minute timer, bake temperature to 450 degrees and be non-digital as I have seen poor reviews for B&D digital toaster ovens. I just purchase a B&D toaster oven model No. CT04500S and it’s too narrow.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the model number of my previous toaster oven that broke.

    Can you let me know which to buy? I have been unable to reach anyone at B&D by phone.

  30. I purchased a black and decker “the classic” iron a few months ago and it just died. It never did perform well. I just want to say you should be ashamed to produce such garbage.

    Debbie Leslie

  31. can opener model #ec475b has got to be the worst canopener that I have ever had the misfortune of owning. it will not grab the can properly and when it does turn the can it will not cut into the can!!!!!!

  32. This pertains to the GYRO palm screwdriver. This is an awesome device. I’ve gone through approx 20 drill/driver combos. The Gyro is the absolute best, except for one little item. The bits fall out if your work is below your hand; or when using hex based drill bits the bits get left in the work (wood). Would it be economically feasible to put a spring clip or ball clip device in the chuck of the Gyro? It would improve it’s usefulness 50%.
    Thank you for this opportunity to submit an idea whose time has come, if it hasn’t already.

    Bill Bauer

  33. i have purchased two black and decker 12 cup cofee pots in the last two months and they will not keep the cofee hot i purchased at walmart in rockvood tenn 37854 they will not trade or refund my money because i dont have my receipt nowi am stuck with a cofee pot that want work i am on a fixed income what do i do thnk you john jackson

  34. We have bought 2 Black and Decker Coffee pots within a year. M/N CM1050B. Both of them have quit working. They were bought at Walmart and this last one is not replaceable by Walmart. I guess we are just out the money. We will not buy any more of this brand.

  35. I have a CST1000 Black and Decker weed trimmer. It is made mostly from foreign plastic. I bumped the clam shell handle on the garage wall and it shattered. I was referred to my nearest dealer which is 350 miles away. I asked the receptionist to have the manager call me at his convenience so I could explain my frustration. She told me he was a busy man and I should call him back later. So much for qualitiy products and quality service in corporate USA.

    Roy Musland

  36. I purchased a 12 cup programmable coffee maker at X-Mas time and immediately had to contact Black and Decker because the carafe had small chips and scratches and a replacement was sent instead of taking it back to the store were it had been purchased and replacing it with a different brand, now the black finish is peeling away and I’m wondering what will be next to go wrong the automatic timer or the shut off could it possibly turn its self back on when there is no water in the coffee maker is this machine a lemon, are things going to continue to go wrong, I don’t know I want to know my choices are as soon as possible

  37. We purchased the Black w/ clock B&D coffee maker….It is the WORST coffee maker we have ever had….We have had 5 or 6 of the white B&D coffee makers and loved them…..This one spills and drips all over when pouring and we had to remove little lever that allows you to pour while brewing as it stuck so badly from day one that the water couldn’t run thru fast enough and carafe was FULL of grounds EVERY TIME…Thanks for reading…Just venting.

  38. I purchased the B&D 2-in-1 Food Process–Model#FP2620SC at Canadian Tire in Toronto. Ontario (Canada) almost 2 years ago. I use it perhaps once in two weeks or so (and I have enjoyed using it, even thought it is very loud). I last used it early January, before I went on vacation and then after I returned mid-March, I used it again, so it was still working at that time. Then at the end of March I tried to use the blender–it wouldn’t work. I tried using the FP bowl–it also wouldn’t work. It seems that the black plastic gear in the center of the top of the base, that the bowls sit on, is broken. The motor works, but the blades do not move I realize my warranty is probably over, but I don’t think that I have used this machine even 20 times since I bought it. My previous Food Processor lasted me over 20 years and I would certainly have expected at least 5-10 years from this appliance.
    Can you send me a replacement part this FP? Cost? It seems to me that I could easily slip it into place myself. Or tell me where in Toronto I can buy the part or take it to be repaired? I will give you my address when you reply to me.
    Please reply to me soon. I have already been without it now for 2 weeks and would like to use it again soon. I hope I don’t have to buy another one.
    Also, I would like to say that you don’t seem to have a Customer Service office in Toronto area; I’ve been trying to phone Customer Service # in the USA that I found online, but the wait times are horrendous; and even trying to find a part # or a repair depot in Toronto has led to nowhere but dead ends after hours of searching.
    Thank you — PY.

  39. Hello
    We got this electric knife 25yrs ago as a wedding gift.Wife used it in the house for about 3 yrs,I was cleaning some redfish and my regular elect fillet knife started getting dull.Wife was gone so I went and got the house knife and started filleting the rest of the fish.Been filleting fish since 1991 with the same knife.Well I think it finnaly cleaned its last fish.It gave out yerserday.It was a SlimGrip cat#EK100 Type 1.I was wandering if they still make that model or one with lots of amps.What elect knife would you recommend for filleting fish.

  40. One year ago I bought a Black and Decker
    Programmable 12 cup coffee maker from K Mart in Jacksonville NC.
    It only cost $39.99. 6 months after I bought it I had to use it in my sink only:(
    Half the water was running out of the bottom of the maker before it could brew:(
    I found out the hard way when I set brew time went to bed woke to water all over kitchen floor:(
    Thought u should know:(. Will not use brand again.

  41. We bought a drill that did not work, bought a trimmer that broke twice all you people make is junk.

  42. I have been trying to find a place in or near Pickering On. Ca. to purchase B&D corded lawn mower model no. MM875. No luck with Cdn.Tire, Home Depot and Lowes. Some other models they might sell. I attempted to Contact B&D to have them tell me what stores here would carry that product. First call was to Texas where the server couldn’t tell me. Another call to Mississauga where I couldn’t get thru. Another call on another line and no answer. HUH… I went to Sears and bought a Craftsman. Sorry no sell here, no can buy.

  43. I just bought a model ICR05X steam iron……..worst iron ever. I had to buy a 15 amp extension cord to use the iron, the iron drags the fabric as you iron with it, the sole plate is short across the bottom and it uses more water than any other iron I have ever owned. DON’T BUY THIS IRON!

  44. I purchased a B&D 3/16 carbide tip bit and a Bostitch bit. The B&D is garbage, and I took it back. The Bostitch is excellent. The B&D is made in China; the Bostitch is made in Germany.

  45. I would like to let u know how thrilled I am with this new drill I bought it has lots of power it will drive a three and half screw like nothing it is lite weight also easy to handle keep up the making of great tools I will buy more in the future

  46. I recently purchased a B & D 3 in 1 Trimmer. While I am impressed with its operation as a trimmer, edger and 12 inch lawn mower I am not impressed with the fuel cells. The two fuel cells do not last anymore than 30 minutes. This is frustrating especially when it takes 4 hrs to recharge.

    Can I have these fuel cells exchanged for a heavier duty cell i.e. more capacity and longer operational time.

    I have other battery operated power tools and have always been supplied with the heavier duty types.

    Your response is both anticipated and appreciated


  47. I am highly disappointed I called customer service with Black and Decker. I have been given the run around since the end of June. I have called them repeatedly, emailed what they needed, and yet my claim is still unresolved. I told them I wanted my money back for a faulty product all while being in the under one year warranty window. The refrigerator has not been fixed nor have I received my money back for cost of purchase. They have lost me and entire immediate family as customers…SAD!

  48. I own 2 of the 20V max power units with all of the attachments. I am a Loyal B&D customer and now Have all these tools and the Batteries wont stay charged. My vehicle is sitting up on blocks waiting for me to finish the bumper hitch i am installing and even though i charged BOTH batteries all night they are both dead. these products are new, less than 2 months old. I want to stay a Loyal B&D customer, but i need some service. please return an email telling me what you will do to keep my business.

  49. Received a B & D toaster for Christmas 2012 and it has already gone bad. It is just my husband and I that use it and we rarely do. Poor quality and am very disappointed in product. We are in the market for another toaster and obviously will not be choosing Black and Decker.

  50. I have been calling corporate to complain about three (3!!) electric weed hogs (trimmers). First one was really great, sturdy and reliable. then the handle broke off. A friend was sick of her brand new one and i was shocked how “cheap” it looked. And the motor was really screaming on hers! then, the handle broke off!! THE SAME WAY!!!! 3RD was not a charm because it was CHEAPER than the first 2 and….that handle broke off TOO!!! SO, I am just one person and obviously not worth a call to stand behind their product…I will move on

  51. About two months ago I purchased your four slice toaster based on your company’s reputation. I was wrong. The toaster leaves raw places ad burnt places on the same piece of toast. One time a setting won’t burn a piece and the next time it does not to mention the fact that it takes longer to toast than my old worn out toaster. I am very disappointed in your product.

  52. This is a review I have just written for about the KA280 4in1 sander.
    I cannot say here how infuriated I am about this product.

    I cannot recommend this product to my worst enemy. I have now had two sent and both have the sanding base plates impossible to remove, I have contacted B&D both times they say they have had other complaints about this!!!
    This appears to be a design fault. The guy at B&D suggested I try to lever off the base plate with a big screwdriver( Big Deal this should have been sorted in R&D dept. ) and if I damage he would arrange another replacement???
    So all in all I think this product should not be on the market until it’s customer friendly.
    My recommendation is a 5 minus star rating

  53. I received a spotlight as a gift, model number VEC156BDc, catalog SL102B, and it does not work, after spending a total of 96 minutes waiting for a customer service representative, three combined attempts, I am still unable to get a response to assist in fixing or replacing my spot light. I will never be purchasing another black and decker made product, if I receive one as a gift again, I will ask for it to be returned and get another manufacter’s product. I threw away my coffee maker and purchased a new one.

  54. I have 2 of your drills and that means I have two chargers and 4 battery’s and none of them well take or hold a charge, They haven’t been used very much because I usually use the bigger one’s that I have, I used to think that Black and decker was a good brand to buy but now I am losing faith in the brand name

  55. Hello, this Samuel Gattis in Salinas Ca. i bought a New Coffee Pot from WalMart, last week & love it.for my house, i liked it so much i returned two the store & bought another one, for my business which is SAMUEL’S BARBER STYLING SHOP here in Salinas ,CA. The point is Company’s never get the recognition from the buyer, so keep up the good PRODUCTS OK? THANK—-U—–P.S I told all my clients how nice is the pourer is what sold me on it—-MR.COFFEE will never compete with u——–MERRY XMAS to all ur employes-

  56. I first bought one of your coffee makers several years ago and loved it. I couldn’t find one like it so I bought a different brand and wasn’t happy with it. I got my b&d coffee maker last month, what happened to the quality? This one doesn’t make hot coffee and it is ice cold in 1 hour. I would love to hear from b&d, ,butI don’t think I will.

  57. To The Great Black & Decker 1/21/2015

    5:23:08 WOW OH WOW OH WOW. DID I GET SERVED GREAT. Just to do a little thing,,,, cough cough.
    13:33 Just for one item that I was looking and discovered, I got a great great tip and treat when I made a phone
    5:36:41 call to BLACK & DECKER. All I was attempting to do was just get a server to help my find the right or
    any place, to help me so I could get the new piece to attach to my weed clipper. And BOY OH BOY, did
    I got served great. I’ll give MARITZA an A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    She served me great and had to ask me and get a bunch of data to assist me. I had the clipper in front of me
    and I had already written down a couple of the codes and data about it. But this girl knew everything, or
    knew what to ask for and get. The first thing she gave me and corrected me on, was what the heck the item
    was called. I called it the edge clipper. But with her questions and comments, she told me the item I was
    actually looking for was called a SPOOL COVER and it’s code number was 90563054. Then, after a few
    more questions and comments she actually gave me a great treat. She gave me the Confirmation Number
    04243714, that the item would be sent to me,,,,, and at no charge and delivered by UPS! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With all the work I did with that clipper, that it has done so much for so long, I wasn’t expecting anything.
    Whatever it cost for that part that I’ve used many thousands of time, that has always done a great job, if it
    was time to pay for a new part, if it could be handled that way, I was ready to do it. She even gave me a
    phone number of a more local service part of their company 407-657-0474 # 76 called the FACTORY
    After she finished doing all the great things she did for me, she double checked my name and address
    and confirmed everything. Well, being treated so well, I wanted to double check her name again, and that
    is when she spelled it for me. I just thanked her again, again, and not enough. She is just a very great
    person. She even was pleased with me that I could easily insult myself because I wasn’t ever lucky enough
    to meet a great one like her too often. Hahaha
    So Black & Decker, thank you for your item that I got on sale. Thank you for your coverage that I was
    more than willing to pay for. But most of all, Thank you for your special gift, being served by MARITZA.

    Your Fan Dan The Man

  58. Great, Wonderful, Thoughtful, Fantastic, Caring, Helpful, Amazing, Super Servers, Delightful, Efficient, Remarkable, and those were just a few minor comments of how great you served me today, and will serve me again. A++++++ Thanks.

    • We have been B/D customers for many years.Your name brand and quality was reason enough to purchase your products.

      We recently purchased a B/D 3 in 1 grill,griddle and waffle maker. A great concept-a lousy product.The indicator light did not operate,the waffle grids did not close properly and the griddle surface was scratched. What happened to quality control? Perhaps outsourcing is the reason we disgarded the waffle maker.

      I am a very disappointed and angry connsumer. I will think long and hard before purchasing any Block and Decker products.
      Thank you for listening and responding.
      Eileen C.Robinson

  59. A few years ago I purchased my first B & D coffee maker Model CM2020B. Although I was satisfied with the product, I wrote to you about the water level indicator. I felt it was to dark to see the water level. I suggested you make it transparent instead of opaque. Recently I purchased a new B&D coffee maker, and to my surprise, the water indicator was transparent. Thank you for that. However, I find that the beeps after the brew cycle and the auto shut off there are NO BEEPS. Also, I noticed it was
    eliminated from the instructions. I called and was told it was waking people up. I would assume if you’re making coffee, You are AWAKE. I suggest you put the option in the programming of the coffee maker and leave it up to the individual whether they want the beeps or not. Thank you again for your time and co-operation, and response to my suggestion.

  60. Years ago before B&D went to China to manufacture I was involved with working with manufacturing in the Maryland plants. I would like the opportunity to try and work with them again. The contacts I had then are no longer good and if possible could you direct me to a contact in the new NC plants?

  61. When my coffee maker broke, And at the store I saw a Black and Decker coffee maker, I didn’t give it a second thought as most of my tools are B/D that I have had for years. After 6-8 months a crack was seen on the hotplate, worried my wife might zap herself, I went down and bought another Black and Decker. The first one was a “CM-4000s, 12-CUP. A kinda pricey unit. The second one was about $20.00, but it did the same thing and got a crack in it. To explain it the crack goes from the outside edge up across what I call the pot holder. Damn I never was good at descriptions. B/D give me a web address and I’ll send pictures.

  62. The number works fine but not customer service. I’m waiting for a shipping label. The first day it did not come as expected so called the second day and I was told to have patience. This is many days later and I called and was told it was sent. They have my correct email but it’s not in my mail…anywhere and I was told it will have to be resubmitted to see IF hey will send another label. I think my warranty is running out. I wonder if that is what’s happening. I’m very disappointed in Black and Decker and Home Depot.

  63. The page of customer service contact numbers for Black and Decker is confusing because they have different numbers for different products. On top of that, my product didn’t fit into any of their categories! So, I called the first number. The service agent was very helpful and quickly ordered the replacement part needed for my product.

    A good result after a difficult start.

  64. My husband bought a professional series gas trimmer black n decker from Walmart. He had to return it the next day. He got another and after 30 days the engine blew. He took it to the b and d warrenty repair shop and they said they would not honor the warrenty. 200. Trimmer that did not last a month. They even said he did not mix the fluids right. That was why they refuse to repair it. He measured the fluid exact. So please consider your purchase from b n d. They aren’t the company I remember.

  65. Motor on grass trimmer burned out when I tried to use a new battery. Man I talked to on the phone was very helpful, people at local service center (West Milwaukee, WI) were less than useless!They said they could repair for $59, but had no interest in checking out the battery which I believe caused the problem.

  66. I just bought a new Black and Decker Gh900 weed trimmer. I bought it to replace my GH1100 because Black and Decker saw fit to discontinue parts for the GH1100. My guess is because it worked too well. The GH900 is a piece of crap. I wrap my own line because the factory wound ones are too expensive. The line shoots out and does not cut. This is going in the trash and I will get another brand. When I buy something, I a)expect it to work and b)to be able to get replacement parts. You have lost a customer. I am furious over this piece of junk.

  67. Purchased a Black and Decker programmable coffee maker Dec. 2014 Model # CM1050B. This is the worst coffee pot I have ever owned. The coffee is never hot and it overflows while brewing.

  68. I am totally confused. Bought your toaster oven, model TO1373SSD in April 2015. It is absolutely the worst piece of kitchen appliance we have ever owned, bar none. You should be ashamed to produce such a poor quality item.

  69. having problems with my cordless garden shear staying together keeps falling apart ; ( I have tried to contact them but there website is messed up won’t let me fill in all the blanks to sen them my info !!!!

  70. This is the second Black and decker coffee pot we have purchased. The new basket design if not placed perfectly spills all the coffee grounds and coffee all over, eventually burning out the coffee pot. On my way to buy my 3rd coffee pot in 6 months, and it will not be a Black & Decker!!!!!!!!

  71. I bought an air conditioner at HH Greg in Wilkes-Barre, PA. WE have had it for only 2 summers and the accordion piece on the side cracked. We are now not able to use it because we cannot get it to stay in the window without this piece. Where we got it does not carry them. The air conditioner is of no use without it.

  72. I recently purchased a black and decor “die-cast Blender” worked great long enough to blend five drinks. Now it won’t turn on. Biggest waste of $30.

  73. I can’t buy on your website, the local hardware store does not Cary your products so I ist buy on eBay. So now I have two useless flashlights because you have so many different voltages. 9.6, 18, 20, now 18 li. Your directors stink and you are about to start loosing huge amounts of money. GOD is never wrong.

    Ambassador Mount

  74. I, bought from Lowes, a Stanley Ultra Bright Led Spotlight, Paid $79.00 Dollars Which Said LIFETIME WARRANTY! Called In And Spoke To A Man Named John, Because Flashlight, Will Not Keep Charge! I, Have Bought Stanley, For Close To 40 YEARS! They Was Stanley Family Business, Which The Family, Always Put Their Customers First! And Always Stood Behind Their Products! Well I, Will Never- Ever By NONE OF Your Products” Made In CHINA Again! Thanks For Nothing! And I, Will Tell Everybody To Never By Your Cheap Made In CHINA, Junk! Made In USA Always!

  75. I purchased coffee maker model DCM2160B and the heating element where the pots sits is all rust colored I have no idea why this happening is it dangerous to continue using it less then a year old very concerned

    my address 13 Elizabeth rd Billerica Ma 01821 I purchased the coffee maker at kmart Billerica ma my phone 978-362-8699

  76. I purchased a string weed trimmer at Ace Hardware and have had nothing but problems with the operation. The string lasts less than one minute, it does not release from the spool, and I have to take it to the garage and take it apart to start again (for a duration of maybe one minute). I think perhaps the blade type might perform better. Can I replace the string spool with blades?

    Why does the string not work? I have tried several different types and none work. This is the most frustrating equipment I have ever purchased.

    Can you help me?

  77. terrible service on the internet all you have dine is go around in circles. the dustbuster we purchased in april no longer holds any charge is the type of product that you now sell. we have purchased black &decker products before and they have been reliable.

  78. I purchased your 12-cup programmable coffeemaker and I am very disappointed. No matter how much liquid is in the glass pot it leaks down the sides every time you try to pour coffee. The only way to stop this problem is to lift the lid and this is a problem, being elderly we don’t have the strength to hold the lid up and pour a cup. We purchased this model because it was programmable, auto shut off and more expensive, which we thought would be a better quality appliance. We were wrong and its just a mess to deal with. We will not purchase this type of product from you again. Thanks for nothing!

  79. Today I called ! 800 544 6986 concerning a Black and Decker Dust Buster I had purchased earlier this year that does not work. A woman by the name of Krystal handled my call and every thing was taken care very professionally. I was asked to stay on the line for a quick survey after my call was completed. I stayed on the line for several minutes, but no one cane on to ask the questions. I just want you to what a very capable employee you have in Krystal. Eric Hingst

  80. Good morning. I purchased your 12V Cordless hand vac at Walmart about a month ago. It’s been used very little but, already won’t hold a charge at all. Currently it won’t charge. I tried to return it to Walmart but, I didn’t have the box or receipt so, they wouldn’t take it back(no proof I bought it there)….
    What can you do to help me?
    Steve Shepard

  81. Black & Decker case #05060494

    I requested a operators manual for a B & D jig saw on Oct. 14th.

    Lisa from Customer care send you would request it for me. To date
    I have not received it. Is it on the way?

  82. I purchase one of your steam iron from Walmart a have only had it for 6mos and a black spot keeps coming up on the plate i keep wiping it off but very disappointed with this as much money i pay for it looks like i will have to buy a new iron which i don’t want to do

  83. I am disheartened with Black & Decker! I’ve now left 4 messages in the customer service box on your other webpage and got NO reply whatever. I searched for an alternative and will now leave my request here also.
    I have a VEC157BD Rechargeable Spotlight 2 Million Power Series. It will not charge. The bulbs are working cos after charging for recommended time they do attempt to glow, but die in seconds. It’s not holding a charge so the battery must be faulty. I can’t see how to get the battery out in order to find what one to replace it with. Please contact me telling what to do about this problem. I’ve written 4 times already and am getting a wee bit frustrated that you are ignoring my requests.
    I have always been a dedicated customer of Black&Decker products, both in Europe and since moving here, and am about to gift my workshop with a myriad of needed tools and instruments. However, my experience in trying to get any response from your after-sales/customer-service over this spotlight leaves me concerned about buying more B&D products and may lead me to seek out your competitors purely to find better service.

  84. I have a Black & Decker 12v portable luminaire #81584. I have misplaced the charger for this unit. It is just a plug in the wall cord on one end with a plug to plug in the unit on the other to charge it. I found a number of numbers to call for help with no success. Any ideas???

  85. I just posted a comment, but got this blank box to post a comment in again. Is it worth it?? I can’t use my light.

  86. I had a significant issue with my Black & Decker palm sander I contacted your company received a return label and send the palm sander to your warrantee facility approximately two months ago I have yet to receive any notification a replacement palm sander or any contact from your warrantee center I am very displeased and considering contacting corporate headquarters

  87. Have a 18″ pedestal fan, model # BDSH-8018, that stop working in less than a year (very light usage). Tried calling B&D and was told by each service rep that a different department handles that fan. I was given 5 different B&D ‘800’ phone numbers to call and each could not help me…. One rep even provided a phone number for LASKO fans????

    After spending over an hour trying to speak with someone who could help me, I gave up! Can someone help????

  88. I bought a coffee grinder years ago on the side of the grinder was a wheel to adjust the grinding. I cannot find this machine anymore. can you help me please
    hannah mcnamee

  89. purchased coffee maker cm2035b about 6 weeks ago love it but the lid is broken . can’t find a replacement, maybe you can help

  90. I’ve been trying for 2 hours to find information on our power washer, a 12bde–190, SNj120700491. I’m about ready to
    How j h buy a different brand.
    Ours leaks inside of the spray gun. The unit operates nicely, but cannot build proper pressure with such a large leak. I want to know if a detailed parts list is available or if it’s necessary to buy the entire gun, and if so, what is the price.

  91. I tried last night for 3 hours to get some information re: our power washer. I could not reach any customer service rep. It’s time to replace it with a different brand.

  92. No reply to email request for service, person I eventually talked to was illiterate, 30 min on the call, 10 days to get a defective part, CS survey after call never happened. B&D has a real problem!!!!!

  93. I purchased a Black & Decker weed eater from Wal Mart in Farmington, MO in 2015. I followed storage instructions for the winter; however, the Single Source 18v battery will not charge. Wal Mart in Farmington, MO doesn’t have that battery year. I had to purchase a less expensive weed eater; however, it worked better than your expensive one. I guess my problem is believing Black & Decker’s commercals. I still believe that you need to make this problem right and then stop manufacturing and selling equipment only good for one season.

  94. In the past year I have purchased 6/ 18volt batteries for my black and Decker drill,hedge trimmer and blower none of the batteries will hold a charge I am very disappointed with black and Decker you buy the product but all you do is make the CEO very rich I am tired of spending my money on your sorry good for nothing product thanks for nothing

  95. I emailed your company as I needed some drill I could not get on site .They sent me a phone no which dose not exsit,I need double ended screwdriver.I think this is degisting, please can you help sort it out thankyou.

  96. I recently purchased a cordless hand vac. The package did not include the charger. I called customer service, explained my dilemma, and was advised that you would replace this item. Within a week I received another hand vac. Just want to express my complete satisfaction with your response and reply to my dilemma.

  97. I bought the B&D Grasshog XP stinger trimmer -( Type -2 ) model # GH1000.
    I used it one season and discovered the lg plastic driven gear melted. When I tried to order that part , I learned that gear is only sold with the entire motor assembly. ( $60-$75) There is nothing wrong with the motor on my trimmer, so I should not have to pay for an entire motor assembly. On web reviews this is a common problem with everyone who bought this same model trimmer. It is a defect on the part of Black & Decker, and should be a recall issue. My next step is to contact B&D Corporate Headquarters if I don’t get resolve for this issue.

  98. I own an 18 inch black & Decker 455 mm hedge trimmer TR200 type1 that I have been using on my 6 ft tall 250 ft long hedges for 25 years. I almost bought a gas model this year and didn’t. It’s still running great. Never did anything but grease it. Great product!

  99. 1 JULY 04, 2016

  100. To whom this may concern:

    I purchase a black & decker 550 peak watt blender and I have used it but a few time it just stop working very disappointed.

    Sent from my iPad

  101. I bought a Stanley battery charger from Walmart and it started smoking and had it sent to you guys it was the biggest charger you had and I got a 2 year warranty on it. After that you people sent me a freaking black and Decker charger the smallest and cheapest I want my Stanley back working or if you don’t then I will get Channel 3 news to help me with you

  102. So wish you would bring back the Black & Decker DS700 6-Volt Cordless Electric Shrubber Have purchased them over the years and this particular model is awesome. Even purchased for family members. tried the new one but if you look at the reviews and comments, 90% loved this model.

  103. Customer service is awful from spectrum brands can’t seem to contact them.
    I had a door handle fall off of our Space Saver Toaster Oven. model no. TSO 1000.

    I call to see about parts, was told not available but could purchase another at a reduced price so I ordered a new on the old one worked very well. After I hung up I figured out how to repair the handle. I called a few hours later to cancel the order, and was told since I called the same day I could cancel the order. Yesterday a new toaster oven was delivered and my credit card had been charged. Now when I call support all I get is a busy signal.

  104. I need to know about my B & D Model #D5500 ‘Digital Evolution’ Iron. I use it monthly for about an hour, trying to cut down ironing time in the summer to almost nil. Last week, the iron just would not get heated, after I turned it on. This meant that I had to go back to my circa 1940’s style OLD iron without steam, I love it, but wish it could steam.
    What can you offer me for a reason for the iron nit heating up….certainly not worth what you sold these models for, and not lasted as well as the 1940’s model of olden days. Maybe time for a new brand for me.

  105. I am unhappy with the lasting/working quality of this iron. Do you make these things in China, where they don’t care about how long things last, they just expect us to throw away and get another. I grew up in England (1950’s-1960’s, we took care of everything and wasted nothing; so I am not happy with this throw away life we live here n the US.
    Please advise. Seems like your products are not so good, judging by the complaints, so DO YOU RESPOND, or just give us a place to let off steam?
    Rosie Morgan Equality, AL TIME FOR YOU ALL THERE TO GET TO WORK, or keep the bad name you seem to be getting for your poor products.

  106. Huge fan of Black and Decker products! My first one was in 1985 with an under the cabinet coffe maker. Loved it and it lasted too forever. My most recent purchase is a food processor FP1700B. It does the job but clean up is not easy. Food gets caught in between the rim and the funnel all the time and I resort to all sorts of ways trying to free the food that has crammed in that tiny space. So frustrating.
    I know you are all about quality, ease of use and a good price point but I’m ready to toss this one away and try another company.
    Maybe you can redesign this for easier clean up?
    I just thought you may want feedback.
    Thank you!!!

  107. How can I get a refund or replacement for my recalled
    Black & Decker Spacemaker Coffee Maker ODC 440? I went online and but my computer gave me a warning not to open the site.

    Please email me the information as soon as possible.



  109. I recently purchased one of your LSW321 sweepers. I really like it. However, you could improve the ease of use if you would modify it so that you could lock in the power booster switch instead of having to hold it down continually.

  110. It’s been frustrating to try to get through to any support/customer service. I went online which had you going in a circle where you ended right back to the main web page. Called a local Black and Decker site and was put on hold and forgotten. Called the 800 number and was promised a hold time of 9 minutes, and constant reminders that I could email my inquiry. I was hesitant since I’m not feeling confident anything will be done for me. Okay, so 18 minutes later I was told I had the wrong department and I got ANOTHER number to call. Sheesh!

  111. Hello,
    We bought the Black and Decker Rice Cooker….8 cups. After our 3rd use we noticed the handle (on the lid) is melting around the edge on both ends where the 2 handle pieces (handle knob) come together. We love how it cooks the rice but the handle melting after 3 uses is unexceptible especially because it virtually brand new. I would like to email you pictures of it to show what I’m speaking of and also to show that it’s new, but I don’t see an email. My husband said it looks like the heat is transferring up into the handle and coming out between the 2 pieces which are not sealed. Very poor design. I would appreciate a return response please. Thank you, Marcy

  112. I cannot get any assistance on getting my barely used Dustbuster to
    I filled all trouble shooting in brochure but still will not start.
    Please reply ASAP.

  113. I can not find anyone who has a replacement part for my PD1800EL I want a new 2 in 1 combi nozzle. I can not understand your web site. It is unbelieveably complicated. Please help me I have already been trying for an hour.
    Thank you Barry Young

  114. My husband thought I should relay this. My about five-year old Black and Decker Quick n Easy 300 steam iron sparked last night … like it had a short. I’ve already disposed of it and ordered a new iron, but he thought I should pass on that information. The spark was where the cord went into the iron’s body.

    Thank you.
    Sheri Taylor-Emery

  115. I have been unable to find a store to view a 36V Lithium Ion 2ALbattery
    GLC3630L20 (Cordless strimmer)Those posted by you in Uckfield and Sevenoaks no longer stock Black & Decker.My post code is TN16 2NF

  116. Purchased a B & D Garden IQ Series 18 hole oscillating sprinkler. Bar code 44841 01978 0 on the box. Code on box is BD1978. Purchased end of last year. Just opened box. Will not oscillate. Says 3 year warranty. No idea where purchased so guess that is worthless. In reality, the sprinkler is worthless as well..

  117. I just wanted you to know that I love my 20v cordless drill. I use it on my homestead to keep up my property. I have literally used it to pieces. (see photo.) Have you ever known anyone to use one of you drills to shreds and still have it function? I have several cordless tools that I use the batteries between them. Thank you for a well-made product.
    Roxanne Carr

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