Contact Best Western Customer Service

Contacting Best Western Customer Service Center

Best Western is one of the largest hotel chains in the world with more than 4,200 hotels. The company is based in Arizona, but recently became a global player by operating in Asia and Europe. With millions of customers visiting the hotel, customer service is a key factor in order to succeed. When customers have questions and concerns regarding their experience, the customer service team is ready to provide answers and resolve problems.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-780-7234
  • ARGENTINA: AT&T Access 0-800 288 5288
  • AUSTRALIA: 131 779
  • AUSTRIA: 0 800 29 51 94
  • BAHRAIN: 800 04249
  • BELARUS: For AT&T access dial 8 (wait for the tone) 800 101 then 888 422 76 92
  • BELGIUM: 0 800 1 6776
  • BELIZE: AT&T Access # 811 then 800-332-7836
  • BOLIVIA: AT&T Access # 0-800-1110 then 800 332-7836
  • BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: AT&T access # 00 800 00 10 then 888 412 7692
  • BRAZIL: 0800-761-5001
  • BULGARIA: 800 09378376
  • CANADA: 1-800-780-7234
  • CARIBBEAN: 1-800-780-7234
  • CHILE: AT&T Access 800-225-288 then 800-332-7836
  • CHINA: 086-10-65186400
  • COLOMBIA: 1800 9120728
  • CROATIA: 00 39-02 637-841
  • COSTA RICA: 0800 011 0063
  • CYPRUS: 800 911 66
  • CZECH REPUBLIC: 800 900 581
  • DENMARK: 8001 09 88
  • ECUADOR: AT&T Access # 1-800-225528 then 800 332-7836
  • EGYPT: (202) 3370340
  • EL SALVADOR: AT&T Access # 800-1288 then 800 332-7836
  • ESTONIA: 800 0044255
  • FRENCH GUIANA: AT&T Access # 0800-99-0011 then 800-332-7836
  • FINLAND: 08001-2010
  • FRANCE: 0800 90 44 90
  • GERMANY: 0800 21 25 888
  • GREAT BRITAIN: 0800 39 31 30
  • GREECE: 00800 441 414 60
  • GUAM: 1800-528-1234
  • GUATEMALA: T&T Access # 99-99-190 then 800 332-7836
  • HONDURAS: AT&T Access # 800 0 123 then 800 332-7836
  • HONG KONG: 001 800 0013 1779
  • HUNGARY: 0680 981 321
  • ICELAND: 800-9389
  • INDIA: 1-800-425-6679
  • INDONESIA: 001 800 00 131779
  • IRELAND: 1 800 709 101
  • ISRAEL: 1-80-945-2041
  • ITALY: 800 820080
  • JAPAN: 0120-42-1234
  • JORDAN: (962) 6-5697683
  • KOREA: 001 800 00 13 1779
  • LATVIA: 800 02608
  • LEBANON: (39-02) 637-841
  • LITHUANIA: 880 030396
  • LUXEMBOURG: 8002 6776
  • MACEDONIA: 00 39-02 637-841
  • MALAYSIA: 00 800 00 131779
  • MALTA: (39-02) 637-841
  • MEXICO: 01-800-528-1234
  • MOROCCO: AT&T access #002 11 0011 then 888-412-7692
  • THE NETHERLANDS: 0800 022 1455
  • NEW ZEALAND: 0800 237 893
  • NICARAGUA: AT&T Access # 174 then 800 332 7836
  • NORWAY: 800 11 624
  • PANAMA: AT&T Access # 00 800 001 0109 then 800 332-7836
  • PARAGUAY: AT&T Access # 00811-800 then 800 332-7836
  • PERU: AT&T Access 0800 50288 then 800-332-7836
  • PHILLIPINES: 00 800 00 131779
  • POLAND: 00800 441 1669
  • PORTUGAL: 00839361
  • REUNION ISLAND: AT&T access #0800-99-0011 then 888-412-7692
  • ROMANIA: AT&T access #0808 034288 then 888-896-815
  • MOSCOW: 810 800 20431044
  • SERBIA: 0800190009
  • SINGAPORE: 001 800 00 13 1779
  • SLOVAKIA: 0800 004673
  • SLOVENIA: 00 39-02 637-841
  • SOUTHERN AFRICA: 0800 994-284
  • SPAIN: 900 993 900
  • SURINAME: AT&T Access # 156 then 800-332-7836
  • SWEDEN: 020 792 752
  • SWITZERLAND: 0800 55 23 44
  • TAIWAN: 00 800 00 13 1779
  • THAILAND: 001 800 0013 1779
  • TUNISIA: (39-02) 637-841
  • TURKEY: 00800 448 821 490
  • UNITED STATES: 1-800-780-7234
  • TTY: 1-800-528-2222
  • URUGUAY: 000-411-598-0791
  • VENEZUELA: 0800-1-002244

Mailing Address

Best Western Corporate Headquarters20400 North 29th Ave.Phoenix, AZ 85027

Official Website

Customers can visit the official Best Western website order to make a and check reservations, sign up for the rewards program, plan a vacation through Trip Advisor and sign up for the discounts and promotional deals.

We found the corporate blog contained information from seasoned travel experts around the world. Customers can also review the Best Western FAQs on the website. An added feature of the website is the integration of social media. Customers can keep the conversation going by visiting the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer service department by emailing We asked for the operational hours of the customer service team. We are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

We expect the customer support team to be on their “A” game when we have questions and concern. This is the case regarding the Best Western team. We called and within 30 seconds, a live agent answered our call. We asked if we could cancel a reservation by phone or could we utilize the online form. The representative explained the best option is to speak with a representative, instead of using the online form.

Overall, the support team was great. What was your experience dealing with the Best Western customer service department? See the comment section? Share your thoughts with us.

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17 Comments on “Contact Best Western Customer Service
  1. I want to commend Best Western’s customer care folks for resolving a rather odd problem I experienced with the online reservations system (Case # 140611-5467). The agent I spoke with seemed concerned about this issue, tried to resolve it immediately, and when she was unable to do so because of the time of evening I called, told me it would be looked into the next day. And it was! In less than 24 hours I received a voice mail message from another agent, as well as an email from the manager of the property regarding a refund to my credit card. Even though I am not a frequent customer, all employees I spoke with (including the reservations agent who booked me for the correct date that I could not get through the system) made me feel like a valued customer. A+ service, which I will always remember when I’m in the market for a place to stay. Thank you!

  2. Hi – stayed at one of your inns in Monterey CA, Park Crest Inn, last week and had a bad experience. Wanted to file a complaint but your complaint site will not open. Also wanted to call the inn direct to double check on a few things but cannot find a phone number listed online. Very poor sites. Sorry.

  3. Good evening!
    Yesterday I had booked a room Boracay Island Philippines
    The fact that the full amount removed today that I do not understand, because my vacation in November and policy payment has will be at the hotel.
    Can the amount of frozen and it’s just a check of money on the card?
    Please help
    thanks in advance
    Sincerely, Borovitskiy Efim

  4. After a medical emergency that prevented us from going on our trip this coming weekend we were not allowed to cancel out reservation.
    How can they expect me to know that the medical emergency was going to happen after their silly deadline the day before by 4 pm!

  5. We travel quite a bit in quick jaunts throughout California and usually have great customer service experiences but we recently experienced dissatisfaction with the rewards program.

    I’ve called several times to add our stays to our rewards program and none has returned our call yet.

  6. Dear Mr. Kong,

    I’m glad you send this survey about our stay at the Rohnert Park Best Western.
    (February 13 2016)

    At about 12:30 p.m. we requested if a room would be available for early check in. We were told we had to wait for the rooms to be cleaned. At about 2 p.m. we came back and were given a room (260) that had just been cleaned (per the front desk).

    My son sat down on the bed while I got organized. I had pulled off the decorative bed spread. I just grabbed it and put it away without looking. When I walked past his bed, I noticed a condom on the bed where the bed spread had been. Needless to say we completely shocked and grossed out. There were also hairs on the bed near the condom (out of its wrapper).

    I called the front desk and we were given another room.

    I feel lucky that we discovered this situation right away. Can you imagine if we had discovered this before going to bed? The motel had no vacancies and we would have had no options but to stay in a dirty room after a long day. Disgusting.

    I understand that this place is not a 5 star resort. My only expectation is that it is clean.

    I feel we need to be compensated for the full price. I did not want to deal with the front desk but thought that management needed to be made aware about this gross negligence.

    Thanks for your attention

    Anouschka Wardy

  7. Re:Februaryy 28, 2016 park and shuttle, March 4th 2016 shuttle and room.fir four adults.
    When my party if 4 arrived at BWI we retrieved our luggage then called best Western Inn on Belle Grove Road for our shuttle to the hital. It took 3 calls before the phone was answerwd. We called back when the driver wasn’t there in 30 minutes to be told h

  8. Re: Park, shuttle, sleep reservation/ stay experience

    February 28, 2016.
    Arrived, parked took shuttle to BWI. A positive experience

    March 4,2016
    Flight arrived at BWI, we retrieved our luggage then called Best Western for our shuttle back to the horel,
    They answered the phone on my 3rd try, stated the manager would be called to send a driver. After waiting 30 minutes I called again the receptionist said “oh he isn’t there yet? He is on his way”. It took another 20 minutes for him to arrive. When he did get there he got out of the Van and stood there. Finally I ask if he wanted me to put the luggage in the back if the van. He looked surprised. He put the luggage in . My party if 4 and another party if two got in the van. The driver insisted on the exact address if the hotel. We said Belle Grive Road. He appeared irritated and said well there are two. The party if two were going to the other hotel. I did not smell alcohol on his breath but there was definitely something wrong with the drivers thought process. When retrieving our luggage from the back of the van I took a picture if the back window that was raped in.. The rape appeared old.

  9. Your website for the north fort myers waterfront says breakfast for a fee. So I assumed that paying an extra $13 pp per day to include breakfast was the norm! That is what is doing. I paid over $140 a night to include a ridiculously limited breakfast menu. The front desk said you haven’t updated the website. How hard is it to erase “for a fee”? I can’t believe I paid $52 more for something that should have been free!

  10. Hotel in Bethel CT is falling apart. Employees are nice enough, but the hotel is greatly lacking. Air conditioning and many other issues. Poor internet connection.

  11. Best Western has chosen to take my 2nd ament right away by boycotting NRA so I and my thirty-two member family, and all my friends I have spoken to have decided to boycott Best Western and that means that I will never again stay in a Best Western or anything associated with Best Western. It would be my pleasure to see your company, that is determined to stick yourself in political matters, to go bankrupt.

  12. Best Western has chosen to take away my 2nd amendment right by boycotting NRA; my family, all thirty-two members and all my friends, have decided to boycott Best Western. We will never stay at a Best Western again and I hope you will quit using your business to control political matters. It would be a pleasure to see Best Western go bankrupt.

  13. Im glad you have enough business you don’t need the gun owners go NRA me and my family will never stay at your place again.

  14. Have been regular customer of Best Western. However, your rejection of the NRA will cause me to never stay at your motels again. Why does everything have to be politicized? You made a big mistake and you will lose lots of customers.

  15. I had the experience of stayin at a Best Western a couple weeks back. I had NO maid service…and limited air conditioning. I talked to the Front Desk and they promised me to get it corrected…..but Still…..NO maid service….NO clean towels and NO ac repair. I called the (800) #….and got nowhere. I AM a Member of the Best Western……group….and now I feel like NO one cares if me or my employees stay there Now or Ever! BAD Customer Service and NO one Still contacts me.

  16. My husband and I stayed at your Best Western in Holbrook AZ last night.
    We called in advance to reserve an accessible room as my husband only has one leg and is in a wheelchair. He also has a service dog.
    When we arrived we were told that because of the dog we had to stay in another room. My husband was unable to use the toilet and could not get into the shower at all as the bathroom door was blocked from opening fully due to the shower curtain bar.
    We will be thinking about not staying at this Best Western again.

  17. We reserved 2 rms at the best western fll airpolrt 25nov for one night. I called to request the free shuttle service at 940pm and was told the driver was on his way. As we approached the pick up area we saw the shuttle pass. I called the hotel reception immediately and the front desk reception Ciara tried to contact the driver with no luck and said he finished at 10pm. She recommend we take a Uber and assured me that we would be reimbursed upon check-in. Ciara was no longer on duty at our arrival and the reception clerk said I needed to speak with the manager as she could not refund me. I have been trying to contact this manager named (Aaron Horvwalt) since the 26nov but he does not respond. Extremely poor customer service and we will not be staying at a best western in the future. Very disappointed in the lack of service.

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