Contact Bell South Customer Service

Contacting Bell South Customer Service Center

Bell South is a subsidiary of AT&T. All pages of the official website show an AT&T logo in the upper corner – but contact information for Bell South looks different than that of AT&T. If you click on the AT&T log you will be taken to the official website for AT&T, even though the link shows Bell South. When we looked further into the customer service information we found that all links to customer service lead to the AT&T website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The contact numbers listed below are for AT&T. We also found a few numbers for local Bell South offices. If your bill lists a local office, that is the best number to use for local customer service.

The general customer service hours for phone support are 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. Monday to Friday and 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. Saturday and Sunday. Some specialized departments, like tech support, may have different hours.

  • Wireless: 1-800-331-0500
  • Uverse: 1-800-288-2020
  • DirecTV: 1-800-288-1145
  • Dish Network: 1-866-722-7500
  • Home Phone TTY: 1-888-341-2355
  • Uverse TTY: 1-800-855-2880
  • Wireless TTY: 1-866-241-6568

Mailing Address

The Bell South customer service mailing address is typically reserved for writing a complaint letter. For this reason we have also included the mailing address for AT&T Corporate.

Bell South EntertainmentCustomer Support Department660 Hembree Pkwy Ste. 120Roswell, GA 30076

AT&T Corporate Office208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202

Official Website

Customers can visit the old address at, but they will only be redirected to the new AT&T website. There are pages from the old website still around, but most links just lead right back to AT&T. If you are a former Bell South customer you should have received information on the merger and all accounts should have been reverted to AT&T by this time. If you have questions about the merger, contact the main customer service phone number for more information or contact AT&T corporate at 1-210-821-4105.

Customer Service Email

Shockingly we were able to find a contact page for Bell South customers. The page is located at We sent along a short email about service coverage just to test the promise of a response in just one business day. We’ll let you know when Bell South responds.

Our Experience

Contacting customer service for Bell South simply means contacting AT&T customer service – which we’ve done before. The wait times are average at two to three minutes. When we called the number listed for the Atlanta GA Bell South we got a fax machine – not a customer service department.

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36 Comments on “Contact Bell South Customer Service
  1. Recently my accont was accidently deleted, and i can not get any help in restoring it. I love my accont with, it provided me with great services. Can you plese help me with this problem.


  2. this is ridiculous service I would be better off with 2 cans and a string. I intend to drop this service asap

  3. We’re out of state and can’t log on to my e-mail because it denies my password which was recently changed due to hacking. Please help the above logon to get back on line.

  4. Hi,

    On 4-13-2015 I was informed that my e-mail address was hacked. Since that date I have not been able to receive any new e-mails because my e-mail address was blocked. ATT told me that you people could help and unblock it. Please correct this problem – I have a hard time understanding on the phone so I do all of my business on the computer – I NEED THIS TO BE CORRECTED NOW!!!!!!


    Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret.


  6. I downloaded windows 10 and no longer have access to my e-mail! Why? I have had multiple calls to get my e-mail back with a cost, why? I pay each month for this service and expect this without interruption. I will not spend a dime to get it back. I have asked Microsoft to remove and put me back where was, they refuse. This is the most blatant sham I have ever seen. I will remove all services from Bellsouth (AT&T), phone, internet and DIRECTV if this is not resolved shortly!!!

  7. Residential phone service has been OUT for 3 days. I am a senior citizen, live alone, and DO NOT have a Cell Phone. LACK OF HELP today … NOW … frustrating!!! New Orleans AT&T repair is needed in our neighborhood FOR 3 DAYS ++++++ Please get this resolved.

  8. Need residential landline service repair ASAP . . . Service down for over 3 days !!!!! Senior citizen, live alone and NEED landline to work.
    Need AT&T New Orleans Repair Service ASAP . . .

  9. I have tried for the last two hours to report trouble with an analog line for the government office I work for being out of service, and I’ve gotten the run around through the website & the repair line numbers provided. Even the few human being contacted they only handle fiber optics.

  10. I just got a call from one of your numbers – 615-377-2174. I live in the Kansas
    City area.
    I followed my normal procedure of not answering any call for which I do not recognize the number.
    I went to the Phone Number lookup and found that this is a BellSouth office number. At least, it appears that this is not one of your customer’s number.

    Why did you try to reach me by phone?
    Thank you.

  11. Bell South used to be an excellent service company. We have been customers since 1966; the merger to AT&T worsened the services. It is more expensive now as days pass.

  12. the service sucks the agents are not trained well the outsourceing people are really not coherent and have language difficulties with English
    I just got transferred 22 times to have a few questions answered re tech support over a period of 6 hours and not one of the questions were answered

  13. Can you please tell me how to obtain complete telephone bills with numbers called and received between 1983 thru 1985? I was living in Charleston, SC and I am trying to retrieve calls I made to North Carolina. Thank you.

  14. I’m still having problems. Still getting callbacks from people saying I called them. I haven’t called them. Reported this problem days ago. Can’t you do something?

  15. Do they still make phone books and if so how in the name of all that’s holy do I get one? I live in NC and cannot find anything about phone books in the YP thing that came in the mail.

  16. i want to order a new bellsouth phone model number 473bl. I dont have anything set up online to purchase one or two if the price is rite. Please tell me how to purchase a new blue model number 473bl phone. Thanks so much for any help.

  17. Hi I would like to know if you wanted to be a part in our webpage we are having a fundraiser for our local schools that aren’t as fortunate we are selling 10*10 pixel amounts for $25 we will include al ink to your site and your company logo. contact me back if you would like to buy and help my community.

  18. I needed help because of an email that appeared today on my email page that threatened to discontinue my email service after 13 years, i water to know if this was legitimate. The answer would be given only after I deposited 5 dollars with my credit card. NO. If I am not sure about this, I will not provide my credit card info

  19. I called the number on my phone bill because I wanted to remove a feature from my service. After 5 minutes of trying to sell me stuff, it gave me another number which also spend at least 5 minutes trying to sell me stuff. Looking on the internet I found this site which still doesn’t give me a way to do what I’m trying to do. There is a reason ATT has such a bad reputation.

  20. i’m trying to notify bell south that one of their utility posts is uncovered, with all the wires exposed. waiting ten minutes to do my civic duty and notify bell south is unreasonable. there should be a direct line to report such problems, i’m dissatisfied with this customer service. i’m waiting and listening to this stupid music and an assortment of announcements.

  21. i was transferred to risk management and the recording said that the office was closed. very sad!!! VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  22. now i’m talking w/ a live agent who is trying to locate where i’m calling about. he’s having some difficulty, even after i’ve given him the city fletcher, zip 28732. he says that he will notify the appropriate persons, to have this inspected. Thank you. Should have been able to talk w/ someone “live” right off the bat!!

  23. outgoing email has stopped with Deleted the account and set up a new account and still unable to send an email. Receiving email is not a problem. Please provide a contact point or phone nmber or advise how to remedy the problem.

  24. I recently received a voice mail claiming to be from Bellsouth and indicating my e-mail account had been visited 8 times by North Korea and I should call 855-748-5333 in order to fix this or my e-mail account would need to be cancelled.

  25. I am trying to get my email account straight with bell south but for some reason I cannot get any response from them. Please do this or I will be forced to go somewhere else!
    Sandy Ford
    4037 Laurel BL. CT. S.
    Bartlett, TN 38135

  26. Hello I have been having trouble with my service on my phone in realize a lot of service is connected to bell South is running in my device I believe Kimberly Wilkerson has in account through bell South and has me eddie kerley connected to her account and running it on my device and she does not own my device she is doing it illegally Please contact me by the phone number 5733218567 thank you

  27. Is my bell south email account still ACCTIVE? MY ADDEESS is, or was, tomlou@bellsouth. It seems that today something screwd up. I’m not sure about anything right now.

  28. These large corporate mergers that swallow up smaller companies are a threat to the American economy due to their waste footprint and lack of responsible business practices. When smaller companies are “incorporated”, the hardware and software of that victim of the default just lets it go for salvage value, denying any responsibility for the property due to the legal “un-incorporation” of the property, and with salvage rights to keep what the can rename and claim. So, if one searches for a defaulted product and any support, that service vanishes as does the value of the dollar.

  29. I have called all the numbers That I can find to contact you. 4 time’s they hung up without saying anything. Next time I ask for his name would not give it to me just said they didn’t do that part. My internet is down if you want my business call me if not no problem. 704 913 5434.

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