Contact Belk Customer Service

Contact Belk Customer Service

Contacting Belk Customer Service Center

Belk is a clothing and accessory store with an offline (bricks and mortar) and online presence. Customers can choose to shop at home and have merchandise sent to their home address or shop in stores. There does not appear to be an option to shop at home and have merchandise sent to a local Belk store.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

For customers who want to call Belk customer service, calls should be placed between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. The call center is open seven days a week. If you are a member of Belk Rewards Credit Card and you need customer service, call between 8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-235-5443
  • Belk Rewards Customer Service: 1-800-669-6550

Mailing Address

The mailing address for letters of praise or complaint is not the same as the address where customers send return items. We understand it can be difficult to find the return address for companies like Belk so we have included the address where returns are sent for your convenience.

Belk Attn: Customer Service2801 W. Tyvola Rd. Charlotte, NC 28217


BFCAttn: Belk Returns3805 Furman L. Fendley HwyJonesville, SC 29353

Official Website

Take a look around Belk’s official website at The website is clearly designed for the customer to find new and exciting fashions and for Belk to announce current promotions, but behind the marketing is a strong customer service website. Click the Customer Service link at the top of the page to visit, a comprehensive customer service page with everything from customer service phone numbers to email forms.

Customer Service Email

Email is a strong means of communicating with Belk customer service without waiting on hold or waiting forever for a letter to arrive, be read and responded to. In addition to various feedback forms there is also a direct email address for Belk customer service.

Advertising and Sales Feedback:

Merchandise Feedback:

In-Store Experience:

Online Experience:

Customer Service Email:

Our Experience

The Belk customer service line is automated like most customer service lines. Press 1 to place an order, 2 to check an order, 3 for cr4edit card support, 4 for gift card balance, 5 for Belk store information, 6 for wedding registries or 0 to reach a customer service representative. After pressing 0 our call was transferred to an agent who picked up the call in less than a minute despite the fact we listened to all seven options before selecting.

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5 Comments on “Contact Belk Customer Service
  1. recent unacceptable search and order for additional items to compliment bedding purchased. employees NOT searching for merchandize, employees NOT ordering correctly, 2 hour wait period for ordering merchandize. please contact me regarding problems in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa stores. 334-730-1431

  2. Visited Belk, Williamston, N.C. #0584 Reg. v02.43 02/06/2016 Tran# 4354
    Assoc. 002186 12:13:13 p.m. Customer Service is for the birds in this store!
    No one in the whole store spoke to us, today. The assistant manager (a woman with light color hair) came into the men’s area and did not speak to any customer. I have seen her before and she would not speak!
    We finished choosing our items of interest and started for the register. I told Kim we were ready for someone to give us a price check on the items. She came to the register and would not say a word. Kim was very unhappy to wait on us. Her attitude was obnoxious. She punched in on the register and started to check prices, and she acted like it was a real problem. I wanted to put back a shirt and she acted as if I had really said the wrong thing. I tried to talk to her and she did not want to talk. My wife asked her to wrap a gift and she said, “Are you going to us a Belk Card?” with an attitude. My wife told her that we had the “Elite Card”. She acted like wrapping was a terrible problem. After bagging the items, she said, “Here is your bag”, to my wife, instead of giving it to me. There was no “Thank You!”, no nothing from her!
    She walked off and allowed a black girl wrap one of our shirts for us. This person was really nice!
    Usually, when we go in, Jenifer is there waiting and ready to help us with a nice smile and cheery thought.
    Too bad we came in on this day!

  3. I ordered King sized sheet set for my daughter for Christmas/2015. Item #0842164024894 Sterling Manor 620 CVC K White. I was visiting her in GA in April and asked how she liked the sheets~~she said they shredded in pieces after the 2nd washing….I asked for them to return to Belk….she threw them away!!! I could not believe she had thrown them away since I paid so much for them…she told me they were in shreds and saw no point in keeping. Is there anyway another set can be sent to replace the original set? I know you normally have to return to get a replacement but really…in shreds???? Thank you for your time.

  4. I was in Morgantown WV and saw a closed Belk. Did you move from the mall to another MORGANTOWN location?

  5. I ordered a pair of shoes for my Mother on 9/12 (order # 68225402). I followed the tracking ( tracking # is 926129764195113389 The package was to be delivered to my street address. (I was very specific and emphatic about this due to problems in the past). Well, once again…once it got to Candler Post Office the package was refused..because…my mailing address is PO Box 1539..NOT the street addreswhich is 186 Pete Luther Rd Candler NC 28715 SO, the package was returned to sender. I call fed Ex to no avail, I called your customer service -they transferred me to Fed Ex and they were unable to re-route the package..they advised me to contact Belks..I did and they could not assist. I do not know ehere the package is now(9/18). My Mother really wanted these for an event this weeked,shes 93 and Im just trying to help. Please advise .Id like the package sent ASAP and I will provided my work address: 200 Pete Luther Rd, Candler NC: please ship to the WORK address 200 Pete Luther Rd candler, nc 28715 and please contact me at 864-380-9040 to confirm.Im so disappointed as this is the 3rd time with the same issue of not shipping to STREET address, as I was told you would not ship to a PO Box. This order is paid for, and id like to know of I can get them by Friday for Mom, or Ill have to find her something elsewhere. Thanks for your I type I am still on hold with Belks cust service number for 64 minutes

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