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Contacting AT&T Uverse Customer Service CenterAT&T Uverse is the media company’s contribution to the television, Internet and phone bundle. Customers can sign up for the triad of services or choose just one service. If you are a current AT&T customer, you can choose to add Uverse services to your current account and earn a discount along the way. AT&T Uverse customer service is on par with customer service for the rest of the company. When Internet, television, phone and wireless combine, there is bound to be some stumbles along the way so we’ll test AT&T Uverse customer service and let you know how they honestly treat the customer. Contact Info:Phone Contact NumbersFinding a dedicated phone number for AT&T Uverse customer service was a bit more difficult than we imagined it would be. This is AT&T, so numbers should be listed everywhere, but Uverse is different. Customer service is based on location, so you have to enter your zip code to find your dedicated customer service line. We did manage to find one number for AT&T Uverse customers to use for customer service purposes. This phone number is used for all customer service purposes, including technical support. Customer service hours are between 8 A.M. and 7 P.M. Monday to Friday and 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. on Saturday. Technical support is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The billing department has the same hours as customer service. Customer Service: 1-800-288-2020Mailing AddressAT&T Uverse P.O. Box 5014 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5014AT&T Corporate 208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202Official WebsiteYou can find information about AT&T Uverse online at The official website is a page within the main AT&T website. Bundling services is the best way to save money on Uverse, but remember that most bundles require you keep the service for at least one year. There could be underlying rules that prevent moving the service during that time without restarting or voiding the contract. Many of the money-back offers require customers pay bills on-time for three to six months before the incentive is mailed or credited to the AT&T account. If you are looking for support for your AT&T Uverse services, you can visit the Uverse Support Page at Customer Service EmailThere is no customer service email, but there is a tech email address. If you are having a technical problem, you can contact We’ve contacted customer service to find out if AT&T Uverse is available in our area. When we hear back we’ll let you know the details. You can also contact customer service on Twitter and Facebook. Our ExperienceAT&T customer service is not exactly the best in the business. When we called the AT&T Uverse line it picked up our phone number so the automated voice slowly read through the number and attempted to search for an account. If you press 0 as soon as the call is answered you can bypass this step. We pressed 0 twice more and we were asked if we were calling about our Uverse account. The system is voice responsive, so simply say YES. After a few more questions about our account we were connected to an agent who gladly told us the mailing address for the billing department, but making it through the automated system took more than three minutes.

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  1. I am trying to find info on wireless internet service for travelling across the US and Canada. You only have call numbers to phone which will not work for me as I have a hearing disability. Where can I get info by email?

  2. I am writing to tell you how extremely unhappy I am with te U verse customer service. On 3/15/13 I spoke with a customer service representative about switching from att DSL to U verse. She, I believe her name was Adelene, quoted me a price of $14..95 for i year. She assured me that all costs, which neglected to spell out, associated with the switch would be waived and that the cost to me would be just the $14.95. She told me that someone would be out 3/15 sometime between 8AM and 8PM to set it up. I waited all day. No one called or showed up. The order number for that was 566240282A. What did show up was a package from at&t, which she had not mentioned and which I later discovered was the router. When I call customer service I was told I was supposed to set it up myself. I would never have agreed with this as I am a 73 yr old woman with very limited computer skills. They did send someone out who set it up. I was assured there would be no cost to me as that was what was promised. You can imagine my shock when I got my first bill for $276. I immediately called u verse customer service and spoke to a supervisor, a man named Rob. In spent one and a half hours on the phone with him while he reviewed the original order and concluded that what I was telling him was accurate. He then redid the bill to reflect what I actually owed, $24.18 which included the prorated cost. Yesterday, I got my new bill. This time it was $133.95. Again, I was shocked and angry and called customer service and was told that I was charged for the set up. Again I spent an hour on the phone getting it straightened out, and paid my bill for $14.95. The confirmation # is 3XG7CLARZ03V3NN. My account #is6297, my pass code is 1991. You can check all this out for yourselves. I have never been as unhappy with a company as I have been with at&t. First, it seems your company has a moral obligation to fully disclose all costs so a customer can make an informed choice. You may even have a legal obligation to do so. Secondly, I have spent hours and hours on the phone trying to straighten this out. It is frustrating beyond belief and quite frankly I have better things to do with my time. I hope you will read this carefully and make sure that the next bill I receive is accurate. I expect an answer to this and will send a copy to the Better Business Bureau if I don’t hear from you soon. Barbara Valencia

    • What you have experienced, is as far as my own personal experience, and those of my neighbors, very common.

      I have had AT&T U-Verse for around a year now, I have literally, without exaggeration had to contact AT&T 125+ times for failed promises, Technicians failing to keep appointments and not even bothering to call to say so, being billed for equipment I never received (3 months to finally get it removed from my bill, while being told to pay for it and they would refund it on my next bill), etc. etc. ad nauseam.
      PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR PERSONAL PASSCODE OR ANY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION ON HERE< ANYONE AND EVERYONE CAN SEE IT AND USE IT! With what you provided, I could call AT&T and turn off your service, ask for additional service, etc. because that Pass Code is the "ultimate security" because only you should know it!

  3. I have been trying to contact U Verse through e mail to find out about coupons codes for on demand. Being a long term customer you would of thought someone would of let us know about this program. I still am unaware and don’t really know if this email will get to them.

  4. Don,t hold your breath. I still haven’t gotten a reply and I posted my concern April 24th. I honestly think they really don’t care.

  5. I don’t understand why AT&T U-Verse does not offer beIN Sports. With so many latinos living in the San Francisco Bay Area, it would seem like a pretty stupid business move on your part not to offer that service which shows exclusively very important world cup qualifying matches between national soccer teams with great representation in this market. Yesterday the USA vs. Jamaica match was not shown live by any of your channels. What a shame!!!!

  6. I will keep it simple. Att U-verse is a nightmare! Lies and more lies about the cost. I have spent 7 hours on the phone with 9 different phone calls to them trying to get the bill corrected. I have been a cell phone customer since the early nineties with Att and I am so disgusted I am going to quit this service as well. I have Att voice too. Cost was going to be $44.00 per month plus tax. No charge to install. Got my first bill 1 week later $280.00. Has been a battle ever since. Made my final call today. It was to Comcast. They were who I quit for Att. What a mistake! Can’t wait to get back with someone who knows what’s going on. Philip Hampton

  7. I’m just as disgusted as the other customers. The price continues to go up and customer svc lies about so much. Nothing is ever resolved. I tried blocking out numbers that I did not want to receive and this service won’t allow it even though it gives you instructions to do so. And to pay $44 per month for a phone I only use on occasion. I guess it’s time to go to Time Warner.

  8. I plan to drop my uverse service next month for Comcast as they carry Aljeezra America which is a great all news channel. I get this service in Vermont in Summer but not in Florida with Att.

  9. I need to return a modem/router for credit. sending via ups as told by at&t but also want to mail confirmation letter to return department but can’t locate one. Need address where return shipment is going please

    • I will not be using ATT services as soon as charter hooks me up. For months the speed on my smart tv has been slow or down. I pay 45.00 per month for poor services maybe it is because of my zip.

  10. I have had AT&T U-Verse for over a month now, and I must say that I’m very disappointed in it’s internet Service! The Server is down more than it’s up! I’m a college student and I can be in the middle of a online course/class and the server just stop on me!I’m not sure if the work I’ve done is going through or not. This is very bad and must be corrected. AT&T is not going to pay for my college tuition and if this work can not be done online I will fail. AT&T being one of the oldest companies in this field, this should not be a problem. I have always praised AT&T services when everyone else would be putting them down. If something don’t happen soon I will be looking for a better communication service. Right now I’m very disgusted and very behind in my online courses. SMH!

  11. I too was told that the installation and other services would be waived on my U-Verse services that would be $87.00 plus taxes and Yes it shocked me to get a bill for over $360.00 dollars after the first month. Not only that but two days after the installation had some problems and when I call about it I was told that if they sent someone out to look at it, it would cost me a $100.00. It’s a shame how you people take advantage of hard working people just because you know that you have a service that we need. It would matter if minimum wage was $22.00 per hour you people would find away to get $15.50 out of us just greed and selfishness.

  12. I am very unhappy with my U-verse internet. I switched from AT&T and was promised a $100.00 gift card and have never received it. I have spent several hours on the phone trying to get my u-verse account straight but have not been successful. They had my mailing address wrong but assured me would correct it and send my bill and gift card. Have still not received it. I would never recommend u-verse to anyone. Your customer service dept. is terrible and I have spoken to a different person at least 20 times and my account is still not correct. I always get transferred several times and end up getting disconnected. I have more to do than send so much time talking to U-verse costumer service. I am going to turn you in to BBB if corrections are not made to my account. I am expecting my bill and my reward card by return mail and will be checking into other internet companies as soon as I get this mess straightened out. I don’t intend to spend any more time talking to u-verse on the phone. I want the manager to look over my account and handle it from the office. Evidently it can’t be handled over the phone. A very unhappy new customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I tried for two months to get the official mailing address for ATT U verse. Two customer service representatives lied that the problem would be taken care of. It has not as of to date. The calloused minded technician damaged by brick, my interior wood. And then ran the “white” wire across the center of the brick. As explained to your representatives, the wireless technician and the U verse technician who made a decision to charge me upon his arrival to correct the previous technicians mess. The exposed wire was in city code violation, HOA violation, plus the trashed out exposure had not the bushes been there. “No One” has answered the question “WHY” the work was improperly installed by the first technician. Verified by the Wireless technician, though it was out of is area to correct.
    I have four security cameras around all side of my property. Installed by a very small independent company. There are “NO” wires showing any where.
    It is important to complete the communication with ATT U verse. So that I can proceed with outside sources. This has been a very dogged experience. I have no intention of paying for something that should have been done right the first time.

  14. I am in dyer need of technical support, I can not attach or drag & drop an attachment and haven’t been able to for several days. I am a patient person but my patience is wearing thin. Ever since I have switched to U Verse, I have had problems with my mail, not going out coming back and not being able to attach. I work with a job at home and need to sent attachments. Attention is needed promptly with these e-mail issues.

  15. I called ATT Uverse this morning because my dvr stopped working. After trying to reboot multiple times I was told ATT would send me a new receiver that I can install myself and I am to ship back the one not working. A few hours later I get an automated phone call telling me there is an unusual delay in shipping my new receiver and I should get it in 6 days. This is a device owned by ATT that I am paying for. It no longer works and I must wait 6 days for it! That is ridiculous! I should have one sent overnight. I wonder if I’ll get a billing credit? Not only will I lose all my recorded shows, but I will not be able to record anything until my new one arrives next week. Horrible service!!!!

  16. I was a huge fan of DSL when I had it but after I was disconnected I tried to renew my service and could only get U-verse. I don’t know how the internet is because they shipped my modem to my ex-girlfriend’s house. I dont know how they got that address because I didn’t give it to them. I can’t get a refund on my deposit or a straight answer from anyone. They seem to have no method escalation so I have never spoken with a supervisor or manager even after asking for one specifically. This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had anywhere. I am posting this from my boost mobile phone because I don’t ha e AT&T u-verse. Say what you will about the network but they do have a good customer support system in place. Thanks boost mobile for keeping the little people online.

  17. I had your service for years. Now my special pricing (bundle)
    keeps going up each month. I don’t understand because I pay my invoice on time and have always done so….If you can’t give me
    a break on the monthly price I will seek other services. You give the special bundle price to brand new customers…how about
    loyalty from your present customers. I want those good prices
    also. What can be done??

    • I am wondering why new customers get a better price than old customers. I have my land line and internet bundled. My bill keeps going up and up. I am an 83yr.old who lives on a very income. The internet gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with my family, especially my great grand children. Surely there can be a way to lower my payments seeing that new customers get a much better deal than I have. I would appreciate some kind of reply sent to my e-mail address.

  18. I am so unhappy with U-Verse I didn’t know the guy had me
    on U-verse that I was talking too. He told me that eventually that everybody would have to go to U-Verse. We do have other
    other choice. Just wanted you to know I am unhappy…

  19. It was a bad decision to switch to A T & T U-verse…fell for the $49 a month for 12 months bundle free installation…I have been with the 2 months and cannot get anyone to honor what they sold me…wrong bills, charges for installation, on the phone for hours with no resolution. Now billed late fee for not paying for the higher bill and only what I was promised..on the chat line and offered bait and switch better plans…just want the plan I switched for…and it is still an on going battle….don’t fall for the bundled package deals…………..

    Sorry I switched…

  20. It was a bad decision to switch to A T & T U-verse…fell for the $49 a month for 12 months bundle free installation…I have been with the 2 months and cannot get anyone to honor what they sold me…wrong bills, charges for installation, on the phone for hours with no resolution. Now billed late fee for not paying for the higher bill and only what I was promised..on the chat line and offered bait and switch better plans…just want the plan I switched for…and it is still an on going battle….don’t fall for the bundled package deals…………..

    Sorry I switched…

  21. I am VERY disappointed with ATT U-verse. I am a big sports fan and love to watch Major league baseball and the National Hockey league. The MAJOR reason I made the decision to switch from COmcast was because of the Premium Tier package that offers sports stations from around the country. It was listed on the internet as an upgrade but the availability of these sports channels would provide live sporting events from around the country, similar the the Major League Baseball extra innings package and the National Hockey League Center Ice package. Both offer as many as 40 games a week that are from out of market areas and available for local viewing. You can only imagine my surprise and disappointment when last night, about 1 hour after my install, I watched the pregame on SNY channel and then saw that the game itself was BLACKED OUT! How can the extra innings package and center ice not be subjected to blackouts while your package is…there is NOT POINT in having these stations listed as available if you cannot see games live….It was never presented to me and did NOT indicate on line at all…when I reviewed the channel directory AFTER the install did I see the asterisks next to these channels indicating that they were subject to blackouts..again, why does this happen with your package and NOT extra innings and center ice! this was presented to me as a viable alternative to both of these packages….soooo. in the switch, I am not getting the entertainment expected but I also lost the NHL network , which was available on Comcast but not with U-verse..thanks for your attention to this…..

  22. In January, I switched from Cox to AT&T to save money. At that time, I was told that AT&T was working on keeping the Hallmark channel. After the switch, I learned that they will no longer carry the Hallmark channel. Had I known, that would have been the deal breaker. I live for the Christmas season, and on Nov. 1st, Hallmark is beginning their season of made-for-Hallmark Christmas movies. I wish I hadn’t signed up with AT&T. I’m extremely unhappy and angry with their decision to eliminate the Hallmark channel. It’s too late for this year, but I’ll soon be looking for a new carrier.

    • When I switched from DirecTV to Uverse I was not informed of the Hallmark issue. For 30 years my two girls (and now their children) gather in my living room to watch the Christmas Specials on Hallmark. ATT had broken a 30 year tradition at my house. I let it go one year thinking it would be resolved. Evidently ATT is not concerned with my 30 year tradition nor anyone else’s desire to watch Hallmark. Tradition is important to me. I am adding DirecTV to my TVs and will leave ATT the first moment I can. ATT, I gave you the chance and you choose to sacrifice your customer’s wants for your corporate battles. Goodbye.

  23. Been a Uverse customer for about 5 years. My DVR box has been running slowly for a few months. It takes over 5 seconds for the channel to change, or even for a recorded show to load. I’ve changed remote batteries and have tried many troubleshooting options multiple times. I called customer service this morning. I explained to the rep what was happening. She told me that they couldn’t send me new equipment. The rep hung up on me. This is odd because I was very respectful to her, even though I was not happy. Time to leave Uverse.

  24. I just called ATT Uverse customer service about a bogus early termination fee and got no where. I went up the CS chain of command until I got to person that simply said pay the bill or we’ll see you in court. Unfortuately, none of these service providers understand that they have a severely flawed business model. They start you out with a package deal around $100 and then reward you for being a loyal customer by slowly increasing the cost until you can’t afford the service anymore and call to cancel. Then, they send you to a retention desk that offers a deal that is most higher than what they offer a new customer. It tells you that they value a new customer more than an existing customer. Makes you want to cancel even if it will cost you more to go somewhere else. Since they’re all playing the same game, I’m going to cut the cord and get a good antenna. Eventually, they’re all going to go out of business and wonder why.

  25. I tried to use their support chat line. Don’t bother. Total waste of time. Clearly outsourced to non English speaking countries. I feel sorry for the Indians. Doesn’t mean I have to tolerate their inability to communicate.

  26. My promble is you show the nascar race is on fs1 you show it on the station when it comes time for the race its not on. I,m a big nascar fan. is this fause advertizment. If they don,t show it soon I,ll be looking for a new service

  27. i have been a loyal customer for 5 yrs
    every year my bill continues to go up.
    The company offers all of these low paying
    promotions to new customers but nothing
    to keep the old . I’m very disappointed and
    I will be looking for other options.

  28. I cannot get ATT to return my calls. am unable to get in contact by to anyone by phone. I was lied to concerning Uverse. I want it removed and my regular phone service restored. As a WW2 veteran; if I am not successful I shall go to my American Legion post or the V.A. to file a formal complaint. Meanwhile I cannot even pay my bill when it comes due because I conduct no transactions on line.

  29. Where do I start? All I wanted to do was transfer my service from one address to another… for the past two weeks I have received an email, text or phone call everyday telling me they cannot connect my service because the previous tenant did not disconnect their service. How is this my problem? They cannot disconnect his service without his permission. He wants his service transferred to his new house but can’t because someone didn’t disconnect their service, so the can’t disconnect his service… and so on, and so on. I work from home and must have internet! I’ve talked to six different people at AT&T including “supervisors” and still no resolution. I’m looking at other options. This is not customer service, there is no service here.

  30. I have been trying for 2 hours to contact someone to pay my bill which is on autopay and you sent me a nasty letter today. No one is available and your ofices are closed?…totally unacceptable.

  31. My “AT&T U-Verse” Experience

    While reading this, I will be going into detail about my most current AT&T U-Verse experience. This experience has honestly been a horror story to say the least. I will let you all judge if I am being dramatic or this experience deserves to be heard about.

    Let’s begin sharing my story. On July 1st, my girlfriend calls to make an installation appointment and transfer to our new home in Overland Park, Kansas on July 20th 2015. We currently had AT&T Giga Power as we had had for a few months previous to this phone call, always paid on time, and very loyal in promotion of AT&T to our family and friends. The night before we move out of our current apartment near Prairie Fire shopping district in Overland Park, we call to confirm our appointment as responsible adults should before a big installation, which you may have guessed is the 19th of July. The lovely customer service representative who was so happy and helpful confirmed our appointment, informing us that our technician was guaranteed to be there between 1-3 pm the next afternoon. This is where our horror story begins…
    July 20th has arrived, my girlfriend and her mother wait patiently at our home for 3 hours with no sign of an AT&T technician and no phone calls cancelling our appointment. As any normal human would, we decided to call in confusion of why there was no installation. We wait patiently on hold for 10 to 15 minutes like any other over the phone customer service call. Finally, the next happy and helpful voice informed my girlfriend that “We are not able to install internet at this time due to a backup in underground wire installation”… Was this not confirmed and questioned the day prior? What was the point of us making a call the day before to ask if the service was ready to go the next day? With this said my girlfriend scrambles to find another service which ends up being a company called Consolidated Communications. We were required to wait till the following Wednesday for our installation, leaving us without internet or TV for another week.
    As you may assume, we call daily asking for updates on wire installations and for the next month and a half we are given the same answer “Underground wire installation back up”. The date is now September 14th, a month and a few weeks past the previous installation date. My girlfriend receives a call that we are now able to schedule an appointment for installation of our desired service. Of course we are more than happy to order this service so we do so. We speak to one representative who is in the scheduling department who was happy and oh so helpful in reserving our instillation for the next day at 1-3 pm, which happens to be the 15th of September. GREAT… we think!!! Now this is where our horror story really begins to take shape.
    I ask to be transferred to customer service to explain our troubles and shortcomings for the past 2 months. I wait on hold for the typical 10 to 15 minutes and end up being told a customer service representative in the Giga Power department will give me a call back when available. Shortly after the call ends, I get another call at work, creating the first and last interaction I will have with oh so happy Colby asks for my experience with the AT&T Service. I tell Colby the whole story from beginning to end. After I have finished my story Colby begins to tell me how he FEEL’s how I FELT as he is also a CONSUMER of AT&T. He promises me that he will be the last person to help us get this installation completed on time and that he again understands the troubles we’ve encountered. What a wonderful guy Colby was.
    Colby announces that my scheduled installation on September 18th at 1-3 is in the system…but…wait… September 18th? Not the 15th? Oh no! He mentions, that’s impossible, day after instillation is unheard of. Did I not just talk to an installation representative to schedule my appointment for the 15th? I guess not. Colby then pronounces that he would schedule our NEW appointment for the 18th of September at 1-3 pm. He lists the discounts, credits, and numerous services he is doing for my girlfriend and I. Colby really fooled me because in the next few minutes, you’ll find out why Colby is exactly what we thought he would be. Before the conversation concluded I asked for his name and a way to contact him if something was to go wrong such as a no show or improper fee’s. He gladly gives me his name and contact “email” in which lists “”. Due to the nature of our conversation I believe his “email” address to be true as I read it back to him for his confirmation, which it was correct. Colby has successfully calmed me down and made me feel like hey… AT&T U-Verse may actually have decent customer service.
    The horror story continues… Today is September 16th, at 11:30 am my girlfriend receives a voicemail from our adored technician on the wrong day at the wrong time. We are both at work and unable to meet him at our home because Wednesday is not Friday (Imagine that). My first thought is to email my friend Colby who has helped me previously. I type his CONFIRMED email address into my email service as listed above… and imagine that, email cannot be received. Colby wouldn’t lie to me would he, Colby’s email HAS to be correct I thought. I then try two variations of the address given as listed and Neither of these could be received as well. Looks like Colby wins, I calm down and trust the individual behind the end of the phone who then proceeds to give me a fake email to get me off the phone and on my way, never to speak to him again so hey… no worries right.
    Startled, I call AT&T U-Verse customer service and scheduling line which is (888) 546-1141. Try it, it’s a joy. It turns out, the HAPPY customer service representative who is oh so HELPFUL speaks to me like a robot and has no answers to why this has happened. Along with this he couldn’t confirm our PIN code that we have always had for our account, he couldn’t figure out my girlfriends name or phone number, and put me on hold numerous times…This is customer service? At this point we’ve called AT&T 1000 times in the last two months and hadn’t talked to the same robot once. No robot could answer any questions but continuously just read us different numbers to call and webpages to visit if we had questions.
    At this point I’m very angry and wanting answers. I ask numerous times for the robot to tell me his name, his boss, his branch but no information can be given. He has the nerve to tell me that I am SAFE in his hands, not to worry that HE will THIS TIME take care of me YET AGAIN just like Colby did. THERE IS MORE… not a sole in AT&T knows who Colby is. Colby the robot for some reason had forgotten to input the discounts, credits, and installation dates we spoke about for almost an hour. I conclude my call with the unnamed robot on the end of the phone after wasting another 45 minutes of my life fixing none of the above issues.
    At this point, this minute, I am hoping and praying my installation date on September 18th is an actual thing, that my “discounts and credits” for the experience for over 2 months is going to happen when that technician arrives at my door and when those multiple bills show up in my mailbox. I now know that it is my job as the consumer of this product to play Russian roulette with my time and finances to stay loyal to a company who myself and my girlfriend have spent hundreds of our hard earned dollars to keep rich and plentiful. AT&T U-Verse will no longer have my recommendation when it comes to these companies. After this point forward, I will use my thousands of followers and connections to do everything in my power to speak negatively about my experience and what AT&T has failed to do for myself and my girlfriend.
    On an ending note. IF AT&T U-Verse would like to contact me at any time, I can be contacted at the account this post was posted on directly. My formal name is Jake Heiserman and I HAD been a loyal customer to this company. I personally do like the service AT&T provides as far as internet and TV options but in relation to their customer service stand points, the countless acts of disrespect to myself and my girlfriend, along with shortcomings and no shows… I can no longer say this company is anything to me but another corporate disaster.

    P.S – If you agree that this horror story is something to be concerned about please retweet this attached post to spread the word. I am not the only one that has been treated like this. I’m sure numerous others out there have had an even worse experience with this service so it’s time that we help them understand what is wrong with their current corporate design.

  32. I am having a horrible experience with customer service . Simce I have had Uverse there has been a 3 rd party router conmected to my servivr and I have only had problems with my serive . I cant access my account information and have,lost alot of time. I now cannot access my service and cannot get on to my computer.

  33. Yes, I to have a problem with Uverse, oh no not with the phone, TV or internet I don’t have them for any of this: My problem is that they hired a sub contractor to lay the fiber optics cable in our area. My husband and I both work 10 hr days so we get home late, well while we were at work this sub contractor laid the cable thru our property with out permission. And also thru the field next door and the house next to ours all without permission. The house across the road, they parked the track hoe on top of there new septic tank. And then trying to get in touch with someone is like pulling teeth. With the backhoe they used we have ruts in our yard and this is not going to end well. So beware these people do not give a crap.

  34. I just moved and changed the location for my phone service.
    IEvery time I contact At&T/U-Verse, I get a different response to my questions concrening the cost to transfer my service.
    I finally spoke with a rep on 12.03.2015 and got it confirmed as to what I should be paying for my new bundled package.
    To make sure I’m not charged more/my service be cancelled(being a persistant on time or earlier than the bill is due payer of my phone bill), I documented on my current bill the information I was given/the name of the person I got this information from.
    I will have this bill STAMPED’BOTH pages, when I pay this bill(to have my OWN proof of this mater).
    ATTN: I was also told that I would receive 2 $50.00/1 $100.00 VISA CARD to use as I choose.
    I was told that the applications will come in the mail and I’m to just fill them out and mail them back to At&T/U-Verse(which I’m
    llooking forward to receiving).
    I have been a customer for many years(over 15) and I really don’t want to change carriers(but if my internet service doesn’t improve, I’m going to have to pull the plug on At&T/U-Verse.

  35. My service was turned off at 1 in the morning because of one of your account repersintive. Called tech support and was told it has been disconnected. Got up at 7 the next morning and called was told my service was cancelled. I told her well I didn’t cancel it she did whatever she had to do and said my service will be back on in 2hr…2hr passed no service..called back talk to a supposedly Account manger he did whatever he had to do told me he will give me a $100 reward card and told me my service will be back on in 2hr.I had to go to work .got off at 6 no service. When I called back they had closed early because of New Years Eve. So that ment they was also closed the next waited and called Saturday morning talk to a guy he said I see they offered you a $100 reward card I’ll add another $50 with that he did what he had to do and my service came on right when I called back a few days later not one person can see on my account that I was offers a $100 reward called back again on 1/7 went from customer care rep to reward card rep back to customer care rep back to reward card rep now to a so called ACCOUNT MANGER and was told since you been bounced around so much I’ll just credit your account for $50 dollars OK that’s I get email saying my bill was ready to be viewed pull it up there is no $50 credit on my bill saying that I call back and its not even noted in my account… Art has the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life and they are all a bunch of liars!!!!

  36. I have had Uverse service for several years now. Phone (440-248-1522), Internet (at $57/mo. !) and cable TV (350). I have noticed that my internet speed is expensive and recently slower. So, given the other less expensive choices, I am searching the options to see what is best for me, especially since I retired end of Aug 2015.

    So, what is the best service price you can provide given the following senarios:
    1. Same service as now,
    2. Only Internet and 350 TV

    Please give me your best response since I am searching Time Warner and other potentials (e.g. no cable). I have already determine that a simple over-the-air antenna works well in my area.

    Please respond by Jan 21.

  37. I signed up a week ago for U-Verse. I’ve been rescheduled three times without notification..took time off work for no show..still waiting and I get nowhere on the phone.hour long calls to reps..Modem is being shipped through UPS but the tech still has to come wire my phone jack which I just found out today..I can’t take time off work for this kind of service.I am just confused and upset..My CC was charged a Hundred dollars the day after I signed up and I have yet to have this resolved.

  38. I recently switched from comcast to ATT/Uverse because of comcast’s poor customer service and how long it takes to get technician’s to come and fix bad line issues, it took them over a week to come out and just find out what was wrong with our service and 4 weeks to fix it. Uverse had a tech(Kassidy) to my home in less than 1 hour from my call, they are professional and didn’t even charge a fee to fix something my son tore up. I was so blown away with their quick response and customer service, they get 5 stars from me and I would recommend Uverse over comcast to my friends, family and everyone tired of the run-around you get from comcast..oh and the high fees they charge.

  39. I think your cable is ridiculous I’m paying over $100 month to watch commercials in advertising all day long I am sending you this message to let you know that I am canceling my service with ATT U-verse and I’m going back to infinity. Your cable is awful and you charge way too much .. I am not going to pay over hundred dollars a month to watch channels that were free 30 years ago !!!!!!’ Please email me I am located in Elgin and tell me where I can drop all this equipment off the sooner the better !!!! This was literally the worst cable package I’ve ever had in my life !!!!

  40. Im not happy with the REDLINING issue. You have been found guilty of suppressing Univision a Spanish broadcasting network that tailors to hispanic and the millions of souther Americans living in the United States. Funny how you UVESE decide to conduct such unethical poor business practices, and wanting to shut the flow of information to Hispanics. Shame on you. You are a prime example of poor customer service, Uvese you know you have 5.9 million subscribers who are all of nationalnalities supporting your network. I hope when the DOJ concludes its investigation and you are found guilty.. I will never use AT&T again. Piss poor leadership starts at the top.

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