Contact Apple Customer Service

Contacting Apple Customer Service

Apple is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world. Under Steve Jobs, Apple developed technology like the iPod, iPad and iPhone. Apple also sells a variety of MAC computer products and operates the iTunes store. Customer service information is available from the main website page by clicking on the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Apple is a global company, so phone contact numbers are available for all countries. The North American contact information is as follows. The first three customer service numbers are the ones customers will use to contact Apple customer service. The other numbers are used for a variety of specialized contact not applicable to most customers.

Mailing Address

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Official Website

The Apple official website is located at Customers can access the download for iTunes, information on new products and current products and purchase Apple products online. You can also find Apple customer service contact information via this link.

Customer Service Email

There is no contact email for Apple customer support, but there is an email form for Online Support Feedback if customers wish to comment on the contact information available on the Apple website. You can access the email contact form at

We did find an email address listed elsewhere on the web. That email address is We’ve contacted Apple via this email address. We are waiting for a response from the Apple customer service team.

Our Experience

As one of the largest, most innovative technology companies in the world, Apple customer service is a definite challenge. When calling the customer service number, you will notice it is automated. The options are simple to follow, but there are no options to speak to a live representative. We waited through the automated response system and spoke to a live, English speaking Apple representative. The customer service rep was helpful and answered all of our questions regarding Apple products, services and various customer concerns.

You have the ability to contact customer service at: When we emailed customer service, the communication was bounced back and we were given the following customer service email: We sent communication and are waiting for a response.

Mail Delivery System
Mar 16
I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.
For further assistance, please send mail to: If you do so, please include this problem report. 

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Status: 5.1.6
Action: failed
Last-Attempt-Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 08:45:59 -0700
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 5.1.6 recipient no longer on server:

From: Richard Banks
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 11:46:46 -0400
Subject: Customer service question
If I have a question or concern regarding a product or service available from Apple, do you suggest I contact the company via email or traditional methods such as calling customer service? Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

Does this situation sound familiar? We want to hear your customer service stores. Let us know.

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193 Comments on “Contact Apple Customer Service
  1. hi i have visted your lincoln store. on anumber of times and got no help they seem to me that allthey do is stand arround. why the youth mess arround in store don’t recemend the lincoln apple store. as i have been told by staff is not a genuein store i have been in four times.and yesterday went in with my ipod for help man stood at the door doing nothing thanks wayne

  2. It is possible to know, whose other person using my account in apple store? Recently we received so many credits in my visa card and the transaction from the apple. Please help me to solve with this. Thank you!

  3. I used to be on windows xp and that was trouble but I bought a I mac and mack the white plastic one both 2008 and I am on leopard. The only problem I had was my laptop the cd rw drive stop working so I phone the Exeter store wher I live and I aske how much would a cd drive be. I can the guy said I can’t tell you that you have to bring it in and we look at it I was going in Exeter that dat itbwas Tuesday I had a bit of time of from work. I said can I bring it in then so you can look at it then no you have to book on line what that is stupid. I not a computer expert my friend up at are local library booked it in for me you have to get serial numbers and all that crap. I booked it in for the next day I had a week of work which is good I took it in the engerneer was very good just a bit slow ihe said its not a software fault I told him that first. So I ask how much will it be we tell you when its done we will phong you. 3 Weeks went by I herd nothing and I phoned them up and they said you should have phoned us no I said the genius said you were going to phone me they got it done in the same day what a joke. I picked it up on the Saturday and the Exeter store was full of kids working there. And I said the kid on the door I picking up my laptop. I sort you out another kid said 20 mins went but and he came out I brought a cd up to test it and see if it was working and it was but the kid just wanted to get my money and go. The kid said £130 it cost what rip off. I am thinking about going back to pc and I don’t like the closed system like iTunes and my computer still being controlled by apple I use CDs but I never use I cloud I dont understand it or trust it

  4. Dear Sir or to whom it may concern, you need to seriously relook the upgrade to io6 my family plan as well as other familys I know are having the same problem. Once the upgrade is performed text messages are defaulted to send to every member of your family. My Finance upgraded her phone and used the default settings on monday night. Come tuesday morning she had 60+ texts that I sent and received to my friends. This is a total invasion of privacy and you will have many complaints and possible lawsuits pending! I am VERY upset about this it can cause husbands and wife to get separated when they see personal information of their spouse! PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP ABOUT THIS! I HAVE A LAWYER PENDING TO OPEN A CASE FOR INVASION OF PRIVACY AGAINS APPLE!

  5. I have mislaid my iPhone and have requested apple to see is my iPad connected to my iPad
    I had loads of family photos taken on my iPhone and just want to know can I retrieve them on my iPad no response

  6. Hi
    We have 2 iPhone 4s having technical or manufacturing
    Apple care or Knoxville Tn store resolving the issue
    A legal case is pending if the issue is not resolved in 1 business day
    Case 350685354
    Amish shah

  7. Sirs,

    I became a proud owner of iPhone 4s a few months back. I am from Nepal and had been wanting your wonderful product for long. Yesterday I was busy listening to music from its loudspeaker at the same time charging the set with the USB connector connected to my PC. Suddenly my set went silent. Since that fateful moment I have not been able to revive its it’s sound despite rebooting it and restoring it many times. Could u please help me sort this issue out? I am all heart broken to see my prized possession keeping mum. Connecting the headset does however result in audio output. PLEASE HELP!

    Best regards
    Sandeep B

  8. Defrauded by Apple.

    Since the begining I experienced a lot of problems with this Imac, the customer service today hang on on me, while i stayed quiet and raise a list of all things going worng with the computer, i was talking to a frenh department at 2 pm serial number dgkhx005dmw8,

    i forget to use the email porgram apple, it has never worked well, i was getting this colored wheel all the time, for hours impeaching me to work, the tried to help me we set up a guest user and delete all email with signature , infos i could not retreived after, thnak you!

    then the email was corrupted again and never worked, so i quit using it, i baughta program for invoicing numbers, it has not works for 20 more products, its a bug too. Factura too is a pure bug. so i stop using, buying or downloading any app apple.

    the apple id has never worked too, each time they asked me to change it or they don’t recognize my password.

    i never could donwload any of the update or when i could log in once and download one, it never recognized it as being downloaded.

    3 days ago, i tried to turn on the computer and it was not working, for 2 weeks since it has crashed, i was turning it on and off using the button as the colored wheel was displayed and impeach me to do any forcing to turn it off.

    i wander if i did not damaged the computer by turning it on and off this way while i was having the first email bug, i simply think now the email is corrupted.

    today so, i called apple and they hang on on me ,and told me all i could so now 45 days after my purchase is selling it and they hang on.

    in my life i never seen such crappy product but the customer servive is much worst, i really regert my rpuchase like never in my life before and i will post this message on all internet forums so people know what to wait from apple.

    at the store they forst said it was 30 days to get your money back ,then they said it is 15 dya,s

    i stop using the apple mouse as it simply cut my finger, i do not find convenient the red button to close a window and alos the keyboard touch, as the mouse are very odd to human touch, that is why i prefer also a blackberry thna a Iphone, its very cute but in hands it has nothing of human, i mean its very odd to handle, and as odd as using this imac,

    I lived myself in california 7 years and by getting an imac i thaught i was getting a customer support, i simply have the feeling of being defrauded today.

  9. I have an Apple iPod classic 5th Generation Black (30 GB). Need help on one problem, Please! I cannot delete everything on this iPod and all I want is the ability to copy soundtracks from my home made CD,s. From the above comments I have read, I may possibly think I may not get a reply. God Bless & Have a Nice Weekend.
    PS: I would like to have this for my hometown church ASAP.

  10. Dear
    I would like to help me to unlock my Iphone 4 that I have got from my friend in Canada. i am in Libya. the iphone is locked and can not work with our carrier
    please help me to do that

    best regards

  11. Dear Sir/Madame,

    Hope you are doing great.

    I am Saeed from Dubai writing this letter to you. I am a fan of Apple products, but I have faced a problem which has not been solved for more than a year.

    I received a MacBook Pro 313 about a year ago as a gift. After 3 to 4 months, the “w” and “s” letters on the keyboard are not working and out of order.

    I went to Apple Store in Dubai and they told me they cannot do anything about it.

    Afterwards I sent it to Apple store in Australia and they asked for the purchasing receipt. I explained to them that it was a gift and I don’t have the receipt, but they didn’t accept it. They told me they can fix it but I have to pay the cost whereas the device has 2 year guarantee.

    Making it brief, it is more than a year I am contacting various apple stores and nobody is helping me regarding this problem. And it has caused a kind of despondency in me about Apple Company.

    I was expecting Apple to take care of its customers and after sales services much better than this. And I was expecting Apple to be more successful in keeping its customers satisfied, the way it is suceesful in selling its products.

    I would be more than happy if you let me know how can I solve this problem as I have not been able to use this device for a long time.

    Best regards,

  12. i m a Chinese client, my mac probook has quality problem, Apple Chinese cannot solve this issue quickly and well. i need let u know my problem. i want to let u Apple America know my situation. my email:; my phone no.: +86-13811022544, thank u for ur help.

  13. Dear apple customer service
    Please check in last two months I get charge on both my visa and discovery cards with same order please return the money what you take from my visa back to my account thanks
    My apple ID

  14. Apple I Tune steal money from my account without authorization and that’s happens every 2-3 days… What should I do?? I change may account in the billing account but nothing happen

  15. please answer me, you have charged my debit card for so many wrong items and have put me into overdraft without me knowing about it. I have never ordered anything more then the price of a album. I have read that your company never resolves these issues, I hope this is not true. Something is very wrong

  16. My name is Mayra Gil and I was wondering why are you guys taking away $6.48 from my card and I want to know what it is and why are you guys taking away money regularly. Could you guys call me at 713-972-2016 I prefer somebody who speaks spanish

  17. I purchas a itune card and down loaded some songs for .99 and you went into my bank account and charge me for the songs this coast the bank to charge me 35.00 and their was 5 time you went in my account, not haveing the money in my account at the time the bank charge me $ 175.00 I don’t understand why did you do this please lets get this matter resolve thank you Barbara443-955-9235

  18. I purchase a itune card to down load some sons on my iphone all my songs was .99 and yu went into my bank account 5 times this coast me $175.00 for bounch checks I don’t understand why this is hapen to me could you please contact me to let me know why you did this.

  19. I call the apple support and while on the phone talking to the rep he just hung the phone up on me and now I have to wate another 20 min. befor I can talk to some one . this is not fair to your customer please tex me back thank you Barbara

  20. thanks for listing the contact numbers for C S help. unfortunately, the problem has Not been resolved. I have been referred to a third person. I am waiting fo a call back to resolve the charge of an unwanted item, which I. Tunes has already said they would credit, but have not done so. thus far, I am disappointed!
    thank you.

  21. I would like to give feedback on badge #20354(Courtney). He was VERY patient with me as i’m not very tech savvy. Due to Verizon error, I had lost all my calendar events that had been placed in my phone. Courtney took the time to really go the extra mile and search out where those events might have been sent(I did not have icloud set up at this point as well). He was able to locate them on my e-mail account and I am now able to reinstate them back into my phone. And at his encouragement i’m now using icloud as back up. Thank you for having knowledgeable, patient staff that can fix pretty much anything. This gentleman should probably get a raise or paid overtime for what he had to do to fix my problem, thanks!

  22. I has been order from apple store an iPad mini and has been cancelled why and this is my frist time to order and my order NO: W436817080

  23. Bought my IPAD in December, 2012. Purchasing it at an Apple Store, I was greeted with superior service. Since then the assistance I have received on the “help” line has been excellent. More than anyone should expect! Head and shoulders experience above what my friend received at _______!!

    Thanks for the service—Al Bumer

  24. Worst phone customer service experiences repeatedly, so disappointed in them!

    Spoked with 6 representatives and have to repeat issue each times and still unresolved. THey shipped my 2 ipads. I wasnt home so they were held at a Fedex place 3 hours from me. I called to ask them to request a FEDEX location that is closer and only 15 minutes. They said they dont have that option. I called Fedex and they said Apple place restrictions on them that doesnt allow them to send the package to the closer location. Its back and fort like this and I still ended up driving 3 hours to get my ipads and wasting 3 hours calling between Apple & Fedex.

    Suggestion: unless you are at home all day, better just to go to an Apple store and purchase the items you want. Dont go through their shipping process. It gets complicated for something that suppose to be simple.

  25. Would like to comment on the poor customer service at the Apple Store here in Eau Claire,WI. My husband went into the retail store to buy me a IPad for my birthday. The sales person was extremely rude and obviously not interested in selling him an IPAD that day. I hope this person realizes that when he turns a customer away, he also turns away anyone else that he relays his experience to. We will not be doing business with anyone at the Eau Claire store again.

  26. I am from Illinois and do not have an Apple store close to me. I called customer service on March 28th and had the privilage of speaking with Michelle Chacon. She provided excellent service. Michelle cared about my situation and made me feel like a valued customer. Thank you so much!!!!

  27. Hello I am from Algeria and I have I have a problem in the iPhone 4 I had to issue iso5.0.1 And then converted to the latest version which iso6.1.3 and I want to download Cydia version here in Algeria telling me that Cydia can not Thmilo even Ikhrah seventh issue I’d like you to help me and explain to meway of Fezlk

  28. Dear sir / madam,
    In our home we have iPods, iPads,and my son has the apple laptop…..these are fantastic products which nobody on the market can compete with at the moment..but… Why is the plug so thin? We realise technology must be the main reason ….but it doesn’t help people of all walks of life..I.e. disable..we have the plug on a two way adaptor for easy pulling out of socket!!! Come on apple don’t let yourself down there must be a better type of plug to design to get out of socket more easier…I’m sure it’s not just us..I have spoken to several uni graduates who say the same. Please email back when you have spoken with your design department and I would love to hear what their comments are…..p.s.we are about to buy the ipad mini in the next few weeks! Yet another fantastic invention…keep it up apple!!!!

  29. I have an Ipad and do have an itune account with money in it. I have used it, but did try to use it and now says I have to answer 2 security questions which I do not remember answering in the first place. Nevertheless, I would like to reset, but will not work. I have tried many times. Does that mean you just get to keep my balance and I will never be able to buy again. Doesn’t seem like good business to me.

  30. Went to Imagine Apple Store at Inorbit Mall in Whitefield on 11th August to check the exchange offer on iphone 4. I wanted to exchange my blackberry Curve and buy Iphone 4 8 GB. The sales representative checked the phone and said he can offer maximum 4000 in exchange offer. When I encountered him that Apple is advertising an exchange offer of 8000 , why he is offering me 4000 in exchange. He came up with his explanation that 8000 offer is on 16 GB model and 6000 is on 8GB model. He has offered me 4000 as my battery needs replacement. The entire conversation was not enjoyable. He requested me to come back with replaced battery on by Blackberry curve.

    During the week I replaced the battery and went back to Imagine again on 18th August at 7 pm. Firstly the sales representative took half an hour to locate the stores manager as he was watching dance and music program at the Inorbit podium. On his arrival, he inspects the blackberry curve and offers me again 4000. When I explained the conversation of last week, he tells me that stuff has changed and they can offer max 4000.

    Felt completely cheated with Apple’s exchange offer and got a feeling that sales representatives are advised not to offer maximum amount on exchange.

    Not turning up again in Imagine but thought of writing this as I felt cheated.

    Sunanda Das

  31. What i think is that i will recomend all my family and friends aal over europe and wild world abroad, not to buy any apple product, since you don’t conset your subcontracted companies Foxconn all over China and abroad go on exploding in their jail-fabrics thousand of persones who work in infrahuman conditions till committing suicide many of them, just because we can have the samrties i-phones, tablets, and ipads, in our hands. Shame on You, and even if you dennay any responsability on it, is yours, an we know it.

  32. Dear Apple Customer Service:
    I just wanted to know when is the availability of iPhone 5s here in the Middle East (Doha, Qatar) and how we can know if its for the Middle East or for other country.
    Many thanks and waiting for your prompt reply.

  33. hi sir i stolen my apple phone from my shop.please sir contact me on my email adress or my cell number.sir i am waiting of your ema il. REGARD…. d SAJJAD AHMAD

  34. Hello,My name is Getoar Jahjaga i live in EU, i just wanted to warn about(Apple Iphone) that it s not good it s not legitim to spent money without the knowlednge just because the phone(Iphone 4S) dosen t tell you that 10 SMS arent sent and in cost of that it takes you all money of the card(numer).Thank You

  35. ever since I updated my ipad to ios 7.0.4,when you double click the home screen button the airplay on and off is no longer there and you can only put your I pad on the tv for certain things like youtube and Netflix. but maybe I want to see my pictures and videos on the tv but I cant because the airplay button is gone and what a waste of mone to by apple tv. also my internet is soooo slow on my ipad. it isn’t on my computer or my android phone so its not my internet its the I pad. also when I went to apple support online they would not help me and said to talk to somebody for help I would have to purchase something I don’t even know but I do know one thing, apple products suck. never again will I buy anything from apple its a waste of time and money

  36. I purchased a film from itunes can’t watch it say not authorised I gave watched firms before with no problems can you help please

  37. I bought three ringtones on my iPhone 5s but it only shows them on iTunes not on my phone so I can’t use them what do I do

  38. I had Apple IPad (nice for a year 2013) was stepped on Feb.2014 took back paid $270.00 for new one ( my fault had to pay) ok since then I’ve been sent two new?ones from their Corporate office They both cracked in the same SPOT ( Figure that out, can’t well Apple can’t either!) It happened in a 3 WEEK PERIOD AND IM USEING THE CRACKED ONE. If anybody can tell me where inthe hell I can go, or who to talk to, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT, and mayb one day I can help you with a problem!!!!!

  39. Your support sites are way to confusing…you never answer back. Yet you guys like it when we buy apple products.

  40. I just want to say that my customer service experience was truly five stars! No, I don’t work for Apple……This guy…initials. JM was so much help to myself and my husband.We had some issues with icloud and photos,and he showed us on the screen, step by step…very patient, very nice ! He even emailed some links to help us with things in the future. A big plus….he spoke English! If all customer service reps could be like this guy,there would be no angry customers.I’ld stay with Apple just to know that when I need help,it is very prompt and professional……..and most important,friendly!Go Apple!!!

  41. Have been advised that I placed order QWACVW291HD and charged 9.35 CD.
    I did not place this order and would like it cancelled.

  42. my phone was stolen and I am trying to get help but they keep asking for my serial number < once again mi phone was stolen I cant give you a serial number to a phone I no longer have I need you to track it/

  43. Due to the recent hiring of that lying, never told the truth once, unamerican Jay Carney, I am replacing all Apple Devices with Samsung products. And will make sure that everyone I know with a apple product gets the truth. Let them know they are supporting an unamerican company and unfriend them if needed.

  44. I have a 4 th g iPod touch and its will only work on the charger the battery go died way to fast, what can you guys do to help we out, I love my iPod and don’t have the money for a new one but I am going to sent it to you guys of it can not be fix and stop useing all apple stuff

  45. i want to return a purchase I made on line. I is diffcult to speak to a real person. I was hung up several times waiting to tall to a real person. This is a very poor way to treat someone

  46. Nbought a macbook air, massively disappointed. Waste of money, always slow, unreliable. Very over rated

    Expected more as an ipad and ipohone user. Feel very let down


  48. Contacted customer services concerning a problem with an I-Phone 5.

    This is the second ‘phone in just under two years which requires major repairs at our cost.

    Apple Customer Services (Damian) nice but very unhelpful, just wanted to sell us a new ‘phone.

    Wouldn’t even consider a price reduction because of our problems and our loyalty – just concerned about the ‘bottom line’.

    Not at all impressed with Apple based this morning’s very poor performance.

  49. Awful experience – spent hours trying to unlock an AppleID only to have the supervisor say there was nothing else they could do, so my device was useless because of their incompetence.

    You spend hundreds and then their ‘security features’ make it totally useless. Do NOT consider getting an Apple device that uses an AppleID because once you lose that, your device cant download new apps or update the ones you purchased, making it a waste of $ (except for Apple who expect you to buy a new device and spend new $ to rebuy your apps on a new, functional AppleID). This company should be ASHAMED of its ‘service’ aka theft.


  50. to whom it may concern
    mainly the fat cats at the top and share holders.
    After being a loyal customer with Apple for over 5 years your i phone in-particular. in watching the panorama program on BBC 1 tonight 8 pm On 18/12/2014, i am afraid i will no longer be buying or using any apple products, which the program showed to be made in appalling work conditions,
    and that you do not seem to care how these people are treated, and in some cases children are used to dig tin children and many people have died by land slides in the poorer country’s all in aid of profit, and that 14 people committed suicide in one factory due to its working conditions and long hours, and are only being paid the equivalent of $1.00 an hour minimum wage, the program showed us the conditions these people should be working in but most of the conditions where not kept, i am totally disgusted in apple and WILL NOT be dealing with your products in the future….
    yours a unhappy and disgusted customer oh and my i phone will be getting destroyed and will be moving to a mobile phone which runs on a different operating system
    Mr C Church

  51. All I wanted to do was make an online appointment at the local Apple Store. It was a complicated, confusing, aggravating process. I finally called an 800 number, went through the hassle of getting rid of that annoying robot voice, waited an inordinate amount of time to speak to a live person who told appointments were now being by calling tech support and no longer available online. This took 25 minutes of my time. There is absolutely nothing easy about using Apple. It isn’t designed for real people.

  52. Last iPad I ever buy! 1st one 1,000 worked great before there upgrades on game apps! Next version with camera! Same issues 500$ later! I say later to apple! Android pad here I come ! What a disappointment when it don’t last over 1 year, I even asked for help and nothing worked! So so sad! They won’t back up any product they sell! I have 2 iPads that won’t upgrade or work well! By appl! My iPhone is next to be an android because of no response of my issues! Oh we’ll 🙁 sad sad!

  53. Now we have to watch obnoxious and very loud commercials on the iPad! I hate them and am definitely considering switching to Samsung! Is everyone with me?

  54. Apple really sucks when it comes to getting customer service or support via email. the question I want to ask would be very simple for them to answer. Yet they would rather send me to a thousand different webpages and forums rather than just give a simple email address I can use and be done with it. Their products are great. But if you don’t have a pile of money, their customer service and support really stinks. Thats not the word I want to use, but I will bite my tongue since I am online.

  55. Hi

    I am AT & T customer, when Iphone 5 released, i upgraded my iphone 4 to iphone 5 through radishack.

    when i visited Apple store with charging problems, they found that it is not genuine Iphone 5.

    It is surprising for me , how i got this duplicate iphone in USA for orginal cost, what i paid to radioshack and AT & T .

    can you help me resolving problem with my iphone 5 issue.

    after purchasing this iphone 5 , i never went to third party for repairs or maintainence.

    please help me

  56. Please, I do like apple product a lot and I been an apple user for more than four years. I ve a very big observation concerning Apple security. It’s quite understood that Apple has the best security so far as compared to other smart phone in terms when the it gets lost ,it can be easily track. My security concern is that a stolen Apple phone that has its cellular data turn off can’t be tracked. My suggestions in this case is that if Apple can enable its customers use iCloud to enable cellular data on or off . In that case if Apple phone got stolen , the cellular data can’t be turned off except the user enter iCloud password. Just like how u use restrictions setting in disabling some apps. I think that will make Apple great.

  57. Dear Apple
    I bought my I phone6 from us store
    And my phone having call dropping
    Wen people call me it says my phone switch off and I went to focus computer (your service center) they said it’s not exchange this is first time they have like this but my phone still not 1 year I am big fan for Apple products I am very diserpointed please help me to find solutions I cannot buy nother one.
    Waiting for your reply

  58. I just want to express how upset I am. I have the lightning to 30pin charger (the 39.00 one) and it was given as a gift for Mother’s Day and the sleeve (the plastic or whatever the cover is made of) covering the wires is cracking, peeling, and coming off and exposing wires. I spoke to someone at apple care and they said their products are warranted for a year but since I did not have a receipt there’s nothing they can do. I questioned why they could not go anything when it is clearly an apple product and she said because you don’t have a receipt and since you did did not buy apple store nothing we can do. So due to them not backing their own product I’m upgrading next month but it will not be an apple phone. They just lost the sale of 2 iPhones and I’m also selling my iPad because I’m done.

  59. To Whom It May Concern:
    I purchased a new iPhone 6s+. It has been 5 weeks and I still do not have resolution to case #946997600.

    I have gotten no response with an apple ID issue that Martin Merryman starting helping me on back on September 26th. The issue is that I’m trying to update my apple ID to a new email address yet apple is still reverting back to my apple id 3 email addresses ago.

    From what Martin told me 4 weeks ago, it was sent to India engineers as a high priority.

    I have spoken to Martin Merryman (x1166179) Gerard Myers (x1168966), another Sr. Tech advisor and Chris Pooser (x1172306). I keep asking to speak to one of their supervisors and they tell me, they don’t know how to transfer me to one of them. I can get no explanation as to what the resolution to this 5 week issue is.

    Appreciate a MAJOR ESCALATION to this issue resolution.

  60. Horrible experience with Apple’s customer service. I’ve been dealing with Apple for over a month because my iphone stopped working. I spoke to Kim in Customer Service who was very helpful, at first. She made an appointment for me to go the Apple store, an hour from where I live. I got to the store and it was packed with people for some gaming event. I was not impressed by the store or the people. It was very unprofessional and reminded me of a bar when I went in minus the alcohol. This young girl asked if she could help me, I told her I had an appointment and she said she had no record of it. I was annoyed by that. Then she told me it looked like my phone got wet and if I didn’t have apple care it’d cost me $299. I left immediately extremely angered that I had travelled an hour and still I was getting no assistance. I contacted Kim again after this incident and was re-assured that this would be rectified without me having to deal with the Apple store again. She was very helpful and said that she would send me a new phone and right it off, she could do that. On October 22, 2015, I was told that my new iphone would be sent to me and should be here by October 26, 2015. She said once I receive it to pack up the old one and send it back. As of today, I still do not have my iphone. I contacted Kim about this and she tells me to be patient that it takes time. Well, it’s been over a month and I think I’ve been quite patient, now this is ridiculous. I don’t understand the problem!! Apple obviously does not care about their customers. I am done with Apple iphones, Apple anything!! I will inform everyone I know of the horrible customer service that I have received from Apple after being a loyal customer.

  61. Hi my name is Sandra and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you. I discovered your Contact Apple Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax page and noticed you could have a lot more visitors. I have found that the key to running a successful website is making sure the visitors you are getting are interested in your subject matter. There is a company that you can get targeted traffic from and they let you try their service for free for 7 days. I managed to get over 300 targeted visitors to day to my site.

  62. W567964698
    Dear Apple,
    Why are you charging me an extra $12.04 on the Apple Care for the MacBook Pro, I purchased? It’s supposed to be $349!!!!
    Please contact me!

  63. Dear
    When I try to download some apps auotmaticaly show old apple Id but I want to use new apple I’d
    Pls tell me how can change default old I’d

  64. 12/1/15-I left at 8:00pm. the female employee at apple store. 4325 Glenwood,Raleigh,NC,27612. She had long blond hair and white. She rushed to get rid of me and not busy. And at the end of the transaction she told me I had a lot of stuff in my handbag. another customer female white older. was in my way and not giving me room to look at sample computers. she would not ask the customer to move. I complained there was a problem to her. I bought a Mac Air Book computer. She was young,the employee who helped me.

  65. I am a Hong Kong customer. There were several SMS roaming charges every day during my vacation in Europe. My telephone company said if you use Iphone, some apps will sent out system SMS when I use roaming. So I was charged.

    Is this true? What kind of apps will sent out System SMS? How can I avoid this?

  66. Hi Apple I know that you’re always busy but I’d like to email you some screen shots of a couple of your satisfied customers chatting in a gaming forum. Many of us are very upset with how the game is being managed or mid managed (total domination reborn by plarium). But I can’t find anyone who has a bad word for you guys as they shouldn’t. Could I forward on some screen shots of a chat in our forum just to help remind you all that we really do appreciate your 1st class service. Once again many thanks. Luke Huggins.

  67. Awful organization! The system has the wrong information, no one takes responsibility or has accountability, phone not only didn’t get fixed, but several layers of customer service people all told me different stories, had different prices and all assured me everything was taken care of — NOT!!! Changing my company to another phone system

  68. I just ourchased a mac book pro in the spring. I opened it the other day and colored lines On the screen. I brought it to the slope store in ridge hill Yonkers by and was told that I cracked the screen and would have to pay $650 to get it fixed. This is not covered under the warranty that I paid extra for. This is outrageous I did not do anything to my computer. It sits in my desk all of the time. I am going to write a formal complaint and send it to apple headquarters. I did not pay over $1,200 to then be told I have to spend more money on what seems like a defective computer.

  69. DO NOT BUY iTUNES VOUCHERS !! Purchased 2 as Xmas gifts £25 each . Tesco didn’t activate them , I have no receipt Apple do not want to know , neither do tesco , Apple in particular talk in a dismissive not bothered atitude , I’ve pointed out it is a faulty Apple product and is not fit for the purpose , let’s see if they do the decent thing a credit two children’s accounts , at the moment my view is DONT BUY iTUNES VOUCHERS !!!!!!

  70. We contacted the local Apple store. We explained exactly what happened to the iPod. We were told to restore to the original settings and if that didn’t work they would replace the iPod. We drove a half hour to the closest store to be told it wasn’t covered and we could buy a new iPod for $149. We were also offered the iPhone stating it does the same thing as the iPod. We really don’t appreciate the run around. We were honest and were told it would be replaced. Of course the tune changes as soon as we are in the store so we can be solicited for more Apple products like we don’t already have enough. This experience really has changed our opinion about Apple and we will be taking our business elsewhere.

  71. So, I’m on a cruise and decide I’m going to read some of a book that I downloaded on Kindle. I paid for the book. I bought my IPhone and viola’, I have to sign in to the ITunes store to access my paid for products. I don’t have access to the extensive spreadsheet I have to use that contains all of the passwords I use to avoid hacking, so I’m locked out. What exactly are you protecting me from? Myself?
    Quit this or I will be forced to quit you.

  72. Where do I begin and how do I do it without cursing??

    I got a new ipod touch 6G, had battery issues from the start. Took all the recommended steps for extending battery life to restoring it to try and get it to last more than 6 hours. (I only listen to music on it and check my email maybe once a day).

    3 months after receiving it, just can’t stand the short battery life anymore and decided I needed to get apple involved. That’s what a warranty is for.

    After the week and a half I’ve had with their customer service I am beginning to wonder if they have intolerable waiting periods on the phone and incompetent people on chat hoping that people with throw up their hands and say f-it rather than wasting hours of their lives trying to get something that should be simple solved.

    I seriously chatted with this support person named Joyce for an hour and every time I told her something I had tried very soon or immediately after she would ask if I had tried that thing. Never have I dealt with such incompetent service people. At one point she started typing a code of some kind over and over, adding or removing letters or numbers. She did this for almost nine chat lines before asking me to disregard what she was doing.

    I have repeatedly tried to call customer service, and when I sat up a service call, the call came and I ended up waiting then too! Have spent no less than 8 hours of the past week and a half trying to get the battery issue resolved.

    Finally got a hold of a guy who arranged to have a box sent to me for sending my device in for repairs-YAY! not. I live a long ways from the nearest town–I made this really clear to the guy on the phone and he seemed to understand.

    He said he would send me a UPS box that I could just put in a drop box.

    What I received was a Fed-Ex box. I have access to a Fed-Ex drop box. So I thought that was going to be fine, but in the instructions for sending your device for repairs it says in bold print not to use drop boxes. Where is the nearest Fed-Ex store? 21 miles away! The instructions say that you can call to have a pick up arranged. Fed-Ex agent tells me they can not pick up a parcel unless it is marked “return” – so their suggestion in the instructions didn’t mean boo.

    Speaking of their instructions – the items listed in the instructions for safely sending your device to Apple were not those provided in the box that I got. I got a zip lock bag that is tight on the ipod and almost impossible to close and the “customizable” foam sheet does not accommodate an ipod touch 6G.

    I called customer service, after waiting once for 20 minutes and trying later and waiting for 47 minutes I got a hold of someone who was trying to advise me to do things contrary to that which was listed in the instructions. The instructions made it really clear that any deviation from those instructions takes away Apple responsibility for the shipment. It also says in the instructions that you are required to submit proof that you packed the item as instructed and delivered it to the carrier properly (and not in a drop box). WTH? I told the guy I wasn’t comfortable with shipping my ipod if that was the case. He put me on hold twice and (after an hour and 10 minutes) I had to just hang up because it was taking too long and I had somewhere to be.

    Have not been able to reach apple support since.

    Warranty will be over by the time this is finished.

    Worst customer service ever. Apple obviously has no quality control department.

  73. My son gave me a mini ipod. But a few months later, the battery blew up – I don’t know how many chemicals I touched. I received a “new” ipod and had to pay $56 for Apple’s problem. Sad. Now 1 yr later, I have the same problem and now they want $75 for the same thing. Again, Apple’s problem for buying such cheap batteries and making the customer pay for their mistake. My children keep telling me their Apple products are better than what I buy. BUT, my batteries don’t keep blowing up.

  74. I’m paying a lot of money for very poor quality and service
    No service shows up a lot. Can’t text can’t connect
    I’m paying for something I’m not receiving.

  75. I have NEVER had such a horrible Customer Service experience with Apple. 4/26/16 (case#1097709993) around 5pm I called Apple regarding a purchase made via iTunes. I previously purchased an iTunes card and “thought” that I had already redeemed it and attempted to make a purchase for $9.99 (Prince’s greatest Hits”). After realizing that the credit never loaded to my account, I immediately called AppleCare to prevent the purchase from debiting my actual debit card associated with my Apple ID. The first rep I spoke with was David. He was not rude, but he wasn’t helpful and seemed to want to just get me off of the phone. He failed to actually listen to what I was calling about, instead he wanted to tell me about a purchase made the day before. After him declining to refund me for a purchase (that never actually posted) I requested to speak with a supervisor and was transferred to Taylor. Taylor was very rude and unwilling to listen, investigate, or help at all. He immediately stated that due to the fact that I was given a credit 01/2015 I was ineligible for any other credits, it was the policy. He was standing behind the policy and that was the final decision. I feel it was absurd to refuse a credit for a purchase that was going to be re-purchased again via another payment method after all of the money that I have invested in Apple. I have 3 iPods, an iPad, a MacBook, 3 iPhones, I’ve had nothing but Apple products for at least 3 years, and him refusing to assist or even LOOK at my account was ridiculous regarding a $9.99 charge. I spent 22 minutes with one of the rudest supervisors for nothing. The Prince purchase never even applied to my debit card, and if either representative had actually taken a SECOND to review my account they could have advised me of that. Taylor was very condescending and nonchalant. I have also contacted the BBB regarding this experience. With employees that treat customers like Taylor, this company’s reputation is going to be severely tarnished.

  76. I play cribbage on my iPad 2 today 6/2/16 I have been unable to play with others,I send requests to play but as of today I have not had anyone respond,which is very
    Unusual.hope U can help.thank U.

  77. My I pad 2 is not able to connect me with fellow players,I send requests but I no longer
    Receive any answers ,please help if possible .Thank U

  78. I am one of those white males that will not purchase any apple products since you announced that you would no longer give any support to the Republicans.
    As Fox and friends reported that if you decline to change your stance with the Republican Party in one week the all white males group against Apple will boycott your company and not purchase anything from Apple.


  79. Appalled! I am on hold for Apple Care for 1 hr 5 mins…so far! Really!??? You don’t care enough to help? No info on. Hold time, just waiting, what a waste…and this speaks volumes of how much you care about your customers.
    I’m truly disgusted!! Time just wasting away…your customer service stinks!

  80. I am not wild about Trump but look at the alternative. Why you guys bailed on convention..well don’t understand that. Like saying the people voted for him but we don’t care about the people. Well I can’t do much but I can avoid apple products

  81. well its my third call to Apple Support tonight and I still have not spoken to a technician. so far this time I have been holding for 45 minutes . If this is what Apple calls excellent service I feel sorry for that company. Your product must really suck if this many people are waiting for support. This is ridiculous.

  82. please am in Ghana and recently opened a phone shop but wants to do business with apple iPhone. wants to buy online and will be shipped to me here. i wanna know the payment plan and mode of payment. Treat most urgent

  83. i recently opened a phone shop and wanna trades in iphones but don’t know how go buy it am in Ghana. i wish to purchase online and ship to Ghana. please guide me through this. counting on ur usual co-operation. treat most urgent

  84. Not long ago I purchased more space for my iPhone but I’m still getting messages that my storage is full
    What did my 5.99 buy

  85. Good day,
    I forgot the home screen lock of my ipad what should i do to retrieve my passcode?
    Can i reset my apple id?
    I still remember my 3 secret question that i made during my registration at icloud.

  86. I received an email saying a purchase had been made through my iPad mini thinking it might be a fraudulent charge. I need to speak to someone about the charge card used. Also, first, I want to verify this was a legitimate email.

  87. Every time I buy mississippi stud game currency are overcharged on the online, how is this going on? I bought the first time on June 19, $ 9.99 = 12500 game currency, and only bought twice should be $ 19.98, but received my four times $ 39.96, I bought a $ 9.99 on June 17 , but received I am $ 19.98, and on June 19 I bought it twice, $ 9.99 at a time, $ 7.99 at once, but I received $ 9.99 four times, $ 19.98 for each two times, and I bought it on June 29 Twice, but received my four times the money is also $ 19.98 each time! Please help me solve this problem! Thank you

  88. On July 22, 2017. I had a 3:00 appointment with the Genius bar at the Apple store in Lincoln Park in Chicago, Il. The customer service at the Genus bar was excellent. They could not recover my data. I am a loyal Apple customer. As per my usual I always stop to see, before leaving the store, if I want to buy some trinket. I have the MacPro, iPhone 7, Apple watch and 2 ipad pros. I stepped over to the area where the cases are. I love cases. There was a group of Asian girls taking cases on off the shelf. There was a Caucasian couple also looking at cases. As soon as I got over there I was approached by a young African American male with glasses to see if I needed help. I said no just looking. Of course I had a big bag with my MacBook pro in it. Okay that was nice. He stayed right by me the entire time. Yes, I am African American woman. I have natural hair that was looking a bit messy. I had on nice pants and a top. I felt profiled. I felt like the entire time I was there he stood next to me. After I said I did not want anything. He addressed the Asian girls once and they continued to look and ran off. I am an Apple fan. This made me feel like they thought I was going to still something. Check my email address or my name. I have invested a lot of money in Apple. Needless to say, I have never had this experience at the Apple on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. I am of the opinion that I will not go to the Lincoln Park store again unless absolutely necessary.
    Inform your employees of all ethnicities that you do not have to breathe down the throat of African American. We are all not thieves.

  89. I play candy crush. Today I purchased 2different candy gift bundles to help you in the game. Problem is they charged me both times, but l never got the candy I paid for. Please help correct this. Thank you .

  90. Your customer service statement is a real farce.
    Check out my chat that took over 1/2 hour and I never got a straight answer from rep.
    I have gotten better service in the past from Tracphone!!!!!!!

  91. This company is a farce. I spent 3 hours trying to get that rainbow disk gone and to get my photos to work. All I ended up with was losing my entire “HISTORY”. I am so disappointed with what happened to me. I would think that a company like this would be able to fix 2 simple problems with out ruining my day and my computer.

  92. Yesterday, I called support and spoke to Lindsey.
    My Ipad is locked. I have forgotten password and need to reset.
    L. said she’d send step-by-step guides via email.
    I received no emails.
    Please process as required.
    Thank you

    case #100268988552

  93. To whom it may concern…on August 23 2017 I visited the Apple Store at the Upper Canada Mall location in Newmarket Ontario to have my iPhone 6 serviced…I had a diagnostic performed on it by an apple tech support representative and was advised to take it to an Apple Store and have the battery replaced…which is what I did on August 23 2017…after a lengthy 1.5 hours wait I finally met with an Apple rep and explained that I was there to get my battery replaced…the Apple rep I was dealing with insisted that it was “possibly” another problem and recommended hat I replace my iPhone 6 with a new one at a cost of $399…I explained again that I just want a battery in which he then rubuttled again to give up in my current device and spend the $399 on a replacement…finally he said “ok” and an hour later my iPhone 6 was back up and running…I’m annoyed that he pushed me to buy another device…my confidence in Apple is dwindling to say the least…is this how you train your imployees?

  94. A woman named Chantrelle (case no. 100278252121) was so EXCELLENT in giving me help as to how to set up my iPhone SE. I knew nothing about how to do this and she was so patient and helpful with me! Employees like her give Apple a good name! Thank you!

  95. I have tried for 30 minutes to reset my apple I d password with no success. I enter my Apple ID then type in the given code. I can’t get any further I have typed in at least 20 codes. I am frustrated beyond belief. Eddie McGhee

  96. Apple is grossly impossible. I need an email to file complaints against the ridiculous impossibility it is to download and use software. But I guess Apple is to afraid of reality and refuses to provide an email address. THIS IS THE VARY REASON I DO NOT USE APPLE PRODUCTS!!!

  97. Dear sir, I have lost my iphone. I want to report lost to protect my icloud data. Unfortunately, I have forgotten my password. Even when I reset, I couldn’t answer the prompting questions so my icloud account has been locked. I don’t know how to reactivate my icloud account and protect my data. Please help.

  98. Dear Apple,
    You no longer take part in allowing Putin to have any headlines or sway in the United States. He is responsible (along with CERTAIN others) for damaging the REPUBLIC with voter interference, fake news and violence across the globe. When the U.S. is allowed to hold sway in Russia, you can reconsider this stance.

  99. My husband and I each have an apple I Pad. At least a month ago my iPad became disabled. I know for sure that I didn’t enter wrong passcode.
    My husband’s iPad became disabled soon after. I have tried to c all support and as we moved along I accidently touched a key and was cut off. I have not ben able to get connected since. Today we took our iPads to a
    repair company. They said that mine was set up with iCloud and they couldn’t do anything to help unless I had the password. I have no idea what password would be. My husband has the original apple account ID and password but he cannot enter the correct passcode. So we are two very unhappy customers with two iPads that are worthless. Is there any hope to fixing these devices?

  100. Today I was listening to music off my Iphone 6s at the office. As i plugged it to an iphone authorized charger which has worked forever now, the phone suddenly started shutting down, blurred lines appeared and it has been black ever since with just a faint background light. I immediately ran to the store where I tried to explain my situation to a customer support staff member at the Eaton centre apple location (who was hanging out with another support staff) and he said they had no availability to help me until the next day. I have a big amount of confidential information on my phone and am reliant on it for calls relating to my work including a high stake deal happening tomorrow. Nonetheless, the employee did not decide that it was important enough to stop fraternizing and continued to tell me that they can’t do anything. This is outrageous and totally customer unhelpful. I have never expected this from this company and if this issue is not addressed and my deal will fall through due to this behaviour I will be obligated to direct this to higher authorities including a potential legal proceeding. With the release of your new SUPER expensive Iphone I feel this isn’t much the time you would want such negative publicity. Please respond.

  101. i got an iphone 2 months ago today i lost my facebook icon i called apple and was told i needed a $50 fix to make my phone fixed! All i did was lost 1 icon! when i try to reload facebook it locks me out. When i told the supervisor all i needed was my icon back and i would not pay $50 he hung up on me. After 2 hours with cricket they had me reset the phone and i lost everything!Your product sucks your support sucks and was of no use to me.For what i paid for your phone i expected more from you.Your apple tunes is impossible to use. I will never own anything apple again thanks for the $300 paperweight.

  102. getting to a rep is difficult. automated. system does not serial number.
    The las5t rep I had was not helpful. could not understand my issue.
    apple seems to be more interested in the high tech customer , than the average personal customer.
    I have a new I Mac. could not find about updates. Tech just said I don’t know

  103. iPhone 6s. Always problems now with new update. VERY VERY frustrating. If you can’t do it properly then don’t do it until you are ready ?????

  104. Verizon is not doing good selling your products i pre ordered the IPhone 8 plus back September 19th they gave me all the info and now tell me there is no IPhone on pre order for my account this is a sale you just lost due to these idiots who do not help at all

  105. Hie i have bought a new iphone 5s faced many problems lyk battery backup, camera issue problm in home buttun , ringtone problm it hangs too much and lot more i went to the service centre twice once they returned saying its not an issue later they submitted and returned after 7 days and now its troubling me more than before its warrenty is about to finish next month please suggest what should i do they arent swaping the product what should i do??

  106. Tried to chat on the Apple website, said 2 minute wait, waited 1 hour and no response!! I had an appointment at one of the stores for them to look at my IPhone 6 as I updated the software and afterwards the phone was stuck on headphone mode.!! I tried while at my phone service provider fixing it while on the phone with apple and they had me schedule an appointment at the nearest apple store which is 2 hours away to have one of the techs look at it. They said if they went through a restore that it should come back and if not they could fix it there…. Well, went to the appointment, they did not do anything that I did not already do to try and fix it.. And then said that there was nothing that they could do for me….phone was garbage they said….. So I used your update….it wrecked my phone and there’s nothing you can do??? VERY disappointed with APPLE!!!

  107. Louisville, KY store; I hate going into the Apple store! Poor customer service, you make an appointment then you have to stand in line to sign in, then you have to stand in line to get waited on , by the next available service tech. Why do you make an appointment? Very noisy, extremely loud, and staff not helpful. I only go in when I absolutely have too.

  108. Where I hate the sign in process…once I got to the computer tech the experience couldn’t have been better! I believe the techs last name was Hurst. He was fantastic. He spent a couple of hours with us attempting to fix our problem! He helped us resolve the issue and went above and beyond our expectation.

  109. Downloaded the latest I phone operating system. It’s ok but I hate that it keeps leaving messages. If I am interested in new features I’ll look them up myself. Otherwise I want to be lady alone.
    And I don’t want to send it info back to apple and selected that option but I don’t think the system actually allows that choice as the button I selected didn’t change to dark blue and the system quickly went on to the next page in an effort to get me to sign up for the cloud. Not interested in having all my info out there or in providing apple with all my info all the time.

  110. Quit high pressuring people to buy your ICloud backup. I’m getting tired of your incessant IPhone & IPad messages that my IPhone and IPad have not been backed up. I’m not in business. I’m retired. And I’m not a phone junkie that runs around shopping centers incessantly calling friends. And my wife has our important stuff backed up on your ICloud. You need to give people a way to opt out of your incessant self-serving money hungry blather about their Iphone & IPad not having been backed up. Their are alternatives to your I’s.

  111. I cannot even believe the incredible customer support I received today from Jessica. I had been totally locked out of my Apple email, Apple this and Apple that–forgetting your password is a very serious thing. I received a phishing email and was near the desperation stage as it said I was going to be charged $90. She was so confident that we would get the problem solved and it took almost an hour!!!!! She continued to encourage me that my problem was going to be solved. This young lady should be rewarded for her excellent customer service! Thx Jessica!

  112. Dear Sirs
    After the installation of Apple’s iOS 11.0.2 the brightness of my phone’s screen has been fluctuating every moment and I am compelled to adjust the screen every time before I use the phone.
    I sent my instrument to your local service centre who reinstalled the software but failed to find the fault and advised me to send my phone to Banglore which means to deprive me of the phone for minimum 10-15 days.
    I did contact with your Banglore help centre too but they also could not offer any relief to me.
    I do not see any reason to suffer for an update related issue and hence would request you to please resolve my problem immediately or social media and legal help will be my alternate option.

  113. Wish -shopping app pop up is very irritating. It pops up when I play solitaire and is nearly impossible to shut down. It is like they are forcing you to “get” the app or not be able to play the game. Most of these things you, can “x” out off but this one is an irritating move from one thing to another ——help!!!’

  114. Immediately after doing update, microphone to”siri” doesn’t work. Still works when I talk to “app Wayz”. Went to apple store, they tell me its physical on the mic and want $129 to wipe phone, then I’ll have to install all apps again. I,m 66 and wont be doing that.Yes I’m out of warranty, but been an apple customer for a very long time with multiple devices. They made me feel like, “tough luck”. I badly needed to use the microphone in a dangerous situation and couldn’t. I don’t feel like a valued customer and am dissatisfied with no other options. Would like a response as to what other options apple is willing to do. I don’t want to go android as a have a mac and Ipad, Itouch. I’m still under warranty on my MAC. Thanks, Ray Phillips

  115. i went to my local apple store here in belfast victoria centre. it was black friday and the bargin was 80 pounds gift voucher when you bought the ipad pro, price was 619 pounds the guy serving give me my ipad pro bought did not give me my 80 pounds voucher, so he cancled my bank transaction and done it again so i could get my 80 pounds voucher. what he didnt tell me was the canncled bank transaction still took my 619 pounds plus annother 619 pounds. when i discovered what had happened i went back to the apple store and told them what they had done. they shruged their shoulders and told me i will get the money back in a few days. the big problem is my morgage was to be taking out the next day. i havent enougth money in my bank account to cover my morgage,,,,, cheers APPLE

  116. recieve a email.that im recieving a apple fone can someone ring me or leave a contact number in my email address thank you

  117. I paid for the use of a game app and now it won’t work w/iOS 11 I am sick of losing money because Apple updates and I lose office and games etc. I will cease to purchase Apple products since I feel cheated because of your inferior programming. this game cannot be updated. Work with your customers or lose them! I miss Steve Jobs!

  118. I’ve received an email from a source claiming to be Apple. It asks for info, and I haven’t opened it. How can I forward it to someone who cares?

  119. I’d like to know how is Apple going to compensate people who purchased new phones over this problem??? Nothing else wrong with my old phone except the battery just kept draining away…couldn’t get through half a day and that was without using it…now in debt again paying on a phone….not happy ?

  120. Worse customer service ever! Trying to get through to a person is impossible! Finally I had a manager from Scottsdale commons call me back about my battery issue and he was rude and unprofessional! Didn’t care one bit of what I’d been through trying to find out about my battery order. I understand you’re a big company but customers should be treated fairly and with respect. I am feeling frustarated because nobody seems to care. Train your employees to treat people better and tell customers the truth about orders and I wouldn’t have wasted so much time being on hold or hung up on!

  121. I Was stunned to he that Apple was not recognizing Good Friday and Easter on your calendar.

    I know this must be an oversight for your company and please fix it now.

    Otherwise, shame on you and i would like a reason why.

  122. I will be boycotting apple until you demonstrate your lack of support for the nra and their interests in providing weapons of mass destruction against American citizens

  123. I have been using Mac products for over 15 years. I currently have an 27″ iMac, an iPhone 8 plus, an Iphone X, two iPads, an Iwatch and a home pod. I’m also an Apple shareholder and have $600,000 in stock. For the past 15 years the customer service I received has been world class. There are only two companies I have dealt with over the past 50 years that fit into world class service. Charles Schwab & Apple. That is why my last three experiences with Apple with customer support representatives seem so unbelievable of. Todays experience hit the bottom of the barrel for me. I was cut off and received no call back. The person before that, who I could tell didn’t know how to solve my problem, gave me the following solution. “Log in to iCloud and you can solve your problem from there” I was shocked! Neither one of them sent a follow up survey to rate me experience. Prior to these terrible experiences today my past two support representatives were not able to solve my problems either. I’m not sure what has changed with Apple but the quality of representatives I’ve been in contact for the last six months are not qualified, and really don’t seem to care. Very Disappointing!!! For a company that prides itself on being the very best, you have really let me down.

  124. Horrible customer service in general. Wish I didn’t own Apple products. I’m trying to find out where my new iPhone battery is that I ordered in my Apple Store two weeks ago. I can’t even call my local store – I get transferred to automated system. Everything’s online and that was a totally unsatisfactory experience when I tried to get my question answered in online chat. You place me on hold forever. Horrible customer service. Including in store. I hate having to go there.

  125. I need your help. More than 2 weeks ago we placed order No.W510683862 for a phone that was not delivered because nobody was home. They were supposed to credit my American Express card $1072. I have called numerous times without results. Still no credit to my credit card. Could you help me with that. I will appreciate very much.

  126. I keep getting messages from apple not to use products without contacting apple support. 4 messages tonight

  127. On Thursday, June 21, 2018 at about 1:30pm I walked into the Apple store in Montgomery Mall in Bethesda Maryland. I didn’t have an appointment. I met James at the Genius Bar. I had several issues I needed help with, including a PP created in 2000 which, of course, I couldn’t get to work. When I approached the Genius Bar two older people (not together) said you will love this guy. He is so wonderful. They proved to be correct. James introduced himself. He worked for over an hour helping me with several tough issues I had with my MacBook Pro and my iPhone X. Believe me, I came with a list of issues. James happily went down my list, one by one, fixing each issue. Then I realized the reason he had time to do all that for me without anyone else needing help at that time was that HE USED HIS LUCH HOUR TO HELP ME! Another Apple Associate came up to him and asked him if he was going to take his lunch break he just said he needed to help me. He had others scheduled for the time his lunch hour was over. I’m nearly 70 years old and James was so kind and helpful. I offered to buy him lunch but he said he was just doing his job and he was so glad he could help. I am working on several projects for a national non-profit that I would not have been able to do without his help. How ever much he is being paid, it is not enough! He is a real life saver.

  128. Hi, I hace bought a apple computer here in the Philippines and can get no joy from the shop on geting it repaired so the guarantee as now run out and to get it repaired i have to pay to get it done and this is after paying over 90,000php cash, so were do i go from here can you please advise. So i think the service i have recived is rubbish.

  129. My wiffe has an iphone 5s. The battery requires charging every two day, is there a replacement battery for this unit? if so, what is the cost and where do I go to get it. Thanks, Jay Wilkes

  130. As a stockholder, I was appalled that I could not speak to a person regarding Apple Music Subscription. I received what I berlieve is a scam, but to be safe I will now cancel my Apple Music Subscription. Horrible Customer service.

  131. I have a iPhone 5s that is on its last leg with the battery. Took it in to buy a new battery, but the Apple store said battery cannot be replaced because it’s missing the battery tabs, and that I must have a non Apple battery installed. The Apple store is the only place that has worked on my phone. They said buy a new phone. Wife took her phone into a different Apple store in a different state and was told the same thing. Cannot be replaced. Accused of not having an Apple battery in it. We bought them at Apple and only Apple has worked on them. I have a Mac, iPad Pro, iPod, Apple TV 4K, along with my iPhone 5s. But this battery problem with my 5s not being replaced on my dime seems like a scam. Maybe it’s time to switch from Apple.

  132. You made my decision a no brainer. I was torn between iPhone and samsung and no doubt the winner is samsung. I am also due to upgrade my mac mini, it will not be replaced with an apple product! Free Speech is the very fabric of the western world and when apple declares itself GOD and will judge others on what they find appropriate that is a clear indication to remove support! So please, carry on censoring conservatives, blocking others who don’t worship your guidelines/doctrine. The western world is rapidly waking and red pilling to your elitist globalist agenda. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. MAGA!

  133. Today I got a message that someone had signed in with my Apple ID on my cell phone. I could not send or receive messages and I was at AT&T 6-7Pm and we signed in there to fix it. But not since.

  134. I am concerned that Apple chose to join other tech companies in banning Alex Jones Info Wars. I thought Apple was above that and would stand up for a free and open internet.
    This could be the start of a very slippery slope. Who is next? Where does it end? We should be trusted to find the truth on our own. I find it very disturbing when corporations like Apple, Google, and Facebook become the gatekeepers of what we can and cannot view or hear.

  135. Visited the Danbury Ct. store to try and purchase an ipad. Gave name at entrance and was told it would be 15 minutes and to wait by the table with ipads. Waited 45 minutes when I asked what seemed to be a person in charge who had ask another worker to check my name. Told there was one person ahead of me. Left store. Poorly run store. Workers roaming around not helping customers. Purchasing customers mixed with those picking up repairs along with those just browsing. It’s like being in a chicken coop with no one in charge. Definitely will look to purchase none apple products in the future. Bad enough that apple products are overpriced but you get lousy customer service in the stores.

  136. I have an I Mac 2015 with apple care. The automated phone system won’t take may info. this has gone on for a yr , with no resolve. repeated multiple times to rep
    I have called apple care and they put on me on hold.
    very poor service
    the palm beach gardens, fl store, terrible service.

  137. I have a 3 year old Apple Air. I need a new case. I went to the Apple store and Best Buy. They said mine is too old and don’t carry those cases anymore. WHY must I search for something that is 3 years old. I guess I don’t have as much money as all the young kids.

    Frustrated and Ridiculous!

  138. Hello, I had some charges that WAS NEVER AUTHORIZED BY ME. and from the money being taken from my account. it has really set me back a lot with my bills and overdraft charges that should have never happen. There money taken from my account on. I have copies from my bank for all of these unauthorized Transactions that never should have happened. I would like my money back this has caused a very big problem in my finances.
    5-19-18 for $32.09 Ref:000007019385
    5-25-18 for $32.09 Ref: 000007735022
    6-2-18 for $32.09 Ref:000013403301
    6-9-18 for $32.09 Ref:000024340326
    6-18-18 for $32.09 Ref:000007163851

    Thanks, Emma Alonzo

  139. Apple,
    In May of this year I purchased an I phone X for my son that lost its charging capabilities after only 2 months so Verizon replaced it with a certified used I phone X, then in September I got my daughter an I phone X that stopped working after only a month and again Verizon replaced it with a certified used I phone X, the only problem is I purchased two new I phones @ retail pricing and now have two used I phones after only weeks of ownership. Over the years we have purchased I pods, I phones, Apple watches, an I Mac and I pads totaling 35 to 40 of your products over a 20 year period totaling roughly $30000 to $40000, I am just extremely disappointed with my last two purchases, maybe if they were not so recent and close together and if it wasn’t such a hassle to replace and then have to transfer and reconnect the new(used) phones and dealing with Verizon to get the second phones to work is such a hassle. Here is to hoping my next purchase is not such a bad experience or maybe time to move on to other brands. Thanks for letting me vent.

    Charles T Bare

  140. I have two Iphones. One is mine and the second I purchased for my adult son.
    The second phone was locked up and I got AT & T to unlock and I purchased a new SIM card. But because he could not remember his Apple ID we could go no further with set up. I reached out to Apple for help. Even though everyone I talked to was very nice they could not and would not help me. It is ashame that as big a company as Apple there is nothing in place for you guys to help people like me who are honest and have paid for a phone and are forced to purchase a new phone for the lack of help. There are things in peoples lives where the Apple ID is just plain unattainable. As technical as you guys are surely you could come up with something for honest folks where they wont be forced to buy a new phone for the lack of help from APPLE> Not everybody is dishonest they just need help. I had paper back up showing the phone was purchase by me and belonged to me and could not even send that to you because your system would not accept the attachment.. I understand security but come on guys….

  141. I am from Tanzania, I’ve been trying to locate my lost iPhone 7+, Gold since it was lost 28/09/2017 but not being able to get it. SERIAL NO. F2LT6H1HHFY9
    IMEI/MEID355359082034548. I am hereby asking for your support

    • I was in one of your stores today ( tech name: Gideon / location: Novi mall in MI) and was very impressed with my service. It was extremely crowded (16 days before Xmas), but the staff were very professional & attentive. After about 30 mins a tech called my name & listened attentively as I explained the problem with my phone. I thought I was the only person in he was helping, but if my phone was downloading something that took few minutes he would excuse himself. I soon realized that he was working with at least 3 people at the same time. I never felt like my lssue was not his highest priority. Excellent Service & I am glad I did not leave when I saw the crowded store.

  142. I purchased my 27-inch iMac in 2011. Yes, I have an old computer, which the latest Apple Support lady was quick to point out is “obsolete & which apparently isn’t “lucrative” enough for Apple to try to continue to support. That may be so, but until I called Customer Support some months back and again on 11/7 (with two follow-up calls from the senior leader on 11/9), my iMac was at least functional, even if it was slow. Now I have weird greyed out files (.fseventsd, .Temporaryitems, .Trashes) that have shown up on my computer, my memory cards, and my external hard drives since immediately after the Apple Customer Support guy helped me recover some lost email files from my Time Machine back during the late summer 2018. The Senior Leader now tells me this means my computer and all associated peripherals (external hard drives, memory cards, etc — including 17 years of photographs!) are corrupt. And since the 11/7 & 11/9/2018 calls to Apple Support, I can no longer take a screen print using shift-command-4. All I get is a blank white screen print. It worked perfectly before my call to get help from Apple on 11/7. Too, some things were changed on my machine as the Senior Leader tried various things, yet when she determined she couldn’t help me, she did not bother to return my machine to the way it had been before the call. All my desktop items had been put in a folder in MY DOCUMENTS “for safe keeping”. A second “test user” was created with Admin rights. These were not corrected. So now I have even more issues than I started with! I feel very strongly that I called in with several problems, but the Apple Support folks caused problems MUCH LARGER than I started with. And then I was simply dumped and told to try to go to a third-party vendor to see if they can extract my data and put it on a new machine. Oh, how Apple would love it if I had to buy a new iMac, right? I am not above giving credit where credit is due. The three Apple Support folks I spoke with were very nice and probably very knowledgeable. But nothing was solved for me, and in fact I am in worse shape now than I was when I muddled through on my own. When I asked if there might be some discount Apple would see fit to offer since they caused some of my current issues, all Apple Customer Relations offered me was an offer the public can get – an EDU discount (which I don’t qualify for unless I outright lie) and an E-coupon worth only $100 max if I purchase online. It doesn’t even apply in the store! Is there really nothing better Apple can do for me? I have been a very loyal customer up until now. I thought Apple computers were different. I spent $2496.95 on a computer that I thought would go the distance. Not only has the life span been no better than the PC’s I owned before, but I strongly feel the Apple Support Specialists have hastened the demise of my machine, yet Apple takes no responsibility for that. Am I an unhappy customer? You bet I am. Will I purchase another Apple computer? I am honestly not sure. Truthfully, I love Apple products (when they work!) and my whole family owns a bunch of them. But the resolution in Apple Support & Customer Service are sorely lacking. If I do ever own another iMac, I will be afraid to call Apple Support to ask for help, for fear they will mess up my new computer! I am a pretty savvy computer owner and when I call Apple Support, I expect to receive help that does just that – HELPS – not completely worsens the situation and then tries to blame it on my machine being “old”. I am majorly disappointed in Apple! I have always defended Apple when family members suggested I was crazy to spend so much on a computer. I am beginning to think they might be right. Apple iMac’s cost over three times what an equivalent PC does, yet last no longer. Hmmmm. You do the math.

  143. I am getting charged monthly with $ 19.54 by automatic Renewal for :
    Le Monde,l’info en continu 100% numerique .
    I am trying to cancel this charge since months.

  144. Yes there r several charges on my account and I deleted them cuz they didn’t work properly and I want a refund from all of them also I got charged for the Adobe acrobat and I tried using it but it also didn’t work properly so the total that I should have refund is 32.92 that is if I got all of the charges.

  145. IT SUCKS- no one answered the phones if they do they cannot handle your problem. I wish I had never bought another computer

  146. I have been shocked how awful your service is. I placed an order for an Apple watch and selected a location for pick up near my home in PA. The result was when I placed order it said pick up was in Boulder CO. I tried immediately to cancel or switch location to PA (where it is available in store) and was told after an excruciating hour plus wait (still on hold) that the best they could do was refund me in five days.

  147. hi,i was shocked when i pay my apple care and you still charge me for 99$ to fix my phone or replace it ,why than to pay my apple care ? for wish reason ! that doesn’t make sense

  148. I spoke with Jason he was very rude and not willing to help. Treated me like I was an idiot. He was highly unprofessional.

  149. On Monday I visited the Apple Store in Trumbull, CT to replace my iPhone XS Max after it stopped working last Sunday, I had to pay $105 to replace it when the XS is supposed to be water resistant up to 7 feet. I find that absurd when I have apple care on my product.

  150. after this chat I was transferred to a phone call. The call disconnected multiple times and finally I was connected to someone. He was very nice, but very uninformed. He did not understand my case at all and had to put me on hold multiple times to ask others questions on what to do. After doing this multiple times and over an hour of me not getting an answer to my problem I had to hang up because of important things I needed to get done for work. He did not know I already mailed in my watch and tried to tell me I signed up for express repair which I did not know anything about. Please tell me how to resolve this ASAP.

  151. From this chat I was transferred to a phone call. The call disconnected multiple times and finally I was connected to someone. He was very nice, but very uninformed. He did not understand my case at all and had to put me on hold multiple times to ask others questions on what to do. After doing this multiple times and over an hour of me not getting an answer to my problem I had to hang up because of important things I needed to get done for work. He did not know I already mailed in my watch and tried to tell me I signed up for express repair which I did not know anything about. Please tell me how to resolve this ASAP.

  152. I would like to report my SD card reader will not make connection After the 13.1.2 update. Worked great before the update

  153. I set up my apple account many years ago and have forgotten the security questions however I do have current user id and password. to try to set up new security questions using the iforgot site they insist i answer at least one question to allow me to do this. I called support and after explaining this they sent me an email to reset my password, I told them I do not need to reset my password I need to reset my security questions, so far I’ve received no help and the apple support center just goes in circles and accomplishes nothing. This probably means nothing but I’m returning my new apple air and I’ve had enough. I know your answer will be how important security is to you and the world but I just want to use my tablet.

  154. I do not want to upgrade to Catalina and want the option of “not now” to remove the red dot. How do I do that?

  155. This is urgent. I need help.

    I am currently in China. I had received Apple imessage notify me my lost iPhone has been connected to internet, but I don’t have time to locate and lock this device within allowed 10 min. Therefore, at without verifying, the unlock request was granted.

    I have police report on my lost iphone and I have receipt of Iphone XS Max.

  156. No-one can still find my iPad that I sent in in return for a gift card. I will be reporting this to the better business bureau and contacting a lawyer. Whenever we call apple we are told to call on of the outside companies that handle this. None of the companies have any record of my return. I called apple and they were the ones to send me the fed ex envelope. How is there no record of this?

  157. My watch wants me to enter my Apple ID to complete a purchase, but I haven’t purchased anything. It also isn’t the Apple ID account that is on my watch.

  158. Dear Apple

    I am struggling to have my apple account linked to my bank so that I can buy on apple store. May you call and assist.

    China 18616202826

    kindly regards


  159. I am having a very difficult time contacting customer service. I am receiving an forbidden error code.

    My phone has been stolen and I need to change my user name and password, if it is not to late already! I cannot login to change it because the security code keeps going to my phone! I need it to go to my email address.

    Feeling very frustrated

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