Contact Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service

Contacting Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service Center

Anthem Blue Cross is a health insurance company that operates in 14 states. The states that currently offer Anthem Blue Cross insurance include California, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia,

Colorado and Indiana. A complete list of states is available on the official Anthem Blue Cross customer service website. Much of the contact information for current insured customers is available after accessing your online account only, but there is some general contact information available.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Each Anthem Blue Cross customer service phone number will have different hours of operation. Many offers 24 hour automated assistance with shortened hours for Medicare-specific questions and issues.

  • California: 1-800-777-6000
  • Georgia: 1-888-208-2183
  • Maine: 1-800-585-0099
  • New Hampshire: 1-866-920-1391
  • Virginia: 1-800-304-0372
  • Colorado: 1-866-293-2892
  • Indiana: 1-888-641-5224
  • Missouri: 1-888-641-5224
  • New York: 1-212-476-1000
  • Wisconsin: 1-888-641-5224
  • Connecticut: 1-866-503-2829
  • Kentucky: 1-888-641-5224
  • Nevada: 1-866-412-9149
  • Ohio: 1-888-641-5224

Mailing Address

Anthem Blue Cross CaliforniaPO Box 9051Oxnard CA 93031


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia PO Box 9907 Columbus GA 31908


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – Maine2 Gannett DrSouth Portland, ME 04106


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – New Hampshire3000 Goffs Falls RdManchester, NH 03111


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – Virginia2015 Staples Mill RoadRichmond, VA 23230


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – ColoradoPO Box 5747 Denver, CO 80217


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – IndianaPO Box 105187Atlanta, GA 30348


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – MissouriPO Box 105187Atlanta, GA 30348


Empire BlueCross BlueShield – New YorkOne Liberty PlazaNew York, NY 10006


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – WisconsinPO Box 105187Atlanta, GA 30348


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – Connecticut108 Leigus RdWallingford, CT 06492


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – KentuckyPO Box 105187Atlanta, GA 30348


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – NevadaPO Box 5747 Denver, CO 80217


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield – OhioPO Box 105187Atlanta, GA 30348

Official Website

All state-specific websites for Anthem Blue Cross customer service are available on the official website at

Customer Service Email

The Anthem Blue Cross customer service email address is the same for nearly all states. You can access the email portal at From there, choose the state where you are insured and contact the customer service department. We were able to find a few dedicated email addresses for specific states.

Our Experience

Anthem Blue Cross customer service line is answered by an automated system. The system cannot be skipped by pressing 0, so you have to listen to all the options. If you just listen to the options your call will be answered by a representative. Lenor answered our call with a strong accent making it hard to understand his responses to our questions.

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33 Comments on “Contact Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service
  1. Here are my pre-existing conditions

    High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Sleep Apnea.

    I’m currently on a Multi-Plan since I’m considered high risk. This plan is horrible. I’ve only used the discount prescription card that does absolutly nothing. I pay at least 700.00 for prescriptions. Let me know either yes or no because of the pre-existing conditions if I can be covered under an Anthem Plan. I also have mild depression which I’m being treated for. Thank you
    Bonnie Klimcak

  2. We recently moved out of state, changed ins. I had anthem at my work before we moved..wish i still had it. New ins. Has been nothing but a pain to get service from them..i called anthem customer service ..indpls spoke to someone named Amber..she stayed on phone ..did conference call to new ins. Helped me get coverage info. Cleared up..she went above and beyond to help us..we dont have anthem at this time..she also continued to stay on phone with me for at least 1hour after they would be closed.Please pass this on to a supervisor or human resources..A Big Thank You Amber..if we switch insurance co. It will be anthem..and it will be because of your great customer service..Thanks again..

  3. So far just to obtain elig info I’ve had to call 3 different phone numbers and am on hold with the 4th phone number now for 20 minutes and counting. I certainly don’t consider this good customer service by any stretch of the imagination. Very disappointed, BCBS used to have the BEST customer service.

  4. the WORSE customer service of all time EVER. A bunch of bungling idiots. It’s an act of God to get someone on the phone

  5. I own a small business with 2 employees. We are interested in purchasing health insurance. Ages 62 & 40. Are there any offers for small business? Presently I am paying $865.00 per month. We cannot afford this amount.

  6. I have the affordable care act in Indiana. Not one of my bills is processed right. I have $4500.00 Deductible with a $6350.00 Max out of pocket. I’ve appealed every bill that I’ve received and talked to 7 different people. I’ve got a different answer from every person and no help. So far I’ve reached about $13000 in deductibles and still going. This is without a doubt the worst insurance company in the world.

  7. These guys are the worst in customer service I have EVER seen. Why does the state of california allow them to stay in business?

  8. I find it very difficult to get customer service being transferred several times the girls were very pleasant however no one seems to know the proper people u need to speak to. We were put into a plan that doesn’t even compare to our previous plan that we had. Very disappointed with this whole system.

  9. I am very disappointed with customer service We were put into a plan that doesn’t even compare to our previous plan. I have a transplant patient on our policy and he has been on our plan for over 20 years taking his rejection medications for the same amount of time. Now he is being told that his medication is not covered under this plan. He has 5 days of medication left and is having a terrible time trying to get this resolved. I need this problem resolved ASAP or I am going to have to go to someone that can get results.
    Please see if there is anything that can be done to get this problem solved.
    Thank You
    Louise Becker
    Becker & Sons Sheet Metal

  10. I am currently enrolled in the Blue Cross Senior Secure Plan II HMO. It has arbitrarily assigned me to a PCP in the Regal Medical Group. Since my Doctors are in the Seaview Medical Group, I have a problem. I need a PCP in the Seaview Medical Group as soon as possible to I can see my cardiologist.

  11. Your billing statement for Invoice 000003592450 under Member ID No. 076M67618 is not correct. The January, 2015 payment that was mailed to Carol Stream, IL address in the amount of $24.20 cleared my bank account on January 5, 2015. You need to make the correction on your books to resolve this issue. Thanks.

  12. ABSOLUTLY the WORST!!!!!!! I work for a providers office and EVERYTIME I call in for claims status it is a HUGE process!!! This particular claim I am working on now, I have spoken to 4 different reps that cannot help me and ALL have given me the same number to call to handle my claim issue!! Each time I call it is the same thing! I have finally asked for a supervisor and have been advised that they CANNOT TRANSFER ME TO A SUPERVISOR!!! What is that?????????? I think at this point all providers should file a civil law suit against Anthem! Wasting time and wages repetitively! It is unacceptable behavior! Every rep I speak to is in the Philippines and there is ALWAYS a lack of understanding and below competence issue!

  13. I have tried for several days to enroll in Anthem Blue Cross program liked I have had in 2015. My ID #675A7935…Yesterday, I waited for a representative for an hour!! Each day it got longer and there were days were I was just disconnected.
    I need to know if Anthem Blue Cross will still be accepting people they get their medical needs from UCSD in San Diego…Also, what is the secret to reaching a representative that can answer my questions…Time is running out before the deadline…HELP PLEASE My phone @ 619 272-0237/Patricia Wascher-Allan

  14. My daughter went to urgent are on april12 she lives in Boulder Colorado and is on my insurance till she is 26 I want to know why she got at bill for their service where the insurance should have paid for it

  15. I need to talk with someone about coordination of benefits. I have been on the phone several hours in the last two days and waiting to talk to someone. I finally did speak with a very nice lady but after giving her all info I was told she didn’t do that. So I was put on hold again. I have bills that are being denied and I NEED help ASAP!! Not happy with Anthem today.

  16. I HAVE RECORDED THIS CONVERSATION: Charlena at customer service, on 3/14/17, approximately 2PM, was very unprofessional with me in our conversation and ended up disconnecting me when she said she wouldn’t. Thought she was up to something when she would not give me her operator number or first initial of her last name. Some of my out of network paper work was returned to me and some of the process was a bit complex. Guess she didn’t want to try at anything I requested or forward me to anyone that could. I over politely asked for a supervisor as often times they have access or know more than most who answer the phone. I was disconnected in that tricky little BS way the phone tree at most call centers can do. Get that, know that, will be posting this everywhere I can, full on audio recording. I have other choices, I’ll do my business elsewhere….

  17. I have to get insulin pump supply from Edgepark this is the worst medical supply company Ive ever had to deal with. Every time I call to order supplys they put me thru a living hell.You call to place an order your on hold for 30 to 45 min.then when you get thru they say its not felt you need to call your ins. or your Dr. I need HELP or iam going to to find someone who wants my money.

  18. I have been trying to contact someone to get help/answers about a bill & have found no way to get ahold a live person & it is very frustrating!
    Why won’t you let me talk to someone? This is insane.

    Robin Porter

  19. Hello,
    Gisela Barney is my mother. She has Anthem. According to the Hospice doctor she has a few days left to live. She is not capable of talking or walking. She is on morphine for pain and bedridden. She is living out the last few days of her life at my sister’s house and not with me. Anthem callers have contacted me 4 times in as many business days. I already talked to one Anthem rep and explained the situation along with wanting to give them my sister’s number. The Anthem rep declined the info and insisted I call my sister to call them. She sees no reason to do this. Please stop calling me since my mom has everything and everyone she needs for her final days.
    Thank you,
    Shirley Frewin

  20. Your automated phone system is horrible, my employer has offered Anthem Blue Cross and getting information about anthem Blue cross before I select this coverage is not easy. The automated system didn’t address new members questions. Your automated system only address current members. Its was not easy to get information and very unfriendly for new members during open enrollment.

  21. The phone number on the provided insurance card does not work for member services. Web site is impossible to navigate. Can not find customer service number for members. Google search of phone number results to locate a Boue Shield number and 10 minutes of verbal responses to a machine and transfer to a non functioning phone. Machine would not correctly understand Member ID. Web site has MANY sales numbers to sell a policy but extremely poor support for paying customers. Healthcare provider says I need to provide a billing code number to the insurance company. No where on web site to input this info. Impossible to reach anyone by phone.

  22. I can’t get through to anyone. I filed an appeal well over a month ago. If I call, I get transferred and I have never received any help. I sent an email to the only address I could find on the website, again, no help. My appeal was ignored. So now, I’m not being treated with respect.

  23. With all your various options, you DO NOT HAVE ANY ASSISTANCE FOR FORMER MEMBERS!!!!! In the past half hour I have talked with 5 people who just keep passing me on to yet another agent. I’m upset because the north CA fires
    totally burned down my home, I have NO RECORDS BECAUSE THEY BURNED, and now I cannot even speak to someone who knows how to help me.

    I just want a copy of the EOB for the final month in December. Can someone PLEASE email me that?????????????????

    With hopefulness,

  24. Piss Poor ,Trying to up date my personal info on Anthem BCBS site , consistently transferred on phone to a busy signal , tried a “Chat” it only tells me to contact Lilly who the Insurance is through .

  25. I had problems getting CPAP supplies from Lincare for six months. I had called them at least six times, my provider probably a dozen times, and my insurance company a couple of times. Jen from Anthem member services initiated a conference call with Lincare and was on the phone with me seeking resolution of the problem for close to an hour and a half. I can’t thank her enough.

  26. like to know what I get for the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve sent to you with little use. been on healthy check line for two hours one brief message at beginning of call no voice or musac etc. have no idea if I’m connected right or what time the line will close! Your other voice mail as record script and music. What a poor system

  27. like to know what I get for the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve sent to you with little use. been on healthy check line for two hours one brief message at beginning of call no voice or musac etc. have no idea if I’m connected right or what time the line will close! Your other voice mail as record script and music. What a poor system

  28. I have had no luck in trying to register my new 2019 card number online. I am 88 years old and have little knowledge of computers, plus have neuropathy in my hands from an accident, and inputting is very painful, especially when my info is rejected (tried several times). I would just like to register like in the past on the phone, but can’t find where to call to do this. I am with PERS and never have had any problem before they went to computers. Am sure there are a lot of seniors like me, who are not computer friendly and would like to register by mail or phone. Please get me activated in an easier way!

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