Contact American Home Shield Customer Service

Contacting American Home Shield Customer Service Center

American Home Shield is a home protection company providing insurance options for home owners. The website calls the insurance products Home Protection Plans, but they could be better described as extra warranties. In many states, home mortgage companies require insurance on the home before a purchase is finalized. This insurance is not the same as the insurance provided by American Home Shield. Your plan is in place to cover things that break around the home like appliances.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found one phone number for American Home Shield customer service. There are no customer service hours listed, but insurance companies of this sort tend to have extended or 24-hour service because accidents or problems can happen day or night.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-429-8247

Mailing Address

If you’re happy or unhappy with American Home Shield customer service, give the corporate office or customer service team a piece of your mind. You can address your letter to:

American Home Shield Corporate860 Ridge Lake BlvdMemphis, TN 38135


American Home Shield Customer ServicePO Box 849Carroll, IA 51401

Official Website

To learn more about American Home Shield products and services, check out the official website at Products, pricing and coverage are all explained in detail, but the cancellation policy page is nothing more than a short blurb about how to cancel and fees involved. Customers must read through the contract in detail before signing. According to the cancellation policy, there may be an administrative and cancellation fee included.

As for social network presence; there does not appear to be an official Facebook page, but there is a Twitter page located at We did find a Facebook page dedicated to bashing American Home Shield.

Customer Service Email

The American Home Shield customer service page clearly shows an Email Us section, but hidden under the Call Us number is a button that says MORE. Click on that button and you’ll be taken to the customer service email form. The email form can be sent by anyone, but the dedicated Email Us section requires you to have a contract with American Home Shield or be a professional of some kind before you can even reach the form.

We emailed the customer service department to see if Home Protection Plans from American Home Shield are available to renters.

Our Experience

In order to bypass the lengthy automated system, customer should press three (3) at the beginning of the call. In the event you are a current customer, you can press one (1) at the beginning of the call to connect with a live agent. After a short wait, we asked the agent for information relating to transferring service when moving locations.

The agent explained the process is easy. Call the customer support center. Inform an agent of the intention of moving and set up a time when a technician can uninstall your equipment and reinstall at the new location. The agent explained when transferring service, customer could potentially see a charge on their monthly bill. Extremely detailed explanation of a simple question. We like the details. Did the customer service department provide you with the answers to your questions? Share your story with us below.

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155 Comments on “Contact American Home Shield Customer Service
  1. I have been for the pass 7 days trying to get a compressor put in my refrigerator which was suppose to have taken only 3 to 4 days. I have called AHS and Greenway with no results from either. AHS says to call Greenway and Greenway says call AHS. I am very up set with both. I call AHS’s (6/12/2k13 ) and the young lady promised to get back with me and as of 9:30 p.m. thursday no one has called. I never miss a payment of $48.00/month nor $75.00 when a tech come out. I need the AHS company I signed up with 25 years ago.(honest people)

  2. Ahs has been terrible to deal with for us also. The service people they contract with have thus far only been good for coming to collect a 75 dollar fee. Costumer service has been cry difficult to deal with as well. We at very very upset with this company and it’s affiliates.

  3. What a Joke! I have had AHS for over 10 years and it used to be worth every penny…..not any more!! I have had a broken dishwasher for a total of 10 weeks! It has taken 4 different companies and a total of 9 visits to get a part that actually fixed it. Now, a dryer that has been out of commission for 5 weeks and a toatl of 5 trips to the house so far with no resolution in site….What has happened to a very good company? I have left messages twice a week for their customer relations manager for a total of 4 weeks, no response!!!!! You cant get any help, you cant talk to anyone, and no one returns calls….RUN AWAY!!!!


  5. I’m going to have my lawyer sue you for false advertisement. I have a problem with my refrigerator since June 3 2014 3 service repair persons and many phone calls which was put on hold some times for over 1 hour. my ref still needs a new compressor

  6. AHS sent my oven panel & control board off for repairs 4 weeks ago. The control board was returned to the service tech but no panel. AHS will not return my calls to let me know where the remainder of my oven panel is… lost?? A return call will go a long way, but simply ignoring your customer is unacceptable!

  7. Signed up in June, 2014. In early Sept 2014 kitchen faucet would not work. I waited EIGHT days for AHS to find a plumber willing to visit us. They assigned one, who called me and said he NO LONGER represented AHS and told me to find someone else. Sounds to be like AHS SCREWED THIS GUY. I WAS GIVEN OK TO GET MY OWN PLUMBER. MY LOCAL YELLOW PAGES SHOWS AT LEAST 87 PLUMBERS IN THE AREA. I send the paid bill ($130)and documented everything, asking for $55.00 (minus the normal $75 fee) AHS will not reimburse me. I dropped them today, 9/15/14. Many people I spoke to have nothing good to say about them.

  8. First experience with them 4 years ago they didn’t acknowledge leak in AC found by 2 AC specialists. Every year had to have freon added. This year another leak. Their AC specialist said there was a leak but refused to check where it was that AHS only wanted them to fix problem at hand. Wrote letter to AHS. They sent another
    AC company out.
    They said I had leaks in both units. AHS representative said this company said my 12 years old unit needed $1,915.00 of updates. I called 2 other AC specialists to look at the units needing replaced (evaporator coil and condenser coil) and had them check to see if the lists this representative gave me were needed. Each one said none on the lists needed replaced. AHS offered $753.00 as a buyout to cover evaporator coil, condenser coil, installation, freon. Spoke with AC specialists they said the coils would cost approximately $1200.00 each. What is going on here. Very disappointed in AHS.

  9. On Friday, 9/19 I called cause my AC was leaking in hallway and bathroom. AC tech, Francisco, came in on Sunday, 9/21 and told me it was not AC but a plumbing problem. So I called AHS again and the plumber, Tracy, came in Monday and said water was coming from sub floor – we told him had no pipes in floor. He then said cause we lived in multi unit place – condo – there was nothing he could do and we had to call plumber for association. Plumber came in Tuesday morn. After cutting some walls found it was the AC all along. The AC line had broken and water coming down the walls. If the AC tech had done his job properly he would have seen it was not draining. Called AHS and told them everything I am writing here and they were not nice. Now have a $800 bill from plumber and have to find someone to fix my walls. Just on social security. That is why I had AHS because I thought was covered. What a joke. Wish AHS would help me pay a little for the damage that I have.

  10. This company has the worst customer service ever. I have made many attempts to cancel the services as of AUG 6th 2014. However, the cancelation department has never returned my calls and I have not been able to get through to them. I have called the customer service department on several occasions and they advise me there is nothing they can do. Now, they have sent me to a collection agency over a past due account that I called and canceled on AUG 6th 2014.

  11. Worst Customer service experience ever. There is not one point- person and the multiple client service reps and supervisors are poorly trained and partly rude. They have insufficient notes and cannot address anyhing that is beyond a basic request. They cannot even balance their AP system. Would not recommend.

  12. WOW! When I first started reading the posts on here I did a double take at the post from Shirley McCray… I thought it was from my husband until I read her name! We are now on the EIGHTH day waiting for the compressor to be installed on our refrigerator. The people at the “Customer Service” lines are SO rude. We pay almost $800 a year plus a $75 service fee. And, then they are RUDE when you call to complain that you have been without your fridge for a week. HORRIBLE RUDE PEOPLE.

  13. Well of course the furnace went out during the first cold spell. AHS contacted a service co to fix it, but cannot get to it till the next day. I don’t really want to wake up to 45 degree house. So I called and asked if they can call another service co to see if they can. They told me they can only call one. That made no sense at all. The rep couldn’t explain why either. I sat on hold for over 30 minutes to wait for that. Plus, just trying to get to a service rep was a challenge because every other option on their phone system hung up on me. Their contact page does not work either. And like everyone else said…the rep was rude. My first experience was not this bad, but this one was worth writing up.

  14. This is one of the worst companies I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. We have had to work with them several times now, because of a home warranty that we received with an older home we bought six months ago.

    Our first issue was plumbing. The first few times they sent out a plumber he just didn’t know how to fix anything that we needed him to fix. I think he actually was on drugs. He stopped up my sink without telling me and left the water running while I was working with my children. Then he went outside for twenty minutes, either to call around for parts or to read a Plumbing for Dummies book. It very nearly overflowed our little shallow sink well before he came back in and almost ran all over our hardwood. I would’ve been very upset had we had to replace our flooring because of a goofball move. Thankfully, I happened to catch it. He almost ran my infant daughter over running around like a lunatic. He told me we had to take out our entire wall to fix what someone else later came in and fixed as a simple washer problem. He kept laughing at nothing, and asking me why we never had our house inspected before we bought it. Of course we had had it inspected, and my husband is actually a contractor who knew all these things he was telling us wasn’t true. If he hadn’t been working out of town for those few weeks, I would’ve just made him fix the problems himself. In total there were three plumbers that came out for several problems, only one of which ever got fixed. One of the bigger problems was a leak in the basement, and American Home Shield refused to pay for that. American Home Shield was at first adamant that the original lunatic be the one to come in and demolish our house to fix the tub leak. Only after we contacted one of the higher ups that we personally knew were we able to switch to a different plumber without paying out-of-pocket. She at least did fix that for us, but she also promised a reimbursement of a $75 fee that we never received, despite my multiple emails telling her this.

    The latest debacle is in regards to our heating going out. We called and then called again a couple days later when we never heard anything. They assured us Greenway had three days to come out and fix that, but they had been notified. However we have not still heard anything as of today the third day, so I called Greenway personally. They never received any request for a work order. Now the earliest they can come out is Friday. So we have to deal with Thanksgiving still cold, and then we have to wait I’m sure at least through the weekend for them for them to either replace the parts or the unit. I pray I’m not coming on here next week to edit this review, saying that the guy they sent out has set fire to our house. Of course Greenway is responsible for picking these star contractors. Either way, I’m not impressed with either of these companies.

  15. I am upset because one I did not know I had this policy for a year because the individual who sold me the house paid for and when I received renewal forms I threw the out because I did not want to have it anymore. So, when a person called me on the phone to renew my contract, I told No twenty times and she would not take NO for answer and talked me into buying something I don’t want, need or care to pay for in the first place. Now I want to cancel my contract and get this I will transfer your call to the cancellation department and they will call back in twenty four hours. I just want the charge taken off my credit card and I and all individuals who do not Know the word NO and our pushy to be cancelled from the company. I am very angry and would like someone to call me today not next week when I will not be at my office, today before I leave. I want an apology Because your representative eho renewed my insurance messed with me and my disability. I want action Now or I will tell everyone and I mean everyone what crack ass insurance company you are and have representatives that harass people with disabilities to buy something that they don’t need or want in the first place.

  16. I had a policy on a condo I sold on the 12th of November and cancelled by phone on the 13th of the same month. I have called this collective of nimcompoops 7 more times since. I have heard “are you sure you didn’t get it”–me and my bank are both sure as I searched out all transactons and the bank also did the same going back to the 13th. I have requested to speak with a supervisor, including today a total of 4 times. I have verified my phone and address 8 times including today as well as all the times I paid them over the last 6 years. Still waiting for a call back from anyone. I was told that “THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL” on December 22, 2014 and today I was also told it was going out–December 29th, 2014, and would take a week to 10 days. I have a letter dated November 18, 2014 saying that I would have it in 10 days–of course, they never have specifically gave a countdown date to start from so I guess I’ partly at fault, NOT!!!! I was also told that a supervisor would contact me tomorrow and that the person I talked with at the same number I’ve called 7 other times would contact me to make sure I got the long overdue refund. When I asked for a phone number and address for the Corporate in TN, I was told they don’t have that till I badgered him into admitting that “we aren’t allowed to give that information out”. I truly feel sorry for the people that have to answer the phones at the “customer service” as it isn’t their fault but they do collect a paycheck from a company that tries very hard to insulate itself from having converse with customers at the corporate level and if you’ve red this far you should be able to figure out why they do it like this. In the future, if it says American Home Shield on it I will run away screaming like a Monty Python player fleeing the “Rabbit of Caerbannock”.


  18. I called for service on 4/1/2015 that wasn’t completed until 4/15 because AHS didn’t dispatch a company that could make the repair after they knew the original company couldn’t make the repair. Since that time, they dispatched a company that completed the repair, but now I’ve been billed for both companies. I’ve now called 6 times to correct the issue and each time was told that the charge would be reversed. I’ve now received another past due notice on a bill that I was told would be reversed three weeks ago. I was told the charge was reversed on three separate occasions ( 4/20, 5/5, 5/14, 5/27, and 6/5). This company is a rip-off and is scamming customers.

  19. I contacted AHS on 6/22/15 for a dryer repair. I was contacted 6/24/15 by Sears. They said they could schedule on 7/2/15….WHAT?? After waiting anther 30 mins. I called back and asked AHS to locate another Company in the surrounding area. No answer yet from dispatch!! This is crazy. You can very rarely get someone on phone without a long wait. I have been with them over 15 years but, I guess it’s time to shop around.

  20. Worst service ever! Whenever you have to call AHS to get an update on a repair your on the phone for over 30 minutes and always get accidentally hung up on and they never call you back, you have to call them back and be on hold for another 30 minutes. They sent our contractor a junk compressor for our heat pump and told him to take it to get it repaired or warrantied which he couldn’t because he didn’t buy it, it came from AHS but they are unwilling to help get our issue resolved and it’s been over a month and a half.


  22. I lost my job and cannot afford to pay the monthly premium. I need to cancel this agreement….Still waiting for 56 minutes to talk to someone!!1
    Is this waiting time normal??? Your recording indicated that there is a 10 minute waiting!!! Is this a way that we would hang up and delay the cancellation????
    Thank you for your cooperation

  23. I have had AHS for over 7 years now and this is the worst time of my life dealing with them. My air conditioner unit went out in my house two days ago and its a 100 degrees outside and I have 10 month old twins and a 6 year old. The six year old suffers with asthma. What’s the worst could happen without any air in the house? AHS hasn’t contacted me to see if my request has been serviced or nothing. I am about ready to drop them and get with someone else because its not worth it. Its hot as hell outside right now. They don’t hesitate to take out the 59.00 every month. Why can’t I get the same service in return. I will be requesting that they pay my $75 contract fee and me not pay it. This is so frustrating and ridiculous.

  24. With AHS since 1989. Have had many service calls and for the most part the repairs were made satisfactorily. The major problem I’ve had with AHS is contacting them. My most recent service request took 2 calls of 1/2 hour each to get someone to answer the phone. The service, which required the replacement of an air conditioner compressor, took 6 days. Might not seem like a lot except when our outdoor temp was 106 degrees every day. I was told that the delay was caused by the purchasing department. It seems that with the technology available today that a more modern and efficient telephone system would in order.

  25. Requested service almost seven weeks ago. My ref. Ice maker still not repaired.Contract with Eagle appliance almost six weeks ago…Haven,t heard from nether.. unable to contact AHS via phone..put on hold twice for an exsess of thirty min. each time ! what up ?AHS ??

  26. I cannot seem to cancel the 2 policies I have. They have been a joke the past couple years. If you can get someone halfway competent to show up in a couple of days, they will find an exception why AHS won’t pay to repair. they have numerous exceptions. Then you are stuck with the $75 service fee after several days waiting and still have a broken appliance.
    I have tried for a couple months to contact them to cancel by phone but am put on hold for forever. I have sent 2 emails, but they continue to withdraw from my account. I guess I will call the bank to stop the withdrawl or change my bank account number.
    AHS is completely worthless.

  27. What a Joke! I can never get through to talk to a customer service rep. Each time i’m on hold for 15-20 mins at a time. They’re some of the rudess people you can deal with. I will suggest to anyone not to get AHS. You will spend your money and not get any service.

  28. I have been trying to reach customer services for four days and this is my fifth day ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and again today Tuesday) STILL HAVE NOT GOTEN A RESPONSE OR AN ANSWER.. I think this is terrible. I can not been able to place a service request on line because it keep saying that I owe a service fee, which I don’t. and I can not get any help TO RESOLVE THE MATTER all I get is a recording asking if I want to pay the outstanding fee which I don’t owe. PLEASE ADVISE!!! ASAP I have been a customer for over fifteen years with three property and now I get treated like this.

    What would you think I should tell my family and friends if they should ask me about your services right now…….PLEASE LET ME HEAR FROM SOMEONE TODAY (TUESDAY NO LATER THE WEDNESDAY),


  30. I have email, faxed and called, being kept waiting 30 minutes at a time, then I was disconnected. Holding another 30 minutes, disconnected. I want this cancelled. This company is nothing but trouble, not worth the hassle and I advise anyone thinking about buying…DON’T.

  31. ref: a-us air conditioning of texas,ltd, claim #337398612

    Our air conditioner went out on Saturday 9-12-2015. We reported it that day. The above company finally made it out here on 9-15-2015. The service tech Robert was super. And he said they would work with are schedule to get repairs completed. Then a tech by the name of Kenny called to schedule for repairs. There was no working with us. We have gone 6 days now with no air with 95 degree weather and high humidity. To get repairs completed we have had to hire a house sitter to be here all day because they could not even give us a time on when they would be here. This has been the most uncomfortable 7 days of are life having to sleep in a home that never gets below 90 degrees. I have worked with you in the past on my home in Wichita, Kansas and never had to wait more than two days for repairs to be completed. Is this the type of company you want to work with? I also have 2 little dogs who are not doing well in this situation.

    This will probably not get them out here any sooner but I felt you needed to be aware of the situation.

    Cynthia Beasley

    7105 Park Creek Drive

    Fort Worth, Texas

  32. I have tried to communicate with AHS several times, but have not had any
    luck. I just want to cancel our service with AHS. This should be as soon as
    possible or by the end of this month.
    Thank you.

  33. WORST company ever!! Terrible customer service, can’t ever get a hold of anyone. Let alone anyone that has any decision making authority. There account notes are garbage. Have been told multiple times my account has been updated to reflect no balance when it actually hasn’t. Have had them out twice in 4 months for the same exact problem with my fridge that should of been taken care of the first time. Twice I’ve had a full fridge/freezer full of food spoil and gone weeks without a fridge. Completely unacceptable. This company is a joke and a scam. Nobody cares ands they wont let you talk to anyone. Waste of money at this point. And now after reading all these comments about how they wont let you cancel I have that to look forward to as well. Great.

  34. HORRIBLE Do not waste your money ! The phone number listed on the customer service–no dial tone and hangs up immediately. I order 2 separate policy for our adult children—-I am canceling ALL policies and going with another company. I paid the deductible 3 weeks ago for our dishwasher to be repaired—I called the service tech and was told parts are back ordered that was a week ago.

  35. To whom this may concern,

    Per the last conversation with your company regarding the repair on the Furnace. I have since had the repairs done and I will be forwarding you the Bill. The contractor United Air Temp did not do anything to get the job done. Thanks

  36. I would love to know what has change with your service contractors. I put in a service request on November 11,2015. The contractor came out on the 12th He sais he had to order a part.I kept calling to see when he would return then I called you guys on the 23rd and the service rep called AAA and was told that they did not put in the order for the part until the 18th they cash my check for 75.00 on the 13th and still have not heard from them and my oven is still BROKE. I’m very un-happy. This has never happen to me before with ahs. what kind of people are you contracting with. Please check this out.

  37. I recorded my claim with AHS operator on 10/29/15. I have had only one vendor come to the house four different times. 11/2, 11/11, 11/19 & 11/27. When I called AHS to report that the icemaker was not working on Friday11/20/15, the day after they installed it. Christian Appliances did nmot respond to AHS email. On Wednesday, 11/25 Christian Appliances called and made an appointment to come out Friday, 11/27. As of 1:00pm Saturday, 11/28 the icemaker has still not worked. When I called AHS to request another vendor they said it was my second vendor and they could not. I have only had one repairment come to my home on four different occasions and that was Christian Appliance. I never had the feeling that they were competent and they had the opportunity four times. The problem may be a board, I don’t know. It is unfair to me to have them continually come out and not resolve the problem. They just don’t have the experience or talent to resolve the issue. This is another example along with AHS’s 39% rate increase on my renewal contract that I have decided not to renew. I have had two properties warrantied by AHS over the past 10 or 12 years. Sometime you send vendors that I very capable and I am very happy. Other times the venders cover with unmarked vehicles, with no business signage or cards and they are OK to not capable. You have made it easy for me not to rrenew my contract with these experiences and the 39% rate increase with my $100 deductible. All I want is to have the icemaker work and you and I can go our seperate ways. I may or may not renew my condo property with AHS. Your retention specialist called me a few days ago and told me that although I am a real estate agent and I have made that known to AHS on many occasions to get the slight discount that I did not have the appropriate discount as a realtor this past 12 months. Please just get the icemaker fixed this is very difficult for me and only makes me more angry. Especially when your agent told nme moments ago that I have had two vendors at my house and Christian Appliance was only here two times. One vendor, and that was Christian Appliance and he came on 11/2, 11/11, 11/19 and 11/27 yesterday. I don’t even know if he wants to come back sinice the first icemaker he brought was the wrong one and it appears that either the last two were defective or maybe that was not the problem in the first place. Could it be a board? I don’t know.

    Thank you. Bob Wozniak cell 480-251-9071

  38. Been waiting for 3 weeks to get my refrigerator fixed. No fix in sight. Today customer service told me that some customers have waited 10 weeks to get something fix. GREAT SERVICE.

  39. By far the worst customer service and quite frankly, the worst repair service I have ever received. They will keep you on hold for 30+ minutes then just hang up on you, multiple times. They will band-aid fix your problems and not actually repair or replace anything. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy.

  40. I call in about my Air Condition on the 5/4/2016, and paid $249.00 for Freon and service, and today 5/14/2016 the same problem repeated itself .Call at 731pm and it is now 1045 pm and have not heard from the Coastal A/C & heating, LLC. Tried calling back and did not have ant answer, another shocker. Aren’t this a 24hr service? Since the company did not call within the 4Hr time period, I would like to get some one that is licensed and bonded to do the job.

  41. AHS and the companies they say are going to contact you are both worthless. Contacting the Better Business Bureau

  42. I have been trying to contact you about this service. I waited 2 days on the line for over 20 minutes with no reply.

    The service we received was unacceptable for the broken ceiling fan. My daughter had to takes off work 4 times because the company you sent lost the work order and forgot to bring the new ceiling fan with them twice. She is a single mother and to have to pay the hundred dollars and take off work was very costly for her. At the least I would like to have the hundred dollar deductible sent back to us and a reply why this happened.

  43. The customer service department at AHS is very poor. To get a live person on the phone be prepared to be on “Hold” for an hour or more. They are very easy to contact when they want to collect their $600 ( x 2 accounts= $1200) fees.
    I would suggest do some research with other companies before going with AHS.
    Other companies have to have better customer service! Don t believe I will be renewing my 2 accounts! :-(.

  44. I have been a customer since about 1985. I have been pleased up until now.

    They are scrimping on employee costs by not hiring enough people to manage the calls. They do not have an email address and their advertised phone number for service kept getting a disconnect recording. It seems like they want to avoid contact with their customers. I am upset because I could not enter a service request without paying a $75 call bill they say I owe. That charge is impossible because I have paid each service upon arrival. There is no way for me to find out online what the charge is for.

    I have spent an hour plus tonight going around in circles. If their goal is to save money by hiring too few service people and by flat out avoiding customer requests, they have succeeded. A copy of this goes to the BBB.

  45. To whom it may concern I just today had a services call to my home for central air not working I was told it needed freon and i have to pay for it after the fact that I paid my $ 75.00 fee and there was a leak inside and it would take 1-2 weeks to have it fixed . I feels that I should not have to pay the $200.00+ balance for freon
    Janet Phillips

  46. On June 10 I requested service on my toilets and was given the name of a contractor in a timely manner, however when he called and I explained my problem he told me he did not do drains (my toilet tanks were running after flushing and that they weren’t covered. We would need to call RotoRooter or someone who did drains. We had RotoRooter come and they did check drains and found no problems – charged almost $500.00, I then bought two new kits and tried to fix, but they still ran. Called AHS again and a new contractor came today – he tried a new kit, still leaked, and then made an “outside the box” type fix. So far so good. My complaint is the first contractor wouldn’t even come to our home and we wasted close to $500 on his recommendation that would not have been necessary of he just came to look.

  47. Needed someone to come fix toilet that kept running after flushing and AHS set us up with a contractor. Contractor called and after explaining our problem (remember, it was running toilet tank) he said he doesn’t do drains and they weren’t covered any way. At his recommendation we called Roto Rooter and to the tune of $500+ found no drain problems. Bought two kits, tried to fix but still ran. AHS again and they sent a different contractor who put in a replacement kit, still didn’t fix it and then tried an “outside the box” fix which seems to have worked.

  48. i am very angry that you have not responded to my written review of 6/29/16.
    I gave my experience a one star or terrible rating. I also requested the name, phone number and email address of your senior management.
    I can’t believe it took 20 days for a simple hot water heater replacement. Also why did Crown plumbing demand payment of $75.00 on 6/14/16 and then didn’t bring out the new appliance until 6/28/16 and charged an additional $109.00.
    When I was told the insurance company (you) wouldn’t cover the new shut off valve I said that’s because they (you) don’t believe that the current valve needs to be replaced the plumber said “well that’s our policy”
    When my wife spoke to Crown Plumbing on 6/12/16 Jack told her that there was 18 Hot water Heater installs ahead of us!—-Is Crown plumbing your only vendor? why didn’t your crack Customer SERVICE department assign another company?
    Why should I have to pay $109.00 for a part that isn’t even required by code to be installed?

    No other vendor that you have sent out to SERVICE our appliances has ever demanded payment before the actual work was completed. Service part needs
    inspection requirement is total BS.

    Please respond, I really do like your fine company but I’m wondering why no one seems to think a terrible rating was worth investigating!! I am asking that you never send Crown Plumbing to my house ever again! And explain why I should except the $109.00 without a fight/

    Thank you

    Thank you

  49. I requested service two weeks ago for my ice maker. Still contractor has not fixed.
    When he came out a week ago Friday he said he would be back Tuesday to fix icemaker. Today is a week later not one word from him. Called him last Friday still no return call. Called today no return. l also call ASH last Friday, they were going to get back with me Saturday. No call Saturday. The Company Air Source
    has cashed my check.$75 Don’t understand this issue. . Been a customer for many years never experienced this situation. Needless to say I am very aggravated about this service call.

  50. Our refrigerator broke and I called AHS June 23rd about the repair… Long story short it is still not repaired. So, I contacted AHS through “live chat” today (since I can not get a representative on the phone after calling twice and waiting 45 minutes each time). After an hour on “live chat” I was only told that AHS will call me Thursday with an update. I complained to the representative about the issues and how long it was taking to resolve before I left the chat. Less than 5 minutes later I received a call from AHS. The representative said that she received a message that I wanted to cancel my policy.
    WHAT??? Why would I want to cancel my policy when I have a broken refrigerator and a AHS policy that is suppose to take care of it??? Maybe they want me to cancel my policy since they can make that phone call with a live person so quickly??? I am still confused, but I was told that they made a mistake.

  51. Very disappointed with AHS. July 8th I notified them of leaking water heater. Plumber visited on July 12. Today July 14th I’ve been told that replacement heater will be installed on July 19th. Are you kidding me ? We replaced heater 10 yrs ago and it took 2 days. Today when I spoke with AHS customer service their main point was that different plumbers may have backlog of appointments. I made my point that AHS is who I contracted and who I pay and I should be able to expect a level of performance equal to or better than previously provided service. Their solution was to call contractor. Resolution is that if the contractor has a cancellation we’ll be first. Whoopee!!!! Terrible. p.s. this is first time I have gone online to complain about anything

  52. I called for a service call on my upstairs central air. The first technician didn’t show up the day they scheduled with me. One full day off work and nobody shows up and then when I called them they wanted to schedule their appointment that they didn’t show up for the next week. Two weeks later, a different company shows up. My unit leaked the refrigerant and wasn’t holding a charge. This clown said I had to pay $300 each and fill with new refrigerant two times to prove the unit had a leak. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. THIS WARRANTY ISN’T WORTH THE PAPER ITS PRINTED ON. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  53. Frustrated beyond measure. Been waiting two months to get my AC fixed even though AHS has been made aware of my family’s medical concerns. 3 companies, 5 technicians, and 8 visits later and the unit is still not working. Did I mention that it was 102 degrees this weekend and my interior temperature is 82 degrees on average. The 5th technician said he would return tonight. I spoke with a customer service representative who told me to call back later if he didn’t show up, but she didn’t tell me the customer service office was going to close at 7pm central. So he didn’t show up and there was no one to receive my complaint, Now, Again, I will have to use time while at work to call you tomorrow, which is never a quick experience. On average I have had to hold on for 40 minutes before anyone picks up the line.

    I am not sure who reads these but I want the public to know my experience and I want someone from AHS to contact me.

  54. Frustrated beyond measure. Been waiting two months to get my AC fixed even though AHS has been made aware of my family’s medical concerns. 3 companies, 5 technicians, and 8 visits later and the unit is still not working.

    I am not sure who reads these but I want the public to know my experience and I want someone from AHS to contact me.

  55. I have been without heat for over two weeks and I started working with American Home Shield since the beginning. AHS recommended a contractor, South Placer Heating and Air in Sacramento who has made me wait a total of 11 hours, loose a business opportunity and I am still without heat in January! There is no customer service number or email on the AHS website. They do not protect the warranty holder. It is impossible to get someone on the phone who can address the contractor’s service. This is the ultimate in corporate greed!


  57. it has been a horrible experience. I have been trying to get a compressor for our air conditioner for the past two weeks and no one knows where it is or what I can do. I sit on the phone for hours with NOTHING getting resolved. I have contacted the contracting agency and they are rude and refuse to even let me speak with a supervisor and will not give out his name (DONT USE FAST RESPONSE HEATING AND COOLING. They suck. It took them four days to even come to my home to do an assessment. Then told me it would be completed the following week and now we are on week three and no one knows anything. I have told everyone my experience and will continue to contact BBB and social media so everyone else can see this.

  58. Customer service sucks! I sit on hold for HOURS and still they do not answer. The website doesn’t work (never submits my comments), and they do not have an email option available. I absolutely hate dealing with AHS. Do not purchase!!!!

  59. They are on vacation
    5 calls today 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm,10:30pm all over 45 minutes….. NO ANSWER
    “your call is important to us” is a joke !

  60. I have made several attempts to contact AHS about my central air upstairs unit not working. Calls that were supposed to be 10 minutes of waiting time turned out to be over 40 with no one answering. Finally I spoke with someone today. The need to get the unit fixed was going to take several days, per their process. However, I had been trying to follow “the process” for several days and received no communication. I was even willing to go out and get my estimates, etc and whatnot on my own. Of course, that was unacceptable to them; however, not answering my phone calls was acceptable. I am considering STRONGLY leaving this company after several years with them.

  61. Frustrated… pipe leaks nothing was done.
    In May I called in a Service call to fix my Washer machine which still isn’t right. I paid the fee and the Man came out and told me it was a plumbing issue. AHS sent a plumber out to diagnose the problem and he sent someone else out and said it was the plumber problem. Long story short I felt like I got the run around and nothing was done to help me with my plumbing issue I still had water coming out the side of my house AHS did not send no one else out or even called me to see what else can be done. If thou I paid the service fee nothing was done to address this issue. I still had a leakage drain pipe I found out after leak detection came out to my out to find the hole. I have AHS on both of my houses and was very disappointed of the service I received I ended up calling my home owner insurance asking them for help they did help me out some but I had to pay as well and I don’t think it is fair that I have to pay AHS a fee every month and they did not help me with this problem at my home they just left me hanging. Customer satisfactory was not their #1 priority and I felt bad that this happen. I found another plumbing company on my own to help diagnose the problem and it was a leak in the drain pipe. They charged me 12,536.00 to fix this problem.

  62. I have been on hold for over an hour every time I call.

    I would like to know the status of my hot water heater approval. This was supposed to be expedited? I am still on hold

  63. I had AHS at my old home, over 8 years ago and they were phenomenal. I decided to go with them again when I moved into my current home and it has been the worst experience. You call and never reach anyone. The hold times are over an hour long and then no one picks up. Usually the call just ends. They sent a shotty repair man out back in April to fix my dryer. He put the old belt back on the dryer and left. Sears is out here now and said its the same belt, and its not even on the track. So I’m having to shell out another $100 for the service call. I’m sure I won’t get reimbursed for their shotty repairman.

  64. I have tried to get someone to contact me to direct me in the right area of service that I need = to no avail. To get through by telephone is non-existent.

  65. I am absolutely stunned by the LACK of SERVICE I have received. I have filed TWO CLAIMS and BOTH have not been resolved to date. I have been without a refrigerator for over one month now and I am a disabled women that requires daily ice. I have spent over $1000 in take out because of the lack of refrigerator. in a summer than is extremely hot. This has and continues to affect my health adversely. If I do not get ACTION. I am calling the ADA and reporting you. Furthermore, my AIR is still not working properly and the lunatics you send to my home are amateurs at best when each time I request an A constractor. I know how your program works as my family were contractors with you for over 30 years. I have been promised by supervisors they were going to resolve my problem and call me back that day or at latest the next, 5 days go by, still not one returnn call, still no working refrigerator. AHS Do you honor your contracts or NOT? I am reporting you to Consumer Protection Bureau as well unless you contact and resolve my service issues immediately. I have had enough and my lawyer is also on standby. That would be an ADA Lawyer free to all disabled americans when taken advantage of by providers. Its bad enough having only 20% use of my hands, Lupus, Cancer, Traumatic Brain Injury, and doing whatever I can to pay the deductible then to be left forever without resolution is plain and simply against California Consumer Law.

  66. To Whom It May Concern:
    I have had service with your company for over 20 yrs. and have thought about giving you up several times. My last service I needed was for my air condition, I called on Fri. July 21, which I was on hold for a hour and half. I wasn’t contacted from the company until Mon. after I had called you again to let you know I hadn’t been contacted,( right after you had called them to let them know they needed to contact me) which I called them several times on Sat. and Sun. got no answer.
    1. The company called on Mon. and said someone would call on Tues. to schedule, possibly for Wed. they did call and service was scheduled for Wed. two times saying what time they would come. Not Good
    2. I would think you know to have companies that work weekends because people have emergency, especially when your air condition goes out when it is 90 degree, that is a life and death situation. Not Good
    3. When the service man arrived he said there was a leak and he fixed it, of course the coolant was not in my warranty, so therefore it was $400.00, sorry to say I was not able to pay that amount, so I had to get someone else that didn’t charge that amount, when he came he said he wouldn’t find anywhere anything was repaired, so that makes me wonder. Not good.
    4. I have been hearing from several people that they have had to cancel their service with you,
    5. I suggest you get some companies that are located in Lex. Ky. instead of having to those that are out of town coming to Lex. to do service, makes me wonder why no one in my city.

  67. Infinite telephone hold times. No email address. Just a phone number which no one ever answers and an automated appointment scheduler. I will have to write a letter, hope that will get some attention.

  68. Your service is intolerable. I have been trying to cancel my contact. I have never had any help from your company – even thought I tried to get it over the last year. Now I am on hold again, everytime I get a human being and say I want to cancel my contract, they say that they will turn me over to retention or someother name, and I never get transferred. I am on the verge of reporting your BAD business practices to the BBB. Btw still o hold

  69. I just recently renewed my service with AHS and I am already 100 percent dissatisfied with the service that I have received. First of all, it is unacceptable to be on hold for over 30 minutes for a customer service representative. I submitted a claim for air conditioner repair two days ago. I was told that the contractor has 24 hours to contact you. Well, J & H Air Conditioning has yet to contact me and I have left several messages with them. If they can’t return a customer’s phone call, I don’t know that I want them providing service for me. I contacted customer service, they couldn’t reach them and they were supposed to obtain authorization for a different contractor since J & H Air Conditioning didn’t respond to them either. The young lady that I spoke to was supposed to contact me by 11:30 and let me know the status. It is 7:30 p.m. and I still haven’t heard from them and I am currently on hold waiting to speak to yet another customer service representative. It is extremely hot and humid, I have an elderly mother-in-law as well as children in the home. This is ridiculous. I am 5 seconds away from canceling my contract and obtaining service through a new home warranty company. I had AHS years ago and I never had a problem with customer service. I don’t know who the CEO of the company is but you are failing your customers with the service that you are providing or lack there of.

  70. Last Tuesday, 8/1/17 I called to cancel my policy. I was told I would get a call within 24 hours. It has been 48 hours and no call. You have no email, no comments section or a cancellation section/button on your website. The only way to contact you is to call and wait an hour. I am cancelling before my next payment is due.

  71. I have yet to have a satisfactory experience with AHS. They hire contractors who could care less and when you call to complain, the company hides behind their small print and legal mumbo jumbo. It’s obvious that customer satisfaction is not their goal. I have had this pitiful excuse for a company for far too long. As a real estate professional, I use my own experience with AHS to caution any clients I have to find an alternative home protection plan. One who actually cares that their clients have a positive experience. Frustration and anger is the standard reaction to calling AHS; long wait times then young unskilled “customer service” reps who get an ear full. I’ve suggested that these people who staff the AHS call center would be wise to head out and look for a company who actually responds to complaints. I will be cancelling my useless contract with this lousy company!

  72. I have been on hold for almost 45 minutes. When you finally get a clerk, they hang up. AHS cut a hole in my wall. A nasty guy (Cole) came and said he was a plumber. He was putting the wood in the hole, got mad when I asked about this technique. Never once covered his feet and flew outside a never came back. I don’t want him in my home. He did no work so AHS should not have paid plumbing company to fix drywall. I have called and called. WHEN WILL I GET MY WALL FIXED? Someone needs to do something about this company.

  73. I am tired of Greenway Home Services. If they would spend as much time repairing the issues as they do trying to sell me new products (toilet, new AC unit), then I would be a lot better off.

    Rather than actually fixing the problem, they just want me to replace the problem.

    This line on your website – Your covered item is repaired or replaced – simple as that. Yeah – if they decide to repair it – replaced – if I decide to replace it – you sure don’t replace it.

    I don’t want Greenway coming back. They left me the last time telling me it will cost at least 800 to make my AC work – sent a rep to try and sell me a new one – was not approved for credit and my AC still doesn’t work and have not heard back. Don’t advertise replacement if you are not going to follow through.

  74. On Sat. evening, Sept 19th. I discovered a leak coming into my 1st floor bathroom. I immediately call AHS for assistance because your policy reads you have to be to one to fix this problem. I was on hold for 2hrs and 10 min while the leak continued. to prevent further damage I needed to get help ASAP. I called a plumber who did 24 hr service calls. He needed to break into the sheet rock and ceiling to find the leak. I asked him to turn off the water to prevent further damage, per your policy. The following 2 days I attempted to call AHS using 2 different phones at the same time. I was on hold for a total of 7hrs on Sun and 6hrs on Monday. NO ONE ever answered my call. I am closing on my home on Sept 15th and needed to have the leak fixed so I could have the large amount of damage repaired.
    On Tues the Pex pipe was replaced and stopped the leak. The plumber’s fee was $431 Since then I have repeatedly call AHS and was put on hold for hours at a time!! I paid $664.69 for your policy and received NOTHING from you, not even a phone call. I did everything that I needed to do. If I wasn’t able to talk to someone, how I was able to receive the services I paid for?? I am in the process of trying to pack and move…..I lost hours of 3 days trying to reach you. Please respond ASAP!!!!

  75. We have had AHS for many years and we have no complaints about any of the contractors. However, good luck trying to get hold of anyone at AHS to actually talk to. When I called this morning, a recorded message said the wait time was 10 min. 40 min later, I hung up. This has happened several times. Very frustrating; at one time there was never a problem getting hold of a customer service rep. At the very least, they should have a feature where one can leave a call back number.

  76. On August 20th I noticed water running from my air handler and onto my electrical unit to my hot water heater. Since this was a safety concern I called an air & heating company in Brevard County. They were unable to come out until the next day, so I turned the air up high to keep the air from coming on. They came out the next day and did an evaluation and said the air handler was old (1973) and needed to be replaced along with the air conditioning unit as it was not compatible with the air handler.
    I then called American Home Shield on that day (8/21/2017) and told them what the air & heating company had said and they then said they would send someone out. World Class Air was then contacted and then contacted me and came out that day (8/21/2017). My condo manager was here and let him in, he said the drip pan was rusted and needed to be replaced and he would have to replace it. He did not even turn on the air conditioner which had been turned off completely on Monday the 21st to see the leaking coming from the hose and onto the electrical unit for the hot water heater.
    I have contacted your office every day since 8/23/2017 for updates on the status and you said you are not receiving any contacts (calls) from World Air. They are not answering their calls. I spoke with Niki yesterday 8/29/2018 and she requested a supervisor to contact me that day as I have requested another or different air company to take this over and have been told repeatedly that they cannot do anything about this because they have to wait until the original company received the new pan and replaces it. The supervisor has not contacted me as of today. This is unacceptable!
    I am 70 years old and have several medical conditions which are being compromised because this situation continues and the fact that I do not have air conditioning.
    I expect the air handler and air conditioner to be fixed or replaced within 24 hours. I have contacted my attorney and he told me to have another company fix or replace my current system if this is not resolved and send you the bill, which I intend to do.

  77. I called on August 28, 2017 to cancel my contract for 2017-2018 and mailed a letter to your company. I will do a follow up letter also.

    Thank You

  78. No word to describe thi company. How they stay in business is astonishing. Never been able to speak to anyone. The amount of time spent is more than the repair they never delivered. Active appliances has the same disgusting work ethic as American Home Shield.

  79. wow – very surprised. I had a few clients have great service with AHS, so when I put the warranty on my own home and my rental properties I expected good service. To date, it has been dismal. VERY, VERY SAD. Need to get through this open item and it is CANCELLATION TIME with AHS!

  80. AHS has the worst customer service EVER!! If you have an issue you wait on the phone two hours to speak to a human being!! Then, they hang up on you!!! Half the time they will pay a ton of money to fix an old appliance rather than replace it. $250 to fix a 17 year old clothes dryer, really?? They came to fix my toilets three times and they are still messed up!! So much for spending a lot of money for the “premium” policy!!! I will not renew and I will warn anyone I can to stay clear of this sham of a company!!

  81. Hmmmm, I wrote a negative comment about AHS and it’s terrible service and “policies” regarding replacement. They refused to post my comment.

  82. Now 3 weeks without an oven!! Bought house 7 weeks ago…1st service tech told me main board was gone and it was covered so he would get it ordered…yet he told AHS it was a former pest infestation!! Complained, sent AHS copies of pest inspection, home inspection, and VA inspection that were conducted prior to purchase. They sent out a 2nd opinion tech. This one says something is wrong with the electrical going to the oven…AHS says they don’t cover electrical failure! Seriously??? We don’t know for sure that it wasn’t the main panel failing that caused the oven failure in the first place!!! A burner on my cooktop failed too…1st tech again said pest infestation…2nd tech said it was covered and he was ordering the part…AHS sent me “service complete” email when no service was done!!! Calling our attorney back today to tell him to proceed with actions against this company. They will not cover anything at all and find reasons to say something isn’t covered. Yet the technicians they send never have the same conclusions!! Oh and you can’t get through to anyone without at least a 1 to 2 hour wait!! Ridiculous company!!

  83. I am tired of waiting more than 2 hours between the calls yesterday and today. My ticket was closed without service. This regarding my service ticket number 431322502. If I dont get a call back on this ASAP in the next hour or so, I will take legal actions and file a complaint with Better Business Buereau!

  84. I have been trying to get my dryer fixed for over a week. No one will call me back. No one has come for the fix the dryer. I have tried for several days to get hold of someone from your company. It is very obvious you don’t want to talk to your customers. You have done everything in your power to keep that from happening.
    Bob Way

  85. This company does everything in it’s power to keep it’s clients from getting hold of them. Their phone numbers are all rigged to tell you all their reps are busy and it will take 30 to 60 minutes on hold to talk to one of them. Even if you make the wait, you still don’t get to talk to anyone. I can’t get my appliances repaired. No one will call.

  86. I am so angry right now. I placed service request for a microwave (built-in) last week. You all assigned Mr. Appliance of West Cuyahoga, which they never called. So I ended up calling them yesterday and they said they weren’t accepting any new work orders. They stated they informed American Home Shield but they still assigned this company. So I called AMS yesterday, waited and finally got through. The customer service rep said that the system was down and I would have to call back later. I asked her to take a note down, for when the system got back up. She said she couldn’t do that. So I called back today…waited over an hour and when they “attempted” to answer they hung up on me. So I am currently waiting again and went online to see if I could contact them via my profile. I can’t!!! As I view my dashboard the status for this repair is now cancelled! What is going on. This is awful. Like they will contact me

  87. Horrible experience!!! 1. more than 50 minutes on hold EVERY TIME I CALL to open a repair service. 2. My toilet broke as a result of the seat hitting it over and over again for years. (translation?: wear an tear) on the phone AHS said it’s completely covered. when they sent a plumber they decided it’s not concidered as wear and tear and will not be covered. I called AHS and was on hold for over an hour. I am so angry that I will never renew all of our contracts with them!!! I’m so disappointed and will never recommend them to anyone anymore.

  88. I just attempted to call in a service request and hold time is greater than one hour, how is this acceptable for your customers?

  89. I’ve had the worst customer experience with AHS. I have a ceiling fan that is covered…and needs replaced. First contractor didn’t even have a 12 foot step ladder which would reach the six foot drop rod top for the fan….told me I would have to hire on my own another contractor for that…I called AHS and they were to send a second contractor…this person never showed up and never returned calls. A third contractor was assigned, he showed up said no big deal….then never came back, never returned calls. Now I’m being offered approx. $140 cash out to just “end this” …so..I pay $107 service call fee….to tell me what I already knew and now will be offer a net to me of about 30 bucks to replace my fan and find my own contractor to do the job? A terrible product and result. And each phone call, since none get you to a specific person…just puts you back into another ultra long loop of waiting on the line. I need a supervisor to call me back

  90. On 12/21/17, AHS told me that Pacific Home Appliance (Marysville, WA) had 24 hours to call me and schedule an appointment to fix my dishwasher. After spending 1 hour and 14 minutes on the phone with an AHS agent, I got this update on my dishwasher repair: the 24 hours they quoted me on 12/21/17 for a contractor to set up an appointment has been changed to 96 business hours (12 business days). If this company (Pacific Home Appliance out of Marysville, WA) fails to schedule an appointment with me within 12 days, AHS has to reach out to them, and the contractor has another 48 business hours (6 business days) to respond to AHS. This is JUST to get the contractor to call me to set up an appointment. The agent on the phone didn’t know any of these rules, and when she chatted with her superiors, she got different answers depending on who she was talking to. This is wrongful deception intended to result in financial gain for AHS – in other words, FRAUD.

  91. We signed up with your service for 2 homes early in 2017. We have an issue with or furnace in Palm Desert Ca and it has not been resolved after 2 visits. Trying to get through to your customer service number is impossible. We are on hold for the 4 time for between 30 min and 1 hour. You sell lots of policies with not enough phone support. You can bet your life I will not renew my contracts.

  92. Dear Mr. Seymour,

    12/29/2017 Friday of last week we called AHS for a service tech to diagnose and repair Heat Pump
    12/30/2017 Saturday Mike Haney of Absolute HVAC arrived at 8am, he opened outside unit said it was frozen; came in the home turned on Emergency heat; went into basement felt the blower and it was warm. Told me my unit is insufficient install for the temperatures we have. My Heat pump is 12 years old and we have had cold weather before.
    12/31/2017 Sunday called AHS for status spoke with Brenda she said Tech did not send in diagnosis (1 hour on hold)
    1/1/2018 Monday called AHS for status spoke with Jasmine she said Tech did not sent in diagnosis (1 hour on hold)
    1/1/2018 Monday spoke to Mike Haney he said “AHS all email and phone was down” that he did put in diagnosis “INSUFFICIENT INSTALL FOR AREA”, Mike also stated he was backed up 2-3 weeks and would not be able to get back to us till February. I asked him to release us and advice AHS to assign another HVAC tech.

    Current temperature in Delta, PA is 12 degrees. I have paid the $100.00 co pay and in return haven’t heard from AHS.
    1/2/2018 On hold now for 2 hours. Why do I have 2 account numbers and why are you charging me 2x a month for the same contract?

  93. This has been the worst service from you this year. Never had a problem until this year. I keep calling and put the phone on speaker phone and iam on hold for about an hour the it disconnects. I’ve done this over 5 times and same scenario. My refrigerator in my rental broke down on Nov. 5th. At first the where going to find a part and said it would be the middle of December. Then, someone and emailed me about replacing the refrigerator and that it would take 7_ -14 days. Still no refrigerator. I had to purchase a second hand refrigerator just to get through.i sent in the receipt for that and I got a check for 125.00. But what’s happening with the new refrigerator you promised to replace that is similar to the one I have. Please contact me ASAP.

  94. I have been a customer for 3 yrs. now-Live in Essex, Maryland. The fees for the contract keep going up $949 and the service call charge keeps going up, now $65 a service call. This year 2017-2018 has been a complete DISAPPOINTMENT!! From waiting on the phone to speak with customer service for more than an HOUR each time to the “Contractors” American Home Shield use who are NOT Professional nor qualified. In September 2017 I requested service for a sump pump not operating by Mayes Plumbing. I had to keep calling them as they would schedule a time and not show up. When they finally showed up the plumber was unprepared. The plumber didn’t even have his tools with him and was bent on selling me a $1,800. sump pump without looking at the pump I had that was inoperable. Needless to say, I cancelled the plumber and his sump pump. Lost the $75. service charge. I called another plumber on my own, he cleaned the sump pump and it was operating-got some dirt stuck up in the motor-charged me only $145 for service call and fix. AHS was no help on this service call. Most recently, I called for a ballcock repair on a toilet and guess (after all my complaining) who AHS wanted to send to my house–You guessed it–Mays Plumbing-I said NO THANKS!! I’ve decided to cancel my contract with AHS and request a refund on my remaining contract. I’m going with Choice Home Warranty. Heard they were pretty good and their yearly contract fee is on $549 with service call fees of $55–I don’t think this company is going to be around much longer with SERVICE like this.

  95. I am cancelling my contract with American Home Shield. I called for service on my microwave oven. The vendor they assigned to my claim has beyond horrible reviews. I don’t want those people in my home. I called American Home Shield and requested another vendor. They refused. I refuse to pay monthly premiums and service call fees for sub-standard service. Purchasing a home warranty with American Home Shield has been an expensive mistake.

  96. I sent a letter to the corporate office requesting reimbursement of services not paid. The letter was sent on 1/8/18 and I have not received a call back. This is very important. I can not get through the toll free line. I was on hold for over 2 hours. I have attempted to resolve the issue 3 times. I expect a call or email back so that I can follow up on my complaint.

  97. AHS does NOT keep their promises! I was promised a $500 reimbursement for my dishwasher repair, which you could not get fixed through your normal process. Erical Jordan in the retention department assured me in writing that she would send me a check if I would handle this problem on my own. I did everything I promised to do, but no one will return my calls. I have spoken to multiple people who have acknowledged that I have a valid claim, but none of them, even supervisors (Tammy and Marcelle) have returned my calls. It’s no wonder to me that none of the contractors in my area want to deal with you. If I had found this site before I signed up, I never would have bought this “warranty” (sham) in the first place.

  98. very upset over our past contact today.had service guy over for leaks. would not cover the damage the leak caused.thought this was a good thing to have. we have refered you to other people over the years. no more. the service guy said a pipe was to long that i guess caused this leak to get there. the house is 22 yrs old. we are seniors. taking extra time now to fix this. we think ahs should work with us on least take care of some of it. plus how about the service fee of 75 dollars. which has been taken by you. even though i told your rep to do the payment 48 hours afer the work was done. but you have our pymt number on file. so please see if you can help us.

  99. While we had a new furnace installed in 2009 and preventive maintenance has been done on it at least twice thru AHS, it wasn’t until I had a recent independent service last Saturday that we were informed that it was never installed properly. This includes the functionality of the smoke pipe being both a fire hazard and the discharge of carbon monoxide in the crawl space, along with never having installed the draft regulator. I will have this independent technician ensure the safety for this process, but certainly want to speak with someone to explain and understand the extreme seriousness of this concern. This is further documented in phone call earlier today with service center. Thank you. Look forward to speaking with someone in this regard.


    iT WASTES MORE FREAKIN’ TIJME THAN ITS WORTH TRYING TO GET INTO MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I am very very upset with your service. I have a leaking sink and was given 29 May between 10- 2pm for someone to come out. After calling all day I finally just called AHS and was told it was a different day. Which was a lie, I have the email stating the date and time. I need to speak with someone in charge with AHS that can resolve my issue. It is to much to put in an email about the service I received in this matter. I am paying for a service and is not getting what I pay for every month plus a service fee. How can you run a company and don’t have a supervisor that a customer can speak to when there is a problem. I need the owner of the company

  102. We have a service contract with AHS – 3×3 Combo / #211391912 / Expires 06/09/18. This is a month to month contract.
    We opened a service request with AHS on 05/04/2018 to get repairs on our HVAC system. It was serviced by Yazd and the repairs were completed in a couple of days. At this repair, they installed new capacitors and compressor fan motor.
    Within 10 days of this repair, we once again had problems with the same HVAC system. So we opened a recall with Yazd, who came out on 5/21 or 5/22 and they opened a new ticket with AHS on 5/23. On the recall, Yazd mentioned that the new compressor fan motor that they had installed was faulty and needed to be replaced. For the last 10 days, we are playing ping pong with Yazd and AHS. Yazd has mentioned that AHS is going to procure the parts to install and conduct the repair. AHS mentioned that they are ordering the part, but there is no ETA on it. In this, we are suffering with high heat in the home and unable to sleep.
    We requested a call back from the Supervisor at AHS on 5/29. We were told that we would receive a call back the same day or atleast by next morning. Now, more than 48 hours have passed, but no service, no update on when the repairs will get done and no call back from the AHS Supervisor.
    While the AHS contract conveniently covers the coverage of items, it does not address what is a reasonable Service Level that they would provide. We have checked online several times and know that the part in question is available with next day shipping. So the question is – why do we have to suffer ?
    We requested the AHS Associate to increase the escalation from the Supervisor to a level higher, they said that they couldn’t and directed me to their website to find solutions on my own. Incredible – Right !!!
    The heat is taking a toll on the health of my wife and children, such that they are unable to get sound sleep and wake up tired in the morning. This is being caused by the convenient delay of service by AHS.


  104. I am totally upset with AHS – the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. I have a ‘downdraft’ installed (code requirement or 2 story house that can’t have overhead exhaust fan) The down draft is directly behind the cooktop with a system that rises by push of button, exhaust fan turns on etc and then when done, it returns to the down position. NO ONE at AHS understands what it is. They sent Sears out and it was determined that my existing could not be repaired (parts not longer available, Sears reported same to AHS with name of replacement that should be installed. So given a work order, now when I call to check on status, one person said it’s been ordered, another says no it’s not been ordered and need more information ????? Hello, Sears gave them that info. Now they want the homeowner (me) to get technical info that I have no idea what I am looking for. They need to send out another tech. No amount of explaining makes them understand what it is that needs to be replaced.

  105. I have had AHS for years and was very pleased, however I moved to another part of the state now, am I dealing with the same company?

  106. On a world scale your company and it’s approved vendors lay at the bottom with whale excrement. This is a written communication demanding cancellation of the contract for Pahrump, Nevada and a timely refund of the amount paid by the seller less two months used with distain and personal health and mental damage.

  107. On 7/21 my shower shut off started leaking to the point that we shut off the water supply to our residence, I contacted customer service and got ahold of one of thier off shore call centers, I explained that I had grandchildren over and needed my water restored and needed a plumber asap, it took almost 30 minutes to get the young lady to understand what I was telling her , after being on hold for another 20 minutes she came back on line and informed me that they could not get someone out until 7/23, I told her that I would have to contact a plumber to come out the same night becauce I need the water on because my grandchildren would need to use the restroom, she said that the company customer service could contact me in four hours for a resolution, this would make the time MIDNIGHT, this is money spent for a service that they coulndnt perform, thanks for nothing Ill take my money back

  108. This is Suzi Bishara. I’m a customer with AHS. Today I had to get in touch with customer service and unfortunately was on hold from 1pm and now it’s 4:45 and I’m still on hold. I’ve stayed on hold thaat long with any customer service dept. of any company before. Something’s wrong. Need for someone to call me regarding a service that I had to day. Thank you

  109. I tried to tell the woman in (India)??? that the company she was sending to my rental property in Stockton was 140+ miles away from the property.. After several misteps, missed phone calls, non pickup during busines hrs. The service man just arrived at my door.. Only 122 miles from where he was supposed to be from where his appointment was… Now I don’t know whose more pissed me or my renter..
    But with my history of AHS I’m sure I’m more pissed than she is. The never ending saga of my AC unit that never maintains tenp, and runs 24/7 during the hot time of the year which is now. But it’s working is what they tell me, yeah it’s working, all right OVERTIME, just as my PG&E IS OVERTIME…

  110. I guess what I just filled out a couple minutes ago went somewhere. Here we go again, probably another waste of time. The woman I talked to in (India)?? did not seem to understand the company she was sending to my rental property in Stockton Ca was 140+ miles away. After several days of miscommunication, missed calles, non picked calls during business hrs. Finally the service man just arrived at my home. Sorry only 122 miles off. AHS sent him to my home. Now I’m not sure whose more pissed me or my renter in Stockton. No I am for sure, several other issues of piss poor service along with the topper. My AC unit, was replaced by one 2/3rd the size of the original 3 ton, and it may be rated as a 3 ton, but it’s a VW compared to the MB that I had. It does not maintain temp in the house like the old one did. Numerous calls always paying the service fee and no resuilts. “IT’S WORKING”, yes, it’s working, OVERTIME and not maintaining temp, I don’t bother calling anymore.I now have numerous solar pannels on the roof to help with my OUTLANDISH PG&E bills of almost 900 during the hot months.

  111. Takes forever to reach them over phone. An average wait time of over an hour in four different calls in one year. They donot provide any other communication line- either fax or email or chat.

    Quality of their contractors is very poor- in terms of digonstics, quality of work. They come up with changes or modifications outside of coverage with much more than the market prices.

    We simply did not feel the worth for the money for this service. Will not recommend it. It will perhaps be better if you could avoid getting in their contractual trap.

    Will be taking up this matter further with consumer protection agency and also better business bureau

  112. This site needs a email site
    Can’t wait 30-45 mins to talk to someone
    Need to talk before your compomakes a major mistake

  113. I am a customer with American Home Shield and have been trying to get info on a service request… I have been on this mission since 11:35am this morning and still on hold.
    1. I have called every # on their site and the only time I got a human response was when I had a sales request. Got me no where, because I was transferred to the Service request line which no one answers or disconnects.
    2. I have tried on line chats, that is not working.
    3. I need to have status of a service call. I have tenants and would like to know what they are doing to unit.
    4. The Service provider they sent out, reviews are not very complimentary. It is really scary the comments on their site… immoral etc.

  114. 15201 Catawba Cir S, 28104
    3×3 Appliance
    Expires 07/19/19

    i need to cancel my account due to fanancial situation i can continue the services

  115. 15201 Catawba Cir S, 28104
    3×3 Appliance
    Expires 07/19/19

    i need to cancel i can not continue the services due to financial situation

  116. 5x technicians have been to my home for same issues with Refrigerator. Now completely without Refrigerator til oct 2. Lost over 1000 dollars in food loss along with time off work. AHS out to be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. Contacted attorney. Request immediate replacement. Customer service is terrible.

  117. I have called twice to give a new credit card nbr for my recurring payments because of fraud on my old nbr. Each time they said they had rcvd the info. I just rcvd a letter stating I need to contact you. I have, twice. What more can I do?
    Nbr 238951262

  118. I am writing because I requested service on my Maytag refrigerator Last August on or about the 8th. The service rep. from Two Bald Guys has been in our home now 3 times and the water dispenser is still not working!! He first came to “analyze” the problem, returned three weeks later and replaced a valve. Still did not work! He then left and said, it has to be the tank and commented he would be back the next Wednesday or Tuesday. This is now the third week and we have not had a call!! I am very unhappy with AHS and your service. It has now been nearly two months we are waiting to have the refrigerator repaired. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!

  119. Grade: “F” I agree with the customers who have posted above me. I have always had to wait long periods of time in the past and in general given the run around. I think it is their game. This time it nearly caused my house closing to fall through. I have called several times, emailed and faxed, and sent a letter via USPS in an effort to collect reimbursement on a sub zero refrigerator that was deemed unserviceable. I have waited up to 3 hours at a time. Whenever I do finally get through and give the same long story again, somewhere during the process I mysteriously get disconnected. Even though I know they have my phone number (it was confirmed at the beginning of the call), nobody calls back. If I can’t get it resolved in the next day or two, I plan to file a complaint and pursue another route to collect. To prospective buyers, do your homework. I have always used them with my properties but now I am in the process of shopping elsewhere.

  120. I have been a ahs customer for many years and the service was great in the early days. Now to avoid paying for a problem with a covered appliance and/or system, AHS calls it “routine maintenance” and denies coverage. Pure garbage.


  122. I hope this is the email address for American Home Shield. I have never seen a company so reluctant to have any direct contact with their customers. Except maybe to sign up and pay money. It seems otherwise they want nothing to do with us. My name is Mimi Hayes and my customer number is 244736172.. I paid IN FULL for my contract $659. I was given a discount of $45, and then they sent me a bill for the $45. I called customer service on 9-28-18 to rectify this and also asked to be sent a written copy of my contract, as I had was not able to download it. I was told it would be received in 7 days. It is now Oct.27 so I have waited a month, with no sign of receiving the copy of contract. I am reading reviews that you people do not care about your customers. Did I make a mistake in choosing you??

  123. I’m thinking this is a scam. i had a problem with my sump pump. I called them and then immediately cancelled because my neighbor next door came over and put a new sump pump in for me nowthey want a 100.00 when hell freezes over will you get the 100.00 NO ONE CAME HERE TO DO THE WORK~~~

  124. This is the worse warranty I have ever had. I have been paying for 8 months and my address is still not in the system. I have called them at least 10. Ever time waiting at least 40 mins. Still not resolved…

  125. the contractor that you pick for my repair, never contacted me with a repair date
    i had to hire my own contractor and paid for my new heater out of pocket. my house was 39 degrees.. please refund my money or send me a check for the furnace only
    please help !!!

    my house is 1195 Meridian st Hollister Ca 95023

  126. The absolute worst! After terrible service, I called to cancel my account. Good luck. I sat on hold for well over an hour and still no one ever answered. When I called back to “renew”, I got somone on the line immediately.

    Funny how that works.

  127. your customer service has gotten progressively worse. called in for a repair 12/1/18. as of today you are still looking for the part. i gave the person, Kiera on chat the name of the company that has the part yesterday. still no response

  128. The customer service is atrocious. I have been on hold for 35 minutes waiting for speak to the escalation team and my representative hung-up on me and didn’t call me back. This is my 6th call (and 6th our waiting for a resolution) to AHS this week trying to get what I was promised delivered. I would ask that a manager please call me. This level of service is unacceptable.

  129. I have been trying to have my microwave repaired or replaced since late October. Finally after a GE Cares technician visited AFTER Thanksgiving I never received a call stating what AHS was going to do to resolve problem. I have called several times and each time I was told GE Cares didn’t respond with needed action, GE Cares office was closed and the AHS agent would call me back next day with GE Care’s response and AHS’s resolution. After three or four different agents, promise has not been kept. I now believe it’s time to contact Florida Consumer office, BBB, and local tv stations for help and complaint filing.

  130. I spoke on AHS live chat with Hope. She was very good.
    I told the agent “ I am just checking something else. Can you hold on?” She replied: “Sure thing”.
    However, when I returned, she was not there.
    I requested a new contract online.
    My wife had found a competetive company that offered what we need for $42.50 for 13 months.
    Can you match this?
    If not I will cancell my new contact. This complies with Georgia law.
    Please email staing whether or not you can match the price or if I need to cancel the contract.
    Thank you.

  131. On December 16th I sent email that my heating system stopped heating, I received a email , within 48 hours a heating company would call, 28 hours later a call did come, a set a date and time within 48 hrs to come repair, between 2pm & 6pm, an hr. later another call came and changed the appointment , same day but to 12pm to 4pm. that was cool. on the 19th at 3:35 pm a repairman showed up to repair my HEATING unit, he was not able to repair it, no parts, had to wait until AHS could authorize payment for parts, Today is 23rd, 9:11pm , No contact yet from heating Co. or AHS. I paid the $100.00 fee to cover the initial call. I want my $100.00 refunded ASAP. 8 days later I called another heating Company, my unit is repaired. Send my money back, or put it back on my card…

  132. My heating unit was not repaired, the repairman didn’t know how to repair it he called his office for help, they talked him through a test procedure, but then he said he had no parts, they would contact AHS for parts authorization and get back with me. 8 days later I am still waiting, only now with a Doctor bill from sleeping in a cold house.. Refund $100.00.

  133. I recently purchased American Home Shield after leaving another company….what a mistake. At least with the other company I was able to get service the same day or the next. I made my first call because my furnace is blowing out cold air. I put in a service ticket on line, the company called and said they could not come out until Tuesday. This is ridiculous!!!! I tried calling and the wait time is 30 minutes. My last company answered the phones within seconds. I WANT TO CANCEL THIS CONTRACT. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE LASTING.

  134. I am extremely frustrated at this point. A few days before Christmas my dryer stopped working and my refrigerator dispenser stopped working. I was able to easily reach AHS and a technician came out. The technician had to order parts which took about a week. I thought all was fixed but right after he left my house, my refrigerator started beeping at me. I immediately called the Appliance Company and they told me I had to call and request another work order. I did this and was able to reach AHS right away again. I was told by the Appliance Company that it would take at least another week to get a tech to my house because of the New Year holiday. The refrigerator continued to beep for over a week. I then noticed that my ice all melted and my refrigerator and freezer were no longer staying cold. I called the Appliance Company and they finally sent someone out who then said it would take another 1.5 weeks to get the correct part. I am livid at this point because my refrigerator and freezer did not have this problem until the technician “fixed” the dispenser. Since then I have tried to call AHS numerous times. I have been placed on hold for 1.5 hours, 30 minutes, 20 minutes…I have not been able to get through to an operator at all. I have tried every phone number that I can find. In the meantime, I have lost hundreds of dollars of food (I had just shopped at Costco prior to this happening). I am a single mother and am beyond frustrated with the time and money wasted at this point. I would very much appreciate a reply and phone call to remedy this ridiculous situation.

  135. If anybody at American home shield will pick up phone .seriously trying to call them since 2 weeks .no response .online request 2 times .no respond …help help ..only time I hear their voice is in June to renew my policy and yes if I pay at once I get $25 discount so yes I did got that every time since 6 yrs .no customer service ….

  136. My refridgerator failed on October 22nd, 2018. It has not operated since. It is now January 7th, 2019, and I’m still waiting for the subcontractor to fix it despite numerous visits.

  137. Incredible! I can’t believe this company is still in business. I cancelled my contract and found a private contractor. This company is scamming its customers. STAY AWAY FROM … AMERICAN HOME SHIELD!

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