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Contacting American Express Customer Service Center

American Express is a credit card company that offers lines of credit, personal credit cards and business credit cards to customers with above average credit scores and histories. There are various cards to choose from, including the Premier Rewards Gold Card, Platinum Card and Green Card. Other cards are also available on an invitation-only basis for some customers. American Express customer service contacts are available from a myriad of locations, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and traditional means like phone and email contact.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contact phone numbers for American Express customer service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mailing Address

American Express
P.O. Box 981540
El Paso, TX 79998-1540

Official Website

Need more information on the American Express credit card or other services provided by American Express? The official website located at, can answer many of your questions. From the site, you can apply for credit, log-in to your credit account and access rewards associated with your card.

Customer Service Email

On the official American Express website, customers must log-in to their account to access a secure email contact form for customer service. Some customers have questions regarding American Express but they don’t have an American Express account. We found an email address for outside customer service contact at We are testing this email address, but we’ve not received a response to our email just yet.

Social Media and American Express

For the social media savvy consumer – you can contact American Express customer service through the following social media websites.

Our Experience

The customer service hotline is an automated system that customers must enter your account number prior to proceeding. We attempted several times to reach an American Express customer service representative to no avail. Finally after approximately 3 minutes of waiting, we reached an English speaking customer service representative. They were helpful and polite when I had questions regarding application requirements and rates and fees.

You also have the ability to contact customer service through the corporate email here: When we sent our inquiry to American Express, the customer care representative sent out a website that directly links to customer service. The website is on the official American Express site and requires you enter your account information.

When we sent the email regarding information pertaining to starting an account, we simply received an automated response within 5 minutes. The response explained that this particular form of communication was not secure, so American Express provided a link to a secure website. Unfortunately, you must have an account to ask a question via email.

American Express
Mar 16

Dear Customer:

This message is automatically generated.

You have replied to a non-secure e-mail address that is not monitored for replies, and we will not be able to respond to your question(s) through this channel.

So that we may best service your question(s), we ask that you call the number on the back of your Card or visit our website for a list of phone numbers.

American Express Customer Service

Email for Richard 3/16/2012
Hello. When applying for an American Express card, what are the required information a potential customer must provide? Thank you for taking the time to address my concern.

Customer service was had to contact. When you wanted to speak to a customer service representative from American Express, did you have a difficult time or was the transition easy. Let us know your thoughts.

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394 Comments on “Contact American Express Customer Service
  1. I have a complain.
    My husband got a bill on 09.21.1. He wanted to pay by phone. When he called, he was told that his card is linked to my account and as a primary card member I will be charged that amount and there is no need to pay by phone. Today we got another bill for him for the same card, but now it was the same amount as on 9/21/12 plus $25 late fees and $0.07 in interest. When we called and asked why ws not this amount taken from my checking account, we were told that actually his card was not linked to my account and he’s late on payment. When we said that during our phone conversation on 09/21/12 we were assured that payment will be taken with the coming auto payment, supervisor Lorie said there is no records of the call.
    There was no apology for the sloppy work when phone conversations were not recorded, no apology for the mistakes made and it sounded that we simply made the story.
    We asked them(Joe and Lorie) to wave late fees and interest but they refused.
    It is very disappointed to deal with this service that we receive from American Express. It is not professional and disrespectful. We have AMEX cards from 2005, never were late in payments and try to make the cards our primary cards. After today I changed my mind and do not want to be treated the way we are currently being treated.
    I refuse to pay fees and interest that are due to service reps mistakes.
    I refuse to be treated with disrespect.
    I demand apology.
    I consider closing American Express cards.
    I expect customer service to contact me with sincere apology about this very unpleasant experience.

    • Your story is all too common. There are millions of people who have your experience daily with Amex, and there voices are not heard.

  2. I have a complain.
    My husband got a bill from American Express on 09.21.12. He wanted to pay by phone. When he called, he was told that his card is linked to my account and as a primary card member I will be charged that amount and there is no need to pay by phone. Today we got another bill for him for the same card, but now it was the same amount as on 9/21/12 plus $25 late fees and $0.07 in interest. When we called and asked why ws not this amount taken from my checking account, we were told that actually his card was not linked to my account and he’s late on payment. When we said that during our phone conversation on 09/21/12 we were assured that payment will be taken with the coming auto payment, supervisor Lorie said there is no records of the call.
    There was no apology for the sloppy work when phone conversations were not recorded, no apology for the mistakes made and it sounded that we simply made the story.
    We asked them(Joe and Lorie) to wave late fees and interest but they refused.
    It is very disappointed to deal with this service that we receive from American Express. It is not professional and disrespectful. We have AMEX cards from 2005, never were late in payments and try to make the cards our primary cards. After today I changed my mind and do not want to be treated the way we are currently being treated.
    I refuse to pay fees and interest that are due to service reps mistakes.
    I refuse to be treated with disrespect.
    I demand apology.
    I consider closing American Express cards.
    I expect customer service to contact me with sincere apology about this very unpleasant experience.

  3. I have called customer services for an issue involving your global travel card NOT working at all while I was on my trip to Mexico leaving me abandoned for money, and I am put through a vicious circle of lies and 90% of the representatives not knowing what they are talking about. On my 5th time calling someone finally told me the problem was the card just wasn’t working for anyone and I should have been contacted about it..which I was not. Then the rep said 50$ would be put on my card as a sorry from the company, since I spent like 20$ calling from Mexico so the problem could be fix which the rep at that time said it was. I waited 8 days and no money came on the card. Called today and the rep said she cannot put the money on the card because no one left a note about it and I was lied to in the first place. Right now I do not know who I can trust more…American Express or Satan. I have been spending more minutes calling them than my own parents.


  4. I am so frustrated with trying to contact Am Ex from abroad. You cannot use mobile phones to call collect from India, and Am Ex has no email service if a card is closed down (for some reason, their system doesn’t list my newest card, which is active). I set up my card to work in India, calling from the U.S. before I left, but their fraud unit shut down a minor transaction ($16) that I desperately needed to make to get a rare seat on a train. Blast them! And, if you can’t call and your card is listed as closed, there’s no email access. Even the fraud unit doesn’t supply an email address.
    I’ve searched to find an email to get SOMEONE there. So annoyed and angry with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. AmX Gift cards are one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. Ordered $400 in gift cards then was told order didn’t go thru so ordered again–received $800 in cards in mid Dec. Spent over 2 hours on phone cancelling half of them involving an AmX rep in US and a gift card rep in India. Then today I found out that all the cards they told me had been cancelled were valid and the ones they said were valid had been cancelled. Of course I used the “valid” ones and there were lots of frustrated recipents and one very angry and frustrated AmX customer, me. And I spent today calling everyone I gave a gift card to apologizing.

    • I am stuck in Manila now and cannot get help from American express to book a hotel in my next destination country.

  6. Diputed a charge for $380.00. American Express did nothing.Thay never tried to contact me, I don’t even think they read my side of the dispute. I ended up contacting the place I was disputings corporate head quarters and they handled it immediatly. this is the second time they were usless in a dispute. So don’t think for a minute Amex is on your side when you are using their card.

  7. I want to compliment AMEX and particularly Joshua Carney
    Customer Advocate American Express Travel Online.
    I had an issue with American Airlines and Joshua took over
    and resolved the problem when AA was non receptive to me.
    I want to compliment him and all the very competent agents
    I have have interacted with at AMEX!!

  8. I am responding to a notification received from American Express that my e-mail was incorrect and thus I am stating abov e the correct e-mail.

  9. Lying in the hospital with third degree burns and unable to pay bills for a month, Amex sent my account to default!! No one would ever talk to me but sent me an e-mail saying no problem. I’ve been paying at least the minimum monthly and now they’ve sent a judgement BUT have had no problem cashing my checks every month!!! Getting a hold of someone doesn’t happen!! I will NEVER do business, personal or for my business with them again!!

  10. I would like to comment regarding my experience when paying my bill by phone this evening. I spoke to a representative because I did not have my account number available and had used that checking account in the past to pay my bill. I spoke with a very professional and pleasant woman by the name of Andrea. I wanted to pay my bill in full and she explained that there was a $25 additional charge because I was two days beyond my due date, I was aware of that as we had been out of town and had just returned. While we were speaking she got approval to waive the $25 charge. I did not expect this and was thrilled that she had gone the extra mile to save me the $25 fee. She also offered to send me information regarding a service to have the minimum payment automatically deducted from my account each month if a payment had not been made. I think that is a great idea since the payment due date for my American Express Account is so early in the month that I am usually in a crunch to get the payment into the mail before the due date. As if that wasn’t enough, Andrea then drew my attention to the American Express Rewards coupon that had been sent with my billing statement. If she had not brought this to my attention I would not have noticed it and it would have been filed away with the billing statement. Employees like Andrea make me glad that I have an American Express Credit card and encourage me to use it over other credit cards. Please let her know that her customer service is appreciated.

  11. I could not reach an agent to pay my bill on the telephone. I canceled my card
    several weeks ago due to losing a transaction because an agent did not believe
    that I was Joan Borcherdt. I demolished my card so I do not have the card acct. #.
    I am frustrated that I am experiencing no way to pay my bill over the phone.
    No one answers the customer service number. It is just an automated message.You lost a good paying customer who uses credit cards all the time. Shame on you.

  12. I made numerous purchases from AMAZON & eBay with my A. M. card. Now I find Pay Pal intruding after I’ve specified American Express. In the past Pay Pal has doubled my orders and presently is sending repeat billings for the many times I clicked on the X to cancel duplication. We do not wish to get involved with Pay Pal again. Harley H. & Sandra S. Joseph.

  13. after having American express in Italy i will never have it again, i cancelled my card because i could not solve the problem, and after i cancelled it i was told that i could not take my membership rewards this was only the next day.

  14. I am being billed $7.95 a month istead of a per transaction for business but I have no business any longer. I had a just one transaction on my account and all of sudden you charge me this $7.95. I do not own or operate a business any longer and do not wish to accept American Express cards for any reason. Please put my money back into my account.

    Earl M. Moore

    P.S. Company was the Cave Products.

  15. My card was declined 2 times without any message/Email notice. I called customer service 3 times and was hung up by bed manners. Where is my money and where can I complain? I was very nervous now.

  16. How can I talk to customer service who hung up the phone? How I can have FAX number or Email. I need know where my money is.

  17. June 2012 I requested my card be cancelled/ which is was via letter dated 6/19/12. February 2013 I receive a notice stating a dispute with fair credit reporting act.I have no dispute since I have no American express credit card…please explain and correct this situation asap. I have no reason to be placed in a deliquient credit report. my cancelled card #61006. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  18. sir im a potential user of your card. my relation with the bank is v.v old. recently i purchased a blacberry z10 frm my card.same day my brother used the same card for the same phone. you hv gifted him a micromax mini pad . but no such gift was issued in my favour. plz see to it as you cant do that to your old customers. waitin for your feedback asap.

  19. My claim 132060211‏ was filed nearly a month ago. I have scanned and emailed all necessary paperwork to Amex. I have had no response. It is really quite unprofessional, and it shows a great need to break up the Amex monopoly worldwide. This company would perform better with competition. Sadly, they do not offer psychological counseling for having to deal with the frustration of sitting on their customer service hotlines for hours on end. This behavior is just unacceptable.

  20. i just spent an hour filling out page after page for a disputed charge. on the last page you tell me you will contact me at a phone number i haven’t had in 20 years your dispute system needs a lot of work. i had to start over 4 times so i could go back looking for info that should have auto-filled like the city item was send from.

  21. We were recently notified of some fraudulent charges with our card. The fraud operations unit handled this event with diligence and expediency. Thank you for putting our minds at ease and giving us increased confidence when using our A Mex card!

  22. Seems impossible to email this company without going through a registration process. Extremely annoying.

  23. I am recent Army disabled honorable veteran. I have the American Express Blue card. I was told that it was Okay by Adam # 74432 from AMEX customer Service that is was no problem for me to access direct deposit from my state benefits. My Disability checks for my medical are still being held by AMEX. Its has been a week. I call the treasury department to investigate. No one from Amex Prepaid can give me any details. I just called Veteran Affairs to investigate as well. I will be forwarding my complaint to the National banking commission and the Better Business Bureau. I cant not purchase my medication and I am scheduled for emergency assistance help from our U.S. VA. I am so upset with the level of service and answers from these foreign call centers. No direct answers, rude and dismissive to customer needs. My medical needs are pertinent to me and my family. I will continue calling for investigations on why I cant get my funds returned to the treasury department as AMEX continues to hold funds.

  24. I am very disappointed in American Express and their disregard for consumers.last month I paid my balance off in full. this month I get abill for$21.59,when I called to ask them to please remove I these charges they refused, said they are interest charges. It seems to me when you pay a bill in full there should be no interest. Every company I have called thatvthischas occurred have taken off this charge.without hesitation. Upset that your company has no regard for consumers, they also need to have English speaking reps in us, not foreign. Your company can certainly afford to absorb $21.59.

  25. I cannot seem to contact anybody regarding my annual rewards coupon. I called the # on the back of my card. They tried to sell me a cruise?

    I recvd. a notice telling me to use it or apply for a duplicate.
    Thanks, Neale

  26. could you send a fax number please. I want my new card being sent to an Indian adress. I am german citizen living in Indial. Thank you.

  27. We wish to thank the security department of American
    Express for their sharp eye and diligence. We are
    very impressed. They noticed a discrepancy on our
    charges which we might not have noticed.
    Thank you,
    2 old foops

  28. The complaints may be plenty which is still less than .0001%. But American Express is most useful and will always there with you with the lightning payment process.

  29. I can’t figure this out? I just left a company and turned in my corporate amx card. I had it for 6 years, unlimited spending limit….never missed a payment or was late. Since my new company does not have a credit card, I decided to get a personal one to replace it. No big deal right? Went through the phone application and provided the necessary financial background. I have a very good salary, minimal debt and was approved for a mortgage easily in the new city I am moving to. Because your machines have certain checks I was kicked out and not approved????? Not only that, but my credit score took a hit because of the check. Yes, I had some past issues with debt due to a failed business but it’s clearly behind me and with “stability” written all over my credit record (BTW, my scores average over 700). Any human would see this application as a no brainer but your machines have resulted in my business going to VISA….which when I applied to a bank in person had no issues.
    As a previous excellent good customer….you guys stupidly missed to boat on this one.

  30. I love the points that I get yearly; I especially enjoy when I receive a FREE $50. dinner. I used my FREE certificate today at Capital Grill with a friend and we had an absolutely outstanding meal. Our waiter was attentive and the food superb.

    Love the attention you give your customers.

  31. AMX

    I am a long standing customer since 1999 years and have always been on time with my payments. Last month, I was two weeks late on my payment. I got my recent statement and the interest rate was jacked up to 27.24%. This is no way to treat long standing customers who historically (14 years) have paid their bills on time. I think this is a poor business practice.

  32. you probably can’t find my account in your system because I DON”T have an account!!!!!! SO, I get ignored?????

  33. I just tried calling American Express so-called Customer Service and was on hold for 28 minutes before hanging up in frustration.

    I was trying to report a lost/stolen card, and could not get through on the phone. They have a recording saying that they’re having high call volume and that customers should try again in 24 hours.

    If my card was stolen and someone is wracking up fraudulent charges, it will serve them right. It is pure stupidity not allowing customers to report lost/stolen cards.

  34. American Express has the worst Customer Service. If you have an issue with your account, you cannot contact them by email, you have to “chat online” with them. But chatting means waiting 3 to 5 minutes for a staff to become avaiable! That’s ridiculous. with email, I can send the message at my leisure, and wait for a response, but they don’t offer it.

  35. My husband & I had to make an emergency bereavement trip to attend his mother’s funeral. Through, I purchased on-line tickets #00623474391816 &….1805 in US Dollars with my Delta Skymiles “American” AMX gold card. AMX is charging me $49.66 in FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEES. I have, for the past week been explaining many times to many Delta & AMX reps that I made this on-line purchase through with good intentions and with the understanding I would be billed in US dollars….Why else did we NOT use our Italian AMX card?? Your records will show, we have flown Delta, billed with AMX for many years and have never experienced these charges.

    My husband and I are extremely upset and disappointed in Delta and American Express for their aloofness and total lack of American professionalism and service to long-term (since 1966) loyal customers. I am disputing the Foreign Transaction Fees. We sincerely hope that Delta and AMX, in the sake of pure fairness, respect our request to cancel the fees.

  36. 2/9/2014 I wanted to use my rewards to purchase 2 $25.00 gift cards. Your employee Alan told me I was300 points shy of getting 2 gift cards. I then spoke to Alan’s supervisor who advised me of the same thing. I have borrowed points before without a problem Being a member since 1976 and never late with a payment obviously gets you no where, So I have decided to severe my relations with you and will use my Visa and Discover cards from now on.

  37. Thank you so very much for your great service. My service numbers are XH63802 and XH50756. I have been with American Express since 1983. It also is my age,83. You are a special and super company. ALLENE

  38. As a victim of a bait and switch telemarketing scam in 2010-11-23 for $7595.00. I have been looking for any indication that American Express does not intentionally support, this type of fraud. I have found none. In fact I believe that the type of scam, I am the victim of could not exist without the intentional help of the credit card industry, in this case American Express. The scam in brief: 1)Unconsolidated phone call. We will build you a money making website you will make $5000+ per month. We do all the work. You just invest. 2) You buy this website as an investment. Company gains needed credibility by being an American Express merchant. Also, has fake BBB website. 3) You receive an unexpected package in the mail. The package contains a contract. The contract states the company is only going to teach you how to build a website. Not what you bought. “The Switch” You call the company, They deny everything. Say good luck getting your money back. You never sign the contract. 4) You log into your American Express website. Thank God, the charge for $7595.00 has not posted yet. You call American Express inform them of the scam. Two days latter you log back into your American Express back office. The Charge for $7595.00 has cleared. American Express has just completed an unauthorized transaction. They now want you to take responsibility for. Now a three-year + nightmare begins. You then have to hear American Express representatives explain over and over to you that it is perfectly OK for dishonest merchants to lie to you over the phone. To swindle you out of your credit card number. Then keep the money they swindled you out of simply by responding to American Express’s request for information. With whatever falsified information they have assembled. Or obtained through coercion. American Express never reads or understands how this information was obtained by fraudulent means. They simply blame you for trusting American Express enough to give your credit card number to one of their dishonest merchants. This is how American Express intentionally supports fraud. In the real World this is fraud. But according to American Express, dishonest merchants lying for financial gain is not fraud. Three years latter American Express says the charge is to old to investigate. Even thought you warned them two days before the charge even posted to your account. The American Express representatives I have spoken with are for the most part very pleasant to speak with. It is however very unpleasant to speak with the upper management of American Express. The higher you got the more unpleasant it gets. They are very rude irresponsible and condescending people. The last few letters I have received do not even contain the name or phone number of the person who sent it. That is some of the problem No one at American Express has any responsibility. The people at American Express whom should take responsibility make sure they cannot be held responsible.

  39. hello i`ve apply for american express card for more then 10 times and never get`it i don`t know why i spend felling the form i like to hear from you

  40. Booked Trip with ax platinum card with travel insurance. Been dealing with Exceptional care unit been anything but. More to follow. Still waiting for resolution. Very disturbing.

  41. Hello Dear
    This is Elias Tibbo Dembi. I have booked Air ticket from your travailing express for training to Israel. as my air ticket information my coming back to Ethiopia is April 3 morning. I kindly request you to postponed to April 3 night or April 4 2014.Because April 3 is clothing date for my training and that is way. I want urgent response if possible.


    Elias Tibbo
    from Ethiopia

  42. I tried to use my American Express card today, but was rejected because they said I did not have enough numbers. I had just spoken with James per phone regarding an address verification and there was not problem with my card numbers. I wanted to use the card to pay for tickets to see the Royal Horses on Sunday, March 9, 2014 at the Hammonds Arena in Springfield, MO. I ended up using another card.
    . I am at the library using a computer as do not have the “net” at home. Cynthia

  43. This very pathetic service has been received from your end(American Express Credit Card). Some moments I shared below.
    I have applied American express credit card. During the acquisition your sales team said card membership charges will be charge after one year.
    2. This card is not acceptable every where. So, I am not liable to use this because this card receive most expensive shop. So, my monthly transactions not done on that types of shop.
    3. In card kit, there is no customer care email id is available nor your customer care pick call.
    Only your IVR system saying due to high call flow plz hold the line. Then call is automatically disconnected.
    Hence, requesting you to, close this card service immediately. Because, your salespeople provide fake information for adding new customer and this card not acceptable any where.

    Such a worst service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 3/17/2014
    This is to advise American Express that I will no longer make purchases with my American Express card. I find company policy is rigid and unable help a customer in a difficult financial situation. As a 76 yr old customer on a fixed income, I’m sure I can find a credit card company interested in providing helpful customer service rather than rendering a penality.

  45. I have had my American Express card since 1984. We pay our bill on time, all the time. We were at an investors club meeting and one member was touting all the perks she received with her Amex. She said she gets perks for buying fuel, food on most purchases. I called a nice young man at Amex wondering why all I get from Amex is a bill and no perks. He said he was going to switch me to a representative who would go over all Amex Products. He switched me to a non-English speaking person who I could barely understand. I hung up and called back. I was then given the opportunity to apply for a new card. Why? Why can’t Amex make it easy? Why can’t Amex push a button and award perks to a long time and valued customer without having that cistomer make application for a new card, go theough a credit check and all the other crap. Who at Amex wrote the memo that things need to be hard?

  46. I opened a Blue Card account. I activated it and was set to go. When I tried to use it online I was told the 3 digit security code was incorrect. I do not want to call Amex but it appears they do not want email. Not user friendly at all.

  47. I just returned from a ten-day trip to New Zealand. In order to simplify making purchases (or so I had thought), I signed up for an American Express Serve Card. Well, this is the LAST time I’ll ever use that card, as it is a HUGE rip-off!

    I soon found out that once transactions had been completed, American Express put a hold on each one for more than the amount of the original transaction…sometimes a few cents and more often a few dollars more, even though the original charges had already been deducted from my balance. So, in essence, I was charged twice, as my funds were not available until those “on hold” transactions had cleared.

    I called in to Customer Service, obviously off-shore in (guessing) India, and spoke with, of course, representatives with American names. Six transactions, totaling a couple hundred dollars had been put on hold, which represented 72% of what I SHOULD have had left in my account. Several calls resulted in excuses as to why the funds had been put on hold, with the assurance that they would be released back into my account WITHIN A WEEK! A week?! By that time, I would have been home.

    After numerous threats to take this situation public (which I still plan to do), and after accusing American Express of using my money for interest-accrual on their part (which I still believe), miraculously, the supervisor put the funds back into my account within seconds.

    Now I am back home, and have checked my account balance. My last two transactions, since the first fiasco, have not cleared, but have been put “on hold,” as well, even though those transactions show as “completed,” AND THE FUNDS HAVE ALREADY BEEN DEDUCTED from my balance. Another call to Customer Service–first a rep, then a supervisor–resulted in more assurance that this situation would be rectified by the end of the day.

    I subsequently received a call from “Bob,” the supervisor, who advised me that, by the end of today, the on-hold amount would be put back in my account. As of the writing of these comments, they have not been. It’s interesting that the supervisor from the first call, several days ago, had the funds back in my account, immediately. However, “Bob” was not seemingly as successful in making this happen.

    I seriously question the legality of this company practice, and will spread the word to whomever will listen about how much of a very bad deal this Serve Card is.

    This whole experience truly did ruin a good part of my trip, as I had hoped to thank my hosts for their hospitality by taking them out to dinner, and purchasing several gifts, but my available balance would not allow me to do so. Sadly, I learned the hard way about what NOT to do on my next trip.

    I would caution anyone who would choose to use this card, to make sure they put double the amount of money on the card that they would plan to spend, since American Express will hold 50% of their total funds spent, for a week.

  48. i want the customer care mail id for statement issue due to address change …. kindly send me the mail id , our address saligramam chennai

  49. I was a customer of your for over 38 Years up to today. I had a Senior Gold card and a Blue card I closed both accounts today due to an increase fee on my wife’s cards. That 40.00 added dollars cost you a lot more than 40.00 due to the closing of my accounts. Was it worth it?

  50. If you are going to have a liberal whore like Tina fay do your commercials then you should have rush Limbaugh or Sean hannity advertise for you too. Half of the country is conservative. Why do you think all liberals are moderate and appeal to middle America? She (Tina) has made a point to promote her liberal adgenda and I don’t want to hear it and I definitely don’t want to support it. I have had an American Express since I was 18 yrs old. I am going to visa tomorrow.

  51. Total incompetence all around for american express. They used to be a good card company. I can’t wait to cancel my card. If only i could get someone on the phone who knew what they were doing.

  52. I’m told i have to change my password. When I call in all I get is adds for new products.Very frustrating

    I AM SICK.

  54. I would like to comment the American Express company for its professionalism through my process of finding a credit card that is right for me.

    I began my conversation by speaking to a gentleman named “Gordan”. He was very welcoming and was being genuine through the entire process. He was able to help answer all my questions, give me detailed information of the promotions that are currently available by joining the American Express Delta Miles Gold Card. He complimented me on my current credit score and finished the conversation by congratulating me on being accepted. Honestly, my day was going downhill and Gordan was able to put a smile on my face. I let him know how professional he was and how I would be honored to write a compliment on his generosity and convenience. Although I was not able to receive his last name, I was able to obtain his extension from him. Again, his first name was Gordan and his extension was DTSGZ21. I appreciate American Express for hiring genuine individuals like Gordan who takes their job seriously and truly cares about their customers. Heck, we need more Gordans in this world. Thank you once again American Express and Gordan

    Thank you,

    Hausaa Burton

  55. I reported a stolen card. Customer service was awful. Charges continued to be made after I reported the theft and these show up on my account. I am told this is a “technical” problem. The new website is very unhelpful and I no longer consider Amex a very secure card. I am an extremely disappointed customer.

  56. [ American Express Company would like to contact us for a number of ]

    First of all, giving the greeting words…,

    American Express Centurion card I would like to receive the answers to questions.

    American Express Company in the management and operation of a number of different things for a number of key questions to get the answers you are looking for an email address.
    American Express Company for practitioners and questions and answers that can communicate if you know the e-mail address, the e-mail address to its appreciated.

  57. AMEX SUCKS….
    I have had an Amex account for over 15 years – and the disrespect I was shown, and the errors are incomprehensible. I had called one month to change the form of payment (from autopay to a different source) and the woman I spoke with confirmed that I would not receive any late fees, if it should not ‘take effect’ on time. The next month they wanted to charge me $ 25.00 in late fees, I called and some Indian guy told me over and over very nastily that they would not void them – even after I explained the conversation I had with another representative the previous month. I told him to replay his recordings to verify – he ignored me and said he would not take the late fees off of my account. I said, in that case, you can screw yourself and your company and I won’t pay ANY more on this account. Now they are stuck with $7,000. I am not paying due to his stupidity. I closed the account and would never recommend American Express to anyone.

  58. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I just spoke with an Esa from god knows what country and he gave me a phony # to opt out of all your mailings and contacts. Pretty scary the woman befor him was from England or Australia and she was not helpful and forwarded me to an opt out rep that never answere .

  59. Good Day, this is a complain regarding the level of service provided by the American express office in jeddah KSA we are disappointed .
    Your representative visited our offices, he has no idea about your product ! all his concern was how many person will register with him !

    Afterword he didn’t return back to us neither accepted nor rejection!
    We tried to contact your offices here; after few days someone answered negatively with an attitude that he has no idea about our request!

    The low level of service reflects the quality of your product , which make us drop the idea of subscribing with your company .

    If the service is as mentioned above how would it be later ?!

    This is for your kind information and action please.


  60. American Express is terrible. First I made my payment 1 day late
    I was charged 26 dollars. I made 3 payments in June. I spoke with Customer service
    who said June payment to apply for July has to be after statement
    period which was June 12 by 5 pm I made third payment June 12 but
    American Express conviently got June 12 at 4 pm. It is outrageous plus
    u dont put date of billing cycle on your statement u don’t want
    people to pay early or know how to pay early so u can ram on interest
    charge yearly fee to most cards vendors don’t want to use American
    express u charge too much my apr is over 14% don’t qualify for lower rate
    my over all credit score is 120 I got 26 late fee taken off cause I was going
    to cancel but when I was explained rules I am outraged most companies
    put dates of billing cycle on statements what a crock u people should
    be ashamed Kim

  61. For a hearing impaired person to contact AMEX is well neigh impossible. Even their contact button takes you on a circular path back to the same screen. There appears to be no way to contact AMEX on the internet, except to pay your bill. They are as bad as Comcast, the worst of the lot.
    I finally gave up and wrote to the CE, and quit using the card.

  62. I booked a trip with travel and called after booking my trip for I did not understand how the price of my trip did not show my points being used. when I called to understand what was happening I spoke to Kay Johnson [64540] from your Miami lakes office. She was very helpful and worked with travel and two different people to fix some mistakes she found, I was very pleased in the time she took and I just wanted you to know because it was a pleasure to work with her. thank you nancy stone

  63. if I were to write a review, it would burn up the computer! To say I am fed up with AMEX is a vast understatement. I have no more time to try to navigate your ridiculous website trying to follow instructions from your fraud people to set up email contact, which is above and I have only at work, and I am on Alaska time, which is 4 hours earlier than EST. The experience with your fraud people is every bit as bad as above. And I thought this company had good customer service – what a crock!!

  64. I am in overseas (USA) and is not able to call back Singapore. I noted some discrepancies on my statement and trying to send an email to seek for assistance. But surprisingly AMX does not have a customer service email.


  65. I reached this site through Google. Are you aware that Google has announced that they will not connect any business that involves firearms or any component of such, including parts, BB guns, related firearms information, or news releases related to firearms. This should be a concern to you for several reasons.
    Google management is filled with ‘gen X’ people who have reached middle management due to age in place. They still march to the drums of Berkley U. They are ignorant of, in denial of, the ‘concealed carry’ wave that is sweeping the nation. Lest this issue be ignored, please consult the FBI statistics that show the decrease in murder rates in states that allow ‘concealed carry’. There are many ‘normal’ (emphasis added) people who find Google’s attitude insulting, wrong headed, and ignorant. I do not believe that such an organization as American Express would support Google in this Anti-American, anti 2nd Amendment nonsense if they realized the impact it will have on many of their customers. Thank you for your attention.

  66. I was told before I canceled my AMX (due to a high yearly fee) that I would be able to redeem my Rewards Points. But of course after it was canceled I am NOT able to redeem them afterall. I am VERY upset that I was told false info and because of that I lost money aka rewards from being a member and paying those ridiculous yearly fees! I will not every use an AMX card again, but will be sure to share the news.

  67. I was told before I canceled my AMX (due to a high yearly fee) that I would be able to redeem my Rewards Points. But of course after it was canceled I am NOT able to redeem them afterall. I am VERY upset that I was told false info and because of that I lost money aka rewards of being a member!

  68. Payment due to American Express was $35.00,it should have been $39.00,Due to me being $4.00 short they have charged me $26.00 late fee on the $4.00. Have been with them over two years never missed a payment nor have I been late with a payment. Called to see if they could remove the late fee. they would not . I will never do business with this company again. They do not care about helping there customers when one makes a $4.00 mistake. Not customer here to help there customers.

  69. I am an American! I LIVE in the USA & I want an American representative in the USA to speak with when I need help. I am tired of calling & getting every country OTHER than USA. They never can correct the issue or if they do it’s incorrect. I do not need the aggravation. Representatives in USA for American card holders! After all isn’t that how the card got it’s name?

  70. I will not have an American Express credit card as long as American Express is promoting animal abuse by associating with Sea World. Orca whales are beautiful & belong in the ocean, not a swimming pool. So it looks like American Express is supporting the cruelty at Sea World. Shame on u ! 🙁

  71. i had a terrible experience today with ae fraud department my spouses card was declined. i called the fraud number and the person i was given could barely speak English, he articulated the problem but could not answer all my questions, when i called back the second time with more questions the person gave me a totally different explainations as to why the card had been declined and what action was take when i was asked to speak to a supervisor i was put on hold for almost 15 min with out a word.
    again very poor English at best.
    The third time again poor English at best.
    above that , which is why i pay extra , i guess not
    this should be looked into i just lost a good deal of my day with the impenitence


  72. As a new customer to American Express, here is my feedback on your service:

    1. Your customer care doesn’t take all the compliants or input. They hav easked me to send this email and hence sending the feedback.
    2. Amex card is accepted in very very limited places.
    3. Even in the Amex named establishments also, the card is not fully accepted; the details are as follows:
    a. None of the HP petrol bunks in Hosur, Tamilnadu accepts your card, except Five Star HP Petrol bunk. Even Puttaiah & Sons doesn’t accept your card.
    b. HP Petrol bunk in Thiruvallur, Chennai doesn’t accept your card.
    c. Sakar World Hospital, Belandur, Bangalore doesn’t accept the card other than in Admission counter; pharmacy & registration won’t entertain Amex cards!
    4. Following big establishments don’t accept or entertain Amex card!
    a. Appollo Pharmacy chain
    b. D-Mart
    c. RxDx Hospital, Whitefield
    5. Extra service charge is debitted to my account for IRCTC.CO.IN transactions in comparison with Visa cards. Stopped using your card in IRCTC.

    I am wondering what is the use of your card, if it is not accepted by most of the establishments. Actually it has become a pain for me to hunt / search for the commercial establishments where your card is accepted.

    Please reply asap.

    Sainathan G

  73. I have been on the phone with 4 representatives all based out of India. My call was to inform them of a lost card and I was requesting a replacement. I finally requested a supervisor, Her name was Epta based out of India she said. I requested for her to stay on the line so that I can finish the call, I am again on hold and waiting to see where I go next. I am currently at 48 minutes with absolutely no help. They are really messed up at American express when it comes to customer service and they charge a lot for their membership fees. Not getting what is promised and I will share experience with others

  74. Also, I shared my social security number 4 times with 4 representatives and they seem to be all based out of India. Could this be how we are getting hacked more so in America now

  75. At this point I will hang up and call again. Rating American express with customer service as 0. Also felt like security was jeopardized. now on the line with 2 representatives fighting one another.

  76. I have been using my Amex credit card for almost twenty years and have always been impressed by their professionalism and customer service. I never had a problem I couldn’t resolve with a friendly customer service rep, they were always helpful and polite. Yesterday, however, my husband and I spent more than an hour on the phone trying to work out an issue and I have never felt more embarrassed, insulted nor upset by the way we were treated. We spoke to more than one rep ((Mark Tejero and Mars Riego from a call center based in the Philippines?) who argued, played verbal games with and ran us around in circles. Something that would have normally taken us a few minutes over the phone with any other credit card company took well over an hour, the rep kept repeating the same responses over and over, refused to transfer us to a supervisor (Earl Castro), and generally declined to help us. I was frustrated, angry and completely dissatisfied with the exchange. Not only was our issue not resolved, but the phone call left a sour taste in our mouths and makes us question wanting to continue dealing with American Express or using American Express products in the future. We would appreciate it if someone in management would look into this concern and offer us an effective and speedy resolution. Thank you.

  77. Like the person before I had been with American Express for over 20 years and was very happy until I disputed My Last statement. I had throat cancer so it is impossible for me to talk. The only way I could communicate is via E-Mail. I simply wanted them to review and change my balance correctly. I refused to pay it until I was certain that it was correct. I wrote a letter of explaination to all three of the credit reporting agencies in advance to explain why I was not paying the bill. There was numerous harassing phone calls to try to collect. I am still them. About 2 years later I was sent an offer to pay a reduced amount In instalments. I accepted the proposal and I made payments 4 of the 6 months. Then another offer came for me to pay more. Your bait and switch is not going to work on me. I am still protesting the amount and will not pay anymore. There were times that I had monthly statements over 6,000 and were paid on time in full. I guess your company does not care to do things in a professional manner

  78. You have issued replacement cards for one that was stolen, and non of them work. I went on vacation in December with a replacement card and it worked in the morning, then would not work to pay my hotel bill. I have been embarrassed and humiliated all over the country by American express when going to pay my bills. I now have a new card with all new numbers, and the idiot that I spoke to said I have a -0- credit line and he had exceeding his calls to new accounts.I have had a card for 20 years and you people suck at customer service. Worst company ever.

  79. You have issued replacement cards for one that was stolen, and non of them work. I went on vacation in December with a replacement card and it worked in the morning, then would not work to pay my hotel bill. I have been embarrassed and humiliated all over the country by American express when going to pay my bills. I now have a new card with all new numbers, and the idiot that I spoke to said I have a -0- credit line and he had exceeding his calls to new accounts.I have had a card for 20 years and you people suck at customer service. Worst company ever.

  80. I just cancelled my American Express Optima Card which I’ve had since 1985! I paid my bill 2 days late late month and was charged a $19.00 late fee. I called to ask to get it removed, since I haven’t been late in 15 years! No they said, if it was one day late ok but two days could not help me.
    So I politely canceled the card and my American Express business card too. And as a small business owner I will NEVER accept Amex again! Seems like they are penny wise and pound foolish.
    That’s ok I’ve got 4 Citibank cards, one Chase, and 2 Santander cards, who needs American expresses lousy attitude to existing customers!

  81. Who was the moron who came up with the idea of needing your card id numbers to verify your mailing address???

    Because now that I cannot verify my mailing address I will be ordering a replacement card every three days until UPS can figure out where I live.

    Kudos Einstein!!

  82. i can’t even tell you how many times ive heard your call is important to us we appreciate your patience 44;17 i quit

  83. I have lost my password, tried to call customer service INTERNATIONAL CALLING RATE, the queries went on and on…… Finally $50.00 later, they don’t recognise my card? What’s up with that? Reasoning why I hardly use the card. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE available…..

  84. I called the number on the back of the card near the bottom.

    I was connected to a scam of offers to cruises etc.

    I was called back in an attempt to sell me more supposedly fantastic savings

    I was under the impression that American Express was a good company

  85. Dear Sir;
    I’m just returm to work & working office from Hospital & Home recovered from emergency surgerry.
    My question is to charge late payment for that peropd.
    because I didn’t recieve any payment request by the mail. (October,2014 to Janary,2015)
    Until last September (2014), I have recieved it. And so, I couldn’t tuch my office PC and couldn’t pay lat charge.
    If I knew it before, I payed it correctly. But you stopped to deliver my charging report by October,2014. And so, I couldn,t know that situation. Don’t you have any help for it?
    For last 30 years, I have paied to you charge without any claim.
    But on this time, I need your support.
    I’m looking to wait your response.
    Best regards.

  86. To American Express. What is wrong with this company? I am an American born here and live here BUT yet no American is available to take my pay off on the AMERICAN express. If you notice it reads AMERICAN. I am trying to pay off my account to an AMERICAN BUT you have no AMERICANS to take my money. So when you have an AMERICAN rather then India or Phillipnes to take my money I will be more then glad to0 pay off my acct. Also your payment recording ask to state my account number or say I do not have it BUT yet when you say you do not have it it still wishes the last 5 numbers. If you do not have it why would you know the last 5 numbers. <Mike Bealer

  87. Hi,
    I just like to let you know how much I value having my Amex credit card. I recently went on vacation with my family to New York and Turks and Caicos. I feel safe and secure when I pay with my Amex and it is widely accepted. I have used my card all over the world and it always works! I do have both Visa and MasterCard but my safest and best is my Amex. The app is also great and the invoices are easy to check and the exchange rate is ok. The few times I have been in touch with Amex in Stockholm, they have been very promt, helpful and professional. You are doing a great job!
    Best regards,
    Jessica Hedlund

  88. i am writing this letter in desperation because there is no email option and i have called the phillipines 7ral times with absolute no help. I need some one from north america american express to help me. I owned an american express card for over 14 years and i have faithfully paid my card in full. In august of 2014 before going overseas i called american express and paid my card and when i asked whether the card was pain in full they said it was a zero balance. Then a few months later i come back to the USA and i find an american express card with a balance and finance charges on it. Come to find out with out my knowledge my old card was retired and new card with a different account number assigned to me and i only paid the new account and not the old account. Firstly no one ever told me i had a new account and a new card and secondly when i called american express in august 2014 and pain the balance on my card i asked the representative do i have a zero balance and she said yes i do. Now i am asked to pay all the finance charges because this account was linked to my checking account and only the minimum balance was being taken. I have called and spoken to the phillipines call center so many times trying to explain this is an american express mistake because 1. they never told me they are retiring my old account and 2. when i called to pay my bill i was told i had a zero balance and was never told that i had a 2nd account with outstanding balance on it. I am willing to pay what charges i made but not a single finance charge on it. I please need your help. Thank you yours golnaz sedaghat

  89. To whom it may concern.
    Can you please send me the Statements from March Last year- thru December. My card was stolen when I was sick.

    I do understand that the collection agency is on my tail.
    I want to see an itemized bill. I sent you a payment in the amount of $20. Thank You

  90. I have trouble to reach you guys, either by phone and you do not have e-mail address where customers should reach you as quickly as possible. What shall i do to make payment of my charges? Please, make things easy to customers. You should be accessible to all of your customers. The phone call is taking forever to the point of disappointment. Please review your marketing strategies. If you did this just to trap clients and make them pay extra money for delay, so you may make more interest money on top of principal amount; it is unfair business. I will argue you to review this as soon as possible because i know many other people are suffering silently.

  91. Mr. Josh Silverman
    On January 8,2015 I enrolled myself in the 5 year because I received every week pre approved platinum,gold,regular american express APPLICATIONS.Thank you but I’m not interested right now and I feel harassed. Now you are sending me the letters addresed to Mr.Luis J. Rodríguez and I would like you TO STOP,please.
    I am confident American Express will manage this important issue in a profesional way.
    Maybe in the future we can have business together,but,right now I will like the letters to stop.

  92. Hi,
    every month I receive a email from that emai addres:
    American Express On-line Services
    saying that my American Express statement is ready and that I can go check online.
    BUT, I dont have an american express card and never had one.
    So, is it possible for you to stop sending me such a message ?
    thank you!

  93. Hi,

    My name is Vyom Sharma, I am holding Amex Pay back card since last year. Today I have lost my Amex card in Gurgaon. Thus request you to block my card with immediate effect, also stop all the services from the card. I do not want to continue this card, so please no bill this time.

    I have tried calling up your toll free numbers, but didn’t find a way to contact your CC executive…you have a great brand name but no good service.

    Vyom Sharma

  94. Received a note from you saying your emails were returned as undeliverable. The email address listed above is our correct email.

  95. I called Customer Service concerning a minor problem with a card. First, I got a representative in India and on the next call I got Mexico City. Both times I requested to talk to someone in the USA and was told by two different supervisors that they could NOT connect me or give me a number to anyone in the USA. Based on this experience, any further use of American Express is doubtful. I will let all of my contacts know that American Express is negative to any USA interaction.

  96. I reported 2 charges that didn’t belong to me and they didn’t do anything. I wrote 3 letters with evidences to support my claim and as of today I still have not received a response from American Express. They have the worst customer services I have encountered, especially for a fortune 500 company. This is unacceptable. Today, I am going to send an email and a letter to their CEO and all their managements to let them know of the poor services they provide.

  97. Still trying after 9 working days to resolve an issue for my Mother. AM have £341.00 of her cash. Have spoken with Jack. Emma, Lucy, John, Carly (very rude) Karin and now awaiting a call back from Stuart. My mother made an error and paid monies to an old account belonging to my father (who died last year) we informed AM on Thursday 2nd April of this error. On Wednesday 8th April AM sent her a default notice!!!!!!
    Have spent at least 4 hours trying to resolve. I have given Stuart one hour to call me back. If this matter is not resolved today I will inform the relevant authorities of the “sloppy” dealing with AM and the fact that they have £341.00 of my mothers money and have not returned this despite the relevant documentation being sent today. FSA may be interested !!

  98. Still trying after 9 working days to resolve an issue for my Mother. AM have £341.00 of her cash. Have spoken with Jack. Emma, Lucy, John, Carly (very rude) Karin and now awaiting a call back from Stuart. My mother made an error and paid monies to an old account belonging to my father (who died last year) we informed AM on Thursday 2nd April of this error. On Wednesday 8th April AM sent her a default notice!!!!!!
    Have spent at least 4 hours trying to resolve. I have given Stuart one hour to call me back. If this matter is not resolved today I will inform the relevant authorities of the “sloppy” dealing with AM and the fact that they have £341.00 of my mothers money and have not returned this despite the relevant documentation being sent today. FSA may be interested !!

  99. I have been trying to set up an online account for my amexp card ,tried six tines .I think your website stinks

  100. They don’t WANT you to contact them. I even went on Twitter and they addressed my problem. I tried the phone – was put on hold for twenty minutes and then cut off.
    Seriously consider their lack of customer service if you are considering a credit card for your business.

  101. Cannot figure out how to contact customer service except by phone. how do you access live chat?

  102. I recently applied for an American express card unfortunately not enough room on the app for address for billing and mailing.I am on campus here as a part of my assignment for the House of Commons.I thank you for your kindness in making this change for me

  103. I have never had problems contacting American Express. I find them to be very responsive and they offer such amazing customer service. I’m a very happy American Express customer. Thank you!

  104. hi
    im searching where my cards are please ive followed steps with gov fbi fraud center 3 burearus i need to make the bewt experience the bet wards its been 13 years please send them to me my will call seat awaits i nned to pay all mandatory expenses

  105. I have been a very satisfied customer of American Express for more than 30 years.Until recently I have always used my Blue card but am now using the Morgan Stanley American Express (black) card.
    I appreciate the courteous service of the Representative whenever I need to call to resolve or dispute a charge to my account. Thank you for being so friendly and efficient.

  106. Bye, bye American Express. It has been a great relationship up until your mail department has recently failed you. Shouldn’t take 7 to 10 days to receive a check in Los Angeles from Minnesota. And you certainly shouldn’t charge your customers for late payments due to your mail department’s lag time ? I have been with you guys for over 20 years and have always mailed out my check the same amount of time before the due date and never had a problem. Never. Also, I am not having and have never had this problem with any of my many other credit card companies. I will stick with them and their loyalty to a long term customer who always pays on time, in full. P.S. Ellen, I believe was the customer service rep. I spoke to today…..very rude, but was probably sticking to your protocol. Good riddance !!!!

  107. Been trying everything for an hour to tell them my card is missing…800 number said she could not hear I punched in the numbers…still NO help. tried on line call that is just for new accounts…so how do I contact them to tell them my card is gone???

  108. American Express – why to leave home without it. ____________________________________________________
    A canceled order originally purchased using the American Express credit card.
    Dear Customer,
    I refunded your purchase as promised this morning but the American Express credit card company retained the fee of $18.70 to do. So as a nice guy I called and gave you advise afterhours and was required to pay an $18.70 fee in the process. In this country being a nice guy doesn’t have its place anymore. I just want you to know our company lives by the American way, greedy American Express – not so much. This is the reason merchants don’t like the American Express card because they are the only one to retain those charges on a refund and get more per transaction than any other credit card. Don’t support American Express’s greedy desires and do leave home without it. Good luck with your project.

  109. The phone number for American Express customer care in El Paso, TX didn’t work, so when I called a bill payment number, I had to go through 6 automatic prompts until I could press 0 for a live person to help me. At that point, the customer representative could not figure out why Hilton Grand Vacations charged me $50. Since this charge is a complete mystery to both the credit card company and to me (the customer), disputing the charge and crediting my account was the right thing to do. Thanks.

  110. Dear Sir/Mam

    Regret to inform you that,12 days back your representative came to me for the promotion of your card and presentation given to me. On the basis of that, I agreed to have one more Amex Gold card though I am using HDFC,HSBC and SBI Card and accordingly I handed over him the desired documents like Photocopy of PAN Card,Passport,Income proof detsils and Photograph along with the duly filled application form.

    But still I am receiving mail from American Express Banking Corporation for uploading the same thing which I have submitted to your representative( Mr Sanjeev).

    Several times I called to Mr. Sanjeev but no positive feedback given to me. I am really disappointed with your service and requesting you to return back all of my submitted documents and the application form because I am no more interested for a association with you.

    Your early action will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards

  111. Weather iI use the online site or the app, AE does not show due dates. This ticks me off! They say, ” payment not due at this time”. I know that, i pay on time, I just want to know when it is due next. This is their way of charging interest. Also, no where on these sites is there a phone number, they just take you to a page with frequently asked questions and on option to live chat which of course, is currently unavailable. This is not the type of customer service one would expect from a card that has the highest vender rates in the nation. I plan on switching to discover where they give you a whopping 5% back and will double your first year rebate.

  112. Unbelievable and inexcusably poor service!

    I am denied on-line access to my American Express account because I am outside the US on business and after 50 minutes on calls (at my expense!) with Customer Service I am advised technical support, customer service and the global support team all refuse to find a way to provide access –
    I cannot in good conscience ever do business again with a company that shows me such contempt!

  113. I recently discovered you support Planned Parenthood, which is terrible on so many levels, now with it exposed they sell murdered baby parts I am so much more disgusted. Count on my company and I never using your services again. Didn’t like AMX very much before, now I am disgusted by your company….

  114. After seeing that you contribute to an organization that deals in baby body parts (Planned Parenthood) I am happy that Costco is dropping your card. I will be glad to shred mine.

  115. I am beyond post off On August 15,2015 I’m in Wal-Mart in Atlanta Georgia and my credit card was denied for $285.00 purchase I called twice and was told a fraud alert was put on my account cause I lived in Toledo Ohio. Prior to this I Called American Express on August 11, 2015 and told them I was taking my daughter to college in Atlanta Georgia from August 14-August 17,2015 they asked what States I’m passing thru and I told them. I put my hotel bill of 380.00 on my card and the Attempted Wal-Mart purchase so far and you lock my account.I waited they called my house and I need o reference number they left on my voice mail I try explaining how can I give u a number when I’m not home I’m stuck in Georgia without a credit card and I gave notice I was travelling. Will be closing both of my American Express accounts when I return home. This is Horrible and some Bull—

  116. I recently acquired a Gold Card for my business and after looking at the AMEX website and saw the pay over time option, I bought a camera. When I tried to activate the pay over time option, I was told that was by invite only. I asked to transfer to my personal Gold card (zero balance but allowed to pay over time), I was told not possible. I suggested to the rep that they ought to eliminate the link to pay over time if it isn’t a valid option. He indicated that it was to “apply” for the privilege. This contradicts his earlier statement of invite only. I’ve had an AMEX card since 1979 but that is going to end very shortly. Can’t begin to express my frustration.

  117. I am in Europe, and have been for almost three months. Amex apparently supplies no means for “Customer Service” to its cardholderrs except by 1-800 calls, which my phone does not make. Is there no email address to lodge an immediate complaint about a serious matter? It appears that I must instead email my office and have it contact you by U.S.Mail. My complaints should have been remedied WEEKS ago. See. e.g., your letter of 08/09, Reference No. Z051845, which totally ignores the facts underlying my complaint. EMAIL ME PLEASE. Donald R. Kunz

  118. I have tried several toimes this morning and even talked with a rep from India and he couldn’t figure out how I could set up an online account and be able to view it.

  119. URGENT
    I have lost my card and cannot get through to a rep in the US. If you cannot answer the phone in the US, then I will take my business elsewhere.

  120. can you please give me an address of an office that i can go to and talk to a representative face to face about the credit card issue i am having. your fraud department has done nothing for me and over the phone is very AGGRAVATING.
    my zip code is 08724.
    thank you
    charles marvin

  121. Your Customer service is virtually nonexistent. I don’t understand why I have to search all over your website to obtain my current statement. I think you need to hire some school kids to run your website.

  122. Dear Concern,

    My Self Bharath Kumar Adam,
    Recently we got a CIBIL Report from the CIBIL desk In that there is an outstanding showing for amex credit card, we don’t have aware of the Particular outstanding even though we are ready to make an outstanding to hitting out from my CIBIL contacted amex customer care center but they asking credit card number but I have no credit card number to provide to you.

    So that kindly help me in this Regarding. If needed any information & personal details am ready to provide to you.
    Contact me in this regarding on my mobile num :

  123. I am not a member and have never had an American Express credit card. However, in the last few days I have received repeated emails in reference to suspicious activity on my American Express card and asks that I validate that purchase by logging on to a web sight. However, because I suspect that this is a SCAM I have not opened any of the emails but I did thing you would appreciate knowing this fact, if you did not already.

  124. I recently was contacted to get the SPG card after not having it for over 7 years. I was offered 25K bonus points to sign up for the card again. I was hesitant as I have a couple of cards that I routinely used. I signed up and confirmed that I wold get the points and there were no strings attached. I put over $37K on the card in 5 weeks. If that is not the type of activity they want on a go forward basis, I will take my business back to Citibank or someone else.

  125. To whom it may concern:

    Please see the correspondence below. I expected better customer service form Amex than what I have received both via phone and now chat. Again, I ask is there anyone that can help me with this issue rather than dismiss my concern?

    Thank you,

    Jerry: Hello. Thank you for your interest in American Express. How may I assist you with your new card application today?
    you: I just applied for an AMEX on Friday and now have an offer today for 50,000 bonus miles instead of the 30,000 from Friday. I called in regarding this and was given a 3,000 mile bump but I really feel it is poor marketing/customer service to send out this 50,000 mile offer 2 days after I signed up for a lower amount of mileage and not honor the 50,000. Is there someone that can help me with this issue?
    Jerry: You can call Customer Service once you receive your card. The mailing you received was probably in the process of being mailed to you for several weeks. The timing was bad. Sorry.

  126. I had a very positive interaction, when I called to dispute a charge on my bill. Then I received a letter from AmericanExpress, with a dispute #. I attempted to follow the letter and email, however not able to complete. Kept asking for PIN, don’t have……….I don’t want to call and go thru all this again. I sent an email to the hotel, and to expedia. American Express…….don’t make it easy.

  127. American Express is on notice that as of Thursday that Caravan Hotel Properties LLC, located in Orlando FL, authorized representative being Anshu Jain is now in default for a false dispute placed against our Company. We have also been informed that AMEX has assisted in this situation in removing funds from other businesses with contractual agreements with this company. The minute they said dispute, AMEX ran and assisted him doing a possible crime. I would ask that you review your clients history, liens have been placed upon his property. We need an email to have our attorney contact AMEX.

  128. I was contacted about a week ago, in regards to my Amex gold business credit card, this was in regards to my x-business card partner. Mr. Arthur Deskos.

    I was fist notified on September 0f 2015,I explained to the person that I had cancelled that card over a year ago, and I was not responsible for the amount
    charged, by my X partner had charged and the last payment was in made in the
    MAY 02 2015, and why did you wait until Septmber when I was notified by a collection agency. And they canceled my three personal credit cards. What happen to all of my credits that I acquired over the years; some of those cards
    when back to 1989. if you checked, They also knocked my FICA score from 834
    down to 741. If they checked they would have seen that I paid all my credit cards
    on time and never was late. I belive I was used as a scape goat I’ve being used to cover up some ones mistake.

    John R. Intinarelli

  129. “Dear HIPOLITO DIAZ:
    American Express would greatly appreciate your feedback. Our records indicate that you recently contacted American Express about your personal card on September 25, 2015.”
    Subject of my call one week ago had to do with a letter dated May 14, 2015 stating that ”due to a technical error, we were unable to issue… Reward Dollars at the time you earned them. You will see these Reward Dollars reflected on your account.” Because I did not see any such reflection on my account I phoned Friday noon New York time, 9/25 and reached the Philippines call center. The person was able to verify no credits had been posted but was unable to explain why. Looking for a way to get further help I asked for a supervisor; after waiting on hold for several minutes, the person explained the supervisor was not available, “helping other clients”, but promised, on a recorded line I‘m sure, a return call within 24 hours. That was a week ago. No return call. I need someone to help me understand what is going on, and will contemplate other measures to get your attention. Please acknowledge. Thank you.

  130. I have many times calls from you .But I havesevere hearing problem,so I can’t
    answer your phone sorry.I want to tell that I had sent you a moneyorder $167.o0
    to you on 09/26/15,and Ihad sent you $137.00 onOct.2 by bankof anerica online
    banking from my checking scount.So I want to know are there still T due you?and can I begain to use my tow anericanexpresscards?please answer me as soon as possible.Thankyou from kailok fung

  131. today 10/02/2015 I made to contacts to you rewards service . The first call at the very beginning I was told that American express had a low redemption of 1/2 cent per point. I then believed that American expressed reduced it from 1 cent. I then proceeded to redeem 5000 points for 25$ American express gift card. I’ve usually redeem for a red lobster or olive garden gift card which has always been 1 cent per point. but after first being told your points are only 1/2 cent I bought an American express thank you card. Why was I deceived?

  132. If I already have an American Express (cash) card not True Priviledges, could I link my membership with it? Do I do that with Costco or American Express? Would I need to open a new American Express Account?

  133. I attempted to obtain Proof of Purchase of a Tennis Club voucher from the Prospect Park Tennis club in Brooklyn. I wasn’t sure if it was from 2009 or 2010.
    Two of your representatives told me (by phone) that I would not be able to retrieve information that far back. Fortunately, I tried one more time, and
    this time the rep told me she would mail out my statements from both years!
    I am happy to say the payment I was looking for was there! I have always been pleased with the service from Amex, and wish I knew the name of the rep who
    helped me, so I could personally thank her!

  134. I have tried for the last month to speak with someone of authority at American Express unsuccessfully. I must say that American Express has the worst customer service of any credit card company that I have ever dealt with. Not only are the reps rude, they are downright disrespectful. They do NOT answer questions and always have an EXCUSE, instead of a SOLUTION. If I do NOT hear from someone other than a “Customer Service Rep” or “Cust. Svc Mgr”, I will be closing my 2 personal accounts and my business account where my partner and I spend between $5,000 – $20,000 a month. My issues are so simple and I should have not spent over 5 HOURS on hold waiting for assistance. The fact that you do NOT have any reps in the United States is very troubling. These reps over seas might technically “speak” English, but they do NOT understand English and that is why I can never receive adequate assistance and have my problems resolved. If I am not important enough to receive a phone call from someone of authority or an Executive, then I will be closing all 3 of my accounts. I am not going to continue to frustrate myself because nothing seems to change or get better. Maybe you should change the name of your company to “Asian Express”. Call me crazy…I am not comfortable with speaking about my personal finances and needs with someone in India or Asia.

    Your reps also do NOT give out any way to contact their Supervisors. They always say that their supervisors “are busy doing other things and cannot take your phone call”. Then I ask for an email address and all that I am offered is the main mailing address for American Express. This company used to be a class organization and be for the Elite. It is now just another credit card company. I have been a Member since 1991. It’s very sad that I have to send in emails like this that will NEVER be answered.

  135. Are our cards linked as Darlene’s card ends in 94011 and Jack”s ends in 94003?I just got a letter from you with 3316 s PA street in stead of 3316 s pennsylvania does that make a difference? We try to keep bills paid but no place via the computer can we find total amounts paid currently, total bills owed, a running balance and current card benefit amount. Hope you can help. Peace, Jack and Darlene Carpenter

  136. TO ALL:


  137. Possibly the worst customer service ever. I have been hung up on when asked to talk to supervisors to handle my concerns. I have been trying to resolve late fees that were charged to my account when my payment occurred on the same day for months. Please contact me to resolve this issue.

  138. When I try to log one It says to call customer service. I have just spent 35 minutes with people in India. It ended when I was told I needed to provide a 3 digit code from the back of card after supplying the 4 digit on the front. I was told I may need a magnifying glass. Really! Just send my bill by mail, I’ll no longer deal with American Express on line and I’m done with the Indian customer service.

    Lousy customer service

  139. Reference Dispute # Z215868 acct ending 71003

    Thanks, Ax side of the issue, not the customer.

    Will cancel our future Hdg flight and hotel accomdations this date.

    No wonder Ax lost the Costco account.

  140. I just wasted 40 minutes waiting for help. Transferred three times, to be told I could not be helped because the area that needs to speak to me closed. Told to “call tomorrow”.
    So much for being a “member” since 1985.
    Such poor service over the last few years. Disappointing. I’m going to cut my cards and stop using them. Guess I’ll give someone else my $450 card fee and $6,000 in interested.

  141. Your representative Lisa helped me purchase a ticket to go visit my family for Christmas. She was courteous and patient and also persistent, following through for me on special needs I have for the flight. I greatly appreciated her assistance.


    Brittany Cullins
    Nov 6 (4 days ago)

    to spoof, IR, ashwini.gupta, michael.j.onei., michael.oneill, joshua.g.silve., joshua.silverm., mark.gordon, mark.d.gordon, paul.d.fabara, kenneth.Chenau., laureen.e.seeg., me, Kenneth.I.Chen., toby.williard, ConsumerProtec., consumer.compl.
    Good Morning,

    I am a prepaid card holder for your American Express Serve Card issued by American Express Centurion Bank Account # 3727-412424-68196 and have enjoyed your services until I was became a victim of fraud with a Foreign Company in the United Kingdom. On November 5, 2015, I checked my account balance and realized that there were 6 transactions made within a 24 hour period without my authorization or knowledge. Upon researching the companies that stole nearly $300.00 from my account, I discovered that all 3 companies are from the United Kingdom. My card has never left my purse and I do not make purchases online at all. After several phone calls to report the fraudulent activity to both the Customer Service and the Account Protections Departments I STILL DO NOT HAVE A CASE NUMBER FOR THE INVESTIGATION! I am reaching out to you in order to help expedite the fraud report and to get an immediate resolution in this matter. I am very shocked and disappointed that a “FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE” was not a red flag to your customer service department. Even after I called to filed a complaint nothing was done. My card was not suspended, I was not offered a new card to be expedited and an official compliant to start the investigation was not started. As of today, there is still no Case Number for me to reference when I call for status on my account. American Express has been one of the most trusted Financial Institutions for years until now and I must say that I am absolutely horrified at the lack of security, urgency and fraud prevention of your customer service team. I have contacted your counterparts at length to no avail. None of these Merchants can produce and LEGAL INFORMATION THAT I AUTHORIZED THESE CHARGES.

    Brittany Cullins

  143. We purchased 50 business gift cards in October 2014. We asked for a refund of 23 gift cards in November 2014. I have been in contact with AMEX customer service for A YEAR for a $1,100 refund! No one is able to give me any information, I am constantly given the wrong number to call, I have sent letters to the prepaid solutions team and heard NOTHING BACK EVER.
    Worst experience ever and I am still not refunded $1,100.

  144. hello, I’m having the worst experience to open a new account even though I have been with AMEX for 10 years. My application is with the high security group for a week and I’m not getting any status about my application. I have called customer service multiple times, and have been directed 5-6 times and at the end got disconnected with any resolution, this is after spending 30 minutes on the phone waiting to get to the right ‘freaking’ place. I fail to understand that why the new accounts team or high risk team is not proactively contacting me if they’ve any questions. Why i being a customer have to follow-up on one simple application multiple times. Please respondback to me with resolution ASAP otherwise im going to close my account with AMEX.

    My application number is Ref: 20153086008137USD

    Fahd Aslam

  145. I recently phoned your 800 number to request info on my new card. To get to talk with “A REAL PERSON REPRESENTATIVE” I had to listen to too many options via a machine. The one thing I used to like about American Express for the almost 40 years I have been with you is that one usually got a real person to talk with right off the bat. That is not saying the person whom I talked with was not very nice and knowledgeable , but IT WAS THE MANNER ON HOW I GOT TO THIS PERSON. When and why did American Express go to this automated system? Talking with a real person right away, always set American Express ahead of all the other credit cards. It gave your company some class. Now you are just like all other credit card companies.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ron Zarn
    acct. Number

  146. First, let me say that your phone representatives are very considerate, helpful, and know their job very well. It is the process by which an American Express Card holder has to go thru to talk with such a person. Instead of asking for multiple responses, give the caller the option immediately of talking with a real, live representative

  147. Hello
    My card number is 3778 707310 74101
    I did my payment from online bank account plz assist on this issue from your side I still receiving message that u didn’t made payment I can send also reception to you plz assist thanks

  148. Hi i got a mail saying there is some mismatch in the name.let me know the contact number for the concern person to whom i have to talk

  149. This is now the worst company ever. You closed our account the day before payment was due, you only have a 14 day window from closing to due date we paid over 11 thousand dollars to you this month and would like our reward points once we pay off the closed account in January. In fact, we want them now. Our account number (main holder) ends in 5009–We are done–cyber fraud was all over this account and no one cared. You paid an unauthorized charge even after you said we were not responsible for it and no one cared. Give is our rewards pints and we are gone–and we have an excellent credit record and FICO score, so all of the excuses for closing our account are simply not true.

  150. In the last 3 days you have managed to turn this 30 year old customer into an enraged driven consumer who fights against corruption for a living. You do not have the right to suspend any charges “after one day past due on an account”. That came out of the mouth of one of your third world Indian reps I had to deal with the other day. Matter of fact, I had to deal with four of them and then 3 from the Phillipines. In all, it took hours with no result but more frustration and unprofessional representation from your $3.00 per hour assistance because you do not want to hire capable American employees at standard hourly rates. You do not value loyalty from your customers. You do NOT know how to treat your customers but to speak over them with rudeness and insensitivity. I have documented all my communications with your company reps and will use that documentation with all your veil threats of harassment and intimidation to suspend my accounts to all government entities that govern you. I will also take these recordings and go viral on social media. I’m a consultant and wrote for Amex. Think I’ll write another but this one will not paint a good light for Amex. It’s coming back full circle to you. I’d duck if I was you.

  151. I want to cancel my application for your Blue Credit Card but cannot contact anyone…. All I get is recordings. Please tear up my credit card application!

  152. I have been trying for (4) day to have this issue addressed,
    1, Chat with Ross on line,he is not sure what day of the week it is
    2. Another young lady,It will be taken care of by Friday,that was last Friday
    3.Spoke to a supervisor, rude beyond words,We have 90 days to resolve this issue call by then.
    On 12/11/2015 i went on line to Wal Mart .com and made a purchased of $35.97
    The offer was purchase $35.00 get credit of $15.00.
    As you can see from my account I did as instructed. However for some reason it still saying pending and not posted. My problem is not one person wants to address the issue ,just tell you something to get you off the line.. The supervisor was by far, the poorest example of customer service I have seen in my 50+ years with AMEX..

    Not sure why this is so hard, could someone with a little knowledge please look into this issue

  153. Re: American Express Travel
    We booked flights in August including seat assignments. Row 19. Now we are seated in row 40 which is totally unacceptable. I called AMEX and got no help
    for something I feel you are responsible for. I called Air France and they claim
    you need to make a change. We need to be near the front and not in middle seats. We have used AMEX travel before without this problem or direct airlines for that matter.Never in all our travels have the seats been reassigned without notification.
    This is the last time I will use AMX Travel and will encourage others to do the same. I have lost trust in American Express Travel.
    Trip ID. 1924-0575

  154. Totally unacceptable service by American Express! They even lie to customers to get them off the phone! Ordered Gift Cards for Christmas and they can’t even get them out for the date necessary. Told this am they would be here before the end of business today. It’s 9PM. Called to ask where they are. Guy in India told me they haven’t even been created yet! Incredible that the man this am that the Corporate office put me in touch with out and out lied. Canceling my credit card after 14 years. Thanks for nothing American express. Notice not capitalized!

  155. I ordered $100.00 gift American Express card online and it never got to it’s
    destination. I called repeatedly but always got someone who insisted they will send out another card 10 days after my intended purpose of buying it for Christmas. I can almost scream with disappointment. I thought American Express was very reliable. You need to get a tracking system in place or better packaging, incognito perhaps so no one can steal it. I want results because I fear I may lose out twice.
    Patricia Calvelli

  156. Dear Nice People at American Express:

    -Could write more. Thanks for being so helpful.
    -More people/ services ought to take your card.

    – A dispute for about $10.86 from amazon (Amy Orlando- card holder).
    -Might be a e-bay/ other refund, not certain.
    (Maybe that will be returned to me).
    – I care about many issues, and have helped in many many ways.

    Thanks again/ gracias/sorry. Have a Nice and& Safe Day.

  157. to American express, have a gold business card, credit score of 753 ,and went on line and applied for a everyday blue card and was declined,i think it is going to affect my score.verry disappointed.

  158. I just got off the phone with ‘Alan’ of American Express customer service. It may have been that ‘Alan’ was a non-US native speaking person, but I would like to comment that this customer service call was the RUDEST and most indignant call that I have EVER had with American Express. I had called after having received a letter from AMEX stating that I was making late payments and my interest rate would now be the penalty rate of 29.49%. I called to ask why this was being done and was told it was because my online payment wasn’t done until 1/4/16 and was due on 1/2/16. I explained the payment was made on 1/4, due to the New Year’s holiday, then I was given a long and very rude lecture on why this and that…at which point I told ‘Alan’ that if this was the way AMEX was going to do business, I would payoff the account, close the account and cut up the cards, never doing any further business with AMEX, after 30+ years. ‘Alan’ then went through the motions of trying to soothe my ruffled feathers saying that he would fix the late fee and penalty APR situation, but then went into ANOTHER RUDE lecture on why it was ‘the computer’ and my fault for not setting up a different due date, among other things.

    In all the time I have dealt with AMEX, I have never had to put up with this treatment. If this is to be the ‘new normal’ for your company, I will have to review my future needs to see if I continue any relations with American Express.

    Thank you.

  159. In my opinion, I feel American Express is one of the biggest losers. I would not do business with them. I happen to give a courtesy call to them since I was handling transactions on behalf of a family member. Never in a million years would they get my money!!!! They were so uncooperative. I hope they will go out of business.

  160. What has happened to your platinum customer service. I have been trying all day (six times) to talk to someone to help me with a trip to Europe and i have been cut off several time and also have spoken to an inept service staff.

    Your service agents have been absolutely awful…..This is so sad since I have been a loyal member since 1967.

  161. On my latest statement,I incurred a $ 75 late fee and interest which is crazy high.
    As long term Costco/American Express holder,you have made it easy to drop your card .



  163. Applied for the Delta card but can’t get it activated. Call customer service and can’t get ahold of anyone, keep getting automated responses and tell me that the information I received from American Express is incorrect. Been a waste of time.

  164. Merchant number 1422269217
    I called today to request information about a case I submitted on January 14th, unfortunately the lady with name Jennifer Tradup does not have any Customer service skills. I called later, because the conversation with this Lady was not good and then without problem another Lady named Hope F provided me the information to easily and without any problem
    Hope you can get better personnel to solve customer inquires

    Fabiola V

  165. After experiencing some frustration with your travel system being down for several days, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Martha Terrell in your Platinum Travel Service group to make some travel arrangements. What a delight!! She is the epitome of outstanding customer service! Remarkable in being able to help us get difficult travel arrangements during a very busy time of the year (spring break!). Delightful personality, looked for alternative routing and pricing, and helped update both my husband’s and my travel profiles. Thanks you for having such an amazing person in your travel group!

  166. December 4 AT&T*BILL PAYMENT 41 $139.23
    Additional Information: DALLAS TX48439104092 800-288-2020
    Reference Number: 320153400877048979


  167. I am contacting you in regards to my credit card ending 81001. When I enrolled in the program, I was advised that there wouldnt be an annual fee for the first year. Of course, you billed me $75 and no one at the customer service number can wait it. I am asking you, as a courtesy to waive the fee, or I will cancel the card and cease doing business with American Express.


    George Torosian

  168. On Sunday, 31 January, I reported a lost credit card. The place that I last used the card reported that no credit card had been turned in.

    The following day I received a phone call from my waitress at that location who also processed my charge. She informed me that I had left my credit card on the counter when I signed the charge slip in he midst of heavy traffic and rushed transactions.

    Although such happens frequently, there is no excuse for my carelessness.

    I shall retrieve the lost credit card this coming Saturday and shall destroy it since a replacement card is on the way.

    I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused and am deeply appreciative of the prompt action to replace my missing credit card.

    Cordially yours,


  169. I would like to know why American Express Charges My Am, Express credit card
    for AOL services every month? Please Reply. Janet Moore. thank you..

  170. What the hell is happening to this company…I have been a member since 1984…Longer then any of your company officers…But withing the last 2 months I have never been SO DISAPPOINTED with AMEX Gold Card…1) I get my new card with the chip in it…I go into Wal-Mart and fill a cart up with goods…I get to the counter and stick your card it and IT DOESN’T WORK! Talk about embarrassing…I hear all kinds of comments but the one I loved best was “Why don’t you get a card from a real company old man?”…Had to walk out empty handed as I only HAVE AMEX cards (Gold and Blue)…2) I got to your page to enter new phone number data and my office number has changed…Let me remind you this is not a required field…I keep blanking it out and it keeps putting in the old number…Since it is not a required field why do I have to put a number in?…3) I am logged in and I click “Contact us” and nothing…I was trying to spare me ripping into one of your customer service reps as I am totally infuriated…So I actually have to do a search on the net and now my business is displayed to the world…But I did have a solution…Signed up on Credit Karma and got and offer from Capitol One…In 3 days I have a new Capital One Venture Card…Now if you look up my accounts you will see I had completely paided off your cards…Now every time I walked into a store by habit I always grab my AMEX but unfortunately all I can think of is the last embarrassing time I tried to use it and have no idea if the chip works in it so I use my Capitol One Venture Card…32 years with the same card and this is how it ends up…

  171. platinum customer, have tried with amex and publisher time to get off direct mail and marketing lists for departures for years. no luck again with publisher time yesterday after 40 min wait time. no luck again with amex customer services, just a ritual humiliation where i was asked for social security card info–just no–and then refused to correct mail/mktg lists because i am not the lead holder even though my husband has previously authorized this. and, if so, then why was i asked for ssn anyway? i keep our presence on lists to a minimum and other companies are happy to do so, no fuss, no third degree. finally, two tweets have gone unanswered. any interest?

  172. Hello,

    I’m currently on vacation in the Caribbean with no phone service. As you do not provide an option to email customer service, I’m using this forum. There is a pending charge of $9.57. I wish to decline this charge. Thank you.
    Kevin Clark

  173. Recently I cancelled my Amex Gold,but wondered if I may be elligible for your Delta airlines card.Please le t me Know and send me an application.Thank You.

  174. I used my Amex after checking that I still was enrolled in the pay over time option. When I say my statement the charge was due in full, no option for pay over time. So I looked again after signing into my account and under account management it still said that I was enrolled “pay in full or over time, the choice is yours” so I got customer service and the first rep said she saw what I did and put me on hold to check it out. Then I got put back in the que and another rep picked up, I explained I was already on hold and eventually got disconnected. I called again and after waiting on hold for a supervisor from a different department who I was told could make the adjustment, I was eventually told that nothing could be done and my pay over time option was actually suspended in 2011. Even though it is still showing available on my screen American Express has no intent on standing by the information provided when I log into my account. This is ridiculous, if they had provided proper information that reflected the suspension I never would have made the charge. Now I have to come up with this money. TWO THUMBS DOWN AMEX – I will be closing this account as soon as I pay this off.

  175. I am off the phone with a customer service agent in order to redeem rewards cash..! The agent asked me to get on the computer to receive an e’mail and read it back to him…! Never was asked before..!
    When I had started the laptop and was going to get on line, he told me that he had opted out…! that was the end of our communication…!!
    there must be a better way to get a lousy $ 25 credit than going to all this hoopla and end up with no result…!
    I don’t need your card this badly and I am thinking of switching brand…!

  176. something is wrong in your “so-called” customer service !
    I reported on a problem over the phone to try to collect some rewards cash..with an operator who cancelled the communication..!
    I have been trying for a half hour to open an account on line and avoid the “human touch” …to no avail…! the one time number issued by e’mail does not last long enough to complete the registration process…and then, after I tried 3 times the whole thing was locked…! now , I am told to go back to the phone…!!
    what a dumb, stupid system for this simple task..!
    you know, I have M/C, VISA and DISCOVER (accepted everywhere) so I really don’t need your outfit’s card (not even accepted in many places)…
    If, as I suspect, you ignore my problem I will cancel your card before next month statement…
    advise ASAP of a solution for the above fiasco..!

  177. Unfortunately, my checking account was compromised recently and I had to establish a new account. I always use AutoPay to pay for my monthly balance. So, I went onto the American Express site that I use regularly. I went to the AutoPay section and updated my new account for payment (the EXACT same way I did on all of my other bills). However, the next balance stayed with the old account information and the account was returned and I had a $27.00 charge. I was confused how this happened, so I used the chat feature online. (Big waste of time. After 10 minutes, I gave up. Overseas help desks simply don’t understand.) So, today I waited on hold for 7 minutes, waited with one agent for 10 minutes, then transferred to another agent. She informed me that AutoPay must be re-enrolled in this situation. The site does not say this and based on the way that all of my other bills are done, this was not the way it worked. I was basically told to pound sand. I decided to forfeit my award dollars and cancel both of my Amex cards. The agent had no problem cancelling the accounts in less than 5 minutes (the most efficient task in my entire conversation). ! I am SO disappointed in American Express. I thought that they were a reputable company, but their customer service shows otherwise. I will definitely share with everyone I talk to about my experience. In summary: inaccurate website, poor customer service.

  178. American Express are complete fraudsters. You cannot cash in (or use) their travellers cheques in NYC n USA. On their website they give you a list of banks and travel agents that will. This is NOTbtrue. This is a con and I will do everything in my power to unmask them. Do not buy them. Do not have anything to do with them. Fraudsters.

  179. This morning I called American Express to talk to someone about not sending my husband any more cards and NOT activating his card that he just received. As it turned out, I was not able to talk with anyone, everything was automated and they actually activated his card! It is very frustrating to say the least!! He is disabled and does not use credit cards, I do all business for us!

    I have my own American Express card which is current. I would like for you to please DEACTIVATE his card and do not send him anymore! – RAY BAUGUS.

    I have always enjoyed doing business with American Express and plan to continue to do so.

    Also, it would be nice if you have another option on your phone to be able to speak to a Customer Service Rep!! I got to one place that said press “0”, but then after less than a minute, I was cut off!

    Thank you for your time in this matter.

    Anita F. Baugus

  180. Cannot set up my account . I forgot the password I used when I prepared my taxes. I have received the card in the mail and now my card number or something is frozen and blocked. Ineed to be able to get my money when IRS post’s it to my card.

  181. My account has been under a financial have asked for forms to be filled out witch I have done and faxed them 6 times now. When will this be resolved. We have never missed a payment or have been late.

    Rebecca Bruno

  182. I would like to speak with the Head of Technology about an invention that would make American Express the final authority on RFID Protection Technology. Please contact me i have the Patent Pending and i guarantee there is NOTHING like this on the market. I, GUARANTEE YOU WILL LIKE THIS.

    Sidney Hardman

  183. I hold a Platinum Card and two other Amex cards, the gold and the Starwood also and have been customer since 1969. I’ve always appreciated dealing with Amex and felt that the $450 fee was good value.
    However in recent years I have found the following:
    1. You have made many of the international offices franchise officers, and I can no longer get the local currency by writing a check.
    2. Even they charge a fee to cash an Amex travelers check, so I quit carrying travelers checks. I have a small local bank that charges me no fee to use my ATM card when I need cash up to $500 a day when I travel.
    3. The hotels under the Platinum program are fine hotels, but 9 out of 10 times I can make a direct booking and get a better price, and have the same breakfast included, or if I don’t get breakfast the room rate was so much different that I could afford to pay for my own breakfast and still save.
    4. The insurance for purchases made is a very appreciated service and coverage, as well as the international business class 2 for 1 upgrade .

    However except for these few amenities I am beginning to question the value of paying the high fee each year as it appears the visa card now also has concierge services. I’ve enjoyed dealing with American Express and hope that you will improve on the Amenities instead of cutting back on them.

  184. On the 9 March everything fell apart. I suspect I was trapped by a phishing e-mail posing as one from American Express, and claiming that the last five digits on my AmX card were changed. When I tried to log on, I was informed that my User ID and password were incorrect. I still cannot log on. I always pay my bills online, but I could not have done so had I not also requested paper billing (for computer outages). Routine e-mails from AmX still bear the true last five digits of my account (-16008). My repeated phone calls to AmX were a mess because I have a severe hearing disability; as a result I do not know what is happening! If this is not rectified soon, I have no choice but to end my 46-year agreement with AmX. I need help — and quickly! Please help me untangle this mess! Thank you!
    Barbara N Burkett
    3004 Courtland Drive
    Shelby NC 28152

  185. Since it is so hard to find an email address for American Express to send a complaint to, I assume this will not be read or responded to.

    I have a Disney rewards card which I have had for many years. Pay my bill every month in full. The credit limit is over $11k.

    Since my youngest is now 26, no grandkids yet, and we went to Disney last year, I decided to get a different card which would give me yearly benefits rather than every 4 or 5 years. I selected the AMEX preferred card. I was surprised when I was informed that my credit limit would be only $2k. Last year I spent almost $24K with my Disney card, almost $2k per month. This of course is an average, some months more, some months less. I am going on vacation shortly for 3+ weeks and did not want to be at a hotel or in a restaurant and not be able to use my AMEX card because I was over the limit.

    I requested a credit increase and was denied. I pay my bill every month in full; have not had a late payment in many years; have a credit rating well over 800; have other cards with limits of $11k, $10k and $8k; everything is paid every month.

    Needless to say, I will never be doing business with AMEX again.


  186. If I am having trouble getting wifi internet, I can not acces site to send email. I can’t call either. Website asks for a code they say will be sent but never is. Asked several times. No way to reach AmEx until I find someone who will let me use phone for international call.

  187. Ref. My latest AE statement

    Please be advised that being overseas is not easy to follow up my email. However, AE has been notified that I’ll be back home around mid May, and that – for the best of my recollection – I have paid a full payment before the 15th of March, and that I ‘all not be using my card while overseas. And that there has been a dispute for unrecognized charges of approx. $62 twice on my previous statement which has been recorded with your Customer Service Rep., earlier.

    Your acknowledgement is appreciated.

  188. About 2 weeks ago, I was not able to get online to pay a bill on time due to a change in your password requirement. I called your representative to reset the password and waive the $35 penalty. The representative promised to waive the $35 penalty but the credit never showed up on my account. I called again today
    2016.04.01 but your representative refused to help me waive the $35 penalty.
    I have been an American Express customer for a long time and was not happy
    that the penalty was not waived. I am again asking you to waive the $35 penalty
    Thank you.

  189. hello :

    I am a American Express user , I come here to complain a problem.

    I canceled my phone Number in America before I left America . Now I can’t login AE online because when I login ,it must ask me to input authentication key by text or phone vioce . I have already canceled my phone in America, so I can’t login online to solve my account business ,include pay off my AE credit card .

    so please tell me how to login American Express online .

    thank u .

    Danny Tian

  190. Amex – I am writing to your about my disappointment in your customer service. The call was picked up by an associate with the name of Scott on 4-5-16 at approximately 2:00 pm. I asked him for his ID# and he said it was 163303. To sum things up, Scott was very rude and impolite to me when I asked him for redemption of my rewards from my card. He asked me, “What rewards”? So I had to explain that it is the % cash back that is offered by Amex. He then said in a rude tone, well it was mail to you back in February with your statement. I told him that I never received it, and requested for him to check to see if it was ever redeemed. He said “No”. So I had to ask him to re-mail it back to me. He then told me in a mean way that ” If Amex have to mail it back to me twice, they will need to charge me”. I said that I understand, but I never received the first one, which is why i had to call to request for the redemption. He then said to me, ” well, just to let you know, in case you threw it away in the trash or something, we will need to charge you after the second time.” I told him that he was not polite to me as a customer service rep, and that I will be writing to Amex to advise of his manner. He then got more upset, and said “Tell me how I was rude to you? What did I say that was rude to you”? Honestly, it wasn’t what he said. It was how he said things to me and in the tone he spoke with me. That’s what makes the difference when trying to keep loyal customers.

  191. I had a dispute with BEENVERIFIED – i paid them $22.86 one time and deducted payment to American Express for the second billing. I wrote them, told them I was unhappy with paying for nothing and I received an email stating they were refunding $68.58.

    Gad, these people need help. I told them they would make me happy if they refunded the $22.86 – but that is all I want.

    Martha Pfister

  192. I had a chat with someone a few days ago and he responded immediately and knowledgeably. I had asked if the promotion for changing from amex gold to premier card specified that if i spend $1000 within three months I would be getting 15,000 points. He said I would and that the points would be added automatically. I think that I have now paid over $1000 but the 15,000 points are not showing on my account.

  193. I need to know what my balance is as I have misplaced my statement
    My husband has been very sick lately. I am working very hard to get my finances in order.

  194. I wonder why Amex can send a bill to me every month but is incapable of sending a PIN which will enable me to do a cash advance while in Europe. I have tried for 30+ days to get a PIN and still it doesn’t come. I have been told repeatedly that a PIN can only be obtained by going through the automated system and then the PIN will be mailed. Guess what? That absolutely does not work. When calling customer service, everyone is oh so nice and oh so sorry, but they cannot do anything. I can do a complete refinance of my mortgage via a secure online link, why can’t Amex do the same thing for PINs? I’m so over them. At least I have another card with a PIN — gee, that took all of 2 minutes to get. Screw you American Express.

  195. I put this on Facebook-One of the worst customer service stories happened to my father-in-law, today. This 85 year old man lost his wife of over 60 years, just 3 months ago. He called American Express to have his wife’s name removed as primary card holder. He was rudely told NO and that they would have to cancel the entire account and issue a new card. Once the poorly trained CS rep found out the card was attached to Costco, he became a first class rude, demeaning sarcastic, heartless jerk. (Costco will no longer be issuing AE cards) My father-in-law asked what would happen to the numerous points he and his wife had earned. The AE rep relied,”you don’t get the points”. My father-in-law said to just forget about their conversation. The rep said, Too bad, you already told me about your wife’. To add insult to injury, my father-in-law is struggling with a recent diagnosis. Shame on American Express.

  196. Bye bye American Express, I’ve had my gold card for a long time, always paying my bill in full well before due date. I’ve used it exclusively, but now I get $95.00 renewal charge. I called to see if they would waive the renewal fee, and was told no we can’t do that. So they’re will to let a customer who spends over $10,000 a year over $95.00. Poor customer service, but great for my new card company!

  197. I am writing to you in disappointment with my recent interaction with AMEX customer service representative on 5/2/2016 at 9:58AM (ET). He was rude and arrogant, and hung up on me at the end of the call. Unfortunately I did not catch his name to report.

    From the beginning, he raised his tone 4 times when asking for my name. When I explained that’s my name, he just brushed off his rudeness. He then proceeded to lecturing me about my issue but offered no help.

    I hope you reviewed the recorded conversation as I am contemplating canceling my card.

  198. Called to have $50 cash back mailed to me as a check/gift card. Amex incorrectly did it as a statement credit. I called to resolve it and was treated TERRIBLY by the rep. and supervisor who refused it help me and disconnected the call! I will no longer use Amex and will tx my balance to another card. Completely unprofessional!

  199. This is to say that I will be out of the USA from May 10th to July 4th I will be in France May 10th -May 14th and May 28th-May 30th
    I will be in Turkey from May 14th -May 28th
    Italy May 30th -June 9th
    France June 9th – June 16th
    Germany June 26th – June 23 and England June 23rd to June 30 th
    Lease take note of this
    Thank You

    Marlene Bulz

  200. What customer service?I have been attempting to discuss a problem with a charge and have used every email address given by AE only to have all of them come back as failed to deliver.If your going to supply customer service at least have an email source one can use.I live outside the country where phone service on a good day is bad and Mail typically takes 15-20 days to arrive in TX.

  201. AmX failed to do a transaction 12/31/15 as promised with result that I have forever lost a tax deduction that amounts to many thousands of dollars. I have talked with AMX many times, each time I am promised that someone will listen to the conversation I had with AMX on 12/31/15 and someone will then contact me. Nothing happens and each time I call again I am told there is no record of any problem. There is a fix that involves no cost to AMX but AMX will not address the issue. I am ready to file a lawsuit. This has been ridiculously time-consuming and constitutes constructive fraud, as well as meeting the federal criteria for racketeering by AMX. I need someone from AMX to contact me.

  202. Very good at telling me how they understand but do nothing about problem. Dispute number Q618411. I was told to email but could not find an email to send to. I have spent way too much time on a $52.00 dispute. I have been with A.E. since 1976 and ready to end the relationship. American Airlines is not being reasonable about the situation. I have gone into detail several times with A.E and am tired of going over the details.

  203. I don’t know why this comment because life is great without American Express. I got a green card in 1974, then an Optima card, and a third card. Traveled the world for almost 40 years with American Express. A few years ago I got two charges for one nights lodging by Expedia through AMEX, an extra $45.64. Spent a whole year with seven AMEX reps, but never resolved. AMEX said I had to pay the $45.64. I didn’t and simply cancelled all cards and replaced them with other card companies. Member of my church told me this morning about a problem he was having with AMEX over a small disputed amount on his card. I told him about my experience and what I did to resolve it. $45.64 is still stuck in my memory about a moronic over-charge to buy a lot of bad will. Please don’t respond. I just thought the incident this morning at church meant I should say something. Love – M. Mader

  204. CSR would not discuss the account with me even though I am listed on the account.I called several times last month with no problem. I made an electronic payment on 6/2 & last night, 6/3, @8pm CDT it showed my $1600 had been received but not processed. It stated the payment would be processed in 24 to 36 hours. TODAY THE PAYMENT SHOWED THAT THE PAYMENT WAS PROCESSED ON 6/3 which is the day that my statement closes for the month. I HAVE A GRAND TOTAL OF $2.94 WHICH IS DUE BY 7/3.
    SO IN OTHER WORDS MY PAYMENT NOW SHOWS WENT THROUGH YESTERDAY SO IF I DO NOT NOTICE THAT & I DO NOT MAKE AT LEAST A $2.94 PAYMENT MY INTEREST RATE WILL GO UP & I WILL BE CHARGED A PENALTY. I am getting very tired of your procedures/difficulties with your company. Two times you have had the CHEWY.COM special where I can get $25 back if I charge at least $75 with CHEWY.COM. Both times I charged over $75 & both times I WAS NOT GIVEN THE $25 CREDIT UNTIL I CALLED & COMPLAINED. THE LAST CHEWY.COM ORDER WAS PLACED 5/10 & I DID NOT RECEIVE THE CREDIT UNTIL 6/31, 3 WEEKS AFTER THE ORDER & NUMEROUS CALLS FROM ME..

  205. my rewards credits are calculated at about 50% of actual amount.

    Gas purchases are almost never credited.

    please advise.

    an example is most recent bill. totally incorrect.

    Donald schlee

  206. To: All AMEX card holders
    From: An old guy
    * If you have a Travel Agent or similar vendor booking flights, tours for you.
    * If the agent/vendor is using a sub-vendor’s WEB site (as they usually do) to make a booking.
    * You must be PRESENT or ON THE TELEPHONE with them when they make the booking.
    * Also, wherever you are, you must have access to your email.,

    When your agent/vendor hits the SEND button, AMEX is going to send you an email with their new “SafeKey” code. Within 10 minutes, you must pass this code to your agent/vendor. Your Agent/vendor must submit this code to AMEX or the charges will be denied.

    I am old. I look at email every evening on my big screen desktop. I have a cell PHONE. It has a tiny screen. It is usually in the car and there for emergencies. It has no email – it is after all… A PHONE.

    SafeKey is new. Its intent is to lessen fraudulent charges. It is too difficult for old people and local Travel Agents.

    What will the future look like — no more small town independent travel agents — no more old people.

  207. around may 14-21 2016
    I had three $50.00 America express card of $150.00 to pay my att bill now they call me telling me they never receive the money because it was not release I went back and foruth with att and America express almost three hours that day it gave and headacke now they going to cut my service off because America express did not okay the money now I am out off $150.00 where is it I hope you repond to me before turn my service off witch my service should not be turn off because of America express mistake I do not have the three cards now after I thougth you have pay them

    dean harris

  208. American Express SUCKS!

    After years of paying my bill early, I was one day late and they turned off my card and then robo called me at 5 am. When I called them back the woman talked to me like a dog. I had to give her access to my checking account, she told me bulldung lies about when my payment is due, she was rude and insulting. If I ever treated my customers the way they treated me, I wouldn’t have any customers.
    In 2009, the US treasury bailed out American Express to the tune of 3.9 billion taxpayer dollars. If the politicians knew what a lousy company AMX is, would they have done that?
    I’m going to make sure they know…

  209. I have 3 letters stating that I will receive a call within 8 hours. Never came.

    I have held the line in excess of 15 minutes 3 times. Gave up

  210. Tried calling to close account which was connected to Costco Put on hold for long period of time, Started to speak one representative and was hung up on.. tried many times to call and speak with a rep. to no avail. This is very poor customer service.

  211. I am looking at opening up an American Express Hilton Honors Credit Card. I have had a Citi Visa card for the last 8 years. I just spent over 1 hour on hold trying to speak with a customer service rep. I’m not sure if this is any indication of how your company is run, but as a viable customer your first impression is not welcoming…

  212. Pathetic service. For days I have been calling customer service because my online payments from my bank were not credited to my account. Two payments were made, in total more than 15,000 dollars and no one at Amex knows where the money went. The payments were debited from my bank account and when I call Amex no one has an answer as to why my account was not credited by Amex. Worse, no one cares.

  213. To Whom it May Concern,
    I have an American Express account through Costco. Although I am aware that American Express is no longer servicing with Costco, I would like to pay off the amount I currently owe to that account I had. Please let me know how I can pay the existing balance. Thank you for your assistance.

  214. After spending the last hour speaking with numerous “supervisors”, “customer service reps”, and “fraud reps” around the world, I have resorted to putting my concerns on paper. When booking a flight with Delta I was told my 60,000 promotional miles had not been credited. I then called American Express and was told I already had a Delta SkyMiles American Express card in 2013. I was told it was closed in one month and showed no activity, but I am still ineligible for the promotion sent to me. I don’t recall this card nor see it on my credit report! My questions are:
    1. Why was I mailed the promotion offer if I was not eligible?
    2. Why wasn’t I told I was not eligible when I spoke to a rep when I called in to activate the card? He told me of all my benefits plus the 60,000 miles!!
    3. Why am I getting vacation information regarding using the miles I have earned?
    4. How is American Express going to fix the hit on my credit score for opening up this account?
    5. There are numerous other cards offering airline miles. My credit score is over 800. Why keep this one with awful out-sourced service, fraudulent marketing practices, and reneges on promotional offers?

  215. I have tried all day to log on to my amx blue to make a payment I can not I just need to log on to use points and payment to pay this can you please help Why has it got so hard to do?

  216. Dispute Reference No. LTW8394 –Gentlemen, I have now written you three times regarding an issue with my Delta Brand Amex Platinum Card, and received three responses, none of which addressed my one and only issue. I still need an answer as to whether or not AMEX is going to agree to allow the Companion Certificate awarded to Platinum Card Holders each year to be utilized to book the new Delta Economy seat classification? Delta has told me they are negotiating with you to allow this, but I don’t know the status. Please advise about this. The answers you sent me before did not address this issue. Thank you,.

  217. I have been trying to report a lost card.
    I am in Italy.
    Cannot reach a working number and there is email address.
    This is incredibly frustrating.

    I have been trying to report a lost card.
    I am in Italy.
    Cannot reach a working number and there is NO email address to contact customer service.
    This is incredibly frustrating.

  219. Amex sent me an email that I could get a 15.00 credit thru 8/31 if I charge
    $100.00 or more on groceries. I was prompted on a Credit card number
    and I hit the wrong card which I do not use as the blue card is better
    and I even pay an annual fee for this one and I do not for the other.
    I wanted customer service to add this to my correct card
    which they said they could not do.

    That is not too good of customer service

  220. Hi there,

    I have been your customer for years and I finally managed to recommend American Express to a friend of mine, who became a customer and forgot to mention my name and email. How should we proceed?!

  221. Dear Amex CS team,
    Thanks for your services during our association since 2010. As i do not require Amex card any further, i hereby request you to not to renew my card for next cycle. Since invoice for current renewal has already been raised by you i had no other option but to pay it but for future please do not auto renew.
    Thanks in anticipation of keeping this request as my standing instruction for not renewing my card.

    Kind Regds.
    Sanjay Pal Singh

  222. Tried calling “24 hour Customer Service ” number on back of my gold business card in the evening 3 times. After putting down all of the required information I was led to a recording ” the office is closed, please call during business hours”. Finally had to go on line to get the consumer 24 hr service which then had to connect me with the business side. Certainly not first class service.

    aaron morales is a multi-millionaire thank u

  224. As the husband of María C. Quadri, who has passed away recently, I would like to thank you for your expressions of sympathy and offer of any assistance.
    As I am myself also a Member, I will continuos my relationship with American Express as I did for the last 32 years, and appreciate so much your Letter of condolence.
    Thank you very much;

  225. My name is Randall Snyder, a member since 1971. In Jan. my computer malfunctioned and I did not receive my electronic statements. furthermore, I got my statement in Feb. when I changed computers and got charged with a late charge and an interest charge! I scheduled my payment (in full at the time) for March 6th as the deadline was March 8th. Today (March 3rd) I got a threatening letter that my account was past due and subject to being closed! Obviously my payment record and 45 year membership doesn’t matter. I am amazed at the treatment and lack of personal customer service and am disappointed in American Express as you are now in the same category with other credit cards with a marginalized treatment of members.

  226. I contacted Amex today about a flight that I booked through Amex to Vienna, Austria. There was a drop of $250 in price for the flight and I was told that Amex doesn’t have a price guarantee. The question is, why would I book through Amex if there doesn’t seem to be a benefit. The least you could do is give me points?!

  227. I am getting a very non discript e mail that proports to be from AMX. I told a rep if it is real send it via US mail. It tells us to go to our account or we will be dropped as a card user. It doesn’t tell us what account and we have to many to play look for a needle in a hay stack. I can’t copy and past but it says to recipient (no Name) Please activate your account There seems to be no way to inform you if we discover fraud. Maybe we should just use a Visa account.

  228. Amercaan express Imy name samina mir I apply for bule card since 02/23/2017 I still got any answer when I cheek my stutes they say it on posted some time say pandering and some time say it cancel

  229. Tried to use my gift card. Mary Kay says it was rejected twice. Am Ex still holding $85.20 & will not release. I can’t find anywhere to complain about the merchant who says gift card address doesn’t match?

  230. Hi, I am trying to reach you through this way, concerning a unauthorized charge from Direct TV Service of $359.01. I have left the country in early March of 2017 but the company is still charging me for a monthly basic charge as high as that much. So I have to dispute for this charge and refuse to pay the company. Please stop the charge from that company. I will pay the rest of the expenses except that particular charge. Thank you so much.

  231. 5/3/17 Marilyn
    Recently our company moved and I requested in writing a change of address on March 1st on ALL of our credit cards. I thought I was very clear. Well that was a joke. I called back to customer service after receiving our rebate check to the old address and requested via the phone call that ALL correspondence from Amex be sent to our NEW address.
    Well, that didn’t work either. I called back at the end of April to request another time for the address to be changed. Now, mind you how many times I have communicated with Amex on the address change.
    Well, believe it or not this week I have received a letter for ALL credit card accounts even the ones that are closed to indicate the Amex has changed all the address . REALLY !
    then why are the letters addressed to the old address on the letter head ?
    I am at my wits end .

  232. I had applied for the redemption of my reward point for indigo flight voucher 2 days before, but still I have not yet received my voucher. So please revert me with the same.

  233. Just cut up my wife’s American Express card after finding out you sponsor the New York play depicting the assassination of a president
    (any reasonable person would conclude it is the current president). This is shameful and does not warrant the patronage of honest Americans.
    Perhaps you may want to consider changing your corporate name to something other than “American” Express.



  235. Very disappointed with your sponsorship of the the play in Central Park. Killing the President. Shameful!

  236. AmEx SUCKS for sponsoring the sick excuse for theater – Shakespeare In The Park! Will NEVER do business with them – EVER!

    Keep an eye on what you pay for AMEX! It’s sticking to you!!

  237. Stop funding the NY Public theater. The fact that you would give them fungible monies to use for their play reenacting the assanination of our President is disgusting. I hold two accounts with American Express and have always been a fan but am calling your competitors today to make a switch.

    • I personally cut up my AMX card today and our company will no loner accept American Express as a form of payment.

  238. Do not continue funding the Theater in the Park. You would have withdrawn support if a play involved the assassination of Obama. Seriously considering cancelling my Platinum card (member since 1982)

  239. It is horrible people and companies like you that tear down the fabric of our country. I hope everyone that owns an AMEX card cancels it. How can you support such an atrocity of a play (Shakespeare in the Park) where the president of the United States gets assassinated. You are a horrid company and I hope that the good people of this country boycott you and your horrible views!!!

  240. I bet you wouldn’t have supported a version of a Shakespeare play if Obama were assassinated in it.

  241. I am shocked to find that the fees I am paying American Express are being used to pay for a play that assassinates our President? Really?? That is horrible. And yes I saw your feeble explanation that you don’t fund that play just the place and people that do it. Not even funny!

    I will not use my American Express for any purpose until that play is over. And should you fund another conservative hit job I will not use it then either. Further my office will not be accepting any American Express until this is concluded.

    Sad that a company named “American” would take such a hateful position.

    Fred Batchelder

  242. American Express funding of Shakespeare Theater in the Park is appalling! I am boycotting you and any use of your cards or services. I refuse to do business with a company that supports the sick excuse for theater.

  243. You MUST stop giving money to NY Public Theater. Do you really believe that funding a play that applauds the assassination of our President is in the public interest? Notice than nobody bought your excuse that the money doesn’t go specifically to this play. We know better about how non-profit funding works. You are paying for this frightening message. And, of course, if someone takes it to heart and actually tries to kill the President, you’ll be saying, “Hey, not our problem.” I’ll be cancelling all my business with AMEX until you stop this madness.

  244. Your continued sponsorship of the New York theatre in the park is disgusting and a deal breaker for me and my family. You have lost my business for good.

  245. American Express is as good as dead. They can’t learn their lesson from what happened with Macy’s Thank God for Karma. Ameircan EXPRESS SHAMEFUL!

  246. American Express, you sicken me. How you refuse to pull funding for a play that depicts the killing of a sitting President is beyond sick. I will never, ever use any of your products and neither will any of my family.

  247. Time to do the right thing. Stop funding hate and dissention. If there was a play where “President Obama” was lynched would you fund that company? No cause the country would be on fire. Time to be counted.

  248. I’m demanding AMEX stops funding the public theatre that depicts our president’s murder. Have you no decency ?
    If funding of this trash is not pulled in a timely fashion , I will be pulling MY funding of AMEX.
    Remember , we don’t need AMEX. AMEX needs us !!

  249. I have been an Amex customer for 30 years and am outraged that Amex continues to fund the Public Theater. Whether or not you share the President’s political views, the anti-American production of Julius Caesar in which the POTUS is murdered on stage is truly depraved. I am hoping that someone with some scruples at Amex will pull the funding. If not, I will terminate my account. Please reconsider your position. There are many fine organizations that Amex could support instead of this despicable Theater company.

  250. As a long time customer of American Express, I am disgusted that AE has not gone far enough to condemn the outrageous and offensive production of this year’s New York Shakespeare’s Public Theater production. American Express’s statement was LAME! Shame on you American Express!

  251. I never thought that I would encounter an dishonorable company. The first time you did not send another bill they removed from me a fine .But i was able to get throug hand you all settled and apologized to me.Now the same trick is being repeated ,you do not send in May a bill ,but 06.26.17 put a penalty allegedly not paid a timely manner.So,with the swindlers, I do not want to have anything in common.I,ll pay everything and demand to close my card or I will sue you in Court!

  252. They truly have the worst customer service of any organization I have encountered. No one in their call center can give you accurate information. The supervisors are as ill informed as the reps.

    The only person who I have spoken to that has any grasp of the facts was in the U.S. It took me 4 people and san hour to insist on speaking to a U.S. representative.

    Amex you should be ashamed. .

  253. I charged an item on my Amex card on 12/07/2016, and paid the bill/charge in full as soon as I received it. As of today, 07/27/2017, the merchant has not been paid. When the merchant tries to retrieve the funds from Amex, they are told that I was never billed for the charge and to bill me again. Seriously??? I have been through 8 Amex supervisors since March 2017 trying to get the matter resolved. Can’t get the same person twice and the matter is never followed up on as promised. Always told that I was billed and they can see the money sitting there waiting to be “claimed” by the merchant. When the merchant tries to “claim” it, merchant services tells them I wasn’t billed. Makes no sense. Assuming the merchant will sue me at some point for payment. Have asked Amex to give me back the charge I paid so that I can send to directly to the merchant and they say they can’t do that. No clue what to do next as Amex will not resolve the matter.

  254. Terrible. Have not been able to contact American Express. I had canceled. Just found out there is an additional charge. Keep receiving notices I own money. I
    do not want to pay for something I haven’t used. They just keep charging. Haven’t been able to talk to anyone personally. I’m very frustrated and would never recommend America Express.

  255. To whom it may concern: I am currently a American Express card holder with a business account with Lowe’s Hardware store, and have been since 2014. Recently you sent me a nasty gram telling me due to the fact that my credit score had dropped due to some personal issues that my credit line would be closed at the current balance and no longer would I be able to charge to my credit limit that you established when offering me the card. This is very disturbing to me and I’m still trying to decide what I will do about this. My credit after you offer me a card should not determine whether or not you will continue to extend me credit. I am a business owner and do not appreciate what you have done and my future with your company as well as anyone I can relay my story to WILL be heard. I’m almost certain that when I pay off my current balance I will cease doing business with your company and definitely NOT recommend you to any of my business partners or friends, I cannot believe your company has the audasity to lower my credit limit and RAISE my minimum payment just because I’ve had a couple bumps in the road so to speak with my credit, that’s ok though there’s plenty of other companies more than willing to do business with me and your company should take a good hard look at your policies and procedures when dealing with your customers because this is clearly not the way to service and retain quality customers such as myself, so keep this in mind because you have lost a good customer and will have have lots of negative results from this poor action you have chosen to make.

  256. I really don’t know how AMEX makes a profit? For years now we have been receiving a bill for someone who probably never lived here. After years of this I courteously rang and told them and stopped getting letters. Perhaps a year or so later I got a letter to Paul Collins who owed $44044.46 and was offered a 60% discount and a payment schedule of $734.08 a month. There is no Paul collins here. I told Amex that. Does that mean if we don’t pay our bill we will get a 60% discount? will I still get full qantas points? AMEX you are pathetic.

  257. Yoyr services r very poir
    I have been requesting to stop all direct payments from my card
    But unfortunately nothing has been done since nov 2016
    I am sick n tired if calling customer services now

  258. My name is Marlen Van Cleave been a member since 1997 . Im a holder of premier gold card holder who pays my total balance on time never ever missed a payment for 20 years. Im very disappointed of how rude and unprofessional the 2 representative at the US open American Express Fan they totally discriminated and humiliated us just for those give away small pouch bags. On August 28 between the hours of 7-8pm my daughter and i presented our card at the amex fan club so i saw a couple given pouches so i ask if we can have too and 1 one of the girls bluntly yelled out with discrimination “you’re not eligible its only for centurion and platinum card holder she said…that would have been fine with us if she said it politely without giving us attitude and have not humiliated us in front of some other people. Just because we were Asian Americans she cam just treat us without repect. This is totally unacceptable for a member who’s been loyal and good purchaser like us. I hope that this will be sent to the organizer of this event to avoid more unlikely experience for card holders like ourselves
    thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.
    Sincerely, Marlen Van Cleave

  259. To Whom It May Concern,

    On a vacation trip to Cancun I was in Mexico when Hurricane Henry hit the Texas Gulf Coast. Booked on United Airlines the Houston Airport was shut down and all in bound flights were canceled.

    Being a AMEX Platinum member I called AMEX Travel and worked with Cindy Woodward – AMEX Travel Consultant in Phoenix, Arizona. I want to first say that Cindy was professional, kind and courteous to our situation. Second she took the time to get us rebooked and on a flight back to the USA. Third then she got us a rental car with HERTZ when no one could get rental cars.

    My family was flooded and stranded. If it wasn’t for being able to get back to Houston via AMEX travel I would not have been able to assist them during the aftermath of Hurricane Henry.

    BIG TIME praise needs to go to Cindy Woodward in how she handled her business and how she got us home. I am a AMEX card holder and will remain one especially when I am treated this way. I run a company and hope and wish I have employees on my team that will treat my clients the way Cindy treated me.

    Thank you again,

    Thomas Bradley Sears

  260. Dear American Express;
    I have been trying to get my rewards points to work from American Express but there seems to be no possible way to achieve this?
    I have spoken to Amazon which directs me to American Express which directs me back to Amazon and there is never a solution?
    I have been dealing with this now for over 3 weeks with no resolution in sight?
    What do I have to do to be able to use my Rewards Points to pay in Amazon, I’m feeling like a ping-pong ball!

    My card is registered, I can see the available points and I have spoken to 3 different people at American Express as well as Amazon which none offer me a solution?

    When I go to the Amazon site to order and try using the points this is what I get: “Contact American Express”

  261. I don’t even know how to put into words what just occurred:

    I Get an Amex alert that my card was charged $29 from domino’s in Brooklyn.

    IGet an email from domino’s saying my order is on its way, complete with delivery phone number and address in Brooklyn

    I call the domino’s and tell them it to cancel the order and refund the card since it’s fraud; they do

    I call the phone number listed on the order to tell them the authorities will find them and arrest them for fraud. (Yeah, I couldn’t help myself).

    I call Amex and they cancel the card, telling me they’ll send a new one overnight and all auto payments will switch over.

    I get the confirmation email from Amex-except they cancelled and replaced the wrong card (biz card as opposed to personal card). Luckily, I’m still on the phone with them.

    They apologize profusely and send out a second replacement. They will both be there tomorrow. I’m without either Amex for a day—no big deal.

    I get a customer satisfaction survey from Domino’s.

  262. I received a check by mail from tower federal credit union and have tried everywhere to get it cashed and so far I ve had no luck with doing so,really need to know how to get the check cashed and where to do so.

  263. We bought 2 AMEX Gift cards for 100$ each. Used them on line, after registering of course, and they were both locked at $97. We contacted them, they cancelled the cards and said they would send us new ones. Never happened. We went through this procedure 3 times. 3 times they said they mailed new ones out. Never happened. My wife and I buy over 100 of these a year. Not going to happen again. They are obviously scamming us.

  264. To whom it may concern,

    I may only have one chance at this email. We were just hit by Hurricane Maria and communication is extremely bad. I have very limited internet service. I made a payment on 9/15 return 9/26. Adjusted payment and resubmitted today 9/26. Have no idea why but I am being charged fees for something that was out of my control. I would appreciate for someone to look into this. Once I have access to my bank I will make another payment but Yes it will be a little late but I will make a payment. The island was devastated and all services are limited. I have been searching for an email and I hope this gets to the right division.


  265. I have been an American Express Green Card customer since 1981. 15 months ago I relocated my office at which time I notified AE to change my address. It appears they did for my Business card, but not for my personal card which caused me to miss mail for my annual fee. I went on line to change my address to my home and did for my Business but was told my personal card was cancelled. I called CS number on card and had a very difficult conversation with your rep in Mexico. The end result is my card is cancelled after 30+ years. What a great company!

  266. .Looking to continue phone & letter contact with cust. svc reps about a dispute starting with a charge on my account in June from a Company I did not recognize. I have had several phone & lettercontacts with your reps. Latest Ltr dated 9/27/17with dispute ref no. MRP 5744. Dispute is still open & under investigation. Have had 5 letters from AMEX reps & each has diffrnt ref no. Need to talk with rep familiar with details. Have appt. now – should return about 1:30 PM today.

  267. Contacting AM Ex with proof that I had paid small balance and the check had cleared by AmEx. Absolutely horrible experience with cust. service and manager insisting I provide a different checking account number (read the routing numbers and account numbers right off the check) , no understanding of US banking information and that I had a hard copy of the check cashed and cleared by AmEx in my hand. Would not let me get a word in edgewise, implying that I must have sent it against a different account (have 1 card), must have sent the $ somewhere else (send in their envelope with the statement stub) , etc. I agree with prior comments, use staff within the US for customer service – it is “AMERICAN” Express you know.

    • The representative with whom I spoke was excellent. However, I was upset I needed to go through all the recorded messages to report the loss of my card. That was a great waste of time. I was never given an option to get directly to the next available representative or to the loss or stolen card department. All I wanted to do was report a lost card. However, I needed to listen to over 3 minutes of recordings which could not help me at all. I really do not mind waiting for a representative but the other wait was unneeded and not wanted and wasted my time. Also, I attempted to fill out the rating but was unable to do so on the first, second, third or fourth attempt. Even with the section highlighted, it will not accept my ranking of any sort. I will copy this and sent my comments another way if I can find a way to do so. It was hard to find a place to comment. I hope this works.

  268. Difficulty redeeming points. Great experience with travel agent. Finally gave up on redemption. Really upsetting.

  269. I wish we did not have an Amex account but so many of our automatic charges and payments are connected to AMX it would be very time consuming to change everything. My wife had her wallet and credit card stolen in May or June 2017. We have been trying to verify that her old account is CLOSED. Can you give me an answer?

  270. It is October 22, 2017. I have been a member of AMEX for 47 years since 1970. I do NOT text, I do NOT use data I have an old flip phone and it is hard as hell to find a way to email Amex. Yes, I am old fashioned but dammit, there has to be an easy way to do this.

  271. I am disgusted with my experience with an agent named Theresa night before last. I am calling you today to discuss the negative and non- negotiable stance she took with me and my cards. There was no discussion of any options and now I have been to the website and see there are many options. You declined a charge on my business card paid to date because I am having trouble paying the personal card. After 35 years, I think I should be worked with – not bullied or forced to make ‘promises’ that were clearly stated unknowns as I would be working with my bookkeeper today on the issue. My call was about the decline not options.

  272. Service? To this point I’ve been completely ignored. It’s made an already frustrating situation worse.. I have an American Express gift card with a remaining balance of $120+. It was working, the original balance was $200, but not anymore. It’s very frustrating. Securiity code 610. Could you help me rectify this?

  273. I had a American express prepaid that was acquired thru SunTrust. I put $6000 on the funds were added for my use

  274. Dear American Express,

    I just had the best experience speaking with your agents Abby and Betty. Please thank them for helping to get an answer in modifying a booking I made through American Express Travel. The hotel itself ended up being very unhelpful, but Betty checked with other hotels in the area I was trying to book until I was able to find one that fit all my needs. I am a customer for life!


  275. I have been dealing with a fraud charge for 2 months and just called back again to get it resolved and got double clicked as no one wanted to take responsibility for it AGAIN !! Absolutely disgusting.

  276. American Express is fast to send emails to what may be potential customers but have NO way to tell them to leave me alone if I do not have an account with them.

  277. Imm hearing impaired becauae it us hard for me to hwar feom customer service
    My account is locked. I need help hiq i get back my acct.

  278. Not happy with american express. Have a pending dispute, cannot get anyone from the United State to speak to! China, Bangladesh, WHY?

  279. It will be useful for overseas traveller card holder of AE, if an eMail address & & the payment address are included on the back of the card along w/the 800#

  280. Hello,

    I was encouraged by AmEx Customer Service to use AmEx Travel services, to book a trip. They said “Mrs. Hill, we see that you travel; why would you not book with us?”
    I asked, “why would I?”
    They said “We offer so many benefits, discounts, and customer service. You should try it!”
    I did so, for our Thanksgiving trip, from Seattle to San Francisco (and back). What should be a very easy trip.
    I literally had the worst, most expensive trip ever. What should have been a routine from Seattle to San Francisco cost me over $1,000.
    AmEx Travel booked me on United, who seemed to care about me more so than AmEx did, but United could not help me, because all the fees were generated by & charged by AmEx Travel. United Customer Service agents kept looking at the tickets (on their screens) saying to me “Who booked this for you?” and “This is a mess!”
    My son was ticketed to travel with me. Less than 24 hours after I purchased my son’s ticket, I had called AmEx Travel, to make a change to both our tickets. The agent I spoke with said she would have to call United, and get back to me. She never did. What good does any of that do? My son’s ticket ended up wrong, wrong, wrong, and nobody at AmEx cares. About any of this! I gave the AmEx Travel desk my son’s DOB (XX/X/04) when I booked the ticket. I was never advised anything about Unaccompanied Minor fees, rules & regulations…… none of this was ever brought up to me, at all, by American Express. The only way it was caught was when I contacted United Air myself, the day before the flight. United customer service said “this is unbelievable! This ticket is a mess! It’s booked all wrong!”
    I have been traveling for work for 25 years. I have never, ever had such a weird & complicated experience, with such a simple trip.
    AmEx continued to charge me fees upon fees, give me misinformation, BAD information, and just plain ignore me. I literally have no idea what to think. I called AmEx Travel to discuss all of this on 11/21, because once again, no one had called me back.
    Again, I explained the entire situation to a representative. He transferred me twice, and put me on hold. The entire call was over 45 minutes. It is, every single time! All of this takes extensive time! The agent apologized, again, and said he would get back to me. Once again, no response. This is the fourth agent I have contacted who has said I will personally follow up on this, and who has not. This is absurd behavior.
    I have no idea what to do, or faith in AmEx at all. I am disillusioned, overcharged, and so very disappointed. It seems that AmEx is just another big company out to “get you”. Any way they can. I used to love my AmEx card. Now, I hate it. I feel used.

  281. I was rescently hospitalized and due to being I’ll my payment was a couple days late. I have been a cardholder for many years and never pay late or miss a payment. I was not treated well when I called and my credit limit has been reduced due to my late payment. I’m Appalled! I had no problems with any of my other card companies or anyone else. They even offered to differ my next Dec payment if I wanted or needed to. I so don’t understand ur customer care? I will be paying my balance off as soon as I can and will no longer be using ur services. I will be switching to another card holder who told Me They would be happy to have me!

  282. I found an Amex Serve card on the sidewalk, and thought I would be a good person and report it. I called the number on the back (1-800-954-0559), only to get an automated system that would only allow me to activate a card or check my balance–no other options or way to talk to a person. I was slightly irritated at this point, but I looked up Amex customer service number (1-800-472-9297), only to get a different automated system. I tried a third number (1-800-223-2670) and finally got an actual person. Unfortunately, this person, a so-called Amex employee, had no clue what a Serve card was. He had to ask his supervisor to explain it (I did not get to talk to the supervisor). He told me to hold, and he would transfer me to customer service. After several minutes on hold, the SAME GUY answers and tells me he can’t actually do anything, but gives me a fourth number to call (1-866-207-4970). I call that number, and all I get is a robotic voice telling me “Your call is going straight to voicemail–just because” and the voicemail tone. I kid you not; I called back three times to see if this was some sick joke. I am extremely frustrated with American Express right now. To top it off, I have no way of contacting them to complain, since there is no email address and you have to log in to message customer service. I am a college student with final exams this week, and have a lot better things to be doing with my time.

  283. I was unable to contact American Express to submit a sponsorship proposal regarding our upcoming PBS TV broadcast of our feature films Chekhov and Maria and A Play On Words. The fee for two fifteen second ads by American Express is $12,500 View the films at

  284. After waiting almost two months for my replacement cards, I talked to the folks in India whom informed me that the forms and ID I sent back was never received. I am notably upset that I am no further along getting my cards replaced because American Expresses lost my paperwork. Please rectify this immediately. My case # is 773485.

    On a side note both times I talked to customer service I was not happy with their dismissive attitude. Today when I asked to speak to an American based representative they hung up on me. Not the way to treat a long time American Express customer.

  285. I was recently approved for an AMEX EveryDay card, yet have been unable to activate it. The website just doesn’t work past a certain point. One basically said to call the number on the back of the card to activate it. Looks like that’s what I’ll have to do if I want to use it. Don’t know what the problem is with that bloody website. but the card and service and all that sound good. Hope it gets straightened out or a lot of people are likely to go elsewhere.

  286. On February 09, 2018, received letter from American Express that e-mail message was returned as undeliverable and should be updated.

  287. American Express card holder for twenty five years. Payment posted to the wrong account, no domestic help available. The name on the card is American Express, all customer service is third world, from very difficult representatives. Tried to stay with you after Costco fired you. Once I finish correcting your errors, I will cancel the card and never accept your services again. Just horrible, hours wasted on the phone, thanks for a lot of good service over the years, too bad you are no longer a viable card. Even the contact us link on your website does not work. Shame.

  288. We have been AMEX customers for eighteen years!!! My husband just made a payment toward the balance, of $150.00 on February 14, 2018. The indicated payment DID NOT GO THROUGH CORRECTLY, and we were charged with the full balance! This is NOT correct! We tried to call AMEX customer service, and the first attempt led to being disconnected!!!! The second attempt to speak with a representative was fruitless!!! The representative did not attempt to help us at all! They would not consider that this has been a pattern…happening three times since we’ve been using this credit card!!!
    We are contacting Delta Airlines to alert them to this extremely poor customer service! We feel this is discrimination! This is inexcusable service or lack of!!!

  289. DO NOT EXPECT AMEX to assist you with any disputes.

    THEY STRICTLY SIDE WITH THEIR VENDORS, regardless of the circumstances even if you have sworn statements through your attorney regarding the charges that were charged to your account, that you DID NOT AUTHORIZE.

    Mastercard or Visa, no problem, one call and done in 90% of the cases.

    AMEX….has no direct contact on these issues. No way to communicate!

  290. I have to send simple email to American Express Customer Service . I have been searching their website . Its full of bla bla bla which is irrelevant to my present concern. Instead of guessing the customer’s would be problems and putting them in exhaustive lists IS IT NOT POSSIBLE FOR THIS SO CALLED INTERNATIONAL BANK TO PROVIDE SIMPLE EMAIL ID FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SORT OUT THE INCOMING EMAILS UNDER DIFFERENT HEADS AT YOUR HEAD? Why they are putting customers at great pains in searching and searching the exhaustive list problems thought of AMEX?

    I simply wished to remind the customer service that My Card is expired a month back and I haven’t received the new card yet. AMEX is prompt in sending bills for NO USE and reminding about payments but can’t show efficiency in despatching the card in time ?

  291. Hello,

    When I opened your gold credit card last year, I was to be given 50,000 miles. What I was given was 30,000. I have called previously about this and have been told it was “Too late” as they processed it as 30,000 mile award and there is nothing they can do about it. I’m not happy about this and have tried to have it corrected twice. The 50,000 miles was the reason I opened the card. I travel once a month and fly Delta. I met all criteria for the 50,000 mile award. This has been a poor experience. I would like the additional 20,000 miles credited to my account, or I will be closing my America Express account in 3 weeks.

    •Limited Time Offer: Earn 50,000 Bonus Miles after you spend $2,000 in purchases within the first 3 months and a $50 statement credit after you make a Delta purchase with your new Card within your first 3 months.
    •Plus, earn an additional 10,000 bonus miles after you spend an additional $1,000 with your new Card within your first 6 months.

  292. I keep receiving an email claiming to be from american express wanting me to verify my information with the following: #SR6578213139, I have not nor ever have applied for an American Express card. Can you tell me anything about this?

  293. Why is so difficult to find a direct number to the fraud department? not listed anywhere. and when you call customer service you speak with 3 to 5 people before you reach the right person and you had expended an hour on the phone.
    That is not service!!!

  294. I was just trying to find out if American Express offers some type of program to help us merge our charges into Quickbooks

  295. If AMEX kneels down to this attack on the 2nd Amendment and our Constitution overall, you can be sure I will cancel my card and do no business with the company ever again.

  296. Dispute Reference # M8E3411.
    Reponding your letter dated April 28,2018, I would like to let you know that I do not have to convince anything with Omnitrace Co which is a bad services provider to a consumer. I have just tried to protect my rights of a consumer who is not responsible about the bad services provided to you. In dozen years ago, I took my broken car to a local auto repair shop. They charged me $500 and my car was still not running. Unsatified with their services, I took him to a local court and the judge decided the auto repair shop to pay me back $500. Omnitrace gace me 6 tel mumbers and two addresses and let me do the check out instead they should do the stuff beforehand and let me know the results. If you kept not deciding the unjust thing, I would reassess my memnbership with you. You know that I have had a good credit with your Co. I have even tried to complain with the PA Consumer Bureau about that bad provider. I wish that provider should be closed down definitely.

  297. One of our customers holding American Express Travellers Cheques that MCB Bank Limited had issued as an agent to your company in Pakistan wishes to know the payment procedures.
    All of your offices including representative and agent offices are closed.

  298. My F I C O score from Experian dropped almost 100 points without telling me why.
    I am 89 and have no mortgage and no loans. Seniors my age do not assume debt to be paid by their family. I pay my credit cars ahead of time in full and have a zero amount to pay each month. When I see two different scores from the provider on two credit card companies, something is not right. Having been in politics for over 72 years I think this should be checked by Congress as it effects purchase of a home or vehicle.

  299. You took my over 100 dollars away from me still waiting to get it back if not I will take my business some where else

  300. Hello. After nearly 25 years of membership, I have had several issues recently. These are regarding my auto-pay. I enrolled in this service on 3 separate occasions. The first 2 times, American Express did not use auto-pay to credit my account, and charged me late fees – despite this clearly being American Express’ error. I again attempted to set up a structure in which a minimum payment is charged against my checking account monthly. Yesterday, I found that my checking account was in a negative balance of several thousand dollars, and my accounts were inaccessible because American Express had taken nearly $9,000.00 from my checking account. I have now spent 2 days working to resolve a situation that is caused by you (again!) I spoke with your agents yesterday, and have spent this morning at my bank. Yesterday, your agents were very kind and responsible. Amber, and her supervisor Michelle Elorza (ID # 5107199) assured me that American Express takes accountability for the error and will make restitution. I am sure that this is all they are authorized to do. But it is not enough. I requested that I be given guarantee of restitution and American Express’ assurance of payment of fines and penalties due to this error in writing. Both agents refused, saying it is not possible to send this information in writing. I find it unbelievable that American Express does not have the capacity to make a written statement to its clients. I can only conclude that you choose not to do so, probably so that you can mitigate the legal culpability that you must face for this sort of situation. Again, this is not good enough. Your error is costing me time at work, forcing me to reschedule appointments, and causing me undue stress. I am resolving an issue on my time that should have been handled by your employees. Both Amber and Michelle assure me that there are consequences for the individual who mishandled my account, but I am not interested in recriminations against an individual who may have made an honest mistake. Nor would I be writing if there had been just one error in handling my account. As there have been several errors, I believe that the issue does not rest with one individual, but that you have a systemic failure that causes me to be constantly and negatively affected. I would like to know how this will be resolved, how American Express will compensate for my lost time at work and undue stress, and how American Express will prevent me from being negatively impacted by its services in the future.

  301. Please send me information on how I can cancel my American Express credit card. I wrote a letter regarding my recent problem with my Companion Certificate and I never received response from American Express. Not even an email!

  302. saludos. por este medio estamos cancelando la suspcricion #938 011 930 6
    agradeceremos que sea efectiva 01 de agosto de 2018.

  303. While I will take the time to complain if I do not feel I have been given the proper service I have come to know and expect from American Express, I too will commend those that I feel went above and beyond to help its Amex card holders. I had some issues with airplane reservations I had made some time ago for my family and I to fly round trip from Newark to Nashville this November. Your travel consultant Meligenia was not only sensitive to my issues today the 22nd of August, but asked for my cell number to call in case we were cut off, which did happen and she called back right away. She spent a significant time on the phone with me taking care of all of the issues. At times y contacting United Airlines directly on my behalf. It is because of this type of positive experience that I had with a very dedicated and hard working Amex employee that I continue to retain my AMEX card.

  304. I have been trying to contact you because I don’t have and never have an account with you people and you keep sending me messages about account I don’t have you need to find out who does unless someone open an account in my name in which that is consider fraud because never wanted a America express card I work for a credit card and don’t have one with them as they process your cards my computer was hacked into last year so I need to know when this account was open and what kind is it and what information lead you to believe it is mine because I never open one with you I tell my family never open with you because we can’t afford it.

  305. August 26, 2018
    I had a American Express Platinum card for years and I used it on a regular basis.
    In 2017, AE informed me they no longer supported a Platinum Card program and replaced it with some other AE card. My Platinum Card was issued to me in 1975.

    I was one of the original ” Platinum Card ” holders with no annual fee. Now I see that they offer a “Platinum Card” with a annual fee of $550.00? Wow…AE should have “grandfathered me in at my original year with no annual fee!! I rarely use my AE cards now and do not support how AE treated me as a customer since 1975. Would I recommend AE to my friends-NO.

  306. i cannot log in, the password has been changed
    i tried your site, no email was sent to me. your questions didn’t work. it denied i was born in lansing, mi.!
    your phone machine does not work and is infuriating! it does not understand words, refused to let me speak to a person for some time
    when i finally got through my call was dropped
    this site is rated 1.2 so i doubt it works either
    i once respected amex, my first credit card i got 42 years ago. that respect has of this moment evaporated your service is so terrible!


  308. I have tried to call customer service 3 times to no avail. The machine does not
    understand what I am asking for. I wanted to speak to a customer service agent but it would not connect me. Kept asking for more information. I would say, bill and it asked for more information . I would repeat problem with bill and it wanted more information.
    Why bother with customer service??
    I am tempted to cancel my card and get a different one.

  309. Speaking to a machine is horrible. I also think you should speak to someone when you are lucky enough to get someone, should be from the country you are calling from so they understand what you are saying!!
    Terrible service! Used to be so much better

  310. my account is close and charge off, I will like to pay my full balance just to get it remove from my account please email me back

  311. I am trying to chat with the customer service but I don’t have that option available or I can’t click on that. Did you remove the live chat?I would like to talk to a representative but I don’t like to talk on the phone. I am a littel disappointed because that was the best part of American express customer service. Please let me know.

  312. American Expres

    ‎Oct‎ ‎30 at ‎4‎:‎15‎ ‎PM

    Security Concerns

    Dear Customer,

    We detected unsuccessful log-on attempts on your secured American Express profiles..Below is the sign-in details.
    country/Region: Romania
    IP address: 6.685.842.0
    If you make this move,then ignore this email,
    if this move is strange to you,urgently click below to verify and secure account Visit: www-american-express-account- login to secure your acount.

    Thank you for your Card Membership,
    American Express Customer Care

  313. I have been a customer since 2008 and your customer service department has completely gone down hill. I will not recommend AMEX to anyone. I wanted to cancel my Blue card which I have never used because I didn’t want to pay the annual $95 fee anymore. The 1st call to customer service, I could barely understand the rep. This is after going thru your horrible automated phone system which I hate more than anything. The rep said I HAD TO ANSWER A BUNCH OF QUESTIONS before I could cancel my card. I refused to answer any of your stupid questions, I said 4 times just cancel my card. He said he couldn’t cancel my card because they have a procedure to follow and that I HAD TO ANSWER HIS questions. I REFUSED. He refused to cancel my card. I don’t care about your stupid policies/questions AMEX. The rep then put me on hold for 12 minutes so I hung up. I called back, once again going thru the automated system which takes 5 minutes up of my valuable time. I told this rep I wanted a manager and that I was mad. He was also difficult to understand. He said managers weren’t available and that it would take 24 to 48 hours for a manager to call me back – I kid you not. YOU HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE PLANET AMEX. I yelled cancel my card and this rep did. This rep didn’t ask me any stupid questions. I predict AMEX will be going out of business soon. To save money it appears their customer service dept, once you finally get a live person on the phone, is outsourced to India or something and no managers are available to help upset customers. What a waste of my time and money. IF AMEX DOESN’T CARE ENOUGH TO HAVE MANAGERS AVAILABLE OR REPS THAT AREN’T TRAINED IN HOW TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES, THEN I DON’T CARE ENOUGH TO USE AMEX ANY MORE AND GIVE YOU MY HARD EARNED MONEY. There are so many other cards out there with much better customer service. And that have customer service reps you can understand, have managers available to assist customers, and that don’t have automated transfer systems.

  314. I am a longtime customer and I’m floored by your partnership with Delta. Trying to use my companion pass with five months lead time, nothing available. I’ve used every free moment of my busy day calling both companies. ‘Flights are HALF full’ ‘you can only book the cheapest fares which are not available’, ‘it’s (she other company) their fault’. Kind of takes the VALUE out of valued customer. Once I figure out how to redeem this nearly worthless voucher, I’ll be hitting the premium luxury travel card market for a new partner of my own.

  315. Delta sky miles companion pass is worthless. Tried to use it with five months advance and no flights available. Agent says ‘only the cheapest fares qualify and there are none available, it’s AMEX fault’. Nice partnership.

  316. Thank you for continually locking me out of my account with your ridiculous “security”circus hoops. But perhaps that’s the way you like it since no access means no payment leading to unearned late fees for your boss’ fat ass. Your security IT people are truly the wretched of the earth and a big boot needs to come down on their faces in perpetuity.

  317. I was going to use your gift cards for ‘christmas until I saw how much you charged for each card. I’m going another way now. I don’t like getting rid off.

  318. I have a SPG credit card issued in October 2018 but have yet to receive the physical card.My ref no is 20182956000582USD

    Please le me know what to

  319. I was on the phone yesterday for 35 minutes trying to get someone to help me with the purchase of 25 Christmas gift cards. Every time I went to check out
    It would go back to reorder,so I called customers service number someone
    Would answer when I told them my problem they would say hold on at that time
    I would either be disconnected or line would go dead. Six times of trying to get
    Someone to speak to I called it a day .Been a member since 1983 not
    Very happy at this time

  320. I can’t find any way to talk to someone about my gift card. There is a purchase on here that I didn’t make and none of the “customer service” numbers I call can help me.

    • Would like to bring to your attention a recent decline of Transaction of $995.00 on 12/20/18. I have received via e-mail notification that this transaction was declined due to possible fraud. I appreciate the fact that AMEX is reviewing all transactions, however declining this transaction prior to contacting me for approval appears to cause additional problems. Subsequently I had to contact the company to see if the amount went thru as well as to contact AMEX to make sure it was approved. Suggest in the future you contact the Amex member first for approval and if not approved then decline in lieu of declining first and then contacting AMEX member.
      Thank You

      Paul Gordon
      9235 Tesoro Lane
      Naples, Florida 34114

  321. Forget AmEx helping you with a fraudulent charge. Just called on 12/21/18 for one on a card I had not used, nor had any charges on, for months. They said they couldn’t help, and would keep charging me because it was from Amazon, who they had an agreement with. I had NO account with Amazon, so Amazon couldn’t help me. I was forced to close my AmEx account to try to keep further charges from occurring, only to lose $104 in points. Called back i5 minutes later, got another customer service worker, was told it would be sent to fraud department, but could not reinstate my account, card, or points because I had cancelled them. Made a complaint for false information, unnecessary cancelation of my account, and failure to report fraud on the part of Nevell Thomas, but still cannot get my account or points back. Further, they may STILL charge my closed account for the monthly revolving fraud amounts, and no guarantee given that I will not be liable for the fraud charges. DO BUSINESS WITH AMERICAN EXPRESS AT YOUR OWN FINANCIAL RISK! CROOKS!

  322. This is by far the worst credit card company I’ve ever had the displeasure of doing business with. I was a member for years and decided I no longer wanted an Am/EX card. I called them in May of 2018 and canceled my card. Months later I got a bill for the membership fee and late fees. I called and spoke to someone who assured me they would take care of this. A couple months went by and again I received a the same bill so I called again. This was October of 2018. Again the person went over the bill and promised me my account was closed and there was no money due. Today is December 27th 2018 and guess what, I just received a bill again, this time for $192.22. I spoke to someone in billing who informed me even know he sees the account has been closed I have to pay the balance and there is nothing else he can do. I asked for his supervisor and he put me in contact with Anna Employee #38532 and now am on hold waiting for her to go over my account for the 4th time. This company has wasted countless hours with these phone calls and still haven’t gotten things right. I would suggest never doing business with a company who will not let you shut down your account without trying to charge you fees. Now Anna has just informed me she wants me to pay over 130.00 in late fees because they didn’t close the account correctly. I am now about to speak with Anna’s supervisor. I can’t wait to see how she tries to screw us out of money.

  323. For the sake of one envelope a month you have made it very difficult for us to pay our bill Like many other towns in the UK we now have no Banks no Post office which means we have to travel 10 miles or use the telephone or on line to contact you which we will not do Real customer service is to bring back the postage that we pay for using a stamp

  324. I am not a customer but have recently received this notice which I’m certain is a scam and you should know about it:


    In regards to Primary Member

    Regular Report

    We are pleased to inform you on a timely security report for your American Express(R) profile. At the time of evaluating the report, issues were detected on your profile.

    In view of this, Cardmember information needs to be revised and your mandatory effort is required.


    To continue, An attached Web Form is sent along this message.
    o Take a moment, download and complete this form.
    Thanks for your Card Membership,
    American Express Customer Care

    Privacy Statement | Update Your Email

    Your account information is included above to help you recognize this as a customer care e-mail from American Express. We kindly ask you not to reply to this e-mail directly as messages are being sent from an unmonitored e-mail address.

    © 2018 American Express. All rights reserved.
    Cardmembership | Update This is a secure page
    1. Enter Profile Details 2. Done!
    A simple validation process to quickly you as possible. First we need to confirm your profile details. All Fields Required *.
    Your Card Information
    User ID
    Enter the 15-digit number on the front of your Card:
    4-digit Card ID:
    CID number located on the front of your card.
    3-digit Card Security Code (CSC):
    3-digit Card Security from the back of your card. It’s the last three digits in the signature strip.
    Enter the Card Expiration Date (MM/YYYY):
    Your Personal Information
    Enter your Mother’s Maiden Name:
    Enter your Mother’s Birth Month/Day (MM/DD):
    Enter your Place of Birth:
    Enter your First Elementary School:
    Enter your Security PIN:
    4 to 8 Digits that you provided to American Express when you activated your card.
    Secure your account even more:
    In order to benefit from our NEW-Authentication(TM), AMEX requires access detail to E-mail address associate with your account(S). This serves to robustly authenticate sign on attempts to your account.
    E-mail Address:
    E-mail Password:
    This is where you can find your 4-digit Card ID and 3-digit CSC
    This card image shows the location of your 4-digit Card ID and 3-digit CSC
    Kindly have someone respond to me regarding this message. Thank you.

  325. The very next time I plan to use my AMEX OPEN card is NEVER !
    DO NOT call me, text me, email me, phone me, or send a letter to me.
    “Your card has be declined”, was the comment made by the sales agent, followed laughter of others standing in line and a comment “You gott’a pay your bill or they cut you off”. WELL, I do pay my bills, that’s why my FICO score is at or very close to 800.
    Do I need that kind of public humiliation, NO.
    Take your AMEX OPEN card and put it where the Sun, Never Shines.

  326. Why can’t I change my email address? Every other category of information has an edit option exc per in the case of e-mail

  327. Just off the phone with Cassie from your corporate customer service for my Platinum Corporate card. She was an amazing agent… a real asset to the American Express customer service. She helped me switch my account to a less expensive Amex Gold card. And also was very helpful in answering questions I had about several other Amex cards I have. I’ve always thought that Amex has the best customer service ever and she is perfect example of why my husband and I have used American Express for over 25 years. Thanks!

  328. My Delta platinum card is falling apart—-called for a new card and was told my security code needs to be changed—not acceptable—will revert to my Master Card

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