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Contacting Aeropostale Customer Service Center

Aeropostale is a big name in teen and young adult fashion. The company operates a huge online store and physical locations in most large malls. The clothing remains on the cutting edge of grunge/popular fashion while maintaining a classic Aeropostale style. Clothing sold by Aeropostale carries the company name. There are no outside brands sold in store.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department can be reached by phone, but there are no customer service hours listed with the contact information. Many online and offline retailers offer customer service 24 hours a day, especially if online sales peak late at night.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-289-2376

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Aeropostale customer service is listed in the Privacy Policy, but it is not listed on the customer service or contact us page of the website.

Aeropostale.comAttn: Aeropostale Customer Service915 S. Babcock St.Melbourne, FL 32901

This is not the return address for product refunds or exchanges. Contact the customer service department for more information about how to return your purchase. The information could also be located on your shipping invoice. There is no guarantee that merchandise sent to the customer service address will be returned or processed.

Official Website

Shopping, customer service and account maintenance can all be achieved on the official website located at If you’ve never ordered from Aeropostale, you can register for an account free of charge and sign up for discounts on clothing and shipping via the official website.

Customer Service Email

The help desk for Aeropostale offers a contact form for online or web store and retail issues and concerns. Make sure to visit the correct form for faster customer service. You can also choose to contact the customer service department via Live Chat if you wish. The link to the Live Chat page is available on both of the links listed below.

Our Experience

If you want to speed through the call to Aeropostale customer service you’ll be slightly disappointed. The customer service automated message restarts every time you press 0. We chose 1 for online customer service and spoke with a representative about sizing charts and whether or not a few pieces we’d picked out online were true to size. The agent told us every piece was true to size, but that Aeropostale clothing tends to be cut slightly tighter than other brands.

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22 Comments on “Contact Aeropostale Customer Service
  1. I just want to say that I have a very pretty winter coat Aeropostale of course that I would like to tell you about,First- All in All I like the coat it is nice it says it is Quality Outer ware #51001A002,Advanced performance detailing for added comfort and strength,it is a size Large,The Shell is 100% polyester,The Body lining is 100% polyester,The Sleeve lining is 100% nylon **** The Filler “what I do not like about the coat” is Down and Feathers 55%Down 45%feather “Very nice and warm But they poke you and fall out every where” It says it was made in Srilanka WPL 8046……I just want the Aeropostale Co. know that I am normally happy with their product but for the first and hopefully last time I just want to make them aware of my sadness

  2. I was in the store in Owensboro and was treated fantastically. There we two young lady’s worked one on crutches and the other was a red head. Both very welling to help me and other in the store find what we where looking for. I notice a lady being difficult but both ladies treated her with respect and never lost their cool. I realize that what they went through with this Hispanic or Indian lady was very challenging but they treated her with respect. I want Aeropostale to know that they have a great crew and this is why I love shopping there.

  3. The sales staff at the Aeropostale store in Parkway Place Mall in Huntsville, Alabama was incompetent and rude. I brought my grandchildren to the store to buy back-to-school clothes, only to find four employees blocking the door. I stood there looking at them with no one saying anything. I finally asked if we could come into the store. I was asked for my invitation and I then explained I didn’t have one. Then the girl who was sitting on the stool waved me off and told me to “Come back at 6.” No explanation was given as to the invitation only entrance to your store, no common courtesy was given and three of the sales staff who were standing blocking the door looked like they wanted to crawl in a hole. At that time, there were about 8 people in the store—hardly a profitable amount of customers. I have quite a few grandchildren that love Aeropostale and over the years I have spent quite a bit of money. I will never step foot in that store again. I have mentioned my experience to several people and they have had negative experiences also in the same store.

    Later in the week, my grandson and I went to the Aeropostale store in Madison Square Mall and I can’t say enough about your professional, knowledgeable and polite sales staff. They explained the invitation only and also the local school dress code. The two young ladies in this store were wonderful and I hope you will acknowledge their professionalism. This was a positive reflection of the company. I will drive an extra 30 minute to go back to the Madison store, so I will be treated as a valued customer.

  4. I agree with Mary on her email. I have gone to the store in Parkway Place and the employees are very rude. I don’t shop there anymore.

  5. I just came aeropostal store at west gate mall in Lincoln,ne last night . The lady work there , she said that she is a manager there . Her name KI CINCH PANT . I did shopping and bought a lot clothes for me,my friends and introduced some more friends to aeropostal . But Cinch Pant made me and my friends were so disappointed about her manage with us. She was so rude with us about her manner.i want to tell you about our story about shopping aeropostal . She made us very upset and sad . We think that we will never go back that store again .i bought some clearance clothes had an extra 30 % off and I used coupon 20% off in the store and The coupon accepted ,too . But after that day, I called to the store and talked to a staff . She told me that she is very sure I can bring the recipe and adjustment for me extra 50 % and still keep 20% for my clothes. That night I came with my friends . I told them today is a good sale and they followed me and want to buy some more . When we went to the store , she adjustment for me extras 50% but she didn’t keep an extra 20% for me , when I came the store this morning for fixing that problem . I thought she forgot but the man said that he did for me only once time this time and next time never extra with any coupons if I want adjustment ? I misunderstand what managers doing this . One said ok . And one said no. They so mean with me . I look like did wrong something with them about adjustment ?why they so mean with me,!but this was a small problem but iam ok with that. The big problem : the first thing : if we want adjustment about an extra more , we have to wait so long . They have to returned each item .oh mg,it take and wait so long . Another place like Victoria secrecy their accounting about adjustment is very quick . When I asked the manager ” do you have another way for adjustment . They said only one way . Have to return each item . ” you know I bought about 25 items . I waited for them typing so long it waste a lot of times for both of us . If aeropostal have another way to do adjustment .i think it is better ,don’t waste a lot of times. The second things: the coupon expire sep 30 ,I did not know this coupon only use one time for one customer because I bought few times and showed coupons extra 20 or 30 % . The staft and manager didn’t say anything about only use one time . Because I bought many times and they checked out for me , every times I still get discount with coupons . The coupon still work. That”s why I told my friends and the first time they bought clothes in aeropostal store and showed their coupons like mine . But the manager just only discount for only person . I told her on the website aeropostal have only this code number for any customer buy in the store . But she said that only this code numbers for only one customer and use for one person . If 2 people want to use this coupon not accept You know . I did and used coupon extra 20% and it was accept For few times ,And that night , my friend is Tina she can use extra 20% the Same mine but another my friend is Tracy ,the manager don’t accept for her .the coupons aeropostal we research on retail menot . If aeropostal want us to use different code numbers ,aeropostal have to post different code numbers on that wesite even if website aeropostal have only one code every day . The website retailmenot only have the code numbers the same for any people research . If aeropostal don’t want to us have more offers , pleases , don’t post only one code numbers in website retailmenot or another website aeropostal printable . Because the manager Cin Pant said we have to show different code numbers offer for Tracy , if not , she wont get any discount . I told her on the website of aeropostal was found only this code and the same and my friend Tracy never try this coupon . And she said one coupon for one customer but my friend Tracy never try and use for her shopping and the first time she use but Cinch Pat didn’t approve for her discount an extra 20% off ,only for Tina . You know ,.? I felt not fair for Tracy .i told manager I used many times and it is ok ,Tina used and ok but Tracy the first time she bought a lot of clothes in aeropostal store but manager didn’t let her use coupon an extra 20 % . It s not a big money for sale you know,but I want her manner do fair for Tracy.We felt very upset and don’t want to buy anything more in the store aeropostal . And she said the rule we can’t buy over 25 items in a day . But 2 day before I did buy 27 I times . It is still ok . Why do you have different rule today?! . If aeropostal have the rule like that . We don’t like it ,we thought if we bought a lot of clothes for aeropostal and that is good . I don’t understand why you just sell 25 item s and only use coupon discount for 25 items, the manager Cinch Pant said that is a rule .,.?. I don’t like it. And the last thing I called customer service yesterday for few times .today she called me one time and I was busy I told her call back ,she said ok ,after that I called almost 10 times today and i let 1 or 2 massages for her ,call me back ,please .but she didn’t call back today .i don’t know why customer service too busy to not call back for me today . 10 times calling but no customer service answer . I don’t like it .we will never come back and try to come another stores and my friends,too… disappointed , can’t sleep ….so upset …if the customer service see this comment ,please ,email back to me and let me know your reply ,if u can’t call me back ,please email ,thanks ,

  6. I purchased a few items from your store. In the galleria mall in white plains ny. I lost my receipt n I tried to make a exchange for a bigger size. That’s it I didn’t want my money back n your manager on duty at the time was JO. I did not like her attitude at all she was not helpful at all when I came back to do a exchange the next day. But when I made the purchase she was pleasant. And also she was having a conversation with another girl who she claims to be her assistant. She was standing behind the counter with her pocketbook on her shoulder n not working. Before I wanted to get a bigger size now I want my Money Back due to the treatment of your 2 workers. I will not allow my son to wear your clothes anymore. Plus the Policy needs to be change I don’t understand it you have to have a receipt for a exchange. I was told that someone will email me my receipt… Please Do…. I purchased 3 sweatpants n a tshirt size 5 on 8/29/14 at 7pm

  7. hi purchase some clothing and I would like to know why they were not purchase I bought them on the 2 of august I would like to know what the problem is

  8. November 10, 2015

    To Whom it May Concern:

    With reference to you advertisement seen yesterday in your web site, could you please send me information of your catalog of clothes. I would also like to know if you can send me the catalog
    I will be waiting for your response.

    Yours faithfully,

    Humberto Roman

  9. Hi
    I didn’t get my confirmation about my order to my e-mail that I just bought yesterday. I wanted to know can you resend it.

  10. I recently placed an order on Black Friday. I purchase an order from you every year for my sons for Christmas gifts. This year was the worst experience with you I have ever had. There was a promotion running stating if you spend $100 you would receive a fleece blanket “while supplies lasted.” I placed my order of $104 and awaited my purchase. An hour later, I got an email saying my order was cancelled. Called customer service and learned one of my items was cancelled because it was out of stock. I asked about getting my blanket because I met the promotion requirements and offered to purchase another item so I could still get it. They said they were unable to do that but would make a ticket to see about getting my blanket. 2 days later I get another email about another item that was not in stock. Meanwhile, holds were placed on my checking account for the initial amount of $104. They released the hold. But apparently you can take my money immediately and cannot return it in the same amount of time. A new hold was placed BEFORE money was put back into my account. Luckily my checking account did not bounce. Finally my order ships 7 days AFTER I placed it, -2 items that from the initial order. I get an email saying because I had met the requirements, I would still get the blanket. I call today asking after the blanket and I am told repeatedly it was a ‘as supplies last’ promotion and they are sorry for my inconvenience and cannot find an email that they sent me and I won’t get the blanket. NEVER have I had a problem ordering from you online until now and I am not happy. I will not be ordering from you online anymore and probably won’t shop in your stores. Your customer service relations is severely lacking.

  11. I was in the store at anthem outlets at around 3:30pm on 2/28/16. I picked out a sweat jacket that was priced at $4.99. I actually picked up 2 off the clearance rack because they would be a good deal. When I got to the register I was told that they were priced wrong, they were really $12.99. I told the clerk that all of the jackets were on the same rack and all priced at $4.99, she rudely stated that it wasn’t their fault they were priced wrong, they were transferred in from a different location already priced. The cashier that was beyond rude and obviously doesn’t know the slightest thing about who is responsible for price accuracy in the state of Arizona is associate # is 338399. Quite honestly some of the worst customer service I have experienced in a while. Extremely disappointed and will not be returning.

  12. One item(#18598399)of my order(#4517769885) has been cancelled invalid. I don’ t want to cancel this item. Please check this and ship this item including with others.

  13. One item(#18598399)of my order(#4517769885) has been cancelled invalid. I don’ t want to cancel this item. Please check this and ship this item including with others.

  14. I would like to sell aeropostale clothes where I’m from there is no store in town. I would really like for you to give me a good deal to start my business.

  15. Yesterday, I went to Aeropostale store in Staten Island mall. The purpose of my trip was just to return an item I have bought back to the store. I really had a horrible experience today in the store. Due to my bad luck, I had to deal with one of the worst saleswoman on earth (darker skin lady). First, she doesn’t know how to do a refund transaction. She couldn’t find the item I want to return on the receipt and I had to help her to find it. Even I was nice and was trying to help her, she responded in a very awful way saying I don’t know what did I buy from the store and I will have a problem. Second, I was surprised by how bad is the customer service in that store especially from this horrible lady who doesn’t know how to assist the customers. After I received this bad customer service from her, I was planning to look around to buy something so I decided to change my mind and not to do business with the store that hire irresponsible individuals with awful attitude. The story doesn’t end at this point, when I told her I received the worst customer service from her, she denied and used an incorrect excuse that she has a problem because she is watching 2 girls are trying to steal something from the store. In additional to the above acts, third, she lies to the customer to get out of the situation. She is a liar. She is really a bad individual and I don’t understand why the store management can trust her anymore in the store. Fourth, she didn’t apologize for her attitude toward the customer but she kind of wanted me to leave the store in very disrespectful way. She is a rude person and she should be kicked from her position because she is causing a lot of losses to the store by her bad attitude. I am not going to shop there anymore

  16. I had the pleasure of interacting with both David & Ernest (manager) at the Florida Mall store. They were both very cordial friendly and professional. I would definitely revisit this store

  17. I’m very unhappy with the Winchester, VA store at the Apple Blossom Mall! I overheard one of your so called team members say to another team member an offensive remark. She said, “Those Mexican’s”!… She said it like she was annoyed. What kind of racist people are you hiring. Now that I think about it, why aren’t there more minorities there? I never see African Americans working there.

  18. Shopped at Rosedale, Roseville, MN store Friday. Wanted to buy 4 items, and none rang up at the price marked. Rey, I think was manager, had some of the most dramatic sighs and eye rolls I have ever seen when I told her where I found each one, and took her to show them each time. In between, she would comment that either or I another customer must have switched locations of clothing. For each, there was at least 4 others of the same item, different sizes, so I commented that was highly unlikely one of us would move them all. The clerk who rang me up, Brandon, did look uncomfortable and felt bad.

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