Contact Adecco Customer Service

Contacting Adecco Customer Service Center

Adecco is a global staffing company based in Switzerland. The company was founded in the late 1990’s and grew after merging with another staffing service in France. Adecco is now responsible for staffing nearly 1 million associates across the world.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Adecco Phone Number: 1-631-844-7800
  • Fax: 1-631-844-7614

Mailing Address

Adecco GroupAttn: Customer Service10151 Deerwood Park BlvdBldg 200Ste 400Jacksonville, FL 32256

Official Website

When you visit the official Adecco website you have the ability to learn more about the applicable career services, learn what employers look for in the employer services; research what current associates need to be successful and understand the inner working of the company. You can find invaluable information by reading through the Adecco Blog.

Social Media

A 21stcentury company must embrace social media. Adecco provides several ways to keep the conversation going. No matter what platform you decide, Adecco is there for you. We have to note that we have tested each platform and the response time from a customer care agent varies.

Customer Service Email

In the event you prefer email communication instead of traditional communication, you have options. You can either send feedback to Adecco on the website feedback customer form, the corporate email communication form, the investor form or the media form. Considering we wanted to send general questions, we decided to utilize the website form. We sent a message asking for the hours of operations for the customer service department. We expect to receive a message within the next two business days.

Our Experience

We thought calling Adecco would be easy, but we encountered several setbacks prior to speaking with the customer service department. The first thing customer’s encounter is the automated system. This is where things began to turn south. The automated system provided option to connect with the customer service department; we selected the appropriate option and instead of speaking with a live agent, we were connected with another set of options.

This process occurred two more times until we were able to speak with a live agent. After the agent answered the call we began asking questions relating to applying for career services on the website. The agent was pleased to walk us though the entire process. The end of the call proved Adecco does care about the customer; the company just needs to work on the initial part of the customer call. Do you have a story to share? Comment below.

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7 Comments on “Contact Adecco Customer Service
  1. I need a email address that I can post on a application and I cant find one on your site.. for meridian id branch thank you

  2. am a graduate of business administration and I own a wise paint Ltd, I want to work in sales dpt, or reputable company were I can contribute my quota and were I can learn new tins, thanks

  3. Unfortunately as a jobseeker i could not find any gmail id on such a big and reputed company like yours so that i struggle to contact you.Also, the telephone number is said to be not correct.

  4. Your job site is very frustrating to use, I have tried to register someone for a job on numerous occasions, and I know I have the correct email address and pass code, but every time I attempt to enter both it says it is incorrect, also every time I attempt to upload a resume or create a resume from your site I am unsuccessful.

  5. Tried to access my w2, but although I input the information, it said it was not. Calling yielded sitting on hold for over 15 minutes then being disconnected. This is a terrible company.

  6. I just got an unsolicited and automated text message from this company. I informed them as such and requested removal from the system. The response was “Great! We will be in touch soon.” This just the kind of service I expect from this company.

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