Contact 23andMe Customer Service

Contact 23andMe Customer Service

Contacting 23andMe Customer Service Center

23andMe is a personal DNA Mapping company that sells consumers a spit kit they can use to collect saliva for DNA testing. The saliva kit is run through a genetic program that reports risk factors for illness, disease and genetic traits – among other information – based on your DNA. The reports are delivered online and customers receive updates to those reports as new scientific evidence and tests become available.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for 23andMe customer service. All customer service issues must be handled through the support system via email or by mail. We searched the privacy policy and terms and conditions for contact information, but no phone number was listed.

Mailing Address

We found a contact address listed on the 23andMe privacy policy page. If you have issues with the customer service team, your DNA test or payment you can write to this address. For your financial safety, never include detailed payment information or copies of your credit card or bank account statements when sending a letter to this address.

23andMe, Inc. Attn: Customer Service1390 Shorebird WayMountain View, CA 94043

Official Website

The official website for 23andMe DNA testing is located at You can also access the help page at and the store at There is only one product to order from the company at this time – the 23andMe saliva test kit. The same kit is used for children and adults. Each kit can be used only one time, so a new kit must be purchased for every member of the family.

Social Media

23andMe is active on social media, so customers may find it easier to contact a 23andMe customer service agent on websites like Facebook and Twitter than by standard mail or support page.

Customer Service Email

From the main support page at you can ask a question at the bottom of the page. If you do not find an answer to your question visit the contact form to submit a new question.

Our Experience

We found no contact phone number for 23andM3 customer service, but we believe someone out there may have contact information to share. If you have contacted the 23andMe customer service department by phone or if you have an experience with 23andM3 customer service, feel free to leave your story below. We’d love to share your experience with other consumers considering DNA testing.

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101 Comments on “Contact 23andMe Customer Service
  1. I have spent well over an hour trying to contact somebody from this company trying to register my husband’s kit as we only have one email address and they won’t take that for both of us. Have tried 3 phones numbers that come up on 23 and me websites. All are not available. Where does one even find an address to write to this company?

    I am so disgusted that my friends will never buy their DNA test kits from 23 and me.

  2. It has been over two months since I registered and mailed my sample. Nothing. I got a couple of emails about how they are some kind of legal jam with the US govt. However, I have tried to email with no luck. Also, there is no phone number for customer service. Do not use 23andme. Not trustworthy!

  3. My visa was acceped immediately. No problem taking my money!
    Now, find it impossible to register kit!!!
    No help available. What knid of company is 23andMe?
    Calling the Better Bureau to investigate!
    Out $108 at this point and nobody cares except me.

  4. I too spent over an hour registering (I thought) and filling out endless surveys, only to hear that 23andMe doesn’t have me as registered so they can’t process my sample yet. If anyone has a phone customer service number for them please let me know!? I don’t know how much more time I can give to trying if it’s going to be this fruitless.

  5. Had the same problem would not let me register. Not able to find phone number for help. Purchase two kits one for a 102 old mother and my self lot of DNA there. Sad that they won’t stand up for what we are trying to do. Will try the BBB maybe they help. Very Upset don’t have a lot of time left.(Smile). Cathon

  6. Already register my kit and the email that I been using their telling me it’s not correct and cant get an good answer from these people to just reset the account or give me a call to fix this bull crap, is this a scam?

  7. I purchased the kit, I followed all the instructions. I registered the kit and sent it today, Sept, 23 2014. I got an email from 23andme asking to verify my email address. I would like to know if my kit was registered, and how I know when it is received by 23andme.
    I will appreciate your prompt respond.
    Maggie Ashby

  8. I have paid my $107 to get my kit processed. I NEVER got result. I even included my contact information with the kit when returned. With NOONE to talk to at 23 and Me, I continued to emailed them. They sent me a second kit. However, their system would NOT allow me to register it the second time. Again, I put the contact information in with the returned kit. It has been over a year with NO results for my $107 investment. With two kits in their possession, WHY can’t get at least one result? All I want is my results. Is that asking for too much? If so, SEND me my $107 back or find a way by which you can give me my results. If you have to send another kit, please contact me by phone to tell me how to get it registered, since your computer system WILL NOT accept a second registration and I would bet that it WILL NOT accept it for a third time. PLEASE solve this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Does this company have a phone #, so that one can asks a question?
    When I got my results, it was totally different from what it is now. How could that be, and which are the right answers?
    On top of that, I can’t even get into my DNA, no matter how many times
    I try to lug in.
    Ecxtremly frustrated custmer.

  10. it has been 2 years now and I cannot see my results could you please help me . where is your customer service phone number for people who have paid and cannot get the results .

  11. I received my 23andme kit. I have a question…I have a horrible cold and have taken a lot of medications…should
    I proceed and complete the saliva collection?

  12. I’ve tried every possible avenue to contact this company. Trying to register to be in the parkinsons research study. I’ve filled out the form on line about 4 times. When I finish filling out the form I hit submit. The screen goes blank. Not sure what is happening. Called an 866 number & they told me to e-mail you. Called 650-038-6300, got a recording. I’m not very good on a computer with the shaking from the parkinsons so it’s kind of frustrating not to get help when you search & search to find a phone number, finally you get through to be told to send an e-mail. This seems insane. If anyone can be of any help, please email me. Regards, Donna Ford

  13. 23andme has decided to turn over its files to another company. I did and when I tried to input more information they want $9.95. Is this some kind of a scam. A way to get more money out of us. I tried the customer service website. Is there such a thing as customer service? I was hoping that there woulde be some kind of genetic study on health so far no.

  14. I followed all the instructions and was informed that the results were ready. I ave tryed over twenty ties to call them up on my email but am informed that it is not accepted. Is this a scam? There is no phone to call. writing to the suggested address does not work. It’s a scam that should be investagated by thegovernment. Scam scam

  15. i sent my kit in and didn’t register it. i thought i got the
    right numbers off of the box but did not. what do i do

  16. I have had many email conversations with 23andme and still am not able to download raw data! I am an unhappy customer at this point.

  17. I would like to order a kit for a person in another state and make sure there is no price associated with it. She thinks mine is a wondrous thing.

  18. I am frustrated with this company. I have tried several times to register my kit as well as my husbands with no luck. They keep saying my e-mail and password is incorrect yet they e-mailed me giving me a order number and tracking number. Beginning to wonder like most of the other customers if this is a scam. Apparently they are not a very reputable company and very low on customer service.

    • What customer service??? There is NO customer service. Based on the number of complaints and comments on this very topic, you obviously don’t care about providing any customer service. I am regretting sending your company my hard-earned money.

  19. Just got my report. No phone number to call. I think it’s someone else’s results as my family is Hispanic which did not show up at all!
    Go to

  20. i do not have a computer and I am handicapped. I go to the library when I have to. I want a printed report. it this is not possible, then I will go elsewhere. It is poor customer service when you do not have C/S to speak to on the phone.

  21. My daughter purchased the kit and had the dna done.My wife and I wanted to order two kits for the both of us but noticed that the price has gone up from $108 to $199 can you explain that to us why the price almost doubled in only two month,if that is the case,we can not afforded,please let us know,thanks
    Mr and Mrs Santo

  22. I have not been able to access my dna saliva analysis.
    Am confused regarding how I am to be contacted with results.

    Assistance would be appreciated.

    • I sent my spit in almost 2 weeks ago. I registered prior to sending in, and have heard nothing from you at all. In fact all that information I sent in has disappeared. Where did it go? My brother bought the kit for me for Christmas sent

  23. thank you for costing me 208.95 because someone STOLE my credit card info. So its Christmas and i have had to cancel my debit card, I am minus 200.00 and my electric is now shut off. Awesome!!!!
    I did not order your service nor do I need it. Merry Christmas

  24. I have continually tried to reset my password only to be told that the reset code s invalid. I do not remember the security question or the password. Nothing is working since I received an email on the 17th of December say that my report was ready. How do I get my results? Please help.

    • I purchased a kit for my family member. Her results just came to her, but the user ID is in my name, shown below.
      How do we set her up with her own email address and password. Please leave an email with the answer.

  25. I am typing a second comment since the first one disappeared. I do not remember the security question or the password and the security code sent does not work, I received an email on the 17th of December saying that my reports are ready. What do I need to do to receive the reports?.

  26. 23and me spit DNAs are way off I compared my old one to there’s .my old DNA co uses a better method than just spit. Mine had 20% diff on native american and about 20% diff on European way off from my original one done.23 said I was only 1% native amer. My original said I was 21% native american just a fat money rip off.

  27. The European from 23 said I was 99% European and 1% native amer. My other co that did not use spit method. Said 79% European and 21% native american. Wow that’s such enormous diff . I want my 398.00 dollars back cause me and my brother did it together. Means his is wrong also.

  28. I send my kit a while back, I have not received any notification from you regardin
    my kit, I think i forgot to register it, not sure, I was in the hospital.
    would like to know what’s happened.
    Thank You very much,
    Max Razo

  29. I purchased four kits. One was used and the gift recipient just received his results. Two have not been opened. The fourth box was opened but not the test – seal is intact.

    I based my gifts on my 2013 results, in which I got an incredible amount of useful information. In that year, I bought 11 kits for family and friends. No one was disappointed.

    As I mentioned, my most recent gift recipient received his results. I am not happy with the amount of data in the new report format, nor are any of this year’s recipients. Very little information was given. The data provided were superficial, with little or no value.
    I realize that your company has been under the scrutiny of the FDA, and I truly supported your quest to give us medical guidance. I understand only now that your battle did not produce a beneficial outcome for your company or your clients.
    I regret that I never had the opportunity to see a 2015 sample report. I looked everywhere. Had I seen it, I would not have purchased the latest 23 and Me kits.

    You are collecting plenty of data that you are unable to meaningfully share. I am now fully aware of that. However, for those of us who were privileged to get the reports in 2013 and before, it was a completely different outcome. Frankly, we have been misled.

    I would like to return three kits and receive a refund. Please respond to this e-mail and let me know to where I should send the kits, and how long the refund process may take.

    Betty Cinq-Mars

  30. On October 19,2019 I mailed my kit to you and have received an e-mail stating you received it.
    I have not received my DNA from you. Your e-mail stated I should receive it in about six weeks.
    Please let me hear from you.

  31. I am trying to get a hold of a tech. for 23 & me because I cannot get past the first screen for registration. When a company does not have the fortitude to give a phone number I wonder if I have just been ripped off! I am worried. Is this whole thing an expensive SCAM? Cindy

  32. i have the wrong gender result………..i have spent hours …there is no one to talk with …has anyone ever actually been in contact with customer service????

  33. What a rip off. Got the silly results that provide no information about health….call support get a pat recording that hangs up automatically after stating there is more than an half an hour wait.

  34. Received an email notice that my report was ready.
    Have tried 6 times to access it — with no success!!!
    Need help!!

  35. I think I made a BIG mistake to even deal with 23 and Me. To register my kit has been impossible; help and assistance confusing and superficial. Refund please.

  36. Never, never, never use this company. I have sent in 2 different kits and both have come back with unable to extract enough DNA. YOU ONLY HAVE 1 YEAR FROM THE TIME YOUR KIT WAS ORDERED TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK. HURRY AND GET YOUR MONEY NOW. THEY ANSWER NOTHING, NO PHONE NUMBER, NO PERSONAL EMAIL, NOTHING.

  37. This co is not customer friendly. Has been 2 months plus since we have sent in the spit test w/NO RESULTS. NO RESPONSE. HAD NO PROBLEM W/
    TAKING OUR MONEY. There website is a joke.

  38. A couple of weeks ago i ordered a kit with full attention of using it. My husband had cancer treatment for prostrate cancer. cancer gone,but the after effects are on going. Where it wears me out an i can’t think about myself. Will submit the salvia when things simmer down where i can think of only myself. Sincerely Judy Christensen

  39. 34 days since you received/logged in my sample. 6 weeks is just around the corner. It would be nice to have a little customer service.


  40. 39 days and counting. Process is slow. I’m well over the average timeframe other have stated for reporting. Customer Service?

  41. what customer service? phone number does not work from 9-4 as stated. it has been 3 1/2 months since you received my sample. i want my money back, .

  42. Trying to upload data to ftdna. Data will not transfer. No phone number or email address. No response from numerous messages on Facebook. Totally odd.

  43. Have tried to get test results
    Password will not work. Changed password …still cannot get results. Completely frustrated with these people. HELP

  44. I sent in my kit but everything stopped there! I have tried to obtain a new pass-word again again again… help whatsoever. There is no way to actually get in touch with this company. It is like a phantom company. No help at all. You do a big business for Can I get a refund? My son gave me this for Xmas and it has been a pain in the neck.

  45. This company has problems. They charged me for their service and e mailed me a receipt to my correct e mail address, but in trying to contact them they say that there is no account associated with my e mail address so I can register the sample I sent. This company has never heard of having a phone number. They only have a limited selection of problems to ask about on their customer service web site. Any company that does not have a phone number has got to be genetically challenged. I asked them to call me when I sent the sample explaining that their web site doesn’t accept my e mail address -no phone call -just an e mail stating that I needed to register -very frustrating -a big waste of time dealing with this company.

  46. I got the kit,I had a hard time with registration, 3rd time it took.Now they email me saying i need to register. they have it all, my money ,the sample, the code. I have not heard from them and can not find a number to call.

  47. this is a joke paid $200. for nothing. no test. just a run around. asking for more money. $5. just to ask a question from tec support. locks you out wil be contacting bbb. to file complaint.

  48. I wish I would have read comments before purchasing. Locked out from email b/c I put in wrong password. Trying to get in but will not let me in. I really want to find results. I emailed but everytime I email they send the same link over and over and it still does not let me change the password. No phone number, terrible company. Purchase this from another company. There are many others out there.

  49. I don’t have access anymore to the email I registered with and there’s no way of updating my account with my new email.

  50. Please help me find my gift to my wife (a new member package). Our post office has no record! It was delivered on 7/8/16. We were out of town Tracking number 9400110898822005919789 thanks

  51. This was a $200 lesson in researching a company before pulling out my credit card. I too filled out an additional 890 questions to aid in their “research.” Got my results yesterday. Got hair and skin color right, lots of other stuff wrong. It’s like a parlor game one shouldn’t take too seriously. Ancestry promised a lot less and provided a lot more. 23and Me should be shut down.

  52. 23 and me does not have a customer service. I have spent playing 3 weeks trying to change my password. Waste of money using this company for your DNA testing.

  53. i need for u to resend the email to marilyn christian as it was deleted by error. this was msg saying the results was in.

  54. no customer service used wrong email cant change it!!! do not give this company your business they will rip you off and registering a kit takes an act of congress it is a scam company they will soon be out of business but not before making a very few rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCAM


  56. I was told there wasn’t enough of a sample and they would send me another kit. That was at least a month ago. No replacement kit yet.

  57. I having trouble getting my results I don’t know what I password or secret answer to my secret question was so I can’t reset my password.

  58. Was looking for a DNA sight(for my family of 10).
    Had it narrowed down to you and AncestryDNA.
    You cowardly pulled your advertising from Hannity and made it e-z for me.
    I ordered 10 kits from AncestryDNA

  59. I ordered a kit for my brother but he doesn’t do email. Can I register his name with my email account? I’m a member of 23 and me and we would be using same email

  60. I don’t get it. I wanted medical data & all I got was ancestry. This is NOT what I wanted. VERY DISAPPOINTED AND UPSET! PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. THANK YOU

  61. Pat Feeney
    I have just gotten off the phone from customercare at 23andme. Of course, I was immediately transferred to the Philippines where they have no authority and can’t help you with anything important. I spoke to Lulu, at least that is the name she gave me. I spoke to 23andme several months and was told that I could only get my paternal haplogroup from a male relative. As soon as I received it, send it to them via email which I did. Now I find out they will only take from a male relative that does DNA analysis done with 23andme. It is completely didn’t information that I received prior to LULU. This should be clearly noted in ads. Don’t use 23andme if you are a female. Their rules & regs are sexist and monopolistic.

  62. Good morning ,
    I received my second kit today ; they were unable to do the testing on my first sample but they did not say what I did wrong . I would like to know so I don’t make the same mistake again .
    Also , do I have to register my kit again , one place says it has already been registered into my account but another place says you cannot process my sample unless it is registered ???
    Also , where on the kit label is the claim code , don’t see any claim code ??? Tks .

  63. My husband’s (Ralph Barlow) sample was somehow compromised, and he received another test to send in. There was a note inside saying that his sample had already been registered, so we did not re-register with a new number. We have not heard anything about the second sample being received. I have received my results and I am very happy!

  64. I just received my 23 and me test results. I have a 1% match with Canada Native. If I had a Canadian MicMaw grandmother, back in 1630, my 10th grandmother with a European man , with no other Native in my family tree afterwards, would that give my this low score?

  65. I purchased a kit that includes the health option. In reading the complete info, I no longer want the health evaluation, just the ancestry report. I have not done the saliva test yet but did register…9wx-pDp-tDL-Qf8 I would prefer returning the kit & using the money to purchase 2 ancestry only ones. How do I do this…may I please have your help?

  66. Trying to request an ancestry dna kit online. I entered my street sddress, city & zip code and am told all are INVALID. I’ve lived in my home 48 years and am already a 23&me customer, and I assure you LOS ANGELES is a valid city. What am I supposed to do when you don’t have a phone number to call? Hope your DNA results are more reliable than your website.

  67. We both sent in our sputum samples in early January 2018 and never got a reply????
    What happened?

  68. I want to find out my DNA, but i was seeing your bad reviews. I tried Ancestry. Com, but it did not go well either. I had to give up saliva 5 times, and they still could not find my DNA. what make you difference?

  69. This company appears to be fraudulent The cannot find our order even though I have sent them copies over 5 times Their web sit is impossible to use as it does not work and is designed not to allow customers who buy their services to get results. They talk about their team but their team seems to be just water-boys or girls and not real players Other comments seem to say they are in trouble with regulatory agencies Is that their problem?



  71. I ordered kit number 3 on 15/7/18.
    Still not arrive as of 2/8/18.
    I have reported it many times,but my mail doesn’t seem to be getting through to you.
    I have been asked about my problem over and over again.I reply,but still no result.

  72. Please, give your contact phone #. I have many questions for you.
    We’ve received 23 And Me results in March ’18. Answer quickly!

  73. I have a question regarding DNA results, would love to talk with someone but
    can not find a number.

    My question is, Why does my DNA results only show the maternal?
    My father’s is missing & do not have a living male to take the test.

  74. My customer service is great! I found out a while back I’m 4% Neanderthal! Can you give me some statistics of how many people there are that have it in the US?

  75. I like 23 and me, however when I contacted customer service about a problem with a new order they kept me on hold over 2 hours and the when I spoke to them they
    put me thru hell trying to resolve my issue, The customer service person at one point said he had to take another call and hung up on me. I then had to call back
    and wait another 30 minutes at that point it appeared that they really did not care
    to hear my concerns.

    I would suggest anyone wanting to buy 23 and me use Amazon , Amazon knows how to treat customers.

    Finally 23 and me need to do a better job of trying customer service reps, They
    also have a section for some to state a problem the call it their Pissed line. That is not a professional way of getting complaints or suggestions I suggested they
    remove it and replace it with something more professional , it does not speak well of the company,

  76. Cannot get to my account….. I receive a lot of messages from 23andme but cannot do anything about it!
    Results are in but cannot access them! No decent Customer Services????
    Very disappointed.

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