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Contacting Verizon Fios Customer Service Center

Verizon Fios is a company associated with Verizon Wireless that offers cable, Internet and home telephone. Service areas are limited and not all areas covered by Verizon Wireless will be covered by Verizon Fios. If you’re interested in ordering Verizon Fios services, you’ll need to enter your street address. If services are available, your street address will be found and you’ll be asked additional questions about ordering.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When we entered our zip code to find the customer service phone numbers, we were redirected to the Verizon main website. Internet and television support are available 24 hours a day. Telephone support is only available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday.

  • Fios Internet and TV: 1-800-837-4966
  • Residential Phone: 1-800-837-4966
  • TTY: 1-800-974-6006
  • Online Support: 1-866-326-7937
  • Payment Information: 1-800-698-3545

Mailing Address

You can send Verizon a letter or payment – but you must use the proper mailing address.

Verizon – General Communication
P.O. Box 6000
Hayden, ID 83835


Verizon – Payment Center
P.O. Box 920041
Dallas, TX 75392-0041

Official Website

For more information on Verizon Fios and the services offered, visit the main site as One of the main selling points for Verizon Fios is the fiber optic lines used for television and Internet access. Verizon Fios claims fiber optics are faster than cable connections.

Customer Service Email

If you have an issue with Verizon Fios and you need to email customer service, you can use the email form online. Verizon Fios does not offer an email address for Verizon Fios customer service.

We’ve sent an email to Verizon Fios inquiring about when service will be available in our area. We’ll report how long it takes Verizon Fios customer service to respond. According to the email contact form, they will respond within one business day. You can fill in the account number box with all zeros if you do not have an account.

Our Experience

When we called Verizon Fios customer service we were greeted with the normal automated system. We pressed 0 six times before the automated system finally gave up and connected us with a customer service representative. We were on the phone for about three minutes trying to get through customer service. When we finally made it to customer service, we asked about service expansions in our area and the representative said the customer service department was not privy to information on when new service areas would be established.

After contacting customer service, we had a positive experience. Did you have the same experience? Let us know.

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58 Comments on “Contact Verizon Fios Customer Service
  1. I just wanted to comment to someone about when I tried to get fois put in my home that I was moving into .I had an appointment set up for the day after I moved .For 6/20 no one showed up when I called to see why not they informed me that the previous owner still had service to the house till 6/29 .We had staightened this issue out days before and the prevous owners didnt want service till 6/29 . It is my belief that when I was contacted a couple of days before to make sure it was set for the day of 6/20 . The gentleman on the phone was more interested in selling me another package then taking care of what I asked . I finally had enough of waiting for the different packages that he wanted to sell me and I asked him would there be an installer out for the 20th he said they would be . Yet i got no phone call telling me anything was wrong or that the installer woulding be coming out .
    I am now a comcast subscriber because of how badly things were run . We tried to call and fix the issues with your company to no avail .

  2. You sent a mail to me that you have resolved the problem in my account and that my account will be in good standing soon.I called several times and waited for months and you still have this stupid bill on my account.I have concluded that your company is very incompetent.If this discrepency is not cleared soon, I will cancel my suscription or take any action necessary.I am tired of seeing this frivolous bill in my account.

  3. I am a Verizon FIOS customer and had been enrolled in their automatic payment plan (payments automatically deducted from my checking account every month) since 2006. Earlier this year, I noticed that payment had not been deducted from my checking account one month when it as due. I checked my Verizon account on their web site and it showed that no payment had been made and was overdue. I made payment via the web site with a credit card, and then attempted to find out how or why I had been removed from the auto pay plan. This was not the first time this had occurred. It happened twice before when I had made changes to my service. However, during the most recent instance, I had not made any changes to my service. The person I spoke with at customer service assured me that I was still enrolled in the plan but could not explain why the payment had not been deducted. The following month, my payment was not deducted again and I had to pay the bill “manually.” Since my payments were suppose to be deducted from my checking account, there was no address on my bill where payments should be remitted. I searched their web site and found two addresses (P.O. boxes) for submitting payment – one in Dallas, which is listed on this web site, and another one in Albany, NY. I submitted payment with electronic bill pay through my credit union and held my breath hoping that I had selected the correct P.O. box. I apparently did because the payment was credited to my Verizon account. I made further inquiries to customer service to find out why by both phone and e-mail. Everyone who responded assured me I was still enrolled in the auto pay plan. When my payment was not deducted a third month in a row, I wrote a letter to the P.O. box in Tallahassee, Florida listed on my bill for submitting written correspondence, but it is not the same address listed on this web site. I received a phone call one day from a lady whose sole job apparently is to answer correspondence. She said that from “what she could see of my account,” I was still enrolled in the auto pay plan. I got a similar response once from a customer service rep. at Verizon’s “e-Center.” She said that they had “limited access” to my account but it appeared that I was still enrolled in auto pay. Anyway, the lady who called me transferred me to someone in billing who told me the same thing. After that lady couldn’t tell why my payments had not been deducted for 3 months, she transferred me to someone in financial services. That person told me I was NOT enrolled in the auto pay plan and asked me if I wanted to enroll. I told her, “No” and to leave the account the way it was. I asked her that if I was no longer enrolled in the plan, why were my bills still saying that I was and that my payments would be deducted on a particular date when they were not being deducted. She couldn’t answer that question. The next month when my bill arrived, it still said that I was enrolled in the auto pay plan and that payment would automatically be deducted but it was not. The odd thing is that when I log onto my account on the web site, there is no indication that I am still enrolled in auto pay and it encourages me to do so. I would think that if I was still enrolled in auto pay, this message would not appear. I wrote another letter to the same P.O. Box I had written one before trying to and get this matter resolved and to start receiving bills that kept saying that I an enrolled in auto pay. Clearly, I no longer am if my payments had not been deducted four months in a row. Two employees who told me that I still am either alluded or flat out said they couldn’t see all of my account details. In my letter, I requested that someone with full access to my account research the matter before calling me, and that I didn’t want to hear from just anyone who answers letters and get transferred to different people who did not know the history of my problem and who I was going to have to explain to one or more times. It’s been 6 weeks since I mailed that letter, and I have not received a response. It is obvious that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing at Verizon. I kept getting told by everyone I e-mailed or spoke with, except one person, that I am enrolled in auto pay, but my payments have not been deducted for 4 months. Even my bills are not correct in that they keep saying that my payments will be deducted on a certain date each month but they haven’t been. Verizon is just like any other company that has grown fast rapidly. Their communications and customer service are abysmal and they have become very incompetent.

  4. Everytime I speak with someone they are always courteous; but, they never follow through. I can’t count how many times I’ve called to resolve an issue and be told that it will be resolved and it isn’t. I’ve been told so many different stories that I’ve had it and will be returning to COX. IF YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING; DO IT. STOP WASTING OUR TIME AND MONEY.

  5. I would like to thank Mrs Gill for fixing my CID problem. After explaining my problem to 7 different customer service reps over a 2 week period she was able to resolve the problem the same day. Verizon needs more employees like her and quit transferring customers from service rep to service rep evidently in hopes of finding a rep that can fix the customers problem. On one occasion I was transferred to 4 different reps.

  6. I signed up for your service at the beginning of August. I chose Verizon Fios because I’ve had my cell phone through the company for over 3 years. I’ve had wonderful customer service with my cell phone. I wish I could say the same for Fios. My name has been misspelled since I’ve signed up for their service. Each billing cycle I’ve been told that it will be fixed. I’ve spent several hours on the phone speaking to customer service reps and supervisors that have all promised to fix the mispelling of my name. On Tuesday, October 23rd I spent over an hour and a half trying to get this resolved. I was told that I need to speak with the credit verification. As a result, they ran my credit and placed a new order for service. I was told that they can’t verify who I am. I found out that they ran my credit through my identify protection service. Evidently, Experian knows who I am, but Verizon doesn’t. I’m tired of having to constantly call them to resolve an issue that’s not my fault. No one seems to care.

  7. If only I could give negative stars. Your customer service is THE WORST ever–bar none. It’s ridiculous how hard it is to contact support and get action.

  8. Verizon has become the worst website I ever have to deal with. I have been a Fios customer for about 8 years. The website NEVER runs smoothly, and continually kicks me out. After 8 yrs of having a email, I have had to change to a yahoo mail account, because I’m tired of dealing with verizon headaches. Also, good luck getting customer service! Verizon has lost a customer as of…..NOW!

  9. is it true that you are losing amc that is my favorate channel we hope its not true we may have to back with direct tv please do whatever you can do to keep amc

  10. Disappointed that Verizon FiOS has recently made the decision to take off BlueHighways TV. Really enjoyed their quality programming and it was the best place for Bluegrass, Folk and roots music in general.

  11. Your customer service is terrible!!! I have called four times to try and figure out why my ” Verizon fios “tv box is not working . I’ve been told wait times of 6-10 minutes. Every time I was on the phone for at least 20 up to 30 minutes and still no help. Talk about a waste of time and crappy customer service! If I did customer service like you guys at my work I would be fired! And to top it all off my t v still doesn’t work, because I can’t get through to customer service!!! I guess your all out having a doughnut break! Good job! I will be canceling my subscription to your sub standard service!!!

  12. When will Verizon comply. We are tired of this problem and want it solved.

    Living rooms around the country may be a little quieter next December when new rules designed to stop loud TV commercials from startling viewers take effect. On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission unanimously approved rules that will require cable operators and TV stations to quiet louder than normal TV commercials.

    Bottom line, the FCC is quieting a persistent problem of the TV age, or loud commercials.

    Starting next December, cable operators and TV stations will be required to ensure that TV commercials are not louder than TV programs. They will be required to spot check channels and make sure the new rules are being followed.

    FCC officials say they will continue to monitor consumer complaints about loud commercials and follow up with TV stations or cable operators to fix any problems.

    In September 2010, Congress passed the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM Act, which gave the FCC the task of ensuring TV commercials are not louder than TV programs.

  13. I see another posted complaint similar to mine, THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I had a simple question, first one must find a phone number and then after getting that from verizon wireless I waited 35 minutes and finally someone responded. The answer took 20 seconds. WOW, what a way to run a business.

  14. I called Tech Support. Problem; Cannot bring up Verizon Web Page. NOTE: I can bring up all other web pages shown on my Desktop; My Bank, various political sites, the weather, etc., but not my Verizon Home Page.
    As usual, the Tech Rep was polite, patient and tried very hard to come up with a solution – she could not. She said that I was signed up for Verizon “Expert Service” (or whatever) and transferred me to them.
    They could even find that I even had a Verizon account much less if I was paying for their “Expert Service.” They did take a brief look at my problem and told me that, “We’ve had other similar complaints” and indicated it was a problem with Verizon’s system. But I was told that they couldn’t look into it until it was verified that I was subscribed to their “Expert Service” I was transferred to another number.
    They couldn’t find me either, but told me they would gladly sign for $14.00 a month.
    Later, I recieved an e-mail from Verizon telling of all the help I can get on-line.
    I am canceling my account.
    Bill Parsons

  15. I had a wonderful and satisfying phone encounter with an employee and I want to let you know how great she was. Her name is Terry and her employee number is V107190. Be good to her–she was good to me–and on Christmas day, at that!

  16. I have had fios reps ringing my doorbell every few months. I do not want fios. And after being bothered every few months im would never pick fios

  17. We’re new customers to Verizon FIOS and we were connected on December 17th.

    So far we’ve had far too many total system failures. No phone, no cable, and no internet. After 4 days we began having system failures. No phone, no internet, and no TV. The first 2 system failures the techs were able to get us up and running without much problem.

    On the 3rd system failure, on Christmas day no less, we spent an hour on the phone (cellular) trying to work with the techs to correct the problem. Eventually we were told we had a bad battery box and that a service tech was scheduled for the morning of December 26th.

    During the day, somehow the system was restored and we received a robot-text mail informing us the service call was cancelled. About 4 hours later we had yet another total system failure. Naturally, this required another call to reschedule the original service call.

    On December the 26th a new battery box was installed and we had service back up at 9:30 a.m. we then had another total system failure at 7:30 p.m.

    On the 27th the service techs came out again. It was discovered that the issue was on the telephone pole box as another neighbor was having the same problems. However, that obviously wasn’t the problem. The problem was resolved in the Verizon computer system.

    On December 28th, after having another system failure, we had to call the service tech again. Our system was again rebooted from Verizon. We were back on-line at 7:30 p.m.

    Our set-top box began to experience rebooting issues as well. This would happen at random times. On December 29th our set-top box, as far as we know, rebooted at 5, 5:30, 6:30, 6:38, and 7:35 p.m. On December 31st the set-top box rebooted more times than we could count. A new set-top box is being shipped to us and should arrive January 2nd or 3rd.

    On December 29th we had another total system failure at 5:30 p.m. Again, another phone call was made. The tech had to reboot our system from their side.

    You can only imagine our anger and frustration with Verizon FIOS. In over 20+ plus years with Time Warner we never had this type of problem. The few problems we did have were corrected with a simple customer reboot of the modem(s). So far, Time Warner service up-times and reliability have greatly exceeded those of Verizon FOIS.

    My wife telecommutes on different days of the week, if she can’t rely on constant and consistent service she is dead in the water. I work from home and as part of my business I need reliable and consistent service as well. These system failures have had a drastic negative impact on what we do for a living.

    We were offered a $20.00 discount from Verizon FIOS for one year which we accepted. We also told the reps that if problems continue then the entire system can be removed. That’s still in consideration by us. If that does happen we will not pay early termination fees or any other fees associated with our account.

    Overall, we’ve spent more down time and time on the phone than up-time use of Verizon FIOS. Nothing like what’s represented on your TV ads. The $20 reduction doesn’t even begin to cover our time lost, frustration, and overall extremely poor reliability service from Verizon FIOS.

    Obviously, as you can see, we have not had a good experience with Verizon. We received a customer feedback survey in the mail several days ago. That will be sent in with this letter attached for whatever good it may provide.

    How could we even begin to recommend Verizon FIOS to anyone in our neighborhood or those we connect with via online forums and social media? If it was you, and given the problems we’ve had, would you recommend Verizon Fios? With the problems we’ve had it is extremely unlikely we will recommend Verizon FIOS to anyone.

  18. I switched to Fios from Optimum and received the 1st bill. there was a mistake on it. I’ve tried to call Verizon customer service for the past hour, once I was told to be connected to a rep, the line went dead! The reason I stayed with Optimum for the past 10 years despite paying much more instead of taking advantage of lower fee that Fios could offer is Verizon’s poor customer service experience that I had. 10 years have past, their customer service is still as bad as before. I regret the switch-over already! I rather to pay more for a company who could offer reasonable customer service!

  19. I have been a customer for 1 day and am ready to cancel. Your tech took it upon himself to install 2 HD boxes on tv’s that don’t even have HD. They were supposed to be regular digital boxes. I’m being charged for these boxes! Now Verizon wants me to drive 20 minutes to fix their problem?? I think not. They are the absolute worst. You have 30 days to cancel your service people…do it now!

  20. I never got to the SERVICE since I had to hold listening to ten minutes of the “Chinese water torture” version of on-hold music before I was disconnected.
    I will probably have nightmares all night with that tune in my head!

  21. We received our bill and there was a charge for a subscription we didn’t order. After sitting on the phone for a long time we finally got through to a representative, who said her name was Melanie ID# Z414619. She acted as if he were a liar, even after confirming we called customer service the night she claimed we ordered the subscription. Our box froze on the Menu page and I don’t know what happened from there. She was extremely arrogant, rude and said she was a Supervisor. After she disconnected from us I found another number on-line to call, the above payment number and spoke to a “Debbie # z497375. What a difference in an employee! Debbie z497375 was the most professional, efficient and detailed representative that I’ve ever talked to. She explained and emailed us as to how she was going to settle the problem with our bill. Which wasn’t complicated at all; big difference in how Mel #z414619, who said she was a Supervisor made it out to be. After the stressful conversation with Melanie WE WERE ALREADY TO CANCEL FIOS” and go back to Direct TV without a second thought. What a difference an “Outstanding Employee” makes. She sent us an email with reference to how she was going to follow up and what we should expect on our next bills. If only Fios could have more employees like Debbie #z497375!! Melanie Z414619 should be fired as we went from calm to totally stressed after talking to her. I never comment on VOC’s but I had to this time. Way to go Verizon Fios with hiring an employee like Debbie Z497375

  22. Today I experienced the worst customer service I have ever encountered. My home telephone service (not all the other services) was disconnected for no reason and had to call Verizon 4 different times and didn’t get anywhere but a waste of my time and effort. I also have Verizon wireless service and as a result of poor signal, my calls kept dropping and even though I gave a call back number to each of the representatives I spoke to, none of them called me back. On the last attempt I spoke to supervisor Marlon Jackson who after going through what seems a well scripted approach to de-escalate upset customers, promised to have this issue resolved. I agreed to continue working with yet another representative and again nothing was resolved and when the call dropped, she did not call me back. I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone and did not get anywhere with anyone and I still have no phone service. As a result I will have to go with another provider (including my wireless service) as I believe my business is much more valuable than being on the phone for that long and be treated like a one time customers. I believe customers have the right to know the type of service that is being provided by companies therefore, I intend to share this experience with all my business associates, social media connections, and online blogs as they have the right to know. Its customer experiences like these that make customers go else where regardless of the product value. With a CSAT of 1.7 out of 5 it is obvious that this poor service is now part of the culture at Verizon and has spread like a disease, eventually it will affect the entire company and its customers.

  23. We wasted over three hours trying to get a problem resolved over the phone with Edward. Our service was installed today and one HD cable box lasted less than an hour. Edward made many suggestions that didn’t work . All we wanted was a technician to be sent out to correct the problem. Finally we asked for a supervisor. We were put on hold so many times we lost track of the amount of times. We are in FIOS purgatory at this point. Hopefully a tech will appear soon. If only we could get Comcast back.

  24. We moved into a new house and scheduled an appointment to get Verizon service for our cable and wireless. After taking the day off of work and waiting for an entire day for the scheduled service guy to come, we decided to call. We were told that our appointment is cancelled and that we will not be able to get a guy to come until a month. We were told that a call was made to informed us of the cancellation but because we didn’t answer, Verizon will not be able to accommodate us until 1 month. First of all, there was no such phone call. Not a missed call or a message. Secondly, we received a phone call later that day to ask us how our experience was. Well.. It was HORRIBLE! Everyone should stay way from your service. You are incompetent and my entire family will change our cell phone company as well. You should be held liable for my fiancé missed day of work. In today’s economy, you should be more sensitive to people’s time. And your reasons for cancelling the appointment, was because the previous tenant has not cancelled his service? Was it so difficult for you to get your act together to leave us a message so that we can connect with the previous tenant to ask them to disconnect their service? Not only did you lie about calling us but your costumer service to handle the matter is deplorable! I hope people will learn from our posts and stay clear away from you.

  25. I can only access this stupid website from my home computer. I think it is the www22 that is the problem. I called and the tech was useless. Delete my cookies, that is what she said. No mention of the thousands of other people that are having issues getting on that website. No, she talks to people everyday and no one has an issue. Yes, I looked online and it is a problem, many people have said so online. I have tried accessing from 5 different computers. I can’t pay my bill because I can’t access it. I call and ask them to send me the info in an e-mail of what I owe so I can pay. They sent me an e-mail that said go to the website, WHICH I CANNOT F’ING ACCESS! This may just make me leave Verizon Fios. Really, fix the stupid website to make it accessible. Totally useless customer service and just finding a real person to talk to was a challenge.

  26. My wife and I have contacted verizon regarding a fios double payment error on 23 january. After speaking to “TEN” of your employees over a period of two days, we were told that this issue would take 1. 3 to 5 days 2. 7 to 10 days, and now 30 to 35 days to have the payment refunded to our bank account. We’ve spoken to reps, supervisors, and now (2/5/13) the headquarters office in New York! Question: Is there anyone employed by your company that knows what they are doing? Your service SUCKS from the top down! I am canceling all our verizon services due to the incompetence and pass the buck attitude of your corporation. You are an f—ing joke…..good riddance!

  27. Cable not working on any of my 5 TVs. Emails to my wife’s computer are getting declined. Can’t get anyone from customer service. All this for $186 a month. I should have stayed with Comcast.

  28. We switched over to Verizon and I have to say we were very dissatisfied with the installation service. The entire process took approximately 13 and a half hours. When the gentleman showed up at 9 my husband tried explaining that some type of bucket truck would be needed because the lines were up the pole. The gentleman began his work anyway disregarding what my husband said. Then within a couple of hours he called for the bucket truck. He waited an hour and a half doing nothing for the bucket truck to arrive. Meanwhile if he would have called when my husband mentioned it would have been there by time he was ready. When the truck arrived he and the bucket truck worker stood in our street for 40 minutes shooting the breeze until finally my husband went out to speed things along. The bucket truck was not tall enough, which my husband tried explaining from the beginning. At that point they discovered the lightpath we needed wasn’t turned on yet.
    Shortly after 4PM the first gentleman left. At 5PM another gentlemen showed up at my door asking me what the 1st person had done. I informed him I arrived home after 4PM and the 1st gentleman only told my son he was leaving and nothing else. Then he asked where all the equipment and boxes were that the 1st gentlemen left and I told him the 1st gentleman didn’t leave anything and he seemed surprised. After about 20 minutes or so he informed me that we had to wait for a truck to come to hook up the lightpath and he had no knowledge of how long that would take. The first guy knew that so why didn’t he call the truck? Or did he ? Who knows because he didn’t communicate anything to anyone. In the meantime someone delivered the boxes and he placed them near each TV. Then he sat outside in the truck until the lightpath truck came almost 2 hours later.
    Then finally after about 2 and a half hours the other gentleman was able to start installation. One TV box wasn’t loaded. He explained that the boxes are loaded by Verizon, but every once in a while one gets through that isn’t. Hence, we had to wait again for someone to bring another box.
    Finally, or so we thought, a little before 10PM everything was supposedly hooked up and he closed out the job on his computer. Then I realized I only checked that the phone could call out earlier because I was distracted with the TV situation. When I tried to call in of course it didn’t work. Now the issue was that the job was closed out so he couldn’t easily rectify the situation. Finally at 10:30 he got the phone to work and the job was done.
    When my husband woke up the next morning one of the TVs was not working. He called Verizon to let them know and at the same time started to tell the woman about his dissatisfaction with the installation process and how long they were there. She said it was common for them to be there for 8 hours, which we were prepared for. He reminded her that they were there 13 and a half hours, which is more than 5 hours longer than the norm. She got nasty and told my husband she knew how to count and didn’t need him figuring out for her what 13 minus 8 was. At that point my husband just hung up. He later resolved the TV issue-the gentleman didn’t screw in the cable wire so it had popped off.
    I have to say that we are not impressed with our introduction to Verizon. Is this how Verizon works-sitting around for hours waiting for trucks while they can be helping other costumers, not communicating with each other as to how the job was left off, shooting the breeze when they are on the costumer’s time, and being unprepared with either no equipment or equipment that is not properly loaded?
    We refuse to call the number again and deal with a nasty person on the other end. I can’t believe a big company like Verizon would run their organization like this. We have 30 days to cancel and Optimum has already called us to offer us a deal to come back. Sorry I left Optimum and would probably swirch back before the 30 days is up.

  29. My check cleared my bank but they say they haven’t received it. So now it’s time for the merry go ride that it will take to resolve it.

  30. On march 20 we are singed a contract with Verizon .
    On that day technithian came to us and connected ( TV, phone and supposedly internet)
    When he left, we are started to look what he had done.
    Phone works, TV works, and we found internet problems.
    1. Wired PC desktop was not connected.
    2. Wireless computer works on 30%
    3. Now one printer does not work wireless.
    Then we found you service phone and called to get help to connect the desktop PC. Over the phone we worked two nights with represetative.
    Then my husband with a son who lives in Boston started to set up my computer and printer and can not finish till today.
    We have more problems but cannot contact with your costomer service over phone.
    Can you please give us a contact phone with a computer specialist after 6 pm.
    Thank you

  31. I called the customer service since there were some inappropriate channels popped up that early morning. Luckily, the children were asleep. I was glad the accident was view by my husband and not my innocence children. The next day I called, and already angry, I had to explain to them that I never subscribe to these channels and why it was showing up. Now I was transfer to a different person who was able to show me the “parental-control” setting. Before long, my television was safe to watch by my children. I can have a sense of peace. Thanks.

  32. I had an appointment for installation on 4/1/13 no one came or call saying that they were not coming. Now I have a another appointment for 4/8/13. I really hope that your workers will make it this time. It is very unprofessional how your office is when it comes to appointments. I had someone here all day waiting for them.

  33. Had a problem with on demand video, called customer service and was on hold for 37 minutes, finally got an agent and all I wanted was to be sure I did not get billed for a movie I could not watch due to your technical problems. The agent could not help me and transferred me to billing which was not opened. That recording informed me to call back during normal hours. This makes Time Warner look good. I will cancel my service at the earliest time!!! This is so far from customer service it makes the government look good. This is the worse I have ever experienced with any cable provider.

  34. Extermely unhappy with Verizon. The change over from my other provider was a nightmare and now I am being billed more that what the Sales Person quoted me. If I had know it would be this difficult I never would have switched providers

  35. on hold for 27 minutes you can raise my bill 24 dollars but i cant talk to a customer servive rep please respond now bee wqiting over 30 minutes

  36. I had no cable or internet for four days. I was told a technician would be at my house on Saturday between 8 and 5. When no one came by 4 I called to make sure I was still on the list. I was told..”Oh yes, you are the next stop” Needless to say no one came and no one called! I called and was told I would be the first stop on Sunday morning (between 8 and 9 am)..guess what? No one showed up! I spent the whole day calling (it takes about 30 minutes to get a live person on the phone) and was told “sorry, but you will have service by 4:30. You guessed it!! No one came. By the time the Verizon truck rolled up in front of my house at 6:00 pm Sunday I was literally on the phone signing up for Comcast!I gave Verizon an entire weekend of my time, I refuse to give them any more business! The people DO NOT CARE about your business! It’s almost comical. I spend $500 a month with Verizon services (that’s $6,000 a year)I am dumping all my services, I don’t even care how much it costs me to break my wireless contracts.

  37. Two weeks ago I signed up for a changed TV program. It was to your Extreme HD package. I was given a listing and told those were the stations I would receive. The station in question was ESPN classics (71). The listing stated it was effective February 2013.

    When it was installed I was given another copy of the same listing and they marked the list that pertained to my contract. It included channel 71. When I tried to watch that channel the next night it said I was not subscribed.

    I called customer service (Flower Ave.) and they told me to contact technical support, which I did. He told me that was not part of my plan and transferred me back to Tampa customer service.

    When I explained to him what had happened so far he indicated that I must have had an old listing. I informed him that I was only a week old and I also received the same one from the installer and your booth at the Tampa Home Show on Friday. He said “well I can’t do anything about that”. I needed to go on line and see the most current listing. I told him that even if it changed I contracted for the one effective on my contract date. Then there was silence. I then ask for a supervisor and his response was “why, he can’t do any more than I can”. At that point I thanked him and hung up.

    I would appreciate any assistance you could give me in this matter.


    Don Bushkie

  38. Got new FiOS 3 days ago had tech here everyday since still not working back to Comcast I guess Tks Verizon for all the lies and stress

  39. This has to be the most unethical company I have dealt with in my 73 years. They really have no customer service. Their motto is THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG. Three calls to customer service and I got 2 hangups and 1 promise to call back but never did..

    Do your self a favor and don’t do business with this so call company.

  40. This company is a complete scam to get you to sign up. Cox has integrity and can fix any issues. Fios will scam you out of your money and their customer service is the worst I’ve seen. Don’t buy Fios………….

  41. Just a little while ago ended an on line chat with a customer service rep trying for the third time in the last year to get verizon to fix the bad signal on channel 126. For the third time the customer support person followed her script to as tee. So for the third time I still can’t watch the military channel because like Comcast Verizon doesn’t care and just goes thru the motions.
    Maybe if they had people in customer service that were here in the US and could speak english and not just read a script things might actually get fixed.

  42. It is unfortunate that Frontier’s promises made to me ended up costing me money without receiving the benefits promised. I recommend potential customers pay attention to the reviews and not to discount them as I did. I paid for several months of virus protection/customer technical support and, although they gladly took my money, they were unable to set me up where I could use the services. It was always an excuse like, “I can’t finish installing that software right now. We will finish later.” After two more “excuses” I called to cancel the service that I have been paying for, yet not receiving. I spoke with two different people and told them what I wanted to do. Neither one tried to talk me out of it, or volunteer to set it up on my computer. That was confirmation enough that they couldn’t give me what I was paying for.
    Thanks, Frontier, for nothing.

  43. I have been a Verizon and FIOS customer for too many years to count, and I hate the company as a whole more every day. They only seem to be interested in finding ways to jack up the bill slowly over time hoping the customer won’t notice it.

    Recently I had a problem with my FIOS TV set top box. It kept rebooting, indicating that the box was failing. I got on my computer and used the ‘In-Home Agent’ to hopefully order a new box. No luck – all it wants to do is perform some simple tests. The ‘Agent’ did inform me that I was eligible for a new model STB so that I could view all content I was paying for, so I decided to go that route to get a new STB to replace the one that was failing.

    3 days later the new model STB arrived. It looked like it was quite old, but I hooked it up anyway. It would not even power on! So, I called Tech Support and after skipping all the automated reply crap, waited on hold for over 20 minutes until a person finally answered. I explained the situation and I was told that they would ship me out a new STB, but the OLD model, since their system did not show me having the new model box! In order to have a replacement STB of the new model, I was told I would need to talk to another department. I asked them to go ahead and order me the old model box for now so I could get it ASAP, and I was told the order was placed and would ship via overnite delivery. I then asked to be transferred over to the other department to get my account updated for the new model box.

    I was transferred, and after waiting over 25 minutes, I was told that they could not see the order that was (supposedly) just placed so they could change it to the new model. In the meantime, I received an email from the original person with the ticket number, and the content stating that the STB was to be PICKED UP at the location specified in the email. The email did not contain any address of where to pick it up, and besides I was told that the box would be shipped to me!

    I was told I had to talk to Tech Support again, so I asked if they could just call them directly and conference all 3 of us in together. I assumed they had a way to directly get hold of someone. No such luck. I waited another 25 minutes, with the 2nd person on the line too, and eventually our line was disconnected (I suspect the person just hung up). They never called me back, and I gave up for the night (probably what they wanted).

    I am ready to cancel all of my Verizon services – phone, TV, and Internet, and even my mobile phones with them. They certainly do not deserve the amount of money I send them every month.

    As it stands now, I am uncertain if I will receive a new STB or not, and if so, which one it will be. I don’t quite have the stomach right now to waste another 2-3 hours of my life dealing with their incompetent support. Instead, I think I will call billing and try to get my service cancelled, but I bet there is a 30 min wait for that too.

    I used to think Verizon provided good service and value, but not any more. Not recommended.


  45. We are having an dispute with Verizon. My wife went onto my personal bank billing and sent out a bill to the wrong company. The amount was for $174.00, and Verizon has accepted this amount and we do not have a Verizon account any longer. When my wife called Verizon they said we owed over $400.00 for leaving Verizon early, which is not true as when we left Verizon we made sure we didn’t have a contract any longer. I have now filed a complaint with the FTC and the Public Utilities Commission as Verizon has refused to return our $174.00, as this amount was an incorrect click on my personal banking account and was not meant for Verizon to be paid. Verizon has also refused to give me any information on my old account and has also denied getting paid the $174.00 on August 29, 2014. I have also been harassed by a collection agency and I have told them there must be a mistake but no one from Verizon will give me any information regarding this ridiculous amount. This is a big reason why I left Verizon due to their uninformed and rude customer service.

  46. I had the pleasure of being assisted this evening by a wonderful man named Daniel his # z611839. He was kind, professional and very knowledgeable. He wanted me to be totally set before I got off the phone. He waited for a reboot and resign on. He was a treasure. Please show him a sign that is IS customer service extraordinaire!

  47. Fios is ridiculous i really find it disrespectful when i was calling cuz of my bill being $90 month for 50/50 and argued that why does it say on the website 64.99 month and im over here getting charged$ 79.99 month= $ 87.54 and didnt make sence to me how supposibly speed match upgrade was given to customers free of charge for being a customer but im over here paying 30$ more then the price its says on the site stupid jerks i referred my neighbor and got same speed as me and pretty much he got the discount while im paying for his diacount first time in my life i feel like i been tricked like fool

  48. I am so disappointed in Verizon. I wish that I never let Optimum. The internet is slow, the TV service freezes, and the customer service is horrible. I was on the phone with a representative and she was so rude and unprofessional and then she hung up. I called back and have been waiting on the phone for 40 MINUTES to speak to someone else. And their website is so poorly set up, I actually think they set up it so no one can contact them. I am going back to Optimum.

  49. I was very sorry today to find that you have discontinued The Weather Channel. Their professional and interesting programming was something we enjoyed and will miss. I hope you will reconsider.

    Thank you.

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