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Contacting Uniden Customer Service Center

Uniden is an electronics company that specializes in connectivity equipment, such as home phones, scanners, video systems and two-way radios. Products and services are sold on the Uniden website, but you can also find Uniden products in major retail locations. Support is based on product specifics, including model number. If you register your Uniden product and setup an online account, you can access support for your product from your account.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Uniden customer service team will answer your call between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday. The call center is located in the Central time zone, so adjust your call time if you live in another time zone. There are no customer service hours on the weekends, but customers can feel free to email customer support during this time. Emails will be answered in the order they are received.

  • Uniden Customer Support US: 1-800-297-1023
  • Online Store, Parts and Accessories: 1-800-554-3988
  • Repair Department: 1-800-235-3874
  • TTY: 1-800-874-9314
  • Corporate: 1-817-858-3300

Mailing Address

There is something powerful about a written letter of complaint or praise. For customers who still enjoy exercising that power, you can write to Uniden customer service at:

Uniden America Corporation4700 Amon Carter BlvdFort Worth, TX 76155

This is the address for the US corporate office.

Official Website

Uniden’s official website is published at http://www.uniden.com. There you can find information on all the latest technology for home surveillance and communication. Orders are placed directly from the website so descriptions are paired with prices. Prices on Uniden equipment may be different on external retail sites.

Customer Service Email

If you’ve placed an order or you’re thinking about placing an order and you want to contact Uniden customer service, use one of the three customer service emails directed to the orders and sales departments.

If you have another issue with Uniden, contact the customer service team using the email form located at http://www.uniden.com/page/contactus_b2c.

Our Experience

When we called Uniden customer service the customer service team was on lunch. According to the message, the team takes lunch from 11:45 AM to 12:30 PM CST. During this time no one will answer your call, so the customer service hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM, but you cannot call between 11:45 AM and 12:30 PM.

We called after lunch time and reached customer service. You have to press 4 for English or 5 for French. After pressing 4 another list of options will be given. Press 1 for owner’s manual, 2 for purchases, 3 for repairs, 4 for parts and accessories, 5 for marine, 6 for Bluetooth. There are no options for customer service. You cannot press 0 to reach an agent.

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52 Comments on “Contact Uniden Customer Service
  1. I cannot comment on your customer service for as far as I can tell you don’t have any. I have been trying to get a repair on a UM525 VHF radio. I called the repair service to discuss my situation. After waiting about 10 minutes I was cut off . I called again and the same thing happened–cut off after waiting 10 plus minutes.
    I prepared an email and hit the submit button–apparently nothing happened.
    When I try to check status of my question, the site want’s me to log in, even though I have logged in. When I try to log in I get an error message.
    I was able to get a repair packing slip on line but I don’t want to send the radio until I’ve talked to a representative. What do I need to do to get some service.

  2. Uniden phone services suck! You are unable to reach the repair dept. On a scale of 1 to 10 you rate a minus 10!
    You call the repair Ph No and get the general phone system, and can not get to the repair dept.
    We are a full line retailer for every other brand, and this remind me as to why we do not sell Uniden.
    Galen Onizuka
    Store Manager
    JH Marine Electronics

  3. Uniden’s customer service is non existent. After trying in vain to store long distant numbers in my new phone’s memory, I called their customer service. After 45 min. on the phone, the Uniden representative determined that I was doing everying correctly but the phone was defective. She suggested that I email their customer service explaining my situation.I couldn’t return the phone since it was a gift from an out of town relative. So I did as directed and sent a detailed email…just guess what the reply was???? “You should call our customer service number.” Talk about a run around. Now I’m stuck with a defective phone and an email reply that was almost comical if it wasn’t so pathetic. How does Uniden stay in business with employees like these?

  4. dear uniden i will not comment on your rating because in my book your products are worthless have tried to call customer service 10 times today its just like you went out of business i only needed a simple question answerd .sorry learned my leason i WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE UNIDEN PRODUCTS .

  5. I have a d166o base with cordless handsets and when someone wants to leave me message they say my phone is full and does not except the message. This has been for two weeks now,how do I empty my box.The manual does not say how to do it. Please help me or I will have to agree with everyone else,and say uniden sucks and one more customer is gone thank you louie.

  6. Had to hold for 10 minites to reach an employee. Finally put through to Britanny, who was very polite, but she is in the wrong department. Said she would transfer me. Back on the line to advise me line broken and she could not transfer me.Took my telephone and email and sail I would receive a call in 24 to 48 hours.Pretty slow service!

  7. Impossible to reach. I’m going on- line now 2 buy a ph.
    Uniden JUST sent me a battery under warranty in May. It’s Oct.
    And no one answers?

  8. Your customer service is extremely poor. I have been trying to purchase a handset for my phone. Over a period of 2 weeks I have been put on hold up to 1 hour. I spoke to 1 rep and provided my model # and was told “no” that is not the model #. Spoke to another rep who confirmed to me where the model # was under the corded phone, but at the time I was calling from work and did not have #. Today I get same voice message “high volume of calls”.When I purchased this phone set from Source, I was told that I could purchase extra phones, now being told by Source, the company has changed this policy. Had I known how difficult it was to contact the company, I certainly would not have purchased this phone set. Your customer service is not customer friendly. I am utterly frustrated and do not have time in my busy schedule to be put on hold for minutes and at one point 1 whole hour after which time I hung up. This situation will have a great impact on your company rating.

  9. For a company claiming to be in the communication business, they have failed miserably with me. I can not seem to penetrate their phone tree and actually speak to anyone about anything. This does not foster customer confidence in their company. My perception is that they are not really interested in providing quality post-sale customer service. The result is that I will be very reluctant to purchase their products. What shortsighted PR.

    • you sure hit the nail on the head Mr. Van ore. No one has one nice thing to say about your company Uniden. Doesn’t that tell you any thing?? I will talk your product down to anyone I talk with, I will also get on Facebook and trust me it won’t take long for the word to sped.

  10. Where would you like me to start—–it will take me about a week to tell you what I think about your customer service so I will make it short /////// I have been having problems with my cordless phone –when I talk l can hear myself talking thru the ear peice I’ve been trying to get thru to customer service for three days with no remorse as in hire more helppppp how do l fix this problem. Please reply

    • After paying up the yang-yang for this thing you call a phone. I can’t tell you how long I have tried to call costumer service only to hold 10-15 minutes and get cut off. Have e-mailed you on 6 different occasions to no avail. You have no customer service. I’m not even sure if this is a working legal company. From what I read above you are a bunch of shysters. This phone aD16803has never worked you say don’t take them back to the store. Can’t talk for it cuts you off try to call back won’t work nothing works on this thing. Some one needs to get back with me ASAP or you will hear from a very legal source From what I read I won’t be alone.



  13. have spent the last three days trying to eliminate search” and “out of range” on my uniden handsets. don’t know why you even have the nerve to mention customer service– certainly there isn’t any!!I’m giving up any expectation of help from uniden and throwing the phones in the trash and going out for new phones — definitely I will avoid any future uniden purchases.

  14. To Whom It May Concern:

    I purchased the “Uniden Guardian Security System” in December. To this date, it isn’t working properly, I’ve had the internet company to check the system “4” times, I’ve tried each phone number listed for customer service, (but to no avail) no one answers and I’m making monthly payments for internet service, on a system that isn’t working and I can’t contact the company for assistance!!! I’m extremely “FRUSTRATED” with Model #G766 and I’m going to return it to Sam’s Club and get my money back. I refuse to pay for a system that isn’t working properly and I can’t reach Technical Services, to answer my questions!!!

  15. I order rather often via the Internet. I can say without doubt that your customer service is the worst I’ve encountered. I’m trying to find out about my third Uniden phone. For sure it’s the last one I’ll ever purchase.


  17. Where in the world is your customer service people?????? I have tried for hours to contact you. Worst service I’ve ever seen.

  18. cannot get customer service to help empty voice mail box wait time for customer service is atrocious. Will throw out phones and go to another vendor.

  19. I have had a problem with my “message indicator” on my M/N D1760-2 phone. Before I switched from Time Warner provider, the indicator flashed when I had a message, and stopped flashing once I cleared the message. However after ionvestigating the problem w/ AT&T, they have made sure all their settings were set properly. One of the AT&T “Techs”, says the problem is in your phone, it needs to be reprogrammed to accomidate their ATT signals. I believe it has to do with the “global Setup or VMWI Reset”, which I do not understand how to do it myself. Both times I spoke with your Customer Service, they seem to have no idea how to solve my problem. If this cannot be resolved, I may have no other recourse except to purchase another type of phone system.

  20. Been trying to get help for a week now. They are always

    busy. Can someone tell me how to talk to a person so I can ask a question.?

  21. On hold for one hour and twenty minutes. Nobody answered. This is the worst customer service I have dealt with. I tried two days ago wait thirty five minutes. No answer. I bought a mhs75 radio for emergency communication while on a camping trip. Charged the battery over night. When I got to my camp site the next day the radio was dead. I hope I can get through soon to get my problem resolved.

  22. is your company still in business I tried calling your 800 number for customer service for 2 days nobody answers I tried calling your corporate office and I keep getting the same recording about 7 times already and nobody is answering their maybe you’ve gone out of business

  23. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER…NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE. I WILL NO LONGER Buy ANY UNIDEN PRODUCTS…phone talk buttons wear out and u can no longer answer your phone or call out. I have 16 dead phones and no assistance from the company. Keep it up guys..you will be out of business soon at this rate.

  24. ALL OF THE ABOVE!! After trying all the ‘Solving Problems’ instructions in the user’s guide and calling all contact phone numbers on your web site (including Corporate in Fort Worth)I finally gave up after about 30 minutes of brain damaging music and the inevitable “Please Hold” message. Not only does your product stink (answering system in base of my DECT 6.0 phone appears to have failed after about 18 months service), your customer service is a disgrace to any organization, particularly one in the ‘communication’ business. Congratulations – you have lost a customer.

  25. It’s obvious that Uniden either does not care or does not read the reviews. I have never had any other business tell me it’s too busy to talk to me and then hang up. I managed to get what was probably an automated email response to my question which was totally impractical. The “email us if you have further questions” feature with the response appears to be inoperable, as I found no way to use it.

  26. I am returning to Radio Shack the products i bought. I have stayed on 2 phone lines on hld for an hour waiting to be connected. I E-Mailed also NO RESPONSE You sell it and FORGET IT.

  27. I tried in vain to contact Uniden cust. svc. for literally DAYS. Waited on the phone for over 45 mins. I had a specific prob. that wasn’t in the manual. When my D1780 Series phone is on the cradle, the light keeps blinking as it would when I have a recorded call. I disconnected & it stopped for several seconds, then started blinking again. They finally broke me!! I had to hang up. WORST (or no) customer service. Checked your reviews, did not see one favorable comment. What’s the deal??

  28. I called early and late in the afternoon. Each time the message is (we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls go to the webb site) That is an impossible task. There are no responses available. I’ll trash my answering machine and you may be sure that your phones will never be my next choice for purchase.

  29. I was unable to contact your company by phone and your webb site offers no help. You can be sure that after I trash my answering machine which is no longer functioning as programed my new purchase will not be uniden.

  30. Does your CEO read these comments? No one answered. Msg said “Busy, call back at another time”.
    Terrible customer service. I will not buy Uniden again.

  31. Corporate Number incorrect. Got and Insurance Co., which verified I called correct #. I was trying to call CEO to advise him to read terrible reviews of UNIDEN customer service!

  32. I have repeated call customer support phone numbers, waited, message to call a different number, waited 45 minutes and not answer. Did this several times….It is to bad that I have one of their HomePatrol-1 scanners, a costly investment, and not the local frequencies went from analogy to digital frequencies and I still cannot get ANY CUSTOMER SUPPORT….THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I purchased a UDS655 surveillance system and had a few questions about setting it up. I contacted customer service and they wanted to charge me for their help. I cannot believe a company would charge for customer service !!This is a terrible thing and I will never purchase another Uniden product.

  34. I have been having problems with a DEC 6.0 D1788-2 phone for at least three months. I have emailed the repair contact several times. I have never been able to get through to anyone by phone.This is the worst company I have ever dealt with for a consumer product. I regret ever buying the phone, the only recourse to write a letter to the CEO, to make them aware of how unhappy I am with their product. I will never purchase another Uniden product, nor will I recommend any product with their name on it to anyone I know.TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  35. I have 2 UNIDEN scanners without OWNERS MANUALS. Need one for the BC244clt and one for the BC350A. Please tell where I can purchase these replacement manuals.
    Ray Varnum

  36. Good day, I purchase uniden 6.0 Handset I charge it for 13-15 hours before using. Now it’s tell me that the battery need to be charge and if I take it off the charger the phone will die. I only have this product for 2 days and I’m already upset.

  37. Hello,

    we have a Uniden cordless phone with three handsets. The main headset with the console has a message button so we can usually press this button to retrieve messages but when we press the button on the main console, the voice recording states that there are no messages. We hear a beeping sound (this indicates we have a message) when we go to dial a number on all the handsets.

    How do we retrieve these messages?

    Thank you in anticipation.

  38. I have a Uniden Codeless Model No. TRU9488. It has a problem for the main phone set. When I connect the landline cable which is provided by the Service provider, we will get the “Dial tone” for few seconds say for eg.: 10 seconds or so. Within this 10 seconds we can either originate a call or receive a call from others.

    After 10 seconds of dial tone if we do not originate or receive back any call we will get an “engaged tone”. But the “engaged tone” will not change into dial tone when we press the “Disconnecting button”.

    I have tried a lot to get the details of authorised service centres in Kerala, Chennai and Hyderabad. But my efforts goes in vain. Pl. help if anybody has any detailed information on the “Authoised Service Centre” with your reviews on the centre.

  39. I’ve had my Uniden less than a year.Yesterday I tried to dial,a steady buzzing noise on it.When someone called,it was steady static,noise too!How do I get it off there?

  40. I have a uniden cordless handset phone. I am interested in buying the captel phone. I tried to contact Verizon because that is my phone service to see if they were compatible with uniden, but no luck, if you could find out for me I would appreciate it thank you!

  41. I signed up for an online account so I can get firmware updates
    It has been a week and I have NOT received a password. How long does it take? I have a new scanner that will not program and I am very disappointed that I can not use it.

  42. On 5/20/13 I purchased a cordless telephone item Model D1484-3 at Costco . I am now in need of 3 new batteries for the 3 phones. Can you help me with this? Customer Service was not able to help me this morning and I need the batteries ASAP. Thanks.

  43. I can’t receive any human contact from Uniden! When the canned voice asked me to enter my cordless phone’s model number it said it could not find it. No 0 option, so I hung up and tossed by 4 Uniden DECT1580 phones, that they had told didn’t exist and bought a new Pansonic system!
    Uniden has the absolute worst support system in the United States and I will tell that to people for the rest of my life!!!!

  44. Customer service is very, very challenged and in my opinion should consider going back to the drawing board. One uses internet and strikes out! Trying all of the other portals also bombs out! Trying to get the name of the CEO is also challenged. All I am interested in is to obtain a manual for (my 5 phone D-2080-5) which when I key in the ID indicates that the phone does not exist. I believe that it is over 10 or more years old and given to me by my children and has worked beautifully up until today and trying to use the email address is not successful, and after trying over 1/2 hour finally gave up. You are leaving me no other choice than to shop the market, which based on this very negative experience probably will not be UNIDEN, It a shame because I like the phone, which has worked well all these years but being bared from useful information on your web site I have to do what is expedient, which will in all probably beanother manufacturer. Thanks for all these years of satisfaction. But now I am at my wits. Not to be vindictive but I really do recommend that you take a real hard look at the existing system for easier opportunities, because it now works to your disadvantage. Al Bensley (bensley1@verizon.net)

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