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Contacting PNC Bank Customer Service Center

PNC Bank is a financial institution providing personal banking for everyday customers. The company also supports the banking needs of businesses, investors and corporations. Wealth management and retirement programs are available.

Contact Info

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service hours are from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. EST Monday to Friday and 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. EST Saturday and Sunday. IRA customer service is open from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. EST Monday to Friday and 8:30 A.M. to 4:45 P.M. EST Saturday and Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-762-2265

If you call the customer service line during off hours you will be greeted with an automated system of banking options. You can use this automated system for some of your banking needs.

  • IRA Customer Service: 1-888-762-4727
  • Business Customer Service: 1-877-287-2654
  • Customer Service (Spanish): 1-866-465-2762
  • Online Banking Tech Customer Service: 1-800-762-2035
  • TDD: 1-800-531-1648
  • Wealth Management: 1-888-762-6226
  • Investment Accounts: 1-800-762-6111

Mailing Address

PNC Bank Customer Service
P.O. Box 535230
Pittsburg, PA 15253-5230

PNC Bank – Payments
P.O. Box 5570
Cleveland, OH 44101-0570

PNC Bank – Overnight Payments
6750 Miller Road
Brecksville, OH 44141

Mailstop BR-Y-YB58-01-5
PNC Mortgage
P.O. Box 1804
Dayton, OH 45401-1804

Official Website

The PNC Bank official website is The bank website lists all products and services, including financial, investment, corporate and institutional services. Customers can log in to bank accounts online to pay bills, order checks, contact customer service and more.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email address is not listed on the PNC Bank website, but on the Contact Us page there is an email form. The email form is secure, but the information you include in your email can be used to access your bank account without your knowledge, so don’t include your account password in the email communication.

Our Experience

Contacting customer service at PNC Bank is rather taxing. Attempting to speak to a customer service representative is difficult. The options are repeated multiple times and when you select the given option to speak to a customer service representative, you need to input your social security number. We waited two minutes before the automated system transferred us to a live representative. The total time we had to wait was more than 10 minutes.

We don’t know what PNC Bank thinks is customer service, but waiting 10 minutes is not our idea of optimal service. After waiting so long, we spoke to a live representative. They were apologetic and answered our questions in a professional manner. When we asked what was necessary to start an account, the representative gave us all of the relevant information.

Take out the wait time and the experience was satisfactory. What was your wait time and overall experience? Leave your comments below.

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13 Comments on “Contact PNC Bank Customer Service
  1. Boo! I canceled my pnc card. Crappy customer device and you can’t make a payment on your mobile device. Get with it pnc.

  2. Hi!

    Please kindly let me know what is the current dollar/Hungarian forint selling and buying rate of exchange at PNC. Also, if as an American citizen I move to Hungary to live there, can I withraw money at a bank in Hungary from my PNC checking account the same way as in the States? Are there limitations as to the amount and frequency? Thank you for replying soon..

    Karoly Joseph Poor

    Karoly Joseph Poor

  3. To banker , went to use ATM for a deposit
    I did sign check wrong
    So the teller call’s me and told me I signed check wrong
    So i tell her I’m there to fix the problem
    She tells me …….I can’t let you do that I have to send it to some
    moron that will keep your check for a week or so
    because WE know you need that money
    And we want to fuck people over. This is why you see all the cash
    Checking stores all over strip malls. With all that tarp money you skam
    Off the taxpayers. You would think you would be kinder. That lady could of gave me my check back. If she wanted to …

  4. Why have comments if your going to just put
    Up good ones. My comment is waiting moderation by the moron that caused the problem
    So it will get deleted …yes

    *Edit* – I am impatient, sorry.

  5. Several months ago you ran a very sad ad, regarding the choice of a dog, due the mans finances. However to Dog owners you left the little dog behind very sad appearance. Even thought it was an Ad it was offensive to us dog owners.
    The ad had not ran for a while, but yesterday 7-14-13 it ran again. , after the first contact to you , the ad was not viewed. And I did re deposit my $9233.12 into an account . Today that money was withdrawn and my account closed. This add is very offensive to pet owners. And it appears that PNC could care less
    Thank you

  6. It is very frustrating to have a PNC app that I’m supposed to be able to deposit checks with that never works. On top of that, I have to write “for mobile deposit only” on the back, then when I drive to the bank to deposit it, they have to HOLD my deposit, all because your app NEVER WORKS. Now I don’t have access to MY MONEY because your app DOESNT WORK.

  7. Trying to get an online banking set up is absolutely one of the worst experience ever online .I am entering correct acct numbers and pin even went to local branch and got a debit card for my checking acct and set up pin ,. Nothing ever works to let me in same old messages over and over nothing can be verified .. Trying to find a simple contact us at pnc is a complete journey into frustration. It seems that you need account set up before you can contact PNC . I was with mercantile trust for 30 plus years and continued with PNC Am I mistaken to be doing business with a company that discourages a simple e mail access to the bank.

  8. I’ll bet it is.
    If you refuse to refund my deposit, please send that decision in writing with a valid signature. I’ll take from there.

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