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Contacting Pier 1 Credit Card Customer Service Center

Pier 1 Imports is an eclectic home décor store. Customers can choose to shop online or find a local Pier 1 store for some hands on shopping. Pier 1 Imports offers customers a store branded credit card financially backed by World Financial Network Bank. The card comes with rewards in the form of a point system and platinum program for high-spenders.

Contact Info:

The Pier 1 credit card customer service contacts we’ve listed here are NOT for Pier 1 Imports stores. All information pertains to the store credit card only.

Phone Contact Numbers

Hidden deep in the Terms and Conditions of the Pier 1 Imports credit card is the phone number for the customer service department. This phone number will NOT connect you with the store, but it will connect you with the financial institution responsible for maintaining Pier 1 Imports credit card customer service. Customer service hours are from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday to Saturday, but the automated system is available 24/7.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-767-3662
  • TTY: 1-800-695-1788

Mailing Address

Direct communication with the bank is accepted at:

Comenity BankCustomer Service DepartmentPO Box 182125Columbus, OH 43218

This is not the address where you’ll send payments for your Pier 1 Imports credit card. Payments are sent to:

World Financial Network BankPO Box 659617San Antonio, TX 782685

Official Website

The official page of the Pier 1 Imports website dedicated to the store credit card is located at,default,pg.html. This is not the log in page for your account, however. If you want to log in to your Pier 1 credit card customer service account, visit

You can find Pier 1 on Facebook and Twitter, but neither customer service site can answer credit card questions. You must contact the customer service number listed above.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address for form for people who don’t have a Pier 1 Imports credit card, but if you do have a card you can register for online account access and submit a question to the customer care team.

Our Experience

The automated system for Pier 1 Imports credit card customer service is voice activated, which can be a hassle. If you keep pressing 0 every time the option list starts your call will be transferred to an agent without you having to deal with multiple options, entering personal information or any of those time-consuming details. We do not have a Pier 1 credit card, so we asked the agent for the mailing address for payments. We were surprised that she placed us on hold for at least a minute before returning with the address.

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6 Comments on “Contact Pier 1 Credit Card Customer Service
  1. I will Never do business with your company or Pier 1 ever Your bank stinks and only trys to extort late fees from people who pay off their accounts. If you are a few days late, even though you pay out the acct. then you are charged fees upon fees. I paid mine off and ignored other mail from you and 3 months later am harassed at 8:30 in the morning telling me I am 3 months past due! Get blood out of a turnip. It doesn’t work. I am reporting you to the BBB and also to the credit bureaus.If this is the only way your bank can make any money then you need to just close up!

  2. I called Comenity/Pier 1 customer service so that I could pay my bill early online. My password needed to be reset for some odd reason. She asked for my personal information and still could not help me to log in. She really didn’t offer any additional help other than to reset my password. I log into this account once a month and this is the first time that I have been told to reset my password. What an inconvenience since I can’t do this until I get to my home computer. The young lady was not helpful AT ALL and unprofessional with an attitude. It was a TOTAL waste of time and energy for her to tell me in the end that I needed to reset my password It’s ridiculous and one of the worst resolutions from customer care. How about a temporary password and reset option so that I could pay today. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. I have never had a problem with pier 1. i have been treated with nothing but respect since I first started doing business with them. I do enjoy shopping and buying at their stores.

  4. imagine my surprise when I was told I could not change the billing date on my account not to mention the $25.00 late fee. The total bill on my account is:$95.00 with a minimum payment of $25.00. Am I the only one of your customers who thinks this is excessive? I would like to keep the card open, however at this type of service I am considering paying in full and closing the account.

  5. First they mailed my credit card to the wrong address, After realizing that I had not received my card, I called Comenity Bank. They said they would issue a new card & send to my correct address. In the meantime, I got a bill with late fees and interest mailed just one day after I picked up my merchandise. I called & they removed the charges.Today I got a bill with the late fee and interest.. Called & was told the late charges were removed. Bottom line while I was happy to save 10% on my purchase, it was certainly not worth the hassle of dealing with Comenity Bank! I plan to pay off and close my account ASAP!! And will definitely insist on a closure notice from Comenity Bank in writing!! What a rip-off. & scam!! Makes me want to discontinue business with Pier 1, as well.

  6. I think this bank stinks I will pay my bill (if I ever get it in the mail)then never gomtompier1. Try to go online is pulling teeth. Trying to get civil answers from staff stinks. How do you stay in business?

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