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Contacting PBS Customer Service Center

PBS, or the Public Broadcast System, is a television network providing educational programming and family-friendly entertainment. The organization is partially funded with government money, which has caused concern as the topic of Presidential debates prior to the 2012 election.

Contact Info:

The contact information provided for PBS customer service is limited, but functional. The best means of contacting PBS is social media or email, but you do have the option to call the organization if desired.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no customer service hours listed for PBS customer service, but there is an answering service to answer your calls after hours.

  • PBS Phone Number: 1-703-739-5000

You can also contact the production crew of a particular show if desired.

  • American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, NOVA: 1-617-300-5400
  • American Masters, Nature: 1-212-560-3000
  • PBS Newshour: 1-703-998-2138

Mailing Address

You can write to PBS with issues, complaints, compliments and suggestions. Address your letter to:

Public Broadcasting Service2100 Crystal DrArlington, VA 22202

We also noticed some recurring addresses on the contacts page for each PBS programming. We’ve listed these addresses as well for your convenience.

Public Broadcasting ServiceOne Guest StBoston, MA 02135


Public Broadcasting Service825 8th StNew York, NY 10019


Public Broadcasting Service2700 S Quincy St# 250Arlington, VA 22206

Official Website

The main website for PBS customer service is located at http://www.pbs.org/, but there are other websites available as well, including:

Social Media

PBS customer service is available on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You must be logged in to your account to contact the customer service team. Simply send a message directly to PBS or write on the organization’s wall.

Customer Service Email

You can choose to contact PBS customer service by email in several ways. Choose the method that best suits your customer needs.

Our Experience

When we called the PBS customer service line an answering service picked up the call. There are no customer service hours on weekends or holidays, but the hours of operation on weekdays are not listed. We tried to call the other PBS customer service phone numbers, but all were closed for the weekend. Some lines offer brief information about online services and others simply play a closed message and disconnect the call.

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16 Comments on “Contact PBS Customer Service
  1. I like to watch Mystery but cannot understand the speech. I see a message about captions but do not know how to access that. how do I get them?

  2. I need a contact E-mail address for our Purchasing Department. I work for Tulsa Community College and have ordered PBS Videos in the past. We are a state funded college and the state now requires our Purchasing to have a contact E-mail address for the vendors on file. I have searched your website and cannot find a contact E-mail address. Thank you for your assistance.

  3. We purchased a RCA DTV tunner and use it with an outdoor antana, for the past month it is scrambling every few seconds the picture get all scrambled an we would like to know how long do they last we live in an area that has no cable and were not happy with sattle lite Also would like to know if the system on your end is not working because its happen before

  4. hello how are you doing my name is Keith Williams and Im writing you to thank you June 10 I had a stroke and spent 64 days in the hospital and when I got home my cable was turned off so I started watching your program and loving it I watch birds in flight all the time and all your other programs birds in flight takes me away for a while love its been very hard for me but you have helped me to forget about my problems with the stroke I have not worked science the stroke and if I had the money I would send it to you to keep the station on the air you have helped me thrur very hard times thank you very much*:x lovestruck

    Michigan Television


  5. I am a eight year old girl and very disappointed about you taking the Electric Company of PBS.

    Sincerely,Jillian Bender

  6. I would like someone to try to reduce the background music in the programs. It is so loud that you can’t hear anyone’s comments and descriptions and destroys any interest in watching these programs. All TV networks are guilty of this and most of us don’t know how to complain or inform anyone of the problem. We like many of the shows and the presentations and would like to be able to hear what is being described and shown.
    Thanks, Everett Jensen

    • Thank you for the response and I hope that someone can do something to help those of us that enjoy watching many of the programs.
      Thanks, Everett Jensen

  7. Your coverage of the Israeli/Palestine conflict is nothing short of shameless.
    Netanyahu is a lier and a murderer and you have him on everyday.
    None of your reporters have the guts to ask a direct question or demand an answer you are totally cowed by looking like your anti semetic.
    Isreal is like a bad child that every body supports and nobody disciplines.
    No amount of killing of innocent civilians is a problem for you.
    You never show the other side and you never ask the Palestinians
    Shame on you

  8. Please kindly inform me where I can purchase a copy of ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ film, Jane Eyre’, featuring actress Ruth Wilson:& actor Toby Stephens, (2006); tx so much.

  9. I was up late and watched the latest Miss Marple (endless night). Wow, it was the worst program I had seen for a Miss Marple. Must have had different writers. Hope you go back to the original format.

  10. I was shocked at your presentation of the “Rosetta Stone Project” shown on PBS on Nov. 19, 2014. While many Europeans were shown, no where was “The Republic of Ireland’s” substantial scientific input mentioned, or the fact that the landing Engineer was in fact Lawrence O’Rourke. This type of bias has no place in the public arena and especially on PBS. I love PBS but am now completely turned off.

  11. Why am I not getting your “sub” channels?
    I only get your 2channels ( 02 & 12 ) I understand I am missing a
    Lot of good programs.
    I live in Akron Ohio. Please enlighten me!
    Thanks! Solveig Jentner

  12. Why am I not getting your 2 “sub” channels??? I only get channel 02 & 12.
    Thank you for your answer !
    Solveig Jentner

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