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Contacting Outlook Customer Service Center

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that comes with the Microsoft Office package. The email client is used by individuals and businesses to connect multiple email accounts into one location. In business terms, this means one person can sort through emails sent to various addresses. As is the case with any software, there have been glitches along the way requiring customer service and technical support, but Microsoft is not well-known for quick and easy support.

Contact Info:

The below contact information is for the Microsoft support system. The system will likely ask for the Product ID for your version of Microsoft Office to verify free support is available. If your software does not qualify for free support you may have to pay Microsoft to troubleshoot your Outlook program.

Phone Contact Numbers

The Microsoft Outlook phone number is the Microsoft support phone number. Customer support is available from 5 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday and 6 AM to 3 PM Saturday and Sunday. All hours are PST.

  • Microsoft Support: 1-800-642-7676
  • TTY: 1-800-892-5234

Mailing Address

You can contact Microsoft via mail at the corporate address. Outlook is just a program so there is no dedicated mailing address for Outlook customer service.

Microsoft – OutlookOne Microsoft WayRedmond, WA 98052-6399

Official Website

When you’re ready to start the troubleshooting process you’ll have to begin at the Microsoft Outlook support page. You can find that page at http://support.microsoft.com/find-solutions/office/outlook/. From here you’ll notice several troubleshooting options. You will find yourself clicking all over the Microsoft website looking for contact information, but it is easy to miss. A phone number is typically the first customer service contact offered, because Microsoft Outlook customer service prefers phone contact.

Customer Service Email

To contact Outlook customer service, visit http://support.microsoft.com/select/default.aspx?target=assistance&c1=505&and scroll to the version of Outlook you’re having trouble with. Click the link. You’ll be taken through several links trying to solve the problem, but you may eventually find a contact email. We were unable to find an email address, but managed to pull up the Outlook phone number.

If there’s an issue with your Outlook program as part of the Office Suite you purchased online from the Microsoft store you can email Microsoft Store customer service at http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbPage.Help_Email_Us.

Our Experience

We contacted the customer service department regarding technical support. We connected to the customer service department in approximately 3 minutes. When the customer service agent answered, we asked if the technical support is available 24 hours a day, even though the customer service department is open during normal business hours. The agent explained technical support is available 24/7 through the Community Support page.

We were pleased with the response time and the answer. Were your pleased with the customer service team? Let us know.

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54 Comments on “Contact Outlook Customer Service
  1. Hi,

    I would like to ask to send me back my hotmail instead of outlook. I never asked for this is an abuse so please give me back my hotmail as soon as possible.

    give me back my hotmail address, Outlook is impossible and is such a mess. you spoil my hotmail address
    please give me back hotmail

    I beg you please you violated my privacy is an abuse


    • Microsoft and MSN makes a ton of money from the ads on Outlook. Do you honestly think their management cares what anyone thinks about Outlook? They know you are going to use it because there are only 2 other reasonable alternatives(gmail and yahoo), and if you were going to use one of them you would not care to complain. The only way they will change it is if enough people stop using Outlook.

      good luck

  2. I Have just lost a number of Emails when my outlook express crashed, and have lost many emails, my out look express will no longer function, so have downloaded In creadimail which has helped me receive emails,Itried to phone you on the 18008925324 but it kept telling me the number is wrong, I am hoping you will be able to locate the many emails that I have lost since the 14 of March.Regards David Turbutt

  3. I opted for Outlook instead of Hotmail asd I was told it would come anyway. I WISH I HAD’T. I agree with Veronica-pleas may I have Hotmail back? Outlook is a mess, and even worse, after the arrangement of my main email page went AWOL, the icon for forward/print has completely disappeared, which is a DISASTER!! Can I raise anyone for support from Microsoft? No way.. I am now desperate, and it’s Sunday!

  4. I thought it would save me time to sign in by opening an outlook account (microsoft)..I did, but my hot mail email did not transfer..I’m expecting very important information, I tried all I knew, to no avail.. now I cannot get into my hot mail account or read my emails..and outlook won’t let me xfer anything… help…

  5. Why were we FORCED to get on Outlook????? I have not been able to open a 10th of my e-mails and making a copy of anything has been impossible!!!!AND I have not been able to reply to any IMPORTANT e-mails I have received. VERY DISGUSTING. I have seeked customer support but to no avail. LT 4/11/13

    • Hi: my e-mail was hacked and now I am not even able to warn my friends from a new e-maiul. What are you thinking? myou all for the hackers and not for the legal customers? you keep blocking my e-mails but did not block the ones from the hackers that have contacted all my friends asking for mones.

  6. Since being forced to move to Outlook my e mail is just dreadful. Are there any plans to fix it, or do we just move somewhere else?

  7. I think Its outrageous you can take away my hotmail and replace it with something that look like you have just discovered how to use a computer and dont even know how to make it look attractive or work properly. What the hell is outlook, dont want it dont need it, give me my hotmail back with all my pictures I had stored in it I have now lost.

  8. I have Outlook now on my phone and keep getting told to login. I have logged in a number of times and it keeps telling me to do it again.

  9. How does one find our contacts? Mine are not available to view or to change, they seem to have just vanished.
    Printing an e-mail is a joke as the content is cut in half and unreadable.
    A better way needs to happen SOON!!!!

  10. Outlook is frustrating me. When I move an email and the drop down box appears, to select where it is to be moved to, I can not get rid of the drop down box afterwards. If I open another email to read, the drop down box appears again, uncalled for and obliterates or covers almost half of the message.

  11. I have used Outlook for about three months. I really do not like the set up, I have to scroll through all my contacts to find one? S-everything with an s comes up??
    Pretty inefficient. Today I can’t send anything out and I am looking for an e-mail program I can depend on to be reliable.

  12. I sure would like to see the percentage of people who like Outlook compared to Hotmail?!?!!!!! I hate it!! Had all of my email accounts attached with hotmail and they have all disappeared with Outlook.

  13. Hi, I had an hotmail account, my friend had went and changed my email to an outlook address now I can no longer access either of them I have extremely important emails on that account and have people contacting me through that email for a job. So I would really appreciate it if someone could help me resolve this issue. Thank you.

  14. Outlook, have lost all my Hotmail contacts since switching over,now have lost all outlook and cant retrieve myprevious outlook account.Outlook need to look at these problems. Contact me asap as I need this problem resolved.Regards ROB QUINN.

  15. R
    I do not like it at all, every time I put in my password it would come up incorrect (when in fact it was the correct one) Outlook has got to address this problem also with Hotmail never had problems getting to my contacts and sending e-mails, with outlook there is. problem, problems, problems.

  16. 2 very intrusive emails from Outlook requesting my personal details and identification RIGHT NOW otherwise my account will be closed. So aggressive ! How can I verify that this is Outlook or a scam ?
    I wish I could use hotmail again, it was much easier and more friendly.

  17. Please help. You keep saying I cannot access my account for security reasons. I have changed password as requested and it still keeps coming up. I have had a Hotmail email address for 15 years and since outlook it has gone completely mad. It says you will send a code to my yahoo account, but this is defunct now and now you say it will take 30 days for new other account name to be sorted out. I cannot do without my Hotmail/outlook Thanks

  18. Im deeply disappointed in Outlook; I find it very unreliable. Now more then ever I would like to go back to my hotmail account. I cant access my microsoft outlook to check my email. Email has to be reliable and this cant happen. It’s distressing if your applying for Jobs or use email for business. The first thing people check in the morning is email and its quite sad.

  19. This sucks….locked out of my e mail….do their stupid code and reset pass word 3 times still can not access my e mail!!!!….When you contact them you have to pay????? what the hell they lock you out then when the codes don’t work you have to pay!!!!! OUTLOOK SUCKS!!! Not happy at all!! Had this e mail for over 10 years now can not even use it! I want my Hotmail back!

  20. Why is a huge organization like MICROSOFT OUTLOOK allowed to STEAL peoples private property such as their HOTMAIL accounts and not be liable for the huge fiasco? I Still can’t get into my HOTMAIL after over a month and I’m furious. I’ve spent many wasted hours on the phone with people who don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing or talking about and I’ve spent more wasted hours trying to contact these idiots through the computer at various locations. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT OUTLOOK. Give me back my (over) 2,000 jokes and private conversations. I hope somebody sues you. Ja

    • I agree with you that the frustration Microsoft has put us all through combined with the financial loses aught to be liable for and substantial compensation ought to be awarded in a class dispute.

  21. This is so frustrating. I can not contact anyone everytime i do i end up talking to some guy in a diffrent country who wants to take control of my computer. Like thats going to happen!!!I have the same problems with mine.I can not access it , there is nothing wrong with my computer and now it will not even except my password to do anything. So much for a billon dollar company, they can not even take care of people’s accounts and they do not leave you a real address to write them that nI can find.Thanks for nothoing!!! By the way great support you have there######

  22. INADEQUATE REDICILUOUS SREVICE!! First off like everyone else, I hate that they switched Hotmail to outlook, completely violated my trust- I got over it…whatever, I can still send/ receive emails. Ok, NOW when I send one email and then another following, TO A DIFFERENT address, both the emails become tethered so different people see both messages! WTF!!! Furthermore, I JUST LOVE that they don’t even have a customer support email… I hate technology in the hands of greedy people!

  23. My mailbox has been hacked into and my contacts sent mail from me which I never sent inspire of firewall! Help can’t get hold of customer services

  24. I am having a problem deleting outlook that is on the left side of my e-mail and it also show green across the top of page with a lock. How can I remove that. All I wanted was to see my contact list which I did see when I pressed people, now please help me to delete all the other stuff on my e-mails etc.
    thank you, Leonore

  25. outlook 2013 does not work as well as outlook 2007. It is a complete waist of money for me. Microsoft seems to design this product for them and can careless about the end user. DO NOT BUY IT

  26. I have been using Hotmail for 20+ years with little problems. Up until the last couple of months I have had NO problems since it switched over to Outlook (still using my hotmail.com domain). 3 days ago I received another request from Outlook to change my PW which I did. Yesterday I received another request (unable to log on with NEW PW.). This time they are referring to an old Chevron Corporate account, same username but different domain (chevron.com). I have been retired for over a year and no longer have access to that account. I can not gain access to my Hotmail account which has a lot of personal data and pics. I pay an annual fee to Hotmail for the extra storage. About 2 months ago (or less), I had this same problem (initial time). After going thru a time consuming WEB search to locate a direct e-mail contact to explain my problem, I contacted the MS corporate phone # I was able to locate. The only assistance I received was a phone# to customer service company from India (guessing). He seemed very knowledgeable and after some time was able to correct the e-mail problem (which came back yesterday). But then he went into a LONG sales spill trying to sell me some other services. Mr. Gates must be really pleased with the way his company is now being managed.

  27. Hi! I’m desperate for help!
    Hackers took over my hotmail outlook account, and I was able to change the language from Arabic back to English , change the password ; but now the email account won’t work. I can’t send or receive emails from my account. Any help ??? Please!!!

  28. After an update on my pc, it pops up on my screen a new outlook account that i never cerate , and it associate my screen password to it. I m locked out of my pc for more than 5 days. I need my pc, i m student and i have exams going on, why all this bad thing from outlook?

  29. My wife and I are currently on vacation in the Philippines. While here, outlook e-mail took it upon themselves to play police with our outlook e-mail accounts. They have closed mine (along with all the contacts that were in it) and they are in the process of closing my wife’s outlook account. The most remarkable thing about the whole process is they refused give us any recourse (by any description of a dialog) to resolve the issue. There is no way to communicate with the people that are closing our accounts. We have opened e-mail accounts with another provider and have bid outlook a permanent farewell.

  30. i deleted all my folders and pictures that i save in my mail how can i restore them back. is there email adress or customer services that i can contact or write them a note…

  31. I lost my email address 4weeks ago thanks to Outlook supposedly
    making “my account more secure. Nothing works. They send an a new address to use for access to my “code”,it will not let me in to receive the code.I have tried creating new addresses they will not go through. In conclusion, they simply do not want me to have email service.

  32. VERY VERY WORST email service EVER, they locked me out of my account an will not let me back in….I HATE OUTLOOK…..I have had to go to other email services….yahoo…gmail…an they work fine…..OUTLOOK SUCKS….I never signed up for outlook…I liked hotmail…sad day when they forced outllok on us…..

  33. I would like to ask to send me back to my hotmail instead of outlook, outlook is impossiable and such is a mess, you spoil my hotmail, and from one week I didn’t open my outlook Emails address because of you, you think some one els try to open my email, wich is I am my self trying to open but I con’t there is a message on the outlook hotmail they say answers these quiestion what is your mother date of birth, which is I didn’t give any d/o birth, so please send me back to my old hotmail. as soon as posiable I don’t want any more outlook. Thanks.

  34. If you read my messages so please cleare my Email I want to check my Email address that’s my self trying to open my Emails my password is correct my Email is correct so please remove that security quiestion for that reason i con’t open my Email, if the Email is correct and password is correct so you don’t need any quiestion. got it.

  35. I am extremely frustated. cannot access my hotmai. I am not at my homephone, so itis useless to ask for it. I am traveling in Switzerland, constantly on the go and need my traavel info and contacts. Security is assential, but this is ridiculours. I already put in my info several times, and did not get any code etc. to my aol address. Please reset my account and remove tghe security messages. This is causing extreme stress and financial loss. Please make my account accessible immediately. Of course, internet providers vary daily, so it is necessary for me to simply sign in with my current passwort. I do not have my older passwort, security questions etc. with my on my trip. wll be traveling until middle of septeamber.sending any code to Torrance is useless. I expedct to access my hotmail account without any further delays.
    Marlies Oda

  36. I am sick and tired of fighting with my email. I ended up wasting an hour of my time ‘verifying’ this so I could ‘verify’ that just to finally ‘verify’ my email. This settles it, outlook is crap and I am going to a different email provider.

  37. If you don’t intend to provide service for your product-at least have the decency to produce a good product. Screwing up my computer-I’m told only Outlook can solve it but none of your phone numbers work– fraud.

  38. I haven’t been able to to get “login” screen to load on my PC since the new home page intro …tried calling for help to access my outlook.com account …all to no avail …no wonder people are dissatisfied with Microsoft and its products …let the stock prices continue to fall to the level reflective of the company’s support level …can’t stand the lack of client focus

  39. I hate Outlook email. Have to type and retype over and over to get in. N ever shows if I have new mail.Worse I’ve ever had. SO MANY Mistakes!!!!!!!

  40. I like outlook and it is working fine but I had a problem with my password. I called outlook help desk twice and both times the technician tried to sell me a virus protection package. The problem with my password was that I had set up outlook incorrectly and did not need any new virus protection package.(Another vendor showed me how to do it correctly). In my opinion outlook is OK but your help desk is terrible.

  41. outlook….
    why is it every time I check my email its cant connect half the
    time it cant foreword cant send cant do anything what the problem ? i think hot mail was better , sure wish you would get
    this fixed not a day gos by that cant do one thing or another
    its nice when it works right. thank you

  42. You are useless. It won’t do any good for you to have my email address because, of course, I can’t access this page. It says that “this page cannot be displayed”. Last night I had 14 emails I couldn’t get to and this morning I think even those have been lost. Of course, I wouldn’t know for sure since I can’t get the page to see.

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