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Contacting Midas Customer Service Center

Midas is an auto repair company established in 1956 that expanded across the US using the franchise method. Your local Midas is an independently owned business, but it is connected to the corporation and must follow certain rules and maintain certain quality to maintain the franchise license.

Contact Info:

The corporate information we’ve provided here is for the Midas company, not your local Midas business. You can contact the corporate office about local business problems, including any customer service issues you may have with the repair completed by (or not completed by) Midas.

Phone Contact Number

The corporate phone number for Midas customer service is available for customers who want local issues addressed by a higher level of management. Even though all businesses are franchised, you can still count on Midas corporate to listen to your complaint or compliment.

  • Midas Phone Number: 1-800-621-8545

Mailing Address

If you’ve called the customer service team and emailed corporate and you still have something to get off your chest, contact Midas customer service by mail. Mail communication may be slower than other options, but it is still one of the most powerful tools a consumer can use to report problems and praise.

Midas Consumer Relations823 Donald Ross RdJuno Beach, FL 33408

Official Website

We visited http://www.midas.com/ for the official Midas website. In addition to the company history and information on the franchise, you can read about each of the services provided by the company. Midas offers brake, tire, muffler, exhaust and steering repair among many other services.

Social Media

Get on your computer or mobile device and head over to your favorite social media page where you’re bound to find Midas customer service. These pages are for the corporation, not your local service business.

Customer Service Email

Sometimes contacting Midas customer service is as simple as filling out an online form and sending it to the corporate customer service team. Double check your email address because that’s where the response to your email will be delivered.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department at Midas, we encountered the typical automated system. The system provided several options pertaining to customer service, except the general customer service department. In order to connect to the customer service department, you will need to press 0 or wait through the options. After selecting 0, we waited for for approximately 4 minutes before the agent answered our call. Considering the services provided by Midas deal with a major purchase, we asked several questions relating to warranty of service and how to report damages. The agent explained the process of reporting damages and discussed the warranty.

We are glad to have spoken to the Midas customer service team. They were thorough with explanations and extremely knowledgeable about the services. This was a customer service win for us. When you contacted the customer service department, what was the outcome? We would love to hear your story. Comment below with your experience.

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31 Comments on “Contact Midas Customer Service
  1. Had some work done replaced whole rear break system cost 700$ my complaint is I have flat all blots turned fairly easy and 1 did not I feel do to the lug nut was put on weigh to tight I called the Columbia heightes ,Mn store.Instead of him trying to offer help for little or no cost or at least half the cost of the tow,instead I felt like I was being robbed without a gun. check your records I am a loyal costumer. And won’t be spending my money with a Midas store ever aging nor will I recommend anyone to Midas for auto repair.

  2. I like how they always double-check “is this a good number to call you at?”

    Yes, yes it is. But that doesn’t matter because YOU NEVER CALL ME WHEN THE CAR IS READY. I have to call you, or simply show up to find out if the car is ready.

    The last time (and I mean chronologically as well as historically – I’m not going back) I took a car to Midas I paid my bill, went to start the car, and lo and behold the battery was dead. Not weak. Not run down. DEAD. Cleared the ECM, wiped the memory on the stereo… dead as disco, dead.

    Less than happily, I inform them that they left the lights on (that was what happened) and the car was dead. “Oh, well we can jump start it.” Awesome. See my plan was to drive the 4 blocks home and just park it. Not anymore, no, now I’ve got to drive it around for awhile and recharge the battery enough that it’ll start the NEXT time I want to drive the car. Thanks.

    Oh, and no apology. None. Lots of “avoiding my gaze” and skulking about while they hooked up first a spare battery and when that (predictably) didn’t work they used a truck to jump start the car. Never looked me in the eye, never apologized.

    I got that stupid form email they like to send out, replied to that with how unhappy I was. The manager’s response? Wouldn’t I like to know, he hasn’t bothered to reply.

    Hey Midas. Rethink your policy of making it nearly impossible to escalate complaints. Some of your customers are undoubtedly people who work in media manipulation. Not sayin’ that’s me, but if it were I’d be one of those people who’s jobs it is to literally make or break a company’s online reputation.

    Amazing how far a little common courtesy and customer service goes.

    • So ticked off I forgot to mention the best part.

      The whole reason I brought the car in, a squealing belt, that’s not even fixed.

      What kind of an idiot can’t fix a squealing belt? (I’d do it myself but we’re not suppose to work on cars in the parking lot of my building.)

      Apparently the same kind of idiot that gets out of a car and thinks to himself, “why is it making that annoying sound as if I’d left the lights on? Oh well, I’m sure it’s nothing bad.”

  3. My wifes 05 Scion had a faulty wheel bearing. We took the vehicle to Scion and was told that it was almost 600.00 to repair. We decided to see if there was a better option as dealerships tend to be very expensive. After setting up an appointment with Midas in Maineville, Ohio I was contacted and told that BOTH front wheel bearings are bad. After some thought I figured that It was probably good to do both bearings anyways even if Toyota said only 1 was bad. I gave authorization for Midas to replace both bearings which was over 700.00!
    Upon picking up the vehicle there was a terrible noise immediately. upon returning to Midas It was found that the “technician” mangled both brake backing plates when doing the work. He bent them back somewhat into shape with a screwdriver. The vehicle had all sorts of scraping noises ever since. Fast forward to 13,000 miles later ( 14 months later ). My wife tells me again that there is a noise. I drive the vehicle and immediately know again its a faulty bearing. I call Midas and set up an appointment. Whent he vehicle is taken back they refuse to warranty the work and found that BOTH bearings have again failed. I was told that she needs brakes too and its possible that her brakes caused her bearings to fail which is rediculous. I argued that bearings should last longer than 13,000 miles unless they were either incorrectly installed or they used very cheap parts; and that on no planet can worn brakes cause a wheel bearing to fail. After the manager contacted the district manager he agreed to split the cost with me. I reluctantly agreed and was thankful that they atleast understood my concerns. After a full day of the car sitting there I called and inquired about its status and spoke with a very unprofessional “technician”. He stated ” dude, Ill be honest. I haven’t had a chance to even look at it.”
    unacceptable. I made an appointment and in the scope of satisfying an unhappy customer the work should have been completed in a timely manner. I instucted them that I was going to come get the vehicle.
    The next day I took the vehicle to Toyota and had them replace BOTH wheel bearings and was told that my backing plates were so mangled that they needed replaced and could not be bent back to correct form. Also that my brakes did not need replaced but the rotors were slightly warped and just needed turned. I authorized the work and gett he vehile back next day and now it drives and sounds like it should.
    I am very unhappy with every aspect of Midas. My experience was unprofessional, the work was poor and the parts that were used were cheap. The vehicle was damaged and It seemed as if the location did not care. I feel that Midas has ripped me off and feel that I was lied to and treated like a child. I feel that the “technicians” are untrained and dont care. I also feel that the “manager” is unprofessional and also does not really care about customers. I will never return to Midas and will tell everyone I know to avoid the place at all costs.

  4. I went to your location in portland oregon and asked your store manager to help me to reset the change oil light since i did the oil change couple days ago he argued and said retard and fuck you to me.I am loyal costomer I dont deserve to be treated like this . I have witneses for this incident.I will take legal action for this incident

  5. I have made multiple attempts over the last 2 months to contact someone in the corporate office after “repairs” made by my local Midas led to my car needing an additional $1200 in work (after the initial $1300 of repairs needed to be made so they could see what the real problem was, apparently). They made unauthorized repairs, didn’t fix any of the issues, and somehow detached my bumper. Now my car is a lawn ornament that I’m making payments on, and I can’t get a response from Midas, besides for “sometimes you have to fix things to find the real problem”. Shameful business practices. I was a loyal customer; not now.

  6. I’ve made an appt early as they open, so waiting period isn’t long, I wrote it down in my calendar for my own reminder. I show up, first one there, and he tells me my appt isnt until the next day. Of course I’m upset and aggravated I gotta wait for others to have their car service until he can squeeze me in. That’s ridiculous if they tell me one day and the system shows another day, that’s not my mistake and they should of tookin that into consideration.

  7. My car was overheating so i took it to a midas shop close to my job b/c thats the side of town i was on. At that midas they did a block test and told me i needed a radiator and that was close to $400. A week later when i got the money i took my car to the midas closer to my house. I gave the manager my estimate paper i received from the other midas location and told him i wanted that work done. (new radiator) long story short. I ended up paying over $1000 for my cars overheating problem and my car still overheats!. So i was told i need a new engine thats $400040004000

  8. please cancel taking money from my account I have already e/mailed you aboutthis before you have took 3lots of money from my account this month pleaseconfirm this cancellation by e/mail

  9. Last week I lodged a complaint by phone. I talked to your operator who took down all my info. and assured me someone would get in touch. As at this time, I’ve heard from no one.
    My complaint was that when I brought my car to your station 947 Washington St in February. One of the things I wanted, was to rotate the tires & repair a slow leak in one of my tires. Wayne, the mgr. said there was nothing wrong with the leak. The tire still leaks. Nothing was done. Also I received an appointment card stating that I have not had service since Dec. 17, 2013,which is incorrect since I was in your shop in February. I have to put in air weekly. Would like something done.

  10. Midas will deliberately brake your brake components and lug nuts . In hopes of you and your family crashing and dying while midas laughs at your funeral. They don’t have any costumer service skills and only hires liars and pos techs. I am starting an Orange County boycott and they will be put out of business . And I will be paying the CEO of the company a personal visit. Nobody try’s to kill me and my family and gets away with it, nobody……

  11. I have been dealing with Midas at 8816 N. Black Canyon in Phoenix, AZ. I have had least 3 problems with them and now I will not be going back. I had my oil changed and they stripted one of my lugnuts on a tire and discount tire made me buy 5 new ones at $57.00. When I went into Midas Ryan[the manager] wanted to know what he should do about it. He says it happens all the time. I am elderly and now very angry with Midas. I will not go back again.

  12. took my 2001 ford focus into midas in December 2013.it was leaking transmission fluid. they had told me it was a slave cylinder. it was repaired or so I thought… January 2014 I had noticed a transmission leak again. took it back to midas and they took responsibility and stated that they had replaced the right seal and oops ‘assumed’ the left would be okay. ( both need to be changed when repairing a slave cylinder. I had to pay for the seal but not the labor–they told me I HAD TO DO THIS. I had no choice. march 2014 transmission leaking again. went back to midas and they state now this leak is a secondary problem. filed a formal complaint with midas and was told by a manager that received the complaint that I needed to take it elsewhere and they would pay for it. sounds solved? NO WAY! I called the midas complaint department and as of today still waiting… I do not recommend. JUST AWFUL…

  13. My right rear brakes were making a noise, so I took, my car to Midas. They claimed that they looked at them and diagnosed the problem. They said I needed to replace my whole braking system for over $800.00. They also told me that they couldn’t let me take my car out of there, that is was too dangerous. They said it had gotten very hot. They said they would order parts and said they would call the next day when they had them. I rented a car, and did some checking with a friend who didn’t think it sounded credible. I called them in the morning and said I wanted to have it towed to get a second opinion, and he said that they had already taken it apart and that I couldn’t. He then put me on hold while they “put it back together”. He then said he would have to charge me his cost to return the parts he ordered plus the diagnostic fee, which were $103.06 and $26.97 respectively. He said they wouldn’t release my car to be towed unless I paid that amount, so I gave them my credit card information, and I will now try to block the transaction through my credit card company. I had the car towed to another place, who said that during a previous brake job they only replaced one instead of both brake pads. The worn one got lodged in the rotor, causing the noise. Midas couldn’t have taken it apart, or else the brake pad that was lodged in there would have fallen out. They were going to charge me $804.13 and instead I got it fixed for $264.46. To recap, they are trying to charge me a diagnostic fee w/o making a proper diagnoses, and were going to charge me for parts in the braking system that were not damaged. They also coerced me into giving them my credit information by telling me they could not release my car otherwise. I didn’t give them permission to work on it and I didn’t sign any of the paperwork. Needless to say, I won’t be taking my car back to Midas. I feel like they will take advantage of you, especially if you are a woman on your own.

  14. On June 3rd my husband and I were on our way to Gatlinburg, TN. from Illinois.We stopped for lunch and heard our brakes grinding. We stopped at the Midas at 4247 Hermitage in Lebanon Pike and Stephanie greeted us immediately! She told us that she had a full schedule that day, we asked about another Midas. She called Branch at the Charlotte Pike, Nashville store. He was short 2 guys that day but said come on in. We were very impressed with both Stephanie and Branch! They were very friendly and professional, Also gave us a lot of info. about Gatlinburg.

  15. Had front end work done, they test drove my truck without closing the hood! GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!! $1,000’s of dollars worth the damage and 3 months of being run around by corporate, and now they said PROVE IT! This company needs to have a class action law suit against it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i took mycar to modas to hv a power steering hose put on..i had to leave my car over night something i dident want to do..when i picked up my car i noticed my car was sluggish smelling of oil..comlained to midas ..they asked me to bring the car back i did..they told me i needed motor mounts..a mont later i changed my oil..i noticed the boot was cut on my axel on the passenger side..that was the oil smell and the knocking i heard i immediatly complained to midas about my boot being cut.i told them i was going to contact the bbb they told me no need to do that bring the car in thell fix it..they dud just that..now my catlytic convertas leaking im loosing power..my car ran fine b for i took it to midas…never again never ever

  17. Midas in Billerica, MA is the same. The owners are idiots, they fight with each other scream, cussing in front of customers. Ridiculous. Now, lets get to the service end… they make sure that you need breaks because “I’m here to run a business.” Their car lift is malfunctioning, so expect to see that on the front page of the local news soon after killing someone. They laugh at OSHA. This place should at least be checked out. The mechanics work really hard, but are under the thumb of the manager of the shop and what he says, goes. They make no money on their oil changes, so you are in and out and if a mechanic sees a mechanical problem or safety CONCERN, enough to argue about with the manager, they are sent home (I assume to learn their place). The employees are terrified to complain, especially in this economic environment because the manager has no problem firing you if you disagree with this methods. To the owners; WOW, how are you still in business. Obviously OSHA is not paying attention, Midas Corporate is not paying attention and frankly, your customers are not paying attention. I didn’t need breaks, you just wanted my money. SO BEWARE, IS THE $20 OIL CHANGE REALLY WORTH IT???????????

  18. I don’t know what happen to this company.I’ve been a customer for several years and never had any problems,until the location closed in Garland on walnut.Every since than,nothing but problems. I’m going to get the local television station on this, its just that bad

  19. On 10-1-2014 I took a 2014 Chevy Silverado to Bill at the store in Kearney ne. Before this I spoke to him about doing the he exhaust on the truck and that I wanted it louder since stock is to quiet. He said no problem let him look into it and he called me back. When I took the truck to him he said it would be $800 after ordering what he needed.when I walked in I told that I really didn’t w a fit and said go and do it. When I came back for the reckless it was not what I wanted and he said he was done with the truck and walked off.

    What a ass will never go backwant to spend that much on a work truck. He said that he was disappointed. I told him I would pay for the shipping . He thre

  20. Santa Clarita has two locations owned by the same franchise owner. This individual refuses to honor Midas’ lifetime guarantee on an axle purchased at a recently closed Midas store. After Midas calling customer service (several times)it is clear to me that the franchise owners can threaten you and refuse service with no consequence except for the negative posts published online. My requests for a district manager to call were ignored and requests for a reply via email to document my concerns were declined reaffirming my belief that Midas runs an advertising scam when they promote (lifetime warranties). Buyer beware Midas corporate has (ZERO) authority to help you.

  21. I paid 702.00 for car repairs and had to tow my car away from this shop. Your crew gave us an estimate of 642.00 to repair this car and then on the day of pickup wanted anther 350 dollars because they told us they put in a new ECM chip without calling or having this authorized. I have no idea what they put in my car. I told them I refused to pay for unauthorized service and they said I had to take the car as is. I am so mad and upset at this piss poor, unethical service. I am posting negative shots all over the web and I am going back Monday morning demanding my money back. You need to investigate this crew!!!!

  22. My Mazda had a huge oil leak (in garage)after NEVER having one drop of oil on floor. Went to Midas Stockton CA. Was given an estimate of $1400 (with oil change). Was told there was a “catastrophic” leak at back of engine and that all four oil seals there needed to be replaced. This included a timing belt and new water pump. We accepted the estimate, even though it was a lot of money for us at that time. We were called two days later and told to come pick up the car, and that “your oil leaks have been repaired”. Went about two miles to our house and parked the car in the garage. Next morning there was lots of oil dropped on top of the kitty litter we had put over the original spill. Took it back to Midas, waited an hour while they checked the engine, and was handed a new estimate for $750 for replacing the two oil seals at the front of the engine and needed a valve cover gasket set and a intake manifold set. I was furious. We had told Midas to “fix the oil leak(s) and we were told our car was ready to pick up as “the oil leak(s) were fixed”! It is amazing that the car had one massive oil leak, yet needed six new seals. Bill Brewer who owns the franchise admits they “never looked at the seals at front of engine because there was “oil over the place”. At that time he showed me the heavy drip falling
    from the intake manifold seal. It was so bad and falling on the alternator, which Brewer said was bad for the alternator because of the temperature. I told Brewer I would not pay. He offered me a $100 discount. I said it was not enough. He lost his temper, started shaking all over, saying we were “unreasonable” and started using vulgar words. He threatened us by saying that I

  23. I had an appointment for a simple LOF, at the shop in Whitehall, Pa, for 11:00 on a Saturday. There was a man and another couple already there. It got to be 12:45,I asked when my car would be ready as it had already been almost 2 hours. The manager, Kevin, came out and said ‘it would be ready soon and that some things are out of their control, just like when he took his son to the Dr. and his appointment ran over’. Really? I told him I would have rather had him call & tell me to come in later than to sit there all that time. Then he wanted to quote plugs, etc. for my car. I told him I didn’t want anything more from him.

    I then asked the one man that had been there when I got there. He said he had been there since 9:30 for a problem they had not repaired on a prior trip.

    The other couple had been there since 10:00.

    I will NEVER go to another Midas. There are so many other shops out there that can do the work I need done.

    Kevin, the manager at this shop, is very arrogant and curt.

    Not impressed at all.

  24. More on the above Mazda: He threatened us by saying that “if the car was not in by Wednesday” he “would never work on our car again”. A really terrible man and a lousy business owner. I have already started telling everyone, including strangers, how terrible Midas and Brewer are and to never do business with them.
    Turns out they have a TERRIBLE reputation. I have gone to the Bureau of Automotive Repairs, the BBB, call Kurtis (KCRA TV), etc., and plan on picketing their shop. I feel that they took advantage of older people (elder abuse), lied to us, cheated us, was incredibly rude and I will do everything in my power to embarrass them. A couple days of picketing them should help. And then to Small Claims Court. By the way, their Corporate Complaint Line is a huge joke. They have stock answers and it’s NEVER their fault. Noel was absurd! I asked for a supervisor. Was told one would call me. Not a word, of course! Because Mr. Brewer told us if we wanted the car fixed, with a $100 discount, we were told “have your car in here by Wednesday, or I WILL NEVER TOUGH IT AGAIN”!!!!!!! I want this taken care of and will not rest. Midas is the big guy. And I am an 80 year old who will not be had!!! I swear to go to my death bed telling everyone within sight not to use Midas……and I AM going to picket.

  25. I gave over $700 to #Midas on green river road here in Evansville In to fix my car and after 3 attempts they couldn’t. After the third attempt I just told him nevermind, just put my car back together and give me my money back.
    they told me they wouldn’t give me a refund so I called 911 and I was told by the police officer that it was a civil matter and that I would have to take them to court and get my money back. and my car is STILL not fixed! How fair is that?

  26. I took my car to Everything Shelby Midas at 50021 Van Dyke Ave. Shelby Township, MI 48317. I had heard a small intermitted squealing noise in the rear brakes.
    I was told I needed rear drums and shoes along with new front pads, rear wiper blade, auto Trans cooler lines and transaxle seals. I oked the service and left my car for repairs. They charged me 700.00 dollars.
    A few days later my auto Trans lines were leaking (they never leaked before) I took it back and they said they fixed it. The next day my “new” back breaks had a horrible grinding noise. Again I took it back and they said they fixed them. The very next day the grinding noise was back so back again I went. This time when I went to pick it up the so called manager informed me that they did not charge me enough on the initial visit and they put brand new ceramic brake pads on and that I owned them 200.00 dollars. Let me say that never called to ask if I wanted ceramic brake pads. And to top it all off, besides the rudeness of the Manager, my rear brakes started squealing on my short drive home.
    I feel as if I paid for nothing and I am worse off than I started with squealing rear brakes and leeks I never had before.
    I will never go back there again and would advise everyone I meet to stay away as well.

  27. I am very unsatisfied with the service provided at the Orem Midas. The way I was treated was entirely unacceptable. Before having to drive across country for a funeral, I brought my car in to Midas to get an estimate to fix and/or replace the brakes. They were unable to help me for a few hours, which is completely understandable. A few hours after dropping my car off (approx 4:00pm) I got a call with an outrageous estimate of about 425$-450$. I informed the gentleman that called me that I would have to call my boyfriend to approve the cost and I would call him back. He proceeded to remind me that they closed at 5:30 and I informed him I would have an answer before then. After calling another shop and informing the employees there what I needed, they quoted me about 225$-250$. Instead of calling Midas back, I came to pick up my car at about 5:00pm, where the employee working the desk (before I even was able to say anything to him) informed me I arrived too late and my car was unable to be returned because I hadn’t called him. It was well before closing time and I needed my car back, but he informed me that my car was in pieces and he had already sent everyone home for the night, before the official closing time and before the time he had reminded me of earlier. He continued to tell me over and over again that this was all because I hadn’t called him, and essentially blaming me for the fact that he refused to give me my car back. After arguing for 30 minutes, and the employee working the desk literally yelling at me, two more employees just appeared from the back of the garage and put my car back together in under 5 minutes. The employees in the garage were clearly saying rude things about me and the man who presented my car back to me, was very rude and basically told me just to get out of there. This location had absolutely awful customer service. Thank goodness another garage stayed open late to replace my brakes for an appropriate price. The Orem Midas employees could learn a thing or two from them about how to treat paying customers!

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