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Contacting Microsoft Customer Service Center

Microsoft is the mother of all things computing. The company is responsible for the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office products and Windows phones. They are also the parent company for the Bing search engine. With a company as huge as Microsoft, customer service contact information tends to be available for each individual product, but there is general contact information for Microsoft customer service on a corporate level.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The general customer service phone number for Microsoft tends to be a starting point for issues that need to be resolved. If you are having a specific issue, make sure to tell the customer service representative at the beginning of the call so they can direct you to the department that can help you resolve that issue.

General customer service: 1-800-642-7676

TTY: 1-800-892-5234

You can contact general customer service between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. PST on weekdays and 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. PST on weekends.

Product Activation: If you want to find out the specific phone number for your customer service issue, you may have to run the Product Activation Wizard.

Product Specific Contact Info: You can also visit the Assisted Support Options page to learn how to directly contact a support department by phone.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for all general customer service is:

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Official Website

The official website for the main Microsoft company is This website sells various products and offers support for those products. If you are looking for the support page, you can visit From there, navigate to the specific support section you need for your product.

Customer Service Email

If you have a general inquiry and you wish to contact Microsoft customer service by email, fill out the form here:;en;1539&ws=corpinfo&ws=mscorp

If you need to contact customer support about a product purchased from the Microsoft store, you must start at the Email Us page and answer a few questions.

We are waiting to hear back from Microsoft customer service.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service phone number for Microsoft, we immediately reached an automated response. We were asked to choose from several options. When we pressed 0, we were asked to tell them if we were a business, personal or Microsoft partner. We pressed 0 again and we were placed on hold for a customer service rep. The total hold time for the call was more than 3 minutes. When the representative answered, she was speaking clear English. She asked our name and then answered out question without issue.

When we sent an email inquiry to Microsoft online customer support, the response time was not ideal, but atleast we didn’t receive an automated response. The customer service representative that answered our communication addressed our concern, but asked for further details to provide optimal customer service. The repsonse time was approximately 1 day, see the communication details below:

From: Microsoft Online Customer Service
Date: Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 6:02 AM
Subject: RE: SRX1173411314ID – Customer Support
To: Richard B

Hello Richard,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

I would like to inform you that you have reached Customer Service department of Microsoft. Hence, I kindly request you to provide the detailed information about the query that you are experiencing.

Once I have details, I will be able to determine the appropriate resources to assist you.

I appreciate your patience and look forward to your reply.

Thank you,

Microsoft Customer Service Representative

From: Richard B
Date: Sat, Mar 16, 2012 at 6:30 AM
Subject: Customer Support
To: Microsoft Online Customer Service

Hello. I was wondering if I could have the contact information to the department responsible for new Microsoft product launches? Thank you for any information regarding my requerst.


For such a huge corporation, we were surprised by the long wait time. What is your experience with Microsoft customer service?

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226 Comments on “Contact Microsoft Customer Service
  1. I’ve been trying needlessly to email Microsoft about a concern; all to no avail. Since the matter does not fit into their neat little boxes, I stand NO chance in communicating with them via email. What the hell! I need an email address where I can send my concerns. Can anyone help?

    • Everyone has the same problem, but I don’t think Mr. Wonderful Bill has to worry. And there ain’t no way to change it, not in this country, Big business rules, and it is not going to get any better.

  2. l keep losing windows and getting the message that windows has closed a tab and reopened a tab. a lot of times it says that windows has closed down and that they will try to solve the problem. phoning a tech and was told to contact microsoft. what do l do now?

  3. Hello……….
    my name is Adeel & few months ago i have purchase a product of Microsoft ……..which is Flight simulator x & unfortunately the game is not accepting the product key.I am sending u that product key which is (P2DY4-XDCPY-FCXHB-GDXWJ-G8QMH) plz confirm that key, & also check this key is valid or not. If the key is not valid than plz give me the new & valid product key. And plz acknowledge my request.

    Thanks & regards

  4. I could not be more unhappy with Microsoft’s technical support than if they went out of their way to do it. It has taken the entire month of September, over 15 hours on the phone with tech people that couldn’t find their nose on their own face. Their people are incompetant, don’t return calls, are not helpful and customer service does NOT care, instead they want to put you on hold for 20 minutes to do nothing. If I had known it would be this big a deal, I may have just thrown the computer out and started over, that is how terrible this has been. Take my advice and go anywhere for help except for Microsoft! I would not use them again if they paid me. Good thing they like feedback and have an email address to help people address concerns, right?

  5. I called XBox Live several times over my son’s account on my CC and I was treated like I was a piece of dirt, literally. They were mean, sarcastic, transferring me around and pretending to be managers and placing me on enternal holds and they thought it was funny. I have never been treated so poorly before, especially from such a huge professional organization. I told the employees that they must really have job security to be able to get away with this, aren’t their calls monitored? Where is management? Sad…to know and to experience such carelessness at work. 🙂

  6. Microsoft customer service is HORRIBLE! I have never been treated with less respect! Don’t try to call and get a question answered because THEY WILL HANG UP ON YOU! I will never purchase another microsoft product. As of today, I am switching to MAC!

  7. My acer laptop with windows WILL NOT let me access the internent. It is frustrating and I have tried everything, your phone wont answer and I need help now. Pick up the phone
    From, angry customer

  8. I wanted support for Age of Empires, they didn’t have anything related. I almost clicked on the link for downloads to ask where I could get a free download of it just to spit in their face. I wish I could rate them less than 1 star.

  9. Just bought a new computer with Windows 8. Have found it to be “non-user friendly” for the non techy person who makes their living writing and taking photographs. You spent decades teaching us about Windows and now you give us something that is not what we need. We need something that is faster and lets us use all products – not just Microsoft products. It may be okay for people who have smart phones but just trying to add software, files and images is a chore, not to mention that you keep wanting me to join Microsoft everywhere. I need an operating system that works with ease – not something that is so complicated that I can’t get around. Can I get Windows 7 for my computer?

  10. Bought Windows 8 Pro to upgrade from Vista and it knocked out my modem drive to recognize the ethernet cable and I can’t obtain a drive because Microsoft has no drives available.
    I went to computer manufacturer(emachines-gateway)and they don’t have a compatible drive for the windows 8 OS and my computer and microsoft blows me off as it’s my problem to deal with when it was their product that caused my problem.I now have a perfectly good desktop computer that I can’t use because I can’t get on the internet due to what a microsoft created product caused.
    I was told by the seller,Best Buy,that I could upgrade to Windows 8 from my vista OS with no problem and I’m out $50 dollars that I paid for Windows 8 Pro that I can’t use on the Desktop or any other computer because I used the key.

  11. Windows 8 is the worst idea you people have ever come up with. It’s so worthless I need Microsoft to stop selling their software. Please stop. You need to send out a download that installs Windows 7 back on all machines that have 8 installed. Morons. You are morons.

  12. I spent almost 3.5 hrs. on the phone trying to get help with my MSN account …could not get in to my billing info to make sure it was up to date… said no onfo on file no acount found …when thay just sent me an E-Mail useing the acount …I finley found a nice lady that slowed down long enough to lisen to what I was saying and got to the problem and fix it …what up sets me is with all the money microsoft is making it could hire americans in america to help with phone work …there are over 500000 people out of work in america you can’t tell me that a few 1000 of these people can’t do the job better ….the people they have don,t even slow down long enough to understand what my problem was …one even wanted me to call my bank it was the banks falt …I think we need to rethink where we spind what little money have on a company that invest in america with americans for americans

  13. I will never stop contacting Microsoft about this problem until it is fixed and they have re paid me for our time and trouble. I will be their most expensive customer service problem to date. I will never stop. He who has ears let them hear.

  14. Case # 1194781261 now after 3 days of failure I have a new computer that is a worthless paperweight. It is 11:38 pm at night and nothing is being done. But the customer service dept. is full off asking the same basic questions over and over. Total incompetence +++

    Where are the managers at Microsoft??????????????????

  15. I am one of the older generation who is not completely at home with computers. What I have is not a complaint, but a suggestion; and I am not sure where to direct this. As my eyesight is not as good as it once was I sometimes have difficulty locating my little arrow on the screen. If this were another color besides a black outline on a field of white, this might be easier for seniors with poor vision. Thank you for your time.

  16. The worst customer service ever!!! I got disconnected after waiting almost two hours and the people are as rude as can be. They have no idea what actual customer service is. If I could give them a 0 I would. Fix your customer service quick. Now I remember why I won’t spend any money on microsoft. If it isn’t free I wouldn’t bother.

  17. Don’t like the outlook garbage that you forced on us…why would you stoop to such a low level by taking away something so simple & perfect & replacing with difficult garbage that takes so long to find what you want to do as opposed to simplicity with HOTMAIL. The idiot that thinks he’s a genius needs to go back to the drawing board and fix the outlook to be more like HOTMAIL or better yet just revert back to HOTMAIL. Takes 30 min. to do something that took 1 min. before. Where is your sensitivity to your customers? We’ll be waiting for you changes back to a user friendly e-mail account!!!!!

  18. The absolute worst customer experience I have every had. Never again will I have any thing to do with MicroSoft.

  19. F**k you Microsoft! Ten hours I spent trying to get basic configuration assistance on your dogs**t hyper-v system during which I was transferred to 18 different people, got hung up on 4 times, allowed three of your fu*k*ng retards to remote access my computer one of whom knew less than a floor rep at Best Buy and two of whom actually did things to f**k up my computer that I had to fix. Not once did I get connected with a native English speaker or anyone even in this country. I was repeatedly lied to and goaded into arguments and still I’m stuck with your unsupported, buggy, poorly designed piece of sh*t software because I was under the impression you guys had half a fuc*i*g clue how to do your jobs. There’s a terror threat facing America for go**amn sure and it isn’t Al Qaeda or a couple of dumbass Chechens. It’s f*ck bag as**ole companies out to make a quick buck, buy some lobbyists and get away with whatever they can to make a buck, and the flagship of that armada of fu**ing incompetence has Microsoft logos all over it. Tell Bill Gates it doesn’t make a hot wet s*it of difference what stupid foundations he sets up with his name all over it (suck off your own ego much) his organization is a great gnarled mass of ineptitude and fu*k you to the customer. You suck *hit Microsoft and I can only hope that the bigger they are the harder they fall adage is true and that I’m still around to see you mothe**uckers plummet down through the crust of the earth and erupt into hot trash smelling flames just shy of the core of the earth. There is no better way to hate a person than to not care how badly your self-serving decisions affect them and Microsoft, you ass polyps are hatred personified. Bill Gates, I’m not a religious man but I’m going to take time to pray that you read this because I am talking to you personally. Fu*k you and your money.

  20. WOW what a joke! pop up reads download new Windows 8 Pro. I thought, all right! maybe they have really improved the piece of junk windows 8. So away I went miss happy shoes.
    Well, guess what folks, or maybe you don’t have guess, yup, what a mess. My font went down to mini mouse size, pages were splitting in half, rxp. facebook & email. HUH? Big black boxes appeared with a huge arrow and said to swipe to corner, nothing happened. called the good ole boys from anywhere but the US, they didn’t know what I was talking about. Hey, Bill you are giving money to children in third world countries, when 1 out of 4 children are starving everyday.

  21. I loved XP, ever since Mirosoft decided to “upgrade” their software, things have gone sour. You should’ve improved, but not changed something that was working. I now have Windows 7…and I’m truly disappointed.
    Another thing that I’m fed up with is all the ads that pop up, even when I have pop-up blocker on. Really? I’m about 2″ away from switching to Apple products.

  22. I loved XP, ever since Mirosoft decided to “upgrade” their software, things have gone sour. You should’ve improved, but not changed something that was working. I now have Windows 7…and I’m truly disappointed.
    Another thing that I’m fed up with is all the ads that pop up, even when I have pop-up blocker on. Really? I’m about 2″ away from switching to Apple products.

  23. I bought a new laptop a few months ago, that came with Windows8, and I have been writing Microsoft emails ever since. I’m not sure how many that I have written, but as of this date I have not received even one reply. I’m sure my emails are like most others. It concerns Windows 8 and the problems associated with it, and since they don’t have a good reply, they ignore you. They could at least send a reply stating that they screwed up and that they don’t have a way to correct the problems. Even though this laptop is only a few months old, I have started looking for another computer that comes with anything besides Windows 8. With the problems that I have had, I have gone to the Geeks, at Best Buy several times. At their suggestion, I have had to completely reset my computer back to factory settings three times. It seems like I spend more time trying to figure things out and avoiding problems than I do researching web sites. I hate Windows 8 and I’m sure most of my computer problems would go away if they would only send me a version of Windows 7 or XP. As far as I am concerned, Windows 8 belongs in the trash.

  24. I know im a computer dolt! I purchased a surface in Oct. Like, it does what I want it to do. My 13 year old autistic son loved it! So I purchased a refurb surface from a “factory authorized” place. He used it for 2 weeks and some bitlocker thing kicked in. As instructed we used my surface and leaped through all their hoops to get this thing unlocked. It said they would send us the new code in a MONTH!!! AN autistic kid aint waitin no month- sorry. So I have spent the last 2 plus hours trying to get SOMETHING…ANYTHING from their sites that just keep throwing me back to where I’ve been. Can’t get an email to anyone, saw the wait time for a live person jump from 14 min. to 50 min. during 1 of my trips past. Looked in the community, nothing there. I need things explained in “how now brown cow” terms cause I don’t know a bitlocker from a sh**locker. Yearning for a pencil a piece of paper and my old rotary dial, party line phone bout now.

  25. I purchased A brand new 20in h/p computer.
    It has Windows 8.1 on it.
    It is disgusting version of Windows ,I have had them all.
    Will Microsoft supply me with the last sensible version,say Windos 7. Free of charge of coarse.

  26. Win 8 is for children who play with blocks.
    I want full control of what my computer does!
    Not some $800 dollar games machine.

  27. Thanks for stopping XP want to buy my computer hasnt worked right for the past year throwing it out the window cannot buy new computer tried everything result from microsoft send more money I give up

  28. I had an excellent experience with the Microsoft technical support staff – especially Bing and Firos – who helped me get my computer operating system upgraded. Thanks for sticking with it!


  30. I have had the Security Essentials anti-virus on my computer for several years now and it appears to have always worked fine. The last upgrade that I installed on 4/5/2014 appears to have a virus in it. My other AVG Anti-virus program pick this up last night, since I hadn’t been on the (Home), computer since the 5th of April . No matter how many times AVG said it ‘Secured” the Trojan (small.fht), it always was still detected (again),when I ran the AVG again. I eliminated any other possibilities by uninstalling the Security Essentials, and running the AVG again. NO other Virus Detections were picked up by AVG, after the uninstall.

    I then re-installed the latest Microsoft Security Essentials program again, with the latest upgrades, and sure enough AVG detected this same Virus. I always go right to the Microsoft site to download, so I use the right address.

    **I had no choice now but to Uninstall the Security Essential again, cause I am not certain what is going on. As I said earlier, the first detection was when I went to get the automatic upgrade (4/5/2014). It appears to have the Virus in the upgrade at that time.

    What can be done here? Tom

  31. I have heard the number of xp users is about 20% of MS users. I feel MS is early in cutting off xp because there is a hug number of intel P4 out there and a lot AMD that can’t use win7 but they still work for what the person needs. With MS fiasco with Vista and win8 I wouldn’t stomp on to many toes.

  32. I am sorry to say this, but windows 8 and 8.1 are in no way shape or form USER FRIENDLY. I am patient with new programs however the format of the desktop SUCKS. Nothing personal to Microsoft employees BUT what were you thinking. Cluttered information on the desktop causes distress and is unnecessary. Is it possible to role this program back to Windows 7 without causing technical problems with the computer? HELP. MY NEW LAPTOP WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXHILIRATING EXPERIENCE AND IT HAS ONLY FRUSTRATED ME. PLEASE RESPOND TO EMAIL ABOVE.

  33. dear to whom it may concern ,
    my updates are out of date i need some help . my CLSID Registration and my DLL registration is oout of date please send my some programs that are up to date and not old with a virus or a trojan on them thank you so much for listining

  34. I have just been transferred all over with no department capable of selecting the right place to send me with my simple e=mail issue. One has to wonder at the competence level of the company that can’t seem to get even that right. Problem, they want to send my code word to someone else’s e-mail. That doesn’t seem very competent to me either.

  35. I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials for sometime now and yesterday I was advised of 2 High alerts and 2 Severe alerts which I was unaware of and I was astounded how the matter was cleared up so efficiently by the System using PC Clean Up. I am most grateful that I use Microsoft Security Essentials.

  36. When I call for tech support I want to speak to SOMEONE Not a menu A phone # is worthless without a PERSON on the other end

  37. OMG.
    Such a huge company.No contact email address for customer service.
    I called your office this morning regarding an issue with the product key for the MS office Pro-2013 CD I purchased.
    I was transferred for 6 different people without answering my question.
    This is really frustrated.
    I dont think this is right way to handle a customer.
    Microsoft is the world’s largest software company:But seems to be one of the worst customer service.I surprised.Am I correct?
    Very sad.
    Still my question is unanswered.
    Frustrated customer,
    – Haris Mapa

  38. If you go to ‘E mail us’ page,nothing you can do.
    Microsoft is misleading us?
    I dont know.
    There should be a clear email address to e mail.
    Mr.Gate.Please look at this.
    In your company,
    Are “CUSTOMERS FIRST” or not?

  39. I called today because I can’t remember my user name and the gentleman I spoke to told me that I needed to speak to someone in sales when transferred to sales i was hung up on. So I called back and spoke to the guy in sales who informed me that if I can’t remember my user name even though I remember the password there is nothing they can do to help me. This is horrible customer service not to mention that MICROSOFT doesnt hire people in the USA as I talked to 2 and couldnt hardly understand either one. This company is one of the richest in the world and now I know why!!!!


  41. I have a problem resetting my email password.
    you require too much to remember as if I only have one email address. I need to get in, I have to much to lose in information and contacts, things should be a lot simpler.

  42. Customer Support? What Customer Support. If I could send MicroSoft, ( MicroBiatch) an invoice for all the times I have asked for support and looked for simple answers, it would approximate $2,487,527.00. Not to mention just working thru all the frickin bloatware they keep putting into the system. I STILL use 6 systems that run Dos with Windows for Work groups 3.11 and they are STELLAR. 3 systems run Windows 98, which are OK, 5 systems run XP, and they are Fabulous. Vista is ABHORRENT, along with Windows 8. WIndows 7 is also OK. Get Real MicroBiatch, and quit being so frinckin Greedy, unless you want to send me the above invoice total.

  43. Microsoft needs to figure out a better security system, if not you will lose my service I’m tired of paying for xboxlive and not being able to use it cause either the system has been hacked or I get kicked in the middle of a game, when there is nothing wrong with my internet connection! Will not tolerate much longer.

  44. I am trying to install 2013 Microsoft street and trips on my windows 8 laptop computer,, I keep getting the error oxc0040301 saying its a licensing issue,i am using the CD I bought from best buy,, can you help

  45. Your new 2013 Publisher has been changed but made worse in the process. You have taken away the built in templates and the new templates don’t function properly with the HP printer. You have taken away the print icon from the home page. It takes three steps to “save as” instead of one and it takes three steps to print instead of one. This program may be wonderful for full time writers and publishers, but for the average guy or gal it is not as good as Pub 2003. 2010 was also not as good as 2003. “God save me from change, give me improvement.”

  46. I’m trying to get in touch with MS Customer Service. I recently contacted Technical Support, and they resolved my issue. My computer works fine, but I now have some questions about billing. Please get in touch. Thanx, TH

  47. I am trying to sign into my Office account and cannot do it and have been getting the classic run-around on this web site for the past hour and still have not reached a live human. I use this Office Suite in my business and am losing valuable time trying to get it to work.

    This site is absolutely awful and of no help at all.

  48. I bought windows 8.1 pro, I upgraded hard drives in my computer. So when I tried to reinstall the 8.1 pro with the new hard drive, it kept telling me the code was no good. After calling Microsoft customer support, and on the phone with them for 9 hours and 36 mins. They finally come back and tell me that my activation code is no longer good, because it’s installed on another computer..

  49. I bought windows 8.1 pro, I upgraded hard drives in my computer. So when I tried to reinstall the 8.1 pro with the new hard drive, it kept telling me the code was no good. After calling Microsoft customer support, and on the phone with them for 9 hours and 36 mins. They finally come back and tell me that my activation code is no longer good, because it’s installed on another computer There reasoning is that it is pirated and to contact best buy. Retarted, I bought the thing over a year ago why would I contact them? Complete morons answering there phones.

  50. Microsoft, what a joke. I am an avid Linux user and am so sick of the utter control you have over the industry. Your products are horrible. How can you, in good conscience, sell a defective product. I use LibreOffice which is FREE, can read all your file types, and create them. Your product, for comparison, cannot even read your own file type created in another program. That is embarrassing to say the least. For shame Microsoft, Linux starts up ten times as fast, can do EVERYTHING Windows can do and more, and does it more securely! I use half the RAM, processor power, HD space (and I mean a lot), and run much cooler. I can mount your portion of my drive and do anything I want with it. In Windows, I cannot even see my Linux partition. Yes there is a learning curve with Linux; however, that is to run hardware and software to run your .exe. Can you do anything with .deb files? HAHAHA, no. Office is a joke, Win 8.0, 8.1 are laughable, and I that is as deep as I get with this joke of a company. You make substandard product, that half the time not do what they are designed to do, and CHARGE for it. That you have gotten just about all computer manufacturer’s to default your OS should be ILLEGAL. In college and being forced to stay long at campus, even though my family stays at home waiting for me, just because the school all but has to use your OS and programs, is sickening. I ran into similar issues in the Army. Bad program, for shame.

  51. I’m tired of someone from India calling me and telling me my computer is sending Microsoft is getting error messages from my computer wanting a moneygram to fix it. It is a scam. This hss cost me $2000.00 They told me send $600.00 and hey wo refund me $2000.00 It never happened. When I CALLED MICRUSOT TO COMPLAIN I WAS TOLD THEY NEEED #60.00 AND WOULD SEND ME $3000. How does someone at Microsoft get away with pulling scams like this? Another one tried the same thing today. if some calls you claiming to be from Micrsoft hang up he phone. It is a scam. When I CALLED MICROSOFT TO COMPLAIN THE GUY TRIED TO GEY $500.00 TO SEND ME $3000,00 Microsoft NEDS TO CLEAN UP THIER ACT AND WATCH WHO’S SCAMMING THIER CUSTOMERS. ANOTHER GUY CALLED ME TODAY WITH THE SAME STORY. I TOLD HIM I HAVE NO MONEY TOU GUYS HAVE ALL AND HE HING UP.BEWARE. WHEN I CAN AFFORD MICOSOFT IS GONE I WIL NEVER BUY ANYTHING Microsoft AGAIN.

    • These are scam artist…my friend had that same call…when they were going to charge her $500 to get it fixed online she said NO…they locked her out of her computer and she had to send it back to HP to get it fixed since it was under warranty…then she got it back and it was wiped…she had to get all her programs re-installed at another expense. Don’t fall for guys who call and say they have been notified that your computer sent them a message saying your computer has a virus, malware etc….

  52. To Whom It MAY CONCERN:
    I submitted payment info for FREE Trial Office365 Tues 3/17/15 4:30AMEST; You gave Confirmation that my FREE Trial Ends on 04/17/15; however NO Download was given. When I Tried to get BACK to the Trial Screen, I was Asked to pay $6.99 to Download and Purchase Office 365! This is “Bait & Switch,” which is Subject to a MINIMUN $10000.00 FTC fine! I DEMAND that you email me a Download Link to Office 365; WITH a Confirmation IN THAT EMAIL that my trial 30-Day FREE Trial STARTS on the day I Actually Receive that Email, IF you do NOT Send me that email NO LATER THAN Wednesday, 03/18/2015 at 12:00 Noon, EST, I will be FORCED to Report to: 1. The Florida Department of Consumer Affairs; 2. The Better Business Bureau; 3. The FTC; AND 4. The ADA (and, Yes, I AM SEVERELY Disabled!)!
    Ms. Karen Hardee Brinkman
    P.S.: I am SAVING a COPY of this COMPLAINT as a Word document on my computer’s hard drive
    P.P.P.S: My Sister-in-Law, As a Licensed Nutritionist, HAS BEEN WORKING to Improve the Nutritional Content of School Lunches THROUGHOUT the STATE OF Florida and THROUGHOUT the U.S.; WORKING VERY CLOSELY with; therefore BECOMING VERY CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS with First Lady Michelle Obama!
    P.P.P.S.: My ancestors INCLUDED: A. Civil War General William G. Hardee (AFTER WHOM Hardee County, Florida WAS NAMED), and B. Former Florida Governor Cary A. Hardee (who ALSO SERVED AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STAtES OF AMERICA FOR SIX (6) MONTHS IN 1944!)!

  53. I just got off of a remote session with a young man who called himself “Red”. I regret that the opportunity for a customer feedback on the session was somehow lost, and I hope this message gets through to MS. Red’s professionalism, persistence, and customer service skills were GREAT!! It was a long, tough fix, not least because of my snail-slow connection to the internet, but Red hung in there and finally did fix my problem. As a former IT pro of twenty years, I can say with certainty I would have been very pleased to have him on my help desk. Well done, Red!! Microsoft – locate this kid and give him the kudos he deserves, from a very appreciative customer. – Jon

  54. A few years ago Microsoft quit supporting Microsoft 7 (that was computer applicable) forcing me to purchase a new computer (DELL) with Microsoft Home Premium. It is a disaster. Then my wife also purchased a new computer (DELL) and got Windows 8. It too is disaster from email, to word to printing to understanding. Recently an exec from Microsoft admitted both programs are failures and that Microsoft is providing a free upload to Windows 10 – who knows what that will bring. It appears that while programers might know how to spell ‘LOGIC” they have no understanding of what the word means or, of its comprehension or the company’s unscrupulous, consistent changing of the program to even worse results. No thanks I am through with Microsoft dumping a brand new computer, replacing it with all Apple, never to again go Microsoft.

  55. You really did it this time. Your Windows 8.1 really sucks. This is the worst one yet. It is good for nothing. Can’t get anything to work. If you fix one thing another thing doesn’t work. Can’t opt out of any emails I get that are spam. WTH is wrong with you people that make this shit for the public. DO you think we are naïve or what. I WILL NEVER buy another ms product again. I will go without first. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quit screwing the public over with your products that don’t work

  56. I would just like to compliment the Microsoft store in Danbury on the excellent way they treat me when I go there for help on using my computer. Being a senior citizen I find the help they provide and there unfailing courtesy invaluable.

  57. I would just like to compliment the Microsoft store in Danbury on the excellent way they treat me when I go there for help on using my computer. Being a senior citizen I find the help they provide and there unfailing courtesy invaluable.

  58. Had the good fortune to deal with Lokesh Sain and his manager in India, on Sunday, 5/31/2015.
    It did take some time to resolve, but the professionalism of Lokesh saved the day and I now have a PC in fine running order.
    Don’t let this guy get away—A definite asset to any organization.

  59. Windows 8 is the most unintuitive operating system I have ever used. Nothing is easy to do, the format is complicated and hard to navigate. I hate my new computer because of it.

  60. Twice now, my home page has been changed by someone at Microsoft claiming they are “cleaning my computer” (unsolicited). What the HELL is this outrage all about? Is this actually Microsoft?
    It’s taken months to set up my home page the way I want it and some idiot comes in and simply takes it down.

  61. I purchased an 8.1 laptop computer in December 2014 and I bought a Microsoft office word office 2013 and every time I do a resume for someone and do a letter or type a document for my company and then put it on to a flash drive Microsoft word 2013 will not let me send it with the version that I originally typed it I need the document to look just the way I typed it. and sometimes it says it wont let me send it to emails the same way I typed it Microsoft wants me to send it a different version I think that so unfair. I paid 100.00 for the Microsoft office word 2013 and I got a key code when sitting it up. thank you for your time Cynthia Brown

  62. I’m getting sick of daily multimegabyte updates for MSE. Why are you still in business when you can’t get it right the first time?

  63. Interesting how a payment is made and then the next day the subscription is cancelled. Loss of all emails saved and other info for email. Piss poor operation and maybe the company is a scam and needs to be investigated for grand theft and felony fraud.

  64. Microsoft Corporation
    Customer Service Department

    To Whom it May Concern:
    I am proud to write this letter regarding the service we received from Technician Level 2, Vishal Sahni.
    We had a major breach of our Microsoft 2003 Office System. It was attached by a viscous virus that completely made it inoperable.
    I would imagine it was due to our not accepting updates offered and staying with our 2003 System and lack of virus protection.
    With tremendous patience’s and exceptional computer knowledge your Technician was able to bring our computer system back from the grave. He also updated and installed Microsoft Security protection and along with all that trained me, along the way, on the value of updating our system.
    Microsoft is fortunate to have such a dedicated and excellent employee. I’m happy that I had the opportunity to get to know him.
    Thank you for your excellent Service
    Bernard Yandura

    I forgot to mention that the service he performed was on our Desk Top Computer.

  65. My complaints are about the call center in New Delhi When I first started using their technical support in August of 2014 thing went well. I purchased 3 yrs. of technical support for $199.00, Sept 2014 purchased Windows 7 for $235.00 and in Nov. 2014. purchased “E”mail and Financial Security for $140.00 for lifetime. I call technical support about once a month to optimize my computer. Now the complaints begin. 1. Call Tech Supp., no answer, and will get a phone message Techs not Available call back. 2. When I do speak to a tech I have a hard time understanding the Tech and usually the connection is very poor. 3. If they say they will call you back ( The callback is NEVER within the time frame you were given.) That is very annoying having to wait around for a return call. (Micro Soft customers are busy too!) 4. The amount of time they say is needed to optimize the computer ALWAYS exceeds given estimate by hours. 5. Job normally isn’t completed. Well that’s it for now, I have to call back India for the third time today. Could use some HELP!

  66. Windows 10 killed all my music capabilities. I can no longer play Spotify or play my own library. Windows 10 looks like it has some positive features but if this is not fixed pronto, I will be an Apple user

  67. I received my free update to Windows 10. One comment I’d like to submit is my experience with connecting blue tooth speakers. Windows 10 is easier than Windows 8.1 for connecting blue tooth speakers.

  68. When I try to use the Telnet in Window 7 (Home Advanced Edition), even though having tried doing some settings in the Control Panel. But it still cannot allow me to use “telnet’service in cmd.exe. Then trying to work on your Management Console 3.0 to initialize the telnet service, it has no the “telnet” item for me to configure.
    So what can I do for that?

  69. I was forced the Windows 10 upgrade. My earphones won’t work with Windows 10. So I switched back to Windows 8.1. Every time I log on the computer Windows 10 forces it’s upgrade back on me. I am on AT&T and it is going to cost me extra for all these downloads I do not want of Windows 10.

  70. I have built my own computers ever since Windows 3.1 and the only two systems I haven’t tried are Vista and Windows 8 for obvious reasons. I recently received an APP to install Windows 10, from what I found about Windows 10 it sounds like a good system.

    When attempting to upgrade I received a message stating my computer doesn’t have enough memory. According to system requirements I have more than enough. I am running a 3.2 GH pentium 4 processor and 6 GB DDR ram. I guess Windows 10 has it’s own problems so I guess I will continue running Windows 7.

    Unless you have a resolution for this.

    Thank you,
    Gary L McClain

  71. After much anticipation, I finally had a chance to install my upgrade to Windows 10. Unfortunately, it did not work at all. After the installation was complete, I found that I could not access the START menu no matter what and the screen kept constantly blinking – could not get past it not matter what I tried. Tried all of the solutions posted online but none of them worked. So now I am back to Windows 8,unfortunately. Love the
    layout and options that I have seen, but, if I can’t run it, it
    is of no use. Perhaps Windows 11?

  72. Your service is, perhaps, the worst i have ever encountered! I am trying to activate Office 365. To do that I have to set up a Microsoft account. Fat chance!! I was sent an email by the Microsoft Account Team to verify my email address – to which there no goddamn way of responding. Therefore, I cannot finish activating office 365 because I cannot finish setting up my account because I cannot make contact with Microsoft, let alone get any response.

  73. I read thru this whole list of complaints hoping to find an email address for them – my issue is too difficult to explain in the phone or live chat. does anyone know of any email address for them? they keep it well hidden.

  74. Went through many glitches with windows 10. I wasn’t very happy, but I managed to fix most issues. I like one feature so far about the new OS. I like how fast I can access my e-mail account. The only issue that is a major pain is my computer gets hung (upon restart) when downloading windows 10 updates. I have to hold my power button down & manually restart my computer each time. In other words restarting my computer from (power options) isn’t working at all whether downloading windows updates or HP updates that require a restart. I am one of those who liked XP & Windows 7 for its user friendly features. I realize technology progresses, but sometimes less change or just less is more.

    • Hi rwpblues:

      I have W7/pro. and I tried W/10 for 4 days – COMPLETE GARBAGE – Loved XP and W/7 is not bad – but W/10 is completely screwed up.

      The best/AND ONLY way to Uninstall W/10 Completely is to – REFACTORY your computer BACK TO ORIGINAL PURCHASE.

      This is a pain – but the Only way to get back your W/7.

      It is in the RESTORE – when you start your computer – it calls for your – PRODUCT CODE and PRODUCT ID after it starts to Delete and Reinstall.

      I am now back to where I was before W/10 – BUT I had to reinstall all the Security Programs, Mail, etc. after RESTORING BACK TO PURCHASE.

      Hope this is your answer.
      Regards Rosalind

  75. in my updates to my computer, I upgraded my computer with windows 10. what a mistake. it cost me $130 to get it removed. making my computer mess up until was removed. this was not a free upgrade. when it cost to fix it. shame on microsoft.

  76. Have recently reverted to win 7after a months use of win 10!Had to give my xps one 2420 C P R because of the incomplete nvidia driver update and my xps one2720 had no t.v. And when I downloaded free Hulu I received nothing but a newly password protected computer!I realize that your catering to a broad ?spectrum of users but perhaps a year of beta testing is not enough as your new product that I had such high hopes for left me wanting !I cannot express my disappointment enough, perhaps after another year you will have things worked out anyway good luck

  77. Your windows 10 update is annoying as hell. Fire the stupid CEO and useless executives. The deserve to rot in hell with maggots. Worse, annoying windows 10 update. Why do you guys pay shitty, good for nothing executive to run a company that was beloved in the 90’s. Now it’s full of shitty, useless CEO and executives.

    Go figure. Are you listening to me, Customer Service???

  78. I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and I like that it runs faster than Windows7. However, I don’t care for the fact that I can’t install and /or play any games that I have on CD-ROM. If Microsoft isn’t going to support the DVD player on Windows 10, or provide an app so we can play our game on Windows 10…..I may just go back to Windows 7.

  79. Since the most recent updates, my Adobe Flash player keeps having error pop-ups. These updates are automatic. So the problem has been caused by Microsoft. Please find a solution and fix this or let me know what I can do as an average user(not a computer Geek) to remedy this highly annoying and problematic situation.

  80. I was very disappointed to find that after upgrading to windows 10 that all my games were no longer on my computer. I now have to create an account and purchase the games I already had.

  81. I visited with one of your service reps today and was very dissatisfied. We had a very difficult time understanding each other. I do not think the person ever did understand what my problem was, never asked me to try anything to resolve the issue (a problem with icloud syncing with outlook). Finally he just told me to call Apple because it was their problem. The problem is, I spent two hours with Apple the day before and they referred me to Microsoft I am very dissatisfied with Microsoft and its support!

  82. I can’t believe that you record all the calls for evaluation etc. and haven’t seen mine. My problem (bug) was in the Win 8.1 operating system. Addressed by your so called experts (Level 1 and Level 2) only to be told it would be fixed in W10. Well I have W10 installed and the problems are still there. I have tried to get Level 2 to work on the issues, only to have them access my computer, do a myriad of tests and then disappear never to be heard from again. I recall and am told someone will call me back at a preset day and time. Never have they made it. Usually a day or two later when I am not prepared for them. The latest attempt was done by a technician where he instructed me to let him have access and then hang up, he would call me back when he was done or had a question. He asked me, through the APP, if he could take his break and I said okay but call me when you get back. Never called and he terminated the session. Today I called again and was told by Jose, that someone would call me from Level 2 in two hours. It has now been 4 hours and still no call. Now what do I start all over again when your people are less busy? Do any of you executives actually check on these technicians? I have been a MS user since the days of BASIC programming with your DOS operating system, have never been treated so poorly. I will be amazed if I even get an acknowledgement to this POST.

  83. I have had the most horrific experience with Microsoft Windows “user help” – I say it in brackets because it’s been almost a month now, and I still have not had a meaningful conversation about my Windows problem.

    I have been lied to, bold faced on several occasions – I’ve been told by supervisors that there is a call scheduled for me, only to wait for an entire day with no call back. Yesterday, for probably the tenth time, I was supposed to get a call back to fix windows on my computer. I was supposed to be contacted at 11 am PST – no call at all, for the entire day. Then they sent me an email saying that they were “sorry you missed your scheduled call” and they would contact me today – they called me at 6 am on a Saturday morning to “fix my computer”. I said that was unacceptable, so they said that they would phone back at 3 pm today. I doubt it somehow. I am going to find a way to contact the head of Microsoft and lodge a formal complaint – I have been tossed from one overseas help desk to another for almost a month, and I have a computer that still doesn’t function. I have had enough. There is gross incompetence in this organization.

  84. Bought a surface 2 last Aug. The battery just died after 13 months. What kind Offproducts do you sell? Junk is what I think. I will never buy any Microsoft item and will make sure my friends don’t either!

  85. I bought a surface 2, 13 months ago, and the battery just died. What kind of junk do you sell ? Will never purchase any Microsoft product and will make sure my friends don’t either!

  86. Experience with Microsoft dictates that nothing would be preferred to the stupid and inept support you get from sand script tech support from god knows where.

  87. I talked to Tara, a supervisor in the Pacific NW on Saturday 3:00 EST. I was extremely disappointed in her yelling at me and telling me that it was my problem that my 11 year old did not read the fine print when he bought an Xbox gift card so that he could purchase a year Xbox Gold membership. I told her it was misleading that one can buy an Xbox gift card that cannot be used for Xbox products… Especially for a product sold to many children. She was unapologetic and belligerent and hung up on me! Not only am I disappointed in the misleading marketing of giftcards by microsoft, Tara, your representative was offensive. I also want to mention that I was on hold for 45 minutes! My son mowed lawns to purchase the Gold membership and was devastated that Microsoft won’t allow him to use the giftcard he purchased to buy Gold. What a sorry way to do business!

  88. Why was my comment deleted??? There was absolutely nothing inappropriate or inaccurate. I was simply describing the terrible customer service that I received. To readdress: I talked with a customer service rep named Tara from the Pacific NW about 3pm EST today. She yelled at me and told me that it was my problem that my 11 year old son did not read the fine print when he bought two separte Xbox Gift cards so that he could purchase an Xbox Gold membership. Apparently, you can’t purchase an Xbox gift card to purchase an Xbox product. What is so infuriating about this is that my son mowed lawns to save the money to purchase Xbox Gold. The marketing of Xbox giftcards are misleading especially considering children are big purcasers of these gift cards. I”m not only disappointed in the fact that my son cannot use his Xbox money to purchase an Xbox product, but also in how I was treated when I called customer service after being on hold for 45 minutes. The fact that you deleted my comments previous to this is unfortunate and sneaky. Sorry way to do business!

  89. Your company is incredibly difficult to contact properly – very poor and not fit for the purpose of good customer relationships.

    I have a query and after a search I have no clear idea of how to get hold of you to explain my problem.

  90. After I updated my HP Pavilion, Vista Desktop to Window 10, my Windows Media Player will no longer pay our dvds…We use it daily and nightly. please fix.

  91. windows 10 is a piece of crap. I hate windows 10 and Microsoft edge is worse, I hate having to talk to a person in a different country because Microsoft is too cheap to pay American wages. Email me a download to fix my computer back to Microsoft 8.1 and back to internet explorer.with all updates, bells and whistles to make my computer work like it did when I received it in Dec. 2013. My computer is a HP 2000 if that helps and was bought at Best Buy in Lubbock, Texas. I do not have a product code for Microsoft 8 installed when I got the computer. I do not have the money to buy the gas to go to Lubbock {50 miles away). Send me a download to my email now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Have called numerous times at all different times, early morning, late night…. and told “High Call Volume…blah blah blah” …when I did get thru I was referred to another phone number…same thing ……..”High Call Volume”……bah blah…..they had a recording saying they will call you back…my wait time…. .in 12 minutes. It was 30 minutes. I explained that I was locked out of my computer…but had gone to another computer and changed my password and it was still not opening for me. He told me it would take 12-24hrs for it to reset (?) …Sounded a bit corny to me since everything is supposed to be high speed and digital…

  93. I have been trying for 3 weeks to contact someone who can tell me how to download updates to Windows 10 on my wife’s laptop. The upgrades state that the upgrades are downloading, however it remains at 0%. This has been going
    on for a LONG time. I need help with this problem urgently. I am in the process of buying a new computer. If it has Windows10 on it I will more than likely search for another operation system. Please help.

  94. When a company as big as Microsoft doesn’t take care of the customers they have, someday they’ll get a big surprise and will lose a really good amount of customers. My problem is I liked windows 10 but had to go back to 7 because 10 wouldn’t let me into my external hard drives. I tried their forum and tried contacting them by e-mail, phone: sure well help, only cost you an arm and a leg. To me if they want everyone to have 10 they should show a little leeway for a certain amount of time. E-mail Microsft, GOOD LUCK ON THIS ONE… I tried searching and NO luck. If it’s out there they have it hidden well.

  95. How will I get cash back by mobiwik
    I have tried it by using my phone Lumia 535 by applying promo code lum300
    Mobiwik replied. Me you are not registered for required platform please help me

  96. I purchased, registered, and have used Office 2010 some time ago. A day or two ago a virus, bug or other malware unknown to me, discombobulated my computer. Amongst the damage done, the “activation” of my office program was negated.

    I have tried to get assistance to restore the “activation” but the service amounted to “You’re out of luck. You’ll have to buy a new program.” I expect better than that from Microsoft.

    I would think that if I did activite my Microsoft word five or so years ago, you will have a record of that event and could supply me with the necessary “activation” code. I would have registered from my home, William J> Pepe, 26 Erin Way, Weymouth, MA USA and I would have used one of my e-mail addresses

    If that is not a viable alternative, the Office 2010 program that I bought and activated is still in use on my wife’s computer. Is the activation code available from her computer? If so, how do I find it?

    William J. Pepe

  97. Since I downloaded windows 10 I have been having a lot of problems with my laptop, I am unable to set up a Microsoft account and when I tried the information comes back with a wrong message, I tried resetting the PW that did not work, now I lost cortana completely. I am sorry I ever tried the new w10. I am planning on setting my laptop to the original manufacturers setting.

  98. Yes I agree with Carmen M. Recondo. I loaded Windows 10 and lost my DVD RW drivers. Windows 10 does not recognize it and I cant get my DVD to work. I have tried everything to include talking to Microsoft Support. They want me to download other programs and pay to fix the problem This is very unfair. I had no problems prior to my upgrading Windows 10. Why don’t you help me to get my DVD RW driver back freely being that your Windows 10 Program caused the problem?

  99. I have a Microsoft account that I can’t even use because of not remembering the password I put in years ago and since I don’t know it I can’t fully use my windows phone. UGH!!!

  100. I have been having problems since windows 10 was installed. my favourites across the very top above the forward/backward arrows disappears every time I switch back on, and every time windows does an update. I contacted answer desk level 1, and they did remote access three times but failed to fix problem, they escalated me to level 2. I asked level 1 15times what would happen if level 2 couldn’t fix it, and they assured me, two even guaranteed level 2 would fix it, needless to say, level 2 didn’t fix it and told me to go back to level 1, who told me they couldn’t do anything

  101. Got notice about getting “free” upgrade to windows 10. Downloaded and ended up with blank screen except for cursor and message, “please wait” Brought it into Office Max to have repaired, after 3 days they are still unable to fix it, and if they do iI may lose all info and still not have my “free” upgrade. What gives here? I am already out 170 bucks, may end up being more, for what? I am definitely not happy and feel I am owed money to pay for my “free” upgrade.

  102. I have just tried to use your chat service to ask about closing a port in Windows 10. The person I chatted with was Jennifer C. I was a total waste of time. I have 2 open port that a 3rd party diagnostic program found. This program only runs a diagnostic scan and no more. She never answered my question!!!! Or even attempted to help me. I am a retired engineer and held senior corporate staff positions. I am very familiar with customer service operations. This one was beyond extremely poor. Not only would she not answer the question but when I tried to get a straight answer she ended the chat! After this experience I would never recommend using you chat portal. It is a total waste of time and very aggravating. I am very disappointed with Microsoft..

  103. To make things worse I sent a message to what I thought was Corporate Customer Service only to end up on this community complaint board. In my opinion this is a direct result of having no meaningful competition. They lack sensitivity and sense of obligation to their customers!! If this sounds like I’m pissed, I AM.

  104. dont bother trying to deal with customer service after downloading the so called free windows 10 my pc started acting up i called microsoft tech support and was told it was a temp tril install and for 250 dollars they would fix it now after the last so called tech checked it out it wont even start.

  105. I hope someone will eventually help me. I purchased Microsoft home office 2013 when I purchased my new computer September 7, 2015. I down loaded it onto my computer and all was fine until Microsoft did an update for Microsoft 10 and I could no longer use my home office word or excel. I called for support but I was told I needed the Key number from the card I purchased. Needless to say I didn’t keep the card because it was a one time download only; therefore, I went to Best But and purchased the 2016 version of home office. I tried calling your Pittsburgh office at 412-323-6700 but got a recording from Brittany to leave a message. I’ve left at least 8 messages since October 2, 2015 and not received a call back. I sent a copy of my 2 purchases of the Home office to Brittany but have never heard back. I fell I should be reimbursed for the 2013 Home office which I paid for and was disrupted by your sending an update to my system but no one seems to care. My name is Charles Sites; home phone number 412-655-1441 and I have a copy of the two purchases for Microsoft Home Office installed on my computer. I would appreciate a personal phone call and instructions on how I can be reimbursed for the problem you created for me with an update to the Microsoft 10 on my computer. I hope this isn’t another dead end.
    A long time Microsoft user.

  106. MICROSOFT! PAY ATTENTION… your customers are NOT happy! I’ve sent 3 emails to customer service in the last 4 days ( and have heard nothing… RUDE!!!

  107. No wonder you are giving away Windows 10. Still a bad deal – you should be paying us to take it especially with the incredibly aggravating Cortana as part of it, which does not turn off when it’s supposed to and which should be uninstallable. What data are you collecting with it? How much privacy are you invading? Sooner or later this will be the kind of thing that will bring regulation down on your head and further limit your ability to make any money.
    Hoping all those responsible for Cortana catch a disabling disease.

  108. I have called and am attempting to email Microsoft, all to no avail. It is impossible. If a company gets so big and powerful that they are unwilling to have personal contact with the people that made them big, it’s time to close the doors.

  109. I recently bought a new desk top computer. It was not cheep!! The operating system is Microsoft Windows 8.1. I HATE Windows 8.1!!!!! It sucks!!!! It is NOT user friendly!!!! It is complicated and hard to navigate. I feel that Microsoft has SCREWED me and many of it’s customers!!!!!! Windows XP was an excellent Microsoft operating system. And look what Microsoft did to it!!!! All for the MONEY!!! To force customers into NEW computers with Windows 8.1 and now 10!!!! I used to have respect for Bill Gates and Microsoft—NOT ANY MORE!!!!

  110. I feel like I’ve been robbed. You’re lovely marketing ploy has successfully stole 2 hours of my life, and consumed far more than a respectable level of energy by encouraging me to run circles attempting to upgrade my 8.1 to 10. Every door I choose seems different, yet my final destination ADVERTISED “how to upgrade…buy a new pc”. I must have missed the Bell Canada and Windows merger…As bell is another one of the brands I’ve sworn to badmouth and ban for as long as I’m alive (now 2 hours less thanks to yours truly.) Guess you did them a favour.
    I also love how there’s only two topic choices for my complaint….as neither of them are remotely appropriate.
    86 Windows lottery lies


  111. I will keep this on a calm and business-like level. I have just completed the upgrade for two computers.

    My system is an Acer, and has an Intel i5-4200U cpu, with 4 Gb RAM and more than adequate hard disk space (not SSD, unhappily). Now you know what level of system we are dealing with.

    Your initial information with the update was that it would take 10-20 minutes. Mine took the best part of 1.5 hours, and then had me sitting there with messages like “ready soon” when it was NOT ready soon (excuse me … becoming a little distraught). OK … so what about my Internet connection? I am on cable broadband, not NBN (Australia) but presumably the next best thing from Telstra, who is my provider, and has recently issued new modems to speed up everything. There were no outages in connection, to the best of my knowledge. So, in summary – surely it should have done the update in your given time estimate.

    The time the update took for the whole process seems exceptionally slow for current computing technology, and I wonder if you are aware that this has been happening (I can’t possibly be the only sufferer).

  112. I am still having the same problem with windows 10. I have been in touch with answer desk, level 1. they have tried three times to fix my problem, and each time, after they have done remote access, the problem is still there. in my book, that means that remote access fixing does not work. answer desk level 1 have told me that remote access is the only way to fix my problem. I have a concern though that as well as remote access not fixing my problem, somebody could pass onto third parties my details while my laptop is being remotely accessed. I have asked level 1 if they have a plan B, but they have said, no there is no plan B.

  113. Ever since I installed Windows 10, I have had to ask for a new password EVERY DAY! My original no longer worked and I have had five new ones since then and each and every day I have to have a code texted to me to use a new password. I want my original password back and I want it to work daily. I hate Windows 10! It is not easier to use and play hell getting my Outlook E-mails or even getting on facebook.; I wish I had Windows 7 back!

  114. Dec. 8, 2015
    Dear Customer Service: Last evening when I was on my laptop, and unfortunately, on Windows 10, I sent an email telling you that I was unhappy with your new system which I still am. I asked for Microsoft to restore my Windows 7, which has partially done, but not totally. I have a 15 inch screen, but the Windows 10 portion that’s left, only covers 11 1/2 inches. Please restore the rest of my Windows 7. Please send non-canned reply. Sincerely, Joan E. Landers

  115. I have to say that this windows 10 issue is the worst thing that has happened to me and any computer that I have owned. I downloaded this product on Monday morning. Because mails would not snyc I called the help desk. I was on the phone with them for 2 hours. They didn’t have a clue as to how to fix the problem. He escalated it to a level 2 tech. He called back the next day. He was working on it for more than 5 hours. He did not fix the issues, but did reinstall windows 10 again. He called back again today. He tried to fix it again. I would allow him more time than the 1 hour that he was already taken because he had no idea what was going on. He Muhammad, then said that his level 3 suggested that he reinstall windows getting rid of all programs, files etc. I refused to allow t hat as it would take me a week to get back to where I am now. I asked to speak to his manager. His manager said nothing other than the tech was stumped, did not know what the issue is and I should reinstall windows. Again I refused because it would take all files, aps and programs from my computer. I asked for a number to call MS. The number that the gave does not work. The manager, Prananesh suggested that if the number didn’t work that I should call a lawyer. I asked him to repeat that as I though it was very scary that MS employee though so little of windows 10 they would suggest I contact a lawyer.

    So the bottom line is, I mistakenly installed windows 10. I have been working since Monday morning just t o get my e-mail set up. MS support has been working at least 8 hours trying to figure out why windows 10 isn’t working then suggesting that I call my lawyer. It is not like I threatened anyone at all.

    Now I find out that I cant print anything from the computer, the apps are not listed or the ones that are, are not working.

    I would like someone from MS to get back to me to explain what happened to my computer. Somehow I doubt that will ever happen. They are just too big and don’t care about what they do to customers

  116. I have been a customer of Skype for many years. I had a problem to remove the expired credit card, I added a new one but when I cancelled the old one , my recurrent subscription was cancelled. I’m in Luxembourg going back to Florida on Dec. 15. I need my recurrent subscription back. I tried chatting twice { over one hour chatting} but I can’t get the subscription reinstated from the region I’m in. I had tried many times to delete that expired credit card but it didn’t work. Please tell me what to do to get it back or am I suppose to stop using Skype for calls.

  117. Are you kidding me Microsoft? You offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 with a nifty compatibility app saying everything is compatible and then when something does not work YOUR support group won’t help without additional money…. I want this passed onto your leadership group and would like to be contacted to get my issue fixed… I DO NOT want to revert back to Windows 7 as I have a bad feeling that it won’t work either… so contact me and lets get this working. My issue is that the print spooler service will NOT stay running, therefor cannot connect and print. Called customer service and their only two options are to contact the printer manufacturer or revert to Windows 7… it is a Windows OS service.. why in the hell would I contact the printer folks?????

  118. I am highly pissed off I came in from work and my computer had been updated without my permission and lost some of my apps I downloaded and replaced with shit I don’t want don’t ever update my computer again without my permission I will choose what I want and don’t want on my PC thank you

  119. thank you for helping us decide weather to stay with Microsoft or upgrade to apple for our Christmas… Going to be apple for all four of us. You have taken over our computers against our will. We all four tried your W/10. None wanted to keep it. When we went back to our 7s and 8s our OS files were corrupted. Tasks- CAB- ect. besides the annoying get 10 at every boot and every page change. You must be out of you minds. WE ARE Americans.We will not be bullied by arrogant trash.

  120. To Microsoft .
    The info you give for removing windows up grade to windows 10
    is very hard to under stand I have been trying for five days with
    out any luck at all..
    We didn’t ask for the windows up date some one put it in our
    computer with out asking if it was ok we don’t like that at all.
    stop doing things on our computer with out asking us first please.

    Leslie P Stockton.

  121. The info you give for removing windows up grade to windows 10
    is very hard to under stand I have been trying for three days.
    We didn’t ask for the windows up date some one put it in our
    computer with out asking if it was ok we don’t like that at all.
    stop doing things on our computer with out asking us first please.

    Leslie P Stockton.

  122. Who ever is the dumb ass that made a Nokia windows phone…or any windows phone for that matter needs kicked in the dick , or raped , and killed for such ignorance…if anyone considers please email me I will gladly. Tell you the same thing or if not something different

  123. Congratulations! You have now driven me back to Apple. After Windows 10 initiated an update which destroyed all my files and I could not get any help from any of the idiots who answer your phones or work your chat rooms I’m giving up. It is obvious that I am not the only one who has had this experience with Windows 10. Why don’t you beta test this shit before you roll it out. I’m sure you will round-file this complaint because you must get millions of them, You should be ashamed of yourselves

    • I have beeen receiving phone calls saying that they are employees of microsoft.
      they are saying that my computer has been hacked and to turn on the computer so that they can show me how to correct the problem. How do you notify your users if there are any problems. I did’t comply.

  124. Keep getting a pop up after I installed Windows 10 that says they need more info for my Microsoft account. I gave them my current info:, password: Jmae1941, security code:6738. I have no problem logging in but still keep getting the pop up. I even changed my password once–from jmae91341 to the current Jmae1941 to try and eliminate this nuisance. What’s going on?? Contact me @ 319-360-3745 to let me know what is going on.

  125. Just wanted to let Microsoft now how infuriated I am with you restarting MY computer and installing updates against my will. I have selected the all ways ask to install updates on my computer option, and regardless of saying NO to the updates you restart and install them anyway.


    Of course the obvious solution if I don’t like it is to find another computer company, which I suppose I will have to do. Micro softs lack of respect for the customer is infuriating, when they force things on them like this.

    If a real person actually reads this, it’s regrettable they have to hear how angry I am at there employer, but put yourself in my shoes.

  126. I am trying to contact Microsoft customer services. I have been sending emails to customer service, since November, on a daily basis, but I am not getting any replies. could somebody from Microsoft customer service team please contact me by email, thanking you in anticipation, paul barnes

  127. I downloaded your version 10 of windows and I hate it. It ruined some of my programs. How can I get rid of this dog and return to Windows 7?

  128. Jusa M.
    Skype Customer Service

    “Please be reminded that one month subscription is only eligible for a refund within 1-month from purchase. Three-month and twelve-month subscriptions will respectively expire within 3 and 12 months from the date of purchase. Also, used subscription are not subject for refund.”

    You never complied with my request for unsubscribe made properly the same day of such subscription. On that basis you suppose to give me full refund (three months). Otherwise you do not apply you own rules. Moreover, every month after I renewed my request without success I sent you the following that you simply ignored.

    Here is the same email I sent you each time:


    Microsoft account: live: sicard3
    Product name: Online Number, 3 month subscription (+1 305 432 2863)
    Total amount: $18.00
    Transaction date: Jul 17, 2015
    Order number: 847917962
    Order status: Delivered

    The same day I requested to unsubscribe and since I never used Skype supports such as calling to anybody. Even though my debit card has been debited (account at TD Bank# 8636010814) You are still debiting my account.
    I am requesting full refunds
    Gerard Sicard

  129. Windows updated and I lost all of my files. I tried to contact customer service, they cannot speak or understand English. They have given me the runaround for three hours. All they have done is give a case number. None of them know how to resolve the situation. So let me ask you this how is it my fault that my computer did an automatic update and erased or misplaced all of my files? I own a small business and this is the MOST IDIOTIC thing I have ever seen. This is an invasion of privacy.

  130. I called because I had a question I got a call from someone saying the were from window support and that a hacker was trying access my account and I hung up on them and called Microsoft to ask if it was real or a scam all I got was asked if I want technical support and then was placed on hold for 30 minutes

  131. Just ended a customer service call with representative “Johnathan”- may be the worst service call I have ever dealth with. Not only did he have a heavy accent- but he insisted that my computer had an “infection” and he could not fix my issue without me purchasing a security package for my computer.
    We have a brand new MAC- not even one month old.
    Also- while my software was loading, i was placed on hold- within 5 minutes, the computer showed that the next step needed to be completed- “you’re almost done, close window to continue.” At this point, the representative was handling the clicks on the computer- i waited for him to return to the line for almost 30 minutes- 12:28 pm to 12:54 pm.

  132. I purchased Office 365 and Paid to have it Installed by one of your techs. the reason being I could not Install the program. When i went on line to order everything i learned later I was charged numerous times for this purchase. to date it has been a horrific experience. I have dedicated over 25 hours online with numerous techs trying to correct all the issues that would take me forever to explain, instead i will add the case numbers for you to view! 1323704910 / 1324369732 / 1324019533 / Today again 1324369732/ Bottom line-
    I can’t believe that this could ever happen with Microsoft?????

    I am wondering what Microsoft is going to do to rectify this experience!

    Joseph Biello

  133. I have called the Microsoft tech support three times now. With a total time of seven hours on the phone with all three individuals, I have gotten ZERO accomplished. Microsoft customer service is extremely terrible. One, I can barely understand the Microsoft techs because of their heavy Indian accents. Secondly, two of the techs downloaded a about three programs on my computer I don’t know what there for. I called for a simple answer to a program I couldn’t download and I received 7 hours of my life wasted. Finally, when it was apparent the tech didn’t know what they were doing, they didn’t call for help, they didn’t say “sorry for the inconvenience” they simply hung up the phone thankful to get rid of me. I’m trying to be as calm as I can as it is difficult for me at the moment. I’m well aware, this comment wont make it past the first person and will wind up in a trash bin. I will NEVER, EVER, buy another Microsoft product again. By the way, Windows 10 is shit.

  134. We keep losing our points playing the games!! Over and over again we lose them. We call and someone in India answers and they just mess it up worse. We really would appreciate having our points (and level of playing) restored. We were at 6,500 at level 26 last night . Today it was 1700 at level 22. Help! P.S. the people in India are very nice and helpful, it’s just that they can’t seem to fix our problem. PLEASE HELP!

  135. Totally displeased with Microsoft after about twenty to thirty years. Hate Windows 10. Subscribed to Office 365 and tried to type a recipe and Microsoft wants a email and password for Microsoft. Totally not necessary since I paid $99 to have it on my computer which no one but myself uses. Besides that, when I downloaded Windows later part of 2015, lost everything I had software except for the aps Microsoft put on there. Was not told when downloading that would be the case. Everything I do, you want a password and I am sick of it. Going to stop using Microsoft and PC’s and opt for an Apple computer. Some of us are older and don’t need the aggravation of trying to keep up with passwords for everything we do. As I said, I am the only user on this computer and I don’t need you trying to keep me safe …… Been doing it for seventy-seven years. Have always supported Microsoft and Microsoft products. Not anymore……you can keep it.

  136. I am trying to find out if a company is in fact a Microsoft Certified Business Solution Partner but I have NOT been able to. What good is it for Microsoft to have programs like that when no one can find out if one is or is not certified? Anyone can say they are certified by Microsoft and get away with it if there is no way to find out if they are?

  137. After speaking with fbi and fed trAde commission about being hacked I was told Microsoft doesn’t charge customers that are hacked to clean up that is how you know you are speaking with real Microsoft. We were hacked by a group posing as Microsoft. Anyway funny enough now the answer help desk says 149 $ to clean it up. I am disgusted and wonder if the Indian help desk isn’t the other Indian hackers. I mean that on their off time they use the customer service info to hack. My problem started with a grey bubble pop up that looked just like Microsoft but gave another number to call to fix virus.

  138. New to Windows 10, I do not KNOW my ‘old password’…have been on Chromebook for years and came back to Windows. Please advise how to us Cortana.

  139. this was no help to me at all i spent 2 hours on the phone this morning. requesting for the recalled power cord. it was a circus and still no power cord. its terrible you outsource your customer support to the Philippines, who obviously do not give a s–t. I was lied to, transferred, given numbers that did not work. disconnected, ridiculous, I am requesting for a defective part. and wasted my entire morning. I tried last week several times last week on line and could not go through my account????? I called for help and was told to go online, If i could of made it work on line I would not have been calling. can someone please get me the power cord for your defective product. I plan on going to the microsoft store and returning the surface pro 3 if I do not have satisfactory results on Monday 3/7/16 its a simple recall it should not be so chaotic, i need close to home american assistance. I will not purchase Microsoft products if i have to deal with another country for assistance.

  140. Whoever came up with Windows 10 should be horsewhipped. I paid lots of money to have it removed from my computer and I refuse to allow your “updates” to be installed on my computer in the future and I am seriously considering of getting rid of Microsoft altogether because of your annoying periodic updates. When you have something working perfectly satisfactory you just have to screw it up.

  141. WTF happened to my computer? I don’t want Cortana. I hate Siri–why in hell would I want Cortana installed without asking me first? I hate you and I’m going to destroy this PC and never buy one again. Goddamn it…I had a PC because I hate the retard platform on the MAC so now I have the DORK version of a retard platform? And you did it at night without asking me first? OH MY GOD. I’m so PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Please help!i have tried to get into my lap top, but and being told i have tried my password too many times. So carn’t get in i know my password is right. Could u help me with this problem, i am new to computors. I am sending u this rmail from my phone. Laptop email address the phone no u have ending 24, was my late husbands. The email address above is the one i use for my fone. Please could u send me a new password? Then hopefully problem solved THANKS

  143. TERRIBLE. no one takes responsibilty for a call transferred around but disconnected in all calls but ONE. EACH rep tells me they will help but they disconnect the call when they don’t understand the issue.
    I have had over 2.5 hrs on hold and transfers and me calling back. I have spone with 10 people today.
    Repeting my name, phoine number, email address over in every call

  144. My browser is MSN Explorer and my primary email is MSN Mail. Last weekend I suddenly was unable to send or forward any email. The message next to the “To” line on the email compose screen said that I was locked out. Error code 0X85ad3209. I called MSN Tech Support and spent two hours on the phone to no avail. Yesterday my “computer guy” came to my home and immediately found the issue and fixed it. Apparently there was an attempt to access my MSN account from a unknown source. MSN protocol (at the server)is to lock up the account without notifying the user first to provide the ability to confirm the account and resolve the issue before locking up it up.


    My credit card company, my bank and my credit union all notify me regarding an issue before they take any action. I strongly recommend that MSN change their protocol to notify the account manager before shutting down the account or in this case, the ability to send/forward email.

    Hopefully someone from MSN will read this comments.

  145. Another MICROSOFT FLIM_FLAM… i Purchased a New Win-7 professional for my PERSONAL Laptop last year, Old HARD DRIVE FAILED and new upgrade. BUT WAIT – I have ORIGINAL ONE TIME USE WIN7 pro. loaded this new HD and wam, Microsoft reminds me the “KEY” is not correct. OK … talk about scams its time to promote APPLE or maybe I can find my old XP (3-disks) but NEVER will I purchase MICROSOFT PRODUCTS AGAIN… there are alternatives…(Linx is beginning to look good or maybe andorid for PC) ……Microsoft customer support rates 1/10 or 1 star – computer answered the phone… Maj. Drew Malone Raines USMC (Electronic Engineer)

  146. Fresh comment… MY Personal Property I pay for, and I’m told I can’t use it after I used it one time on an OLD HD. now I read many comments.. MICROSOFT DOES NOT CARE – THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SOUNDING BOARD… I have copied all the above and shall forward said to 2500 + Marines, I pray others follow suit… now we know how Microsoft forces the sales on others… STAND BY …. people , its time to turn our backs on MICROSOFT 101%

  147. No offense to India, but I can’t understand one f-ing word out of the mouths. Way to make complicated issues like technical support that much more aggravating! And you know that those poor people are probably getting paid slave wages too! SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT!!!

  148. My computers have always been Dell but then their support system went to India. I have super hearing but was unable to understand much of what they said. So, when looking for a new computer I decided on Microsoft Surface Pro 3. They had a kiosk in the mall so if I encountered any problems I just went over and their fabulous staff did their stuff and being a computer idiot I was there often. I headed there with a problem today (overheating) only to find out the store was closed. It was the only store here so I placed a call to support in India and was on the phone for two hours!! I was transferred three times and the third time I was disconnected. After calling back and getting yet another person the problem was fixed. This is nothing against India, I just cannot understand their accents. What happened Microsoft??????????????

  149. Microsoft customer service is a joke! It feels as if I dealing with a shady third world country organization! They are very unprofessional and confused. No one calls you back. I had to keep calling and calling and chatting and chatting. Everyone was different and most couldn’t speak intelligible English. They wouldn’t honor their Damage Protection Warranty! I spent a month and half trying to have my device replaced. When I did, they baited and switched me into a device with a less GB than they promised and looked rebuilt. No one wants to take responsibility for it and they have lost contact with me. I have not been an Apple convert until now! I don’t care if their device is better, I will be switching! Just writing about this makes me sick to my stomach!

  150. April 4, 2016:
    I e-mailed Microsoft Customer Support. I received an e-mail from a member of the support team: Matt. (the name on the e-mail)
    Several days later my Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview finally became Active, thanks to that person. Matt.
    I am emailing to say Thankyou very much.


  151. …since Feb 2016 I’ve been locked out of my microsoft email ; I opened a new acct to facilitate a resolution—less than a week later I was locked out of that acct…I have written a letter to the Microsoft corp in Redmond, Wa…no answer, then calling the 800 number reaped zero results, after a 45- minute wait..then TODAY–Apr.27,2016 attempts at talking w/ an online customer service person put me in a wait line with number 125 being the next available one!!! Microsoft has over 4 yrs of my documents and other important papers–some time ago I had similiar problem w/ Microsoft, only not this extensive—that guy Matt ( who helped Randy ) was the one who helped me out last time… I NEED SERIOUS HELP WITH this Matter…Please pass this to Matt…thank you

  152. I purchased MS Office 365 Personal Subscription. When I removed the obliteration over the product key, one letter or number was improperly printed. I called MS for help and was transferred approximately 6 times to various people who were difficult to understand because of thick accents. They refused to help indicating that when the product key is accessed, no credit or refund could be given and they could not give me the missing information. The issue was a MS quality problem that a card was printed incorrectly such that all the required information was not provided. I spent 3 hours inputting various numbers (0-9) and letters (approximately half the alphabet) until I was able to activate the subscription. MICROSOFT CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!

  153. I just purchased a Microsoft Office 16 key from Costco. When I tried to install it I got an error code and called the number Steve I know he was from an India call center and was told I needed to buy a better Anti-virus system. Every time I have done this in the past it has been a never ending nightmare of ever increasing costs and fees. When I told him I was tired of this game and the crap that I was continually being forced to buy from India I was not going to fall for it. I was attacked verbally called a fucking asshole and numerous other obscenities and threatened that;”I will destroy your computer from here!” .
    I will be returning your product and looking for any other system instead of Microsoft products in the future if this is not resolved in the next 72 hours. It is currently 05/18/2016 11:40 AM Pacific Standard Time


  155. boy am I ever sorry I got windows 10, its crap. can`t find answers to your questions concerning windows 10! all you get is a damn computer answering the phone, and that’s no help at all. you people brag about this P.O.S. windows 10, then why don`t you have answers to questions, or people that will help. hell I can get ahold of the president before someone at Microsoft. you people suck big time! and windows is the worst p.o.s. ever to be installed on pc`s!

  156. HOW DARE YOU AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE MY PC TO WINDOWS 10 WITHOUT MY APPROVAL!!! I want the keys to your home and I am going to remove all of your furniture and paint every room black and the we will see how you feel. Are you going to do this to my 80 year old Mother so she can also try to figure out this mess out and then try to re-learn everything. Why doesn’t Microsoft make a product that actually works the first time so it does not have to be updated every five minutes so I have to relearn everything each time there is an update? Guess where I am headed . . . . . to the MAC store. If I have to relearn everything, it may as well be on a machine and system that actually WORKS. I have been thinking of switching anyway, this gave me the final push to make the change. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS, YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN A COMMON HACKERS!

  157. Your new Windows 10 is the most useless waste of development time and money. It is user unfriendly and cumbersome. The previous version was so easy to use. Your development geeks are very clever at doing stupid things!

  158. Yesterday my computer and my husband’s was taken over by Microsoft Windows 10. No warning, no asking permission, just Big Brother Bully tactics. I do work on my computer and one site does not use Windows 10. Luckily I was able to escape back to Windows 7 or I would have bed SOL. My husband was not so fortunate. We called support and the tech was able to take any threat of Windows 10 off my computer. My husband unfortunately was unable to get ANYTHING BACK rendering his computer useless until we can take it to someone locally. His machine is a bit older and we will probably have to get a new computer. THIS WAS NOT IN THE BUDGET!! Thanks for nothing! How do you dare to take over consumers computers, ruin them and then leave people hanging???? Where do we send the bill for this to??? I just feel plain violated,
    Abuse is Abuse! My husband is retired and once I am too, no more tech.

  159. I wish had had purchased another brand of computer…..the word application is awful Thank god I have have word on my old computer so I can at least address and envelope.

  160. Your control method of making numerous attempts to change everyone’s system to Windows 10 whether they want or not is despicable. Can you not allow people to make that decision on their own. You have a good name and good reputation, but you’re changing all that with underhanded tactics you now use. Pathetic. One does not dare leave the computer for even a minute unattended because of the forced uploading of your unwanted #10. For many #7 is working just fine, but they were allowed to request it. What a concept that would be for #10. Signed Judy Disgusted

  161. again on my second computer ,your latest update as on my first killed the os. blue screen with error code. all could do after trying everything else was reset. again it reset to windows 7 and it will stay there. have blocked ANY more updates. win 10 was upposed to be a better os than win 8. NOT any new computer purchase will be a MAC. have i phone 6 and no problems

  162. Microsoft has tried to install windows 10 on my computer, each time i declined NOW it just does it without my permission. I spent time deleting updates from windows to remedy this problem according to Microsoft support help. My computer even showed that it was deleted and guess what within in a hour its was back on my screen asking to load. SOMETHING is seriously wrong here and I believe Microsoft owes money to all of us how have spent hours of our life dealing with this ongoing issue. SHAME ON MICROSOFT !!!!!!

  163. I to am heading to get a Mac I have been thinking about if for sometime so thank you Microsoft for getting me to switch over.

  164. I have the Windows 7 Home Premimum version on my HP laptop computer. I have tried unsucessfully to upgrade to Windows 10 and have been STUCK at the 99% complete upgrade level for many hours. Why can’t Microsofot do something or does Microsofsoft want my MONEY to be spent to get a TRUSTED Micrososoft partner to finish the download for me . Does’t Micrososoft have enough MONEY or do are they in such financial trouble that they NEED MY MONEY

  165. super rude customer service rep. He gave his name as Josh Williams. I was not able to run Microsoft office after I installed Windows 10. The message I kept getting was that I had too many devices for Microsoft. Upgrading an existing old computer is not a new devise! He was very condescending and rude and just said I had to go buy new office software. I tried to explain how the word devise could be interpreted and implied I was full of it and that he dealt with this all day….which to me implies, your communications are in error. Very rude man….I will be looking at Apple products for my next computer. This is an absurd abuse of your customers.

  166. I created an outlook account since you guys think having a gmail is retarted! when I did I then created a Microsoft account. after that I created an xbox account which gave me a gamertag. I went over to the website to change the gamertag to the tag I wanted and it still shows that I have the one you gave me! when I went to change it again to the one I wanted it said it was taken! I’m so pissed I closed my outlook and tried to reopen it and when you ask me for a verification code to send for my other email you don’t even send the damn code to my maill! I mean seriously what the hell is this crap!

  167. WINDOWS 10 SUCKS.Never have had as much troble importing photos from SD card probabably .will try apple now .Good luck. can I go back to windows 7?

  168. Stop sending the NY Times crossword to my Windows 10 updates!!!!!! If I wanted a crossword, I’d get one. Butt out!!!!

  169. I downloaded and installed Windows 10 and now my Microsoft Jigsaw game is all messed up. I lost all my gold bars (over 400,000) and I get an error message that “the in-app purchase is no longer available”. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I can’t log in to my X-box account. What a mess! All the other games are working just fine. I’m just really upset about Jigsaw!

  170. I am very frustrated. I have made several attempts to turn off the automatic renewal on my credit card online account with no response as well as 2 phone calls in which their English was difficult to understand and the last one hung up. I would appreciate being able to remove the card and turn off the automatic renewal for office 365.
    Thank you

  171. I tried to add ea access to my xbox one consule and i didn’t success.
    I downloaded the ea access hub, add my paypall acount and after i tried to bu it i got this message.
    Try that again.
    Something happapned on our end.
    It’s been like that all of the day.

  172. Please stop entering in the arena of politics. I do hope that money (sales and production in other countries) is not the most important item on your agenda. You will have to do what the rest of us do in life…when there is no wind, row.

  173. last year, I had problem with windows 10. I contacted answer desk, level 1 faled to fix it and passed me onto level 2. I asked level 1 what would happen if level 2 couldn’t fix it. level 1 guaranteed me level 2 would fix it. level 2 didn’t fix it. I made a complaint against answer desk, and global escalations told me that they had investigated my complaint, and I would receive feedback. I have heard nothing. yet another lie from answer desk

  174. I play Microsoft solitaire collection I keep losing my progress after working 20 to 25 days. I’m fed up with this crap take this game and shove it

  175. I think you should have an option for live chat w /a Microsoft C.C.R. 24/7/365.

    Just my opinion, but what do I know?

  176. I never wanted windows 10 ,my computer froze and downloaded itself windows 10. I have never felt more threatened and frightened ,I now have no control of my computer. I enjoyed researching my interests and I like using my email user , I DO NOT WANT TO USE GMAIL NOR ANYTHING ELSE ,SO PLEASE,let me use my incredimail which I enjoy ,PLEASE UNFREEZE MY MAIL AND LEAVE ME ALONE !!!

  177. I guess I will have to create another account and it probably won’t be Microsoft since I can’t get anyone to help me.

  178. windows 10 update and privicy settings

    keeps installing in my program files. updates do not belong there.
    its not leegal to be installd in my system without my permission and knowledge.
    they was installd into my bin files

    if i get any more i will take lawfull action
    they have been installd and uninstalld now a dozzon times
    and now its harassment.
    if i want it it will be my choice and mine only.

  179. Today a Windows update was apparently received. The result…many of my shortcut icons on my desktop have disappeared. Please undue the damage you have created. Thank you.

  180. a warning to Microsoft
    why is Microsoft downloading and installing the files kb4023057 and
    windows 10 update and privacy settings into my program files
    without my knowing it from the program file directory. its agents
    my rights and I think its agenst the law to do that.

  181. I keep getting booted off of sites, internet, and even outlook, etc.. won’t work half of the time. I used to have a way to do office programs such as developing tri-fold brochures, yet now it takes an act of congress just to type a document. Yet when I try to write you, all I get is “try a different methods of contacting you. The method you leave us is not working any better than your programs. Don’t send your automated updates anymore if you are going to screw my programs up!
    Thanks a lot!

  182. I keep getting booted off of sites, internet, and even outlook, etc.. won’t work half of the time. I used to have a way to do office programs such as developing tri-fold brochures, yet now it takes an act of congress just to type a document. Yet when I try to write you, all I get is “try a different methods of contacting you. The method you leave us is not working any better than your programs. Don’t send your automated updates anymore if you are going to screw my programs up!
    Thanks a lot!
    Then when you “duplicate, you send your inappropriate way of talking to your customers, “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

  183. Forgot my password, so I went to forgot password. One of the questions was asking for my email address. When I input it, I received a message “Email already a Microsoft account”. This IS my email address. I need to get the straightened out so I can access my computer.


    You don’t care but, I have not been able to get into my email FOR MONTHS–HONESTLY, MONTHS!!


    I really miss Netscape after Microsoft’s service.

    Don’t bother trying to contact me because I CANNOT GET INTO MY EMAIL FOR MONTHS!!


  186. It is appalling that you will continue to advertise with the NFL and support the human pollution that disrespects our country by disrespecting our flag, our values and our veterans.
    Shame on you.

  187. I’ve used MS software all the way back to Windows 3.1. My youngest daughter has a Surface 2. There have been success and failures over the years, but customer service has not typically been a problem as far as access or expertise relative to the price of some products.
    The real reason for writing is we will try to avoid buying further MS products and services because MS advertises with the NFL. We need our freedoms more than MS products and services. We need players to respect the flag and national anthem on behalf of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms (including freedom of speech).

  188. Why oh Why does windows feel it NEEDS to remove programs that I use and have PAID for. On the last update it removed my printer and a program called printmaster 18.1 During the last great update I lost my previous version of that product and now have lost this one. These programs contain information that I use and now have NO access to. At this point I feel Microsoft owes me an apology and a way to get them back. of course no one seems to be able to help. I am sure there must be some way to retrieve my program. I have un-istalled and tried to reinstall it and even went out and bought yet another version but I prefer the version that windows STOLE from me. Get with it and quit removing things that you have no right to take. In the real world that is considered theft of property.

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