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Contacting Manpower Customer Service Center

Manpower is one of the global leaders in job fulfillment. The company pairs people seeking work with companies who have work to provide. Most of the positions filled through Manpower are temporary, but some offer employees the ability to work into full-time employment. Manpower earns a portion of the employee salary. The payment to Manpower ends if the company hires the employee in-house.

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Contact Info:

If you’re looking to contact Manpower to search for jobs in your area, this information is not provided below. You need to visit to find a job in your area. Manpower is available all over the world, but the information we’ve provided is for the US market only.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is a head office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where all operations are handled. Call the Manpower phone number for Milwaukee if you need assistance handling a corporate or company matter. If you need to contact Manpower locally, call your local Manpower office.

  • Corporate: 1-414-961-1000

Mailing Address

ManpowerGroup United States100 Manpower PlMilwaukee, WI 53212

Official Website

As is the case with most international companies, there is a large group of websites owned and operated by Manpower. The main site is located at, but there is a US site located at, which is likely the site you’re looking for. With that said, there are local offices in your area for hiring and job services. That is the office you need to contact when looking for work, not the main office.

Customer Service Email

You will not find an email address for Manpower that connects the worker with a customer service agent. There is a feedback form listed on the US site. This feedback form can be used to request a call back from the company, so if you’re having trouble with your local office and you don’t know who to contact, use this form.

Our Experience

A common question asked of a temporary staffing service such as Manpower is permanent positions. The customer service line went directly to the customer service department where we asked about permanent positions ands how do customers retain full-time employment. The agent discussed with us the option to retain an employee for full-time is based upon the hiring company and not Manpower.

The experience was inline with what we expected, but this experience could potentially from customer to customer. Was your experience different? We want you to take a second and comment below.

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22 Comments on “Contact Manpower Customer Service
  1. I was contacted by the care center yesterday to be told that I was being refunded $16. I then received a check stub, as it was no refund, but mileage reimbursement. Also, it was not deposited to my bank account, all I got was the check stub.

  2. I have NOT received pay from Man Power for two weeks. Someone??? Messed up something && my check was never delivers. I been on the phone with my local office since yesterday. Nothing they can do. All they gave me was a $25 gas card for my trouble && gave me another number to call. Now I got to wait for a phone call from some representative to wire me my two weeks pay from money gram. BUT NOW its the weekend && no offices are open. When I talked to customer service lasnight I swear he said offices were open on Saturdays from 8am -2pm. I am FRUSTRATED because NO ONE. Not ONE person would have caught this situation if I had not come into the local office to ask why I have not received pay for two weeks.

  3. The Ann Arbor Manpower has been going down-hill with lack of wonderful professional customer representation for a few years now. I recently today just had the worst experience with the recruiting coordinator named Dawn. Her lack of professionalism, not to mention listening skills were deplorable needless to say!! If this is the kind of person Manpower hires to find good jobs for those seeking, Dawn needs more human, ethical, and professional training!!! Treat and speak to people the way you would want to be spoken to. Dawn was rude, acting like she didn’t want to be on the phone and after a most disturbing conversation with her she just hung up the phone abruptly! Absolutely no listening skills whatsoever!! Very disappointing, but on a great note I was able to speak with Tammy at the Ohio branch and thankfully she was a delight to speak with. Dawn needs to take a few lessons on how to interact with people from Tammy! I thank Tammy for taking the time to listen to me and not judging me and I certainly wish I were closer to the Ohio branch. Please deal with the Ann Arbor Manpower branch, not the kind of people you want to deal with when you are already stressed looking for work and to better your life!! Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

    Sidonnie Elliott-Corley

  4. Absolutely one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. Aside from Manpower hiring incompetent workers who were improperly trained, the local branch office staff were often rude and uncaring about my concerns. It’s bad enough having to work up to seven days a week with no benefits and lousy pay.

  5. hello you have got postman jobs going can I try for this job please I can not do it on your web site thank you
    Nigel brown

  6. I have not got my last pay check. It has been over a month. Me and my daughters had horrible problems getting paid from the Kalamazoo office. First they said they lost my Time sheet, now they said I never turned one in. I am tired of even dealing with this. I need my money I worked for it!!!

  7. Horrible. Can’t find contact email for people at Bridgeport Ohio office. I’m trying to get a job with you guys. I had a job before i had to miss the first day i had a family emergency my mom almost died on me and now they wont even let me work for them so im trying to contact them to see if they will let me go back to work for them

  8. I have been trying to submit my time in and out on my people net and I tried to call but your not open on Saturdays.

  9. Good Afternoon, I need to speak to someone urgently. I was treated nasty By Supervisor Heather. Racist comments was made in conversation. I reach out to Marcie her superior, she was nasty and being a bully over the phone. Marcie has no people skills .

  10. I was terminated because I had two deaths in my family back to back what was I supposed to do come to work and I take care of my family don’t think soworst company I have ever work for in my entire life

  11. Terrible benefits service. My medical was coming out of my check weekly and I was told they never received the initial payment so I never really had benefits but $130.00 continued to come from my check and I was suppose to receive it all back only to get the run around’s. Didn’t pay for my Dr visits, took the funds, and never returned the money…I feel taken advantage of. I worked hard for this company and did well. I have relocated due to our home burning down and my husband becoming sick so I definitely need any and all funds that I have worked for. Please contact me.

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