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Contacting Garnier Customer Service Center

Garnier is a skin and hair care company widely known for shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products and hair dye. The company sells products in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Once you’ve chosen the area you live in you can access the official site.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

It wasn’t until about 20 minutes into the website that we found the customer service number for Garnier. The number is well hidden behind several pages and a virtual assistant, which you should NOT attempt to use if you want speedy information.

  • Garnier Phone Number: 1-866-964-0135

You can call an agent from 9 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Alternative Customer Service: 1-800-442-7643

Mailing Address

You will be addressing your letter to the Maybelline-Garnier consumer affairs address. This address was not listed on the customer service website, but it was listed in the privacy statement under Contacting Us.

Maybelline-GarnierAttn: Consumer AffairsPO Box 1010Clark, NJ 07066

Official Website

The official website for Garnier is available at This is the US website, but you can visit to choose a different location or language, if desired. Contact information is extremely limited, but we were able to find a few bits and pieces on the Contact Us page. Do NOT attempt to use the Virtual Customer Service agent. The questions you enter are never answered. Just click the link that says No after the question, Did We Answer in Your Question?

Social Media

Being social and connected is crucial to businesses like Garnier. While most retailers are offering social medial pages, these pages are most important for companies that sell products with tons of competition. Garnier customer service is available on:

Customer Service Email

It took us some time to find the Garnier customer service form, but we eventually found it. We contacted Garnier customer service to find out if products containing nut oils are safe for people with nut allergies.

Our Experience

When contacting the customer service team at Garnier, you will be surprised. Not due to the wait time, but rather the lack of wait. The automated system featured three options, with the third being dedicated for general questions and concerns. We selected the third option and expected to wait, but on the contrary, we were speaking with a live agent in less than 45 seconds. When we voiced our questions and concerns relating to products sold in stores, the agent was compassionate and helpful. By the end of the call, all of concerns were addressed. Did your call end the same way our call ended? We would love for you to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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78 Comments on “Contact Garnier Customer Service
  1. ok today I have tried the Olia your new hair color. product. The bottle is AWFUL!!! There was plenty of dye left in the bottle. I had to scoop the rest out of the bottle. The bottle is to slippery with the gloves.
    Do you ever read the reviews about this product? There are more negative comments then positive ones. I do like your other hair coloring products that I will continue to use but not this one. I did like that there was hardly any odor but won’t use this one. The bottle was also to hard to squeeze. People were complaining the blonde looked faded. The dark colors seem to have a blue undertone, and the hair looked burnt. I should have read those reviews before I decided to use it.

  2. Wrote a previous comment.
    Just rinsed my hair out and it feels brittle.
    Hate this product.
    How come you don’t use all the other natural stuff you put in the other hair dye you sell.
    What kind of oil is it?
    Won’t use this product again.
    Have a great day!!
    The box is pretty, best thing about the product.

  3. I have yet to address positive or negative coomment about product use, simply because your products are limited to the Caucasion race. It’s disappointing that in this day and age a skin care product line would be so limited in thought. Are you proud to target or segregate so openly. If your goal to repell darker toned races, then your marketing strategy is a huge success.

  4. I used your product garnier nutrisse ultra color and the result was disaster colour kept running after 10 washes and the state of my towels was red as the colour I used was dark cherry 2.6 I have used your product for past 20 yrs but never had any problems but this one beats the record I don’t think I will be in a hurry to buy your product in future have a nice day

  5. I have just used Nutrisse Mousse,
    and I am not impressed. It runs and messy.
    Colour is beautiful and gives a nice glow, but I am sorry to say I will not use it again and I am sorry I bought two pkgs. I will go back to the old Garnier I was using before, it was not messy.
    I did not shake the container if that is what you think. I did read instructions.

  6. I started off with light blonde hair , my greys coming in. I bought Garnier Nutrisse nourishing color foam. #7 dark blonde. What I ended up with is DARK CHOCOLATE BROWN hair!!!! I’m crying!!! I HATE IT!! Not at all what I expected!!! I will NEVER use Garnier again. I will stick with John Frieda foam. I don’t even know if I can fix this tonight!!! I called customer service and they’re going to send me a $10.00 coupon and told me how to fix it. That’s the only good that came out of this!!!

  7. Hi i used garnier olia hair colour medium brown its alot darker then normal,but i was just wondering when u put the colour in,do u shampoo ur hair after rinsing ur hair or what do u do bit confusing instruction if u could let me know so that i know nexted time,all i want to know is after u rinse the colour out do u shampoo ur hair afterwards or whst u do,how long should u leave the colour in for,thank u hope u get back to me would be grateful

  8. I’ve been using the Garnier oil control range and it works beautifully…. I really didn’t have faith in it but once Again Garnier came out on top…. I would really love to become a Garnier Ambassador…..if its a possibility please let me know ….enjoy your day

    • Yes garnier test on animals in labs poor animals!!!!!!, and Ladies, ladies ladies, there is no such thing as 7 signs of ages!!!! Let alone now tryinh to brainwash us all with 10 signs of ages. U CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME TIME, BUT U CAN’T FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!

  9. I used garnier nutrisse foam hair color. I hate it! It was extremely messy and it kept drying, so I couldn’t tell what was dyed and what wasn’t. I will stick to regular dye from now on!

  10. Hi guys i really want to know where to buy the silky straight serum in dubai as i live in dubai and i cant find it anywhere here :(

    I have just few drops left and i bought it from india and i am desperate for it now

  11. I purchased 4 of yr garnier 48 hr mineral invisible deodorants. I’m v disappointed to say I am finding the product absolutely useless. It does nt work for any length of time never mind 48 hours. I gave my husband one and he reports the very same. As I use a lot of garnier products I’m v disappointed. I am now stuck with 4 deodorants I don’t wish to use

    Carmel Matthews

  12. Hi there I bought 3 boxes Nutrisse mousse : Deep Ultra Intense Red #3UR‏ from wal mart and sadly it promises to turn dark hair to ultra intense red but nothing happened .. such a waist of time and money …. I will never ever use this product again !!!
    stacy dcruz

  13. Just purchased sleek and shine intensely smooth leave in conditioner. This product smells so strong it is making me super sick. I don’t understand why it is necessary to have this much fragrance in a product. Every one in my house was affected by the smell and it lingers in the air for hours after just opening the bottle. The quality of the smell is simaler to products made for preteen girls. My daughter said it smells like strawberry shortcake did only way stronger. I cannot use this product as it is causing dizziness, nausea, and intestinal pain from the instense fragrance. I tried to call the company and was redirected to another number that appeared to be nothing more than a toll free phone directory that was not associated with the company in any way. I tried to call the other numbers that I found here and none of them got me to customer service. I am very disappointed with this company and I will never purchase their products again and I will tell all of my friends.

  14. Hi i want to inform u that some bad people sale ur fack proudect in the market they also sale things on me using ur company name so i reguest u plz u will take action against them

  15. I used olia colour 10.0 very light blonde , first time ive used this particular dye, after following the instructions very carefully my hair turned grey its was awful more of an ash blonde than a very light blonde, I had to go my hair dressers were they had to strip it with a bleaching agent and use lots of conditioner to get it back to normal, it cost me £50 and im having trouble getting reimbursed , id never use any of there products again , very angry upset .

  16. I just used the new Olia haircolor. The applicator bottle was really hard to use. It slipped out of my hand about five or six times. It also leaked and sprayed much more than most other coloring bottles I have used. I made a huge mess trying to color my hair — it was kind of comic. I liked the color and the product itself but probably won’t buy it again unless you redesign the bottle.

    On a side note, I initially tried calling the toll free number for customer service and got an operator who started out very polite and attentive and then, when I explained that I was not satisfied she began to complain that she couldn’t hear me & that the phone was cutting out. Then she hung up on me. Odd. Probably completely straightforward — some interference on her line; still, made me wonder if she just didn’t want to field another complaint.

  17. i jst dyed my hair with garnier utlra color red it sucks it didnt even work my hair is still black i wish this some type of garante to get ur money back, never agin iam trusting granier products with my hair heck no!

  18. I bought the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color for lightening darker hair, it did absolutely nothing! My hair smelt nice but that’s about it. $6.97 of product for nothing. I want my money back and am happy to say that L’Oreal will end up with my business as I know that their products work.

  19. Hello, I love your product. I use the shampoo and condition Fruictis. I switched from Redken because I found I got the same results for your product. I am only 47 years old but have a problem squeezing the bottle hard enough to get the shampoo or conditioner out when I get to the end. Each morning, I think I am going to have to switch just so I can find something that is not so hard on my hands. I can’t imagine people older than myself or others who have carpel tunnel. Any chance you could change your containers? I would love it if you could.

  20. I purchased the garnier fructis style mousse color resist. when I attempted to use it, the mousse itself is not coming out when i push down on the dispenser. When I shake the product, I hear it. Still nothing comes out of the dispenser. I have the defected product and the store will not accept the product for refund. Your immediate response in this matter is appreciated. Thank you

  21. Please can you let me know how to get a your dye solution off a PVC front husband had gloves on when dyeing my hair.then washed the extra outside tap then shook the gloves and the solution sprayed on my door.not every happy.please reply.thanks

  22. I used the anti-puff eye roller 2 days the skin under my eyes became red and puffy it felt like a burn,I stopped using the product.Not happy with the stuff .I have put the box in the trash so walmart will not take it back,$13.00 dollars down the drain.

  23. I love my bb bb cream for oily skin but the packaging makes me so mad every single day its a mess I would like coupons or something!

  24. I used nutrisse #42 deep burgandy, and my hair turned purple! I hate this product! I want to cry! I will never use this brand again!

  25. I enjoy my Garnier B.B cream pure lemon essence + Mineral pigments in light colour. However, I cannot find any more, so where can I buy it from. I have tried Amazon, but cannot see it there. I am desperate to avoid age spots, so I must have SPF at least 25, or more. If you can help me out with this, I will be grateful.

    Thank you, Jackie

  26. I have become very frustrated with the bb cream bottle. It is always a mess! Even if I store it upside down, it is always coming out before I even before I squeeze it! Please change the design or I will change to a different brand! Thanks!

  27. let me start out with i have used the garnier nutrise hair color for years! always the same color never change it! well yesterday i bought 70 natural dark blonde…. thought it looked a little odd as it turned but i was not prepared for full blown DARK BROWN hair! im extremely upset with this company right now and mroe agravated that i cant get in touch with ANY one their call center says they are expiriencing high call volume and hangs up on you!

  28. Please provide me with the name, address and phone number of your legal representative in the United States at your earliest opportunity. Thank you.

  29. My hair was dark brown bought garnier nutrisse vibrant my friend who is an hairdresser put it on 2 bottles because I have long hair so cost me £10 my roots turned ginger and my hair has gone black extremly pissed off as my friend is blaming do I complain!

  30. I purchased one of your Ultra Lift Transformer four weeks ago; used as directed; can not see any changes as if I use plain soap and water

  31. The garnier white complete face wash is not good because it absorbs all oil from my face and makes it completely dry. basically I have an oily skin when I use garnier light face wash it also controls oil but its not make my skin driest but white complete face wash did that so I am not satisfied with the improvisation of this product. the light face wash is good enough.

    I suggest you to add conditioner feature to your face wash. It may makes it more acceptable in market.

  32. I am concerned in regards to your liquid strong hold gel. I used the product on my hair and within 5 minutes skin on my hands forearms and face broke out in hives. I reviewed your product labels and nowhere does it indicate any tree nuts, almond oil or coconut oil in the product. I do have a severe nut allergy and can only assume that there is possibly some type of nut oil in your product. Please if this is so, I am requesting that you note it on your product as a warning. It took over 12 hours for my skin to stop burning and 24 hrs for the hives to go away. A trip to the E.R. can be avoid just with a simple label.

  33. i used your hair color the one with foam and you had to finger it through your hair it made my hair darker than the one i picked out also it didnt cover my grays im so disappointed never again using your product

  34. Purchased Garnier, the soothing remover cleansing towelettes that is supposed to gently clean without rubbing and removes even waterproof mascara. I use Mabelline waterproof mascara. It definitely DID NOT remove any of the mascara. Would not purchase any of their products again. I contacted them and received NO response.

  35. I love the Fructis shampoo & conditioner, and use the Sleek & Shine products. HOWEVER, I have a suggestion/complaint: the hole opening where you squeeze the product out is WAY too small! It takes 2 hands to squeeze out the amount I want, especially with the thicker conditioners. Whoever designed that obviously does NOT use the products!!!! A MUCH larger opening is called for!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  36. I used the nutrisse ultra color black box said full grey coverage my hair was blue this was the worst ever I bought two boxes spent 20 bucks when I could have used color silk the cheap stuff doesn’t turn your hair blue. So disappointed

  37. I’ve been using garnier fructis leave-in-conditioning treatment for a really long time and every week I have to buy another bottle because I use it every single day and it finishes so fast. Is there any bottle that is bigger that will last me a longer time? It’s not easy to keep buying more and more bottles. I can’t stop using it because it works with my hair and I don’t want to go looking for a different treatment.

  38. My first time using your product and let me tell you I wasn’t to pleased. I purchased Dark Ash Brown #31 and when I was done my hair was blue black what do I do now . Won’t be buying your product anymore how can you fix this for me.

  39. Hi to all in garnier I just want to say ur products are awesome, I am 47 years old I am using my husbands email address. Indian from south africa kzn Durban, I am using a colourstay makeup for months being trying everything on the market to remove it until I came accross ur facial wipes the waterproof one, I love it , its so easy as well, and affordable thanks garnier well done

  40. Dears……garneir olia hair color .is it avaliable inuae market or not..if available can u infom me were can I get it..

  41. I tried calling customer support but they’re experiencing “high call volume”. Perhaps it’s because, like myself, as I was whining to put the color on my hair, my thumb actually went through the bottle. No joke. I tried being very careful to get the rest out, literally dumping it on my head while trying to catch what was squishing out the side. It was so brittle, it actually crumbled in my hand. Hopefully I got everything covered, because unless I want to apply the rest using the broken bottle pieces, I’ll be out of luck. As I type this with color on my hair, I can only hope that the results are better than my experience. Very thankful I was wearing a black shirt. Literally a dry rotted bottle…. Craziness. I had to take a picture, I can’t make this stuff up.

  42. The Canadian phone number your phone line gave me turned out to be an escort agency!! My daughter purchased your Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Anti-wrinkle firming night cream and had a reaction to it (swollen eyes etc) She uses your day cream with no problems. So she gave the night cream to me to try because I have less sensitive skin and lo and behold I had the same reaction – badly swollen eyes for two days,(so I was housebound!) and it took 4 days before the swelling went completely. What in it would have caused this reaction? I think my daughter should be reimbursed for the product as it is not cheap.

  43. I am a natural Blonde and as my hair is starting to grey it started to loo dull. I started using this product w/ great success My Master sytlst even thought it was great. After several years of following the smae procedure When I rinsed my hair it was Violet in patches. I am hoping that washing my hair till my skin is raw will wash it out ASAP because of course I have a event to attend this week. I am currently working w/ my office lights out so now one can see My hair ~ YIKES!!!!!

  44. Please use other bottles or containers
    About a third of my BB cream in the 50 ml bottle is left inside and cannot be squeezed out. I have to cut it open to be able to use the rest.
    A container such as thootpaste can be rolled up after squeezing and will work much better
    Thank you

  45. Hair dye did not take customer service both numbers is awful everytime you call it says sorry we are busy how busy can you be calling two different numbers I will never recommend this product and would really appreciate if I can get a call back or have someone answer the phone to refund my money

  46. I have used fructis shampoo and the triple nutrition conditioner. Have way thru using them the product does not come out. Something wrong with the plastic containers. Nothing special about the products either. Will never use these products again.

  47. I love all your products I have tried but I recently purchased your new shine control cleaning gel when I 1st used it it was watery and ran into my eyes and mouth and burned bad then the next day I shook it up and tried again but it did the same thing. This new product is horrible.

  48. I use garnier even face wash,even tone and even moisturising lotion but ave got a rash on my face.been using for 3wks,shld i stop?what do u reccomend

  49. why did Garnier send care packages to the Israeli Defense Force? the people who are slaughtering pregnant women, children and babies???? Palestinian children have no homes and water yet Garnier sends these killers free care packages. Garnier, what kind of skin care products would you recommend for the injurded and burnt children of Gaza? Are you donating any funds to the over 10k injured civilians???

  50. why is my comment being removed? As a customer, i would like to know why Garnier sent care packages to the Israeli Defense Force? the people who are slaughtering pregnant women, children and babies???? Palestinian children have no homes and water yet Garnier sends these killers free care packages. Garnier, what kind of skin care products would you recommend for the injurded and burnt children of Gaza? Are you donating any funds to the over 10k injured civilians???

  51. I have the very same problem with your product — Garnier Fructis fortifying conditioner Volume Extend — as customer no. 21, Kimberly Meadows, wrote on Oct. 17, 2013, on this website. It is extremely difficult and painful to squeeze the container and I end up not being able to use all the product, therefore, I am losing money. I cannot believe that you haven’t had enough complaints to do something about this problem. As Kimberly Meadows states, it is very painful for people with carpel tunnel or arthritis or even for those who do not have any problems with their hands or fingers. I, too, am going to have to switch to another product unless something is done to correct this situation. Please advise. Thank you.

  52. I just read what customer No. 30 said about not being able to talk to someone at your call center. I had the same experience — after I hung on for a few minutes, I received a message saying there was a high volume of calls and then the line went dead. Very frustrating when you can’t talk with a human being and then, after you wait, you are clicked off the line. I sure have a bad taste in my mouth regarding your company.

  53. Hi (:
    I always buy your hair coloring products but this last time I bought a light blonde and not all of it was in the box :(. Anything you can do??

  54. I bought Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector at Wal-Mart on May 7, 2014. I have used the product day and night for about three months, but it did not diminish the dark spots at all. I would like a refund of $14.97 from Garnier. I thought the product would really work, since a Caucasian lady spoke so well about how it worked for her. I guess it doesn’t work well on caramel colored skin.

  55. I recently purchased Fructis Style hairspray… the “sleek and shine” formula. I must say it was definitely a waste of money. I have tried your hairspray before, but not this particular formula. It left my hair with a residue that is somewhat sticky and weights my hair down. I thought it would give my hair a shiny look, but it did not….I will definitely not purchase this particular formula again.

  56. Hi I used your coloring dye n I hate it it makes my hair greasy n color fades so fast I’m so disappointed it . I usually go to hair salon but I didn’t have the money so I tried it out very sad n disappointed the product sucks.

  57. I am disappointed that some of the Garnier products are not available here in the USA. I have visited the UK over the years and love their body lotions and eye makeup removers but are not available here in the USA. Do not know the answer for this?

  58. I started using the Garnier blackhead eliminating scrub with charcoal about 2 months ago and I CANNOT tell you how wonderful it has been for my oily skin. I tended to have occasional breakouts on my chin and forehead and have not had ONE since I started using this product. I’m 30 and my skin is more radiant now than when I was 20. It is positively GLOWING! Thank you so much for this amazing product!


  60. How can the world get FRUCTIS style pure clean smoothing cream 24 hour frizz control strong back MY HAIR CAN’T SERVIVE WITHOUT IT

  61. I have used your Volume Extend shampoo and conditioner before, and I liked it. But I have recently purchased the Damage Eraser and when I brush my hair it just tangles it up horribly and rips it out. I would think it would do the opposite. Very dissatisfied with that product!

  62. I have not been able to speak to a live person on either customer service number. None of the 3 options were what I wanted. Pressing 0 got no response. I am still needing to talk to someone regarding a product I love but can no longer find. I want to see if there is now a different product which produces the same results.

  63. I have used your olia hair dye and I’m disgusted at the result. I was using this for seven months, to begin with it was fine. Then after five months I noticed a clump of hair missing and rushed to my hairdressers. I was forced to get my long hair cut short because of this product. To make matters worse my hair that should be all one length, is now in clumps. I’ve had to look at wigs. YES WIGS. REMOVE THIS PRODUCT BEFORE YOU GET SUED.

  64. Hi . I am just trying to make a compliment, but it is very difficult to find the right contact!!! I try and email, but that is awkward. Anyway , I just LOVE your GARNIER BODY REPAIR, anti-dryness restoring balm! I have dry skin and am always looking for something to help it. I brought this a week ago and already my skin is softer, smoother and less itchy. Thank you !!!

  65. I have been using garnier fructese for years and have had no problems with it. Today I dyed my hair and it did not take at all. I am very frustrated. I am going to have to go get another and do it again tomorrow.

  66. my wife use Garnier colour naturals – Black Cherry 2.6 shade regularly, But at present this shade not available in market.
    So pl. advice me regarding available in market in Mumbai – 400060


  67. I recently used Garnier Nutrisse Color foam. I used this product before. Color: 9 Light Blonde. My hair turned Black and blue, not blonde. the color I’ve used for 46 yrs. I was planning on going to a special occasion and of course work. I AM NOT HAPPY. I will be contacting the customer service complaint dept. I WILL ALSO CONTINUE TO POST THIS HORRIBLE EVENT ON THE INTERNET AND FACEBOOK FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

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